Gundersen on ‘high level’ radiation around Unit 3: “Can’t just be activation products” — This supports my detonation theory

Published: September 12th, 2012 at 8:18 am ET


Regarding the recent report [intlink id=”yomiuri-tepco-having-difficulty-removing-debris-around-unit-3-due-to-high-radiation-years-before-spent-fuel-removal-will-begin” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink], Nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen of Fairewinds Energy Education writes to ENENews:

This supports my Unit 3 Detonation theory.

Why should the “high levels of radiation” only be near Unit 3 and not Unit 1 or 2???

“High level” can’t just be activation products of releases from inside the fuel rods, as this happened at all three units.

What isotopes are they finding?

In 2011, the NRC said there were fuel fragments near Unit 3… now only silence?

See also: [intlink id=”gundersen-plutonium-being-reported-around-fukushima-raw-unoxidized-pieces-nuclear-rods-inside-unit-3s-spent-fuel-pool” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: September 12th, 2012 at 8:18 am ET


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17 comments to Gundersen on ‘high level’ radiation around Unit 3: “Can’t just be activation products” — This supports my detonation theory

  • TheWorldIsFüküd

    DUH! I mean really, it doesn't take a friggen rocket scientist to tell that this damn thing exploded and ejected its core sky high! MOX for everyone!

    Arnie, put them on blast bro! It CLEARLY was a detonation, look at the god damn building its DESTROYED!

    Containment – gone

    Fuel – GONE

    Radiation – Will kill you in a matter of hours if you ho near R3

    Yup, the world truely is Fuku'd

  • chrisk9

    What we know for sure comes from the published survey a couple months ago of the refueling floor in Unit 3. Dose rates on the floor were only extremely high right next to the reactor cavity. But were much lower around the rest of the floor. They could only be that way if the drywell and reactor heads were lifted up along with the shielding blocks. Whatever kind of explosion happened opened up the reactor enough to create the dose rates and releases that are present.
    Yes some fuel fragments and particles were ejected during the explosion, and it has created higher dose rates around the site. And it created a lot of the contamination throughout the countryside. But this was a minuscule part of the core.
    I don't know where Arnie is going with this and whether it matters what kind of explosion happened. The high levels of radiation are coming from the refueling floor and the opening of containment there. The other units do not have an opening at the top of their containment's. Arnie does not seem to be "keeping up",and some of this "activation" talk seems weird to me.

  • "NRC… now only silence?" – A. Gundersen

    Question to the NRC regarding fallout and radioactive contamination:

    Q: When does the need for concern become immediate?
    A: [silence] The NRC's only real answer.

    That's because they have no answer, NO PLAN for what to do at this point or at the point we were at 18 months ago and obviously no plan for the near future. 6 mo, 2 yrs, 5 yrs…?

    They/we know it's not getting better and it's not going to stop. The potential for far worse looms like an ominous 'rainbow colored' gaseous cloud over our heads.

    The only answer they will have, if they say anything at all, is "we are sorry, it is regrettable".

  • lam335 lam335

    Trying to understand what this means: To say that the workers can't get into an area because of the high radiation there seems to imply that there is extremely high GAMMA radiation there–too high to adequately shield against it. It seems like the MOX itself is not the issue, since the plutonium in the MOX would mainly be an alpha emitter (unless the issue preventing access to #3 were not high gamma radiation, but the danger of inhaling alpha emitting particulates).

    So presumably, the main danger there is simply that there are pieces of fuel that are lying around exposed, and it is not possible to get close enough to safely shield them. I am guessing that such exposed fuel fragments would be just as dangerous even if they didn't contain MOX, since these reports seem to imply that it is the high gamma radiation that is primarily preventing access to the area.

    But could the presence of MOX have made the original "detonation" any more likely than it would have been if there hadn't been any MOX in the pool?

    • chrisk9

      Yes the threat is gamma radiation. Yes the MOX fuel really does not change the dose equation very much. Preventing alpha emitter internal uptake is preventable with protective clothing, bubble suits, or respirators.
      And yes from everything I have read the source of the dose has to be fuel fragments or particles.
      I am not a fan of the word "detonation" because it is still unclear what happened. But it could have went prompt critical and I doubt the MOX changed whatever happened very much.
      What the MOX changes is that it makes clean up more dangerous. But even without MOX the core has PU and other very nasty isotopes.

  • makes total sense. there is no other plausible, down to earth explanation for this.

  • lovehopefaith

    Why are they dancing around this and not telling us plainly what happened, instead of apparently, gross obsfucation?

    Why are the questions not being directly asked? Why are the answers not being provided?

    What cause the huge holes in the roof of the building adjacent to Reactor 3? Look in the building? What is there? Is it portions of the containment structure, and/or the reactor cap?

    It looks like the reactor litterally got blown open? Why are there not being provided accurate videos documenting this?

    A detonation means the thing BLEW UP! It means "ALL REACTORS OF SIMILAR DESIGN MUST BE SHUT DOWN IMMEDIATELY FOR THE SAKE OF SAFETY" until the design flaw is explained and rectified. To cover this up, in the hopes of carrying on like business-as-usual, continuing to pollute the environment and harm life, is gross negligence or worse.

    • aSpadeisaSpade aSpadeisaSpade


      Yes, all reactors must be shut down, but not just "until the design flaw is explained and rectified." They MUST be shut down forever!

      What kind of idiocy was it to build these things in the first place? There is no known way to make them safe. There is no known way to deal with the inevitable castostrophic event such as exhibited at Fukushima! And worst of all, perhaps, is that there is no known way to safely store the tons of spent fuel!

      These death machines are truly the work of the devil! The proponents of this technology are pure evil! Their intent is to create nuclear death machines (if the power plants don't kill you, the nuclear weapons being developed there will)!

      They are merchants of death and won't stop until they have exterminated all mankind. Sadly, there is a good chance that they have already done that.

  • eatliesndie eatliesndie

    All nuclear reactors must be shut down and decommissioned immediately. They are way too dangerous and polluting.

    • hbjon hbjon

      You said a mouthfull eatliesndie. Everything we read about this stuff is BS. Every atom of Uranium will decay with the emission of an alpha particle to create an atom of the element two numbers lower on the chart. Some atoms in the decay chain are gases. Some atoms decay with a beta particle, forming an atom one number higher on the chart. This continues until the stable lead atom is formed. In the history of life on earth this only happened within rock, where gas decays to solid and nothing ever enters the atmosphere. Is there still 20,000,000 pounds of exposed fuel?

  • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

    omg hbjon , so off this planet is the only option ?

  • hbjon hbjon

    "so off this planet is the only option?" You can hold your breath and not consume anything, like food and water. Perhaps someone manufactures equipment to help you out with that option. Other than that, yes, beam us up Scotty. Every day that that mess is dacaying in open air means trouble.

  • dosdos dosdos

    Oh no, the media says it was a hydrogen explosion. It couldn't possibly be anything else. The media wouldn't lie to us. Chernobyl was bigger, #3 was hydrogen explosion, must be true. The media says so, over and over and over and over and over and over and……