Gov’t: Extremely radioactive tunnels at Fukushima must be drained — Contamination is from melted fuel — Nuclear material going through gravel and into ocean? (VIDEO)

Published: July 30th, 2013 at 9:04 am ET
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Title: TEPCO ordered to drain contaminated tunnel water
Source: NHK
Date: July 29, 2013

TEPCO ordered to drain contaminated tunnel water

[...] The Nuclear Regulation Authority told [Tepco] on Monday it must stop the water from leaking into the sea.

[...] TEPCO admitted last week that contaminated water is leaking into the sea from the site.

The regulators pointed out a possible leak of highly-radioactive wastewater in the plant’s underground tunnels through gravel laid on the floor.

The contaminated water is believed to be coming from turbine buildings [which] are highly-contaminated as a huge amount of water has been used to cool nuclear fuel in nearby reactor buildings.

[...] next April [Tepco] says it will drain the tunnels.

[...] TEPCO has yet to come up with measures to stop the original leak from the turbine building. [...]

See also: Crisis at Fukushima plant — Tepco: Extremely radioactive water in trench is leaking directly into groundwater and going into ocean — Cesium over 2 billion Bq/liter

Watch the NHK broadcast here

Published: July 30th, 2013 at 9:04 am ET
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22 comments to Gov’t: Extremely radioactive tunnels at Fukushima must be drained — Contamination is from melted fuel — Nuclear material going through gravel and into ocean? (VIDEO)

  • Cisco Cisco

    "The operator says it will start injecting chemicals into the gravel layers to block the water.

    The company says it will decontaminate the water in the tunnels from September by circulating it through a purifier. From next April it says it will drain the tunnels."

    "through a purifier"…huh? That'll do it…check.

    There ya go…must be some new technology, those purifiers. Not to worry, you can all go back to sleep. Have a nice day!

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  • saltyfishlvr

    It's going to be a dog and pony show now…JGov on the back of TEPCO telling them to do the things they should have been doing for the last 2+ years, then putting it off for months more while they figure it out :(

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  • or-well

    Tepco`s a scampering monkee,
    dressed in a uniform,
    tin cup in hand for donations,
    it cavorts instead of performs,
    an addicted-to-nuclear junkie,
    unable to reform.

    The NRA is the organ grinder,
    cranking mechanical tunes,
    pretending it`s the minder
    of a troop of wild baboons,
    a reality-left-behinder,
    adding more smoke to the gloom.

    When passers-by stop to wonder
    at this outdated show,
    a gang of pickpockets plunder
    then saunter off nice and slow,
    knowing they are protected
    by Big Nuke and those in the know.

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  • weeman

    Why did they fill up with gravel in the first place, you would have thought concrete would have been a better sealer, they can't even store what they have already collected and this contaminated water is far more radioactive.

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    • jec jec

      It might have been concrete at the start..but may be became crumbly gravel due to the high RADS. Remember all those concrete trucks over the past two years? Did anyone see GRAVEL trucks?Did any of those 'engineers' from TEPCO consider the effect on steel/concrete by high radiation? They should..basic structure outcome. Interesting to see the Japanese government suddenly deep six TEPCO and start blaming the company for the radiation. I see a soap opera if Japan's government suddenly became involved after a discovery of wrong doing by TEPCO. Can you see the marque now? "the downfall and loss of face by the evil enemy, TEPCO"…will be an award winning play/opera.

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  • VanneV anne

    "…next April [Tepco] says it will drain the tunnels" ?????? Why put it off????

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    • We Not They Finally

      Maybe because it is Plan C, or Plan D, or Plan E, and they haven't a clue how to do it?? Like what if the so-called "tunnels" are hundreds of feet underground and streaming through molten coriums that no one can get near? So much for "leaking" through "gravel on the floor."

      It's an insane asylum mentality. I didn't kill those people. Well, maybe I did, but how did I do it? Last month I thought it was a gun; last week, it looked like someone poisoned their OJ. Oh, something bad happened? I just found out about it yesterday. What happened and who did it?

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  • We Not They Finally

    TEPCO already admitted to DELIBERATLY DUMPING mega-tons of poison water into the sea on a regular basis. Now we are back to "a possible leak"? But I mean, it's the WATER's fault, isn't it? It just happened. We didn't even know.

    Oh, we just said three days ago that we would be building a wall to block off the route to the ocean? Oh, we said that we were just THINKING about building a wall? What wall?

    But not to worry. They just have to clear away the "gravel on the floor." How hard can that be? Can't they just take a broom or something? I mean, nothing sunk beneath the floor, did it? That would be news to us.

    Do you think that maybe at least someone at Japan's NRA had the good sense to finally panic? That the idea of "no more Japan" finally caught up with them?

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  • jackassrig

    This is some of those beloved brain storming sessions. Remember TEPCO was going to freeze the ground around FUKU. Then TEPCO was going to build a wall to prevent leakage into the sea. Then TEPCO wanted to coat the bottom of the sea and on and on. Their ideas are good but the method is madness.

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  • jec jec

    Ideas good, method madness. Correct, so we watch TEPCO check off the blocks. Lots of words, LOTS of fake reports, fake pictures/diagrams, no activity. They are going to have to do more than just press releases….

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  • dosdos dosdos

    It won't do any good to drain the tunnels unless they can prevent them from refilling.

    TEPCO ran into a corrosion issue with the new purifiers, and they announced that now they won't be up and running until next year. That's the reason for the delay until April.

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  • Bleifrei Bleifrei

    concrete wall at the beginning was not to be, was not an option

    . water would be drained into the sea

    and how about the 98% dirty water.,
    does not fit into the storage over the last 2,5 y.

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  • Delay, change the plan, *'pass the buck', lack of data, delay again, don't know, next year maybe, etc…

    They have known since day one or two that the only thing they/anybody can attempt to control is the media and people's perception of this catastrophe's severity.

    IMO – The true severity level for this event is off the scale! That's a difficult one for most people to grasp.

    Ongoing, Accumulating,
    No end in sight,
    No real plan,
    (except to 'drain' the toilet)
    I think I'm starting to grasp it.

    Wake up world! It's your/our waters they are destroying/polluting for centuries to come. :(

    Someday, the Nuclear Industry will say, "It's regrettable, they had no choice", but they did. They should never have built these Death Machines in the first place.

    * pass the buck:

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