Grave Danger: Concern over more massive failure of containment systems at Fukushima

Published: May 27th, 2011 at 1:49 pm ET


Japanese scientist: Fukushima meltdown occurred within hours of quake, Washington Post, May 26, 2011:

At a second meeting Thursday related to the Fukushima Daiichi crisis, a U.S. Energy Department official warned that the nuclear facility still faces grave danger.

John E. Kelly, deputy assistant secretary for nuclear reactor technologies, said that protective components at the facility could crack because of high salt levels. There “is still a concern about more massive failure” of steel in the “lower head,” an important part of the containment system, Kelly told an NRC advisory committee. About 100 to 200 tons of salt left by the emergency pumping of salt water to cool the reactors are probably corroding the containment components. […]

Kelly made his comments during a hearing of the NRC’s advisory committee on reactor safety […]

Published: May 27th, 2011 at 1:49 pm ET


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  • JC

    At a second meeting Thursday related to the Fukushima Daiichi crisis, a U.S. Energy Department official warned that the nuclear facility still faces grave danger.

    What´s been done so far that could relieve us?

  • ocifferdave

    How many times have you tried to tell people about fukushima and they dont want to talk/hear about it?

    8 times so far and counting

    • Many emails to my epresentative and 2 senators in FL have been either ignored or some low staff member has pointed me to the NRC or the nuclear industry lobbying group for updates. What a bunch of asshats!!

      • charlie

        i have received total silence, no replies, from all my elected representatives at all levels, from lowest to highest.

      • mothra

        I get generalized form letter responses – often off topic and totally disconnected from reality, making nuclear licensing and subsidy safety assurances based on nothing. It’s like: La, la, la, I can’t hear you.

        It’s better if you phone a staffer during the posted office hours. If you’re in an R district – they usually don’t post phone contacts and you’re stuck with email.

        Let’s just show up in DC with nuclear diapers on over jumpsuits with signs that say “Still a Mess” and “Stop with the Crap.”

        • Blue

          I received the same form letters but at least we are trying.

        • sweet pea

          there’s gonna be a meeting with the NRC about Diablo Canyon power plant real soon, in june I think. Can anyone go?

    • aquagem

      SO I’m not the only one! Everyone I attempt to talk to shuts down! They either want to debate me with “facts” they think are true, or they are completely unaware of what is going on. I ask people, “Which camp are you in? Blissfully unaware, or informed & prepared?” I honestly think the scope of the situation is too much for the average person to comprehend. I think they’d rather update their facebook status with the color underwear they are currently wearing.

      I really appreciate this site and the people who have informative info to post. I’ve followed links posted to other sites I didn’t even know existed with very valuable information. This is a great community, please keep up the great work! 🙂

      • mothra

        I appreciate this community too.

        And… Don’t worry about consensus, it’s just temporarily frustrating to be ahead of an information curve. Eventually, they catch up. It’s a sign of commendable critical thinking skills and psychological bravery to accept and assimilate uncomfortable realities – to care, in the face of a tide against it. Remarkable. Rare. Ethical. Crucial. Even heroic :).

        • mothra

          It turns out there is a difference between consensus truth and empirical truth. Darkness and despotism, or light and democracy. It’s an age old dichotomy, but the little everyday choices and advocacy make a difference – though it doesn’t always feel that way. Inside yourself, you know and you’re not alone.

      • whimbrel

        You got it aguagem…that is the face of the world today as we know it. When I start talking about rad people actually say oh lets not talk about that… I do believe the “problem” is that you cant see it. As Busby said, if it was shocking mauve color everyone would be freaking out because they would SEE it everywhere. No… this will come to roost when the deformities and cancers start showing up. So far we have an earless rabbit born near fuckupshitmess. for whats to come, check out the deformities and cancers that happened from three mile and chernobyl…some of this is on youtube. uh…cheers?

        • coot

          Check the DU birth defects affecting the people of Iraq. Just google ‘du birth defects’ and view the images. Fuck…..

      • sweet pea

        no body I spoke to even gives a sh!t. makes me crazy! there’s nothing sane about taking lightly and/or ignoring the dangers of ratdioactive material :/
        some bunny t ell those right-to-lifers this is worse than abortion because it will alter the DNA of children in and out of the womb. It’s in our cows now!

    • I have been pretty much told by everyone to sit on it. The pressure is pretty strong — like when you try to mention 7 degrees of Gulf warming in connection with snows and floods.

      I’m even afraid to tell my friends I’m still drinking water I bottled on March 12 … I like having friends …

      • mothra

        RO with pre and post carbon and/or ion exchange with coconut carbon reduces or eliminates radionuclides. We can’t control others’ behavior, but we can love them best by loving ourselves – yes?

    • psky

      No one I talked to is interested. They say it is faraway and they feel there is nothing they can do about it. People have enough worries about their daily lives. All kinds of disasters happen on earth every day and the root cause the same – ignorance, greed for money and power and indulgence in physical pleasure.

    • struik

      I e-mailed three friends on the west coast about the UCB tap water readings.

      One was in a PhD physics program back in the day; on April 13 he replied:

      “I haven’t heard anything in the news about radiation from Japan. Anyway I am trying to get a date with [redacted]. That’s all I care about right now.”

      Another is a tenured engineering professor; his response consisted of the following link:

      The third never replied.

      I think this is really off most people’s radar.

      • Jack

        Particularly ACADEMICS! They know not to Rock the Boat,
        even though, supposedly the intent of awarding Tenure was to
        insulate a great mind from Political pressure?
        I know a Dept. chair who was King of Grants, made a huge bundle
        with his name as P.I. on millions and millions of grants.
        SAIC-Science Applications Intl. Corporation, a military-industrial
        overlord, needs big academic guys to channel research money and
        young impressionable minds into their Satanic Agenda.

        • struik

          Well this particular prof is actually pretty cool – I just have to get him up to speed on a few things – and unlike me he has a life: but I’d agree he’s in that socioeconomic stratum where your behavior is constrained, and your thinking becomes constrained as well. Good point. Although I guess an engineering prof doesn’t have as many opportunities to test tenure as, say, a prof of politics.

          made a huge bundle with his name as P.I. on millions and millions of grants

          Where do I get a piece of that action, lol

          • Jack

            Just go ahead and sell your soul—
            like, for example,
            in his case, (the Dept. Chair),
            1. Convert to Catholicism to
            fit in with the overlords of the University…
            Go along with Surveillance-State directives to fulfill
            “Patriot Act” agendas. Big Grants, recruit innocent students.
            Belittle and ridicule anyone expressing conscientious
            Travel to China, fully funded by the folks you are Enabling
            to gain sensitive technology from the west.

          • struik

            I take it all back! I don’t want to be rich! I’m sorry I said anything … *sobs*

      • anne

        They don’t want to acknowledge their responsibility for the crisis.

    • coot

      Most think that since the major news corps don’t cover it there is nothing happening. Boy, are they gonna be supprised…..

  • toots

    Read it and weep.
    NPO Report on Chernobyl health impact:

    Please evacuate, take precautions–
    Japan needs to step it up.

    • toots

      Keep in mind…
      Based on history, Women of child-bearing years and *CHILDREN* -especially- take the brunt of it for decades to come…




    Anyone think this would be overreacting by doing the following
    Withdrawing money out of bank accounts(just to have cash on hand)By the time this story is on Nighlty News the situation will be so out of control everyone will be in a panic.

    consider selling material items that are of value as we speak, ie boats rv’s etc… before they become contaminated and worthless?

    Just a thought I hate to be in a situation where atm’s are empty and banks are closed
    For some reason I dont feel these actions are too extreme?

    • A big ROGER on that,especially before a long Holiday weekend!

    • Pensacola Tiger

      If panic ensues, money is likely to be worthless. Buy food that can be stored for an extended period. If the worst case does not occur, you haven’t really lost anything – you just went shopping a bit in advance.

      • And at better prices.

        Consider buying wheat, barley, millet, rice and oats wholesale. You can pack the bags into galvanized trash cans on pallets, with oven-baked wallboard in the cans (in place of silica gel or dry ice). These grains can be cooked inexpensively as they are, for example in a homemade solar cooker if necessary. Hand cranked flour mills are not costly and work better than you might think, reducing cooking time and expanding options. Time to think ahead and plan…

        • Pensacola Tiger

          Good idea, if you have the ability to do this. I think that it’s possible to put up a year’s supply for a family of four in the space under a bed.

      • SamsuLevin

        To buy Water for drinking and cooking should be priority no. 1!
        You can add to Risabees suggestions noodles, vegetable oil, salt sugar, baking powder, dried yeast for bread baking, tomato puree, vinegar, peas and beans, lentils, dried fruits, dried milk…

        Hope I translated it all correct into English.
        That´s what I´m storing too.

    • Godzilla

      Yes, it’s too extreme. Lots of cash on hand invites theft, as with my father when he thought the financial sytem was crashing. He lost half the cash he took out to theft.

      Nothing wrong with being prepared in general with water filters, nonperishable foods, some cash, keep the gas topped off, have LED flashlights and lanterns, some guns for self-defense, etc.

      I say that not because of Fukus, but because in general this world society is on very precarious footing financially, with law and order, and because there are several threats to climatic stability that could lead to crop failures and more severe weather.

    • coot

      If you don’t own a gun buy one. A .308 rifle at a minimum and a .45 side arm. And ammo. Lots of ammo. If the social order falls apart having any food or water will make you one hell of a big target for those that DO own guns. People WILL NEED to protect themselves.

      • Dr. Strangleglove

        When you run out of ammo, I’ll be the guy with the bow and arrows,knife,and spear.

      • charlie

        Guns aren’t an option for most people outside the USA, which is the majority of the world.
        We need to band together in cooperation, in communities to survive, not to turn against each other.

        • coot

          I don’t suggest anyone turn against anyone. Living peacefully would be my first choice. Just don’t kid yourself into thinking there won’t be armed gangs, out TAKING what they can from anyone not prepared to defend themselves.

  • AkDave

    Once again day late! Why can’t they just say the need help as much as they can get?…. People are dying from this.

    • ocifferdave

      I used to be an Alaska Dave (Wasilla and Juneau). Hang in there, man.

      • AkDave

        Cool Squarebanks for me! Dang 31 years now.

        • ocifferdave

          Trained at Fort Waintwright (earned my Air Assault badge). was 100 degrees and windy in June (I always trained/schooled on my birthday). Probably June 2000.

  • ocifferdave

    Anybody ever play Command and Conquer? ‘Cause someone is playing to fricken wipe out Japan: Earthquake/Tsunami/Typhoon. Meteor next?

    • Pensacola Tiger

      Now you’ve done it. Standby for posts about the comet Elenin and ELEs from all involved.

      • ocifferdave

        What other kind of natural disaster can happen…

        Fire –check
        High winds –check
        Flooding –check
        Earthquake w/Tsunami –check check
        Meteor –no go
        1859 level Solar Flare –no go
        Ice Storm –no go
        Locusts –no go
        Drought –no go

        Guess we are only halfway done.

        • No, add back drought — serious in many places: Texas, China, to some extent Europe. Wheat’s very stressed for 2011. Corn, on the other hand, is very stressed from flooding, along with soybeans.

        • toots

          LOL You forgot erupting volcano! Unfortunately, they’ve been having some activity there, too…

        • nyc

          Time to dig out the Illuminati NWO cards.

          • Jack

            YEAH, NYC!
            An Illuminati-All-Star Version of
            the famous Iraqi “Deck of Cards”,
            this time passed out to a million
            maddened victims of our Demonic Enemies.
            But who will be the Aces and Kings?
            Does Cheney Rate a QUEEN?

          • nyc

            Methinks Cheney’s the Knave of Diamonds.

    • Novamind

      Meteor/Asteroid scheduled for 11-8-11, look it up.

  • DuckNCover

    “More damaging revelations emerged earlier Thursday in Tokyo, where Tepco told reporters that a new leak in a storage container had dumped an additional 60 tons of radioactive water into the environment.”

    Only 60 tons more….it’s a big ocean…who would notice. gawd!!

    • Moco

      The ocean may be better able to handle it. The ocean is full of seeps of crude. It also contains elements of radioactivity. Not saying its good, but might be somewhat “less bad”.

      Now every cloud has more than, just a silver lining.

  • jump-ball

    Getting really tired of hearing the latest non-events in the worsening Japanese ‘pollution dilution solution’.

    With the typhoon approaching, I’m going to pop soon for the water purifier and the hepa air filter, even if they have to go on the card.

    I really feel that Pacific fish and CA produce will soon come under the GOM question of useability.

    • mothra

      Consider it an investment in reduced medical costs and quality of life going forward? Priceless really.

    • Novamind

      Good call ,get it before they only except COD sales.

    • mothra

      Good filtration system ratings and info is here:

      The only radionuclide removal acceptable per the EPA are RO with pre & post carbon and/or ion exchange with carbon. They all have their pros and cons.

      • Rica E

        My local water dude is pretty on top of things. We are currently custom fitting a canister filter with separate gradients including clinopolite zeolite. Should be good to go for 3 million gallons with a solar backflush mechanism(my city water is gravity fed off the mountains). My water is noticeably weird, and since I’m at the lowest point in the system right next to the ocean with heavier particles, I’m aware and others are not. Total cost around 1500. I have been limiting my showers and towel drying dishes, and of course buying reliable water. Cheers!

  • Moco

    Yeah, as if they thought salt might corrode something, that is not operational because a little nastier component of death stepped ahead.


    to make 200 tons of salt residue would take roughly 1,200,000 gallons of water. No wonder they decide to use the term’tons’ when refering to water leakage!
    I wonder why BP didnt use tons in their reporting? the oil spill wouldnt have been as serious if they had :-\

    • Pensacola Tiger

      BP did use “barrels” instead of “gallons” to make the amount of oil appear smaller. When they weren’t lying about it, that is…


      Yes, from where these 200 t. salt could come from? A cooling of 5 m3 per hour during one month,this is max. 90 tons of salt (3000 m3), not 200 tons. Secondly as there was no pressure, no cooling where the evaporated water? Thirdly , what about the tons of boric acid ?

      Regarding BP, by 1500 m. depth, they put cameras and tried to stem the leakage by collecting oil. Which not the case of tepco, 2 monthes later ?

    • Isn’t it truthfully 200 tons of **radioactive** salt residue? I sure think so.

      • Mark V

        Think I read somewhere that there is some 100,000 – 200,000? tons of reactor water to deal with, so not surprising.

        • Massive massive contaminants to deal with. In the hands of people who tell us not to worry, “oh yeah, you went through a significantly dangerous time to your health a month ago. We didn’t want to freak you out so we didn’t tell you about it. We think its best for you and us. ”

          This was contamination by product buildups from just a couple months – what volume are we talking about in 100 years as this may easily drag out to be? Think about the ENORMITY of the contamination problems ahead of them/us. They only had one unsupported document to deal with tsunamis remember?

  • Manifest Irony

    As if there’s much containment left after meltdowns! More concerns, still no plan. They need more long term thinking. TEPCO’s “roadmap” for getting the situation under control is a joke. They seem to think getting primary cooling going will fix this as if the cores were still intact. That ship has sailed and it’s time to go back to the drawing board. Hopefully they’ll let someone else have a crack at it this time.

  • Major Domo

    You have to imagine there must have been some backroom discussions on this whole topic at the recently concluded G8 meetings. Besides what was publicly reported, ie. Obama mentioning ‘United States will support Japan as it rebuilds from a devastating earthquake’, one would hope the topic ran much deeper than that. While we’ll never know what may have been said during those hypothetical backroom discussions, I would truly hope that at least one or more leaders met with Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan, and had the balls to stand up and say “Hey, we realize your having a hard time with this, but dude, get your shit together, now”. Nevermind polite political discourse here. When the health of the planet is seriously at stake, drastic times call for drastic measures. No time for smiles, shaking hands, and photo ops. Part of your duty as World leaders, is to prioritize, provide solutions, and promote action to save the planet. They keep calling this the “Arab Spring”. I feel it’s far more likely that History will look back on this time, and refer to it as the “Fukushima Spring”. Any G8 leader that failed to take the opportunity to have this discussion deserves a brick to the head. Business as usual. Carry on.

  • ocifferdave

    The Japanese wind pattern has been changing all day (4 change so far I have noticed):

    Keep an eye on that page through this weekend.

  • madima

    bigger EVENT coming

  • bill

    When will the wind change toward Tokyo? I feel nothing significant will be fixed until and unless their capital city is threatened with evacuation and abandonment.

    • TraderGreg

      The same here. The Japanese are robotic sheeple. Please boycott all products made in Japan. They must get the message – loud and clear.

      • Pensacola Tiger

        You know nothing about the Japanese people, and your call for a boycott is not well thought out.

        You remind me of the short-sighted idiots on the Gulf Coast who boycotted their neighbors’ businesses because they had the unfortunate luck to have a BP gas station. That’s right, chump, blame the victims.

        • TraderGreg

          I think the Japanese are complete idiots – and I also mean the common folks there. It is their duty and right to rise and oppose their idiotic goverment. If they cannot take care of themselves, we need to send to all Japanese a very strong message of disapproval – by boycotting everything made in Japan. Otherwise, nothing meaningful will be done, and the Japanese sheeple will blame the western website for fear mongering.

          If you call other people idiots, it is your constitutional right – but please take a quick look at the mirror.

          • Pensacola Tiger

            Are you marching on Washington today?

            And I called you a chump, not an idiot.

            And you may tell us all how damaging the Japanese economy and hurting the common Japanese citizen helps the situation.

            You are a child, screaming for what you want, right now. Grow up.

          • Major Domo

            The Japanese are far from idiots. The many Japanese people I have met in my lifetime are all wonderful, humble, and very intelligent people. There are idiots in every culture, including yours. What you are attempting (poorly) to describe is a basic cultural difference. Although Japanese society shares a lot with North American culture, they are not North Americans, and do not act like North Americans, whether you want or expect them to, or not. In fact, North Americans can learn a thing or two from Japanese society. Try to imagine everything that Japan has been through since the devastating Earthquake, Tsunamis, and Nuclear disaster, then call them idiots while you come to realize the depth of your own ignorance. Do take a moment and learn something about other people and other cultures before you call them idiots. Their culture is not yours.

        • tony wilson

          pensacola tiger…
          millions of children outside that rotten country will be damaged by this.
          japan is run like a corporation it is the worst place in the world apart from north and south korea to have had a nuclear incident.
          now the english do not like rising up but if it was here the government would be fucked and running for the hills.
          the japanese adult population are part of the problem.
          or in your case eat some lovely fuky seawead.

          • Pensacola Tiger

            You seem to think that boycotting Japanese products will somehow cause the Japanese government and/or populace to change the way they are responding to the Fukushima disaster. It just isn’t going to happen that way. Last summer, people boycotted BP gas stations here on the Gulf coast, and the only result was economic hardship for the unfortunate small business operators of the BP stations. BP was unaffected, and even posted an obscenely larger profit.

            Your anger at the situation is justifiable, but your reaction is, at best, not well thought out.

            I don’t know the way to get the Japanese government to change, but I do know hurting the people of Japan isn’t it.

          • extra knight

            @ Pensacola Tigger

            that’s a wee bit of an oversimplification, don’t you think? the GOM disaster was one of epic proportions and was caused by… you guessed it… corporate greed and fear mongering. for anyone to point fingers at anybody concerning this is totally insane, and shows that a definite lack of clear and stable thought has gone into these rather tedious assumptions and store-bought conclusions.

            yes a boycott is silly, the real problem is the off the charts amounts of dangerous radiation leaking from the destryoed reactors and the overheating spent fuel rod pools and fukushima- dai-ichi.

      • molz

        please don’t make racist generalizations. my husband is japanese, i live in japan and i can tell you from first hand experience that the foreigners living here are just as much if not more in denial than the average japanese person. in fact, i have many japanese activist friends. so i’ll say it again, don’t use this as an excuse to make stupid racist comments. thanx!

      • whimbrel

        trader – you need to travel outside of us abit… the japanese are no more sheeple than us or most other locations. there have been protests in japan, lots of people are not getting pissed about the lack of protection for children near theplants, gov officials and others are coming out saying the government is ffffed. its not the people that are the problem its the evilones in charge of the world.

        • whimbrel

          oops meant to say lots of people are getting pissed about the lack of protection for children near the plants.

    • Pensacola Tiger

      About all that can be done now is to build three Chernobyl-like sarcophagi, or four or five or six, depending. That can’t be done until the radiation level subsides, the state of the three reactors is known and the spent fuel pool situation is addressed.

      There aren’t any good alternatives.

      • TraderGreg

        Fukushima is not Chernobyl, and the entombment will not work here – unfortunately. Please research more, before posting. Or read prior posts on this very website.

        • Pensacola Tiger

          Then what do you suggest? Even your great leader, Tacomagroove, calls for entombment, just as was done at Chernobyl.

          • TraderGreg

            I have nothing to do with her, and I do disagree with many of her conclusions. But she got some valid points too, so it is worth reading her. If we were all in agreement, then we would need only to listen to CNN.

            Why Japanese are lying to the people of the world? This is not their internal problem – it impacts entire planet.

            In any solution, it is imperative to stop lying. If they insist on lying, there will not be any intelligent solution – period.

            At this point, I do not have a valid solution to this FUBAR, maybe some ideas. I do not think you can have one either – with all due respect.

            I think any dreams of cold shutdown need to be put to rest. Any dream of containment, too. What remains, is to just minimize the impact on the planet.

            Ah – I forgot – the sheeple there just doesn’t care.

            We can call it FUBAR.

      • tony wilson

        ok you can take up the slack for us confused types, who will avoid japanese plutonium coated products.
        fly over to japan by a camera make a video of your isotopic holiday consumption fest holiday.
        send us the you tube link.

        • Jack

          Yes, Tony….
          perhaps some are too young to know what is meant by
          “Remember Bataan”, and many Americans don’t remember
          “Singapore” for the Brit colonials. “Jakarta” for the Dutch.
          I drove my sweeties’ Nissan Sentra for a few years, but always
          said I wouldn’t own a Nippon car.
          You gotta Hand it to them, on the quality/durability front, or, you
          used to be able to say that.
          I would prefer millions of Japanese in exchange for the Mexicans.

      • FJN

        The Russians did not wait till the radiation subsided that is why they were able to get the situation under control. Control does not mean without damage to the world but they were able to limit the damage that was being done very quickly. They sent over 10,000 miners to that plant within the first two weeks. They evacuated the whole city in less then three days. They mobilized the whole Russian army and brought in over 500,000 men to get that mess under as much control as they could. It is approaching three months and all we have is a bunch day workers being dragged in to do what? The Japanese have done nothing of any significance to control the problem. Rather they have been spending their time trying to control the press. They were told by everyone that knew anything about the situation to bury that plant. They ignored all entreaties and went ahead with there bone headed idea that they were going to save them. They are responsible for mass murder.

      • whimbrel

        well but Busby said the real issue is not the background but that we need to stop the particles from lofting… so maybe some kind of hepa filter over the tops…these wouldnt have to enclose the site just be like nets to capture particulates. That wouldnt be so hard to do would it?….

  • hawkeye

    when i fist read the headline ,,it look like
    grave digger

  • mothra

    Petition to Obama requesting he reverse his advocacy of nuclear power and subsidies in light of recent events:

  • hawkeye




  • hawkeye


  • pAnIc

    Containment threats? Hpw about the four spent fuel pools that aren’t even in any containment?

    • I keep wondering about the spent pool that is missing from the blast! Come on…..

    • mothra

      There are 13 on site I believe. Two for each reactor and one large shared pool in use since construction. The rest are removed to steel dry casks also on site. They were building an offsite facility, but it wasn’t slated for completion until 2012 or beyond.

    • Major Domo

      Looking for the spent fuel? I’d start by looking in the troposphere, then Denver.

  • Radiation in Japan Seas: Risk of Animal Death, Mutation?
    More radiation from nuclear plant could cause “bizarre mutations.”

  • EBliss

    Fukushima, HAARP, earthquakes, tornados, sever storms, our food supply, de-population & the globalist agendea EXPLANED.

    This is a HIGHLY DETAILED lecture with slides, charts and illustrations. This is more ‘inside information’ than you have ever heard.

    This IS THE MATRIX! You can take the “blue pill” and not watch this, or take the “red pill” and be prepared to HEAR THE TRUTH.


    Two parts approx 3 hours:

  • Ken Nohe

    Amazing stuff on this site! – I live a little over 100 miles from the plant and I can reassure all of you that nobody has “mutated”… yet.

    There are real worries about radiations here but there are mostly long term.

    Just one example as food for thought: Most people living in the area affected by radiations are elderly. Should they evacuate or not? Considering that the disruption may kill them far sooner than radiations, the answer is not clear cut.

    It is relatively easy to make broad and extreme statements when you are not directly affected, but when you are, you realise than you must take a lot into consideration and decisions are not obvious.

    As for those who want to boycott Japanese goods; please do, but also realise that if you compare 2 laptops from Toshiba and HP for example: Both are made in China with Taiwanese parts and a CPU from the US running Windows. I am not sure it will make much of a difference!

    • whimbrel

      hey Ken… mutation doesnt work like that. In chernobyl adults got thyroid cancer, brain cancer etc. All the “cleaners” who went in after to clean up are mostly dead. All the 100,000 who helped build the sarcophagus are dead. the mutations will show up in babies, baby anything…including plants. go to youtube and look for chernobyl and children you will see whats on its way. And there has already been a rabbit born near you with no ears…. oh the joys of rad poisoning.

    • tony wilson

      hello ken..
      the problem is cultural.
      the japanese needs to snap out of the slumber,i have met quite a few people who say ohh it is getting better or it is western or russian propaganda.
      look at the videos of chernobyl look at the videos of fukishima it is like a ghost town.
      it should be a war zone of activity.
      my friend your government is spending more time and effort controlling the media and framing a positive spin on this.
      the biggest release of plutonium in history is not good for tourism or seaweed sales.
      better an angry rampaging mob looking for change or action or a comatosed shrug an an exceptance of genetic mutation change and death later.
      the japanese people should understand that your government and tepco have destroyed not only your country but your reputation.
      i would trust an albanian nuclear now more than japanese.
      this rotten event has to be treated like a world disaster and not a corporate hiccup that needs to be covered up.
      also by burning 100s of thousands of tons of radioactive sludge your government is doing as much harm as the nuclear plants.

  • coot

    One problem everyone seems to be ignoring, especially the folks that think they are prepared, is that IF the entire northern hemisphere is contaminated, water filters and pills won’t last the rest of your lifetime and your children’s lifetime and their children’s lifetime, and their children’s etc. BUT, the radiation will.

  • Dr. Strangleglove

    “Grave” danger…Now there’s an appropriate term.

  • blackmoon

    Here is the latest interview with Geo-Scientist Leuren Moret from May 20 titled:

    Fukushima tectonic nuclear warfare monitored by world HAARP partners.

    In a few of her interviews and lectures, Leuren Moret said that Fukushima’s control center was infected with the StucksNet virus, to insure that this HAARP generated EVENT would have the maximum impact.

    Here in some info on the StucksNet virus, and judge for yourself.

    The article is titled – World encounters a new type of global terrorism.