Gundersen on Fukushima Contamination in US: You need to be careful about what’s on your feet, especially for West Coast — Other than that we can’t run and we can’t hide, it’s everywhere (VIDEO)

Published: June 18th, 2012 at 11:23 pm ET


Fairewinds’ Gundersen on Capitol Forum: Fukushima Daiichi and the Nuclear Picture in the US and Internationally
Capitol Forum w/ Tom Ritter
June 10, 2012

At ~23:00 in

What this means, especially for the west coast, is that you need to be careful about what’s on your feet. 80% of the dirt that gets in your house comes in on your shoes…

Dry dusting makes it worse… wet dusting is really recommended.

Being really careful about house cleanliness, especially on the west coast, to me that would be a no-brainer for anybody in the Cascades or anybody in these areas where hot particles fell out as a result of a thunderstorm…

Other than that we can’t run and we can’t hide. It’s everywhere…

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Published: June 18th, 2012 at 11:23 pm ET


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66 comments to Gundersen on Fukushima Contamination in US: You need to be careful about what’s on your feet, especially for West Coast — Other than that we can’t run and we can’t hide, it’s everywhere (VIDEO)

  • lam335 lam335

    He says something about a hotspot in Arkansas (@22:30). This is the first I have heard about significant fallout there. Does anyone have any other information about that?

  • Arnie is warning us.

    I've been trying to understand what is really at stake in the Fukushima disaster and the obvious answer that took me forever to fully comprehend is the plutonium issue.

    Japan has been stockpiling plutonium for decades. They may have a just-in-time nuclear weapons program.

    Even if they don't, they have stockpiled at least 8.7 tons of separated plutonium in the country and who knows how much mox fuel is stockpiled.

    Reactor 3 was mox and there may have been mox fuel stored at the plant in fuel pools.

    Reactor 3 had between 32 to 164 mox assemblies in the reactor core.

    Chernobyl did not run on plutonium or mox fuel.

    Lots of plutonium may have been released.

    And Fukushima was not the only reactor damaged. Tokai has been processing and probably storing plutonium for decades. That plant has had reported problems.

    I think the issue is that never before has so much plutonium been released into the atmosphere and sea.

    Plutonium emits alpha particles, one of which can break your DNA and damage surrounding cells so that they reproduce mutations.

    For details and all of my sources please see my essay on this subject here

    • Jebus Jebus

      BINGO! majia,

      That is the darkest side of this very dark global disaster.
      That is the reason for the silence in the media.
      That is the reason that, "it's their disaster."
      That is the reason #3 is never mentioned.
      That is the reason that many will die.
      That is the reason that this IS the worst global disaster in human history.

      P L U T O N I U M

      The kak that is everywhere…

      • It sure took me a long time to really understand how significant the plutonium issue really is.

        I know others had been emphasizing the issue, but I really didn't get it until I started looking at the research on the role of alpha particles in cell death and mutations in bystanding cells.

        In contrast, all of the MIT research studies on mice and gamma rays are totally irrelevant for understanding what plutonium does once it is inside your body.

        Nuke Professional has a number of good posts on plutonium

        • Jebus Jebus

          Yes majia,

          Plutonium is man made, rarely found in nature.

          The alpha energy of plutonium has been known since 1940.

          The chemical toxicity of plutonium has been known since the human radiation experiments.

          The DNA and cell damaging effects of alpha energy has been known since the early 1900's

          The difference in internal emitters versus external emitters has been very well studied since Madame Curie met her fate.

          We know this is very bad. Fukushima reactor #3 exploding it's MOX fuel sky high, was a very bad day for all life on earth.

          Radiation Dosimetry: Why Internal Emitters Are Different

    • Excellent point! PLUTONIUM:

      "Plutonium emits ALPHA particles,…"

      "Chernobyl did not run on plutonium or mox fuel."

      "…never before has so much plutonium been released into the atmosphere and sea." – by majia (from above)

      Repeated here for emphasis in case you didn't quite get it the first time.

      This is important. It is a critical aspect to understand.

  • Altheasunlvr

    There were high readings in Ft Smith, AR. There is a NPP at Lake Dardenell, which may be a part of the high readings source. However, Little Rock was running similar readings, until that station was "modified" and Ft Smith shut down. I have downloads of the EPA Radnet reports, before the EPA closed that monitoring station. I did post these a couple of months ago in response to another poster's comments. I also have reports from Amarillo, which were extremely high, before that station was taken down. There is a U.S. weapons plant there. I am in Ok. Neither the Tulsa nor OKC monitors are up. Both were taken down. Then Kansas was taken down, then Amarillo. If I had $$ for equipment, I would be posting readings daily. Just watching the surrounding area counts and weather patterns. There have been a consistently high level of cases of respiratory, sore throats, and digestive ailments in my office of 30, as well as family. Blamed on OK allergies. Not been this bad in past years.

    • Yes the extent and severity of ailments is terrible among people I know, including co-workers, students, and my family and you've nailed them: sore throats, digestive ailments, respiratory problems.

      My husband who travels by air for work coughs constantly now.


      • NoNukes NoNukes


        I thought of your husband, and everyone who flies often, when I flew to Portland for our goddaughter's graduation. Our new Radiation Alert Inspector geiger counter arrived just before, and we took it on the plane. At 37,000 ft, we did a 10 minute average and it was 1, 060 CPM on the way there (6/6), and 1, 072 CPM on the way back (6/10). Our readings were very similar to those described on Enviroreporter back in January, Collins states that it is supposed to be about 200 CPM. Following Collins, we wore the N95 masks just in case they might help (my husband said, "we have now crossed the over the line into crazy"), but no one blinked an eye, it made me wonder how common it is now.

        I have been so sick since, had the "stomach flu," thyroid swelling, swollen glands, fatigue, now 9 days later, finally feel better.

        • dharmasyd dharmasyd

          NoNukes: A question. Are your readings in thousands? Is that 1K 60 CPM and 1K 72 CPM? Seems so high, I just have to ask. Even though I've been on this site since close to the beginning, I guess I'm still naive. But over 1K CPM is really, really scarey.

          • NoNukes NoNukes

            Yes, I'm sorry to be the bearer of this news, dharmasyd, 1060 CPM and 1072 CPM. 🙁

            Even though I had read about Collins' higher readings on his plane trip, it was still upsetting to watch it go up so high.

            Locally, our lowest readings in Berkeley and San Francisco have been 32 CPM with sun and the highest 41.8 CPM with very light rain (6/4). Generally, about 37 CPM. I will try to post regularly for all of the SFBay enenewsers once I dig myself out of the pile of work I now have.

            • dharmasyd dharmasyd

              Thanks NoNukes, for the reply. And I'll thank you in advance for any Bay Area postings of Jimminy Clickers!

        • NoNukes

          Thank you for sharing your story and I am so sorry about your likely radiation-induced illness.

          Counts that high certainly are alarming, particularly given the likely presence of alpha and beta particles.

          We've had those symptoms here as well but they come and go.

          I've read that watermellon, in addition to pectin, can help absorb radionuclides in the digestive system and expel them.

          If we don't get this stuff out of our system it may kill us over time….

      • StPaulScout StPaulScout

        Just an FYI Majia. Not sure if your husband was recently put on Lisinopril but, Lisinopril (generic), Prinivil (brand name) and Zestril (brand name) can all produce a side effect of coughing. So can these since they contain Lisinopril, Prinzide (brand name) and Zestoretic (brand name). Just thought you may want to check this info out.

    • Based on my personal observations I would also say that I AGREE fully with Altheasunlvr and majia.

      I live in a small mountain town in central California and I am seeing it too. Many sick. Too many at once to not notice something has 'seriously' weakened immune systems. We knew this would most likely happen. We knew that the already sick, elderly and children would be affected first.

      The overall damage and suffering to life and our planet will be staggering.

  • c

    Help us get the truth out about the disaster!!!

    We are trying to raise money to put the film on Blu ray so its available in theatres

    Could you share my link on your wall?

  • At about 2:14 in he makes it sound like only March, April and May of last year were bad, …so… we're not talking about airborne radiation now!

    We should be talking about airborne now. The readings and testing by independent rad detectives is STILL overwhelming and shows elevated levels with random hot spots.

    Arnie's random number of "We're 10,000 times better off than the Japanese" seemed out of place to me. Maybe, in a way, attempting to give false hope.

    I understand this was not a specific fact, but was most likely an exaggerated general statement for emphasis. Which people sometimes do. However, maybe if you're talking about the biggest man-made catastrophe in history you should avoid making up numbers.

    I would say we are more like '5 to 10' times better off than Japan. Oops… I did it too. I just made those numbers up.

    • jec jec

      "10,000 times better off than the Japanese"..well that doesn't make me feel good. I don't want to be 10,000 times better than "dead man" walking! 10,000 better death is still dead! And i means a slow and painful death for our future children.

    • Bobby1

      Arnie is totally full of it, the situation is much worse now than it was March-May of last year.

      He is a flat-out liar.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Yep, many many people with a chronic cough that I know of.

    • Timerunner

      The cough is wide spread here in S.C., seems worse after a rain or wind, and after doing the lawn.
      I notice four months ago the tree leaves had brown spots and some spots looked like a liquid had run down the leaves. I checked different tree leaves and they all showed the same spots or runs. The leaves looked burnt with a dark rustic color. There were no holes in the leaves, just the brown color that looked like paint drops.
      there were some bubbles on a few of the leaves, as though something hot had made the leaf bubble, strange.

      • Bobby1

        All the leaves on plants and trees in my yard have holes in them, but I haven't seen snails or Japanese beetles. The holes are worse under an awning where rain flows off of it onto the leaves. This is 30 miles from the White House. Also saw clover that turned dark red.

      • @Timerunner and Bobby1: noticed the same on trees, oddly colored clover, and hearing "the cough" in the NC Mountains and Piedmont areas.

    • truthseek truthseek

      Chronic cough… I heave been tempted to go into the doctor specifically for chronic cough. I almost feel like I have had walking pneumonia. My chest has never felt worse. And does not seem to get any better. I am growing worried.

      • Timerunner

        I have spoken to several ladies who seem to be having a worse time with the cough than are the men, I asked them how long have they had the cough and I have been told by a few of them for many months, and one did mention the same as you she was thinking about having the cough checked.
        I have mention to them as a cncerned neighbor to stay out of the rain, and remind them of the radiation fallout from Fukushima, and to stay informed.
        I have notice the tightness in the chest, from time to time, I think some of the discomfort in the chest could be due to the cough, But Since you mention the same symptoms I'll pay closer attention to that for myself and others.
        Believe it or not some people don't even remember the disaster in Japan, but after a couple minutes reminding them they remember something about it.
        There is definitely a news black out on the danger we are all living in.

        • truthseek truthseek

          I routinely take bromelain (pineapple) enzyme to control viral/bacterial respiratory tract infections and general symptoms. But after 15 years of consistent benefit and use, it has had limited effect. At points I feel like I am going to drown in mucus… Much like a runny nose, I discharge SO much mucus from, chest, sinus and at times digestive tract. TMI, I realize' but to comment with any content, I cannot leave the details out.

          • ShineTheLight

            Try lugols. It can also be beneficial for respiratory ailments.

          • Insight

            Dairy products are known as the most mucous-producing food there is.
            Also in the book "North American Diet," it is explained that foods that contain gluten, such as anything with rye, wheat, oats or barley, are mucous-producing foods. So limiting your intake of these foods might help your condition.

            Hyssop, or Hyssopus officinalis, is a hardy evergreen shrub-like plant that is used in herbal preparations. Hyssop is a strong expectorant that removes mucus from respiratory passages and breaks up lung congestion. Hyssop also possesses anti-microbial properties, acting to clear up a viral or bacterial infection causing excess production of mucus, such as the common cold or bronchitis. Only use hyssop as directed by your physician; AltMD warns that taking hyssop for an extended period of time can cause convulsions. Don't give hyssop to children.

            Hope you feel better soon.

    • ruth

      Try Colloidal Silver. Take 5 to 10 teaspoons daily for bad cold and 3 teaspoons daily to maintain good health. I got rid of my last very bad cold in February that had persistently hung on for three weeks (even with antibiotics) until I took Colloidal Silver. It cleared the cold in 3 days and I have had no respiratory symptoms since. So many people have recommended colloidal silver but I was skeptical. It works, try it. It is expensive so I got my own colloidal silver machine.

  • Timerunner

    Has radiation test been done on the east coast of S.Carolina this year, 2012? food, plants, people.?
    we are in Columbia,S.C., we're about 154 miles inland from the coast heading west.

    I'm new on this site so thanks for any help.
    many of us here in Columbia, Florence, Sumter, S.C. have the persistent caugh.

  • WindorSolarPlease

    Thank You Arnie. Wishing that you're wrong, but that is just a wish, not fact. I believe it's here, and more to come.

  • many moons

    "Being really careful about house cleanliness, especially on the west coast, to me that would be a no-brainer"

    A no brainer????
    Most people can't even comprehend what has happened to the planet….that really is offensive!

    Arnie must realize that the vast majority of individuals, have no concept that there is even a problem in Japan, much less become vigilant about what is on their feet or their childrens feet, or what their pets may be bringing in to the house…..If there is a no brainer here it's how these nuclear energy nuts didn't see all these problems coming, or have the courage to tell about the risks they have exposed us to!

  • jec jec

    US Department of Energy has a system to measure radiation from satellite! They notified Japan during first days of 3/11 what the levels of radiation was. Bet they have the same information US where is it? The system is from US Taxpayer dollars so publish the information! Kind of sneaky too, we would all ask EPA (they monitor, right?) via FOIA or other requests.and EPA says they dont measure any elevation of radiation THAT true..its the Department of Energy. Guess thats the one to ask via FOIA. Any organization watchdog going to try that? Hope so, soon as it takes months.

  • pepperland pepperland

    good point jec….i'm hopeful a whistleblower will step up…..i have a few questions (relating to Arnie's nobrainer) ….we have had rain here in Minnesota regularly over the past week : it's probably not a good idea to let my son go to swimming lessons in a outside pool?….should i throw away my old umbrella?…..could i invent the 1st industrial/commercial hemp paper disposable umbrella? :)….thanks everyone for your info/views/…..peace

  • Well, looks like we now have many years of greed and stupidity on our feet:

    – bomb testing in the 60's
    – Chernobyl
    – tritium from leaking plants
    – 500 odd isotopes from Fukushima
    – depleted uranium from Europe (in food, etc.)

    and, soon:

    Designed for disaster: San Onofre nuclear plant could become California's Fukushima

    Published: 19 June, 2012, 00:14

  • odiez1 odiez1

    Oh my stomach hurts. Doc said I have an 'Angry Pancreas', but I think it's a smidgen of nuc in my gut. Keeps hurting in the same place, doc won't show me the x-rays either.. So strange, never happened until last week, now it won't stop.

  • 6feetunder 6feetunder

    As long as our dna is getting modified lets take charge of it.
    Self Designer Ritual

    This is a pathworking created to allow one to actively participate in the design of their own nervous system. First, create a free space within a chaosphere, with infinite lines emanating from it, all leading to a single point. This point: (bindu), is: (represents), the axis mundi. (the center of all things.) This ritual begins with the individuals selecting a hexagram at random from the I-Ching.

    SOT= to use as a doorway to self design. Memorize the Hexagram and store it away in your memory. Using the analogy of a conciousness (as a focus point) as a camera Lens, for the pathworking, We first use a regular lens, and then a wide angle lens , and then a telescopic lens, (visualize galaxies and stars) superimposed upon the macro lens, then finally a micro-electron microscope, until one visualizes the 64 spirals of ones own DNA molecules,(like a spiral staircase) with 6 steps in between each spiral.
    (notes from 6feetunder)
    I owned a staircase Business for a decade and made some really cool stairs. The mental gymnastics (visualization) I went through changed my DNA.

    Am watching episodes of Spiderman in order to facilitate visualization. Arnie Gunderson AKA Critical Mass knows the score. Ask him!!

  • ShineTheLight

    "Out, damned radioactive spot! Out, I say" "Here's the smell of blood still: All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten (your) little hand"

    For those that let the children consume contaminated food and milk without warning…. For those that let the children frolic in field's of radiation. Look at your hands. LOOK AT YOUR HANDS. Do you sleep ? Or do you sleepwalk like the Lady.

    • Good analogy.

      Reminds me of Pandora's Box:

      "She hastened to close the container, but the whole contents had escaped, except for one thing that lay at the bottom, which was the angel of Hope named Astrea."

      I'm not seeing the angel.

      • Cindy Cindy

        Morning P239,
        Instead of Pandora's Box.. it reminded me of the scene from "Raiders of the Lost Ark", where the Nazis opened the Ark and a Beautiful Angel flew out…which quickly then turned into a soul sucking demon! Sorta like what our Governments try to push down our throats about the beauty of Nuclear Power Plants…then when the accident occurs…the demon (radioactivity) is released!

        • It's OK Cindy, we have a backup angel to dispel all the "harmful rumours" we're spreading here on

          Fireflies a symbol of hope

          IWAKI, Fukushima–Fireflies may offer a beacon of hope for people affected by the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant.

          "Learning about Abe's efforts, members of a local merchants association in the Iwaki Yumoto hot spring area asked Abe for his support, hoping to "make fireflies near clean water a symbol to dispel harmful rumors" caused by the nuclear crisis, they said."

  • dharmasyd dharmasyd

    Give majia a Nobel Prize. Her research, reasoning, and documentation are superlative. And thanks to all the contributers to this thread– really, really good information and comments today. What we have all learned in the past year is manifesting. Wish I could contribute to the film, but I can't even get my teeth fixed. Sorry; but mainly, thanks for the great work here.

    • Thank you Dharmasyd, but it really has been a group effort.

      I've learned so much from everyone here and my to-be-published research will most certainly acknowledge Enenews contributors.

      The Internet has the capacity to allow for us all to reach higher levels of understanding on important issues, as well as fostering compassion for people throughout the globe.

      It certainly can subvert government censorship and propaganda, although it can also be subject to those, as well.

  • rockster

    You might want to try Bentanite Clay with apple juice (make sure its food grade) for stomach/intestines, read up on it. Also Psyllium husk and seed. For flu, I tried Olive Leaf Oil, and WOW, it knocked it down pretty good. Also heard Whey is good for radioactivity. Looks like Fukashima is going to be a form of population control, at least in the Northern Hemisphere. I have been paranoid about the rain (pissin on the roses) but who knows what the readings would be before Fuki?
    Oh, and no more Pacific fish for me.

  • KingofthePaupers

    especially for the west coast, is that you need to be careful about what’s on your feet. 80% of the dirt that gets in your house comes in on your shoes… Dry dusting makes it worse… wet dusting is really recommended. Being really careful about house cleanliness would be a no-brainer for anybody in the Cascades or anybody in areas where hot particles fell out as a result of a thunderstorm.. Other than that we can’t run and we can’t hide. It’s everywhere
    Jct: Gee, we didn't know it was raining down on us in Canada. Stephen Harper had reduced the frequency of monitoring fallout on Mar 25 2011 (to zero) just before the plume hit due to previous low readings! "Oops, baby deaths tripled in B.C." says Sorry Stephen?
    John The Engineer has a way to fund the clean-up. Occupy Wall St."Silver Bullet" Video Winner: Argentine Solution paying workers with small-denomination government bonds or currencies they can use to pay for Power, Taxes, Medical and Licenses. The Argentine Solution was used by 750 State and Municipal governments to issue their own tokens during the 1990s Russian banking system crash and 25,000 corporations too! Shell Gas Rubles, MacDonalds Burger Rubles, Ford Auto Rubles. I'll take any government bonds paid to those working in Japan to save my life, won't you? As many as it takes. Will you chip in to fund their labors to save our lives too? Helping the Occupy Wall St. Silver Bullet Argentine Solution go viral helps.

  • Power Change

    [REMOVED, Duplicate post]

  • aldo aldo

    "A suction mat developed by Paionia Furyokuki removes dirt from the soles of shoes. All the user needs to do is stand on the mat."

    ""We haven't done enough publicity yet, so we don't have much recognition. But we think this mat could be used in all sorts of places worldwide. First of all, we'd like to let people know this product exists, to increase the range of opportunities."

  • Insight

    Just read the weekly permissible dose of radiation is 0.3 rep for beta and 0.03 rep for alpha. Actual practice is to keep the exposure far below the permissible dose. This information is from the Marks Handbook for engineers in the chapter on Nuclear fuel and effects of radiation.
    Just received my inspector alert today and the readings average @40 CPM in my computer room which I keep closed off. A hepa filter air cleaner & 3 Ionic breeze units run all the time in this room.
    Readings in my kitchen range from 40 CPM to 100 CPM. A few spikes above 100-110. Most readings above 60 CPM in the kitchen. Deep sigh….. I live in Los Angeles county.