“Gravest situation since 2011 Fukushima accident” — Nuclear Expert: Emergency effort needed at plant; “I can’t make out just why Japan reluctant to take strong measures”

Published: October 19th, 2013 at 12:45 pm ET


Voice of Russia, Oct. 19, 2013: Sharp radiation growth was registered in ground water samples throughout just one day, October 18th, in the area of the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant. Tritium concentrations, for example, exceeded the admissible values 6,500 times. This is the gravest situation since the 2011 Fukushima accident.

Igor Ostretsov, expert in nuclear physics and nuclear power generation: Radioactive water keeps coming and should be stored somewhere. They have deployed a great number of tanks there and keep bringing more. There must be no place left by now for still more tanks to store radioactive water in. A lot of water has been naturally spilled out, since the tanks just cannot hold all the water. Workers have recently done something wrong, causing massive water discharge. They’ve built [Note: They've proposed building] a border dyke 100 metres deep, but subterranean waters are deeper still. This way the radioactive water makes it to the ocean. I can’t make out just why the Japanese are reluctant to take strong measures. Japan is clearly unable to cope with the situation on its own, so what’s needed is an international emergency effort.

Vladimir SlivyakLecturer at the National Research University Higher School of Economics in Russia, co-chairman of the Ekozashchita: The Company is actually reacting to emergencies as they occur. When something happens, they start considering the situation. In other words, they are absolutely unable to control the situation. By far graver problems may arise at the Fukushima plant than the ones we now know of. Now, Friday’s jump in radiation levels most likely means fresh leaks.

From today: Japan Professor: It's such a dangerous situation for other countries -- Gundersen: Gov't does not want an adequate solution for crisis at Fukushima; Fear of it being found out just how bad things really are at plant? (VIDEO)

Published: October 19th, 2013 at 12:45 pm ET


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43 comments to “Gravest situation since 2011 Fukushima accident” — Nuclear Expert: Emergency effort needed at plant; “I can’t make out just why Japan reluctant to take strong measures”

  • MichaelV MichaelV

    Arnie says that the Japanese can't afford the expense of mitigating this; they're broke.

    They need to borrow from Switzerland, or the House of Windsor…

    Otherwise I'm sure if they look around Japan they'll find lots of things they could sell…even themselves as laborers, digging coal for a living.

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    • We Not They Finally

      Is it really about MONEY? The Russians risked 100,000 men(maybe more — don't have the exact figure) so that a whole nation would not die. And they STILL have a massive calamity this day for the population of Belarus, and Gorbachev himself has said that it was Chernobyl that did in the USSR. But they made a choice to value human life MORE by having some of the population try to save all of the population, heroically and at whatever expense.

      With the Japanese, it seems to be the illusion of supremacy (by the "overlords" of that culture) over human life — even the lives of their own children and their future genome. It's pretty evil; and yes, of course money enters in because that it how people hold onto power and hold themselves above others. But to say that this is "ABOUT" money — it's way more than that.

      They still need to show THE SHEER HUMAN DECENCY to evacuate that population WHATEVER it costs. To value the LIVES of others above their own illusions of supremacy. But they won't do it and apparently no one is making them.

      It's really painful to watch, and apparently has gotten impossible to fix.

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      • scottyji scottyji

        I do not look to ANY government for decency. And it is said of the U.S. government that "it has no friends…only interests."

        My interest as a single human being will always be far away from what any government's "interest" is: to perpetuate itself under any and all circumstances.

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    • SS4U SS4U

      Will Japan call the US bonds ? lets hope not

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    • where did they come up with the money for the Olypmics? that will cost them even more money as they get into it..

      They also just approved keeping their plutonium fast breeder reactor going for another 13? years, which will cost a ton of money to get going again, because it was shut down and storm damaged.

      They also just bought a bunch of MOX plutonium fuel, why? That also cost some money…

      They have not learned their lesson yet. They may need to have something that is even worse than Fukushima to get their attention… if that is possible. So sad. So much hubris, greed and self centeredness.

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  • nedlifromvermont

    Well Duh! Duh! and Duh!

    Should have left the uranium in the ground …. insurance industry could see that …

    Now one of the richest "Kids" on the block (Japan) can't/won't spend the money and resources that are needed to deal with these catastrophic leaks …

    The whole capitalist milieu is revealed as a gigantic hoax …

    And Barack O'effing Who-bama wants Iran to stop enriching … while GE's machines-run-amok are allowed to wantonly destroy the Pacific Ocean …

    The audacity of this apparent negligence is bewildering in the extreme …

    O, yes, and which body of "intelligent men and women (mostly men)" passed and re-authorizes, again and again, that hideous law whereby nuclear reactor manufacturers can build their reactors cheaply, so as to compete with coal, and when they do explode and release catastrophe, avoid any and all meaningful damages???

    Hint: (It's that august body of reps which failed to agree on a funding scheme, to pay for the nuclear regulatory charade, that they themselves single-handedly willed into being with that same, odious Act named for Mr. Price and Mr. Anderson ….)

    May these names rot in history, for because of them we are all doomed to hideous death by unseen and unstoppable invaders …. O wrath upon these traitors to life. They knew, and it was unnecessary!

    peace …

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  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    How much radiation is coming from SFP #4? How long will a worker be able to remain to watch while fuel rods are removed? Where and how will the fuel rods be moved after leaving SFP #4?

    Isn't it possible that the rise in radiation is coming from damaged fuel rods in SPF #4 and the CSFP? Two or three explosions and numerous fires and recriticalities in SFP #4 have to have caused damage. How much water has already leaked out SFP #4 over the last 2.5 years?

    I have to wonder when I look at current pictures of the equipment and crane in SFP #4 that it is a picture of another facility, or a picture pre 311. Why don't they show a picture looking down into the SFP? Why don't they show us where the worker will be standing and what he will be seeing. If he is at the side, will he be able to see if the fuel rods are going straight up, or not touching anything (already pointed out by jec)?

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  • "Sharp radiation growth was registered…"
    "This is the gravest situation…"
    – VOR

    "Friday’s jump in radiation levels…"
    – Slivyak

    "…fear that they might find out how bad things really are."
    – Gundersen

    ;) Are they trying to tell us something?

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  • dka

    "…I can’t make out just why the Japanese are reluctant to take strong measures…"

    typical, taking measures equals to admitting the problems.
    There are no solutions to the problems.
    It means to financial admit that the costs to deal with the problems can't be met and could lead to very serious financial problems. The finance and business communities don't want this and they are very powerful. Opposing voices are silenced.
    Unless there is an international will and pressure to deal with it, nothing will be done. Or if the Japanese population is read to vote for a government ready to tackle the problem (it appears not, the Japanese want to believe that playing violin on the sinking Titanic must go on).

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  • MichaelV MichaelV

    The removal of the remains of SPF #4 is "under control"…

    Keep moving, don't look into the camera… and act natural, this is an expensive production.

    Now, a word from our sponsor…" At GE we bring good things to life"…

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  • pkjn

    US Pacific Coast Seaweed Shows With Fukushima Cesium Contamination
    October 19th, 2013 SimplyInfo
    New testing done by Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering found Fukushima cesium in US Pacific sea weed. The samples were standardized against a known amount of cesium 137 and cobalt 60. The finding of cesium 134 would indicate this is at least partially from the Fukushima nuclear disaster.
    “Washington State Pacific coast eel weed sample contained 8.14 Bq/Kg of Cs134 and 8.88 Bq/Kg of Cs137. It also contained 3.7 Bq/Kg of Co60”

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  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    I N C R E A S I N G . R A D I A T I O N . B U T

    This disaster will put the final nail in nuclear's coffin.

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  • bdais92

    I like this video helping describle some of the things to us laymen. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFVVnzLo8io For those of you with more intellegence than I (its not very hard to do) take these other drone videos even if they are 2 and a half yrs old and do a voice over with arrows pointing to what things are, what we are looking at,describe where the SFPs are located….. explain in video form with these 3 videos combined with all the "fun" facts like how high did the waves reach,what temp could the coriums be at (estimated is fine :) ) A computer animated version of the events how they happened, the 3 or four explosions, the "SFP fires" in unit 4,pictures of the buildings broken down to show what "should" be there and now whats not there…. That would be awesome if someone smart can make this happpen. I would love to know if what I think happened really happened or Im just full of Cr@p :) thanks everyone for all the knowledge that you give on these subjects, I appreciate all related info!!

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    • unincredulous unincredulous

      If anyone does make your video, I would like to see the video of the Tepco and .gov folks hiding in the bathroom, shitting their pants, crying crocodile tears, and then getting totally drunk, considering their options, and then lying their asses off to the cameras.

      Kind of like "The Truman Show."

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  • American Phoenix57

    Admin, is it just me or is the load times getting longer. I wonder how much more of the bone breaking logic of enenews TBTB will tolerate.

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  • jk641

    I think this site is under attack.
    Very very slow..

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  • ftlt

    The Company is broke and Japan is in great fiscal decline… Has been since the 90s at home

    The inaction is all about money..

    Who will pay for it..

    The rich will just move elsewhere if they haven't already..

    Like to see the stats on travel long term visas taken to other countries from Japan by wealth over the last 4 years

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  • waenderer

    “I can’t make out just why the Japanese are reluctant to take strong measures”…

    I can : it is easyer to get rid of 10.000.000 bodies than to displace 30.000.000 people alive….and cheaper.

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  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Here is a far out idea: Sci Fi movie: Nuclear disaster: Emergency action required: Lottery: Winner gets to be a hero: Lottery participation required: Winner goes into Fukushima to work until radiation kills him/her: You check in but you can't check out: Radiated workers buried in Yucca mountain: Fukushima never happend: earthquake and tsunami real, but generated by technology: World wide tax and lottery participation: population control: "Inept" IAEA a farce: The plot of numerous sci fi shows

    Got the idea from recent post where some guy says Fuku never had a disaster. Everything faked. We are all pawns.

    Would be ingenious as fake moon landing. The Truman Show.

    I wish it were all faked. Scientists reports all faked. At least people would be alive and not mutated, with a chance at discovery of truth that it is all a fake. Pretty sad to think that would be better.

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  • jeffm

    Tesla's HAARP technology can create earthquakes/tsunamis. A couple months before 3-11, a security company installed refrigerator-sized cameras at Fukushima. Google this: HAARP Fukushima.

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  • bdais92

    Renewable energy just needs to be more efficient and a way to store mass amounts of it. Also, if theres a way that they can recycle waste (France) why are they not using this technology?? They can map the sea floor with technology,should be easy to find the cores…. also would leave a huge heat signature for thermal detection? would it be possible to create a sink hole under the plant, for everything to fall into, then freezing everything with liquid nitrogen ,covering it with a boron/cement/zeolite slurry and then covering that with multiple lead lined steel plates that are then welded together and then covered with a building deflecting the sun and weather? Crazy technology has come from Sci Fi movies in the past, one of those crazy sounding technology is needed, lets dream it up……

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    • We Not They Finally

      The French recycling plant, Areva, has been polluting the English Channel for decades. See the film on YouTube, "Secret Nuclear Waste: The Hidden Side of Humanity."

      Sink hole a terrifying idea for numerous reasons. Besides, they already HAVE a "sink hole" of sorts, and it's really bad news all 'round.

      It's tempting to go sci-fi, of course, but it's questionable by now that they can get close enough to do ANYTHING major there, giving the killer level of radioactivity, and exponentially rising.

      Sorry to sound like Debbie Downer here. Wish someone WOULD invent something massive that would actually work. Like maybe a time machine? Roll back time to March 10, 2011 and have it like it never happened? [sarc]

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    The Japanese Government will loose face unless the disaster is cleaned up,, what needs to be done immediately is:
    1.) Large earth moving equipment for simultaneously building a dam into the ocean to cut off further ground water contamination into the ocean, while,
    2.) Excavating in a moat like fashion around the reactor and demolishing the reactor and digging up the core and taking the debris for reprocessing.
    3.) The cost can be offset by the country and the pacific not being destroyed.
    4.) If such action is not taken, it would be reasonable and responsible for conservative elements of the country should take steps to intercede with the government and threaten those responsible for not taking serious action to stop the problem, and charge them with crimes against humanity in light of the extreme negligence.

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