Gundersen on CTV: The country of Japan is contaminated — “Just routine checking an area here and there” in Tokyo found all samples to be radioactive waste (VIDEO)

Published: March 12th, 2012 at 2:23 pm ET


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Title: One year later, will Fukushima evacuees ever return home?
Source: CTV News
Date: March 11, 2012

At 1:00 in

I took 5 samples in Tokyo, just routine checking an area here and there, and each one of those would have been qualified as radioactive waste here in North America. So the country is contaminated.

Watch the report here

Published: March 12th, 2012 at 2:23 pm ET


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31 comments to Gundersen on CTV: The country of Japan is contaminated — “Just routine checking an area here and there” in Tokyo found all samples to be radioactive waste (VIDEO)

  • norbu norbu

    I am sure glad he said that or we would not have known? I wonder if he looks at Enenews. If he had maybe he would taken samples and then made that statement sooner. Not sure, saw him on video after he returned and he never mentioned Enenews for a source of info, only huffington post, and I think it was his wife. Thanks arnie for your knowledge on this subject.

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      Nobu, in one of Arnies videos, HE MENTIONS ENENEWS and said he visits here. Just saying….
      UPDATE on that Cspan that just ended:
      Whoopie: "I kept hoping someone in the audience would ask…or at least point out that many are STILL saying Japan needs evacuation. I/E ARNIE GUNDERSEN. I WAS going to Tweet that very QUESTION but they weren't taking tweets. Major DISAPPOINTMENT.

      • Whoopie Whoopie

        #Fukushima: @cspan AEI Hosts Conference Major Disappointment Why No q's from TWEETERS?

      • norbu norbu

        I respect Arnie I just am very upset like the rest of us. He is a true warrior for the stance he takes.

        • Whoopie Whoopie

          After a year of watching this unfold, who wouldn't be upset. I know i am…every day. 🙁 I BLAME TEPCO AND JAPAN AND USA GOV. Oh and the NRC FIRST AND FOREMOST.
          OH! AND DONT FORGET!! In 4 days….
          Thursday March 15 10AM EDT: U.S. Senate Hearing on the NRC's implementation of Fukushima Task Force recommendations

  • Mats

    Stillbirths and nosebleeds

    There were clear parallels to the events after the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl, says the president of the Society for Radiological Protection, Pflugbeil, The symptoms of radiation poisoning of the people were ignored.

    There were indicators that have been for many years after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in Germany and Western Europe found that, surprisingly, he says These indicators include an increased rate of stillbirths, infant mortality and malformation rates in infants. A sensitive point is the possible change in the ratio of boys to girls born born. Radiation damage, especially the female embryos, there are fewer girls born mostly. If one takes into account all this, the number of victims was already very high.

    Other symptoms of the effects of radiation are evident, however, so Pflugbeil. "What we are seeing already is an increased incidence of nasal bleeding. That may sound trite, but that's the first thing I've seen in the Chernobyl region. Since a doctor's car was in front of a school…

    It´s Google translating…

  • NoNukes NoNukes

    I have a follow up question, that maybe someone could please answer on this newer thread (I haven't had much sleep, confused):

    March 12, 2012 at 4:01 pm · Reply
    Here is my version of the transcript (I'm not a professional transcriber):

    (at about 00:40)

    RT interviewer: So there are reports that even though the plant is shut down, fusion products such as uranium are still generating heat, so what is the status of the plant, and the nearby city?

    AG: The heat is being generated and will be generated for years to come, not from fission, but from the splitting of the atoms that occurred in years past, all those atoms are going to generate heat for years to come…


    So, my question is how does he know there is not fission at Fukushima?

    Iodine has been detected in various places, for example:

    Title: Iodine-131 measured from snow in Hachioji Tokyo
    Source: Fukushima Diary
    Date: January 20th, 2012

    SOURCE: Fukushima Diary
    It snowed on 1/20/2012 around in Tokyo.
    They measured Iodine-131 from the snow in Hachioji Tokyo.

    Cesium-134 @ 14.9 Bq/kg
    Cesium-137 @ 15.3 Bq/kg
    Iodine-131 @ 20.0 Bq/kg

    Measurement of Iodine 131 suggest the possibility of recriticality of Fukushima, but it was measured more than cesium at this test. […]

    I have understood Iodine 131 to be a fission product:

    EPA: Iodine-129 and iodine-131 are gaseous fission products that form within fuel rods as they fission.

    This is because I-131 is a major uranium, plutonium fission product, comprising nearly 3% of the total products of fission (by weight).

    Since it decays so quickly, "131I decays with a half-life of 8.02 days,"

    Iodine 131 is an indicator of recent fission, no? So why does Gundersen say that the heat is "not from fission?"


    • eatliesndie eatliesndie

      i dont know. Though, he has done a fantastic job of giving a lot of people a good deal of knowledge that they wouldnt otherwise have had. Myself included.

      • NoNukes NoNukes


        like your name 😉

        my question is, if he is saying that there is no fission at Fukushima, in the face of all of the evidence of Iodine-131, is he "giving a lot of people" ACCURATE "knowledge?" I hope that I am missing something.

  • Mats

    He doesn´t say there is no critcality, he just says that Uranium will produce heat for a long time even whitout fission.

    The time to time fissions in Fuku were stopped by Boric acid, as far as I know.

    • NoNukes NoNukes


      Your response is confusing, did you hear something different than:

      "AG: The heat is being generated and will be generated for years to come, not from fission"

      This English statement indicates that the heat at Fukushima is not being generated by fission.

      Did you have a different transcript that indicates heat is being generated by fission? Thanks.

      • eatliesndie eatliesndie

        periodical fission ramps up the heat, but mostly its like he says.

        • NoNukes NoNukes

          He says that the heat is "not from fission" (no qualifiers) and yet there are increasing levels of Iodine-131, which is a fission product?

          • eatliesndie eatliesndie

            hmmm……. I would say that, for the most part he's right. However, there are a number of reactor wrecks where periodical bursts of fission my be, and apparently are, occuring. I assume this will contribute an unknown quantity of heat, among other things, to the already melted reactor core/s.

  • Arnie gets air time in Canada and Russia but not USA. He gets to say in Canadian airspace "Fukushima has changed my view entirely. I'm at a point now where we're not smart enough to figure out what Mother Nature or a terrorist can throw at us. With this technology the risks are just too high." So don't be dissing my boy Arnie, he is taking a anti nuclear stance.

    On spent fuel rods, my understanding is that if proper cooling isn't maintained they can go into re-criticality. Whether the heat being generated is from fission or not is not the question. The question is can TEPCO maintain the tons and tons of spent fuel rods through an on going nuclear disaster? We have three reactors suffering melt outs unprecedented in human history in a known earthquake zone. There are 1663 tons of spent fuel rods presently on site at Fukushima immersed in water that needs constant cooling by a system unlike a giant automobile cooling system. A further 70 tons are in dry casks. See Some of that fuel is stored in above ground pools, located in blown up ruined nuclear reactors. God, the truth hurts sometimes. If an earthquake or nuclear mishap renders the area impossible to service by humans or robots due to high radiation, and the massive cooling system fails the spent fuel rods immersed in water will heat up and suffer re-criticallity. This is the real problem. OK we might be breathing in a little plutonium dust now and I'm not happy about that but things could get much worse. Especially for us North Americans if another old worn out reactor built by our friends at GE goes FUKU. Same issues here in North America. Canadians not much better as we sell the uranium.

    God Bless

    • NoNukes NoNukes


      Doesn't saying that the heat at Fukushima is "not from fission" help Tepco's myth of "cold shutdown," in the face of all of the evidence of Iodine-131?

      • Most people have no idea about anything technical in regard to nuclear reactors. An argument over what cold shut down means will lose most people. But saying that the nuclear industry is dangerous, while more general, will have more of an impact. Cold shutdown means that the temperature of the cooling water is below 95 degrees Celsius. It relates to an operating reactor which is shut down normally. Of course with the fukushima reactors having melted out of containment, the temperature of the cooling system is meaningless even if it is below 95 degrees. I corrected the wikipedia article on cold shut down and now nothing regarding fukushima is mentioned in that article. But when you are on a MSM news trying to get your message across in a couple minutes sound byte, arguing these points will lose your audience and not help the cause. There is much lying going on but a CTV news show is not the place to challenge TEPCO's lies it will only result in burying the basic message, nuclear power is bad. Coming from a relatively respected player in the nuclear industry, nuclear power is bad is a more powerful statement then arguing the finer points of what the technical definition of cold shut down is. If he did that most people will tune out….. Sad reality of the modern TV addict.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      ty, Mark. I hadn't read this article.

  • billyedtimmy

    The nuclear industry rep. in the first interview: "We learned that we're all safe here in Canada".


    • aigeezer aigeezer

      Good call, billyedtimmy.

      CTV is a major TV network owned by Bell Media (a Canadian version of "Ma Bell") who also own the Globe and Mail, roughly equivalent to the Wall Street Journal in the States, and many other media properties. The list changes frequently.

      For the Fukushima anniversary, the Canadian HuffPo online published a photo credited to CP, showing a beach babe beside Lake Ontario in the foreground and a nuclear plant in the background. The text gushed about how the nuclear renaissance was unaffected by Fukushima.

      CP – the source of the beach babe photo – is Canadian Press, a wire service analogous to AP or Reuters in the States. It is owned by a small group of newspapers, including the Globe and Mail (which is owned by Bell Media, who own CTV). There will be a quiz.

      They are in the club. They ARE the club. Here's a quick energy-related but non-nuclear example of how CTV views the world:

      Arnie fans (I am one) will celebrate that Arnie got to do some consciousness-raising in a hostile environment. I'm guessing they tried to de-fang him with spin like the "all safe" item quoted above. Arnie detractors might claim he's guilty by association with them. I'd much rather have a Canadian audience remember Arnie's words than remember the HuffPo photo spin – that was one manipulative photo in a manipulative article during a manipulative media weekend here in Canada.

  • If 1600 odd tons of spent fuel rods suffer re-criticality, west coast of North America will certainly be toast and nobody will be flying to Hawaii for vacations. Good luck suing TEPCO. All of the northern hemisphere and probably southern too will be affected.

  • WindorSolarPlease

    I'm not a professional, but my thought is that we are eating and breathing in radiation. Which means there is a good chance we are already a slow burning toast.

    We also have the floating debris' coming in.
    People are finding higher radiation levels everywhere.

    I wonder in the future, if Geiger Counters will be unlawful for the public to have, or maybe they will just adjust the levels it can detect?

    I agree with Mr. Gundersen: Japan is contaminated and that it will contaminate the rivers, the river sediment, and the ocean. (Unless, that has already happened?)
    I don't believe we or the next generations will ever see it leave the land. (Maybe it will never leave, in any generation?)

    I do think we will see early deaths and DNA changes, but they probably will not relate it to this disaster.

    We need the ocean, the plankton is being destroyed, which filters out the oxygen.

    If we keep on the path of destroying our environment we will have to find new ways of surviving, for example: Walk around in bubble oxygen suits, filter all water, grow food in a different way, and change the buildings we live and work in.

    If we take care of our environment, it will take care of us.
    If we abuse our environment, it will abuse us.


  • charlie3

    What happened to journalism in the 21st Century?}
    Are the SP3 and SP4 gone or not? If they are, the planet is gone too.
    Can't they at least just let us know this one way or the other???

  • StillJill StillJill

    Did we, or did we not hear someone say that the Japanese do not tell terminal family members when they are terminal? They say that it is better for the dying to not be stressed out by their demise. They are so very, very helpful that way! (sarc)

    This is a deeply held view. Does anyone see this being played out here?

  • sunpower

    Well, fine, after a long career, Arnie finally gets it that the industry totally sucks. Too bad he could not figure it out like the rest of us a year ago when he was saying the industry should continue, but with more safeguards. Obviously he became a spokesperson before he really understood the whole issue. Being inside the beast is not really the way to observe its activity in the world. Arnie a year ago was slavishly repeating everything that Tepco said as though their instrumentation and protocols were credible. He has never NEVER to my knowledge advocated entombment, or burial of the site which for that matter is what he ought to be saying if in fact he does get it now.
    I think very few people learned anything from Chernobyl outside the Russians that went into the basement of the sarcophagus, and it really shows, because they just let this frikkin mess spew, and poured alot of water on it to get that radioactive steam into the atmosphere, that has been raining out in No. America. I stopped listening to Arnie because his news is about a year old. You would be doing better to watch the videos of citizen monitoring that Rense puts up and would be way ahead of all the phony experts like Busby with his nuclear explosion.
    It's absurd…the Japanese bought into this shit and took down their future for what, what did they get out of it all, a few rides on a flashy bullet train? Would you trade that for an autistic child or cancer?