Gov’t Report: Plutonium releases from Fukushima a major concern — ‘Uncertainty’ over how far molten fuel has eaten through “what remained of primary containment”

Published: February 16th, 2014 at 11:16 am ET


Excerpts from the European Union Environment Agency’s report ‘Late lessons from Chernobyl, early warnings from Fukushima’, 2013:

Containment Vessels

  • Within a few hours the reactor cores of the three operating units were subject to varying degrees of meltdown […] the reactor pressure vessels themselves had failed and, in various degrees, the primary containment of the pressure suppression system had failed
  • Deteriorating situation – with […] sharp perturbations in containment pressure and radiation levels, particularly within what remained of the primary containment
  • There still remained uncertainty about a series of ongoing problems, including the state and level of the nuclear fuel, particularly after confirmation that molten fuel may have eaten through three-quarters of the concrete under unit 1 and damaged the bases of two of the other reactors

Plutonium and Other Actinides

  • Of primary concern were fission products, readily absorbed by the human body, and the actinides [e.g. plutonium], which act as heavy metal poisons
  • Significantly, there is confirmed isotopic evidence for the release of plutonium into the atmosphere and deposition on the ground in northwest and south of the Fukushima nuclear site

Health Effects

  • In order to cope with this level of contamination, and in contradiction to international radiation protection standards, Japanese regulators have raised dose constraints to 20 mSv/year – thereby subjecting schoolchildren to exposures normally only tolerated by adult nuclear workers
  • It is clear that there will need to be a significant assessment of a wide range of environmental risk factors

See also: [intlink id=”eu-funded-study-56000-square-km-japan-potentially-contaminated-fukushima-releases-home-43-million-people” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: February 16th, 2014 at 11:16 am ET


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186 comments to Gov’t Report: Plutonium releases from Fukushima a major concern — ‘Uncertainty’ over how far molten fuel has eaten through “what remained of primary containment”

  • Yes Plutonium but also copious measurements of Uranium 235,234,238 needed. Buck up! I am dazed looking at enennews bird reports. Hurry!The bird reports should also examine birds for uranium in the DNA phosphate backbones and correlate with bachground radiation. Thanks enenews about the reports on flora and fauna at Chernobyl and Fukushima and TMI. How can we ever allow nukes and their cycles to continue even for a moment longer?

    • johnnyo

      everything goin wrong
      they d'int even know what all
      can you say Stuxnet

      • johnnyo

        wow, sorry…jumped the first comment and botched the haiku……first line should read, "everything gone wrong"

      • We Not They Finally

        johnnyo, stuxnet may or may not have had to do with back-up or emergency cooling not working in the first place. But that was in March 2011. That damage is long since done and has NOTHING to do with the massive ongoing contamination NOW AND ONWARDS.

        In this case, knowing what caused (or didn't — whichever — A LOT of bad cooks made this broth)a catastrophe, has NOTHING to do with what is needed to fix it. Plus it looks unfixable. So let's focus on what is there now and the havoc it is wreaking on the world.

    • Yoichi Shimatsu's latest discussion in brief transcript…

      for fast absorbing…please take time to listen to the entire interview…things are seriously bleak…

      we need citizens to shake off the "paralysis" and measure the radiation at all levels and with all methods available…

      this is the text only you don't need to spend time weeding thru the website…youtube url of course is also there…

  • Sounds good.
    (from article)

    1. UNDERSTAND better the ways in which scientific knowledge is financed and used in taking decisions to reduce harms;

    2. LEARN from some very expensive 'mistakes' in the past;

    3. BE AWARE of the costs of actions and inactions for hazardous technologies and the role that some businesses have played in ignoring early warnings;

    4. CONSIDER how the law could be better used to deliver justice to those harmed; and…

    5. ENGAGE the public in helping to make strategic choices over innovations.


    • babbo dorian babbo dorian

      1000% ChasAha, 1000%
      That,s what I am doing and encouraging others to do …..
      Good luck, we all will need it…

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      +311 ChasAha!; Unfortunately Most scientific research is funded by either the industry causing harm to the public & without regard for the public's safety if it detracts from their profits and/or the collusive govt.'s infamous for incompetence & utter disregard for it's citizens while TPTB's ONLY laws regarding nuclear crap are legislation enacted to protect the guilty parties while preventing victims from seeking justice and/or compensation.The costs associated with nuclear crap have shown that every aspect of the industry since it's invention has been a "mistake" but since the costs are absconded from the public-victims pocketbook even the worst of their horrendous "mistakes" along with the "normal" costs of operating NPP's,maintaining facilities & storing,processing the waste ALL generate more profits and they have never been held accountable for the damages they HAVE & WILL continue causing! I also do my best during my little "impromptu seminars" & anti-nuke "sermons" to drive home the point to whoever is present & willing to listen that includes the details of the "cost(s)",the "funding" of science & by "whom" & that their findings are usually those "ordered" to be given for the public's consumption or the findings they're "paid" to tell us & which not coincidentally continues to downplay the TRULY "green" and much safer,"innovative" energy producing options in favor of the deadly,flawed & STILL untamed & out of control nuke industry & I…

      • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

        wish it wasn't so!! 🙁 But your post & ideas are both 100% true and represent what's needed to be done no matter what the cost! THANKS for ALL that you do here ChasAha & The ENEnews Group! 🙂 Good Evening to you & the Group & Take Care!

    • We Not They Finally

      ChasAha, you are talking like a SANE person. THE IAEA alone violates ALL of that. Without INSTITUTIONAL reform, we'll have none of it. But that would involve no. 5 FIRST — public awareness.

      And where are we with that? Disturbingly pathetic! Perhaps large numbers of people will have to become very ill, glaringly noticeable across the culture, and very quickly. Oh, and maybe food shortages over safety issues, with people unable to pay grocery bills or obtain what they need to feed their families.

      Hardly anything that any SANE person would want. But in the U.S. anyway, the culture is REACTIVE. Once everything has ALREADY gone wrong, then all of sudden, there is a big "Why didn't anyone tell us?"

      Not looking forward to it! Getting this culture UN-dumbed down may be nasty and painful.

  • FallOut FallOut

    Giant kelp can grow at up to a foot per day and extends to lengths of up to 150 feet.

    "Nothing on a human grows that fast," said Graham, scratching his goatee. "Not even our beards."

    Manley recruited a team of 39 scientists to test kelp from nearly 40 regions along the West Coast, including 32 in California from Humboldt to San Diego. The network also includes collection sites in Alaska, Washington, Oregon and British Columbia. Sites in Guam and Hawaii are also participating, but will collect a brown seaweed called sargassum instead of kelp, Manley said.

    "All of these participants agreed to participate pro bono, which was sort of an indication of their enthusiasm for the project," said Manley. The project has since received partial funding from grants from the University of Southern California and the California State University system.

    • FallOut FallOut

      By monitoring all of these locations, scientists can watch how the radioactive material from one point in Japan is dispersing around the planet.

      "That's a very long conveyor belt of surface water moving around the ocean," said Steve Palumbi, director of Hopkins Marine Station in Pacific Grove. Palumbi is not directly involved with Kelp Watch 2014. "The point of all this is that that conveyor belt really does connect a lot of places in the world that you would think would be pretty separate from each other."

  • Socrates

    Sure, stick it to their own children! Stick it to ours. Who cares? Nuclear energy represents power, money and prestige.

    How many times do we hear that some dictator needs be be overthrown because he is "killing his own people." So how about killing your own children with nuclear fallout and them compounding the crime lying about it so that even more people are needlessly exposed?

    If a husband failed to tell his wife that he had contracted HIV to save his interest in the community property, we would call him a killer and demand his prosecution. But with nuclear energy we are saving the economy be concealing health risks to the very youngest.

    The nuclear juggernaut rolls on over the bodies of the dead babies… no outcry from the right to life crowd. If nuclear kills the unborn, those abortions, miscarriages, and stillbirths are just roadkill. The birth defects and learning disabilities will gain no political points points so there is silence from the religious right. But if a woman kills her fetus, she is a sinner. If the nuclear industry kills that fetus by blasting it with 131I, there is no moral problem. Yes, a nun did jump a fence in protest to a nuke plant and went to jail for her courage. But no others speak up. The rights of the unborn need to be protected from nuclear abortionists as well. The living deserve some protection, too. Animal lovers, where are your voices?

    • jcfougere jcfougere

      Well said. I feel sorrow

      • Socrates

        Thanks. The conscious disregard for all life in the nuclear industry is NOT surprising since it was designed to kill in the conception of the idea. Even if the initial weapons were duds, plan B was to use DU to end WW II. The harm intended to others has boomeranged back on civilian populations in the USA, as Einstein said it would.

        It does not take a genius to understand this fact.

        • Angela_R

          Socrates, "the harm intended to others has boomeranged back on civilian populations in the USA."

          And it is not the profiteers and/or instigators who pay, they are protected by legislation, enacted by the people's representatives. Instead it is the 'common' man who pick up the pieces and pay through their taxes.

          Is the real purpose of nuclear reactors – electricity, or is electricity a cover for the manufacture of plutonium? Instilled with fear, taught of the evil menace on 'another's' shore, the people supported the creations of abominations of desolation.

          But this is not just a US story, it is one that is common to many.

    • orsobubu orsobubu

      Very good considerations, I will use them.

    • We Not They Finally

      VERY well said. Spoken into the wilderness. And what does it matter if it's someone else's kid who's dying? Or if it's the bible (and it's not even in there) that says that a grossly deformed fetus has to be brought to term?

    • tsfw tsfw

      "Animal lovers, where are your voices."

      I'm here. But nobody wants to hear it. No, it's more than not wanting to hear it, it's being treated like I shot their grandmother when they do. I talk to those who are semi- interested. You know the type who sometimes once in a blue moon will ask you a question about it, but they don't want to spend more than a minute on the subject so they can get back in their sand hole. I show them pictures of the conjoined whales etc and it doesn't have much effect. Maybe when it becomes the neighbourhood dogs who have two heads and tails, will they pay attention.

      • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

        Socrates, many people still believe the news orgs will report if there is a "problem" with radiation and Fukushima, but it isn't happening nor will it ever happen. Also, the people I try to enlighten tell me that my message changes their reality, because as long as they don't know about Fukushima it won't bother them.

        I found an interview with a nuclear scientist and physicist from 3/14/2011 who is firmly pro-nuke and even he said that the "worst case scenario" would be if containment was lost on the a reactor at Fukushima (we know now for sure 3 were lost). Going on to explain that people can get a fairly low dose of radiation and feel just fine for say 5 years, and then suddenly they have leukemia. This scientist also stated that the government in the USA would not tell the population the truth about exposures and instead would cover it up. .

        The persona also stated that in WW2 Japan set incendiary balloons to the West Coast of the USA, and they arrived intact, so he had no doubt radiation would travel easily to the west coast of North America.

      • I think about it every day as i wish the birds safe water and food and wonder when the squirrels will simply vanish…how long before its all gone…they die in silence…they're not all around to parade the damage and sorrow they experience.

        Every species of life is affected and that includes plants of every sort…

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      +311 Socrates! Spot on!! 🙁 Maybe the biggest problem the majority of the complacent,apathetic public is that the heart of this problem which is compounded by the eerie silence seemingly generated by the total lack of concern is really that "denial" is the ONLY logical response to an unprecedented issue/event easily capable of wiping out humanity completely that humanity is SOLELY responsible for its very EXISTENCE and anyone with a lick of sense MUST know in their hearts that it's evident already that this 6th Great Extinction is underway,entirely MAN-MADE and they can't bring themselves to admit that they FAILED in every sense to prevent it,FAILED to "stop" or even "minimize" or even reduce or slow down the progress of the releases & resulting contamination and thus FAILED BIG-TIME to look out for the health & lives of their own children & loved ones and are too damned stubborn to even admit they are wrong,even as it sickens/kills their own(?)!! The fear of harming the economy(& "looking bad") seems greater than the fear of a man-made apocalypse that was preventable,but that they might quietly harbor a great sense of well-earned "guilt" & carry it to their graves does little for my ability to forgive them for the apathy that played a big part in my spouses suffering & slow death! The 311 impacts on the animal kingdom disgusts me as well,but I don't allow myself to cry about things anymore…If I do I probably won't be able to stop-EVER(?)!! 🙁 BEYOND sad…

    • atomicistheword

      My friends, or should I say fellow maruta, the youth worship the god app and the god that they trust whilst watching tournaments in the Roman empire amphitheatres, an empire that never died. The puppeteers of the maruta use sorcery to control the masses drinking from a cup of indignation the blood and the flesh of mankind; whilst participating in owl festivals where children's souls are raped for the energy that they contain.

      The god of "this" world fiddles as Rome burns. A no-God; uncaring, uninterested, filled with pride and murder. Knowing that he cannot succeed he says "if I cannot own this world, then no one else can!"

      Wake up time, the maruta sick and vomiting cake awaken to the fact that faith without action is no faith at all.

      Those with eyes see, and those with ears hear.

      This message comes from one far greater than I.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      Socrates: Yes, the nuclear power industry's containment condom has ruptured. The nuclear free love sperm is spewing all over the world now, giving everyone immune problems eventually.

      Like HIV, it may take up to ten years for symptoms to appear. Maybe longer. But it could infect someone today.

      If you were to stand next to those radioactively contaminated waste water tanks, for two hours, you would die in a couple of days.

      The containment condom will fail at random intervals. The containment program is a failure. Terminate program. Terminate nuclear power construct. Logic. Logic. Logic.

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        I guess u could say… The wastewater tanks at Fukushima Daichi are Tepco's balls. Full of hot stuff, the IAEA wants us all to consider the option of letting Tepco jack off. Tepco is getting blue balls.

    • invisible ELEphant in the room

      I believe an extreme form of nihilism has spread all over the world and Fukushima is just exposing it. Think about the following quote, is not an expression of extreme nihilism?

      "The nuclear juggernaut rolls on over the bodies of the dead babies… no outcry from the right to life crowd. If nuclear kills the unborn, those abortions, miscarriages, and stillbirths are just roadkill."

      Fukushima & Nihilism

    • UN Proposal To Establish Ecocide; Prevent Damage To Environment; via @AGreenRoad

      Stock; used your quote in above article/video..

  • FallOut FallOut

    First Nations call for radiation tests

    Last month, Tahlton Central Council president Annita McPhee wrote national Chief Shawn Ain-chut Atleo, urging him to press Ottawa for action amid growing concerns by members of the Tahltan Nation in northwestern B.C. "We cannot sit by and watch and wait to see what the full impacts of the Fukushima disaster will be on our salmon and our way of life," McPhee wrote. "To date, we have not seen or heard of Canada taking this issue seriously and working in a real way to address it."

    The letter called on Atleo to "raise this issue at the highest levels of the federal government, and demand action."

    • +1

      Always seems the same way for some reason. (?)

      It's never TIMELY or there's NO real REPLY. 😉
      (standard procedure)

      After 3 years I get the feeling, (I know), the information will never be forthcoming.

      If data or responses are presented they will most likely do nothing more than 'play down' the severity of this global catastrophic debacle.

  • Daisy207

    IAEA has a lab in Japan and can analyze anything for any radio-nucleide – and if they were knowledgeable of Japan's use of MOX fuel – they were surely testing for plutonium. Believe me they have tested and they know how bad it is. I would not be surprised – if all samples do not go there first – then they tell the TEPCO lab what they can analyze for and officially release. Not one government entity or corporate entity can be held accountable for anything. There are no rules for these people and there are no laws that apply to anything they do. It would be interesting to find out IAEA names to see who has left the northern hemisphere and are working out of remote locations in South America. It would also be interesting to find out the names of personnel at the IAEA lab and how many have been "retired" after handling very hot samples and had enough money to leave the country. Current population numbers for Japan would also be interesting – as compared to pre 2011 levels.

    • Socrates

      Yes, there will be nuclear refugees and nuclear divorces. Shinzo Abe and his wife are at odds. Many want to cut and run from Japan with their children. One American got out of Japan with his son following 3-11. Uranium was confirmed in the child's fingernail clippings in a lab. Over here, we know that children ' s thyroid glands will concentrate 131I causing havoc with brain development and that chromosomal deletions from this radiation may cause papillary thyroid cancer and much, much more.

      I would have moved to Europe except for Chernobyl. Government officials are worried for their families. How could they not be?

      I no longer feel safe with the food supply. Cesium deposition just bioaccumulates in the food supply. Strontium 90 is a threat to children because they need so much calcium for bones and teeth and uptake the cesium 137. This damages the bone marrow cells that manufacture blood cells. Immunity is damaged and leukemia may result.

      Where can you go? Equator countries are safest. The southern hemisphere has a coriolus effect with jet streams capturing fallout from the north and transporting it further south. So the equatorial countries seem safest from what I read.

    • We Not They Finally

      Daisy, predictably they'll give crap reasons for why the population is declining. Someone creative needs to track down orders of child-sized caskets for funeral homes. They can't cover up everything all of the time.

      • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

        Pay no attention to the radioactive man behind the curtain. Cancer rates soaring:

        It's the SUGAR! It's tobacco! (wait, smoking is consistantly falling) It's……

        Their sky is falling and they're angry 'cause they know their time is short.

        • Time Is Short Time Is Short

          Smoking? You mean the tobacco sticks grown in radioactive fertilizers:

          "The Hidden Threat of Radioactive Fertilizer Contamination

          Research suggests that it's the radiation from these fertilizers that appear to cause the most lung damage, and are the primary cause of cancer in smokers. In fact, polonium is the only component of cigarette smoke shown to produce cancer in laboratory animals."

          And a lot of our food is grown in this toxic nightmare. Add a little enriched uranium and plutonium and we're all set.

          I would hate to be a smoker as this is just nothing more than direct injection.

          • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

            It's ironic that the only vice I have left to soothe my tattered nerves that's not considered a crime,but way more toxic & deadly than ANY "banned" controlled substance is my cigarette habit(?)!! 😐 I know it IS a HUGE "strike" against my health & resistance to developing cancer and certain symptoms I already notice lead me to believe my fate may already be sealed even without 311 thrown into the equation,but I'm not out here screaming about 311/Fukushima for "my health"! I am however VERY concerned for EVERYONE ELSE who DESERVES better odds of living long,healthy,cancer-free lives,especially if they've practiced eating,living "healthy",unlike myself! 🙁 Even when it SEEMS like I'm wallowing in self-pity,"THIS SHIT HAS NEVER BEEN ABOUT "ME"!!" Also,I'd read something about the Phillip Morris tobacco co. "intentionally" purchasing large amounts of tobacco that was planted SOLELY for remediation of the soil in Chernobyl-ravaged Kazakhstan,etc. and they "blend" it in with domestic tobacco to mfg."Marlboro,etc. name-brand"cigs??!! 😐 WTF??!! Oh well,"you get what you play for" I suppose(?)!

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            Time Is are very wise! 🙂

      • We Not They Finally

        Oh, you meant I-131, yes? Sure that was just a typo.

  • FallOut FallOut

    INTERVIEW: Kan blasts plan to restart Hamaoka nuclear plant

    Former Prime Minister Naoto Kan, who effectively shut down the Hamaoka nuclear plant following the 2011 Fukushima disaster, criticized as “radically wrong” preparations to bring the facility back online.

    In a Feb. 14 interview with The Asahi Shimbun, Kan said the precarious situation surrounding the nuclear plant in quake-prone Shizuoka Prefecture remains unchanged.

    • FallOut FallOut

      EDITORIAL: Hamaoka nuclear plant should be decommissioned, not restarted

      There are clear reasons for pulling the plug on the Hamaoka plant.

      The Hamaoka plant is located within an area where the so-called Nankai Trough mega-quake is expected to occur. It is simply impossible to foresee what kind of damage such a gargantuan earthquake in the area would cause. There is a frightening possibility of multiple disasters.

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        In your linked article, I find "The Makinohara municipal assembly, for instance, has passed a resolution calling for “an indefinite suspension” of reactor operations at the plant 'as long as there is no guarantee of complete safety and security.'"

        A guarantee? Does that make it safer? A promise? Maybe they mean they want a bribe… cause a gaurantee of complete safety for a nuclear plant built on a major earthquake fault expecting a mega quake would be worthless, would it not?

  • Socrates

    All the people who promoted nuclear energy, profited from it, or were active in denying the dangers of it, should have their assets forfeited for a compensation pools of funds for those damaged by radiation from nuclear releases. To be compensated, you must show that you have not participated in promoting nuclear energy.

    This is what they do in the war on drugs, except the government keeps all of the forfeited assets.

    Thereafter, we would have a world of zero tolerance of any and all nuclear emissions.

    How can Obamacare stay solvent if cancer rates double or triple. Who is going to pay? And why would they continue to subsidize these risks without a pool of capital to insure against it?

    Just because low dose but continuous exposures take decades to kill you are we that stupid not to see the eventual costs to human life and the environment?

    • Shaker1

      Socrates, unfortunately it seems the political situation in Japan is deteriorating, defaulting to the ethically challenged and without true regard for shared goals. I've much more to say, but it will instantly veer off-topic quickly.

      Regarding the elections in Tokyo, check out ex-skf.

      • Socrates

        The people elect their own executioners, and then dig their own graves.

        I follow the politics there. People are followers. This is primate behavior. Alpha monkeys are not nice guys. At some point in evolution there was a reproductive ad advantage to this social behavior.

        Fifty years ago I wrote a paper at UCLA about the economic anthropology of Japan. I understand the situation there from studying the history and culture. The US is another situation where adaptive primate behavior has triumphed. The rush to war and annihilation of the species with technology is my concern academically.

        You will have to excuse me but I predicted this exact mess fifty years ago. My professor was from Yale. In Planet of the Apes, you saw the part where Charleton Heston's character realizes that the human race had nuked itself. The Statue of Liberty was melted down on the beach. He had only traveled into the future but crash landed here on earth.

        • zogerke zogerke

          and socrates, this is right on your coattails here, but: As I was being arrested at the Shoreham nuke site, arguing with/ educating the young cops arresting us…and testifying in court in long island ny about the hazards of the nukes being constructed…..through many arrests and court visits….arguing about militarization of the culture, and long term hazards, and inevitable nuke failures due to natural forces…and impossibility of evacuating huge industrial centers…and cumulating health effects- many of us predicted this…but thought it would be on our shores first. What we DID NOT predict was homeland security and Apple products, GPS in cars and cellular phones….

          • Socrates

            Big brotherism progressed even faster than Orwell predicted. The rate of the growth of technology is exponential.

            We are on a prison planet with info wars. He who can get his message out there on television and the press wins. A few people read. Most do not.

            It is all consumerism.

            • john dpugh

              Socrates Thumbs up x million . You are reading my mind .

              • Socrates


                It's all about money and power. Once you understand that dynamic,things become clearer, analysis easier.

                The media is used for advertising products we don't need and for sending us the corporate news. Use of social psychology for social control was pioneered in the 30's. If I can shape your attitudes, values and beliefs, I can control how you think, vote and purchase. Your belief system is arrived at without any evidence whatsoever by definition.

                The Romans asked, "Who benefits?" That solved most crimes because it revealed the motive. The same is true in politics which is what nuclear energy is about.

                • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

                  I respectfully disagree. It's not just about money and power (little p). There is a seriously psychopathic genocidal monster, often referred to as the Id, hiding in the closet that has been let loose and allowed to attain positions of control. Freed not by it's own efforts, but by the ignorance and apathy of we the people, who must always be vigilant to keep it in check. The Id doesn't care about money or power. This is reflected in the fact that it doesn't follow natural common-sense laws. Even Alan Greenspan recognized this and it shifted his entire economic paradigm. In his testimony before congress, he called this his 'fundamental flaw' – link below. If you haven't read about this allow me to paraphrase: "I didn't think people would act irrationally and thus hurt their investors, customers, partners when it doesn't make economic sense since this would hurt their profit position". No, it doesn't make sense Alan. But it does, if it's not about money or power. It makes perfect sense if it's about inflicting pain and suffering on others and watching them beg for mercy. Having people beg you for their lives is REAL POWER. Who said, "it's not that I must win; it's that you must lose"?


                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                    I've seen Alan Greenspan making that statement on TV. My own personal opinion is that Greenspan and others cleaned up monetarily, etc. by a careful, well thought out manipulation of the economy, and Greenspan's statement is completely disingenuous. Sociopaths have absolutely no conscience. Psychopaths have to murder no matter what the consequences to themselves.

                    The economy manipulators seems to be sociopaths because they make sure they benefit from their machinations.

                    The nuclearists seem bent on killing everyone even though they are also killing themselves and their progeny.

                    Are the economy manipulators and the nuclearists the same people? In some cases they are, maybe in all cases, but I don't know that.

                    Surely, radiation has dumbed down those in power. They don't even act like humans anymore they are so busy being deceitful and drugged up. There are studies of the drug use of TPTB who are the elite.

                    • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

                      anne: I considered his statement on the irrationality of people acting solely in their best interest to include all levels of society. So AG's epiphany "…but our general presumption over the long run was it is long-term self-interest which governs decisions and the irrationality, the emotion and a variety of emotions that would interfere with that essentially is random, can be essentially disregarded." I believe ALL people will act emotionally, irrationally, pathologically in spite of what's in their best interest. For us "little people" the effect of this is limited. But for those in control of everything, it's a much bigger problem as I'm sure you already know. I should have made this clearer. The "manipulation" takes on many many forms and intensities. A surprising component of this "manipulation" is the scorched earth tactics used by those that no longer need any kind of mutual self-sustaining system. The extent and degree of these suicidal "manipulations" is so extensive that no one questions the psychotic and depraved mental state of the people in power. It's the unlucky passenger that flies with a suicidal pilot.

                    • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

                      I've met these maniacal "manipulators" and they run the pharmaceutical industry too. Surprised?

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                      The pharmaceutical companies are still the same companies that existed under Hitler's Germany that performed horrible experiments on humans (and still are).

                    • john dpugh

                      VanneV That is the most difficult part to understand how they can , knowingly do it ; how nuclearists knowingly keep on defending this technology .
                      Most of the nuclearists are smart and educated people and they understand the dangers and harms of this technology . They know what kind of risk they are taking , and yet they have to keep believing in it. They just keep themselves in denial .
                      It almost feels like an addiction or Id itself as you mentioned sykewar..
                      If i have to be honest i see people acting more irrationally than rationally most of the time . Maybe rationality is overrated . Maybe we are just not rational beings .

                      Sociopaths and psychopaths ,, they seem to be at the top positions in every society . They seem to have the advantage or maybe being at the top has turned them into psycho/sociopaths . Nuclearists definitely have sociopathic tendencies.

                      Who benefits ? Or the modern version "Follow the money" . exactly , that is the simplest way of finding out the truth . But maybe SYkewar is right , maybe the benefits , the money , the power is not the whole story . It certainly feels like that when you are having arguments with them .
                      I mean take Expertnuc , he is trying to find ways , excuses to convince himself , that radiation is good for him , since there is no way of escaping the reality that fukushima is spreading radiation everywhere . SO basically he is saying , OKAY we cannot deny it anymore , radiation is everywhere so lets say its a good…

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                      “Bayer AG (/ˈbaɪər/; German pronunciation: [ˈbaɪ̯ɐ]) is a German chemical and pharmaceutical company founded in Barmen (today a part of Wuppertal), Germany in 1863….”

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                      Merck KGaA (d.b.a. EMD Millipore in the U.S. and Canada) is a German chemical and pharmaceutical company. Merck, also known as “German Merck” and “Merck Darmstadt”, was founded in Darmstadt, Germany, in 1668…”

                    • Thanks for this simple yet specific explanation of the socio v psyco PATHS…

                      wow…can you believe our lives are in their hands…

                      how in the world are we going to stop these freaks, they're everywhere…
                      have their hands in all the horrors and gaining ground every day…

                  • We Not They Finally

                    Alan Greenspan is a follower of Ayn Rand. His assumption is that selfishness will be RATIONAL a la self interest. About it's being MORAL one way or another, he actually didn't give a crap. IMHO.

                    • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

                      I know he was a friend of Ayn Rand and they shared similar socioeconomic theories. However, whether he gave a crap or not is irrelevant. He admitted his fundamental belief that people acted rationally based on what's in their own best interests was flawed. This is significant since it opened up his eyes to the inevitable conclusion that some irrationality exists that controls people. My thesis is that this irrationality has taken the form of a number of psychological disorders including depravity. These disorders are a diabolical dependency that needs constant satiation, which takes the form of torturing others. The escalation of unending wars, police brutality, destruction of rights, etc. is to stay ahead of the ever increasing resistance to the current level of satisfaction. We need to get away from the idea that all this has to do with the simple lust for money and power. They have enough, a majority in fact, so that taking the balance is of no great feat. I contend they will not stop till they've exhausted themselves attempting to kill every human on this planet.

            • Shaker1

              "What Orwell feared were those who would ban books. What Huxley feared was that there would be no reason to ban a book, for there would be no one who wanted to read one. Orwell feared those who would deprive us information. Huxley feared those who would give us so much that we would be reduced to passivity and egoism. Orwell feared that the truth would be concealed from us. Huxley feared the truth would be drowned in a sea of irrelevance. Orwell feared we would become a captive culture. Huxley feared we would become a trivial culture, preoccupied with some equivalent of the feelies, the orgy porgy…"

              Paul Darby

              Socrates, the predictions of what we see are actually many and I don't believe that one needs to have some innate prophetic talent. They come from many circles, sober assessments such as yours fifty years ago, or on the order of Toffler in the book 'Future Shock' and Orwell. But I'm truly glad that you included an artistic example, as Orwell and Huxley did in some instances. I only read the book 'Planet of the Apes', never seen the flick or its extensions and thought it wonderfully insightful. While I'll admit to a prediliction to imaginative endeavors and my opinions favor that over what others might feel is 'objective' view ('objectivity' to me is overrated and actually has few examples beyond events themselves, certainly not in our personal description of events) prophecy might simply be paying attention. You seem to do that well.

              • Socrates

                I was born as a downwinder in Nevada – the son of a reproductive medical specialist who clashed with the uranium industry in Nevada and with the military. He refused to sign off on uranium mine safety because of genetic mutations and cancer. I followed up with my own studies. Far from being prophetic, I just see the natural and probable consequences of policies and economics in world politics. I read Huxley and Orwell, Toffler and others but few had the experience of having their government try to have civilian populations witness tactical nuke explosions in 1952 and have your father protest. My minor was in anthropology at UCLA but I studied biology under a student of Herman Muller, the geneticist and educator. Muller won the Nobel Prize for his work on mutations. My father knew him in New York.

                I didn't just see a movie and become interested in the issue of nuclear safety and the threat of nuclear war. On the Beach presents a plausible scenario for us all. Planet of the Apes deals with man's nature rather than nuclear war as such.

                The alpha male phenomenon with nuclear technology creates a Dr. Strangelove situation where nobody is safe. It isn't really future shock as much the natural and probable course of events. I had wisdom beyond my years as a child but merely saw a grim reality about man and his use of technology.

                I have read that comparison of Huxley and Orwell by the way. Mom was a literary critic and wrote guides to literary criticism – ten in all.

                • zogerke zogerke


                • The dystopian ideas of Orwell and Huxley are part of the scene everywhere. We are living in a dystopian plutocracy. My Canadian gov is actively promoting a pipeline to transport bitumen, a thicker type of unrefined oil from the tar sands in Alberta across the rocky mountains to be shipped unrefined to China. Also promotes asbestos and uranium sales. Japan gov exposes children to radiation to save the economy. Is time to put planet ahead of money.

                • We Not They Finally

                  Socrates, thank you for sharing the breadth of your background. Obviously, you are "not just a lawyer" at all. And it's instructive that it's not just what people do — it's how they get there. It directs and guides in so many ways.

                  • Socrates

                    Julian Huxley was a great friend of Hermann Muller and a close relative of Aldous Huxley. Unfortunately? Julian Huxley wad a Eugenecist. He was a biologist and studied genetics. This association lead to Hermann Muller's reputation being tarnished for a while.

                    Elof Alex Carlson was my professor. He just wrote his seventh book on mutations.

                    As far as Greenspan is concerned, I mudt agree with Sykewar that there is more than a small element of sadism involved in the power trip oof some extremely powerful people..However, I took Greenspan's statements to refer to deregulation and the idea of enlightened self-interest being able to make the market rational….Greenspan did speak of animal spirits. I would interpret this as a market id. Greed and fraud in Greenspan's world would not pay off; instead, they would be countered by the rationality of markets. I disagree with Greenspan. Ayn Rand was a strange person. I believe that she identified that special interests would take over politics but disagreed with the idea that all people could simply pursue their self interest and that collectively we would all be just fine. Human abilities are normally distributed on the bell curve so how are all men created equal in ability. Some have special needs.

                    • Socrates

                      To continue with the theory of the sadism in power relationships, and social Darwinism of the current market theories, fraud, oppression and malice are human behavioral characteristics in many relationships. That some people enjoy the cruelty they impose on others goes without saying. Leona Helmsly mistreated the maids in her hotels for the sheer sadistic pleasure of it. The Masters of the Universe are motivated mostly by money and power, but cruelty often characterizes class relationships.

                      Infliction of cruelty is too well-known to avoid as a motivation. I see it as part and parcel of power and domination.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      It won't stay solvent and they are already know this and that is why we are heading to 200 trillion in debt! 🙁

  • weeman

    It's the children that I cannot comprehend, to knowingly expose them to limits that you know will have detrimental effects on there health and future offspring, this is psychologically insane and cannot be justified, how sick do you have to be to allow this to continue, if it is not genocide what is it, not fit to rule, impeachment.
    We're the hell is the UN's directives, like greenpeace no stance, no backbone, paper pushers, window dressing.
    Pissed off to no end, be a human being show compassion.

    • GQR2

      Would appear to me,weeman we're gotten by the short hairs.
      How does one "tell the children"?
      How is radiation education even begun?
      The questions of who what when and where come up,decades old history of nuclear crime and deceit. Does one just begin with Fukushima. Three yrs out
      Global Alarm suppressed.

      • flatsville

        There are RE developers, small govt. officials, state govt. agencies and federal agencies killing kids with non-radioactve toxic contination at any number of dump sites including many right near you. Been happening for years.

    • vicky13 vicky13

      They are stone cold killers. They don't give a CRAP about anything but the allmighty DOLLAR.

      I am so angry,, I could take my frickin helmet and smash their faces in with it.

      I am not even a violent person, but I would get great pleasure punching their lights out.

      from a PISSED OFF BIKER CHICK!!!!


  • James Tekton James Tekton

    Here is a report about a release in Carlsbad, NM. People east of there should be on alert.


  • Ontological Ontological

    That Plutonium shit is scattered in the wind EVERYWHERE it almost killed me. I still can't prove a damn thing because they are so afraid of a law suit so at least I could pay for my house. I have watched in horror since I awoke from skull cancer surgery a year ago, as my grandchildren grow up to become mall going, face in phone shopaholics, and as they are becoming sick. They all think it is normal to have cancer killing their friends. They think it is cool to drink caffeine/alcohol drinks from an aluminum can an adult should never touch. To go out to the huge restaurant chains spending $300 or more for GMO garbage food, full of toxins, and brain robbing, obesity chemicals. They have no clue as to what anything in science is, for they were taught pure bullshit propaganda. I watch helpless as to what to do, since they have no clue who I am, due to the fact both my sons are worked to death over bills, & toys, the TV tells them they have to own, and pay to operate. Pathetic. just plain pathetic how brain corrupted the corporates have made our children.
    Well hell one of our finest idiot ivy leaguers in this forum whom was exposed, taken from its bot, and after which it could not spell, it was a horribly stupid person, and ultimately exposed and unable to hide behind it's bot; recommended beer woooo. Pathetic the drunken moron society they have created. And IT was a prime example of our governments finest ivy league shills. We pay taxes for this?

    • Socrates

      Sounds like a hot particle stuck in a sinus cavity, maybe ethmoid sinus which is separated from the cranium by the cribiform plate, an egg-shell thin piece of bone above the ethmoid sinus. There are other sinus cavities such as the frontal and maxillary.

      Fuel fleas are spread in routine operation of nuclear power plants. The term was coined by industry hacks who are being cute about the known dangers associated with.nuclear activities. You can tell the sarcasm and disregard from industry in the cruel sadism of the term itself. They are condescending from their little perches.

      • Ontological Ontological

        I agree it was a fuel flea in maxillary. It got into skull bone, and spread to the jaws quickly. They used immunofluorescence technology to get it all out. I had been insisting that it was a fuel flea all along. Was a windy day in May of 2011. I came home to see a 457 cpm Beta reading online in Boulder 14 miles from where I was walking. They took the RADNET device offline soon after, all 3 of them here. Las Vegas had 950 + cpm Beta readings many times that May. I tell people enjoy life while you still can enjoy it.
        Protect your family.
        We use one of these

        • Socrates

          Was there a biopsy report? The history and physical and the discharge summary would make an interesting read along with the operative report

          • Ontological Ontological

            If I ever make it back to UCLA to see the head and neck oncologist I will ask for all that stuff. You don't just walk away from this kind of surgery, all fine and dandy. I can't talk very well anymore, and I don't walk very well anymore, and to fly with a rebuilt sinus & jaws made of a fibula bone. Well it is no fun. I think the yearly is when they give patients an opportunity to get those documents. Pathology was a tiny object that grew into a 20mm maxillary tumor, and skull cancer/jaw bone oral cavity invasion in 6 months of discovery of the original object. They called it extremely aggressive.
            Operative should be very interesting indeed. Quite the robot they use to do the entire procedure all at once leg bone removal and all.

    • many moons

      Try to understand, your family is a product of their environment. There is little or no education in public schools, the TV brainwashes it's viewers, what do you expect? And if that isn't bad enough, we are trained to look doubtfully on those who don't think as the mass media has instructed.
      You had the benefit of an education, and what it means to be an educated, free thinking individual but those ideas have long been replaced, the majority don't consider it beneficial.
      Mucho money now defines who we are….not what you think or what you do with your life…it's your income (from whatever source)that gives you a spot in the world…on a couch somewhere…watch fox news and being part of it all….living the dream.

  • danger kitty danger kitty

    Not Too Off Topic:
    I'm no internet sleuth or business major but this big Comcast deal to grab a near monopoly on internet and NEWS raised a red hot sooty flag in my mind. Checked the Comcast page on Wikipedia. In 2009 Comcast partnered with General Electric to own NBC (GE held 49%). Could Gee Wizard be a silent, scurrilous, scummy 'partner' in the current deal? Hmm? NAH. Sounds too much like conspiracy talk. It's probably only lethal collusion, a misdemeanor in 70% of more countries. Our rights to life collided with global money markets.

    • We Not They Finally

      We used to use the MSNBC part of NBC. Then they just somehow got rid of anyone independent who wanted to speak out: Keith Olbermann, Dylan Ratigan, Cenk Xygur. Dylan Ratigan went on a right-on rant about the corrupt financial system, and that's when the trouble began for him. So he opted out to go employ unemployed vets in building organic greenhouses.

      We love the guy but there is no way for him to opt back IN. And we don't watch ANYONE on MSNBC anymore. We don't watch political news at all. We've always been political junkies, couldn't live without it — now that's just GONE.

      And that may seem OT, but not really. A GE-owned network not reporting about nuclear dangers, IS part of the problem. They don't just own networks. They think that they own US. It's obscene.

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        I quit watching tv so long ago now. Probably 2003 was the last year that I watched much. I knew something was wrong with everything in USA. Like an evil mist. There were things wrong before, of course. It just became palpable.

        I used to watch the politics alot and complain about this or that. The politicians who seemed like real folk representing their people and telling it like it is disappear, silenced, killed? I was shocked, AND alarmed when Paul Wellstone died in a plane crash in 2002, along with his wife and daughter. That man stood out like a flower in a turd farm. God bless him and his family.

        Olbermann, yes. Liked him. What I remember really NOT liking was "Firing Line." The show clashed with Sunday morning like water and oil. Talk about teaching children bad manners. Three or more people shouting over each other. Interrupting each other. About one third of the whole show was negated by ill mannered behavior. Still, I liked Pat Buchanon, but the show was crappy. Can't believe he ran for President after participating in that cluster.

        It's all over now, though. TV is so disgusting now when I occasionally see what people are watching while visiting. And I am no angel!

    • GQR2

      Guess we have state tv on steroids now. its official.
      Most will not notice is my guess. And those that do? …..
      it can make a person sick with anger and powerlessness. the latter a state to avoid,as best we can.
      If there ever was a time to kill the tv its now.

      • 4Warnd 4Warnd

        But, GQR2, There is a problem.

        At least half of the population has chosen illiteracy; a quarter more are simply illiterate; the rest, if they do read, read the wrong things (propagandistic pradligs).

        That leaves a small fraction of a fraction of the whole to be informed and seeking information. Not a good prospect!

        "Kill the TV" Walking zombies would result – starving for something.

        Anyone: is it true that 140,000 KG of fuel waste resides in the corium, and that it is approx 17M(3) in volume? Read that on what otherwise seemed to be an informed blog.

    • bo bo

      +10000 thank you for this giant asterisk

      • GQR2

        spooky isn't it bo ?
        Like living in an episode of Twilight Zone.
        a really long episode.
        got a new hutchy thing for the LV and asked my roomie if the TV should be killed, its never or almost never on. we decided to let it live. Luckily with the hutch for the first time in my life i can shut it in a cabinet.

      • bo bo

        It's weird but my tv is always on because of my sports addicted boyfriend. Strangely ESPN doesn't bother me as much as if someone was listening to NPR radio 24/7 ( I would kill myself !!!)
        I'm always fascinated by how information is presented and it entertains me, I feel like an athropologist inside a 'dawn of man' cave dwelling with drawings.

        • bo bo

          I think tsfw shares my hobby 😉

        • bo bo

          This twilight zone episode has no end…

        • GQR2

          Apt description bo 🙂

          i propose it is a weapon. What don't they weaponize and put the militarys hands all over ya know their endless wars on everything? hence my proposition.

          i was saying to my roomie just last night, its amazing how much humans love love LOVE screens. we're easily mesmerized.

          we seem to find them irresistible,comforting,intellectually stimulating and physically relaxing.
          peolpe can watch for DAYs. (A.D.D. yeah right)
          watching is hypnotic,trance inducing

          The tv says, "look" everybody want".3 eyed fish its improved its got extra Omega3 acids the next week demand is up. TV says "look" everybody think such and such. it shapes opinion. big time.

          … The biggest loser wait make that America's biggest Loser..really now.
          The desensitization to violence the shrinks warned us of has happened. Nobody listened. They didn't want to miss Maverick. Program them for crime,fear,techno-coup dystopia. check.

          Being mesmerized without our awareness makes us very vulnerable

          Turns out we're easy pickins for the globalist corporate Nuclear machine. (the absolutely forever lethal nature of Nuclear Materials is the worlds biggest secret)

          The tv content has been our ruin mentally and physically (dumbing down)socially.
          Cultural manipulation(on a grand scale) From Good Morning America to the late late show. to every single cable and sat channel.

          a pop corn munching ride to the Twilight Zone.

          • GQR2

            the tv is like GMOs, you eat and eat
            watch and watch if not careful, feel like you have been informed and its total "info" overload. Its calculated too much stimulation. Too many messages and something happens that is predictable,people shut down. They make up their minds and close them.
            Like Mark Twain said, It is easier to fool a man,than to convince him he has been fooled"

          • bo bo

            GQR2 I have a crackpot theory about tv and cavemen…
            I think that tv is an extension of years and years of families gathering around the fire / hearth in the cave / habitat and telling stories over the fire.
            Maybe we are filling this primordial need encoded into our brain to watch flickering images and tell stories..?

            Ps – I have this weird theory for spaghetti too…for some bizarre reason we feel the need to turn grains into noodle form to make it fun to eat… but I wonder if monkeys / cavemen often ate maggots (macaroni) and worms ( spaghetti) by the handful. .. I bet they did… even though maggots and worms sound gross to us now, our brain still retain the memory of that texture in the mouth, and we try to recreate this…?

            Ok now I'm stuck in my Off topic ditch once again. sorry…GQ, if you do bother to respond… respond OT…

  • Donald Shimoda Donald Shimoda

    To be sung to the Beatles Blackbird:

    Fuku killing in the dead of night
    Make these elements then start to die
    All their lies
    They have always known that this moment would arrive

    Fuku killing in the dead of night
    Flowing glowing water out to sea
    All their lies
    They have always known that this moment would kill me

    Fuku fry Fuku fry
    Glowing light in our dark black night

    Fuku fry Fuku fry
    Glowing light in our dark black night

    Fuku killing in the dead of night
    Make these elements then start to die
    All their lies
    They have always known that this moment would arrive
    They have always known that this moment would arrive
    They have always known that this moment would arrive

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    They say they are going to try to limit the releases of airborne contamination:

    Yeah, sure.


    • We Not They Finally

      Once it's already in the air, it disperses and no one can or will check. No, I'm not reassured.

    • They are also trying to burn TONS of high level nuclear garbage in incinerators all over Japan..

      Result; radioactive contamination of everyone living or visiting there.

      Good luck with that plan; 'stimulating' the cancers, diseases and genetic DNA damage, all so Big Pharma can profit some more.

  • Nick

    The amount of Plutonium released by Fukushima will be an industry secret.

    No way will laymen and women be able to calculate the fuel loads and extrapolate the percentage of PU expelled by the ruined complex.

    Suffice it to say, a shit load of PU has entered the biosphere.

    Now we will hear that PU isn't as nasty as we have been told, that our DNA can hold up just fine to it!

  • Nick

    "3. Plutonium is the most dangerous material in the world

    Plutonium has been stated to be 'the most toxic substance on earth' and so hazardous that 'a speck can kill'. Plutonium is indeed toxic and therefore must be handled in a responsible manner. Its hazard is principally associated with the ionising radiation it emits. However, it is primarily hazardous if inhaled in small particles.

    Comparisons between toxic substances are not straightforward since the effect of plutonium inhalation would be to increase the probability of a cancer in several years time, whilst most other toxins lead to immediate death. Best comparisons indicate that, gram for gram, toxins such as ricin and some snake venoms and cyanide are significantly more toxic."—Myths-and-Realities/

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Gee, This Nuclear Technology sounds very promising! 🙁


    Shut all these Nuclear Plants down now!

  • razzz razzz

    Everything is fine and under control, they know what to expect from nuclear power. Actinides (all known radioactive elements, found in nature and man caused) will be completely understood any day now.

    "…Plutonium is the most complex and perplexing element in the periodic table. The element's complexity stems in part from its mercurial nature. Depending on temperature, it assumes one of six different forms or phases, each with a different density and volume. Because of plutonium's enigmatic behavior and the need for stringent safety and environmental procedures when handling the toxic material, much of the extensive characterization work done on other metals has not been performed on plutonium…One line of research is studying the evolution of damage to plutonium metal's crystalline structure on scales as small as a billionth of a meter. This so-called microstructure is always changing because when plutonium-239 decays, it emits a 4-megaelectronvolt alpha particle (a helium nucleus consisting of two protons and two neutrons) and an 85-kiloelectronvolt recoiling atom of uranium-235. The resulting buildup of gaseous helium atoms and displaced plutonium atoms from the recoiling uranium could produce unacceptable changes in the plutonium metal…"

    • Shaker1

      Good read, razzz. Thanks.

      • razzz razzz

        I was always going to mention that given enough time, scientists can discern where any sample of fallout came from, like cataloging it. Seems incredible that it can be done but they have sensors everywhere monitoring the world's atmosphere and they know when new fallout is occurring and will take a captured sample to determined a new origin after screening out all the known past creations of fallout, from Chernobyl, TMI, all the above ground and underground testing, nuclear plant's output, coal and oil fired plants, on and on. At least to my limits, that is my understanding of it. Computers make most things possible but have to be programmed with massive amounts of data and continuous updating.

        From that link above and article:

        'Uncovering The Secrets Of Actinides'

        "…The team ascertained which of the four tests conducted in the area had produced the plutonium by measuring the ratio of the plutonium-240 isotope to the plutonium-239 isotope. (Every nuclear test can produce a unique ratio of the two plutonium isotopes.) The isotopic ratio measured on the groundwater colloids matched that of the 1968 Benham underground test, which was conducted 1.3 kilometers from one of the wells…"

    • FallOut FallOut

      Thanks, my friend. Learn something new every day!

    • FallOut FallOut

      Everyone is learning from Fukushima.

      Someone should tell Bill Gates to shut his uneducated mouth, forget about money for one milli-second and learn ……..

      6 forms. Sounds like criticality from day one. Mixing with other metals, soil, these idiots have no clue. Everyone thinks they need study, shit, these F'ning clowns are the " next generation ", they have no clue. Born & raised in the corrupt school system selling the industrial revolution rat race.

      Tell ExpertNuc to go onsite and give us an update on the cores of 1-4 ? Whats up ? Why not you piece of shit ? Answer the question when is someone cleaning the cores ? What's up big mouth ? Why is the media hiding it ExpertNuc ? Japan , why pass that law ? What about the cesium doubling in 24hrs ? What should I tell my friends kids ? When the hell are you or your industry gonna clean up this clean fucking energy you fucking liar piece of shit.

      Look in the f'n mirror once in awhile, look in a childs eyes …..

  • earthsmith earthsmith

    words run deep
    yet the skin is shallow
    the tongue comes from within
    but shortened are the tomorrows
    despite the looming dim
    and living on time borrowed
    they'll cling to untold truths
    for their greed knows no sorrows
    grotesquely fiegning their brood
    in this numbing house of horrors

  • Matties-Netherlands

    From the report :

    'While at first sight it seemed fortunate
    that westerly winds prevailed most of the
    time during the accident, a different picture
    emerges from our detailed analysis. Exactly
    during and following the period of the
    strongest Cs-137 emissions on 14 and 15 March
    as well as after another period with strong
    emissions on 19 March, the radioactive plume
    was advected over Eastern Honshu Island,
    where precipitation deposited a large fraction
    of Cs-137 on land surfaces. The plume was also
    dispersed quickly over the entire Northern
    Hemisphere, first reaching North America on
    15 March and Europe on 22 March. In general,
    simulated and observed concentrations of
    Xe-133 and Cs-137 both at Japanese as well
    as at remote sites were in good quantitative
    agreement with each other. Altogether, we
    estimate that 6.4 TBq of Cs-137, or 19 % of the
    total fallout until 20 April, were deposited over
    Japanese land areas, while most of the rest fell
    over the North Pacific Ocean. Only 0.7 TBq,
    or 2 % of the total fallout were deposited on
    land areas other than Japan' (Stohl et al., 2011,
    p. 28 322).
    In other words, Fukushima releases may have
    contained an estimated 3.5 × 1 016 Bq Cs-137 —
    roughly twice the official government figure, with
    almost one fifth falling on the Japanese mainland.

  • Matties-Netherlands

    But also :

    Early measurements reported from the United
    States, more than 7 000 km from Fukushima,
    confirmed maximum concentrations of radioxenon
    (Xe-133) in excess of 40 becquerel per cubic metre
    (Bq/m3) — more than 40 000 in excess of normal
    expected average concentration (Bowyer et al.,
    2011). High activity concentrations of several
    man‑made radionuclides (I-131, I-132, Te-132,
    Cs‑134 and Cs‑137) were detected along the Iberian
    Peninsula from 28 March to 7 April 2011, deduced
    through back-trajectories analysis, and verified by
    activity concentrations (Lozano et al., 2011). Other
    elevated levels were recorded in air sampling,
    rainfall and sheep's milk at Thessaloniki, Greece
    (Manolopoulou et al., 2011). In April and May 2011,
    fallout radionuclides (Cs-134, Cs-137, I-131) were
    detected in environmental samples in Krasnoyarsk,
    Russian central Asia. Similar maximum levels of
    I-131 and Cs-137/Cs-134 and I-131/Cs-137 ratios
    in water samples collected in Russia and Greece
    suggested the high-velocity global movement of
    radioactive contamination from the Fukushima
    nuclear accident (Bolsunovsky and Dementyev,
    2011); as did results from the Russian rapid
    response Typhoon monitoring system (Box 18.6).

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    "North America is finished."
    – Leuren Moret –

  • Matties-Netherlands

    And this proves they knew all the data right away :

    The first Fukushima air mass transfer dispersion calculations
    made by Typhoon's experts were carried out on the evening of 11 March and on 12 March 2011 — the
    radiation monitoring network of Roshydromet in the Russian far east was set to rapid measurement mode
    to obtain radionuclide dose rate measurements every hour. Throughout the accident period at Fukushima,
    Typhoon cooperated with the IAEA and the World Meteorological Institute in performing calculations and
    assessments of trans-boundary emissions (Shershakov, 2011).

  • ToBeExpected ToBeExpected

    Someone on FB asked this question: What happens if it reaches the core of the Earth!? Does anyone have any idea? … Another poster pointed out that there were 3 cores doing the same thing.. any ideas about this anyone??

    As it gets hotter and hotter getting closer and closer to the core… it's anyone's guess, a mighty explosion perhaps..? If that scenario plays out, wow.. that will not be even thinkable about.. freaky beyond all our imaginations.. I fear…

    • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

      Did you never read Journey To The Center Of The Earth? Scientists are not certain as to what is at the center. I guess they are skeptical of Jules Verne's description. I doubt though that it will make it that far or that it would cause a problem. A recent idea is that there is a vast amount of water under everything. If so the corim would drop into a vast hidden sea. So we will have to wait and see.

    • razzz razzz

      They wish the melts were traveling to the center of the earth, but no, they will be cooled by aquifers and stay near the surface to haunt mankind with their poisonous releases to the end of time.

  • tsfw tsfw

    I've asked this before and I don't think anyone knows what to expect? Have there been any models that hypothesize the possible routes the corium could take? Straight down, sideways? Stationary?

  • Cdog Cdog

    No concrete can stand up to 5000'
    Only a fool believes that there was any containment after the first week.
    I do have a question thats been bothering me for 3 years and only the intellectually aware folks on this site can/will answer. When the pool was on fire, how was it even possible for that fire to be put out? Wouldn't the Zirc have heated up enough to lite the uranium? Wouldn't the space and deformation of the uranium also have caused unitended fission?
    I have been reading this site and comments for 3 years and I have a deep respect for everybody (short of socref) who has contributed to my education. Thank you. (Especially sick putter)

  • Daisy207

    I posted this on another thread – found it interesting that the US wants Japan to return Plutonium

  • Paulie777

    This has been a great thread to read and learn. A whole University level class across disciplines in this thread, a wealth of knowledge to be used for good or evil. When Hitler was exterminating the Jews his ideologies were slowly spreading outward globally until he was stopped. We are kind of in that "wrong direction to go" ideology again and it has a lot more steam, its more global as well. The human insanity has to be stopped somehow and I'm not just talking nuclear, its nearly across the board on all things essential; health, nutrition, energy, profit, all the basics for life. I do not know how much blame should go to anyone, I am inclined to believe it is a basic human flaw, perhaps a genetic disposition that helped us survive long ago when food was scare but is not needed now. It is a wrong direction we are going for sure. Humanity is in a Dark Age of the most severe kind. Maybe this radiation will make 95 percent of us freaks, but give 5 percent a genetic advantage to take us into a newer better world. I do believe this was not our intended path, a correction is inevitable.

  • Paulie777

    With technology, man has finally phased an instinct, an instinct that the animals use, and one that man used to use. The collective survival instinct. Its gone. We have the instinct to survive, but it is on an individual level, with remnants of that on families, and perhaps ones geographically close such as neighbors. You certainly want to survive, and so do I, but species wide the collective is lost, perhaps by the advent of technology. The inevitable, and one may have a premonition of this, is every country will eventually become like an egypt, or syria, its happening everywhere. The instinct for human welfare on a collective level is gone.

  • ftlt

    These breaking news tell all articles 3 years after are mind boggling

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      Yeah, there is so little actual news in the local paper now. If there's no ads, its like a napkin. If the front page story would just say "Everything we know is a lie — everything we have been told is a lie — everything we ever printed was a lie, I doubt that people would do anything differently. Eat the donut, drink the coffee, fold it up and put it on the table and go about the daily routine.

      One story that does stick with me is the news the other day that 1 in four Americans think that the sun revolves around the earth. I just don't believe that. I don't believe that 1 in 4 knows that the earth or the sun revolves.

      They probably think it's like the light in a scanner when it scans a copy. They probably think the light is just broken one way outside, and that someday the sun will go from one way, and then go the other way at night and there will be no night.

      The little science section in the paper needs to be on the front page, I suppose.

      Maybe the newspaper would be better delivered blank, so kids could figure it out for themselves. Doodling…let's see… Oh!

      • bo bo

        If the earth is like a xerox scanner… I hope it's not the one that gets paper jammed all the time, like the one at my work. Top of the morning to you, uni.

      • john dpugh

        Unincrediluous Hahaha you americans are so uneducated 1 in 4 doesnt know that :),, we here in europe are doing much better only 1 in 3 doesnt know it hahaha .

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          This is very haunting, disturbing, and no will continue spreading like the black plague which Nuclear Radiation Contamination represents/really is for the world we all now live in.. 🙁

          All this damage done in only 70 sad is that.. out of the billions of years on the books. 🙁

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            crap..This is very haunting, disturbing, and "now" will continue spreading like the black plague which Nuclear Radiation Contamination represents/really is for the world we all now live in. 🙁

          • AirSepTech AirSepTech

            Beyond sad,,,all for a easy, comfortable lifestyle.

            The biggest catch 22 ever.

            Problem: Afraid of death, need to extend lifespan, more people is better, more of any/everything is better.

            Solution: Rampant use of energy to supply those needs.

            Result: Inability to understand exponential growth leads to catastrophic loss. Failure to address leads to complete loss.

            As I sit and ponder all of this, I can't help but wonder what many native people, third world people, heck, even the Amish, think of this. What have we actually gained?

            The only answer I know is to use less of the thing that is killing everyone. Grid tied energy.

            Knowing the grid, the supply, the demand, will wake you up.
            Who,why,what,how,when, it is highly complicated. Study your opponent, if you want to win. That is want we want, to win.

            It holds the key to shutting down NPP, one at a time, safely.

          • 4Warnd 4Warnd

            Once, many years ago, I enjoyed contemplating a Gary Larson cartoon with ants dancing on the leave of a tree with the background going up in smoke under a mushroom cloud…..

            The idea that over the course of billions of years a replenishment of life could evolve and regain its foothold on consciousness.

            Not so much today, though. It's more of a tragic sense of life. Where one loves the moment and possibilities of the moment more that the long span of life and its wonderfully fruitful possibilities.

        • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

          How do you tell what date this article was published?

        • AirSepTech AirSepTech

          Jan 2013 was the only date I saw,,,,so prior to that.

          Interesting to me, that is in the 'tri cities area'——home to HANFORD NATIONAL LAB.

          I did not see any reference, and a lot of transport of material goes on ie USS Reagan, the beagles, you know,,,,just sayin'

  • Cisco Cisco

    Oops…so sorry, we already burned it.
    BEIJING (Reuters) – China said on Monday it was "extremely concerned" by a report that Japan has resisted returning to the United States more than 300 kg (660 lb) of mostly weapons-grade plutonium, the latest dispute between the two Asian neighbors.

  • mindfloat

    Step 1) Turn the problem over to the international community
    Step 2) Drill a deep well (2 km or more) and pump liquid radioactive waste materials deep into the earth.
    Step 3) construct a lead lined dome over the damaged reactors.
    Step 4) Entirely surround the damaged reactors with a barrier to stop environmental contamination.
    Step 5) Eventually fill the containment housing with radiation absorbing materials that are not volatile.

  • Sol Man

    Ever since those main springs all sprung they can't get the inner workings and inside mechanisms back together again. It is kind of like the new, improved, digital OTC derivative of our assigned genome thing. Carry on boys (and Barbara), we'll be outta here in no time!

  • Nick

    I guess my tears have dried, now I seek vengeance.

    This vengeance is darker than any weapon, it is my soul's knowledge that a dark wave of death emanates from the bowels of Fukushima.

    Where does this vengeance go? Do I just drone along? Do I support such droning on?

    Fukushima and our drones are the same poison.

    Tis warfare that killeth us all.

    Don't think for a minute that Fukushima was "just" a civilian electrical generating station, my bones tell me so.

    No, I seek a vengeance on a mindset that has enslaved us all to nuclear purgatory.

  • Why the White House won't admit Fukushima is poisoning Americans.

    by Newswatch US. –

    •the US government knows only too well that the West Coast is polluted with radiation and that the situation is getting worse by the day.
    •the US government and General Electric knew that Fukushima was a disaster waiting to happen, and they did nothing to prevent it.
    •they also know that the many nuclear reactors in the United States are also prone to catastrophic meltdown, and they are doing nothing about it.
    •research by doctors and scientists is being suppressed, and research by private citizens is being written off purely because they have no scientific background.

    Why isn’t GE being held accountable?
    (Fukushima was the first nuclear plant to be designed, constructed and run in conjunction with General Electric)

    Here’s one possibility: Jeffery Immelt is the head of GE. He is also the head of the United States Economic Advisory Board. He was invited to join the board personally by President Obama in 2009 and took over as head in 2011 when Paul Volcker stepped down in February 2011, just a month before the earthquake and tsunami that devastated Fukushima.



    • We Not They Finally

      Tracy W, everything you say is true. And to call it "a betrayal" is just the tiniest tip of the iceberg. Bush-Cheney made corruption and corporatism the norm (though Clinton sure softened the ground for it) and Obama just acts like a helpless puppet perpetuating and institutionalizing it. Though it's certainly not what DEMOCRATS thought they were voting for.

      It's despicable, but no one seems to know what to do about it. Even public protest has somehow been turned into an anathema. There could be a million people in the streets and the MSM would downgrade it to a thousand, say it was over nothing, and tell the public to move on.

      So we can ask WHY they've done this and WHY they've done that. But the bottom line is that it's WHO THEY ARE. And they have way too much wrongful POWER.

    • We Not They Finally

      Tracy W, everything you say is true. But by now it is institutionalized and entrenched. Clinton softened the ground, Bush-Cheney made corruption and corporatism the norm, and Obama just acts like a helpless puppet, re-enforcing evil people and their evil actions.

      It's become unendurable, but where is the protest? There could be a million people in the streets, and the MSM would call it a thousand, say it was over nothing, and everyone just move on.

      First we thought that fascism was bad. Then we thought that communism was bad. But we are not moving towards any place that is BETTER – to the contrary.

      Now our very GENES, the basis for life, is up for destruction, and the likes of GE is heading the economy? There is no WHY here. It is WHO THESE PEOPLE ARE. It is WHAT THEY DO. We might as well be talking to a velociraptor.

      And the vaunted "we the people" in America have NO POWER against it?

      God help us all.

      • To We Not They Finally:

        By coincidence I was thinking along similar lines this morning while I listened to news about the just released UN report on North Korea's crimes against humanity. China will certainly block any action by the Security Council. "Experts" were saying how it's best to use quiet diplomacy and economic incentives to ameliorate abuses in N.K. In other words, "Too bad. We just don't want to get into an argument with the Chinese."

        Our parents' generation was mostly helpless to stop several major genocides. Then came the United Nations. The world could surely do something now, they though. Nothing of that sort.

        We are similarly helpless to stop the nuclear industry. It's not only Fukushima, but nuclear power plants sitting all over the US and Canada, leaking radiation. Time bombs, in fact.

        There's actual US govt. collaboration with Iran's plan to build nuclear bombs: The US government is not only allowing them to enrich uranium, but also softening sanctions so that the darlings can have more resources available to arm themselves with WMDs and threaten the whole world.

        Mass protests could work on any of those issues, but there's no organization. And those who could make a difference are silent.

        Remember this from January? David Suzuki (Canada' TV guru on the environment) had to retract warnings on Fukushima.

  • Tiza Tiza

    If you guys go over to, then go over to Japan, there are many RADCON-4s right now. I count 6 all kind of close together.

  • ftlt

    The cover up is unraveling.. Only when nobody is paying attention anymore. The cover up worked.

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