Gundersen confirms massive explosion at Unit No. 3 was in spent fuel pool (VIDEO)

Published: May 7th, 2011 at 11:38 am ET


Fukushima Groundwater Contamination Worst in Nuclear History, Fairewinds Associates, May 6, 2011:

At 5:10 in

Fukushima Groundwater Contamination Worst in Nuclear History from Fairewinds Associates on Vimeo.

Published: May 7th, 2011 at 11:38 am ET


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71 comments to Gundersen confirms massive explosion at Unit No. 3 was in spent fuel pool (VIDEO)

  • The Hanford List

    Gundersen the great dis-info center for champignons:

    4444444444444 XPLOSIONS. WHICH ONE was in spent pool? repeat. 44444444444


    • We seem to be experiencing a prompt linguistic criticality here.

      Switch to french if you like, and I’ll translate.

      • The Hanford List

        Hur kan du görä med svenska? Oder etwas Deutch? Habla Espanol?

        Jump off the bridge: Check the video which I made and speak only about the FACTS.

        No, you cant – even speak Swedish.

        Olisko Suomenkieli jottai vai mättäkö sekin?

          • The Hanford List

            ja mitä?

            How about THE FACTS!? Yout hero Gundersen is
            a. 100% deaf
            b. idiot who wont care about sound scientific merhods and leave basic facts out
            c. MSM disinfo-stooge

            Now stop this bs and answer the facts. Well, maybe its point D. you expose uself as the idiots who cannot…

        • A cunning linguist I see. Mais, quand meme, je ne comprends pas.

          Pick your lucky language and a time when you’re off the pharmaceuticals, and we’ll try to decipher.

    • spine001

      I am interested on the opinion of experts in bomb reconstruction analysis on this theory I saw published by an Engineer in lunaticoutpost Fukushima thread: The explosion in Unit 3 started in the SFP on the right of the image, with the large conflagration that can be seen, the left side of the pool is against the primary containment building, that side of the conflagration ignited the gasses accumulated in the primary containment and created an upgoing “gun barrel” type explosion that moved very large debris several hundreds of meters, as can be seen in the movie of the explosion. Alternatively the spike in temperature created by the conflagration coming from SFP 3 triggered a large criticality in the RPV 3 and blew the RPV.

      Interested in technical criticisms of this…

  • Pensacola Tiger

    I’m sure you thought you had a point to make, but, like most trolls, your communication skills are non-existent.

    Do us a favor and check out this website before posting anywhere else:

  • The Hanford List

    Clinton pays 2500$ a month for good ss-holes spilling on forums. How much u receive?

    Clintonian contibution is always zer0, facts mis sing

    • xdrfox

      @ leder, Translation from UTUBE page:
      That has live footage from the broadcast highly sensitive HD cameras located at TEPCO Fukushima first nuclear power station of mountain view,. The notice of delivery is uninterrupted. In addition registration, subject to weather and network conditions with video be distracting. The resumed delivery disruption after this video sharing is possible, but when the destination URL is changed. Advance your Le-Seung-please.

    • anne

      All you can see now, when you go to the website you posted, is “live event has ended.” Talk about scary. Is it possible that the 9.0 earthquake was caused by a nuclear accident somewhere in Japan? We are not allowed to see or hear the truth.

    • anne

      I think the smoke is coming from #1, but it is difficult to see.

  • Heart of the Rose

    Reactor 4…so little talk about….

    • anne

      Oil fire

      I read somewhere that the video you posted is not of reactor #4, but is video of the oil refinery in Sendai on Mar. 11. I have quoted two comments below the video on the website you posted and included video of this oil refinery explosion as a result of the tsunam
      • this seems an oil fire to me too, compare this whit the melting down vids off chernobyl!!!
      “But it s an impressive fire, ah must admit tho, the first minute ah almost peed mah pants, ah thought, omg! it melted?
      schillie7 2 weeks ago ”

      “• Can some1 confirm this ? C’mon looks like the Oil Explosion there is no Big tower in front of the plants in Fukushima, and the the two small tower are equal long unlike this ones. Some1 should research the details
      cgiusr 2 weeks ago ”

      Here is a video of the oil refinery fire on Mar. 11:

  • Heart of the Rose

    Reactor 1.
    Reactor 2.

    I think we lost our nuclear cookies in all of them.

    • The Hanford List

      Btw. This tech was detailly described in Rev 11: …”nations shall see [web] their dead bodies three days and an half, and shall not suffer [world gvmt, voting] their dead bodies to be put in graves. And they that dwell upon the earth shall rejoice over them [MSM], and make merry, and shall send gifts [webshop] one to another; because these two prophets tormented them that dwelt on the earth.

      • Jaskal

        You just blew your credibility with apocalyptic religious nonsense.
        I appreciate your video, even if it’s highly inconclusive. You jump to conclusions, twisting facts to fit your theories, rather than the other way around.

        • Jaskal

          People who complain about the MSM, MUST MUST hold themselves to a higher standard than MSM does.

      • St John, divine (or stoned) as he may have been, only gives a body count of 7,000.

        He’s off a bit.

        Possbily over-affected by wheat-mould derivative (LSD).

  • Not sure I’d want that kind of obituary:

    Impaled on ceiling of secondary containment by Zirconium fuel rod from explosion due to prompt criticality.

  • SteveMT

    This is 2-month-old, re-spun news with not much to say about current events. We all know that Japan was lucky with regard to the wind direction. However, the ocean and everything in it was unlucky. Already known fact: the spent cores in Reactor #3 were blown all over. The hydrogen explosion was the minimal and politically expedient answer, so as to ‘not create panic for the entire world’ and keep the sheeple asleep. A better analogy would be to keep the frog happy in the heating pot.

  • The Hanford List

    …WAITING… explanation to four (4) detonations. See the sound video sound – none of my making…

    But not swahili nor japanese, pls.

  • james

    Gundersen is wrong.

    There was too much verticality of the explosion for it to be the spent fuel pool.

    If the explosion occurred in the SPF think about the vectors – the blast would propogate in any direction possible from the point of detotation to the mouth of the pool. Much of that would be vertical, but some of it would be at an angle out the mouth of the pool – dispersing the debris in a much broader fashion.

    No, the explosion of #3 came from the bottom of a “gun barrel” type device, that was able to contain the blast to a almost completely vertical shot.

    Virtually any bomb recronstruction expert (not explosives expert – they just blow things up) would tell you the same thing.

    There are only a couple things in that building that could have created that explosion. The most likely is the Reactor containment. The least likely is an elevator shaft.

    • That’s like saying a bullet, when it reaches the end of the muzzle, suddenly decides it’s not going to go straight out the muzzle, but decides its going to veer off from its straight-forward direction.

      Anything non-vertical would happen after the matter has cleared the [mouth of the ] pool – which happened.

      Like a straight-upwards gun-shot, with smoke around the muzzle right after.

      • james

        Bruce, I must not have described clearly. An explosion generally sends the pressure wave in all directions.

        A mushroom type cloud is formed when the pressure wave is forced vertically either by a particularly violent pressure wave rebounding from the ground into the sky (as in a nuclear detonation) or in the case where the the pressure wave is forced vertically by some type of containing device. Mushroom clouds can form from various kinds of detonations – it depends on how the pressure wave attains it’s verticality.

        Now think of the containment from the spent pool – think of a deep swimming pool. It’s not particularly restrictive, so the pressure wave would travel outward in an increasing arc above the pool. Something like the reactor containment, on the other hand, would send the pressure wave up in a fairly straight vertical fashion.

        Another analogy might be the early “blunderbuss type” guns. They had a bell shaped muzzle and when filled with lead shot would blast a very broad pattern. They weren’t particularly powerful or accurate, but were pretty scary. Subsequently, shotguns were developed with much more restrictive or “choked” muzzles – much harder hitting and much more accurate.

        So there you have it. #3 was either a nuclear explosion (I don’t think it was violent enough for that) or it came out of the reactor core – most likely a steam/hydrogen explosion.

        Of course this means the core is exposed at a minimum, or the RPV was ejected. There are certainly photos existing showing something very large returning almost back down on top of the wreckage, but we don’t have a detailed photo analysis, so it’s very difficult to tell.

  • How “stable” or NOT are reactors 2 and 3 and spent fuel pool #4?

    fuel pool for unit 4 had a big crack supposedly.

    i’ve read that reactors in units 2 and 3 have no cracked containment.

    Rose says all 4 cores on the floor.

    What is the status and what are the real risks? How much radiation continues to be emitted? Are further explosions possible?

    How much radiation is being emitted without explosions?

    Educated guesses?

  • kx

    Best solution, build something much bigger than the piramids, a mountain over then, take my words literally, a mountain.

  • Anthony

    Situation at Fukushima plant remains serious

    Despite what we are or not being told here….

  • Heart of the Rose

    Thanks for the links..xdrfox.

    • xdrfox

      No problemo,
      Looks like the winds are blowing North, lot of Japan will be come no mans land north of reators.

  • Heart of the Rose

    Sats. show a complete weather mess and another fine job of cut and paste by NASA

  • Heart of the Rose

    We pay the Maestro’s wages.
    The people deserve answers.

  • Anna

    Where is the best place to live for the coming collapse? This is a great article and I thank the person who took the time to put my rambling thoughts into print. Now, just add the radioactivity dimension to the possibilities and that brings us to the conclusion that there are zero places for safe living in the USA.

    We should have stayed in Australia. It’s glorious down there even though we almost burned to death every summer.

    • xdrfox

      No wonder there has been a race to find inhabitable planets elsewhere !

      • Anna

        I hope they would find one as nice as this one used to be and soon as I am getting tired. It takes so much effort to prepare for the end of life as we have known it.

  • rob

    What was the reason the EPA stopped monitoring?

  • joe schembrie

    Arne, I’ve been learning how virtually all of the reactor plants in the US have cooling pools over their reactor vessels, and how those pools are overfilled with spent fuel rods just like at Fukushima.

    I hope you’ll spend some time in upcoming videos to discuss the probability and potential consequences for a Fukushima-like spent fuel rod catastrophe in America.

  • beachbum

    Got an idea! Why not build 40′ high walls around these plants? Would that keep the tsunami water out or would that keep the cooling salt water in? What would the thickness of these walls be? If they got radioactive, what would their half-life be? And how would we monitor the reactors? I just love monitoring; you know, just sit on your ass and do nothing but monitor. I think that is what the other nuclear plants in Japan are going to do instead of putting them into shut-down. But isn’t that place still rocking from on-going earthquakes? Is this another disaster in the waiting? How about in

    • Anthony

      I agree with your “walls“ idea….I also believe they could have prevented this accident by having the diesel generators COMPLETELY ENCLOSED to protect from tsunamis & other operational interrupters. After Fukushima every backup diesel generator in place should be protected (as suggested above) to prove the industry has learned from this situation.

    • How about build walls, then bring on another tsunami to wash all the radiation away.

      Of course, there are bound to be flaws in this idea …(like, how to bring on a tsunami – use our friendly little HARRPie beams to initiate another massive earthquake, or just wait for the next one …).

      Grabbing at straws …