Gov’t Report: ‘Green burst’ seen at WIPP utility yard just minutes before radiation event began — ‘Popping noise’ heard by facility manager investigating incident

Published: April 24th, 2014 at 3:33 pm ET


Radiological Release Event at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant on February 14, 2014 — Phase 1, Department of Energy’s Office of Environmental Management, April 2014:

The Accident

  • At 2250, security reported to the CMR [Central Monitoring Room] that they had observed “green burst” and heard arcing noises at the utility substation. The acting Facility Shift Manager (FSM) responded to the east fence line and heard a “popping noise” from the alternate B feed lines but did not observe any glow. He instructed the Central Monitoring Room Operator (CMRO) to contact Xcel Energy and inform them of the situation. At 2310, the CMRO called Xcel Energy which reported all normal indications on the WIPP utility yard. All Central Monitoring System (CMS) indications were normal at this time and there was no indication of seismic or other unusual activity. The response to the green burst and noise placed the acting FSM in the field near the ventilation system at the time of the accident.
  • On February 14, 2014, at 2313, a “HI RAD” alarm from CAM-151 (U/G, monitoring the Panel 7 exhaust drift) was received on the CMS. The “HI RAD” setpoint for this CAM is 30 Derived Air Concentration (DAC) for alpha and beta contamination. Approximately one minute later, a “HI-HI RAD” alarm from CAM-151was received on the CMS. The “HI-HI RAD” setpoint is 50 DAC. The CMS indicated that the CAM reading was 332 DAC. Figure 7 provides a graphical representation of CAM readings during the event.[…] At 2342, the CMRO disabled CAM-151 due to a malfunction indication.

Table 1: Chronology of the Radiological Release — 2/14/2014

  • 22:50 – Security reported “green burst” and arcing noise at the utility yard
  • 22:52 – FSM investigated, saw no lights but heard clicking and had CMRO notify Xcel
  • 23:10 – Xcel Energy reported to CMRO normal indications on WIPP utility yard
  • 23:13 – “HI RAD” alarm received in CMR on the CMS from CAM-151 in U/G at Panel 7

Our initial report on WIPP radiological event: [intlink id=”alarm-unusually-high-radiation-levels-found-nuclear-site-govt-weve-never-level-like-amount-employees-sequestered-place-unclear-radiation-released-video” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: April 24th, 2014 at 3:33 pm ET


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107 comments to Gov’t Report: ‘Green burst’ seen at WIPP utility yard just minutes before radiation event began — ‘Popping noise’ heard by facility manager investigating incident

  • Nick

    "There are a number of pressing
    questions concerning radiation effects
    in plutonium. For example, how long
    will a plutonium pit retain its size,
    shape, strength, and ductility given the
    self-irradiation damage that occurs
    throughout its volume? Will the
    material undergo a phase change from
    the δ phase to the denser, more-brittle
    α phase? Will the accumulation of
    defects and dislocations cause it to
    become weaker and more susceptible to
    fracture. We would like to apply our
    models to plutonium to answer those
    questions, but unfortunately, there are
    scant ambient-temperature experimental
    results and a substantial lack of data on
    the structure and properties of radiation-
    produced defects in plutonium."

    Maybe the WIPPuff event can help provide some data? 🙂

    • OldFool

      This is 100% speculation, since I have not seen any detailed explanation of what really happened and when it happened. However, just looking at the chronology suggests the possibility that someone hacked into the computers controlling the electrical system. And it would be standard practice for a hacker to cover up the damage and make things look normal – to Xcel Energy at 23:10 for example – to delay any correction action until it was too late. And 23:13 was apparently the point of being too late for corrective action.

      22:50 – Security reported “green burst” and arcing noise at the utility yard
      22:52 – FSM investigated, saw no lights but heard clicking and had CMRO notify Xcel
      23:10 – Xcel Energy reported to CMRO normal indications on WIPP utility yard
      23:13 – “HI RAD” alarm received in CMR on the CMS from CAM-151 in U/G at Panel 7

      • OldFool

        I hope my speculation is wrong, because if it is correct, then there will be a lot more attacks very soon on all computer controlled electrical facilities and other critical utilities. The computer controls of any critical utilities should be reverted to only direct human control ASAP in any case.

        • whatamessa

          old fool ….SO YOU ARE SPECULATING SABBOTAGE???

          • sayonara kitty sayonara kitty

            my am news today is reporting a natural gas plant explosion in northern california…
            my question, i remember early on accuations of possible "fracking" going on within 10 miles of WIPP when the event happened, has there been any updates on that? also, any chance this could be "stuxnet"?

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

          Nuclear technology is totally lethal and the nuclear industry is totally incompetent. There is no way to avoid colossal accidents. They never should have manufactured nuclear waste. There is no way to store it. After the sinkhole in Louisiana it was only a matter before the salt cavern in New Mexico failed. There was probably a criticality and consequent explosion of one or more of the containers storing plutonium. Blaming it on an attack assume you could just stop the attacks and everything would be fine. It is the use of nuclear technology that is the problem.

          They have to stop immediately. No more mining, processing of nuclear fuel, operation of nuclear energy, etc. How many accidents will there be even it they did stop everything immediately? Nuclear fuel is volatile and always will be. And there is no safe storage anywhere. The genie is out of the bottle. Pandora's Box can only release death, disease, and destruction. Pandora's Box can't hold in the worst evil to envelope our world. The world was created a Paradise. Mankind is completely destroying that Paradise because they can't even recognize and appreciate it.

          • We Not They Finally

            Yes, people forget that the sinkhole in Louisiana involved SALT CAVERNS, as with WIPP. In an early community meeting there, a government geologist slipped and called it "a frack-out."

            Apparently at Carlsbad, the original construction was so criminal-grade shoddy, that they did not even NEED any f-ing "frack-out." But just to be on the safe side [sarc,] they've turned the area into a fracking paradise as well.

          • sayonara kitty sayonara kitty

            au contraire vannev…if your someone (TPTB military industrial complex) whose ultimate goal is to produce death, than nuclear seems to be quite a success. is it insanity? yes, but are those in our government that keep voting to fund these programs shiney and feed us all the BS we want to hear even though they don't follow thru with their campaign promises so we continue to elect them… again yes.
            sadly, i'll guess that most americans can't name their vice president, so this is the outcome.

        • We Not They Finally

          OldFool, would be great for you to check the previous article about the salt caves being poised for ceiling collapses FROM THE START. (As per Dr. David Snow in 2002!!) This did not TAKE sabotage or hacking to do. It was apparently a catastrophe just waiting to happen from Day One.

          Don't give hackers any stray ideas! We already have enough problems! IMHO.

        • OldFool

          First – I stated it was only 100% speculation – but it was claimed that there were very serious electrical abnormalities just before the incident, even though Xcel 30 minutes later was claiming their monitors were showing everything was completely normal on the electrical system. Don't you think this doesn't smell right? One party says there were definitely serious electrical problems and the other party's computer monitors were saying everything was just fine! This by itself suggests something was very seriously wrong in the computer monitoring systems – deception of the monitors?
          Second – the newspapers reported there was probably a hacker attack already in 2013 (or 2012?) where somebody was doing a test run attack on a small utility installation in the US. It was supposed to be investigated by the FBI, and then the whole incident got covered up. So all the hackers already are full well aware of the vulnerability of the utilities.
          Third – I am well aware of the structural weakness of salt caverns. I don't doubt that this also played some part or was perhaps the entire cause. I did state that I did not know the details of what really happened, since this incident is also apparently being hushed up to some extent for some reason.
          Fourth – in any case, there are several countries that hate the US and they would be only too glad to launch hacker attacks in the very near future. Turning off remote computer control of utilities is really URGENT – or its Pearl…

        • OldFool

          So little reliable info is being revealed, anything could have happened. (1) It could have been entirely a salt cavern collapse, causing collateral electrical wire shorting and fires (which may or may not have set off secondary releases from out-gasing drums). (2) It could have been entirely a salt cavern collapse, and the electrical shorts seen in the utility yard could have been a total sideshow and non-relevant. (3) It could have been a hacker tampering with the computers controlling the electrical system and causing a voltage spike or a current surge that started a fire that set off a chain reaction ultimately leading to a salt cavern collapse. I hope it was only possibility number 1 or 2, and not possibility number 3, which would be the worst of all.

      • Securitize

        Whoa whoa. How does computer hacking cause a salt roof collapse? I'm not saying you're wrong, I'd like to know more. The "coincidental" electrical problems are intriguing.

      • patb2009

        sounds like a circuit interrupter popped and reset.

        on a three phase system you may not notice and XCEL doesn't have advanced monitoring,the SCADA is pretty low tech.

        probably that was just a thing, and the real issue is what happened downbelow.

    • WIPP Is Not A Place For 250,000 Years Of Anything, Much Less Honor; via @AGreenRoad

  • Nick

    Remember TEPCO saying the meters were faulty? The temperature gauges wrong? Off the charts!

    Now look at WIPPuff. Notice a pattern?

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    for a scientific explanation of how the green burst is associated with radiation, see the Simpsons TV series. For a good psychological profile of our leading officials, pay attention to Monty Burns

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      Wouldn't a 'green burst' be a gamma burst?

      Every high level waste container has to be 'bled' every 65 days. The longer no one goes down there, the more containers are going to burst.

      The reality is, it's all going to pop. The only question is, are the vents capable of handling it, or is it time to blow the vents with explosives and just seal the whole thing up for eternity?

      Or until it all leaks into the Ogallala Aquifer, the mid-West's water supply for the bulk of the crops grown in the US (full color map):

      What is the value of US crops that are watered with plutonium-laced water?

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        right, Time is Short…based on the reasoning powers of the people in charge, by bet is that they attempt to seal off the installation, which will indeed ruin vast stretches of the country for the rest of mankind's existence. Man; natures smartest fool

      • Is that why they are hiring vampires?

      • tbg

        What is the value of US crops that are watered with plutonium-laced water?

        I'm guessing current market value.

        Plutonium laced water you say?

        Prove it.

      • whatamessa

        HELLO CANADA. We seem to be running low on drinkable water,we are going to be needing yours …thanks!

      • PurpleRain PurpleRain

        Oh my god…. that is such bad news when it comes to our food supply!!~~~~

      • GQR2

        How do they reconcile the venting of TRU waste when the similtaneous stated plan is to have the mine collapse on it and seal it off for 10,000 yrs? How does that work exactly?

  • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

    "At 2342, the CMRO disabled CAM-151 due to a malfunction indication."

    Yeahhhhhh…That's the ticket….a malfunction.

    Interesting that so far I have not seen or heard of any reference to sensor redundancy at WIPP. (Never mind FUKU!)

    In the big picture of their budget, sensor redundancy would have been super cheap.

    It's not like it was built before the 1970s!
    The estimated cost was $19 Billion
    The first nuclear waste arrived to the plant on March 26, 1999.

    Retrofitting in cheap CCD cameras would have been super cheap back in 1999.
    No doubt the $19 Billion turned out to be optimistically low, so there
    was plenty of money to double up on sensors.

    It's not like radiation detectors cost millions.
    Look at how mass produced the old yellow Civil Defense Geiger counters were even back in the 60s!

    Hacking one of those to digitize the data and send it back to a computer system would have been considered a senior project when and where I went to engineering school back in the early 80s.

    And that would have been on a very low budget, i.e. no grants, no outside funding. It could have been done on a few months of beer and pizza money back then.

    Even cheaper by the time the 90s arrived, let alone the 21st century.

    DOE and WIPP have had over a decade of cheap and easy to implement electronics/transducers/computers/memory in just the 2000s to implement a reasonably robust monitoring system that would preclude the perceived option of "disabled CAM-151…

    • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

      …the perceived option of "disabled CAM-151 due to a malfunction indication."

      End of rant.

    • Good rant. Saved me time.

      Common sense:
      Rule #1 – NEVER Turn OFF the monitor.

      If it is a malfunction, let it go, no harm will be done. Yet turning it off could put all at risk. Guess what?

      • In addition, the nukists keep on praising their double-triple-quadruple-quintuple-thus-fully-redundant, ultimately fail-safe security systems. Backup systems were apparently deemed unnecessary by the WIPPsters, though. Bad luck or severe violation of due diligence maxims ? You decide.

      • Bones Bones

        When my fire alarm goes off, while I'm sleeping, I will just take the batteries out since the alarm was going off; Clearly it is faulty and I shouldn't pay attention to the alarm alarming. lol

        • Yea, better yet, smash it with a hammer, cause it's defective.

        • sayonara kitty sayonara kitty

          and yet my friend who drives a van worth 800$ (on it's best day) that just passed it's smog test was told they needed to remove their catalyic converter and replace it with a 400$ unit because it's on the "acceptable list"… the world has gone friggin bizzaaro

        • Thoughts of a 'well trained' WIPP worker.

          ALARMS are just electronic 'fear mongers' and should be silenced or TURNED OFF whenever possible. Probably broken anyway. Lights flashing, buzzers beeping. How distracting. Seems annoyingly 'alarmist' if you ask me.

      • mairs mairs

        Turning off the monitor means there will be no record of the level of radiation. No record no liability .


    The rain in Spain
    Stays mainly in the plain

    The slip from WIPP
    Looked greenish at the tip

    The blob, said Bob
    Escaped after a "pop"

    It's sad how rad
    Drives everybody mad

    • whatamessa

      It`s also sad that more of us are not mad!..w.t.f.will it take to get people thinking…we should all be angry to say the least.

    • sayonara kitty sayonara kitty

      yet queer, no fear
      when swimming in an ocean with a two headed two tailed one torso whale…

  • dosdos dosdos

    *Cough *Cough *Cough
    Oh my, I think he's caught it.
    *Cough *Cough
    Doctor, please, give him something for his cough.
    Huh, mph, ugh…. Okay, okay, here's a quarter.
    Oh doctor, that's not much.
    It's not much of a cough.

    Firesign Theater

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Let me guess ..the 'Green Hornet'?

  • Ontological Ontological

    Dragon's breath rushes forth in many colors. In a breeder reactor, uranium-238 can also be converted into plutonium which can be produced in GREEN, yellow, mauve, black, blue, red and other colors.

    Let's get this lie straight yet again, in a ENE report they said this blast of death breath only lasted 20 days. So much for that lie! ONGOING will be the case in ALL of these accidents. Toldja, Tiamat the dragon of Earth is PISSED! Wait until her FUKU head 'burps'…The combined death will be rapid and enormous. Started with Hanford, then Fukushima, then WIPP. Not to forget the gulf spill, tar sands disaster, ocean acidification, oxygen depletion, methane exponentially increasing, AND now the combo of cesium chloride, hydrogen sulfide, PU 238/239, Cesium 134/137 U232 236 239, will destroy the delicate balance of photosynthesis for millions of years.
    West Coast Toast, and plutonium jam will be what we can expect this monsoon season here in S Nv.

    Here is some highly thought out propaganda on WIPP

    • Ontological Ontological

      One more thing. after contemplation it would suggest from the popping noise, this was perhaps a gamma burst event. Green was predominantly the sky shine color over Chernobyl while it burned. Pops are hear during extreme aurora like global halos/corona. Americanum 241 is a bit excitable electron wise. Local Carrington effect perhaps?

      • wa6smn wa6smn

        I think the word you're seeking is "Compton effect".

      • Ontological Ontological

        No I used the correct term, IE: what happens when geo magnetic storms from the sun cause an outer electron excitation in conductive elements. The local Am 241 contamination is a bit excitable. The transformers responded to the electron surge in the surrounding ELEments. Same as they do in a bad geomagnetic event.

  • 76MillionBananas 76MillionBananas

    Need a chart with banana equivalents for each disaster. Heh.

  • earthsmith earthsmith

    Yep, "malfunction indication" = can not let the high readings be recorded. No monitoring……no indication.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    Breathe in one plutonium particle and die.

  • lam335 lam335

    So what exactly is the connection between the "arcing" and "popping" noises at the "utility substation" and the incident down in the mine? I wouldn't think that rad monitors simply detecting readings off their scale would cause a nearby substation to arc and pop; I would think they would just either stop working or indicate an off-scale reading (or maybe just show an erroneous reading). Is the implication that whatever happened down there (explosion/roof collapse) damaged the circuitry of some electrical system in the mine and this in turn caused the problems at the "utility substation"?

  • rogerthat

    ''The response to the green burst and noise placed the acting FSM in the field near the ventilation system at the time of the accident.''

    – is this the first mention of a ''green burst''?
    – if it was not an electrical fault, does one presume it's rad-related and came out of a ventilation shaft?
    – how many thousand feet is the top of the ventilation shaft from panel 7, where the event appears to have originated?
    – who was the Acting Facility Shift Manager who was swanning about in the field near the top of the ventilation shaft shortly after the ''green burst'', and has he been checked for inhaled plutonium?

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    This is just another tick tock-ing disaster….we must call these current activities and solutions progress.

    Whether we like it or not! 🙁

    • Sol Man

      We are progressing to our final demise and we have had nothing to say about it. It's the program, man. Get with the program!

      • sayonara kitty sayonara kitty

        yup sol man, and as the oceans are turned into a giant pitcher of green death kool-aid, we can finger paint a happy face in the chemtrail condensation forming on the pitcher. 🙂 happy happy happy. i feel so much better now.

  • rogerthat

    ''On February 14, 2014, at 2313, a “HI RAD” alarm from CAM-151 (U/G, monitoring the Panel 7 exhaust drift) was received on the CMS. The “HI RAD” setpoint for this CAM is 30 Derived Air Concentration (DAC) for alpha and beta contamination. Approximately one minute later, a “HI-HI RAD” alarm from CAM-151was received on the CMS. The “HI-HI RAD” setpoint is 50 DAC. The CMS indicated that the CAM reading was 332 DAC. Figure 7 provides a graphical representation of CAM readings during the event.[…] At 2342, the CMRO disabled CAM-151 due to a malfunction indication.''

    Malfunction, what malfunction? It appears to have been working perfectly, measuring radiation the way a good little radiation monitor should. Or did it not read the handbook that says Thou Shalt Not, On Pain Of Death, Ever Register A High Radiation Reading?

  • Angela_R

    Green – Chlorine?

  • cosmic charlie cosmic charlie

    All these accidents & leaks. It is starting to feel like we have been cast in a modern remake of On The Beach without the war part. Once you investigate and educate yourself there is no going back. Where the hell are all our scientists? Is academia so corrupt and captured by tax dollars that they will sell humanity down the river so they can keep their jobs? What a stupid bargain they have made.

  • jec jec

    Large spikes to about 450 CPM on NM radiation network readings around 9-10 AM each day from April 21 to 24.Once a day?? Sure looks like VENTING!! GAMMA radiation of what is found from WIPP…someone needs to check this out. And its not Joe Public..its EPA and DOE and the State of Mexico.

  • Uranium_Mountain Uranium_Mountain

    • "22:50 – Security reported “green burst” and arcing noise at the utility yard"
    • If the security saw the burst, wouldn't they know the location? Wouldn't they stay there and watch for more? Usually electrical problems are so very obvious. With such high power, surely there would be evidence seen the next day during day light such as burnt metal, transformers, wiring, metal. Something??? No evidence of just what was arcing even mentioned. Imagine that.
    • "22:52 – FSM investigated, saw no lights but heard clicking and had CMRO notify Xcel"
    • It occurred to me that this really was an exceptionally fast response. 2 minutes later? For real? This supervisor has nothing else he was attending too at the moment but to just jump up from his desk and within 2 minutes was right there investigating. Seems like a BS time to me to look good to the public. And why a supervisor and not a regular maintenance guy dragging his ass out there to look into it? Seriously, we are talking about Government employee's here. At 22:50 either the shift was just starting or near ending. The longer the employee has worked, the more burnt out and less motivated they are. 8 and to the gate! I know the game.

  • Uranium_Mountain Uranium_Mountain

    • "23:10 – Xcel Energy reported to CMRO normal indications on WIPP utility yard"
    • Was Xcel giving there indications from a remote control room because how they got out there to check on their substation only 20 minutes later is beyond me in such a remote area. Do they have technicians on scramble mode?

    • "23:13 – “HI RAD” alarm received in CMR on the CMS from CAM-151 in U/G at Panel 7"
    • How does a surface level arch cause problems underground unless current traveled through and into the rock layer or brine water under the mine and/or down via the metal shafts, other wiring, etc. to arch into and melt/compromise a holding container or several containers? Is that possible?

  • rogerthat

    after more than two months of silence, we hear about the ''green burst''? do they have a little storeroom full of nuggets of information, to be dribbled out one at a time over the months and years?

  • permaculture

    Stuxnet blowback?

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

      Do you even know how Stuxnet works? There were no nuclear reactors as WIPP. The propaganda of the nuclear industry to waive responsibility for extreme incompetence and the lethality of the nuclear technology is extremely evil. Deception and changing the truth of reality is extremely evil–the lowest rung in Dante's hell.

  • cooterboy

    The green burst probably is copper wiring in the electrical substation, and or transformers, main disconnects and grounding wires that have experienced an overload. Any where you have copper wire and it is excited by an electrical overload it heats up and burns green. This often causes a flash before the copper wire burns through and you would hear popping or cracking noise.

    If there is no obvious electrical problem as verified by the utility company then the electrical problem is on the load side, or that portion of the facility that is using electricity.

    Something happened inside the salt mine to the electrical system. This might throw off the CAM readings? Find out if the problem at the electrical substation supplies energy to the detection devices and you might find an answer.


  • Radiation is ionizing. Ionizing gases and particles interact with electricity, well known that watches, computers and electronic circuits are fried when high rads are around anywhere in the vicinity.

    Why would it be so strange to think that rads coming out of WIPP went over the transmission yard and interacted with the electrical system there, causing popping and arcing?

    • cooterboy


      "Why would it be so strange to think that rads coming out of WIPP went over the transmission yard and interacted with the electrical system there, causing popping and arcing?"

      The power feed would be 220/240 volts or higher and possibly carry 200-600- amps or more and possibly be 3 phase due to the uninterrupted distance down the mine. Strange things happen to electricity when you involve the desert and on top of that a salt mine. Corrosion of the electrical lines could be a factor, along with static electricity build up.
      I would assume that these lines have never been replaced or visually checked. Ohm meter testing would be necessary to eliminate the lines as a cause to the current caring capacity in relation to any grounding interference.

      No one knows the condition of the electrical panels and assemblies inside the mine, as they could be damaged and I would not venture any speculation on "rads" as an electrical engineer would need to comment on this. Any electrical engineers out there, we would like your comments?

      Somebody needs to get into the sub station and visually look for the arcing which would be evident, which they have not done. I think in the coming days, WIPP folks will know what the cause was.


      • Cooter, not disagreeing with your theory, which sounds good…

        But if they don't find an obvious electrical fault where something shorted out, then the other theory is also plausible, correct?

        Or is 220 volt 3 phase power immune to ionizing radiation in high amounts?

        • cooterboy


          This is my third attempt at responding and for some reason everything goes sideways and I loose the reply I wrote.

          The theory you imply is that nuclear ionizing radiation can effect and affect the stability of the electrical wiring system supplying the mine, with attention to electrons flowing into and out of the electrical supply cables. I spent the morning investigating this issue and found out the following;

          The National Electrical Code (NEC) does not address nuclear ionizing radiation but does address ionizing radiation as it pertains to solar panel technology. Electrical inspections and code compliance is up to the DoE.

          It is well known that nuclear ionizing radiation breaks down thermoplastic wire insulation. The link below shows a non-ionizing radiation resistant cabling. This technology is new to the industry, as the old thermoplastic's have shown flaws and degrade in a radioactive environment.

          I would not discount the ability of ionizing radiation to effect or affect any wiring, regardless of voltage or amperage. If enough electrons are generated and amperage is sufficient to produce electrical flow then anything is plausible and in this case possible, given the amount of waste stored and it's ability to produce electromagnetic fields of unknown value.

          After reading ENE about the exothermic issues at WIPP, I would bet that any and all electrical wiring in the mine has been affected.


      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

        Maybe a rat? Radiation might be causing gigantism in the rat population.

    • The sky in Hawaii was "angry" for months after Fuku, very odd stuff.

      • PurpleRain PurpleRain

        What does that mean – the sky in Hawaii was angry? Do you mean it looked more red? I think most of the sunsets over the last couple of years in nearly every photo that anyone shares seems much more RED then they ever did before.

  • razzz razzz

    The report chastises the entire WIPP operation as a bunch of clowns running a circus and not following basic safety guidelines. Cancelling safety classes, delaying or ignoring safety inspections and reports. Allowing equipment to fall into disrepair. Keeping operations going was more important than repairing monitors or fans. Worker's feared reprisal for reporting maintenance needs or suggestions.

    Flashes, bangs, bolts slipping down and cracks in the walls…I don't recall any of those things mentioned during the mutual admiration society meetings. And no one gets fired just shuffled around.

    When the 'event' took place not so automatic things had to be done manually. Filters and pre-filters loaded up causing back pressure until other fans and blowers could be turned on. The guy wandering around the yard was probably doing a manual adjustment to vent ducting to balance it out. Colors and sparking sounds in the switch yard was probably due to fans kicking on all at once drawing load but they should be able to find the arcing source.

    The only working CAM couldn't count that high and went into distress to be turned off.

    The ducts couldn't entirely seal themselves up because they weren't designed to do that hence foam used weeks later. Escaping dirty air through butterfly valve seals goes undetected by inline sensors.

    Emergency phone calls go unanswered with an operator running the show by the seat of his pants.

    • razzz razzz

      I can see I was being to kind to WIPP from the beginning.

      • Do you have WIPP-lash? I am pas that stage.

        stock out

        • razzz razzz

          And WIPP officials have no problem saying this is a world class operation…what planet do they live on? Bunch of zombies.

          • Yep Conca had to say "now it is just slightly less than perfect"


            • We Not They Finally

              I know. "Just one incident." Great record. Like Hiroshima/Nagasaki were "just one incident."

              • Reality, they has a number of serious accidents at the place, not radiation related, but showing the culture of "safety speak" but not real safety at the site.

                A culture of "production" in terms of shipments of radiation recieved per week (the past president ramped )it up from 2 to30

  • We Not They Finally

    Didn't The Incredible Hulk turn all GREEN when he morphed into a monster? And he started out as such a nice guy…..[sarc] He just had some kind of radioactively-caused genetic dysfunction. No big deal. Well, until he morphed into a big scary GREEN MONSTER!!

  • jimbob jimbob

    I watched one of the videos of work going on in the mine and not one single worker was wearing a high visibility vest.

    A simple but basic safety measure, come to think of it I don't think any were wearing safety glasses or gloves as well, I will need to rewatch the video.

  • jimbob jimbob

    Watched the video again and it was clear most workers were not wearing gloves, could not tell if they were wearing safety glasses or not.

    I did observe one worker standing beside a tunnel borer cutting into the salt wall being covered with salt dust and he had no respiratory protection.

    If the head of safety from my company had come in and seen these conditions the operation would have been shut down until conditions were fixed and I as head of the local safety program would probably have been fired for cause!

    The worst part is these people knew they were being filmed and were probably on their best behavior leading me to believe that safety standards would be even more loose when the reporters weren't there.

    I know I would hold a meeting with my guys before any bigwigs came to the yard and ensure all minor safety issues were addressed the day before.

    I was high enough in the pipeline that I knew when anyone was coming, at my position I would have been the one to schedule the television crew to film the operation.

  • GQR2

    Its remarkable that the new permit was just issued in March. None of the good practices were being practiced. They are in what they call a "recovery process" that permit should be modified or given some special pending status until they implement their "new" improved safety practices,procedures and trainings. Obviously 'permits' are rubber stamped and mean nothing more than making sure the money flows right along with any and all Nuclaer Waste they can stack down in the collapsing salt mine and call it good.

    The permit should be suspended. The only permitted recovery and mitigation. They should declare WIPP a disaster area.

  • GQR2

    The first Town Hall the manager at the time,Farik, goes on and on about how safety standards were followed. They got him out the picture very fast. In fact the very first WIPP town hall is missing?

    WIPP Town Hall Archives,there was a Town Hall before the first one listed here as the first one on March 13th.

  • Nick

    WIPP sounds more and more like DOD operations across the planet.

    They wrap everything in layers of secrecy and security, but behind closed doors, the calendars get pinned to the walls so the jerks can, you know, do stuff that makes ya blush.

    At least it's safe sex.

    Safety, is a 6 letter word that only morons follow. Real men smirk and lie and cheat.

    How much did we spend on the Accident Report from DOE?

    Time for a new paradigm. Let's stash DOD's waste in the basement of the Pentagon.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Oh ..yes ..that's good place .. let them keep it ever so close to their hearts and private parts.

  • safelyiniowa safelyiniowa

    The Xcel response that all was well could be because the cause of the green arc was gone when they checked. I don't know if they had logging of readings or just real time readings. As to rad monitor shutdown, of course it will report a malfunction when levels are too high for it to measure. Very high radiation levels can cause a sensor to saturate and appear broken. For example Van Allen radiation belts were discovered when radiation was so high it caused a false Geiger tube reading of no radiation. Due to saturation.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      That must be why we created a few new ones, Van Allen radiation belts…all by ourselves.

      • haizedustrium-1234 haizedustrium-1234

        He has filled me with bitter things and
        saturated me with wormwood. For me you
        have bought no cane with any money, and
        with the fat of your sacrifices you
        have not saturated me. Glutted with
        dishonor and saturated with
        affliction their portion will
        be in the lake that burns.
        That you would keep me secret until your anger turns
        Dhat which corresponds to this
        In dark places, in a large abyss

        (Black reality)

  • haizedustrium-1234 haizedustrium-1234

    Green it is, 5 types of plutonium and read Mack’s comment.
    Aerosolized super fluorescent heavy metals
    with lethal levels of ‘low dose’ radiation and ‘rare chemicals’.