Gundersen: California reactor likely shut down forever — At least four other US nuke plants in trouble (AUDIO)

Published: November 22nd, 2012 at 1:49 am ET


Fairewinds Podcast, Nov. 21, 2012:

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Nuclear Expert Arnie Gundersen, Fairewinds Energy Education: We had 2 more in the last 2 weeks raise the issue of their not being financially viable. Oyster Creek isn’t the only reactor that’s experiencing financial problems, we’ve got Kewaunee we know about, but 2 others have popped up on the radar this week and they’re surprising because they’re newer reactors.

The Wolf Creek reactor announced it’s looking for a partner to share engineering with […] And Callaway said the same thing. Both of these are new reactors in the Midwest. They’re saying basically that the costs to run a nuclear reactor makes them uncompetitive in today’s environment. So we’ve had 4 reactors in the last month talking about they’re having trouble making economic sense about running. Kewaunee, Oyster Creek, Callaway, and Wolf Creek. And you’ve got to believe that there are others out there too.

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Gundersen: San Onofre Unit 3 is likely shut down forever. And Unit 2 is going to be shut down for more than a year and likely never get to 100% power again.

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Published: November 22nd, 2012 at 1:49 am ET


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23 comments to Gundersen: California reactor likely shut down forever — At least four other US nuke plants in trouble (AUDIO)

  • dial it up

    This is the best news since I started following
    this blog soon after the fuku tsunami.

  • Zombie_Planet


    I just had a brain fart and a revelation that struck me to the floor.

    I suddenly realized that I was being continually lied to and the deceivers did not give a damn what I thought about it.

    Then I remembered my training manual titled “Chemtrails 101” which stated…

    “Do not ask Questions. “

    I am relieved that it is so simple to live this life on this planet.

    Thank God.

  • No nuclear energy programme anywhere in the world is useful as an energy option. As set forth in the spreadsheet of energy audit of the indian nuclear programme(google search), it is clear that at the bus bars the energy consumed by the programme is five or more times the energy delivered at the bus bars by the programme during its entire lifetime! It is the biggest scam of all time. Further, the truth is that the safety issue is too difficult to solve. The programme is well on its way to convert us all life into permanent nuclear wastes. Either we exist or the nukes. Stop nukes now. We now "only" have 4780 Megawatts capacity of nuclear reactors whose wastes we have to manage from generation to generation. Lets not make it bigger. Looked at from the people displaced and tragically made ill even for transgenerations by the entire nuclear fuel cycle, the land used for the nuclear programme is negative: meaning the land used up by the nuclear programme is not only that used to generate power from nuclear, but also that used up by other sources for supplying the energy for the nuclear programme throughout its life. In contrast, the power flow through living beings(including trees), including the use of such power by them is at the rate of 1000 megawatts per square kilometer or more! See by google search Isothermal Engines for the enjoyable kindly use of living energy. The world is bound by actions which do not return. Therefore citizens produce, u

  • (concl'd)Therefore citizens produce, use and RETURN! Therein lies the secret of living it up in health now! We can shame the nukes now by stationary pedalling of cycles attached to dynamos and produce light; for example ten million of us in Tamilnadu alone generate 1000 MW at 100 watts peak this way.

    • weeman

      To replace the power of nuclear reactors on stationary bikes attached to dynamos would require approx 5 million people world wide, I know we're to get these people jail, when you commit a crime you are supposed to pay your debit back to society, let them peddle for their freedom and make up for their past.

  • dosdos dosdos

    The taxpayers are supporting nuclear power generation, and without their support, nuclear wouldn't exist. Of course we're being told a pack of lies.

  • dosdos dosdos

    Kewaunee will shut down, at least that is the current plan. I was talking to a friend this last weekend who is working at the plant to prepare for decommissioning. He was originally hired to work on upgrades based on Fukushima, but they changed his work orders, and now he's working on prepping for decommissioning. Fortunately, he's not dealing with anything in the radioactive areas.


    AWESOME THANKSGIVING NEWS!!! And yes…we talked awhile-back that they'll come a time when the real cost of nuclear power will end it. Just imagine. They're only looking at the operational expenses (partnering with others). Imagine if they had to incorporate real safety costs (preventative and catastrophic) into their bottom line. Yes kids! Listen for some major announcements about renewable energy systems…writing's on the wall…

  • nedlifromvermont

    Go enenews!!! Go 'newsers!!! Shut the General Electric (et al) Death Machines down forever!!! Biggest hoax and management flop of all time!!! Death to nuclear power!!!

    Go Iran!!! Tell the nasty US/Israeli diplomats: "You fellas stop with the nuclear power crap, and we won't build 'da bomb!" In other words, call their stupid bluff!

    Peace to the 'newsers!

  • patb2009

    if Unit 2 can't reach 100% lets shut it down

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    San Onofre is in the very worst place you could ever put a nuclear plant, and must be decommissioned, right away. All of it.

  • KingofthePaupers

    Jct: If they can't afford to pay for the power, their spent fuel tanks will blow up and they'll all die! Har har har. Ooops, Canada too!

  • Yep, and when old cheap clunker plants like Kewaunee at $200M don't make sense, how the heck can Vogtle at $14000 Million possibly make any sense?

  • Another reality of why some of these plants struggle on….the cost to exit is extremely high. The old plants sell for 200M but will cost 1000M to 2000M to decomission them, and it will take decades, and they still have to take care of the spent fuel pools!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • stopnp stopnp

    Fantastic. Now with the rest of them. World wide.