Gundersen: 70,000 shad in river before nuclear plant… now there’s 16, not 16 thousand, sixteen — We’ve essentially decimated the population (VIDEO)

Published: December 3rd, 2012 at 2:40 pm ET


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Title: NEIS Part 3
Author: chicagomultikulti
Date: Dec 1, 2012

Nuclear Expert Arnie Gundersen, Fairewinds Energy Education: Indian Point [nuclear plant in New York] runs 2 billion gallons of water through it every day. So that’s alive, vibrant water that goes in, and gets heated up 40+ degrees and comes out dead water.

Then the other example is up in Vermont. This is from the Connecticut Riverkeeper. They told me that before Vermont Yankee was built in the 80s, they did a shad population survey and the shad, there was about 70,000 shad counted in the river heading upstream [...] and now there’s 16. Not 16 thousand. 16. We’ve essentially decimated the shad population.

Published: December 3rd, 2012 at 2:40 pm ET


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31 comments to Gundersen: 70,000 shad in river before nuclear plant… now there’s 16, not 16 thousand, sixteen — We’ve essentially decimated the population (VIDEO)

  • "We’ve essentially decimated the shad population."
    – A. Gundersern

    I'm afraid a lot of populations are going to be decimated from all of this.

    decimate: To inflict great destruction or damage on, kill or destroy, extreme reduction in the number of a population

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    • A short clip from MsMilkytheclown:

      Polar Bears in Alaska are Sick Too

      A Wild Salmon Test to determine baseline.
      Test 2 Wild Alaska Salmon Radiation Monitor 4-1-2012

      "Don't be afraid to talk about it."
      – yt user organicslant

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    • dosdos dosdos

      Actually, the original meaning of decimate is to inflict a loss of 10% (one in ten) of the total by lottery. This was usually a term in peace agreements in times of the Roman Empire, as a means of punishment. It was also used for poorly performing groups in the military. It was practiced as recently as World War 1.

      Only since World War 2 has it come to mean to lose most of the total, a synonym for "annihilate".

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        you are correct dosdos, in the etymology of decimate. I happen to be one of those who loosely applies it, in place of annihilate. Nonetheless, it has a nice impact and fits Arnie's point. Thanks for keeping us all on our toes…all ten of them…

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      • aigeezer aigeezer

        Hehe – I winced slightly at that also, but then figured we shouldn't hold Arnie to the linguistic standards of Enenews commenters. ;-)

        Here's a macabre description of the Roman version – definitely an attention getter:

        This part of the description makes me think of how nuke victims, including shad, are selected:

        "Because the punishment fell by lot, all soldiers in the group were eligible for execution, regardless of the individual degree of fault, or rank and distinction."

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        • Aigeezer

          What is the quote from?

          It sure is appropriate.

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          think Arnie may have fumbled and contracted "devastate" with "annihilate" and arrived at "decimate". Either way, his point's well made.

          BTW. I love ancient Roman history! You can't find anything else that approximates the times we're living in now. One of my favorite emperors was Caligula; much maligned and misrepresented in what-little remained of succeeding historical accounts of his reign. Like most others, I got sucked-in by the Claudius series and amazed by the array of depraved characters; especially Caligula. It wasn't 'til years later that I discovered that these were crass misrepresentations that filtered down through history, compliments of the competing political interests of his day. I loved the account of his final moments. "Drusilla…I'm dying!!!" was the best…

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          • Maggie123

            On some podcast recently I heard a light-hearted brief discussion on this kind of contraction. New and useful words can result. I can't remember examples – but they were familiar – from politicians, other public figures.

            Explanation included how our minds work – almost imperceptible pause to find a word, 2 come to mind, speaker feels pressure to finish sentence, and uses uses both – formed into one word.

            Don't know about Arnie's slip – he's a scientist and careful with numbers so maybe so (the contraction). From me, it would have been sloppy usage. I'm pretty sure I use 'decimate' when I shouldn't – will be more mindful (for a while at least!)

            Am also reminded that words shift meaning across time; 'wench' for example. Started off Germanic probably meaning 'toddler' according to some descriptions. This description picks up by time wench had come to mean 'young child' (of either gender). The word 'girl' also once meant either gender!

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          • Sickputer

            And then SP bearing the cross of five years of Latin (2 in college) arrived to add even more linguistic language lore. ;-)

            I will defer my explanation to Oxford Dictionary's Ammon Shea, who provides this masterpiece of etymology for our puzzling word of the day which proves Arnie is no language slouch even as a teacher of natural science.


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  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    Otherwise called GENOCIDE, when it happens to humans.. But then again, who cares about a bunch of fish, whether it is in the river, oceans, or birds in the air… As the animals go, so goes the human race. This is not a good sign, and our prediction is that this die off effect may very well carry through the to the top of the food chain… humans.


    US Gulf Seafood Radium Levels; Chernobyl in the Gulf of Mexico; via A Green Road

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    • +1

      "As the animals go, so goes the human race." – AGR

      Well stated!

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    • Radio VicFromOregon

      AGR, and that's the rub. Most people emphatically DO NOT believe that statement, which, i agree with you, is brilliant, simple and emphatically true. People have been taught they are the exception to all rules and have only known successful domination of all else around them. As long as they ignore the disappearance or suffering of life around them, they can maintain this fiction and believe they are successful in their dominance and exploitation, rather than guaranteeing their own extinction. As long as they don't look too many years down the road, where most consequences wait lurking, they can be reinforced in their myths of human supremacy.

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  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Scientist and their employers around the world know we're in trouble, and must work to reverse the destructive course we're on.

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  • Aye, +1AGreenRoad.

    I was at Hoffman LaRoche as a Lab Tech in the 80's just before the CJD thang broke – the stuff they were feeding animals was atrocious. Alot of 'Doctors' lost there jobs and can now be found at the edges of Organic and in different fields. If another Nuke Plant goes Apeshit – and it's looking likely again tonight in Northern France on infrared (they have had a few 5+ Quakes to the old graphite shite), then there will be many big mouth f*ckwits & shills turning to Jeesas when they realise Europe, Ukraine, Kyshtym, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Sichuan, Japan & Hawaii are all dying…

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  • Hi BnB,
    Nothing for a while, but lets just say Samoa, Christchurch and Fukushima, + all the US and Vancouver bound quakes aren't entirely natural…as you may have guessed. The Panama Canal, Falklands, Channel Tunnel (+French Nuclear) continue to be secondary targets…

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