Gov’t report reveals Fukushima radioactive release much larger than Chernobyl — Japan reactors could have emitted nearly four times as much cesium-137

Published: October 20th, 2014 at 9:16 pm ET


Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, funded by the Korean government, July 2014:

  • The Fukushima accident [led to a] release of huge radioactivity
  • It is reported… 4 times more radioactivity was released to the sea than to the atmosphere
  • Best-estimate source term of 137Cs… released into the atmosphere, is about 4%
  • Best-estimate release fraction of the 137Cs inventory that flowed into the sea…about 16%
  • Of the 4% inventory of 137Cs released into the atmosphere, only 0.8% was deposited in the Japanese land and the other 3.2% was transported to the sea or other areas
  • The inventory… available for release in the units 1-3… the time of accident [was] 7.6 – 8.2 x 10^17 [760 – 820 quadrillion] Bq for 137Cs
  • Because of the geographic location of the nuclear power plant — at the beach of the Pacific Ocean… more than 80% of the radioactivity released from the crippled reactors flowed into the sea

To determine the best estimate of the total 137Cs that was released into the environment from Fukushima, the 137Cs release fraction (4% atmosphere, 16% ocean) is multiplied by the 137Cs inventory for the 3 melted reactor cores (760 to 820 quadrillion Bq):

  • Ocean Release of 137Cs from Fukushima: 121.6 to 131.2 quadrillion Bq (16% x 760 to 820 quadrillion Bq)
  • Atmospheric Release of 137Cs from Fukushima: 30.4 to 32.8 quadrillion Bq (4% x 760 to 820 quadrillion Bq)
  • Total Release of 137Cs into the Environment from Fukushima: 152 to 164 quadrillion Bq
  • Total Release of 137Cs into the Environment from Chernobyl: 70 to 85 quadrillion Bq

However, the 137Cs inventory of 760 to 820 quadrillion Bq used by the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute is significantly lower than the U.S. Department of Energy calculated:

  • DOE’s Total 137Cs Inventory in Reactors 1-3: 1.3E+18 Bq (1,300 quadrillion Bq)
  • Ocean 137Cs Release from Fukushima: 208 quadrillion Bq (16% x 1,300 quadrillion)
  • Atmospheric 137Cs Release from Fukushima: 52 quadrillion Bq (4% x 1,300 quadrillion)
  • Total 137Cs Release into the Environment from Fukushima: 260 quadrillion Bq
  • Total 137Cs Release into the Environment from Chernobyl: 70 to 85 quadrillion Bq

See also: [intlink id=”marine-chemist-latest-figures-i-have-say-fukushima-released-80-quadrillion-bq-of-cesium-137-latest-chernobyl-estimate-is-70-quadrillion-the-radioactive-plume-itself-has-actually-arrived-it” type=”post”]Fukushima has released 80 Quadrillion Bq of cesium-137 — “The radioactive plume itself has actually arrived… it’s already here” on west coast of N. America (AUDIO)[/intlink]

Published: October 20th, 2014 at 9:16 pm ET


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660 comments to Gov’t report reveals Fukushima radioactive release much larger than Chernobyl — Japan reactors could have emitted nearly four times as much cesium-137

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Nick, we agree that for most of the last 50 years, Japan has been very good at ripping off US technology, and had even improved upon it.

    But a declining population now makes further improvements in science, technology, and manufacturing very difficult.

    And I, for one, have developed a profound disrespect for Japanese technological capability, based on their epic failure to adequately respond to the Fukushima Disaster.

    Now, awash in radiocontamination, Japan has sealed its doom.

    While I honor their long and distinguished history as a people, I believe the fate awaiting Japan to be well deserved.

    Where is the damn corium, eh, TEPCO?

    Er, make that:

    Where are the damn awol fission cores? 😉

    • demise demise

      Japan's fate has been sealed. Tokyo will have to be evacuated due to environmental (air, soil and water) contamination. Displacing 30 million people will be a bigger task than all of WW2 displacements and will destroy Japan as country.
      I has already been hinted to by the authorities and professors that this is inevitable. A great tragedy in epic proportions. It will probably happen with one year from now depending on how badly the radiation is spreading.

  • Bill Duff

    Finalist, STUPID Statements Global History edition:

    “You can’t get a nuclear explosion.”

    The MOX fueled FDU-3 reactor explosion, produced: orange flame, supersonic detonation, black smoke, fuel vaporization and scattering as well as induced Gamma (Γ) radiation in structural metals. These signs and symptoms characterize neither hydrogen nor steam explosions. The Japan FDU-3 March 14, 2011 detonation was therefore a prompt criticality, also known as an atomic explosion or nuclear blast.

    Full Lecture, by Richard A. Muller, Ph.D., including the perpetually referenced and never documented ‘multi-expert report’, asserting that nuclear reactors cannot generate a nuclear explosion.”

  • razzz razzz

    Safety was to expensive an operation for building Daiichi. You see the results.

    Main concern for a pole flip is earth losing its protective magnetic shield to repel solar flares until the magnetic field rebuilds itself. The complications are well known in industry i.e. NASA, airlines, global positioning, medical. They can follow events but can't do anything about it and the time to complete a pole flip is debatable. Ten to hundred years is quite a span in human timing. Then there is pole drift where the poles never really flip. Many unknowns still but nuclear is safe, we all know that, even though the sun is more than a million times larger than planet earth.

    A pole flip is like Daiichi, you can follow it but can't do anything about it.

    You can't design for volcanoes, earthquakes or even flooding. NPP on a hilltop or at sea level will still need cooling water, fresh air, stable ground and a power source to function even when shut down due to decay heat. Luck is involved more than safety. Fail safe designs would have to endure 100 hundred of years.

  • radiophobia

    Truth about ManBearPig finally exposed:

    is the sixth episode of the tenth season of the American animated sitcom South Park.

    Former Vice President of the United States Al Gore visits South Park Elementary School and warns the school's students about the terrible ManBearPig, a scary monster which is "half man, half bear and half pig" and roams the Earth attacking humans for no reason at all. He also demands throughout the episode that people will take him "serial" or "cereal", which he uses in place of the word "seriously", …>

  • Bill Duff

    Fukushima Daiichi Unit-3 supersonic explosion (detonation)

  • dan dan

    they have us totally circling the gurgler. All of us.
    It seems to get worse every day.
    My cute little ferret, for instance, all fur and whiskers, adorable big black eyes, rows of shiny white needle sharp teeth and wicked room-clearing farts, sleeps in his little bed in my lounge room near the fire these long cold night.
    I've had him for years
    Always ready for some fun and hugs and a few nips and scratches on my arm, a semi-friendly wrestle with the dog or an all out fight with the cat.
    He passed early last week.
    I blame nuclear.
    We buried him in a quiet corner of the back yard next day. It was really sad. Put up a tiny cross, said a few kind words.
    I picked some fresh flowers from the garden and placed them next to his now dripping wet grave marker. The dog had a guilty look on his face, but that's probably how dogs say goodbye. I don't know. I haven't seen too many David Attenborough dockos so we left it at that.
    My scratches and bite marks were hardly visible now and the cat was curled on the lounge instead of staring down from the top of the high drinks cabinet.
    Next night it was pretty cold and when I glanced wistfully across to the little guys bed by the fire, imagine my surprise when there he was, snuggled up on his bed chewing industriously on the tip of the dogs tail.
    Who knew ferrets hibernated?
    Now he sleeps with one eye open, swivelling it between me and the cat (now safely back up on the cabinet) just in case our strange burial ritual should…

    • Angela_R

      Reminds me Dan,
      Over ten years ago i was lowered onto the floor in a very public venue; I later learned that I had created quite a scene.
      They arranged the ambulance and I was taken to emergency.

      Some three weeks later, I returned to the 'scene'.
      Upon seeing me, a young attendant exclaimed
      "it's you is it!
      We have had many people faint in here, but NEVER anyone like you. You went stiff and you went cold, we were sure you were dead!"

      I turned to the woman sitting opposite and remarked
      "See! The dead do rise"

      Guess I kinda know how your ferret feels. 🙂

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      @dan; I'm pulling the plug here soon and just wanted to let you know that that's one of the best stories I've heard in ages! That's awesome! I almost have to say it borders on unbelievable except nobody could make this stuff up! 🙂 Thanks for sharing it!(even if it turns out to be a "Halloween story" lol 😉 THANKS!! It beats closing the ENE book for the evening on the nauseous note our good buddy's tall tales leaves behind! Take Care & Good Night to ALL "real" 'newsers! BLADE;Over & Out

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Sorry about your little friend, Dan. They're great little critters, the life of the party. Truly sorry.

    • OMG Dan! I LOVE your story….well told. You had me laughing so hard with relief at the the very fine ending.

  • soern

    well we have over 540 comments on this thread now and half of it deals with a troll. ???
    If nobodey would (please) reply directly to Mr. Troll Pigs arguments.
    If Mr. Troll's Statements are worth beeing weakened or deleted, please start simply a new comment WITHOUT REPLYING (reply button).

    Our readers dont need miles long discussions with trolls.

    • @ soern +311! Exactly and I admit I've often not meant to (purposely) add to a long nested string that feeds a disrupting thread hogging obsession.

      Best, as you say to use the submit comment at the page bottom with a fresh un-connected response. There are cases though where it's also been good to see the record set straight immediately for new readers, particularly near a new topic's beginning. However, that too can be done without falling for any troll's bait & argument tactics. 🙂

      The technical info, expertise and experience of members here is amazing.

    • Nails in the coffin Nails in the coffin

      Thank you.

    • Well said, I have done that before and will do more

  • Gabe Gabe

    This article does not surprise me in the least. Actually, as a healthcare professional I believe that this facility will ultimately be an ELE. As we see ongoing releases and bioaccumulation along with constant dosing to humans and animals via rain and dust etc, along with food, I believe that as a species we will not survive this. I do not anticipate a rapid ELE from this, but as with exposure to radiation via mammograms ,women have experienced greater numbers of breast cancers at a significant level. I simply do not understand how it could be otherwise, especially since governments are working so hard to keep their citizens ignorant of the facts and the dangers. When I think about my friends and family that resist this information and continue to live their lives and behave as they always have, modifying NOTHING about their choices, I feel rather hopeless about humanity getting through this. I am going to invest in a radiation detection device. I am looking at several. The one I am leaning most heavily toward is this one……

    .NukAlert-ER Handheld Geiger Counter Radiation Detector / Dosimeter / Alarm / 0.001 mR/hr to 600,000 mR/hr – From Background Radiation or Radiation in Food or Water to 600 Rads/Hr (Lethal Fallout) / USB Computer Connection / Rads or Sieverts

    I am considering this one also…….

    Radiation Alert InspectorEXP Microprocessor-Based Ionizing Radiation Detector with External Detector

    Input greatly appreciated from ENE people.

  • Gabe Gabe


    I simply want to buy the best device I can.
    We care for 33 animals here at our sanctuary……29 dogs, 1 cat, 3 birds

    I try in every way to provide to them the best nutrition and health care…….I especially focus on holistic health care. The dogs get acupuncture and body work also.

    So, I want to try to limit their exposure to radiation as much as possible.

    Also, at on e website I visit. there is a product that Mike Adams has patented that he has designed to maximally neutralize radiation ingested. He also has invested tremendous funds into equipment and training to test foods and products for heavy metals. I plan to contact him to determine whether he uses the new product with his dogs. For those of us who value our nonhuman family members as others do their children, this matters to me.

    I am wondering if any of you might consider contacting him to discuss his radiation related product as you are really the experts in this arena. He seems to be a very genuine man who is deeply concerned about humanity. He sinks all profits back into equipment etc in order to continue testing and developing things to assist in all of us having the best health possible.

    • pure water

      Dogs are more vulnerable to radiation than humans.And we are not among the most resistant creatures. Watch the dogs.
      My strategy is avoiding all other poisons, because I still breathe and live on the post Chernobyl contaminated land. Radiatiation will be present whataever I do. Having in mind Fukushima is spewing for the last 3 and a half yeras, all I can do is maintain a strong immune system, living mainly in my own vegetbles, and helping othrs as much as I can. I believe it is a matter of the way of life with all of its complex features not just a single supplement. Humans have a lot of selfkilling habits. When I have more to share, i will post it.

      • Gabe Gabe

        Oh great! Now I really will worry.

          • Gabe Gabe

            Makes me wonder about several of our dogs here that passed away with rapid onset and very aggressive cancers….one nasal/sinus and one oral and one blood related, and a bizarre one that grew from the outer edge of a leg lipoma…….the strangest thing I have ever seen! We also had one that seemed the perfect example of health and vigor and the he just abruptly began a rapid decent into massive cardiac failure. We did every possible diagnostic and everything was normal, but then the abrupt cardiac failure. We saw an onslaught of cancers these past three years, unlike anything we had seen before. Damn I really had not realized that dogs were more susceptible to radiation……..

  • Bill Duff

    Inherent Dangers

    The civilian nuclear power plant industry has always been an inherently dangerous pack of truth-deficicits. They have corrupted science, medicine, physics, climate study, governments and the media.


  • Bill Duff


    The Kenya Native, Barack Hussein Obama has been exactly as candid about Ebola, Fukushima, BP-Macondo, 'keeping your doctor', 'keeping your insurance plan', employment figures, economic data, Crimea, Ukraine, Syria, Iran, his religion and place of birth.

    Tell us another fantasy Barry Choom!

  • Here is one for yall to think over.

    What is a motor but a metal spinning in a magnetic field.
    Motors get hot when they run

    What is earth core? Lots of stuff, but a lot of Iron, aka metal. Sun makes magnetic fields. Earth spins like a motor, earth gets warm inside.

    Any questions? Everyone always said it the "gravity" that made things get hot. Huh?

  • danger kitty danger kitty

    Repost: In case ya missed it. Here's the deal,spelled out plain. The
    thingy is playing out a script/theme/
    archetype. The Heroes Redemption. He is used
    to being a star in his social circles. Now
    there's a bit of a snag- his shiny industry
    stands revealed as the biggest threat
    humanity has ever faced. Everything he has
    ever done or hoped for is called into
    question. That is the bitter bitch of betrayal.
    That's gotta hurt.
    In this archetype there are two paths:
    Attachment will not work to end the pain, no
    matter how many angels you dance on the
    head of a pin, how many manic posts you
    make, your nightmares will never stop until
    you try the road not taken.

  • danger kitty danger kitty

    Flag on the play! Conflation! Penalty against thingy.
    Posted in advance, I saw it coming.

  • danger kitty danger kitty

    At the moment there is only one thing I can
    do to help you. I can tell you all credible
    sources agree:
    Your efforts in your career in the nuke biz,
    Mr. Mbthingy, are not 100% responsible for
    the ongoing disaster at Fukushima.
    There ya go. Less than 100℅ is not 100℅. It
    is more than 0℅

    √ fact checked

  • @dk, ironic that in spite of any given troll's manic keyboard activity, the shiny has already worn off the ill fated nuclear industries. Failure to be profitable has been biting chunks out out their quarterlies for some time. May it happen faster and faster until their only jobs are to clean up the messes they made. 🙂

    Not a ONE of the smooth talking backers will keep putting more investment into a negative money spiral. I would imagine behind the curtains, all of them are frantically figuring out how to get rich off the decommissioning and waste storage aspect.

    • danger kitty danger kitty

      Yeah Teri, TBthingie is acting like a meth addict with that manic posting of his. Ya know how when a tweaker gets pulled over for a busted taillight, he runs. Thinks he can go as fast as his mind and get away. Every time. And he crashes every time.
      Danger ahead, trouble behind!

  • aunavoz

    Good Grief ..

    You guys are big babies with the insults and wasting time.

  • dan dan

    AuntyFloss……is that you sweetie? Come on home, we have your meds and a nice nappy change dear.

  • Alan Reid Alan Reid

    Time to fire up the Malaysia 777 i downloaded, Let's test out the flight possibilities of Flight MH370. Later everyone i might stop in after i land at Diego Garcia. 😉

  • Gabe Gabe

    Didn't PIGGY make a comment a day or so ago that fulu wS in no way as bad as Chernobyl?

  • Bill Duff

    The 1st Fukushima Nuclear Fallout traveled to North America, by Jet-stream approximately 7 days after each Nuclear Plant explosion. This Vast Radionuclide Storm contained radioiodine (red) and radio-sulfur (yellow) as well as Cs-134, Cs-137 and Hot Particles; together with the rest of the nuclear plant witches brew. These poisons were concentrated, along the daily Jet-Stream pathway by torrential rainfall along the Left Coast, Boise, Kansas, Boston, Kansas, Florida and the like.

    The initial USA excess death rate from the Vast Radionuclide Storm, as identified and later fully documented by Mangano & Sherman, was on the order of 20,000; if memory serves. The death clusters correlated to the Jet-Stream and Rain Patterns.

    The Japanese Excess Deaths were orders of magnitude greater. Those of Europe and Asia were less.


    Half-year trade deficit soars to record ¥5.427 trillion

    Could it be that no one wants radioactive contaminated products?

    Hell even Toshiba Westinghouse is considering a move to the UK.


    Iraqi Doctors Call Depleted Uranium Use “Genocide”

    A sample of radioactive low level spread.

  • Bill Duff

    Radiation exposure is cumulative

    The USA citizenry has been repeatedly exposed to Fukushima Daiichi radioactive fallout. The Vast Radionuclide Storm tinged burnt-orange with radio-iodine and radio-sulfur, of early Spring 2011, was first. Surface winds lofted the next Fukushima fallout to contaminate, mostly our Pacific shores and coastal regions, through the rest of the spring. Fresh dairy, fruit, meats, local fish and then the migratory Pacific fish brought radioactive contamination to American diets. Now Pacific currents have carried Fukushima to North America.

    The Nuclear Village, and their lackeys in government and media are trying to downplay the CUMULATIVE damages of radiation exposure and radiation contamination. They are whistling by the graveyard; inanities about bananas, airplane rides, Denver and dental X Rays. Oh and my personal favorite; "there is no immediate danger to the public". (Cancer takes its time.)

    Adding up our Fukushima Fallout contamination and risks …

    Counting, Counting, Counting …

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  • Fukushima Coriums Melted Through The Concrete Base Mat Under Multiple Nuclear Reactors In 18 Hours, According To NRC Study

  • How Dangerous Is 400-6000 Pounds Of Plutonium Nano Particle Dust Liberated By Fukushima? Via @AGreenRoad

  • RonB

    If you are interested then I highly recommend the folks at The Adair Group – They offer fine quality products at great prices.

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