Gundersen: Fuel already “very close to going critical” at Unit 4 — Must be extraordinarily careful about starting chain reaction (VIDEO)

Published: November 15th, 2013 at 8:33 am ET


Fairewinds Chief Engineer Arnie Gundersen, Coast to Coast AM with John B. Wells, Nov. 9, 2013 (at 31:30 in):

Sources have told me — within Tokyo Electric — that they have no confidence that there’s any boron left between these fuel bundles. And they need boron to prevent the nuclear fuel from becoming a self-sustaining chain reaction, a criticality. So without boron in the plates — there are plates between these fuel bundles — but they got extraordinarily hot from not being cooled off the better part of a couple weeks, and they also were exposed to salt water. So that combination likely stripped out the boron. So the only thing Tokyo Electric can do is throw all sorts of boron into the water. Then pull the fuel. […]

I ran a division that built fuel racks, and these high density fuel racks like they have a Fuksuhima are very close to going critical anyway. […] Normally its .95, as high as .99, that means there’s a 1% margin before a self-sustaining chain reaction can occur. The problem there is that the fuel pool doesn’t have the ability to remove the heat if these nuclear fuel bundles turn back.— a criticality means they turn back on outside of the nuclear reactor. So they have to be extraordinarily careful that they don’t start a chain reaction in the fuel pool […] If they get close together you can cause a chain reaction, and what will happen then is the water will begin to boil violently. Hopefully Tokyo Electric is going to be monitoring this really closely and the first indication of water bubbling, they push the rods back in. The problem though is that the rack is distorted and as you pull it, you’re pulling way more friction than it was designed to handle. It’s a real problem.

Full broadcast for subscribers here — Now available on YouTube here

Published: November 15th, 2013 at 8:33 am ET


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169 comments to Gundersen: Fuel already “very close to going critical” at Unit 4 — Must be extraordinarily careful about starting chain reaction (VIDEO)

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Fuel removal at SFP4 is likely to produce criticalities at some point.
    Fuel removal will likely commence next week, starting with the removal of new "cool" fuel.
    The likelihood of criticalities during removal of unused fuel is very unlikely.
    The problems will come during removal of "hot" spent fuel, especially the handling of the fuel load removed from the reactor in November of 2010, when the plant was shut down for maintenance.
    Fires were reported in SFP4, and there were reports that the water had boiled off, leaving all fuel assemblies in the pool exposed to air.
    It is likely that some spent fuel assemblies are so damaged that they may break open during handling.
    (I simply do not understand TEPCO's lack of planning in this matter.)
    The removal process will take most, or all, of 2014.
    It will make for many lively discussions on ENEnews. 😉

    • pattersonp

      If they were serious it would already be out. 3 years in and 3 rods removed for testing. this is a failure from the beginning… they are stupid enough to mix them in with more spent fuel rods in a COMMON fuel pool.

      Dump the plant in the pacific ocean and move on, this back and forth of what-if and theories on what is going on inside the plant make me tired every day.

      Lets play games for the next 40 years and fear monger everyone who isn't in the 'know' which doesn't even exist. Everyone is an expert on the internet, but at this point people are reaching at straws here just to reinforce what they want to believe: that Fukushima is going to kill the world.

    • gottagetoffthegrid

      Hey Phil,

      what exactly is in SFP 4? this is what I have understood:

      1) 35 years of spent fuel assemblies ( unit 4 went critical in 1978 and none of the fuel has been moved? or is some in the CFP? either way the pool is packed full now)

      2) 1 very hot, freshly pulled core load (it was pulled a month or two before the big shake) and

      3) 1 new core load that has never been irradiated (ie the cool fuel you noted)

      • pattersonp

        "On November 12, TEPCO disclosed that there were three fuel assemblies out of 1533 fuel assemblies in the Spent Fuel Pool of Reactor 4 at Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant that were deformed and would be difficult to remove. The removal of fuel assemblies from the Reactor 4 SFP will start this month."

        "Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO), which operates the plant, said the damaged assemblies – 4.5 meter high racks with 50 to 70 rods of highly irradiated used fuel – won’t be lifted from the plant’s Reactor No. 4 when a large steel chamber, or cask, is employed to move over 1,500 assemblies to safe storage, Reuters reports. "

        The fuel assemblies will be lifted – all while submerged in water to prevent overheating – from storage frames in the pool and placed in the cask. Once the 90-ton cask is filled, it will be lifted from the pool by crane, set on the ground, and transported to a storage pool nearby.

        There are multiple racks WITH fuel in each of the 1500 assembly, they are 600 lbs each.

    • StPaulScout StPaulScout

      PuP N – Maybe they have no contingency plan because if the fuel bundles break open, there may be nothing they can do. Criticalities would follow making it deadly in seconds for humans I'm guessin……….

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    New picture of transfer cask handling tests at SFP4.

    If they drop that sucker, it will fall all the way into the Torus Basement! 😉

    • flatsville

      Gotta hand it to Simply Info / Fuku Leaks. Great project.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Lets keep it all fresh for all those new arrivals that have no clue what Fukushima is and/or that 3 Nuclear Core Melt Downs occurred in Japan and which still are out of control….enjoy! 🙂

        • unincredulous unincredulous

          You tube is a real treasure of nuclear nightmare. Keeping things fresh as a corpse.

          2:50 into this film, San Onofre, CA Nuclear Power Plant representative? says that the company did its' homework and "overbuilt."

          Just take a look at Chernobyl's nightmarish affects on the world. Can a sane person say that a nuclear power plant was overbuilt — or is the company having buyer's remorse for spending good crap table money?

    • gottagetoffthegrid

      the question I have is this:

      how much power does the hottest assembly in that pool generate? that canister looks like it holds maybe 2 or 3 cubic meters of water. how long before the canister boils?

      • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

        OffTheGrid asks: "how long before the canister boils?"
        A transfer cask is designed to transport 22 fuel assemblies at a time.
        If the contents of a transfer cask go critical, the water will boil.
        If the engineers who designed the cask knew what they were doing, the cask would be designed to withstand and contain a criticality of the fuel inside.
        I do not have confidence that the transfer cask was designed to be that robust.
        Let's hope the crews at the CSFP are being educated and drilled on what to do when they open a critical transfer cask underwater, and have the top blow through the roof. Then, they have a fission event filling the building with contamination.
        A transfer cask may or may not build up enough pressure to breach.
        If a transfer cask breaches during transport, everyone will evacuate the area. (And the truck driver will be the first worker to flee.)
        One of those mobile robot cranes will have to pick up the cask, walk it to the harbor, and drop it into the sea. (No other choice will be available.)

        • pattersonp

          they are obviously going to drop, break and/or royally screw this up… And they store them ON-SITE with other fuel rods… hahaha I wonder what could go wrong.

          So now we can all decide and wager how many fuel rods they'll dump into the ocean because of their mistakes. and world govt sit and let them play their game of snakes and ladders with nuclear fuel.

          If there's a solution to a problem it will be fixed, if there is no solution then it cannot be fixed, either way cannot worry about Fukushima 🙂

    • mesa777

      How in the world will the bent fuel rod be raised? Its going to break into at least two pieces and fall back into the pool, or worse to the ground…. not good TEPCO!!! IDIOTS!!!

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      Those fuel casks sure look cool. When the operation is complete, I'll be watching for the surplus on eBay.


      I've already designed this system. But unlike these engineers (who are only out to make a buck off this and many other catastrophes), my design will be going into the public domain…

      • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

        Hi AFTERSHOCK , i wanted to response to your statement with WOW , but then i decided to read the article first… WOW lol..
        Did you patent it ? I saw that ugly word in there …
        I hope you succeed for the sake of life itself..


          @DID: the concept is not patentable. The technology is. Difference is, I'm not going to force others to pay for what is a natural right: clean – drinkable – water. Long ago, I laughed at the idea of bottled water. Now, it's become a cold reality for most every human on this planet. We destroyed the goddess' gift, and now, the very-same scum who got us here, now force us to pay for a solution to the nightmare. I say, fuck them and the horses they rode-in on! I'm going to put the system in the public domain and allow anyone to build one that suits their specific needs…

          I should add, I'm putting the finishing touches on an emergency power supply system that I'm building. This obligation is taking much of my time these last few months and must be up-and-running soon. The goddess tells me what to do and what priorities to set and I listen to her without question as she's never been wrong…

          • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

            Awesome ! Speechles !… just imaging this is a thumbsup smiley —> 🙂
            And another thing…be safe..


              thank you much DID. Should let you know (as you seem genuinely interested), the electronics took ten years to develop. The key to its successful design was in not having to physically interact with the process, itself. The radio-chem toxins are so deadly, the system must operate without any human presence and minimal maintenance. However, in anticipation of those places where there's minimal hazard (residential/farms), the system can be manually operated. The goddess tells me what's needed and I simply put my hand to the 'pencil'…

              • pattersonp

                So you made a design on paper, in theory. Cool.

                Have you ever tested it with live radioactive substances? Which ones have you tested? Which ones worked?

                1 man claiming to have solved radioactive water problems…So much hot air on this forum its pretty wild…


                  @pattersonp: I'll not waste too much time responding to your insular objections; except to say, all (AND I DO MEAN ALL!!!) creativity is first realized within the cranium of the individual. From there, its realization is a matter of consensus. Of course, it's still up in the air as to whether it was Orville or Wilbur, who first posited the idea of turning bicycles into flying machines…


                  • pattersonp

                    So you're saying creativity starts in someone's brain…. OOOOOOOOK. I stick by my hot air argument, its great to dream but don't pretend its already reality and realized.

                    And You wanna design a machine that requires little to no human maintenance while somehow dealing with radioactive isotopes that do not breakdown in nature. Sounds like TEPCO got inside your brain with delusions.

                    Also using peat moss, mycelium, etc is great but then you only bio-accumulate the materials and then have the peat msos full of radioactive waste. Its kinda like what tepco is doing to the ocean, they are transfering radiation to another material (e.g. water) you just want to transfer it to somelike like PEAT MOSS that takes 10000 yrs to make? Silly.

                    • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK

                      @pattersonp: had you shown any semblance of being receptive to what I've been working on, you'd have earned a more detailed response. As it is, you can go back to staring at the ground, while others pass silently overhead…

                    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

                      Plus 2, AFTERSHOCK, for refusing to waste more time in a futile attempt at real discussion with someone who only wants to feed his/her ego.

                    • m a x l i

                      @pattersonb, I can't take any side in the water-cleaning thingy dispute. But here's some little side note for you which leads me to believe that you need to work on your imagination: It's explicitly the radioactive isotopes that DO "break down" ("in nature." Is there anywhere a place outside nature?) It's the stable isotopes that DO NOT.

              • HoTaters HoTaters

                Hi Aftershock, am educating myself on aquaponics and considering starting a small project for my family soon. Maybe expanding if successful, as I'm in a good area for it. Could your system be adapted for use in aquaponics and/or hydroponics, aquaculture systems? It will certainly be needed there. I'll be all ears (and eyes) and will be very interested in your system.

                Also — can you suggest means of educating myself re: energy generation? We're considering going off the grid. Starting small at first. These are all self-ed projects.

                Used to work in engineering related field for years & have some aquaculture training, so seems like a good fit for my family.

                Can take this to the Forum (General, non nuclear discussion) or

                If you could please provide some resources for self-study, esp. on energy generation systems, I'd be grateful. Used to know a lot about passive solar, and spouse worked as a system installer, but our knowledge is out of date.

                We're in discussion with aquaponics systems builders, but may design and build our own, as the spacial footprint for our system would be rather unusual in size and shape.

                Grazzi, glad to see you're back.


                • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

                  My vision is to integrate aquaponics and a hydroponic greenhouse into a small one acre farmstead. HoTaters. Planing to use solar powered pumps, with a stationary bicycle generator for cloudy periods. Would like to keep the greenhouse going March through November. I have a source for yellow pearch fingerlings for the aquaponic system, which would be in my wood heated living space. Better to make your own, using some valves and controllers from the industry. Will plan in the capability to take the homestead off-the-grid.

                  (If things keep going as they seem to be going, we might all be off-the-grid pretty soon). 😉

                  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

                    Here is a good place to start learning about aquaponic farming:

                  • norbu norbu

                    Hi phil. I have been growing food for many years in soil and hydro. The problem with hydro is that the nutrients strip trace amounts of metal from the pumps and put in to the food. I am a dirt farmer like the 10 generations before me. 30 pound organic watermelons. 200 pounds of pre fuku potatoes, we kept our stock from 2010. all in greenhouse. I like gravity feed water. Thanks for info.

                    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

                      Norbu, you got your pvc pipe, copper tubes, brass fitings, and iron pipe. All release stuff into the water you are pumping. Then, you got your bacteria and your algae, trying to get established in your water. Not to mention fungus! This is the reason why you have to run the pumps 24/7/365. I tell ya, it's a battle.

                      But so is all of life a battle.
                      All I can say is this:

                      Choose your battles carefully.

                      Don't be one of the last people at the grocery store on the afternoon when the SHTF, and you find yourself with a pocket full of useless dollars and empty shelves.

                      Better to greet the knock on your door with the following:
                      "Sorry your family is hungry, mister. All I have to offer you is a fish. I have two. You are welcome to one of them. I wish you well."

                    • norbu norbu

                      Yes phil that is why We stocked up. Got food for 10 years, some day it will run out, that is why we are setting up greenhouses in the desert, yes there is water and alot of sun. 700 miles from the pacific coast. Got to keep location secret. We have enough pre-fuku seed for 20 years. The big move coming soon.
                      p.s. no seafood for us.

                    • pattersonp

                      You wanna dig a hole and pretend to live inside a box while the world goes on around you? Dunno if you are a coward or just naive? Maybe "proud", or wait "prepared"?

                      Your plan sounds awesome especially "pre-Fuku" seed, farms are great…

                      but Hiding out in the desert sounds very stupid since any radioactive particles will settle on the surface and blow up in the wind…

                      Would never want a life like that, would rather die with my loved ones then be paranoid in the middle of the desert trying to avoid radioactivity that may or may not come in your life-time.


                  @HoTaters: what I'm doing is intended for such applications: closed-loop, as well as open-loop remediation (cleaning) of water. The system is scalable. It is basically composed of two main components: filtering system and process-controller. The filtering system can be scaled-up to serve large populations (city sized) or minimized to fit within a lone residential/farming environment. The key to its successful operation was the development of the process controller; which does all the 'housekeeping' and water quality monitoring. It's all done in realtime and completely fault tolerant. You can literally rip the power away from the electronics and it'll pickup right where if left off. BTW. This isn't vaporware…the electronic circuitry and software are finished…and tested. It's only a matter of finding the time (and funding) to build the filtering system. But that'll be the easy part, as most projects get hung-up on the electronics and software. That nightmare's out of the way…

                  P.S. I've been here these last few months, in the background. My latest projects have prevented me from jump'n in…love ya' sis!

                  • norbu norbu

                    pattersonp, not living in no hole. Not hiding, moving away from the coastal sea spray reach. Since you ask, I am shaolin, not coward, warrior in fact, Live in mountain area. This for you…

                    The softest in the world

                    Surpasses the hardest in the world.

                    What has no substance

                    Can penetrate what has no opening.

                    Thereby I know the value of non-action.

                    The value of teaching without words

                    And accomplishing without action

                    Is understood by few in the world.

                    LAO TSU
                    chapter 43

                    • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK

                      @norbu: you can safely ignore this 'person'. They're not interested in explanations or discourse. Just read-back through their posts and you'll get what's going on…

          • Anthony Anthony

            Hurray Hurray Hurray!

      • orsobubu orsobubu

        Aftershock, I know the seriousness of your arguments, I'd be really curious to know something more, is there any other article where you explain in more detail your system?


          @orsobubu: when the time's right; and it will be…soon…

        • pattersonp

          No because it doesn't exist and cannot work.

          If GE/Hitachi cannot purify water, 1 person in the USA cannot either.

          • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

            All design started on paper , and wtf has location to do with it ? what a miserable responses from you .
            Just the fact an individual is spending his personal time and energy trying to find whatever relief for all, no matter the outcome , is more then enough to deserve some respect !
            Maybe a bit jealous someone gets some attention ? Nonone forces you to endure "hot air" around here .

          • HoTaters HoTaters

            Are you aware of the potential of naturally occurring organisms in absorbing/adsorbing and digesting toxic waste and radiation?

            Mycellium and Peat Moss possess these characteristics. (See Paul Stamets videos and interviews re: mycellium).

            I'd like to see people researching the ability of peat moss to remediate radioactive spills and contaminated water. Just have a feeling there is potential there.

            In the 1990's a boat was developed which used a peat moss boom to encapsulate and absorb oil spills.

            Here's an example — a study using peat moss to remediate lead in soils. The study discusses the potential of peatmoss in remediating other forms of heavy metal contamination (stating it's much needed).


            Here's another one, discussing adsorption of Cobalt II from aqueous solution using modified peat moss (by title; it's published online):

            Cobalt (II) Removal from Aqueous Solutions by Adsorption on Modified Peat Moss
            C. Caramal ău, L. Bulgariu, M. Macoveanu

            And this:


            Just have to wonder how the peat moss beds are faring, given all this interest in the stuff, and its usefulness.

          • What garbage you spout!

            Nukes have been filtering "impurities" (i.e., fuel/fission product contaminates as well as chemicals and minerals) out of reactor coolant and tertiary loop water systems for as long as the scaled-up rattletraps have existed. The cesium filtration add-on at Fukushima that Areva installed (and TEPCO trashed with cheap replacement parts) was resin-based. But for contaminate levels in home well/spring systems and municipal supplies, there's about a dozen decent manufacturers out there offering triples that remove iodine, cesium, strontium, barium and the full range of heavy metals. You have to stock filters, but if you don't waste water for ingestion on washing your car and clothes, they last for a time.

            Get the activated charcoal and A4 zeolites do a fine job along with the standard heavy metal filters.


              go easy on him JoyB. He's obviously new to all of this. I would've elaborated on the current state-of-the-art in isolating radioactive toxins from water, but who am I to stand in the way of this individuals 'enlightened' attitude…

              • Sorry to have been short, but this isn't exactly new technology. About the only radioactive isotopes you can't 'filter' (which is actually a binding process) are the nobles. Xenon, argon, krypton. They don't bind with anything, which is why they call 'em "noble" (don't know how "noble" that really is, but that's what they're called anyway).

                The entirety of the air filtration system at TMI were banks upon banks of refrigerator-sized activated charcoal filters. That got 100% saturated within mere minutes of the start of the accident. They had to decay enough to approach before they could be changed out, and then there weren't enough new ones anywhere to do the job. High dose work, burned out dozens of laborers every day. And it was a resin clog in the demineralizer that set the whole thing off. That's not new either.

                There are good home filtration systems that will keep the crap out of your drinking water. I suggest a system with separate drinking water line, because the basic supply isn't going to be so contaminated you can't bathe or wash your clothes with it unfiltered.


                  interesting JoyB. Tritium is also an issue, when cleaning water. Can't recall the timeline this late in the day, but from what I've read, it will eventually dissipate from a body of water. Supposedly, most every-other radioactive toxin can be successfully removed from water; assuming of course, appropriate filtering processing.

                  I'm finishing up another design these last few days (emergency power supply), which is scheduled to go to the machinist before final assembly. I'm burnt-out from looking at monitor screens, during the modeling phase. Good thing is, all the parts that are coming in are true to the CAD model plots. Working from engineering specs gets harrowing; especially when you know that it only takes a moment of lost attention to inject an error which can propagate throughout a design. Fortunately, I quit smoking weed a long time ago…

                  Have a great sleepy-bye!

                  • Thanks, AFTERSHOCK. You're right about tritium, not much anyone can do about that, but the levels aren't atrocious. Most places.

                    Back in 1980 or so there was this big project on trying to figure out why Los Alamos – highest per capita IQs in the country at the time – also happened to have the highest cancer rate. That got spread around some to surrounding counties. They checked into a number of suspect issues. Waste buildings and burial places, the damned linear accelerator (which was found to be irradiating the hell out of commuters daily on the bypass just beyond the target zone), but the only really untoward thing they found was that they'd been releasing tritium for years into the arroyo out back of the labs.

                    Same arroyo that emptied into the irrigation canals for the hundreds and hundreds of acres of chili peppers grown in the area. Turned out self-destructing green chili peppers aren't all that good for you… §;o)

                    Still, the biggest danger to Americans (and the rest of the world) from Fukushima are airborne releases. Loss of the Pacific food chains will be devastating, but not insurmountable. Tritium is the least of that problem. The only way it gets into your water supply is fallout – airborne. G'night!

                    • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK

                      obvious JoyB, the reigning post war mentality of the 'victors' produced a can-do-no-wrong attitude in those who were a part of the nuclear technologies industry. Kicking drums of contaminated effluent into a river was the norm back then. Curious if they'd do the same, nowadays…

                  • SnorkY2K

                    I had to design and build a system for a plant with radionuclides that had to compete with a local nuclear plant for nuclear grade de-ionizing resin. We had a series of filters including UV, sock, sand, charcoal, dual bed DI, and a huge mixed bed DI with 4 sets of sixteen polishing bottles filled with mixed bed reain. The plants that we competed with had 54 sets of bottles for polishing. 2 sets of bed would purify water to the point where our site glasses would be eched in a few weeks and you could see through them anymore. Nothing that was not hydrogen or oxygen made it through except the nobles but it was possible that radioactive nobles can decay. Also, the oxygen in the water may also have picked up neutrons . So, dwell in the tanks can pick off some. But, for the most part, deuterium and tritium aren't easy fruit to pick. The other four isotopes of hydrogen are very short lived.

                    • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK

                      @SnorkY2K: very cool stuff you guys were doing. I'm amazed at the amount of geniuses who are floating on the enenews wave…

                  • orsobubu orsobubu

                    AFTERSHOCK, in the video of the italian link, they say that the patented technology starts finding the contaminants sniffing them by means of a thermodynamic process: evaporation is produced, and the change of state from liquid to vapor permits to control the dragging effect for which the steam produced by the heat drags a part of radioactive molecules to the detectors. Does your system work this way too?

                    • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK

                      @orsobubu: in principle, that is correct. Not seeing a diagram of their system, I can only guess to what they're precisely doing…

      • WindorSolarPlease

        Good luck AFTERSHOCK.

        I wish we had something to purify water/ocean, food, people, air. This earth is a contaminated place.

        • Usefulbreather

          I agree. I also wish we had worldwide leaders who would implement it with the efficiency that they coat the skies in chemtrails.

          • WindorSolarPlease

            Hi Usefulbreather

            Thank you..I wish all leaders would be working together in peace, being up front, truthful, protecting this earth and the people.

          • unincredulous unincredulous

            Hope those chemtrail planes are ready to spray zeolite.

            • unincredulous unincredulous

              Just in case any chemtrail pilots are reading, please spray liquid zeolite, not powder. Breathing the powder causes mesothelioma.


          agreed WSP. I get very depressed thinking on the stupidity and arrogance of humans. Within less than a century, we essentially disrupted a finely tuned and balanced system. Of course, our collective 'sins' will eventually lead to a greater appreciation of what's left on our plate. Such humbling revelation will force the redirection of our priorities, as well…

  • JimJim

    I'd like to know the protocol they follow as they move through the array. I think they should:
    – in a checkerboard manner, identify the most structurally sound cask.
    – pull it out and replace it with a boron laced cask (devoid of any fuel of course). This to maintain structural integrity of the entire array, and to hopefully limit criticality events.
    – continue on until complete.

    Hopefully they'd be able to remove as much fuel as possible before they hit the problematic casks.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    ABC kills story on possible west coast evacuation if Fukushima Crisis worsens:

    This is the first mention I've seen from an "expert" that the entire west coast should be ready for evacuation because of Fukushima.

    Still no plan to locate and mitigate the 3 missing cores, eh, TEPCO?
    What's the matter, ABC? No guts, no glory! 😉

  • nedlifromvermont

    "racks" … "casks" … assemblies or rods … criticalities, moderated or not … WHAT are we talking about? Oh, right, one big General Electric designed Fu** up. Hope they enjoyed their dividend checks, though.

    Was it worth it GE? Oh, right, you're not at "liberty" to "say" …

    peace …

    • Gasser Gasser

      Arnie ran a division that built Nuclear fuel racks, he like all the others were blinded by $$$$$$ pay checks to construct parts the BWR monsters from Hell that have paper thin safety factors, never really stopping to consider the "off the wall shit happens factor" for a technology so dangerous as it can wipeout all known living organisms, now Arnie seems to be using back peddling jargon trying to put some moral sense into his and his associates grand fuel rack design fuckup for not paying attention to the possibilities of a Plutonium ELE fire, and of course you wouldn't want to bring that up during the clinking of champagne glasses at the many up scale company party's celebrating the design and manufacturing of fuel racks for 440+


      • Gasser Gasser


        death brewing vats for turbine steam to keep the lights on at them fuel rack manufacturing facilities and their party's where mum's the word if a reactor "farts" some odorless contamination once and a while into the environment, but to them it's just a loose screw/nut that can be tightened up to correct the problem though the threads are now striped and no one can get near enough to drill out the broken part, tap some new reality threads to save what's left of the Century or future Century's.

        I build and race off road motorcycles in lava rock strewn Hawaii and know how much paying attention to unforeseen shit can happen details it takes to make them finish line bullet proof, this is not the case with the highly complicated Nuclear industry that is not finish line bullet proof.

  • This is what happens when you allow an industry to be self regulatory. No permanent solution for spent fuel. Which is why fuel pool #4 is so crowded to begin with. Managers worried about the next quarterly report to investors. Now banks pressuring for nuke restarts in japan. We all deserve better.

    • mairs mairs

      From TEPCO's explanation about one deformed fuel assembly and the date it happened, some of that fuel has been in their at least 30 years!

  • NoNukes NoNukes

    Who put the fires out in sfp4 before?

    • pattersonp

      Who said they were put out at all? Who says there is fuel even in the racks anymore?…

      Oh right, TEPCO… but doesn't everyone know TEPCO is lying… Oh right, we don't have a clue being computer experts 5000 miles away.

  • VoIPEng VoIPEng

    Take a look at and read through the email dialog. It seems to me that the worst has already taken place with SFP4 and this is all just a PR stunt.

  • dodge

    I'm beginning to think that one of the prime reasons that the US has not sited and designed permanent storage of spent fuel rather than simply filling (over-filling) the temporary storage pools sited often right next to the reactors is that the industry knows the difficulty of removal and transport of this spent fuel even under ideal conditions. Not only the transport permits and equipment but the simple difficulty of moving all this material itself. The problem for our worlds future is much greater than this disaster in Japan – I would like to think we can survive this disaster. My bigger worry is the daily increase in risk as we do nothing about the "efficient, well run" power plants all around the world. We need to continue to expand our concern beyond Fukushima.

  • VoIPEng VoIPEng

    Yep Dodge. Shut them all down. We can't control it and it is not safe. There are plenty of good, safe alternatives to energy…and they are free but I guess they don't make bombs.

    • flatsville

      Yes, yes…Shut them all down…How does that happen? You challenge re-liscensing…You do that with a LAWSUIT.

      I know people don't get this…and the ones who scream the loudest on comment boards are the least likely to belong to any group or membership organization that has actually filed a suit.

      Keyboard activists may feel good at the end of the post, but it funds nothing that assures results.

      Write a freakin' check to an anti-nuke legal fund…then post about it.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Good suggestion, and point well taken.

        • flatsville

          Try a simple search to see what the re-licensing situation is for NNPs in your state is or nearby states. Contribute become involved. If you are a ratepyer you have more input and can be a named litigant in some cases.

          The only thing that stops this is a LAWSUIT blocking their path by costing them time and money. Delay to cause capitulation is a strategy that works.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        I get it and you need to form the International Lawyer Group and fire up all the masses.

        People posting here see the dismal "Nuclear Diseased Filled Future" created by our own "Civil Authorities" that we all must by force pay taxation/rates too and we here hope that these people will wake up now and ban this Nuclear Technology from the planet all on their own.

        I believe we pay them to make such decisions for us and then to write/change the legal "Word Craft" to achieve such goals. Bottom line is if they can't/won't change the laws to benefit the tax/rate payers then the solutions are very simple…

        We do not need any "Civil Authority" on this planet anymore and they must be eliminated from the equations created… 🙁

        • flatsville

          Write a check…to some anti-nuke legal fund.

          Put up or shut up with the "Close them all down" nonsense.

          You can write your check to any number of groups being one of the longest lived and best respected.

          I got my hands full with a non-radioactive toxic dump site…the ones you don't think cause cancer.

          Oh, and the relatives of those dead children cancer victims and adults suffering with cancer would beg to differ with you.

          >>>Bottom line is if they can't/won't change the laws to benefit the tax/rate payers then the solutions are very simple…<<<

          And what are those solutions? You are going to "post" them to death?

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            So, should I send the money to the cancer charities? That has worked out real well too, but for some reason I still see millions of people running all over the place that are now cancer victims.

            You sound like our government that when ever there is a problem they just throw money at it and hope the problem goes away?

            That is why we are 17 trillion in debt, now heading to 200 trillion in debt. WE have people that actually work for us and their primary job is to eliminate any ongoing technology that is dangerous to our civilization and/or that does not work in our favor. These people actually write the laws that you and I follow.

            If they can't do their jobs, then why do we need them? If you can't get it done then why do we need lawyers or the "rule of law" at all?

            I know this concept makes way to much common sense…sorry.

  • pattersonp

    Everytime I see Gundersen talking his points, I think of Mike Tyson telling 2 people to hug it out and not fight. This guy and his wife who is very up the food chain legally have been talking this for years, now they are exploiting a very bad crisis for their own agenda, whatever that may be.

    seen this formula 100 times already: SOURCES INSIDE TEPCO TELL ME ____ IS BAD AND _____ IS WHY. Even though anyone like Fuku-Diary would have known this by reading TEPCO reports.

    He doesn't have a clue whats going on, and any source is not to be trusted what soever. Its like everyone knows how much TEPCO lies, and how inaccurate they can be, but because Arnie said so, TEPCO information is now valid? People are critical here, but when an 'expert' shows up everyone bows down and swallows every last word.

    • pattersonp

      I'm not BASHING on Arnie per say, but focusing on the methods for the entire chain of information we receive on Fukushima. We all know,info can be manipulated extremely easily because of the seriousness of the radiation, implications for millions, and the fact we only get info through TEPCO, or employees. etc.

      If we want to form a body of educated intellectuals on this subject we cannot blindly follow these 'engineers' or 'experts' because they have 'sources inside TEPCO'. Without collaboration it only makes the situation more uncertain and worse by providing completely unverified information from here-say.

      If he wants to be credible and serious, reveal the sources, anything about them. When the source told him this… etc. What does he care if he loses his 'source' anyways? His source is probably a low-level uneducated worker anyways… no way someone up the food chain in TEPCO is going to talk to a white guy named Arnie in the USA. Arnie is quickly turning into the Alex Jones of Fukushima.

      • flatsville

        >>>If we want to form a body of educated intellectuals on this subject we cannot blindly follow these 'engineers' or 'experts' because they have 'sources inside TEPCO'. Without collaboration it only makes the situation more uncertain and worse by providing completely unverified information from here-say….<<<

        If we wanted to accomplish anything, we would be writing checks to anti-nuke legal funds to kill re-licensing rather than pretending to be educated intellectuals or philosophers.

        Pick a fund. Write a check. Kill a nuke plant.

        It doesn't happen by "comment posting."

        • pattersonp

          Doesn't take away from the fact Arnie Gundersen makes money by being an anti-nuclear activist who just feeds on paranoia and fear of the unknown and people blindly follow his words.

          There's nuke plants everywhere all over the world; there's gas wells, fracking, oil, toxic fumes, cars, issues, etc, etc, etc,

          Add closing of nuke plants to the list of "things that may or may not kill us in our life-time".

          • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

            Bet Arnie isn't making a lot of money these days being an anti-nuke activist.
            Every day, I am thankful for Arnie, and the others leading the charge to end nuclear power.

            But I see people like you, pattersonp, as an obstacle to making nukes go away
            Perhaps you are just in a bad mood.
            Perhaps you have a bad attitude.
            But I hope you can find something here to brighten your mode.

            If you can't, I'd ask that you hold your peace, and just read and learn for a bit before you make destructive posts. Many thanks. Peace. No nukes.

          • That last line is quite clever, and I appreciate the giggle. Dark humor has its place.

          • flatsville

            >>>Add closing of nuke plants to the list of "things that may or may not kill us in our life-time".<<<

            I don't care much re: how much money Gundersen makes or doesn't make. He's beside the point.

            I do care that pound per pound a NPP is more toxic and for a much longer time frame than other plants when they "go bad."

            Thousands…millions of years is what we're talking about. You do understand that, correct?

            And the contaminated spread impossible to contain or even predict when a NPP goes bad, right?

            This ain't a nasty little spill that might get cleaned-up if enough peole scream loud enough…

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          Why do you need legal fund money? Lawyers are already rich. 🙂

  • Nick

    I'd like to see a 24/7 webcast dedicated to this crisis. Only credible experts, nuclear accident survivors, medical experts who are not bought by special interests, and journalists who are able to provide actual factual information.

    Also included should be real-time radiation monitoring of the waters and land and atmosphere (stratosphere, troposphere as well).

    This way we can all at least share the truth as the world slips into decay and ruin, as we watch our children waste away with undiagnosable diseases, and as we bury our dead.

    Everything points to a point of no return.

    Obviously such a webcast would be hacked by nuclear and NSA shills. But it's worth a try.

    Isn't it weird that superstition now trumps science? Some of us want to BELIEVE that there is hope, but the science is pointing towards a tragic poisoning of huge chunks of the planet's biosphere.

    Whatever happens, I can't let hate rule my life. As I decline in health, I would rather love to punch the idiots in the mouth who sold us on this horrendous technology. But of course, that's impossible.

    I say tell it like it is. Game over.

    • pattersonp

      so you already assume you're going to die? What an awful way to live. I cannot share you depressed outlook on something as beautiful as Life. And then you want to 'punch' people for spewing radiation. For what purpose will that do yourself or anyone else now nad in the future?

      You need to meditate, get away in nature, listen to music, smoke a fatty and become human again. Also, children have been wasting away from diseases for thousands of years… using that as a pretext for your crappy outlook is a foolish one. Stop trying to look for sadness everywhere because of Fukushima, you'll only die lonely and extremely unhappy.

      Look up stillborn statistics from 100 years ago in Europe, the fact we live to 50 today is startling. Radiation wasn't even around then of this sort (no plutonium, etc)… and still children were dying from diseases.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Sounds to me like Nick has already come to terms with his own situation. So is it necessary for you to tell him how he's supposed to live? Or die? Why can't that just be his choice w/o your inserting your judgmental comments? Your posts sound pretty negative for someone who self proclaims to be "right on with the light on." P\Your post sounded pretty close to flaming. Maybe you need to take your own advice.

      • Gasser Gasser

        Moody Blues; Nights in White Satin


        Workers in white Hazmat's
        Never reaching cold shutdown end,
        Plans not well written,

        Disregarding Worlds end.

        Commonsense they all missed

        With greedy minds before,

        Just what the truth is

        No one dare say anymore.

        'Cause they all lied to you,

        Yes, lied to you,

        Oh, how, they lied to you.

        Gazing at people,

        Some no hands or a hand,
Just what they're going thru

        They can Fukushima understand.

        Some try to tell me

        Pro Nuke thoughts they cannot defend,

        What they want you know it to be

        You will be dead in the end,

        And it's sickened you,

        Yes, sickened you,

        Oh, how, it's sickened you.

        Oh, how, your sickened.

        Workers in white Hazmat's,

        Never reaching the Corium's end,

        Professors letters written,
Never reaching the truths end.

        Bullshit I'd not missed

        With these truth eyes before,

        Just what the truth is
        Were going to die by the score.

I can't say anymore:(

        ~Gasser Classic~

      • Kassandra

        Sanitation and nutrition were what decreased infant mortality and increased longevity in the western world in the 20th century.

        Now we are undoing all of the progress we made in improving human health by destroying the eco-system and our genome.

        Geneticists warned in 1956 that atmospheric testing was going to cause heritable genetic mutations

        Fukushima Daiichi's dirty fuel spewed around the planet is going to bio-accumulate and bio-magnify and our genome is going to be impacted, the scale of which will be unprecedented on an evolutionary scale.

        No one can say with any certainty what the specific effects are going to be because we've never done anything so terrible within such a short time frame.

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        If: You were in a burning car with your family, what would you all be thinking?

        "Only the bumper is on fire we'll be ok."; " Oh, my God, we are all going to die." : "There is gas all over the ground." ; "Gosh, you are ugly when you're stressed out." ; "I forgot my condoms, Jane is going to be pissed." ; "You really should relax and enjoy life more."
        "The end of the world is at 9:17 — news at 11." "You should listen to me when I say, 'slow down, honey!"

        Who was right? Does it matter?

    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      Nick writes: "I'd like to see a 24/7 webcast dedicated to this crisis."
      There is just such a website. It's called ENEnews. 🙂
      Much knowledge and talent gather here.

      (Oh, and play nice together, boys and girls.)

      • flatsville

        I am afraid that plying sums up about 90% of what goes on here.

        If these posts were made to a PSC or a CUB and everyone wrote a check, large or small, to fund legal challenges to re-licensing, plant expansions, etc…we would be well on our way to closing down a good number of plants.

        Midwest plants are highly vunerable.

        Financing for plant expansions precarious.

  • Wyakin Wyakin

    Aftershock-if you have a viable idea/concept, and you are considering offering the information free to the public, you may want to carefully consider how to ensure that it stays in the public domaine.

    “WikiLeaks has published the secret text to part of the biggest U.S. trade deal in history, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

    A 95-page draft of a TPP chapter released by WikiLeaks on Wednesday details agreements relating to patents, copyright, trademarks and industrial design — showing their wide-reaching implications for Internet services, civil liberties, publishing rights and medicine accessibility. Critics say the deal could rewrite U.S. laws on intellectual property rights, product safety and environmental regulation”


  • dka

    Could they remove the bundle content from the bottom? Opening the bottom part of each bundle one by one.
    Maybe they need to put something on the bottom of the pool to catch the content.

    • Socrates

      "Wet catch from below" requires holes in the pool that would allow water to drain out.

      The intergrity of the concrete would be undermined and the pool would crumble.

  • WindorSolarPlease

    Quote..“very close to going critical”

    I think, we are there already

    • Usefulbreather

      With everything I have read, I believe you have to be absolutely correct. Missing boron, salt water corrosion, fuel rods bent at 90 degrees, cracks in the containment, damage to the entire SFP, leaning/collapsing structure on saturated land, constant seismic activity and now this revelation from 25 years ago. If it doesn't go critical it will be a miracle.

      • tbg

        I agree…on the cams, we have seen many strange things, the super bright light that only lights up at night, smoke blurring out the cam for extended periods, I personally on 2 separate occasions have seen a blinding white flash for a single frame, didnt have my sound on, and it was too quick for a screen cap.

        Ive heard what sounds like a geiger counter going off on the webcam, other strange lights only visible at night, sometimes so ultra bright they wash out the webcam. All in all I also believe there is fission percolating down there and if a criticality hasnt occurred with any of those flashes and smoke, I think its inevitably coming.

  • or-well

    Help me with this. Why is AG saying this now? The lack of cooling, the salt water, the de-boron-isation(?), the physics of fuel rod response under the known conditions – or suspected conditions – are not news to Arnie.

    Am I incorrect, and has he been this specific previously?

    What is it that is "news" to him? He knows about boron. Why should HE have any less confidence NOW, regardless of what level of confidence Tepco sources express? And when, exactly, did he hear of this lack of Tepco insider confidence? Just recently? THEY know about the boron sitrep too. Why would their lack of confidence suddenly appear if conditions all along would have indicated this would happen?

    I apologise in advance if I'm missing something. Something seems wrong.

    • Socrates


      AG is indeed more pesimistic in his tone in the lastest releases…

      I suspect that there are many more multiple independent risk factors in extracting damaged fuel the more is known about the condition of the fuel rods and lack of boron waffers.

      Maybe governments can no longer hide the magnitude of the risk and want to allow the cat out of the bag at long last.

      Governments are losing credibility rapidly.

      A real Tea Party could occur sparking a revolution. If we are toast on the West Coast, folks will seek to establish blame. No jobs and all radiation make Jack an unhappy boy. Rightfully so.

      How long until the grim realization sets in? QE to infinity helps only the very rich. When the food chain breaks, then what?

      No jobs, no food, radiation… When you have nothing left to lose, you lose it.

      Obama must level with the people about the danger we face, or the government will lose all credibility.

      AG wants to prepare us and is doing so slowly.

      I could be all wrong… It would not be the first time. But to me, it is so far beyond control already, and was so evident that there were triple core melts with thousands of tons of fuel with loss of cooling and explosions, that anyone's guess is as good as the next person's guess.

    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

      Perhaps Arnie did not realize the extent of damage in the SFP due to the boron wafers destruction. It sounds like the corium did indeed splatter as stated in the finding of holes in containment, does anyone know if corium weighs more than in tact fuel. I wonder if it acquires metal or just burns up the material it encounters. Also plutonium has a lower heat ratio than uranium thus I wonder if that would explain the increase in rads at the plant. It's too bad they don't use a lead sheet for the bottom of containment but once again the cost factor comes into play. The entire facility is one big radioactive swamp and I'm not sure why they continue using water as borated sand would seem like a better option, just thinking thoughts which don't really matter at this juncture. NO NUKES

  • ftlt

    I think, it's time to turn this operation over the one of those giant UFO motherships

  • ToBeExpected ToBeExpected

    ….. ‘anyone's guess is as good as the next person's guess’.
    Isn’t it a shame that we have gotten ourselves into this situation as humans. The whole planet is affected.

    The problem is electing other humans to rule us, who are corrupt and greedy…. And do we know about it when we vote for them? No, we don’t. We trust and put our faith in these imperfect humans, who nearly always have hidden agendas, for getting into public office anyway – mostly to line their own pockets, sadly.

    There are so very few sincere and honest politicians taking care of things for us today. They are so easily corrupted too, which is so sad. People say government for the people by the people, but consistently, those who are voted in have access to all sorts of powers that make them virtually untouchable, much less accountable to the likes of you and me and it turns into not for the people at all, but for them alone; a global problem, where democracy is a misnomer.

    The nuclear agenda is a very clear example of this. Only one country in the whole world has the intention to stop nuclear power; Germany. But of what use will it be other than an example; they’ll get the rest of the world’s contamination eventually anyway. 

  • or-well

    Damn it Arnie – make sense!
    You say they have to be careful not to start a chain reaction in the fuel pool, but you also refer to snapping a bundle,(!) evac-ing the refueling floor, venting the air and going back in.

    Snapping a frikkin' bundle – ho hum – release the gas and back to work, but ooooh don't let the fuel get cookin' by getting too close…
    Maybe it's me, but I think there's internal inconsistency in his message.

    Is he actually talking about the possibility of starting a criticality event that encompasses ALL the fuel in the WHOLE pool? Or one involving ONLY the fuel rods that are too close to each other?

    If the pool systems can't handle the increased heat from a bundle/assembly being pulled that is going critical, then how is shoving it back in the rack going to help if the RODS are causing a criticality from being knocked too close to each other in the bundle/assembly in the first place?

    Would all the rods "turn back on" including the ones that have been cooling for 10, 15, 20, 25 years?

  • razzz razzz

    It is interesting that Arnie's got what he wished for, a separate building along side U4 to remove its fuel, now Arnie is afraid it is very dangerous to remove fragile fuel without proper shielding. I understand wading through the propaganda coming out of TEPCO trying to get important details of the true status of the plant and relying on unofficial information to draw a picture but logically yanking out fuel wedged in by debris is going to lead to bundles getting stuck. Then what? Did anyone totally think the plan thru yet? If Arnie had more information or thought things through he would have concluded it is not a good idea to disturb the spent fuel pools.

    If TEPCO's idea of a fix for storing contaminated cooling water is to double the size of the tank farm in a couple of years, what happens 10 years from now? How does TEPCO plan on dealing with fuel bundles stuck at various heights during removal attempts from the racks? I doubt bundles will go back down or up if wedged in.

    Instead of retiring these reactors at EOL, they modified them with new SS shrouds and load in even hotter burning fuel. Only U4's pool is overloaded with an entire core load than was never meant to be stored and crammed in a pool. It is only there because they were trying to take a chance to extend the life of an aged reactor, like U3.

    Unlike others, I see the laymen postings here as an introduction to the nuclear industry. A good place to start if you have an inquiring mind.

    • weeman

      Yes razz it is the layman that we need to educate, this is exactly where my education begun and continues and I see posters going through the same process and questions as I did and no matter how many times we have to answer the same question, it is a pleasure to inform.

  • dark_horizon

    I keep telling people of the danger posed by this and am ignored. They all say I'm being "sensationalist"! I guess people in the northern hemisphere will have to learn the hard way! What a MSM blackout, unbelievable. I don't think most in the US know or care about this. Even when their hair starts falling out they'll just wonder why.


      @dark_horizon: the other day, someone was telling me how they overheard a customer at WholeFoods asking one of the employees in the vegetable department, where something was from. When they responded, "California", the guy put it down and moved on. Apparently, there are many others who do know what's happened. The issue of awareness hinges on thinking others don't know or care. That's where the MSM comes in to do its job of keeping us all at odds with reality…

      • zardoz2012 zardoz2012

        I live in NYC and I buy a local brand of baby spinach. I noticed today that on the new packages they have added a cute little sticker that reads "Locally Packed". I think they have added it because they know that people are starting to become wise to the fallout.

        Farmers Direct is the brand. Now I think I will buy that brand exclusively.

        • Kassandra

          I've decided there is no hiding if you live under the jet stream much of the year.

          We don't each Pacific seafood anymore, but produce is hard to predict given that hot spots can occur anywhere hot rain comes down.

          In general, there is no reliable way to test your food without a scintillator, although some clever person suggested using multiple geiger counters simultaneously around a food item.

          If only our governments would test and simultaneously adopt the precautionary principle.

        • Zardos I worked in a spinach packaging facility in Toronto. All spinach arrived from california in wooden baskets and got washed cello packaged and delivered "packed in Canada."
          You need to be sure where it was actually grown.

  • antipodes

    Science Daily News March 27, 2012 Article by American Chemical Society, concerning work by Dr.Allen Apblett about radiation removal from drinking water, juices, etc. 202 872-4600, 202 872-6042, 405 774-5943. Called, must be busy no reply yet.

  • They're postponing fuel rod removal:

    "The operators of the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant have postponed the extremely complicated and difficult task of removing damaged atomic rods.

    New video footage from a robot has revealed new leaks within the damaged reactors meaning the rods now can’t be taken out as planned.

    One of the fuel assemblies was damaged as far back as 1982 when it was mishandled during a transfer and is bent out of shape.

    Kazuaki Matsui, the executive director of Japan’s Institute of Applied Energy said: “It’s very difficult to remove a spent rod because parts of the wall and the bottom of the reactor are all melted. We’ve never had to deal with this before so that adds to the complication.”"

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      I must be suffering from radiation hysteria, or pandorium. I could have swore it was many days ago that I saw this post. Don't tell me it was only yesterday.

  • What's with the "Conspiracy Radio" YouTube link Enenews?

    The Fairewinds video Arnie's most recent comments in this story. Not sure why you'd want to link to that ranting rubbish.

    • Jebus Jebus

      Once I was blind, till the truth, allowed me to see.
      It's about the message, not the messenger…

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        Actually, it might be about the messenger. In the video Arnie Gunderson appears to disappear and reappear several times.

        Arnie might be a dimensional traveler with a bladder problem. He might be an angel dealing with nuclear issues on another planet simultaneously with ours. Perhaps he is suffering from molecular dissolution from nuclear exposure. Maybe Microsoft still sucks. He may have a virus. Truth.

        You won't see this kind of conjecture on the Alex Jones website. Despite what some would have you think.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Absolutely 🙂

  • Wouldn't be surprised they move all the safe fuel and leave whatever melted or is distorted. I believe the bent fuel they talk about didnt happen back in the day but happened when the water boiled as Gunderson suggests. I know a bunch of you believe the fuel already burned. I respect that but clearly there are many like myself who believe at least some of the fuel is salvagable. Tepco is admitting some problem but they wouldnt build all that infrastructure for nothing. Because the bastards are so cheap Im going with the theory they wouldnt spend the money for nothing. If some fuel remains maybe they will bury it in concrete. I wonder what difference burnt old used fuel rods compare to new burnt fuel rods?

  • rogerthat

    Arnie says the bundles of fuel rods in sfp4 ''got extraordinarily hot from not being cooled off the better part of a couple weeks, and they also were exposed to salt water.''

  • Did that even make sense? I mean if some of the fuel caught fire and salt or fresh water cooled it off what fuel rods burned or melted if any? And would it matter if they were fresh rods or spent in pool 1? 2, 3, 4, ??? Number of years in pool. Just another mess to deal with and clearly when something goes wrong with these machines it really goes wrong and your company is turned to shit.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Ain't that the truth.."your company is turned to shit." 🙂

  • Roger. Yeah and it seems that now they have benn exposed to salt water they are contaminated. They could never store them at Rokasho because it would contaminate the rods already therefor p processing. Therefore the rods are going into the common spent fuel pool at fukushima so what are the implications of all that spent fuel being contaminated or what if salt water entered the common spent fuel pool. Did that happen?

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Well, not sure about that investment concept, since the yours/mine/theirs "Civil Authority" has funded and then back stopped all losses with taxpayer dollars to the tune of many many of trillions of once again.. public taxpayer dollars.. 🙁

    Plenty of people have walked away from the "Civil Authority" table/trough very rich/wealthy indeed!

    • Very true, Obe. You are very wise. It is this historic tie as the original nuclear reactors were built for the sole purpose of producing plutonium for bombs nobody wanted. But private investors, in àmerica are not investing and it has slowed the industry down.

      • Wyakin Wyakin

        @9:36-“Its a very poor investment with many inherent risks.”

        While the appetite for nuclear debt is currently at an all time low, banks with existing investments want their debt repaid and will go to great lengths to make that happen.

        They are the silent partners of death who lobby legislators for incentives and approvals, and pressure regulators to extend operating licenses despite known geological and mechanical safety NPP shortcomings which could result is catastrophe.

        Who are these banks?

        Big money still has big interest in maintaining the aged and decrepit NPP fleets operating until they can’t.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      Yeah, its a all a ponzi scheme upon a ponzi scheme upon a ponzi scheme upon a ponzi scheme.

      They "bailout" this entity or that entity with a promissory note that future generations are supposed to pay. They have used the collateral of the next 5o generation to make junk loans to remedy about 300 generations of problems. Now, they will just keep promising to remedy the nuclear waste storage problems with the next 50 generations of income (at an average of $7.50/hr wages no doubt)

      And if they hold true to the master scammers code, the collateral is as bogus as their word. In other words: there are no future generations. It all makes sense now. I knew I could find some consistency to this sum of all fears. Bravo, well done, Kudos, and flatulance for the king of the dung heap, Inc.

  • This is an overview of what we are talking about. Unit four has way more spent fuel then 1 2 or 3. But 5 and 6 have even more.

  • Spent Fuel:

    Each fuel assembly weighs about .5 tonsEach fuel assembly contains 50 to 70 fuel rods, an 8×8 BWR fuel assembly contains 64 fuel rods plus 2 hollow tie rods.Common pool inventory: 6375

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    [message from Harvey Wasserman
    "Hello Everyone:

    "Arnie Gundersen has put up a new video on the fuel rod removal at Fukushima.

    "It cuts to the core of whgat we now face at Unit Four.

    "Please also remember to sign his petition to remove Tepco from the rod removal process.

    "The company keeps postponing the beginning of this critical operation.

    "The whole world must be watching!

    "No Nukes, Harvey Wawwerman"

  • irhologram

    Question: Arnie said in C2C the EQ was a 7.3 at sea and in the 5s close to Fukushima, before the tsunami. Where do those seismic readings come from?

  • razzz razzz

    irhologram: Not sure what you are asking. Earthquakes sensors all over Japan and at nuke sites (quakes sensors recorded the blast strength of each Unit blowing up) to forewarn of shocks (P-waves) and SCRAM the reactors. 9/11 quake was a 9.0 at sea and less strength further away from the epicenter around 7.0 at Daiichi but it is not only the intensity but the duration of the movement that is damaging. Tokyo further away shook for over 2 minutes. "…with its epicenter approximately 72 km (45 mi) east of the Oshika Peninsula of Tōhoku, Japan, lasting approximately six minutes…" Can you even imagine the earth intensely shaking under your feet for 6 continuous minutes? I think you will find your answers at the same place the quote came from…

  • razzz razzz

    Just because the nuclear industry finds it to expensive and adds to the costs to safely run a nuke generating plant doesn't mean tritium and noble gases can't be captured or how else would industry acquire them for their usage. The nuclear industry just downplays whatever they consider unimportant or a hindrance to profit.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Are our memories so clouded with information that has been repeated so many times that we are in FIFO mode?

    I think that at the start of this megadisaster that Arnold had made observations that were spot on at the time and prophetic. Current events have necessatated additional comments and observations to accurately describe the situation.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    "Very close to going critical"..
    What is the impetus for the material to have not already gone into criticality before?
    Is he referring to the condition of the unit since the original explosion?
    Or the continuing degradation of conditions at Unit 4?

    (PS..I hear the rustling of pom-pom..)

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Just curious..what is Gundersen's explanation for the explosion of Unit 4?

  • pjrsullivan

    Velocity power sources were first proven real by Newark New Jersey's Henry Paine, with a demonstration of his free energy table saw in 1871.

    A decade later, the dominant players of planet earth, vetoed the development of life sustaining, velocity technology. Victoria's secret, "Extinguish them humble," March 11, 1881.

    By maintaining private control over the issue of our money, the dominant players have forced in the deadly nuclear technology of genocide.

    Free Read, "Free Energy Here and Now and Then: Velocity Power Sources, at:

    Or read the theoretical aspects of tapping into high speed earth motion here:

    Is it not possible to get labor to take over here and bring some real engineers in to shut that Hitachi-GE menace down?

    The Martians pulled their blast force off of us, must labor not help us by getting on board and pulling their waste force off of us?

    Please labor, STRIKE THEM OUT, and take hold of our paper and use it for peace.

    Do we not comprehend that the poly hybrids in Japanese shells are scheming to blow Hitachi-GE sparklers up on us?

    You won't let them do this to us will you labor?

    We're praying you will see the light and get them off.


    If you have a geiger counter and are currently taking air sample reading, are you using an air purifier to increase detection rates?

    If not, take a look here:

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Better stand by with a pile of zeolite and bentonite and whateverite. When that thing goes better be quick.
    what if you won the a billion dollars in the lottery and the world ended the following Monday? That sounds like my luck, so I guess I'll go buy a pack of smokes and a dozen tickets. I could still die happy if money meant anything to me. Maybe I could still get a ticket to Parrotopia.