Group finds 7 microsieverts per hour just outside Tokyo in Matsudo

Published: October 21st, 2011 at 10:49 am ET


An excerpt from the Oct. 20 Mainichi Shimbun translated by EX-SKF:

“The group of Japanese Communist Party assemblymen in Matsudo City in Chiba Prefecture announced on October 20 the result of the air radiation survey of 144 locations in the city. The locations included parks, private residences, and nursery schools. They measured up to 25 points in one location, and the highest radiation was recorded at the side of an agricultural greenhouse, at 7 microsieverts/hour. More than 1 microsievert/hour radiation was measured at 37 locations.” […]

“The highest measurement in parks was recorded at the sand box of Nishinoshita Park, at 3.42 microsieverts/hour.” […]

Read More: 7 Microsieverts/Hr Radiation Measured in Matsudo City, Chiba

Published: October 21st, 2011 at 10:49 am ET


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  • Dr. McCoy

    A excerpt from the newly released journals of the late Spaulding Gray. This was written in 1979/80…

    Had a bad dream that it was the end of the world (a very real feeling so when I woke up I knew I had had a dream but I also knew it could be real). Children, who were plutonium polluted, were rushing at me everywhere and trying to touch me and I was dodging them and saying, or thinking, I was Christ and charmed with some power of destiny and that I would make it through. When I got to the place I was going I realized that we were all going to die…

    McCoy out.

    • Philosophy and poetry are not appropriate here, Doctor.

      • nohobear nohobear

        Philosophy and poetry define us as human. I can think of no better time than now, than in the midst of this nuclear crisis for humanity, to reflect on our humanity, or lack thereof.

        It is said Spock, thy Vulcan blood is thin. Logic would dictate that the same holds true of thy Human blood. Are thee Vulcan, or are thee Human?

  • OneWhoRelates

    Exposure rate from 7 uSv/hr

    0.1 mSv per Day,
    36.82 mSv per Year,
    2209.03 mSv per Lifetime (> 4 x Evac)