Gundersen: Entire north of Japan has a public health hazard

Published: March 11th, 2012 at 7:33 pm ET


Title: Rebuilding Japan: 1 year post-disaster
Source: RT
Date: March 11, 2012

[…] Total clean-up of the radioactive zone around the earthquake- and tsunami-affected Fukushima nuclear power plant will cost up to half a trillion dollars and many years of hard work, Arnold Gundersen, energy adviser at Fairwinds Associates, told RT.

“The entire north of Japan has a public health hazard,” claims Gundersen, who has found traces of radioactive waste in Tokyo, some 250 kilometers from Fukushima. […]

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Published: March 11th, 2012 at 7:33 pm ET


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49 comments to Gundersen: Entire north of Japan has a public health hazard

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    “The entire north of Japan has a public health hazard,”. Wonder if that boundary will remain, or spread. Hope not.

    • many moons

      I don't see how it couldn't spread….even the trees are launching radioactive pollen…it will always be moving around..

  • NoNukes NoNukes

    Phew! To think that I remember reading on this very website that there was aerosolized plutonium in Lithuania, increasing detections of cesium in South Korea, record levels of uranium-234 in the United States, and countless other contaminated sites across the globe.

    Glad that my 4th grade science teacher was wrong and that there isn't any "jet stream" bringing death, or "a public health hazard," around the globe, I am reassured that Gundersen suggests that the air and ocean stays local, so happy someone is telling "the truth."

    Tough for Northern Japan, but "total clean-up of the radioactive zone" will only cost them half a trillion! That's a fraction of what we had to shell out to a few banks in the U.S., no fair! Lucky ducks.

    I have been worried about raging out of control nuclear fuel continuing to fission in the open air while Tepco pours water over the rest contaminating the Pacific and sending deathly sea spray inland, and about the fact that that the children (in Fukushima and elsewhere) born March 11, 2012, when they take the first breath of their lives, will likely inhale including some aerosolized Plutonium, or Iodine 131, or any number of the hundreds of radioactive isotopes that will damage not only their own DNA, but the DNA of all of the generations that follow, killing and maiming along the way. Snowflakes, dolphins, plankton, etc., life seemed in jeopardy.

    Silly me. Bygones!

    (sarcasm intended, the absurdity was too much).

    • StillJill StillJill

      Yes NoNukes,…..this is a tongue-in-cheek RANT for the record books!
      I've copied you to the StillJill files! (I hope you don't mind!) 🙂

      LOVE your hot sauce,…man do I!!! 🙂

  • dosdos dosdos

    One year into the tragedy, and they still haven't evacuated all the children.

  • I appreciate your tirade, very much. I agree with your interpretation.

    I do think, however, that Gunderson must have been threatened;

    I really do not believe that he is a shill.

    The content of his comments changed drastically at some point; maybe it was this summer.

    There was a scientist in Canada who changed his tune after his data about fallout were publicized.

    Someone else did this also, but I don't recall whom?

    If the threat is great enough, Arnie can now be labeled a threat to natioal security by executive order, allowing the military to arrest and detain him without trial.

    That is what can be done legally.

    I have no idea what kinds of extra-legal threats are used, but if the scale of the problem is as big as we suspect, then I'm sure all contraints are off…

    • I'm responding to NoNukes' comment

      • NoNukes NoNukes


        I'm far more worried about you right now, in the context of possible threats, than Gundersen. Your presentation so thoroughly demolished the fantasies introduced by the mainstream press and established their complicity in the cover-up.

        There has been a lot of speculation about why Gundersen may be saying what he says. All we really have are his words, and his words are what have had a big effect. They are what I am trying to understand.

        Ultimately, I don't believe that anything really justifies saying the things that he is saying. I hope that if I had a gun to my head, I would refuse to say minimizing things that help to endanger 30 million+ people, like that there are "traces of radioactive waste in Tokyo." If I did, I would hope that people wouldn't believe them.

        Last Spring/Summer, Gundersen had me hanging on his every word, sending his videos around. I think that most of us here believed in him and were very grateful.

        Yet, he isn't a critic of nuclear, he is pro-nuke.

        He went to the Czech Republic and tried to convince them to build more, smaller nuclear plants:
        "We proved to them that would be cheaper to stop construction now and then build smaller plants as the need developed, but they are stuck in a mindset. Because they have spent so much money on it, there is a feeling that they have to go forward."

        However, the National Academy of Sciences has said that there is no safe dose of radiation:

        "The scientific research base shows that there is no threshold of exposure below which low levels of ionizing radiation can be demonstrated to be harmless or beneficial"

        To be a proponent of nuclear energy, you have to overlook the more than half a century of science that shows that it causes children to be born deformed, for example, knowing that it remains dangerous for millions years, that it is a…

        • NoNukes NoNukes

          net consumer of energy.

          “Good Cop” vs. “Bad Cop” is one of the most effective narratives around, and now I’m wondering if with “Arnie vs. Tepco,” I have been snowed like I was with the David Axelrod vs. Rahm Emanuel show.

          I remember the day I heard that Axelrod was a lobbyist for Exelon, the largest nuclear operator in the United States. He was the cuddly bear, the “Good” one fighting for the little people, Rahm was the crook! He could have done anything, why Exelon?!

          Many people here seem to think that Gundersen’s hands are tied, he is on the side of “truth,” but there is only so much he can say. I would like this to be the case, a lot. Yet, it reminds me a lot of the talk about how Obama’s hands are tied by the Republicans, in the face of all the clear evidence of his ties to the nuclear industry.

          • NoNukes NoNukes

            At this point, I am entertaining the theory that Good Cop/Bad Cop are on the same team, and that they all play for the nuclear industry.

            1. The NRC transcripts reveal that they felt certain that the R4 SFP was gone. Gundersen came into fame with his claim that the R4 sfp was posed a dangerous threat, which would cover that up.

            2. He has said that the corium are “cold pancakes” and “spaghetti,” which covers up the reality of the catastrophe.

            3. His switch to the past tense coincided with Tepco’s announcement of “cold shutdown.”

            4. The thing that sticks out in my mind is, well, at least he gave us “hot particles.” Yet, again, when the NRC transcripts reveal they had dose models of 40,000 microSieverts of Iodine 131, and Gundersen’s team finds, what, 5 “hot particles” in Seattle??? They find NO hot particles in San Francisco??? Obviously, the Iodine 131 would be gone by then, but it didn’t come alone! Even though I knew this was unlikely, it was still sweet music to my ears, mollifying. So who does that help?

            Majia, you are feeling very sick right now, like I am, right? We both have children who are even more susceptible to DNA damage. A single mom near us just died of an unusually virulent asthma attack, so I want you to watch out for your medicine, too. Words have material effects, and we all deserve “the truth” that Gundersen claims he is presenting.

            In the article about his visit to the Czech Republic, he makes it clear that he took a huge hit to his paycheck after he was fired and worked as a teacher. Now I wonder if Gundersen is on his way to the White House for a cabinet “nuclear watchdog” position once the bodies become difficult to hide. That’s where people this effective seem to end up.

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi majia

      I agree, I don't think he is a shill. He just knows how far he can go. Professional people with clout in this area could possibly have to watch their backs.

      They have put into place allowing the military to arrest and detain without trial, or for a reason, and it's not for the benefit of speaking openly.
      This could be one of the worse bill that was ever signed for the public, time will tell.

      Luckily for us, right now we are nothing to them, we have no clout. If or when they feel we are a threat, then we will learn quickly how far we can go in what we can say.

      • Anthony Anthony

        He has experience being beat up down and back by his industry for speaking up.

        I'm think he should be commended for still being one of the few speaking out multiple times on TV about Fukushima.

        Love him or hate him, he has more courage and tenacity than most people I have ever met.

        I think people should be concerned and angry our Presidents and Premiers have NOT mentioned the contamination of Northern Japan.

        • WindorSolarPlease

          Hi Anthony

          I agree that Quote: I think people should be concerned and angry our Presidents and Premiers have NOT mentioned the contamination of Northern Japan. (even in other places)

          Also we should be concerned that there are Countries who want more of these dangerous plants and wanting to keep all of them still running.

          We do need the professionals in those area's to speak up warning us, and giving us the full truth.

          Once the professionals are quieted, where do we get a true educated analyses of any situation?

          As far as Mr. Gundersen I think he is an extremely smart man, and he knows what he can say directly.
          Personally, I have learned from him, and he has stepped on toes before, going out on a limb.
          I'm Not saying I agree with him all the time.

          He can lead us to the water, but we have to be curious enough to investigate it.

          These are strange times and they will probably get weirder.
          I have to admit I'm glad I don't have clout or have enough intelligence to be threat.
          This is the first time I can say, I'm glad I am not a genius.

        • many moons

          I think we should do more than Love him….way do people who try to help the masses always get run over? Cause the masses don't try to protect the person….Occupy sets a good example how there are power in numbers…but the numbers have to stick together.

    • Bobby1

      majia, extra-legal is legal now, that hardly makes a difference. Arnie can't talk about underground coriums, re-criticalities, or iodine, let's not expect him to.

      We're on our own now. The faith in leaders thing has to go. We're the leaders.

  • WindorSolarPlease

    A public health hazard means to me: You will get sick for awhile, but it won't kill you. For example: bad meat, a virus.

    A public health hazard does not mean to me: Evacuate the radiation area to save your life.

    This is not just a hazard, a bump in the road.

    The meaning of the word hazard can be confusing, leading people to belief it's not that serious.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      A hazard can refer to an emergency which will cause death:

      “A hazard is a situation that poses a level of threat to life, health, property, or environment. Most hazards are dormant or potential, with only a theoretical risk of harm; however, once a hazard becomes "active", it can create an emergency situation….
      “Active [Hazard]- A harmful incident involving the hazard has actually occurred. Often this is referred to not as an "active hazard" but as an accident, emergency, incident, or disaster.
      “By its nature, a hazard involves something that could potentially be harmful to a person's life, health, property, or the environment. One key concept in identifying a hazard is the presence of stored energy that, when released, can cause damage. Stored energy can occur in many forms: chemical, mechanical, thermal, radioactive, electrical, etc….”

  • bluebonnet bluebonnet

    These two articles are very troubling. The first is about tourism to Japan recovering and the second is about rebuilding oyster farming in northern Japan. I saw another one about restarting salmon farming on the Northeast coast of Japan. It's astonishing how effective the public relations campaigns about getting back to "normal" have been.
    Oyster farming in Northern Japan
    How can the government of Japan allow this ?

    • many moons

      Back to normal….TEPCO has a plan…lie to the people and tell them they are safe (so they don't have to pay for evacuations)
      Tell people that the reactors are stable…pose no threat (that way if people get sick and die..TEPCO had nothing to do with it)
      Tell all the industries that everything is OK, back to work, eat a clam everyone, they haven't been tested cause we know they are fine(no testing means no liability) whoever lives lives, whoever doesn't doesn't and it's busniness as usual…next plan for TEPCO, bulldoze the reactors into the Pacific and build new ones hurray!!!!! We did it we saved Japan and nuclear energy…hello…where did all the people go? Hello…

      • StillJill StillJill

        You've got it Many moons. All they have to do is outlive the victim. No prosecution. Hey average Japanese person,…you are a 'hostile witness',…… they want you dead. Nothing personal,..REALLY, there isn't. They just can't help you because they don't feel you, they don't even barely see or hear you. Home is where the heart is. At least here in the US we have said and some believed that. In AA, we call it, "Do a geographic". Shake it up. Build a new Japan where you land. Show us your culture. Keep the good,…rid yourselves of the baggage (the bad). This could be the start of something beautiful. We must change our paradigm for a short while—to MOVE us! I will if you will! 🙂

    • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

      The same way that the tour buses are giving tours of the nuclear bomb test pits out in the desert in the US.. No problem with all of the dust they stir up, just breathe deep and take LOTS of pictures, so more tourists will come out and pay some GOOOOOODDDDD money to see all of this old fashioned, quaint, and cute nuke stuff.

      Just do not take any Geiger Counters..

      🙁 oh no, never, never… 🙁

      • lokay5 lokay5

        We actually did tour the Nevada test site 5 years ago. Had to register with DoD. The tour starts at The Nevada Test Site Museum in Las Vegas where we were issued badges. The tour itself lasted 8 hours on a very nice, air condition bus with television screens for all seats showng movies about that particular location. We had lunch at the old Project Mercury cafeteria. The walls had many pictures of the site and the equipment from the testing era. Went to Yucca Flat and Frenchman Flat and to the Sedan crater. (they only allowed us 15 minutes outside the bus at the Sedan crater. A little too "warm" still, even after 45+ years. The bus drove around the house that's so familiar to all of us cold war vets; The one you've all seen get burned, blasted and blown away ad nauseum. Saw the benches at "News Knob", which, by the way, is now a historical landmark. We toured the waste site and saw the burial grounds for the low-level waste, and we also saw the TENT that stores the high level transuranics. YES a TENT! Plutonim in a tent, we all asked. Yep, complete with armed Marines (OOooRah!)
        Last year we toured Hanford. Also interesting. Watched the propaganda movies inside B Reactor. Just being inside a real reactor building was, in itself, very interesting.
        Ironically I now have leukemia. Coincidence? Probably. Or not.

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    March 11, 2012 at 9:03 pm · Reply

    You can buy his book on, but I can't read Japanese.

    Arnie Gundersen & Reiko Okazaki, Fukushima Daiichi: The Truth and Future Prospects published today Shueisha

    VT's Nuke Expert Heads to Japan for Book Tour on Fukushima Daiichi Disaster

    “…As for the "way forward" in Japan, the book also discusses the country's promising options for moving away from nuclear power to safer and more reliable energy alternatives, especially geothermal….”

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    March 11, 2012 at 5:37 pm
    This document from the Fairewinds site is addressed to a more specific legal question and does not explicitly express opposition to MOX, but AG is quite clear about the danger that an accident at a proposed MOX plant would pose to the surrounding community:

    posted at:

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    March 11, 2012 at 8:52 pm

    “… the pluthermal design … looks good on paper, but the problem is that reactor control in a pluthermal plant is even more sensitive than it is in a uranium plant. So all these designs look good until they get built, and then the operating problems begin to become evident.”

    “… a pluthermal plant will release more plutonium in the event of an accident, which is much more hazardous than the strontium and cesium that was released at Fukushima …”

    “Each of the Fukushima reactors had plutonium in them because as uranium-238 is in a nuclear reactor longer and longer it becomes plutonium, so all six reactors already had plutonium in the core. There was additional plutonium in unit #3; there were thirty bundles of MOX fuel … There wasn’t enough extra plutonium in unit #3 to make the accident any different. Now, had there been a complete MOX core in unit three, nuclear reactor control is dramatically different with plutonium compared with uranium. But the accident at Unit #3 was no worse because of the thirty test bundles of MOX fuel.”
    [@ 36:10]

    And, for the record, he has talked about plutonium being found beyond the FD plant site on other videos, so it would be a mistake to take his wording here to imply that he is trying to deny that plutonium was released:

    posted at:

  • moonshellblue moonshellblue

    "Crisi Management requires us to imagine what is beyond our imagination" I found this quite interesting.

  • StillJill StillJill

    Gee,…I was hoping that they learned that one in "Crisis Management 101", No?

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    […] Total clean-up of the radioactive zone around the earthquake- and tsunami-affected Fukushima nuclear power plant will cost up to half a trillion dollars and many years of hard work, Arnold Gundersen, energy adviser at Fairwinds Associates, told RT.

  • StillJill StillJill

    That,…and this one,…when did you touch the 'pancake',…so as to deem it, "cold"? Just askin? No disrespect intended.

    • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

      Well, a molten radioactive hotcake is actually a cold shutdown cake if you measure it with a ten foot long pole, that has a 1 foot thick, water/ice filled lead mitten on the end of it with an oven thermometer stuck inside.

      Yup, she be dead and cold alright… as God is my witness…Someone write up the press release.. The Wicked Witch is dead and cold.

      Me thinks that is the secret recipe, just like a cold shoulder, or a nagging cold, or a Cold Day In H#((.

      Time to go play some bagpipes, me hearties.


  • Sickputer

    "Total clean-up of the radioactive zone around the earthquake- and tsunami-affected Fukushima nuclear power plant will cost up to half a trillion dollars and many years of hard work, Arnold Gundersen, energy adviser at Fairwinds Associates, told RT."

    To paraphrase a man who is pretty fair with a nifty phrase: "Total clean-up and radioactive zones are words that should never be used in the same sentence".

    I'll share my thoughts on the reconstruction and radioactive remediation. The radiation cleanup will never be total in a million years. There are some things they can do to help keep Japan livable albeit the amazing longevity of life in Japan is headed for third world statistics. How fast it drops depends on hos long Fukushima Daiichi continues to spew and also on how much longer the Japanese leaders promote and utilize incineration of radioactive debris. Barring vast improvements in both areas the outlook is bleak.

    So let me talk money…it is impossible to put a dollar or yen estimate considering the many scenarios that will be pursued. Does a government with massive debt have the ability to raise billions or trillions of dollars? Certainly the UHNW (Ultra High Net Worth individuals worth at least 30 million dollars) in Japan have deep pockets with 2.1 trillion dollars in assets:

    Japanese business firms also have some financial clout as evidenced by a firm from Japan buying the Washington U.S. Mint building nine days ago for 147 million dollars.

    So there is money in private hands, but will anyone so finacially savvy be willing to risk money in such a toxic environment?

    The Japanese government claimed national net worth of 35 trillion dollars in 2009:

    They probably overstated…

  • We all agree I think that the public health hazards are not restricted to Japan.

    What would the early symptoms of radioactive food consumption look like?

    Would the stomach hurt, being inexplicably acidic?

    And would mild-to-moderate diarrhea result?

    The NRC haa estimates of up to an annualized 30 millisieverts to the thyroid from radioactive iodine alone for small children in California.

    Our food has to be radioactive now.

    The NRC estimates that our TYPICAL background radiation level is 3 millisieverts.

    What does it mean that we may now be getting 20 times that amount interally from the array of radionuclides now present in our food and water?

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    I wonder how they came up with that 500 Billion number?

    Each nuke plant is worth around 37 Billion. Multiply that times 54.

    37 billion times 52 = ONE TRILLION, nine hundred and twenty-four Billion

    That is the loss of JUST THE NUKE PLANTS, if they do not restart them.

    Now add in lost value of farms, buildings, vehicles, wages, illnesses and lots of lawsuits on top of all that, because in Japan, the utility is LIABLE for all losses it causes.

    Guesstimate; 1-5 TRILLION

    Now add in the cost of cleaning up the toxic heavy metal and radioactive mess over 16000 square miles, not including radiation hot spots, mountains, rivers, and ocean… Figure another


    That is just the beginning…

    They already have the highest debt to income ratio of just about any nation except Greece.

    Plus, the young people are LEAVING Japan, because they see through the charade and do not want their kids living in this mess forever.

    Plus, the overall age of the population is increasing rapidly, because not enough births are happening to replace those already there. Bottom line, there are lots and lots of seniors, who will burden the system with healthcare, housing and in home care costs, not to mention retirement costs.

    What happens if you put all that together?


    BANKRUPTCY, just maybe?

    They better invent some REALLY GOOD STUFF really fast, and sell a heckalot of it, minus any radiation, or they are facing some really tough times.

    • AGreenRoad,
      There is the cost of decommissioning them also, .. but that money was suppose to be there before the plants went into opperation,… money seems to disappear, doesn't it, Lots of fraud out there these years in the nuke industry !

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    They were already having problems finding enough labor to make stuff before this happened. Then FUKU happened…

    It sounds like they are actively recruiting seniors to work, because that is all that is left, now that the shortage of young workers may be growing worse.

    • I think they may soon ask for persons of age from other countries to fight the beast !
      Some poor countries people may jump at the pay for their families !

  • I said this 'last' March !

  • Japan WILL run out of funds to stay the course with these monsters, the world will HAVE to come to aid, this will mean many countries people will be chosen to save the world, what we have is a human eater, we will need new supplies often and every county will be ask…ordered to do their share and bring people to the aid of the joint effort !

    It's coming !

    : |

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Yes there are more Nuclear Radiation Contamination Hazards coming very soon to our entire world.

    We have opened Pandoras Box and future generations will wonder what mankind was thinking once upon a time, as they watch their loved ones die from horrible diseases created by invisible ghosts, that were set free to prey on them by their brain dead ancestors.

    Leukemia and cancer is usually caused by Nuclear Radiation Contamination and this specific contamination is now everywhere and inside everything.

    Shut them all down now before its to late for I hear what approaches is another Mega Quake!

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi obewanspeaks

      I think you are right, that we will get more layers of this contamination, and that this will go around the world.
      (or maybe it already has)

      I agree that nuclear corporations have opened Pandora's box, and that box needs to be closed for good.

      Leukemia/cancer/and so on, can be caused by Nuclear Radiation Contamination, but it's not always for that reason.

      There are always quakes, a mega quake any where is always a possibility.

      I agree that all these plants need to be shut down, for so many reasons. There are more reasons why not to have Nuclear Power than to have them.

  • Machomaker Machomaker

    March 12, 2012 at 1:08 am · Reply


    I'm far more worried about you right now, in the context of possible threats, than Gundersen. Your presentation so thoroughly demolished the fantasies introduced by the mainstream press and established their complicity in the cover-up.

    There has been a lot of speculation about why Gundersen may be saying what he says. All we really have are his words, and his words are what have had a big effect. They are what I am trying to understand.

    Ultimately, I don't believe that anything really justifies saying the things that he is saying. I hope that if I had a gun to my head, I would refuse to say minimizing things that help to endanger 30 million+ people, like that there are "traces of radioactive waste in Tokyo." If I did, I would hope that people wouldn't believe them.

    Freigesetzte Radioaktivität durch das Erdbeben nicht nur aus dem AKW Fukushima?

    Sowie auch in Deutschland berichtet worden war, breitete sich das Feuer kurz nach dem Erdbeben vom 11.3.2011 von einem Gasbehälter der Ölraffinerie von COSMO OIL Co. aus, es brannten mehrere Raffinerien von COSMO und Chisso Petrochemical Co. in der Stadt Ichihara (ca. 40km südöstlich von Tokio, liegt an der östlichen Seite der Tokio-Bucht). Am nächsten Tag gab es eine anonyme Email an eine größere Anzahl von Empfängern im ganzen Land: Wegen der Explosion der COSMO-Raffinerie seien giftige Stoffe in die Luft freigesetzt worden, sie würden vom Regen auf den Boden gespült. Die Bewohner im Großraum Tokio sollten daher vermeiden, unter dem Regen das Haus zu verlassen.

    COSMO reagierte gleich darauf, setzte eine Mitteilung auf ihre Internetseite: Im abgebrannten Behälter sei nur LP-Gas drinnen gewesen. Die explodierten Stoffe seien kaum gesundheitschädlich für den Menschen.(1) Da die genannte Email anonym gesendet worden war, beruhigten sich die Bewohner erst einmal, dachten, jemand hätte die chaotische Situation ausgenutzt, um die Leute…

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    I would think that the medical community in general would want us out here to think they specifically know why people get certain types of cancers and or forms of leukemia, lymphoma and or other diseases. Sorry most of these studies and reports on why these types of diseases happen are just that studies and reports. Finding the real culprit is actually pretty tough and the lumping of them into a general genetic malfunction, diets, chemical exposures etc. categories always plays well into the scheme of things and is an easy out.

    Most of the time they simply do not know and by creating lots of research categories and possible causal reports lets certain industry liabilities to fade away behind the scenes. Gee, just can't pinpoint that real culprit responsible for your current ailment but we certainly can attempt to treat what disease you have for a very hefty price tag. We here inside the medical community only get rich if you the current patient are sick and under our constant medical care.

    This is much like Nuclear Power Operators who only make money when they sell their power or extend their operating licenses and or push the insurance and losses onto the unknowing populations or use your public tax money. We here inside this world today for the most part are living a created constant lie or scam on a grand scale. This just didn't happen over night as our current circumstance was designed and has been created by others over thousands of years in practice.

    Genetic malfunction is the key to most cancer and disease progressions and we know that most genetic malfunction occurs from a cellular assault in some form. There is one form that is invisible and that we can not see and we do know it causes genetic mutations and which is currently everywhere around us by design. Its called "Manmade Nuclear Radiation Contamination" and its messing with all life forms, all viruses, all bacteria and all biological cell structures on this planet.