Gundersen in June: “I try to temper my advice so it doesn’t create a panic” (AUDIO)

Published: December 28th, 2011 at 5:07 am ET


A reader wrote in pointing out the following statement by Fairewinds Associates’ Arnold Gundersen from an interview back in June. It may help to better understand where he is coming from on some of these issues. Consider making a donation to Fairewinds — they have done an outstanding job in 2011. As they’ve stated several times, they are providing Fukushima-related updates for free as a public service.

Arnold Gundersen with the latest on the Fukushima meltdowns, If You Love This Planet Radio with Dr. Helen Caldicott, June 17, 2011:

This week, Dr. Caldicott has an in-depth conversation with Arnold Gundersen, energy advisor with Fairewinds Associates Inc. and a former nuclear engineer. […]

Transcript Excerpt

At 12:55 in

I’m conscious when I’m on CNN or when I’m on this show, I try to temper my advice so it doesn’t create a panic, but yet I think you have to be informed at the same time. And if things are really bad, an informed population needs to know that. And that didn’t happen.

Listen to the broadcast here

Published: December 28th, 2011 at 5:07 am ET


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18 comments to Gundersen in June: “I try to temper my advice so it doesn’t create a panic” (AUDIO)

  • James2

    There’s a difference between not creating panic and downplaying it to the point the danger is hidden.

  • Blondie Blondie

    Thanks for this post, admin. It’s a good and very timely reminder of just how much information Mr Gundersen and Mrs Caldicott provide us with, that we get from nowhere else, and underscores just how valuable their knowledge and wisdom is to us all. Thank you. 🙂

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    The act of fighting back by showing the falseness of the Troll Argument (when they even have an argument), pointing out the lack of an argument, and/or providing links to actual sources of information that refute their argument and support the truth instead.

    List of false argumentative methods

    Truth is not the friend of nuclear. The supporters of nuclear are forced to use various false argumentative techniques. By understanding what a false argument is, and pointing it out, you can help others from falling into the trap of a false argument. Exposure of the False Argument (EFA) is one of the Quivers of the Troll Jouster (TJ)

    Eventually, in 2012, I am going to create a new blog that shall be an Armoury of Tools for Troll Jousting. There shall be various Quivers within the Armoury that will allow TJs to quickly copy links to relevant Jousting resources. For now, my jumbled up compilations will have to do.

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    • James2

      And we have examples of every type here.

      They use every trick in the book. They will try to confuse you with circular logic; they will say their party line and immediately have several new posters support it; we even have one poster here who will post many long and OT posts just after something they don’t want anyone to see. When you see this happen, it’s a sure sign something meaty is just above.

      The worst is the continuous attempts to infect this site with OT conspiracy theories in order to discredit the whole place.

      And you have the “so called experts” who don’t seem to be very expert at all.

      If you can weed through the misinformation, there are some folks here who are really trying to get the the heart of this thing.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    There is such a thing as “proper panic”…truth told might have saved lives…a larger evacuation might have occurred..the people might have fled quickly and saved their lives and those of their loved ones…
    I am deeply grateful for Gunderson and Caldicott..but if i want watered down …spoonfed…I believe Reader’s Digest still exists.
    They are scientists …truth is supposedly the greatest goal…not social engineering..

    • James2

      You hit it on the head.

      Scientists and engineers must tell the truth, no matter what the truth is, no matter how ugly it is. Facts and data can be spun in many directions, but they don’t lie.

      Readers Digest is not really a good example, because their books were “condensed”, but intended to deliver the same content in a shorter read.

      There is a way to deliver really bad news. Great leaders are capable of doing that, but great leaders must be able and willing to understand the bad news and accept the bad news first.

      This is a situation where I’m convinced our leaders don’t have a clue what we are really up against. Someone is shielding them from the bad news. Either that or they are truly evil beings.

    • “Panic” is the most overused excuse in the book. I mean, really. When I think of the Japanese people – least likely to “panic” of any population I can think of – I recall all those Godzilla movies my grandson made me watch over and over and over again. Even when Godzilla’s busy stomping on Tokyo and the people are running in the other direction, they always stop at crosswalks and look both ways, and the ladies keep their high heels on…

      People cannot take proper precautions to protect themselves and their families if they are not told what the dangers are. Even if that means loading up the car and leaving the area, they deserve to know the whys and wherefores. The only real danger this semi-mythical “panic” presents to the nuclear industry is that people will demand it be shut down. It’s not like they care about people made sick unto death or anything, after all.

      • Kevin Kevin

        This here Godzilla you mention, he entertains the kids?

        Lots of monsters in the movies, seem to like to incite fear and panic where and when necessary.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    …so am i saying they impeded the saving of lives…yes….

  • Blondie Blondie

    @James and Stock

    I’d better ask… are you accusing me of being a troll?

  • Kevin Kevin

    This is odd.

    A story from 6 months ago?

  • unspokenhermit

    I think we need to turn our focus to how to deal with radioactivity in the body and what can be done to reduce the damage and help the body remove the isotopes.

    I just found this new study, produced independent organization Datapoke, concerning the estimated concentrations of radionuclides at upper altitudes. The report indicates concentrations orders of magnitude higher than those physically recorded at near surface level.

    The report includes dispersion images but I can’t figure out how to post them here. Can anyone post the dispersion images?

  • Cindy Cindy

    Perfect example of not trying to incite panic would be the fate of the Titanic. So many More lives were lost because the captain did not want to incite panic yet he wasn’t telling everyone that the ship was indeed sinking! People went back to BED! They sent off life boats 3/4’s Empty! How many more lives could have been saved if the people knew the fate of the ship.
    This is the same thing in Japan and here in the US. If people can take supplements, ie: Chorella,Spirulina & Bentonite Clay to detox..they may be able to survive this. But not a word from the MSM and the Experts are not as vocal as they once were.

  • ali-ali-al-qomfri ali-ali-al-qomfri

    @ Cindy agreed,
    but we are continually denied our freedoms and our liberty to chose the life we want to lead. When TPTB deny us information, our tax dollars were used to generate that info the help society, what does this show?, other than complete contempt for humanity.
    We have gone mad, by denying the truth.
    the truth will set you free.

    we have tsunami warning sirens?
    the emergency broadcast system,
    where are the radiation sirens?

    oh and TEPCO not ‘owning the radiological discharge’ is equal to denying ownership of the bullet you just shot.

  • Grampybone Grampybone

    Gundersen should report fact instead of trying to “temper his responses” because a lot of people already know what is happening and are reporting solid info. I understand trying to prevent panic, but sometimes it’s more important just to tell it as it is. Also, things are really bad, and the media has done everything it can to squash any attempts to inform the masses. No use in holding back what you know Arnie…

  • arclight arclight

    thank you admin!

    that seems to have cleared up that little matter!

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  • WindorSolarPlease

    I am a person who does not like watered down information or advice that is tempered.

    If I need to panic, let me decide that.

    I do not need or want my emotions protected

    I want and need the honest truth

    Without the honest truth, I cannot make wise decisions for myself

    Watered down information or tempered advice hinders

    Watered down information is a type of control

    I do not need or want to be controlled

    Someone who controls, is not doing this for my benefit

    • WindorSolarPlease

      With that said..I also have to say, I think Mr. Gundersen has given out important information to us all.