“Groundbreaking” study reveals Fukushima nuclear waste is poisoning wildlife: Up to 99% of offspring died after eating ‘low-level’ contaminated food — “Very high” abnormality rates including “severe and rare” deformities (PHOTOS)

Published: September 23rd, 2014 at 6:29 pm ET


PhysOrg, Sep 23, 2014 (emphasis added): In a previous study, the group [of university researchers] suggested that eating leaves with high levels of radiation seriously affected the pale grass blue butterfly. Their new study investigated the effect of eating leaves with much lower levels of radiation… Joji Otaki, University of Rukyus, says… “Our study demonstrated that eating contaminated foods could cause serious negative effects on organisms. Such negative effects may be passed down the generations… eating non-contaminated food improves the negative effects”…

AAAS, Sep 22, 2014: Fukushima radiation still poisoning insects — Eating food contaminated with radioactive particles may be more perilous than thought… The findings from Otaki’s group are “groundbreaking,” says Timothy Mousseau, a biologist at the University of South Carolina… there have been “almost no studies” on how ingestion of radiation-tainted foods affect wildlife.

Study by University of the Ryukyus and Nagasaki University researchers, published Sep 23, 2014: [We] examined the effects of low-level-contaminated diets… The mortality rate increased linearly in accordance with an increase of the caesium… Remarkably, the mortality rate of the Koriyama group [.04 Bq per larva] was 53% [in the first generation]… We discovered various morphological abnormalities in the surviving adults… severe and rare abnormalities shown in Figure 5 might imply the effects of a contaminated diet. Only three [that ate] Okinawa leaves [1760 km from Fukushima Daiichi] showed very minor morphological abnormalities… As observed in the F1 [first] generation, various morphological abnormalities were detected in the surviving F2 [second generation] adults… very high mortality and abnormality rates [were] recorded… low-dose effects were clearly detected… results suggest that low-dose ingestion of approximately 100 Bq/kg may be seriously toxic to certain organisms… The biological effects of ingesting the contaminated diets were more severe in the F2 generation…

Mortality Rates

  • Koriyama [60 km from Fukushima Daiichi] F1 group and the Koriyama F2 group obtained from the Koriyama F1 adults were 53.0% and 79%, respectively
  • Motomiya [also 60 km] F1 group and the Motomiya F2 group obtained from the Motomiya F1 adults were 31.2% and 99%, respectively… “very small number of surviving adults”

Prof. Otaki: Many theoreticians and politicians have claimed [that Fukushima has caused] no harmful biological effects… Even worse, some biologists have claimed that there are no biological impacts… to our surprise, leaves contaminated at relatively low levels… resulted in a mortality rate of more than 50%… Moreover, the sensitivity of the offspring generation increased, resulting in very high mortality rates… it is widely believed among modern biologists that insights obtained from one biological system are largely applicable to other systems…

See also: [intlink id=”just-in-new-study-reveals-sharp-increase-in-deaths-and-mutations-from-exposure-to-fukushima-contamination-especially-at-low-doses-small-levels-of-cesium-may-be-significantly-toxic” type=”post”]Study: Deaths, mutations increased sharply from Fukushima exposure “especially at low doses” — ‘Small’ levels of cesium may be significantly toxic[/intlink]

Published: September 23rd, 2014 at 6:29 pm ET


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  • Risky

    Heads up,

    there's a push by pro-nuclear spokesmen for the recycling of nuclear fuel.

    A number of "opinion" letters are being published in different newspapers such as this:


    Whenever you hear someone say France recycles their nuclear fuel, point them to this youtube video called


    which says France sends a lot of nuclear waste to Siberia.

    @ around 1:09 here:


  • Why not come out with a simple and clean petition;

    We demand a carbon and nuclear free future.

    AGRP would support and sign that..

    But that would piss off the hidden hands and powers behind the curtain, so it is not happening that way.

  • Kevin talks about how the environmental movement and leaders of the Climate Change movement march souled out in this article…

    How Pro Nuclear And Anti 99% Corporations Control Eco Environmental Organizations Like Greenpeace, Sierra Club, 350.org via @AGreenRoad

  • Sickputer

    Despite the lower species confirmed radiation poisoning in Japan like this study, the American response to the ELE of millions (maybe billions) of sea stars is still hands off any Fukushima radiation linkage.

    Their latest excuse is ocean warming:

    …evidence suggests the outbreak is linked to warming ocean temperatures or other changes in the ocean due to climate change…"


    However the Newsweek reporter points out the flaw in their dominant theory:

    "On the other hand, the death of captive sea stars in aquariums in both Seattle and Vancouver—in tanks that had maintained healthy populations for 40 years—suggests the cause is an infectious microorganism able to travel through water. Aquariums maintain constant temperatures in their tanks but fill them with circulating ocean water, so perhaps something in the water made the captive stars sick."

    SP: Bingo! Yes, something in the water. Now just what could that be. Perhaps some of the scientists should brush up on the extensive Japanese studies of the Kuroshio Extension (since about 1880). Hell, I doubt half of these government mouthpieces even know what the Kuroshio Extension (KE) is in relation to the fast circular water flow stream in the Pacific Ocean. While they are educating themselves please bone up on Rossby Waves also.

    Starter link for the BB nucleoapes:


    • Sickputer

      This nearly 50-year-old document gives a decent readable historical account of the dynamics of the Kuroshio Current and Kuroshio Extension:


      The dynamics of that narrow band pushing Fukushima Daiichi ocean poisons (herding actually) to the western North American coastal regions is the reason things are getting dire in the water for sealife. And as the top predator and oceangoer also, naked apes are on a collision course for radiation poisoning unlike anything witnessed in the Fallout Age.

      It didn't take a military exchange of nuclear bombs to compromise the health of billions of humans. Just one huge out of control commercial nuclear megaplex located adjacent to and flowing massive radiation particles unimpeded into the Pacific Ocean coastline.

      Chernobyl will be remembered as a serious and deadly accident. But Fukushima NPP will be renembered as an ocean killer. An ocean that currently feeds 1 billion humans. What will be the impact on those ocean shore residents when their primary food source is either extinct or contaminated?

      Answer: economic meltdowns, a hemispheric health mega disaster, and a dead ocean for the next million years.

    • Angela_R

      some years ago salmon were dying, actually before Fukushima. In 2000 there was a standoff http://members.iinet.net.au/~jenks/salmon5.html
      note reference also to frakenfish

      and again in 2003 the following letter: http://members.iinet.net.au/~jenks/salmon7.html

      and nobody thought of radiation? Yet nuclear material had been dumped in the sea for decades.

      Two great uncles died of cancer in Ireland; never thought of radiation. Now I do, when I examine what Sellafield dumped in the Irish Sea. It keeps on, keeps on accumulating….

  • ISeePinkClouds

    Yes. Disheartening news. The radiation hormesis theory is now wholly invalidated. Was there ever any question about it? Thank you Prof. Otaki, Ryukyus and Nagasaki Universities, T. Mousseau(hang in there) and Admin.. We needed to know this. peace

  • Bones Bones

    What does this really mean? The next generation of babies must all be monitored no matter where in Japan and even over the Pacific islands and the West Coast of NA. [Medically, to catch any disease quickly.] Human generations will become more and more genetically deformed as each successive generation breeds. So, not only will those who were newborns or in the womb be showing massive numbers of health problems, their children will be off even worse health wise and their ability to reproduce will continue to decline; If they can reproduce, the likelihood of a deformed child, diseased child, or still born is going to increase through time of society being exposed and successive new generations with worsening health problems.

    Where are the real health physicists testing, monitoring, and data logging all young children, especially babies, those who were in the womb, and most of all those being born now and from now on. I'm talking systemic relevant data like concentrations of nuclides in womb, baby, milk, etc.? Where are those people?

    Japan's birthrate will start plummeting faster than it is now. As people become more sick and tired the economy will worsen, despite how terrible the Japanese economy is now, that causes a stressful zeitgeist in a country on top of the nuclear contamination. People will slowly become sterile through successive generations and the ability to have children will become more rare and rare as fertility of the population decreases from…

  • The nuclear issue lack of coverage was also very clear around the global climate change march and protest…

    9/21/14 Largest Ever Global Climate Change Protest; Close To Zero Coverage By Mass Media http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2014/09/largest-ever-global-climate-change.html

  • dan dan

    Maybe we should stop calling them nuctards, perhaps that's a bit harsh for some.

    Perhaps we should change the wording.

    Ignofucktards or radiots might be a better description.

    Let them choose.

  • SOONER THAN LATER, the ramifications of severe radiation contamination and poisoning will manifest itself. I am afraid that "smiling and having a positive emotional outlook" is not going to be of much help. We all saw the destruction with our own eyes, and it wasn't pretty. Just the picture in my mind of Reactor Unit 3 "detonating" left quite an impression on me. The airborne plume of hot particles is only one aspect of the catastrophe. Daily flushing trillions of becquerels of radioactive nuclei into the Pacific, is quite another.

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