VIDEO: Children of US Navy sailors suffering from cancers after Fukushima exposure — “I couldn’t move… so much pain… I have leukemia” — More kids with thyroid cancer — Father: “We couldn’t figure it out… his body was changing” — Sailor: Right side of my body is shriveling up, one arm now almost 5 inches smaller than other

Published: August 20th, 2014 at 10:20 am ET


The Guardian, Aug 20, 2014:

  • Darius was diagnosed with leukaemia [and] spent a month in hospital in early 2013, soon after his diagnosis. “I thought I was going to have to bury him,” [James Jackson, US Navy] recalled. [He] now has a catheter in his chest […] He is still undergoing treatment for leukaemia, still stuck in hospital […] “I want this just to go away, and to just fast forward the next four years.”
  • Sailors and their children [say they’ve] suffered thyroid and other cancers, leukaemia, birth defects, and a variety of medical conditions including infertility […] Theodor Holcomb, who served on the USS Reagan aircraft carrier, died of a rare cancer on 24 April.
  • At the time [of 3/11], Lieutenant Steve Simmons was in peak physical condition. […] By late 2011, Simmons […] experienced a blackout. The episode – accompanied by high fevers, swollen lymph nodes and muscle spasms – was the start of a physical deterioration that, by the time of his retirement from the navy last month, left Simmons confined to a wheelchair.
  • In early April, [Mike Sebourn] was promoted to radiation decontamination officer, issued with a handheld radiation device, Tyvek suit and respirator […] his son Kimi, who was then eight, went through bouts of extreme nausea and severe nose bleeds, missing a month of school. “The kid could not stop throwing up, over and over and over. It happened every single day […] Not knowing what was wrong with my son was absolutely heartbreaking and just tore me up inside.”

Transcript — The Guardian, August 19, 2014:

  • James Jackson, US Navy: My son and I were over there in the region, at the time we stayed about 3 weeks afterwards to continue to help with the relief efforts. What was put out was we didn’t hav anything to worry about.
  • Darius Jackson: I just started hurting, I just started screaming, I couldn’t move because my body was in so much pain.
  • James: We couldn’t figure out what was going on with him, but his body was changing.
  • Darius: On New Year’s Day they admitted me to the hospital, a few days, on January 7th, the doctor came in and said I have leukemia. At first I didn’t know what it was.
  • James: We were ~11 days from losing his life. No parent should have to bury their child.
  • Mike Sebourn, US Navy: At the time of the Fukushima disaster I was stationed about 125 mile south of Fukushima. My job was to lead a team of 18 sailors and to measure beta and gamma radiation… A month into the operation I started getting acute sickness — my son did too. He would go through vomiting fits, he would throw up 30 to 40 times in a row. I’ve been having issues that started about 4 months after my exposure to radiation. I have acute attenuation in my right arm and right leg. When they measure my right arm, it’s actually 11 cm smaller than my left. Unfortunately, it’s been 3 years and they just can’t figure out what’s wrong — in the meantime my body just continues to kind of shrivel up.

Watch the segment here


Published: August 20th, 2014 at 10:20 am ET


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160 comments to VIDEO: Children of US Navy sailors suffering from cancers after Fukushima exposure — “I couldn’t move… so much pain… I have leukemia” — More kids with thyroid cancer — Father: “We couldn’t figure it out… his body was changing” — Sailor: Right side of my body is shriveling up, one arm now almost 5 inches smaller than other

  • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

    This video is riddled with the typical "they think" "don't know how" why can't they just admit these people were radiated and they will be getting radiation exposure illnesses. It is the lying that drives people crazy.

    David Brenner says less risk of exposure at Fukushima than a CT scan?

    Fuku you David Brenner….if there is no problem with radiation go take a swim at Fukushima Beach…you lying nuke bastard.

    Just tell the truth you assholes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • For those in doubt, past headlines

      It's up to Us to get the rad word out

      Other easy, anonymous resources to use

      It's primary election season in the good ol' USA!


      Even if you don't vote, you can find out who wants to be your elected officials and polling places still concentrate lots of People. No need to meet & greet:)

      Candidate contact information is in the directory at the top of the page.

      These are the folks now who need to know most. There's only a couple of months of this campaign flurry, then it's another 2 years out….

      Support our troops with YOUR boots! NOW.

      • Proton

        Didn't they sail right into the plutonium cloud from unit #3?

        fuku3 explosion

      • 4Yahshua

        8~21~5995 (out of 6000) in this "Twilight Zone Apocalypse"!
        Nuclear Winter NOT Summer. Last evil days of "Manmean"!
        Yes! Yahshua the Messiah returns VERY SOON! HalleluYah!

        VOTE? In my humble opinion, you really need to learn WHAT'S UP! Honest voting went out when Bush Sr. of "The New World Order" (under the Vatican's Christian CROSS, Revelation 13:18) grabbed the reigns of the U.S. Government after Reagan was shot in 1981. I call Ronald Reagan "The Great Facilitator" for Bush.
        Support our troops??
        For genocide and oil profits?? NO THANKS! I have never voted (except once for Ross Perot the first time). The current "leader" has some responsibility for the death of JFK.

    • OldFool

      One CT scan is supposedly less than 10 millisieverts = 1 REM.
      The massive vomiting and diarrhea of the sailors correspond to a dose of radiation (outside, and inside by ingestion by drinking water and by breathing) in excess of 200 REM = 2 Sieverts. If there was any major hair loss, the dose was in excess of 300 REM, but the reports did not mention major hair loss.
      Several different types of leukemias and lymphomas would be the most common and typical early consequences, followed by other primary cancers and even secondary metastatic cancers. They will be suffering many different health problems for the remainder of their lives.

      • nedlifromvermont

        So it takes an Old Fool to tell us the truth …

        Thank you kindly, Sir.

        Three Sieverts for massive hair loss … Got it!


        • OldFool

          Thank you. Ned, it is worth mentioning that the underlying assumption for the preceding REM numbers was that the sailors irradiation were from either gamma rays or beta particles – where 1 Rad = 1 REM. In other words, medical texts correlate the symptoms to the Rad (Grays) exposures. Neutrons would be 5-20 times worse than gamma rays in REMs, but neutrons can only travel many hundreds of feet in air – in theory. The sailors off-shore were presumably far enough away to not be hit by neutrons from the shore. Alpha particles would be 20 times worse than gamma rays in REMs, but alpha particles only travel 1-2 inches in air. But if they inhaled particles with alpha emitters, like plutonium and its siblings; or beta emitters like strontium and its siblings – their outlook is really not good regardless of their REM doses.

      • StPaulScout StPaulScout

        Old Fool – "for the remainder of their MUCH SHORTENED lives."

    • PlowboyGrownUp
      "SUBHEAD: The USS Reagan was one mile from the Fukushima meltdowns. Sailors and even their children have been seriously injured."

      I agree on David Brenner-on my list of really evil people. He was in on directing the Iraqi's to plant only seeds from American companies (think Monsanto et al).

    • Jinxie1953

      Oh newsblackoutusa I hear you! It does drive a body crazy! Even if they expose it properly on the world media I doubt if anyone would panic because no one is interested! In the meantime parents go on feeding contaminated food to their children coz they don't know not to. The disgrace is that few Governments actually seem to care about their own people. Horrifying

      • nedlifromvermont

        powerful …

        Hey NBO … had dins with MM in Wilmington and we talked about you …

        thinkin' if you're laid off … maybe it's time for you to move to Vermont and help us start the 'Newser Village or something …

        what do you think?

        email is

        give a holler … take a holler !

        peace Man …

  • bo bo

    Let's see how long it takes for U.S. media to pick this one up

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      bo- even if they pick it up the video content is not congruent with the headline…as usual. The headline always makes it sound like finally someone is telling the truth, then the misinformation people like David Brenner from Columbia puts his face out there to say the sailors were exposed to less radiation than they would be getting a CT scan.

      A more proper title for this video would be "Experts keep denying the effects of low level radiation in order to continue the nuclear poisoning of the planet"

      • bo bo

        Oh I see your point now.. very true, NBO.
        I realize I have committed 'skim and post' – my bad.

        It's kind of a pattern on enenews.
        We sit here in our straitjackets in our isolation cells… and each time an article posts it's as though we hear the guards pass by jangling his keys.. 'finally!!! The days of social marginalization is over !!'
        …but he's never here to release us. He just walks past our cell, toying the cell key in his hand, whistling.

        • clamshellernh clamshellernh

          Please listen to nuclear hot seat #165
          It is Libby's new podcast
          She asks the right questions and if you really want to turn heads around about Fukushima and nuclear this one is the one to share , then please go to Ian's blog .

          He also mentions that he has been involved in court cases regarding children in Canada and may be doing testimony on other cases in the USA

          This is one of the best studies I have heard done
          Please listen to it .

        • GQR2

          The site is run by Berkeley fwiw it has always been a mind games sort of site. Not love games but mind games. Negative headlines. no real solid ID of admin. Many trolls both paid and voluntary. A bunch of really nice earnest people. Its controlled opposition at its finest!!

          i'm old gregg..

          • clamshellernh clamshellernh

            Gqr2 you are not referring to libbe and nuclear hot seat just to clarify as you are after my post ..
            I'm with you on the mess that has become this site of late and the glaring right at ya folks that seem to have agendas ..just look at ot ..frustrating

            • GQR2

              Thanks clam for giving me an opportunity to clarify. I am refering to this site we are on right now.

              • nuclear pollution nuclear pollution

                Oh for pete's sake, Enenews is not run by Berkeley.

                Enenews is run by one person doing all this work on his own, as Enenews admin stated in a Facebook comment awhile back.

                Enenews admin is also very grateful for donations for his hard work and that's why you'll get a personal thank you when you donate.

                Do you really think Berkeley would run a site like this?

                Let's also remember how good and generous the Enenews community can be to each other, as proven when a few members of the Enenews community were down on their luck and it was members of the Enenews community who donated $$ to help them out.

                Enenews seems to heave a large majority of very decent, good people.

                Don't judge Enenews in its totality because a few bad apples comment on the site.

                  • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

                    Prove what exactly ? I have emails straight from admin with a personal thanks letter..

                  • We Not They Finally

                    GQR2, I normally don't like calling people idiots and morons, much less thoughtless and destructive. Kindly don't tempt me this badly.

                    I noticed almost right off that the SMEARS about enenews FROM the Berkeley crowd was front and center with google. How come YOU didn't get the message?

                • GQR2

                  Its not a judgement,its an assessment,you are projecting and cannot back up one fact you present. You can't. There is no solid answer to this. There hasn't been since the beginning look it up.

                  • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

                    Sneaky discrediting the site itself now…wow.. with arguments like this
                    …"" no real solid ID of admin""…

                    So , you want someone doing something brave like keeping up a site like Enenews , to make himself totally exposed in THIS world ?

                    Yeah sure , you so totally innocent here and have no agenda…

                    • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

                      Funny the first time i saw that argument used was on atomic rod's site…

                    • GQR2

                      The site is controlled opposition whether intentionally planned that way or not. Just look at the rep. it has. Discredit the site is like saying Fukushima is not serious. There is no way to discredit the facts of Fukushima. And that is what WE here KNOW. it cannot be exaggerated or overblown. We are talking about likely a 6 core melt down, at the very least 4. at the very least. All of these melt downs are hemorrhaging into the sea day and night for eternity. Expose themselves to this world? Are the site proprietors to cower in fear. I don't believe that for a second. not a minute. If nothing else given the profile of admin as presented they certainly are equipped to fight for their first amendment rights and a business etc.

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Love a great spy thriller and will certainly store some extra beans in the basement for that soon to be coming rainy day…

                  • combomelt combomelt

                    TY TO user "nuclear pollution"!!!!
                    GQR2 IS COMPLETELY DELUSIONAL. gqr2 needs to do some splainin' and "PROVE" the nonsense spouting from his keyboard!! "LAY"(ANOTHER FORM OF lol)!!

                    • We Not They Finally

                      Points well taken. Don't really need the caps. (Unless your Caps button just went whacko on its own. Can happen….) The frustration though, I hear loud and clear!

                    • combomelt combomelt

                      SORRY WNTF…

                    • GQR2

                      whatever you are the people decompensating at the simple reality that a thank you note NADA – nobody here knows admin and admin likes these games apparently. Nobody here actually knows the admin NOBODY. is my bet. Personally i think its pretty sad that people who are supposed to be hip to normalcy bias can't even entertain this simple fact. The forum originates from Berkeley School of Nuclear Sciences. Hello?! Now i understand your hubris and rudeness combomelt and i will forgive you because you are having a judgmental lapse. Whatever you can think exactly as you like. You have no way of knowing me, and its pretty feckin rude of you. just remember when you point a finger at someone 3 are pointing back at you.

                    • Jebus Jebus

                      I'm pretty certain you'll never know who Admin is now…


                    • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK

                      truly brilliant, GQR2. Your 11:54-am statement that ENENews is "…controlled opposition at its finest!!", merits further exploration: If such were true, are you saying ENENews is a psyop? If so, do you feel intimidated in such environment?

                      I ask, as I find it fascinating (from my observations of your previous comments out here) that you've rarely (if ever) failed to speak your mind. On the contrary, you seem quite at home here.

                      In all fairness to the questions you raise, knowing the ingredients (interested parties) that go into (motivate) a slushy (operation), could be pertinent to maintaining one's health. Between the Yakuza and IAEA, I'd definitely want to know who's at the controls. Perhaps those who run this site, feel equally vulnerable to these forces?

                      Regardless who's who, we still enjoy (within reason) unrestrained means to express our thoughts with others. Your very critique of this site's administration is evidence that we have unprecedented freedom to express ourselves on ENENews.

                      When it comes to self-destructive behavior, it's not as important knowing who's behind the curtain, as it is speaking truth-to-power. One might find solace in thinking of it as a "reach around"…

          • We Not They Finally

            GQR2, are you crocked?? The people posting here are for the VERY most part honest, inquisitive, sensitive, educated, and anguished. Go take your paranoia elsewhere. REALLY!!! We (husband and I) have been posting here for over three years now, and this is outright offensive.

            • GQR2

              No mam or sir which ever one it is. i am quite uncrocked and not the least crooked either. My paranoia ahhh are you kicking me off the forum?? LOL ! Offensive get over it!! the forum is a mind game web-site. Its part of controlled opposition and it has incredible value, this doesn't negate the realities discussed here. But look at the articles. The quotes the slant, its for study. Be open minded and please please remember,dear ones, just because you are paranoid doesn't meant they aren't out to get you. I am not criticizing the good people here myself included i am just observing from a distance while removing all projection and emotional attachments to what i want to be true so i can see what may be,and very likely is true even if its not what i want to see. Kind of like Palestine.

              • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

                GQ- If other posters are free to carpet bomb the sites with posts that are at the very least incredibly insensitive to people of Gaza, then you should be able to share your doubts with the crew.

                Isn't that what makes Enenews great? There are no sacred cows, as we are heading to the end game (according to the rad readings where I live).

                Speaking for myself, at this point in the game I question everything.

                I guess being lied to by the press, scientists, governments, doctors, lawyers, and fill in the blank on every level for over 1256 days days straight makes one a tad suspicious if anything is truly as it seems…

                • GQR2

                  Well thank you NBO,thank you very much. i don't mean this as a personal attack against anyone even admin. Hey people have to make a living or not make a living as the case may be. Thinking about the site there are things that hit some radar. i have posted link after link about the revelations of the surveillance and psy-op PROGRAMs funded in University in conjunction with various alfabet and other agencies, lots of 'Grants" given out some of them quite Grand. hmm. Also there are things,aspects of the articles. Articles that provoke reactions LOTS of Reactions, informative comments among them. There are lots of things about the commenters to measure. Statistics,monitoring,all kinds of stuff all of it – USELESS but non the less its a living for some. i am comfortable here, i do enjoy speaking my mind as we all ought to – it doesn't intimidate me. Fear sucks the life out of Life. They can watch monitor, whatever. Speaking the truth, one's truth especially when its contrarian is important to vibrant discussion. Nobody these days likes their boat rocked but i suggest we all get life jackets cause the boat is a rockin.

          • HoTaters HoTaters

            Hold onto yourself, you fuzzy little man peach, you.

            • GQR2

              you are sweet taters. We all need to hold onto ourselves and use our critical thinking – the fog of wars is strong and there is sooo much propaganda projects afoot. There is no sanctuary as much as we would like that. Doesn't mean there aren't really cool kindred souls knocking around here. i expected more like minded politics and am disappointed to find so much trollery on the part of some. bots abound i do believe that – Hey i could be an inadvertent troll but i really try not to be. Anyone who inhabits a forum regularly can slip into trollery accidentally especially when we have deeply held convictions.

        • dunkilo

          bo,you nailed it !

      • We Not They Finally

        wow, newsblackoutUSA, the people on this website especially need to get the nomenclature right. It's NOT "low level radiation" — it's CHRONIC radiation!! Ongoing, escalating, cumulative. I think it's bad for people to keep playing into the "low level" myth.

        Me, I don't ever want to hear the term "low level" again. It's the WORST of the lies. And it's the FIRST of the lies that has to be dissembled publicly to open any way to educate.

        • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

          WNTF- what do you mean "the people on this website especially need to get the nomenclature right." Did you watch the video? The "expert" stated in the video the term "low level radiation" .

          BTW, there is danger from all levels of man made radiation, since all biologic lifeforms on this planet evolved without the nuclear poisons present. Low, high, middle, I don't anyone to be exposed to any of it, nor do I want to hear another "expert" tell me it is safe.

          I am wondering why no one seems to see the incongruity of the video description in comparison to the content of the video.

          • GQR2

            And that is precisely where the space for the experiments done on this site come into play…stay with me here. What are they,the particular studies trying to measure? Or is it just provocative editing ?? hmmm.
            Is it a cognitive dissonance thing? Is it a straight up depression and frustration study? It could be anything they whoever they are happen to think up and in a small round table or in a dusty office someone approves.

            • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

              GQ- Maybe it is to see if people are paying attention, or to see if they're will trust that if something is posted here (Enenews) it must be credible. Yes a great social experiment.

    • StPaulScout StPaulScout

      Bo – We will all be much older by then.

    • Jebus Jebus

      Anyone who is looking for instant gratification on nuclear awareness is fooling themselves.
      The first protesters were the very ones who did the math to be able to conjure up Pandoras box. They said don't open it and many felt remorse and horror for what they had done. They knew. They couldn't stop the madness.
      70 years and look at where nuclear is now.
      The tide is changing in the only way that a multi trillion dollar industry can. It's just not financially worth it. We all know what makes that world turn. The effort on renewables will pay off. The sun and wind arei a shure bet now. Invest!
      The heat is on, nuclear power is dying. The investors are playing that out right now. Don't worry, they are numb too.
      Enenews is just one of many venues to this end. It's working. All of it, and focusing on ENEnews's part with any animosity is foolish at best. At worst it is a mandate.
      I donated long ago. I should again. I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email. I followed up on it. I'm not worried by this sites intent. It's humorous to think that this aggregate news source is somehow black hat for nuclear. There's cognitive dissonance for ya.
      Three fucking nuclear plants melted/blew up and one of the only site's that are posting anything about it is black hat sys op's. Sheesh! WTF!
      Someone said the other day that people just get stupid shit in their heads that they fixate on, and can't get rid of. For whatever reason.

      • Jebus Jebus

        Come on people.

        What just happened twelve hundred and fifty six days ago?

      • itsanuclearwar

        There are a number of shills here at this site. Just not obvious like moefoe, which is just part of the gig. Shills that have been here a long time, that compliment each other in the agendas that they are persuing. Shills that appear to be genuine and have fooled most it seems. Polished like a politician, to do the damage control that they are paid to do. Many will find this hard to believe, but in reality, to believe otherwise is naïve and to some degree, a product of mass media and education dumb down effect.

        GRQ2, for being honest and acting in good faith is ganged up on and ridiculed by some that may very well be shills themselves. Suggesting that he leave is ludicrous if we are to have an open and honest forum here.

        When one becomes knowledgeable of the issue at hand, coupled with critical thinking, it is not hard to see certain patterns develop regarding certain important issues that TPTB want to keep hidden. Issues that are not related to Fukushima necessarily, it so it seems, are also subject matter here at enenews. This is where the shill comes in to play. Using numerous proven techniques(exposed on the internet) to control the direction of the threads in order to conceal certain facts. Attacking the good faith activist is just one way, as he or she is always outnumbered by the control group.

        Here at enenews, there are shills here everyday and most of the day, almost 24/7. They set the tone for what is to be believed and what not to believe.

        • itsanuclearwar

          It is clear to me that issues directly related to Fuku that are to be concealed are,

          That Fuku was done by design

          The purpose is for population control

          The identity of those where the blame ultimately falls

          The facts related to this such as HAARP, STUXNET, weather control, TEPCO's abilities and intentions, Japan and the USA's governments prior knowledge, intentions and conduct before and after the fact, are all areas of concern and areas where dis information specialist will focus their attention. all of the issues that prove the three issues above.

          If one that is knowledgeable of the facts stands back and observes what is said and by whom, it is not difficult to spot most of the members that are pushing or concealing hidden agendas. It would appear to someone without the facts, that they are pretty slick, and to some degree that is the case. What I see though at times is pretty sloppy work by some.

          The fact is Enenews has more than it's fair share of posters that have a hidden agenda and have been successfully controlling the direction of this website which has for the most part, concealed the critical information that everyone needs to know.

          Sometimes they resort to threats of fear in order to silence the activist, it is wide open and there are no rules.

          I commend GQR2 for standing up and posting what he believes is right, because the odds are not in his favor due to the numbers of shills that collude together.

          Now it will be my turn .

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            You certainly currently are standing outside the box.. 🙂

            The current Zeitgeist~Matrix is and always will be very powerful… 🙁

            • itsanuclearwar

              Someone needs to break away from the herd and turn on the light switch. This is a war zone, I mean TPTB have declared war against all of us, and they have planted enemy spies amongst us.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

            The absurd thing about this argument is that the Japanese own Westinghouse and GE-Hitachi, Hitachi-GE, the nuclear companies in the US that build nuclear reactors in the US and around the world. There is no way they would ruin their reputation by destroying their reactors in Japan. And Israel won't go against the US, because they are dependent on the US for foreign aid for their military weapons.

            And the argument to get rid of the Federal Reserve is actually instigated by the elites themselves. As before 1929, without the Federal Reserve, the elite will steal all the bank money for themselves and leave everyone else with nothing.

            We saw how Neal Bush stole a huge amount of money from the Savings and Loan Companies which weren't insured by the Federal Reserve.

            • itsanuclearwar

              Even for you vanne, that is about the most stupid post yet. Who knows what you are trying accomplish with such disinfo. But your support of the FED shows your true colors clearly. The rest of your propaganda is not worth wasting time on, as it is false also. As far as shills go, I know there is a name used for this particular type of disrupting of the thread, but your post is not worth even trying to remember. I would expect better from you though, at least a 6th grade skill level.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

            The only enemy of Japan is Russia or China, two countries who own their nuclear industry and who compete with Japan to build nuclear reactors in other countries and to supply nuclear fuel.

            Russian Leader Implies Japan Earthquake was Triggered by Secret Weapon
            “Four months ago on Russian TV, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the controversial leader of Russia’s ultra-nationalist Liberal Democratic Party and the State Duma’s deputy speaker, went on a rant threatening to use new, secret weapons that can “destroy any part of the planet within 15 minutes.” [1] Zhirinovsky said that with these weapons there would be “no explosion, no ray burst. Not some kind of laser, not lightining. It’s a calm and quiet weapon instead with which whole continents will be put to sleep forever.” [2]
            “A recent Financial Times article titled Cameron’s missed Moscow gambit focused on a specific area of the Zhirinovsky interview relative to the Japanese earthquake and tsunami:
            “’Russia, he said, had developed a new secret weapon that would soon unleash non-explosive but massive destruction on the world. What was it, asked the interviewer, with some interest? Mr Zhirinovsky replied that it was secret, but one only had to look at the Japanese tsunami for a clue – and then to think about Russia’s dispute with Japan about the possession of the Kurile Islands.”’[3]
            “Here’s a partial transcript:
            “Zhirinovsky: ‘Russia with lots of money, resources, and new weapons, that no one knows about… not yet. With them WE…

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

              “Zhirinovsky: ‘Russia with lots of money, resources, and new weapons, that no one knows about… not yet. With them WE WILL DESTROY any part of the planet within 15 minutes. Not an explosion, not a ray burst, not some kind of a laser, not a lightning. It’s a quiet weapon instead with which whole continents will be put to sleep forever. That’s all, for now.’
              Reporter: ‘There was that tsunami in Japan, right?’
              Zhirinovsky: ‘I say, if you want even the tiniest Kuril Island from us, you will have to dig in the wreckage and debris of their buildings. And, 120 million of you will all die! And, that goes for the rest of the world too. Everybody should start thinking about their future.’
              “Four islands, which Russia calls the Southern Kurils and Japan calls the Northern Territories, have been the subject of a dispute between the two nations since the end of World War II. The dispute arose due to ambiguities in Yalta agreement and subsequent disagreements about its meaning….”



            • Time Is Short Time Is Short

              There are a lot of countries that hate Japan, VaaneV. Starting well before WWII.

              They won't shed tears when Japan collapses and dies.

              • name999 name999

                time is short, there is so much to love about Japan. I learned to eat well because of japanese culture. It is traditionally a very healthy place where the elders live in a healthy way and then die of old age.

                Also the many great temples. The intelligent design,

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                  +100000000000. I book with Japanese references to Japanese research and also the macrofiotic way of eating saved my life. The references were to foods low in plant sterols which create estrogen in the body.

          • Fuku was not on purpose, no idiot would wish that.

            this is not part of population control

            • Jebus Jebus

              Thank you stock.

              Universal Random Population Controll. 🙂

              An untargeted dose.

              The irony is that it's kinda turning out that way… 😐

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

              +100000000000000. No, no one would kill off everyone on earth on purpose. And we know that the earthquake caused the cooling pipes to burst. The accident was because the IAEA doesn't care about safety.

        • tinfoiled tinfoiled

          Couldn't have put it better myself, itsanuclearwar.

          Also we have to be aware of the 'controlled opposition'. People like Alex Jones, Ron Paul, Steven Jones and David Icke, while giving us pieces of truth are really just Government shills.

          This link has a list of a number of suspected 'controlled opposition' agents. There is a short video too, but only the audio is important and it follows along with what you were saying.

          • itsanuclearwar

            Good call tinfoiled, I despise traitor Alex Jones. If he was not controlled opposition, they would have killed him by now, like they did Bill Cooper and Aaron Russo. Thanks for replying.

  • hbjon hbjon

    Cells continue to function after the nucleus has been murdered. It's interesting that the reproductive element in a cell can be removed, and the cell goes on trying to "survive". This fact of biology has become more apparent over the last decade.

    One problem of being denucleusized is that the organism has difficulty healing from injury. This is the main effect of X ray exposure. The exposure from tiny fuel particles will probably cause much more immediate problems imho.

    • Homolumina Homolumina

      hbjon, Bruce Lipton, "Biology of Belief" shines a new light on cell function, especially the nucleus – worth reading

      • hbjon hbjon

        It has been proven fact that spectra emissions from electrons that are close to the nucleus of an atom can cause cancer in sufficient doses. X ray, gamma, and microwave type photons. So, we know that the nucleus of a cell can be killed by this. The cells outer membrane has little feeler hairs that sense its surrounding environment. Those hairs retract when the cell believes that radiation is affecting biology. The cell is afraid of that which causes injury or death to other cells or organelles. Obviously, these injured cells affect the behavior of the entire organism.

        Thanks Homolumina, it is a good book to read. But imho, belief has little effect on ones biology and to prove it, drink a bottle of Patron and see if you can believe yourself sober. LOL

        • The Biology of Belief – Dr. Bruce Lipton – The follow up (full documentary)

          If one can see psst the bottle, one might be able to change it. Unfortunately, positive change really comes down to taking a whole lot of individual responsibility. Not something that has been trending.

          • hbjon hbjon

            Any substance that interferes with the natural function of cells, will not produce beneficial results in the long run. If the organism made a computation on the optimum solution that says cells must be destroyed, it can and will destroy cells. This may be an autoimmune disease.

            Epigenetics does not explain all observed phenomena. Signals are not felt on cell membranes when a cell is sick or injured. A cell can only hold its breath for so long when exposed to toxins. hbjon

  • dunkilo

    has anyone know about the pending lawsuit?Children suffering cause his father served his country .
    I have forbid my son to join any service…
    Back when I served in the army,80-86…I somewhat trusted the DC Tick puppets….now, 0 trust in "our"govt.Make that a -10 trust level.Father did 25 years in the airforce,brother 7 years as a marine.
    Love and peace to all

    • clamshellernh clamshellernh

      This man has been involved with testimony in cases in Canada
      Nuclear Hotseat #165: Dr. Ian Fairlie on Soaring Child Leukemia Rates near Nuke Reactors | Nuclear Hotseat
      INTERVIEW: Dr. Ian Fairlie discusses his recently released report compiling more than 60 studies on childhood leukemia rates for those living in proximity to nuclear power reactors. His shocking findings show a 37% increase in leukemia cases in children 5 and under. Learn how the study came about, what it shows — and how we can use it in our fight to shut down all nuclear reactors. Powerful information! Here’s a LINK to the article:

      Sent from my F-iPad

      • tinfoiled tinfoiled

        Great links clam. The Governments around the world continually talking out of their useless pie-holes, about how important it is to protect "the children". Unless of course, there's money to be made. In which case, they look the other way.

        The hypocrisy is truly staggering and very sad. 🙁

        • nuclear pollution nuclear pollution

          Very interesting is Dr. Fairlie's research on the large amounts of radiation released during refueling of nuclear power plants.

          Nuclear power plants are refueled every 12-18 months; it takes hundreds of personnel and here's what Dr. Fairlie says about radiation released during refueling:

          “…NPPs emit much larger amounts of radioactive noble gases during refuelling than during normal power operation. From the new data, Nuremberg physicist and statistician, Dr Alfred Körblein, estimates that, at its maximum value, the concentration of noble gas emissions during refueling was 500 times greater than during normal reactor operation. He also estimates that about two thirds of the NPP’s annual emissions occur during refuelling.”

          “In order to refuel, reactor pressure vessels must be opened up: this releases large volumes of radioactive gases and vapours to the local environment. These include noble gases, H-3 (tritium), carbon-14, and iodine-131.”

          “Yes. People living near nuclear power stations and downwind from them will be exposed to high doses of radiation during these emissions spikes”

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            NP, Great Brain Candy! 🙂

          • tinfoiled tinfoiled

            Eye-opening stuff! 😯

          • haizedustrium-1234 haizedustrium-1234

            When gamma spikes, so often beta also spikes. Where are the trolls saying those cannot be related due to their frequency. I am not saying gamma is beta, what I am saying is a troll is troll is a troll. At least one troll is very quiet for now – only one unfortunately.

      • wetpwcas1 wetpwcas1

        Thanks for the links, I am sharing with The Hounds of Fukushima, great work. Peace

      • Nuclear Power Plant Studies Show Child Leukemia, Breast, Thyroid Cancer Rates Increase RADICALLY Closer To Plants; via @AGreenRoad

  • Dick Shenary

    Perhaps the distinguished David Brenner is trying to tell us about the extreme dangers of CT scans.
    Very few people know that CT scans are like standing next to a reactor after loss of all coolant.
    These dangerous medical procedures need to be eliminated world wide. Praise be to the moron,
    who creates such pathetic comparisons.

  • babbo dorian babbo dorian

    It is very good to keep on posting in this place and others related…..
    The news are released more and more alarming…. something that we all know since much time ago.
    And the people not aweked to this are rally blinded and without interest… many even get angry just by rising the topic.

    But for many others, like me, even with the deceivers payed by the nucleorats…. is better to be aware…. and places like this help really much… even with the disgusting shills… and shills with lamb disguises…..

    • GQR2

      Not sure posting does all that much good. Twitter is effective in transmitting ideas much faster. Discussion is good, but be aware there is a lot of mind games being played here. The news is not getting more alarming the MSM is oblivious. Fukushima is a word not in most vocabularies. Speaking face to face with other people and educating them with care is what will raise consciousness. This site is controlled opposition among other functions. Granted the discussion here in particular i personally find refreshingly realistic. Look at that in contrast though to any other "news" about Fukushhhh!

      • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

        GQ- I agree, I doubt our keyboard activism does much to change anything, except give us a place to vent.

        • name999 name999

          news, gqrq, negative trending in these posts yesterday and today as I get my first daily dose of Enenews.

          Enenews is an educational site. Many although not all of the posts are well crafted and moving statements. They connect people in the neccessary exchange of information, feelings and thoughts about a world that is increasingly sick, oceans that are dying, air, food and soil that can no longer safely support life.

          Sparky has reported 23,000 hits to Enenews on Facebook! If this site goes down you will all miss it. Participation here helps thousands of people grasp and understand. Be grateful.

          • clamshellernh clamshellernh

            Thanks name999
            My sentiments exactly
            I cannot say how helpful this site has been for me
            While I have been involved in the anti nuclear movement for decades I continue to garner more knowledge everyday …Ty to you and our enenews community .
            BRING it on

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    Radioactive isotopes – anybody have any knowledge or idea of how to reverse an isotope? Say radioactive iodine, how could it be reverted back to non-radioactive iodine?

    • PlowboyGrownUp

      babbo…I couldn't find a place to reply except under your post.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      None and it has begun, Nuclear Cancers, and all these people need to flee the coast while they still can.. 🙁

      • name999 name999

        obewan, there goes another multi-million $ mansion hitting the market in California.

      • clamshellernh clamshellernh

        Thanks for finding this ..why aren't they making a Fukushima connection with the thyroid cancers ..they seem to place blame on pcbs .
        My thoughts and questions ..
        This substance must be used in many schools and public places , why are we not seeing more cancers everywhere .

        Fukushima ??
        How does this school area differ this a cancer cluster ?
        Just how is this school situated in regards to coast ?? Just what and why this school .PCBS or a pile up tipping point ??
        Or is this just about PCBS ??

        Connections connections

        Seeing a lot of animals with color mutations , coincidence ?? Not sure but needs watchers to make the connections
        Again thanks OB

        • dunkilo

          was just checking space weather .com,it seems there is another "mystery" there is a "surprisingly abundant" carbon tetrachloride" in the Ozone ..NASA as has only theories.

    • nedlifromvermont

      Hey Plowboy: simple answer: It can't … you must wait for these isotopes to 'decay' to a neutral state.

      The 'iodine-131' isn't really iodine-131 at all … it is a synthetic (man-made) element which mimics iodine until it decays into something else … the decay, beta release, alpha particle or gamma ray, is when the damage can occur and does. The particle (isotopic atom) is a uranium daughter, and retains the high electron volt energy potential in it's nucleus, which was put there (conservation of energy) when the uranium was created in the midst of a cataclysmic explosion of a giant star … a supernova … which is the only environment in which uranium can be created by natural forces … the decay chain energy releases echo and are derived from that primal moment from whence the uranium was forged …

      Hint: We should have left it all (the uranium) in the ground!!!

      By the way … every other element than hydrogen was created in the center of normal functioning or exploding stars …

      So where did all that hydrogen come from??? Maybe Donald Trump?

      peace to you Plowboy!

      • PlowboyGrownUp

        Thanks for the explanation, nedli and obwan.
        Re "electron volt energy potential in the nucleus" – There are no electrons per se in the nucleus, right? – So this nuclear energy is what is holding the neutrons together? And "electron volt" is the measurement of the potential?

        Hydrogen – may from unbound energy somehow condensing back to matter…

        There's just got to be a way…I would like to plow it all under…

        Thanks for the Peace wish,
        Same to ya

      • wetpwcas1 wetpwcas1

        Thank you so much, if only those in congress who are behind all the new ^ renewing these power plants had someone like you give them a basic lesson that their simple minds could/would understand we might not be in here fighting to save mankind & all life. The multi trillion dollar market of this deadly energy is source is by no means , safe, economical & we never needed it in the 1st place.
        If only you & 364 more like served in congress all nuke plants in the USA would be closed, then 100,000 years plus of baby setting the waste, a hell of job into the future if there is one!
        Thanks again.

  • Cdog Cdog

    First we were told it was in cold shut down.
    Then we were told it is comparable to bananas or a chest x ray.
    The nuclear industry clearly believes the masses are ignorant, and for the most part they are correct so these ridiculous claims continue.
    No immediate threat! Yipee

  • own_quality

    Those poor sailors had their lungs filled with tiny stainless steel cased cesium and plutonium filled cannon balls that the body cannot eliminate, but only transport to other organs. Not to mention the intense Gamma Shine they received. Most will likely die from leukemia and other cancers in the years to come.

    • Socrates

      The inhaled particles worry me rather than attempts to quantify exposures by multiples of background.

      • Jebus Jebus

        Little particles of deadly energy, spread far and wide.

        "multiples of background" Exactly?

        What is that? multiples of background

        Right now? Yesterday? Ten years ago? Ten years from now?

        For an hour? Ten minutes? A year?

        IMHO, those natural terms for what nature had it all boiled down to has been pimped out.

        Hormesis is the balance that nature had intended for life. She could not stop all the radiation from space and left overs from the beginning, so she let life repair itself. Two copies, just in case. Millions of years to do this. Natural selection. Those who survived the onslaught. The ones with the efficient repair mechanisms.

        Whoremesis is a pimped out traveling snake oil sales pitch with fine print your gonna wanna read. Damage from manmade radionuclides automatically goes above and beyond the balance threshold that the body works very hard at to maintain. The body does not need that burden on it's system. Especially after the industrial revolution's chemicals and the nuclear era's damage.

        Fukushima's rapidly expanding area of radionuclide contamination added to the whole body burden that ALL life carries these days is enough. There is no future for humans on this planet if this continues. Nature will make sure it is distributed far and wide.

        Again, natural selection. Those who survive the onslaught. The ones with the efficient repair mechanisms…

      • Cooter

        Socrates.. What is their legal recourse? Or is this type of injury placed on the back page and treated as a civilian matter? Could his parents bring legal action for medical and if so who would be responsible?


      • We Not They Finally

        Socrates, yes, the inhaled particles can be the most deadly. Becuase they keep emitting in a tiny area and cause cancers. And the external scans I believe do NOT pick them up. (Unless someone can correct that statement and give the technology.) And the so-called whole body scans are deceptive too. It's not what's evenly spread across a body — there are always concentrations.

      • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

        Socrates, any word on getting some of the people you know in high places to do some testing of the water, food and air? It would be a great help to have numbers at this point.

  • I know how much these sailors are suffering. My battle with skull cancer was no fun. I am still sick, heave regularly, and have thermal regulation issues bad. Life in this bright and shinning future sucks.

    • nedlifromvermont

      Not singing the praises of the peaceful atom, now, are we Onto?

      Hope you are feeling better. Hang in there … or come back to our 'newser village in Vermont!

      peace and love to you, Onto!

  • ftlt

    It should never be forgotten the amounts of other kinds of nuclear exposure potential long serving members of the Armed Forces may be forced to be in contact with.

    From DU munitions to power plants, modern military personnel are potentially exposed to toxic radiation without many precautions and certainly almost no responsibility taken by their employers.

    • wetpwcas1 wetpwcas1

      So True, just have a few week stay in any VA & you will meet many of them & their families who are also sick. But the VA says is has nothing to do with SU ammo or radiation, I saw it face to face.

    • We Not They Finally

      ftlt: as per the famous "Gulf War Syndrome"….

  • Socrates

    Inhaled particles take about five years to produce lung cancer. I would expect more cases to develop in 2015.

    • We Not They Finally

      It's actually become unclear how long things take. That may be proportional to how badly people are hit. Our friend in Pittsburgh got diagnosed with TWO separate cancers 2-1/2 years in — one papillary thyroid cancer, which is still supposed to be a RARE cancer; the other lung cancer for someone who never smoked. The thyroid cancer turned out to be stage four, though she is getting good holistic treatment and seems to be rallying.

      We were mystified becuase Pittsburgh isn't the West Coast and we thought that the heaviest hits were the West Coast. And maybe that was substantially true with the initial plume; but then just some weeks back, we heard a Leuren Moret interview and she said because of the wind currents at the time, the two cities hardest hit in the U.S. form the initial plume were Melbourne, FL and Pittsburgh!

      "Mystery solved," though we are still angry. But that was TWO separate cancers and just at the 2-1/2 yeaer mark, so there is no set rule about this. As levels escalate, maybe all bets are off. So sadly.

      • Socrates

        High doses of insoluable alpha-emitters early in life are most effective in inducing pulmonary carcinoma. Small-cell.would be the most common.

        The induction of pulmonary carcinoma has been studied in both man and animals. It is hard to extrapolate from animals because of anatomical differences in lung structure.

        Without knowing the composition of the particles and the dose, it will be a waiting game. Some would have gotten pulmonary cancer anyway.

        Proving where you got your cancer from is not that easy. Beagle studies used higher doses of Pu. Many studies examine other exposures such as smoking and benzene that occurred prior to the radioactive particles being inhaled.

  • StPaulScout StPaulScout

    We now have radioactive people wandering about. I wonder about the people they come into contact with. Do they 'shed' radioactivity and leave it behind when they cough or sneeze? It seems to me some would definitely be passed out one way or another. Is it very much even? Any risk associated with it? Anyone know?

    • combomelt combomelt



    • We Not They Finally

      I had read that even the clothing of people exposed can give off radiation to anyone exposed. But then again, it's silent and invisible and no one is testing. Scary.

    • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

      Oh i don't know StPaulScout , but lead condoms don't sound much like fun..but maybe that's just me refusing to smile as the future aka the fruit of humankind's choices comes along..

  • Jebus Jebus

    HEY! You're standing in the road and there's a big red truck coming.

    It's very noisey with lights flashing. We don't know what it is.

    We are doing studies, we will get back to you.

    Just stand there. No right there. No, don't move.

    Don't be frightened or scared though. That's not good for you…

  • Jebus Jebus

    "The seriousness of the current situation cannot be understated."

    Knowledge, talent must be utilized to tackle radioactive water problem

    The failure proves the technical difficulty of dealing with contaminated water by freezing it. (lol!)

    Ensuring the stable operation of Advanced Liquid Processing System water decontamination devices is also essential. If high-level purification work becomes feasible, processing radioactive water and releasing it into the sea may be an important option in dealing with this problem.

    "If high-level purification work becomes feasible"

    On Monday, the government established the Nuclear Damage Compensation and Decommissioning Facilitation Corporation, an organ tasked with supervising decommissioning work and measures to deal with contaminated water from a technical standpoint.

    😐 is on it. Generate another corporation? What?

    The NDCDFC.

    Nothing Done Correctly Deliberately For Coverup.

  • rogerthat
    The polite fiction that there's nothing controversial about the fuel mix of the Emerald City's public utility, Seattle City Light, is getting a new poke in the eye. Watchdog groups, anxious to revisit operation of the region's sole nuclear power plant, the Columbia Generating Station (CGS) on the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, are looking to Seattle to alter the course of history and phase out nuclear once and for all. …

    • Oh yeah, THAT one. Grrrr not many folks even know about the CGS, even if they're familiar with the Hanford mess. Thanks for posting and bringing it up. There are a lot of intelligent folks in King county (big population and green is clean history going back to first volunteer women's clinics and food co-ops) so I bet it will get a well needed super-sized poke in the eye.

      Shut that relic down! 🙂

      • rogerthat

        Hi Teri, I've been following the hanford saga since the new york times began ranting about the ticking time-bomb there 45 or so years ago. Since then there has not been a single cheerful bit of news, it just keeps on keeping on. Washington and Oregon are fabulous, so it's insane. In 100 years' time will it be renamed The Skeleton Coast, with Hanford known as Ground Zero in The Forbidden Zone? Who knows. It has all been unfolding at glacial pace, and we'll all be long gone … or not, ha ha. Or we could all be completely wrong, and this stuff is as harmless as a bunch of bananas. If that's the case, then be on the lookout for pigs with wings.

        • Roger, I'm wishing the west coast watchdog groups well over there amidst the general ingrained mindset. I would hope WIPP being "unavailable" is a new handy talking point for them to use on trusting people that think any agencies have waste storage under control. The weakened Wanapum Dam…another new development. Mother Nature continues to play her unbiased hand as well.

          The not in my back yard phrase certainly takes on new meaning these days. 🙂

          I moved away from Seattle in 1975, first to SW OR during the back to the land movement that pushed so many young families towards honoring sustainable lifestyles. A whole generation of like minded people back then, scattered every direction…leaving the comfort zones to learn the lessons of being away from previous friends, our social or urban watchdog group connections and we committed to start over on isolated raw acreages in many cases. Our families thought we were naive, totally nuts and going backwards, not forward. Ken Kesey lived and chronicled those chaotic times of new tribes forming with colorful honesty in his writings.

          Here we are, three generations down that road later, and still struggling to clean up the messes we perceived then and now to be created by power wielding global psychopaths.

          We're just a little blip in time with no knowledge of outcome, but at least we dare to try.

      • clamshellernh clamshellernh

        Last chants I've seen a lot of news come out of kings county ..and I'm from the north east ..what is the news station Wkmo ?.
        Wish I was in such a like minded community

        • Hi Clam, I really don't know what WKmo is, sorry. I'm not in the fast multi-tasking electronic communication loop since there are no cell signals here and I use my dial-up primarily for a computer line, slow though it is when trying to research. I wish I could chase down everything I'd like, but only so many hours in the day to do the ones I do pick.

          The activist skills I had begun over 40 years ago have morphed many times through the decades and I find discretion is most often the better part of valor if one does not wish to attract the eye of Smaug to certain projects.

          I do what I call a graceful rhythm pace… picking where and when to surface my energy and like for many aging rural self employed people, money is often scarce and physical abilities are limiting.

          I must be doing OK though…most of my blood related family still things I'm nuts, still doing my "thang". 🙂

          • clamshellernh clamshellernh

            Hi there lCT ..
            I may be off with the name it's a broadcast station out that way that I am continually amazed by ..much more liberal news ..I may be having an old age moment ..looks like we both been in the fold got five years on me

            • Hi back Clam and if it's liberal radio?, it's likely to have a weak broadcast signal. I luck out sometimes with cloud bounces, etc here in this valley surrounded by rocky terrain, except for a straight shot to Spokane (no liberal to be had there). But I can get 2 or 3 Canadian stations and some other big ones on AM after the sun goes down.

              It's funny, I know what most people are getting fed via TV however by asking my mom (who's really really old, lol, we're not). I ask what she's seeing on the news and in commercials. That explains why I'm pretty much addicted to the computer screen, especially e-news and any TV/radio/vids that also have transcripts.

              🙂 Another thing while I'm yakking….I've seen some posters complaining that enews is useless or controlled? I actually don't care how many folks aren't visibly posting or discussing. It doesn't indicate anything other than which posts people relate to and choose to respond to at any given moment.

              What the unseen people are getting from the reports and discussions here is immeasurable (I personally know 5 lurker friends who aren't actual members but are proactive within their circles). So I extrapolate that and can feel all the energy and ideas just from this place alone, being passed on to spread the word. Particularly if it's new and not some focus they've already researched and become involved with in past years. Human curiosity is a neat trait, one of our strong points I think, is to appeal to…

  • Jebus Jebus

    Accumulation of artificial radionuclides in agricultural plants in the area used for surface nuclear tests.

    Basic accumulation factors have been found for (137)Cs, (90)Sr, (239+240)Pu, and (241)Am in agricultural products.

    Institute of Radiation Safety and Ecology, Kurchatov, Kazakhstan.

  • Sol Man

    The children a forced to suffer from all manner of depravity. It makes one wonder whatever happened to the grown-ups that are supposed to love and protect their family. A collective loss of sanity has taken hold.

  • rogerthat

    Knowledge, talent must be utilized to tackle radioactive water problem
    7:35 pm, August 20, 2014
    The Yomiuri Shimbun
    … The seriousness of the current situation cannot be understated. …

    – Why not? the serious of the current situation has been understated for three and a half years. Wildly, mindbogglingly understated. It's okay by me, I don't really care, I don't live there. But the people who live there, the people who work for the Shimbun … I dunno. To cope with reality, you first have to face reality, admit reality, acknowledge the reality of Fukushima. To do that, you first have to stop understating the seriousness of the current situation. If you don't, then some consequences that three and a half years ago were perhaps avoidable or at least amenable to mitigation, become increasingly unavoidable. We are now in the midst of unavoidable consequences. All of us, participants and spectators alike, are now busy with wait and see.

      • rogerthat

        From the same Yomiuri Shimbun article:
        … About 1,000 tanks are being used to store radioactive water on the grounds of the Fukushima power plant. However, the tanks are nearing their capacity of 550,000 tons. TEPCO plans to expand the capacity to more than 800,000 tons by the end of this fiscal year, but the contaminated water is expected to exceed even this amount before long. There is also a greater risk of water leaking as the number of tanks increase. …

        – Let's put this another way. It is now late August, 2014. They have since March 2011 (3 1/2 years ago) built enough tanks to hold 550,000 tonnes of water, and they are just about all full. By the end of the fiscal year (March 2015) they will have storage for 800,000 tons, ''but the contaminated water is expected to exceed even this amount before long''. What does this tell you? It tells you contaminated water is a problem. They have known this since March 2011. What have they done to solve the problem? Firstly, they have jerry-built tanks that leak. Secondly, they have failed to build and operate a successful decontamination plant. Tests have just begun on a new decontamination apparatus, and they will look at the results from those tests to see if it is a satisfactory solution.
        Meanwhile, everything that isn't in the tanks just runs into the Pacific Ocean. Unless something effective is done,
        the entire nuclear fuel rod inventory of Fukushima Daichi 1 (2200 tonnes) is, over time, going to end up in the…

  • WindorSolarPlease

    Fukushima exposure..We all have been exposed to it. It's a waiting game to see if/when it will effect us. (Most likely it's when)

    How many eat the food from our coast lands, breathe in the winds, get caught in the rain, and even drink water. Think again if you believe this is not contaminated.

    Cancer is horrible, no one should have to go through it. I'm sorry for the people and their loved ones who are going through it now.

    Who will pay for the help all the people will need? The same people who made millions off these monster plants, maybe the people who allowed these plants, I don't think so.

    Who knows, maybe they will wipe us out with another type of disaster, just so they don't have to admit to anything.

    They don't need this many people in the world anyway for their agenda of a NWO.

    At this point, I don't put anything past them, because they had already known these plants are killing machines.

  • Gabe Gabe

    I rarely ever post anything here and am by no means any sort of expert on radiation. That being said I am extremely interested in what is being shared here at ENEnews and I recommend your site to anyone and everyone I have any occasion to chat with.
    I did spend 33+ years as a Registered Nurse. All of my career was spent providing care to men, with a strong focus on holistic health and wellness and avoidance of all the toxic garbage that is sold as food, or toxins in house hold, personal care, or clothing and furniture products. Essentially I worked with them to understand how their body works and how to take charge, get well and healthy and stay that way.
    It seems that this is a very like-minded group.
    Each day as I read my newsletter from ENEnews I try to determine how to get this information to a larger audience. There are several things I would like to suggest, with all due respect to the group.
    One thing I think might be used to reach a much larger audience would be for the people who manage this site to create a "reporter" account at BIN….before its news website. While that website allows anyone to post news stories it has a huge readership. There is much junk there also. I always look at their site daily because I do find those "diamond" articles…….not found elsewhere and rock solid. Many people who leave comments there are looking for rock solid news and I think that the news articles from ENEnews would be greatly appreciated.

  • Gabe Gabe

    Another site I think might be interested in the ENEmews article would be Veterans Today. They have a huge veteran readership and might be very glad to have ENEnews provide articles.
    Another place that could get the ENEnews information out is blog talk radio…….both John B Wells as well as the Hagmanns. The Hagmanns have a site called homelandsecurityus and a worldwide listening audience.

    I don't know if anyone here could or would want to connect with those sites but it is only by a fluke that I stumbled upon ENEnews. I am certain there are many people who would relish your news and this may subsequently get people concerned and angry enough to demand change.

    I have the deepest appreciation for this website and I know that my friends do also.
    I forward your newsletters to a woman in Tokyo……..she is reluctant to subscribe as she does not want to be on the gov. Radar but she is deeply grateful for the information.

    • clamshellernh clamshellernh

      Hey Gabe welcome !
      Just want to say
      People do come here everyday and take these stories and get them out to social media , they may break it down to the source as this is news aggregated and not give credit for finding it here
      I'm all over social media so I see
      I do believe also that before it's news has had a lot from here .
      Just saying …

    • name999 name999

      gabe, thank you for these posts…excellent work you do for your community and great ideas
      for more resources. Hope you keep posting here, would love to hear more from you;-]

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Gabe, Great Ideas!

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi Gabe

      Always interested to hear a professional tell ways to cleanse your body from toxins in today's world.

      I'm sorry to hear your friend feels like she needs to stay under the radar, can totally understand why.

    • Nice posts Gabe and welcome from me too. 🙂

  • West Aussie West Aussie

    Sometimes a simple phrase seems to sum up the moment and the everything of it all at the same time. WindorSolarPlease's phrase, "because they had already known these plants are killing machines." is one of those phrases.
    Does anyone else see the future as I do where the radiation levels have increased to a point where life as we know it has ceased to exist? That's what I see and it is frightening to think that there are over 400 reactors in over 30 countries world wide, (mostly in the Northern Hemisphere) all aging badly with poor maintenance making things worse….. You know what?… It could be said that the human race and just about all other life on earth is either involved in a murder/suicide or genocide. Meaning that either the top players are insane and intend to die with us….or they have contingency plans that will protect them from the inevitable rise in rad levels that are going to shred our DNA and RNA over a relatively short period of time.
    Either way we have a criminal case against the entities that control these plants and they must be brought to book so the plants can be shut down and decommissioned before we all die. This war against the people of the world has gone too far partly because people haven't woken up to their manipulators and in doing so put them to bed. And quite honestly that's what I'd do. Round up the guilty and keep them in splendid isolation so that they could be monitored 24/7. The only thing denied them would be their freedom…

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi West Aussie

      Thank you for the gracious response to my post.

      I do see that we have a huge problem with Fukushima and with all the other nuclear plants and even the storage.

      You are correct, they are old and they won't last up to this ever changing World.

      We are all in trouble and I don't see any fixes.
      We already have an idea of what's ahead, and it's not pretty.

      The planners and the ones who all profited off of the demise of others, think that this will not effect them. Eventually, this will effect them also.
      They will be caught in their own deadly web that they weave.

  • West Aussie West Aussie inflict pain and suffering on anyone else including themselves. Why should we end up acting like them as their jailers? Because if you act like them for whatever reason, you are in danger of becoming them, IMHO.

    • WindorSolarPlease

      You are right West Aussie I don't ever want to be like them, causing harm or the demise of others. I have enough to answer for than to add that to my bad list.

  • Sickputer

    Gabe typed these pixels of light: "One thing I think might be used to reach a much larger audience would be for the people who manage this site to create a "reporter" account at BIN….before its news website."

    SP: Unlikely. Owner of BIN was banned from Enenews 2 years ago.

    I still check on him once in a while. Miss his role in the early days.

    • Jebus Jebus

      From what I saw, xdr didn't get through one of the many phases of Fukushima gently.

      I wish him well…

  • West Aussie West Aussie

    This whole thing has got me doing some weird stuff! It's taken me six months to upload this because it's just….well….In the end I've not had the time to come up with anything better. And any little bit helps, right!
    You'll see why I'm angling for gentle comment when you click on. Meet me.

  • We Not They Finally

    Why did the officers on those boats get iodine tablets but everyone else was left to get sick…..They should pay out of their noses for what they did.

  • West Aussie West Aussie

    I can see that you are all absolutely beside yourselves for more examples of my 'artistic' endeavors to enhance the debate so I will link you to a blog page of mine which I feel is very relevant to this issue of the sailors and their exposure to this radiation fall-out:
    Hope you all find this even more stimulating.