Gundersen on lethal radiation levels: Even higher measurements to come — Nuclear core has leaked out and is on floor like a pancake working its way down (VIDEO)

Published: August 4th, 2011 at 6:30 pm ET


Lethal Levels of Radiation at Fukushima: What Are the Implications?, Fairewinds Associates, August 4, 2011:

TEPCO has discovered locations on the Fukushima plant site with lethal levels of external gamma radiation. Fairewinds takes a close look at how this radiation might have been deposited and how similar radioactive material would have been released offsite.

4:50 in: They are going to find even higher radiation levels… Nuclear core has leaked out and is laying like a pancake on the floor working its way down…

Lethal Levels of Radiation at Fukushima: What Are the Implications? from Fairewinds Associates on Vimeo.

Published: August 4th, 2011 at 6:30 pm ET


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89 comments to Gundersen on lethal radiation levels: Even higher measurements to come — Nuclear core has leaked out and is on floor like a pancake working its way down (VIDEO)

  • Sickputer

    Interesting theory on the condensation of cesium. I don’t know that Arnie has any solid hot tips on where the corium currently resides. It may or may not still be pooled on the concrete pad inside the building. I think maybe some of it has melted-out of the building perimeter. Time will tell.

  • Novamind

    So it appears condensation has caused the super high readings at this location at the fukushima site. Understandable. With reason it would seem that these readings will increase with time along with the venting to the atmosphere.
    My questions and concerns is when will it peak?
    What is the total daily amount vented into the air from the whole complex?
    Since it appears to grow dailey in concentration and thus output of Radiation what if anything can be done about it?
    When will the real numbers be known?
    The winds are in the Western Worlds favor for now but as it grows in output and the winds change with the season what then…

  • Where will they find people to work this site 10-20 years from now ???

    • farawayfan farawayfan

      Or 2000, or 20,000 years from now? chernobyl rears it’s ugly head again through cracking concrete, and in a few hundred years through a rusting metal shell, if that plan works.

      Well, at least there’ll be a legacy after we’re dead.

    • SteveMT

      Related question: Will there still be people on this planet 10-20 years from now? The way things are going, we may not be by then.

      • Pallas89juno

        Dear Steve:

        There will still be people on the planet if we mobilize to stop submitting to top-down management and solve complex problems utilizing, not the mob as community (unity), but by solving problems incorporating the ideas of the community working in solidarity. Solidarity differs from unity of a mob, majority rule or top-down rule because it is adaptable by transparently sharing information and by not allowing those who simply have the most money or the most weapons to rule, which, obviously, is not working in this nuclear cataclysm and it does not at all work with anthropogenic thermal maximum (euph. global warming/climate change) or related anthropogenic mass extinctions, which without the nuclear cataclysm the latter two events are likely to wipe out all humanity within 100 years or less. For complex worldwide problems that require the creativity of nearly everyone being empowered with education and a basic minimum quality of getting ones needs met, the status quo of the present simply won’t work.

        • Darth

          SteveMT has it right.

          If there are any humans around in 20 years they will be so genetically modified that one could say Frankenstein has resurfaced.

        • Misitu

          Kind of native american way to go, cooperation, consensus, messy but in the end you get an answer that suits. And can these guys work!!

      • SteveMT
        That was my piont !

        I am sure Japan will be a no mans land at least !

      • truthseek truthseek

        That is exactly my concern… The actual prospects (long term) are dire. Collective amounts in tonage are astounding.

    • Japan has been discovering radiation all over the Island and yesterday TEPCO announced that the worse is yet to come – just as Arnie says in the above video. Most likely, in just a year from now, we will start seeing a cancer epidemic open up in Northeast Japan. Later on the epidemic will start appearing in several other places as well.

      Below is an email I received from an America friend of mine currently working and living in Tokyo. He said that some of this email may just be rumors but some of it may actually be true as well. I don’t believe all of it but remember this come from a high-level, completely bilingual economic analyst working in a US finance firm that analyzes and reports all that is happening within the Japanese finance industry and several other industries on a daily basis:

      “International firms are closing left and right as CEOs and leaders leave the country. Kan and other high-level government officials are rumored to have already left and they only make visits back to Japan when they have to. The electric power grid is quite stressed and workers who are willing to stay and live in this disastrous environment are becoming hard to find.”

      “Japan makes 90% of America’s quality and proprietary IC chips, resistors, ceramic capacitors, electrolytic capacitors, transformers, transistors, and diodes. Every TV, PC, cell phone, radio, car made in America is loaded with these items. They hold the patents, and no nation wants them coming in to build new factories in this economy. The long of it, they wont be producing much more for much longer.

      “The major USA companies cannot survive without these components. Ford, GM, Chrysler, Dell, Microsoft, Logitec, Apple, Motorola, Philips, GA, 3M,… ALL of them depend on Japanese products. For the US firms to tool up, infringe on Japanese patents, build factories, train people, just to pay them with minimum wages and food will never happen. The corrupt may be able to manipulate the markets, but they cannot when America’s largest producing companies WILL NOT HAVE A PRODUCT LINE FOR 2012.

      “Once the masses learn of these there will be three major runs:




      “…and the elite know this. They need to pull their investments and make it spendable as quickly as they can without anyone knowing about it. But that will never happen. They will try to drop gold and silver prices as they try to buy up as much as they can with what dollars they have left, but it will be short lived. $1000 silver and $10k gold are expected by many economic experts including myself.”

      “Below a list of companies about to close down and leave Japan once and for all. Many were already planing to abandon Japan even before the disasters hit. Just think about all the American companies who are completely reliant on their products for production AND retail sales.”


      “And hundreds and hundreds more. The Japanese government and other distinguished company execs will continue to play it all down, censor, deny reality and keep saying that everything is OK. Meanwhile working in collusion they will all short their own companies stocks and then head for the hills. This all may sound somewhat over the top, but believe me, this truth will soon come to be.”

      • Jebus Jebus

        This is a timely post, Thank you Rod…

        Rod says, ““Once the masses learn of these there will be three major runs:




        “…and the elite know this.

        STOCKS, This is happening right now, look at todays stock markets worldwide. Every last penny is being yanked out of the infrastructure stocks, read our retirement accounts, and being squirrelled away for the cold, cold winter that is on the horizion. The cash monies that you have available are being deflated, even though the dollar looks like it is rising against other currencies, by the two trillion print and spend spree that was passed at the “last minute”. The only reason the dollar is rising is because the global economy is tanking. When this evens out, the dollar will follow the other currencies into the septic tank.

        BANKS, You are going to see tier 1 interest rates over 9% very soon. No monies available to move forward with production of goods and keeping people working. Not good.

        FOOD, Get it while you can. Be aware, do it now…

        Something is up, I don’t know what it is, but the elite knows and they are preparing.

        Basically, all we need to know is that the gig is up. The fat lady hath sang for the worlds economies.

        Just my humble opinion…

        • Jebus Jebus

          Tomorrow will make black friday look like a sunny day on the beach.
          I believe they will stop trading to stop the bleeding. I may be wrong but lets see.

          WAR, this is always their answer for this issue. How else can you get goods and services moving again, with the added side benefit of depop.

          • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


            A lot of people (mainly small investors) lost money as the stock market plummeted. However, a lot of the big investors made money on that fall.

            Lots of pain in store for the little guy in the future. No pain (in the form of additional taxes) in store for the wealthy.

            What I hope is that the (former) executives of these corporations and the very wealthy end up working at minimum wage jobs, trying to make ends meet as so many of the disenfranchised have to do every hopeless day of their lives. They won’t have to worry about housing, however, they can live in tumble-down mobile homes like everyone else, without health insurance as the cancers begin to build.

            Naturally, because this is Amerika, that will never happen to them. Just to us.

        • Novamind

          @jebus I fear you are correct. The time line may be off but the end is the same.
          I cashed out my 401K three months ago in fear of what is to come.
          As far as food I’m a Food Whore, and tomorrows shopping will make me more so. Its comming when for sure is the 64,ooo.oo dollar question. I Bank its not more than a year or less off.

        • Thank you Jebus and everyone else. I made one typo here “workers who are willing to stay and live in this disastrous environment are becoming hard to find.”

          It should have said “much-needed foreign workers who are willing to stay and live in this disastrous environment are becoming hard to find.” Sorry about that. But I know that this is correct as many foreigners have already left. I left late last year, but since then I have gotten many emails for people I used to work with and other companies practically begging me to come back. And even though I love Japan, for sure, that is not going to happen.

          Also I don’t believe the rumor of Kan and other officials are now living outside of Japan. That would be outright high treason and involve some serious ramifications, indeed.

          Also many of the above companies listed above already have several factories in Japan and worldwide. And, in the short term, they will transfer technology and overall operations to those factories. And many of those companies will really try to stay in Nippon, but in the long term they simply will not be able to afford to do that at all. So unemployment will increase even more than it has now.

          For me it is all very sad and heartbreaking to see happen. And part of me wants to go back and try to help out in someway. But I really feel that there is nothing that anyone can do to help stop this catastrophic disaster.

      • WindorSolarPlease

        Hi Rod Fuel

        Since you brought it up.

        Quote: “Below a list of companies about to close down and leave Japan once and for all. Many were already planing to abandon Japan, even before the disasters hit.

        I agree with this, and this is one of the reasons why they are giving the unions problems and that they want to modify child labor laws.
        They want cheap labor here in the US. This is so they can still get their high profits, that they are use to getting.

        If they bring back jobs in the US expect that these corporations will still want the same cheap labor as they have been getting.

        Thank You Mr. Gundersen for all your information, this is a nightmare.

        Everything is not ok and I believe that there will be higher measurements to come.

        • Novamind

          I delt with this more for less shit 3-4 years ago. When my employer said a 15% wage cut or a favoribile termination I spoke up and asked the time frame for my decision my employers mouth fell open as I asked the dedline for responce on the issue, I was the only one to speak out of 38 employees. I stayed long enough to see that this ployment only was to his benifit, in about another year I was gone(of my own acccord) and he was buying some very expensive equipment when I left.

          • WindorSolarPlease

            Hi Novamind

            As you noticed in your own job, things have been changing.

            People need jobs, they know this.
            Soon people will take that low paying job just to pay their bills back to the corporations.

            There will still be a few to get good salary’s, because they have to sell the products to someone.

            I believe work conditions, pay, and benefits will change, “if” the Corporations bring back the factory producing work here in the US.

            Since we are getting layers of radiation and the levels will be getting higher. Who knows what will happen in the US?

          • Novamind

            Thanks for the responce I feel you understand what is at hand in the workforce Needs of today. You are good at what you do or you are gone. you show up to work on time or before and you produce plane and simple. I have lead some young bucks that want to show up at the last minute and carry an energy drink in their hand and are worthless for the first several hours! Then I have to fuck/buck the higher ups to get rid of them, go figure!
            I’m not perfect and I do not expect it from anyone. But show some quality in you work ethic and your in.This is rare today. I Know I’m old School and proud of it. A Dieing breed I Know.

          • WindorSolarPlease

            Hi Novamind,

            Guess I am old school also. I agree with you that a person goes to work, to work, not to play.

            Employees and even employers have to produce.
            I also believe that a good work place/environment can help with this.

            A pat on the back, benefits, a reasonable living wage, can go a long way in keeping a loyal employee.

            Everyone needs a job to live. Who in their right mind would want to mess up a having a good job.

            I do admit there are some employees and employers who do not show quality in their work ethics.

          • I too have received some inside inf. from a source in the know and I am seeing things materialize that have been spoke of, some had happened before but we had addressed here on the site, what is coming is in part some we projected and some not because it not being directly related but IS ! Curve balls and out of the blue happenings ! The relationship of all things being connected in economics and nature !

      • Right on Rod, good post.

      • arclight arclight

        @ rod fuel..nice obsevation! there is very little about the japanese economy talked about on zerohedge etc considering the problems…it looks like a quiet finacial retreat might be happening…maybe the japanese guverment has made illegal talking about bad finances! lol i know a few corporations who would like that in the legislation! what next japanese to ban illegal voting?

      • jonjon

        A lot of Japanese chip factories are in Kyushu, southern Japan. And also I believe a great number of chip manufacturers are located in Taiwan.And as the rumors of Kan living outside Japan, it’s completely fabricated. I have many friends living in Tokyo, some with kids, and no one is worried enough to even check any fukushima news. If you check the Facebook group “Tokyo Radiation Levels” you’ll see how people are trying to convince themselves they are all safe in Tokyo. The readings this guy takes actually shows safe levels when he does, which is not to say there aren’t hot spots all over. But the general trend is to believe one is safe, especially in Tokyo, and people over 50 or 60 are the least worried. I don’t consider this lack of concern healthy either, as it makes people forget others are in grave danger in and around fukushima city. BUt let’s not look at Japan from outside in, and believe some load of ignorant BS, but rather from inside. The perspective will be completely different once you are in Japan, even though, I’ve always thought people in Japan were completely blind for the most part to what was happening, and short sighted when thinking (If they ever do) about the consequences.

        • Sickputer

          I agree the BS test factor for the post was 100 Rems, but I am more concerned about the water and food problems of Tokyo than the sporadic and often questionable government air readings (Tepco and MEXT have not been truthful from the beginning supposedly to prevent panic, but that is not a valid reason).

          Take for example the huge fire at the Tokyo depleted uranium factory in Japan which they revealed over 3 months later. Not much news on how that has effected Tokyo water. The testing for food is equally abysmal and the reporting is always after the fact. Those dangers far outweigh the monitoring air radiation levels from poles 60 feet off the ground. Tokyo is not going to be in grave danger, it has been in that state since day 1. The days ahead will entail hard decisions for Japanese families in the worst zones and right now that encompasses the entire country. There is no safe zone on Honshu and things may get far worse as the vapors continue to contaminate land, sea, and air. Mankind has developed toxins alien to this planet and our days of mother nature abdorbing the assault is at an end. We are on the verge of wiping out notbjust Japan’s humans, but the entire human race.

      • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

        Wow, this is really eye-opening. Thank you for the info; I am coinsidering how to prepare…

      • Misitu

        Nice One, Rod. No Fuel, you (sorry).

        They will be looking to get their cars back on top sales figures then, non radioactive, but built where?

  • arclight arclight

    onkalu is more of a supositary than a repositorary! just saying! 🙂

  • bigisland bigisland

    If only there was a way to make a pancake pan large enuff to catch the blobbing corium so it could pancake out and stop fissioning in the ground soil in time. The “if only” fantasy of me and my physicists friends.

    • americancommntr

      If only a flame of Brown’s Gas could be brought to bear on the pancake.

    • farawayfan farawayfan

      At the very least, that would require an honest assessment by TEPCO and Japan, and the will of multiple governments, and the sacrifice of many lives.

      The saddest part is that the last one is the easiest to have happen, many would make the sacrifice. It’s the first and second parts that will never happen.

      • theypoisonus

        “At the very least, that would require an honest assessment by TEPCO and Japan, and the will of multiple governments, and the sacrifice of many lives.”

        How True. Sacrifice, Multiple Govts ??
        Doesn’t it now depend on who owes who x-amount of dollars ? Japan, like the US is an oligarchy/ aka fascism in the making. Money Rules Bigg Time.

        I’m sure not the smartest kid on the block here, but , again, I have to say, follow the money.

        The theory never fails. 🙁

    • Pallas89juno


      What was done profilactic-style at Chernobyl was that many tens of thousands of workers were forced to construct, underground and beneath the containment building under the reactor that blew up there, a new SUB-basement “specially designed” to catch the corium should it melt through. They wanted to prevent it from reaching the water table, which in the Ukraine is one of the largest with the most permeability and widest square miles of permeability on the planet. Therefore, the sub-basement was a wise idea to prevent what is often groundwater contamination from the corium itself in that case. Whatever it is that TEPCO, Japan and the U.S. are doing with Fukushima Dai ichi is definitely not enough. If the proper number of humans or tech were being harnessed to actually deal with this mess we’d of herd about it news blackout or not. It will take millions of people in carefully coordinated efforts, working very fast to do anyting meaningful about this matter as far as on-site remediation of the event goes.

      • Pallas89juno

        Sorry about my spelling or grammar when I post. I write what I’ve got to say and post it fast so I can still do other things.

      • theypoisonus

        You use words that I have to get the ole dictionary out for. 🙂

        But this particular post, I got all the way through, and you are indeed, on the money.

        And, I know my vote isn’t worth a ball of wax.

        Thanks for getting REAL with your dialog. Also, I like getting out the dictionary. Few have made me do that since I would read Wm. F. Buckley when he was writing and still alive.

        I loved reading him, because he made me Learn ! In my round about way, I am giving you a compliment. 🙂

    • Novamind

      Well the Largest Frying Pan I ever seen was in Long Beach, Washington. About 14 feet in diameter. It still hangs for all to see in a display for the public.

  • Sickputer

    See that’s the thing… What evidence do they have that the corium has spread out like a pancake? It melted though as a hot irregular ball and yes maybe some split though the bottom control rod holes in the steel vessel. But why do they think it is pancaked on the concrete pad?

    • farawayfan farawayfan

      I’d say most of this is conjecture except the part of “higher readings to come” Which really is the only part that matters anyway. Geometry of the corium ball/pancake/mushroom of death is of little consequence…..

      • And still We try to reach the People. A deep bow to all at ene for all the hard work you do from
        To Arnie and Fairewinds as well. Despite the trickle down info, it has been a relief he has scientific support and has not gone the way of Matt Simmons during the ongoing Gulf of Mexico debacle

        • theypoisonus

          Thanks for bringing up the Gulf Coast debacle. They are still pumping ( literally) underwater, Corexit into the Gulf.
          Meanwhile, BP is all over Google, You Tube, and all along the Gulf Coast with signs and billboards trying to convince people that they ‘did the good job’.

          BULL… people are dying, people are horribly sick in small communities all ove S. La.
          What they did and are still getting by with is an atrocity !! Yet, money talks, and bull-chit walks !

          We are watching the slow kill of the Japanese Peoples as we did in Katrina, and the Gulf Oil Spill.

          Personally, I am so discouraged at how they get by with this I could go out on a corner and kill.. but I would not get the right people. 🙁

          My DH’s children and g-kids live in La. They love seafood. It is a major part of their culture. I try to tell them not to eat it, I send them info on it and they don’t ‘get ‘ it.
          Reminds me of the Busby presentation in Japan a couple of weeks ago. They were like, well.. we can’t SEE it, so how is it there ? DUH .. He said “look outside, you see the trees, the grass, the buildings, but you don’t see the dust, and that is where it is, it’s invisible’. Sorta Quote.

          It amazes me constantly that people can’t understand that this is “invisible death”.
          Just because you can’t SEE it does not mean it does not exist.

          • Novamind

            From what I gather this Corexit chemical Keeps the oil slick on the bottom of the Ocean thus hiding the true extent of the situation and keeps the stuff from washing ashore. If I’m Wrong please correct me.

          • WindorSolarPlease

            This corexit may hide the truth, for how long who knows?
            This is toxic and poisoning everything.

            From what I have read, they have also released micro bugs to eat the oil. However, people and sea life have also had reactions by these micro bugs.

            I don’t eat sea food or any type of fish anymore. I have family in Florida, and they still eat it.

            What are we doing to this earth? Do they honesty think, they can keep polluting it with radiation and toxic chemicals?

  • M Curie M Curie

    Three top Japanese nuclear officials fired
    … … with the consequences of its nuclear crisis. Trade Minister Banri Kaieda said they would be held responsible for mishandling the Fukushima plant and its problems. He will also resign because of departmental mistakes, and vowed a major personnel overhaul. …

    • SteveMT

      Some unfortunate scapegoats, IMO. The one who did the firing is the PR junky who propped up the lies and kept this scam all of this time. As an elected official, he is even more responsible for the People’s safety.

  • patb2009

    They should be forced to commit seppuku.

  • bigisland bigisland

    Thank you Pallas89 for clarity and insight. When I post things fast at times, they come out as associative connecting thoughts and not quaint/small..(I am not a scientist/physicist/mathematician myself) Here’s my long winded babble: So in the Chernobyl/Ukraine situation the Mediterranean and Black Sea could have been deadly/killed, if they just let it go. In Japan Daiichi, it could 200,000 people. (whereas Chernobyl about 100,000 workers on one plant – look at the scale of the half-dome, shell thing, big thick thing on skid or rails to move – that’s what they’re putting on top; whereas, the sub-basement was burrowed dish/pan…so upping 100,000 more “guess” because there are at least 4 plants in Daiichi..40% plutonium/mox enrichment reactors, breeding plutonium weapons, what else for?). The one real picture seen (sometime ago, sorry no link to back-up, forgivable?) was like a big “elephant foot” configuration (reporter’s description) of corium…a big, thick bottom and tapering going up. Perhaps without any evidence, hot keeps itself hot being “self-critical”, so at least initially, until it spteads out, it’s going to be liquid, so when it hit a flat floor like the concrete… it’s going to spread out (think of it as “hot taffy”).@farawayfan: Geometry of the corium could be significant and matter in neutrons and self-substaining subcritical (critical = edge/threshold, anything above critical blows up, anything below critical cools off…still have fissioning, hot, neutrons will be stable and decreasing.) Fissioning of plutonium releases more neutrons that causes more fissioning (fundamental idea of a chain reaction). Anaology/demo of chain reaction: think of mouse trap with two ping pong balls, side by side, on top of trap if trap is triggered will throw ping pong balls up..a “U” shaped thing, (The bail rectangular thing with springs, rotated 180 degrees and trigger mechanism that holds it…trigger snaps!) Demo in a small room: Hundreds of mouse traps with two ping pong balls. Just ONE ping pong ball thrown in the air triggered one mouse trap which keeps triggering all other mousetraps (like domino effect one ping pong ball doubles, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 and so on). That is what happens when you have super critical (above critical) mass plutonium and then you get a chain reaction. @ Sickputer, So this is why it REALLY matters that the mass is small, too little to sustain a self-sustaining chain reaction (no way it can blow up, thin enuff) Generating enuff heat to keep it molten, solidify, cool to some degree. When it goes thin enuff 1/4 – 1/2″, corium blob will still fission at a certain rate and slower. The fission rate depends on how much you got and how many neutrons you got. Rough estimates: A bomb that’s pure would need about 10 – 20 kilograms for a critical mass. Density of plutonium? Around 4 or heavier…8 lbs a gallon (if water) x 4 = 32 lbs a get an idea. On the order of 16 killograms X 2.2 sets = 32 2/3 or under a gallon. It’s in a shape that might capture more neutron, when spread out it’s thinner and won’t capture as many neutrons. While it still will fission, it’s hot, it’s half-life radioactive…the self-sustaining part of the reaction should stop (critical and above = bomb BANG!), subcritical should spread out, cools off, freeze – turn solid, solidifies. Then some possible solutions: Send in robotics to saw up into little chunks, pkg chunks, best I heard of what boro silicate glass patched or coated together with waste…glass would impound it, not flake or fall apart (like in 55 gallon drum) in things like round spherical pellets or tennis ball size so if containers fail, it doesn’t leach and put it in secondary containers anyway, still have it trapped in glass. And figure out a hole to put that in, a great place for thugs to mine plutonium taking it bottom of ocean floor near a subduction zone (where one continental plate rides up on another, angled into the mantel) geologic process, general idea pile it there and waited long enuff plate would take it into mantel. If it’s spread out in a thin pancake, then best to be hoped for! Chernobyl case they built the channels in expecting to catch it and branch into a series of channels to spread out. Daiichi A) holes are big B) holes are hot Need BIG pipe.

  • bigisland bigisland

    Correction above: In Japan Daiichi, it could take 200,000 workers (people) plus robotics. BTW, robots melt, overheat, wear out.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Quote above picture:
      “The “Elephant’s Foot”. Once molten fuel/debris mixture that dripped down through the floors of the exploded RBMK-1000 reactor at Chernobyl. It was so radioactive and solid, they had to use a rifle to chip a piece of it off. “

  • dog_days

    [[off topic]] This should probably wait for the next “discussion” thread but I’ll go ahead and post it now…

    I would like to give a thank you to whomever posted the vitamin B17 link a couple or so weeks ago. Also recently the link to the zeolite video. For those aware these are very helpful!

    My so-called medicine chest includes the following:

    • NovaDalin B17 tablets 100mg.
    • (also raw apricot kernels)
    • ZeoForce™ brand clinoptilolite zeolite clay
    • 50/50 Chlorella Spirulena mix
    • 20 Mule Team™ borax (1/8 to 1/4 tsp. per litre of H2O, no more)
    • Planning on getting some cesium chloride; dunno if it’s necessary.

    (this in addition to the normal supplements of a vitamin c or d here and there)

    Thanks again, and I would like to point out that I get a lot more information in the comments threads than I do from the actual articles themselves.

    Hang on tight. It would seem this roller coaster has just crested that first tall hill at the beginning of the ride. (you know the one, with that clack, clack, clack of the chain taking you to the top just to be let go and then gravity takes over)

    • dog_days

      I forgot to list one item…

      • KI Potassium Iodide (any brand) I use a “pill splitter” to cut 65mg tabs in half and usually take half in the morning and the other in the evening.

      It has become such a routine that I forgot to list it.

      • Novamind

        Dog_days Potassium intake. I take a low dose suppliment of only 400mcg in the form of a Kelp pill daley while this is a small amount I have been taking it since 3/11. Keeping the large dose pills for the time to come if it does. What you want to insure is that your Thyroid is up to snuff on Iodine so it does not have room for the Radiaoactive Iodine your body will injest in this time of trouble. Alas if you have just started this you are a little too late. Maybe taper off to a laser dose? For continued protection. Really the time for this concern has passed for the situation at hand. Love ya Brother.

  • Novamind

    @dog_days Welcome to the family, theres much to learn at this site, and to contribute.
    While Vitimins are important, proper food intake in the correct porportions is the best medicine, Though hard to due in this day and time.
    Please continue to post-your thoughts or questions. I like you online Name.

    • dog_days

      Thanks NovaMind.

      • Jebus Jebus

        dog_days says,
        “Hang on tight. It would seem this roller coaster has just crested that first tall hill at the beginning of the ride. (you know the one, with that clack, clack, clack of the chain taking you to the top just to be let go and then gravity takes over)”

        So well put…

  • bigisland bigisland

    A day ago I came across the new status at the Daini Nuclear plant which is over the hill from Fukushima Daiichi plant. (Daini Nuclear plant had been brewing lots of plutonium rods that was occupied by the Japanese army to handle ) “As of 3:00 pm on August 3, Units 1 to 4 remain in a cold shutdown (please refer to the appendix).
    We will make our best efforts to stabilize each plant.”

    Press Release (Aug 03,2011)
    Plant Status of Fukushima Daini Nuclear Power Station (as of 3:00 pm, August 3)

    On March 11 2011, Fukushima Daini Nuclear Power Station Units 1 to 4
    (Boiling Water Reactors, rated output 1,100 Megawatts each) that we had
    been operating at rated thermal output shutdown automatically at 2:48 pm,
    due to the Tohoku-Chihou-Taiheiyou-Oki Earthquake (previously announced on
    March 11).

    At 7:15 am on March 15, the reactor of Unit 4 achieved a cold shutdown. As
    a result, all the Units of Fukushima Daini Nuclear Power Station achieved
    the status of cold shutdown (previously announced on March 15).

    As of 3:00 pm on August 3, Units 1 to 4 remain in a cold shutdown (please
    refer to the appendix).
    We will make our best efforts to stabilize each plant.

  • Alex2245

    Canadian Government admits massive levels of radiation in air. If this is confirmed in canada then this HAPPENED on the west coast!!

    • WindorSolarPlease

      I believed all along that Canada, US, and Mexico is receiving massive levels of radiation.

      I am just surprised a Government is officially admitting this so soon. I thought they would wait until they saw an increase of cancer rates.

  • bigisland bigisland

    @ arclight I also found this too. What are these constant press releases? And why does it read??? :Today, we informed the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency and the government of Fukushima Prefecture of the results.
    We will continue conducting the similar analysis.
    Corporate Information
    Press Releases
    Press Release (Aug 04,2011)
    Nuclide analysis result of radioactive materials in the soil of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station (27th release)

    As part of monitoring activity of the surrounding environment, we conducted
    an analysis of plutonium contained in the soil collected on March 21 and 22
    at the 5 spots in Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station. As a result,
    plutonium 238, 239 and 240 were detected.
    (Previously announced)

    As a result of Strontium analysis in the soil from the samples at the 3
    periodic sampling spots collected on July 11, Strontium 89 and 90 were
    detected as shown in the attachment.

    Today, we informed the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency and the
    government of Fukushima Prefecture of the results.

    We will continue conducting the similar analysis.

    • arclight arclight

      “As a result of Strontium analysis in the soil from the samples at the 3
      periodic sampling spots collected on July 11, Strontium 89 and 90 were
      detected as shown in the attachment.”

      i thought 3000 samples would have been more appropriate…small on info

      “We will continue conducting the similar analysis.”

      doesnt look like they are stepping up the test rates any time soon then? thats my best translation 🙁

  • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

    Published on Wednesday, July 27, 2011 by
    I Do Not Want Mercy, I Want You To Join Me
    by Tim DeChristopher

    Tim DeChristopher, who was sentenced Tuesday to two years in federal prison and a $10,000 fine for ‘disrupting’ a Bureau of Land Management auction in 2008, had an

    opportunity to address the court and the judge immediately before his sentence was announced. This is his statement: [//] “… those who

    write the rules are those who profit from the status quo. If we want to change that status quo, we might have to work outside of those rules because the legal pathways

    available to us have been structured precisely to make sure we don’t make any substantial change.” (Portrait by Robert Shetterly – Used with Permission)

    Thank you for the opportunity to speak before the court. When I first met Mr. Manross, the sentencing officer who prepared the presentence report, he explained that it was

    essentially his job to “get to know me.” He said he had to get to know who I really was and why I did what I did in order to decide what kind of sentence was appropriate. I

    was struck by the fact that he was the first person in this courthouse to call me by my first name, or even really look me in the eye. I appreciate this opportunity to speak

    openly to you for the first time. I’m not here asking for your mercy, but I am here asking that you know me.

    Mr. Huber has leveled a lot of character attacks at me, many of which are contrary to Mr. Manross’s report. While reading Mr Huber’s critiques of my character and my

    integrity, as well as his assumptions about my motivations, I was reminded that Mr Huber and I have never had a conversation. Over the two and half years of this

    prosecution, he has never asked my any of the questions that he makes assumptions about in the government’s report. Apparently, Mr. Huber has never considered it his

    job to get to know me, and yet he is quite willing to disregard the opinions of the one person who does see that as his job.

    There are alternating characterizations that Mr Huber would like you to believe about me. In one paragraph, the government claims I “played out the parts of accuser, jury,

    and judge as he determined the fate of the oil and gas lease auction and its intended participants that day.” In the very next paragraph, they claim “It was not the

    defendant’s crimes that effected such a change.” Mr Huber would lead you to believe that I’m either a dangerous criminal who holds the oil and gas industry in the palm of

    my hand, or I’m just an incompetent child who didn’t affect the outcome of anything. As evidenced by the continued back and forth of contradictory arguments in the

    government’s memorandum, they’re not quite sure which of those extreme caricatures I am, but they are certain that I am nothing in between. Rather than the job of getting

    to know me, it seems Mr Huber prefers the job of fitting me into whatever extreme characterization is most politically expedient at the moment.

    In nearly every paragraph, the government’s memorandum uses the words lie, lied, lying, liar. It makes me want to thank whatever clerk edited out the words “pants on

    fire.” Their report doesn’t mention the fact that at the auction in question, the first person who asked me what I was doing there was Agent Dan Love. And I told him very

    clearly that I was there to stand in the way of an illegitimate auction that threatened my future. I proceeded to answer all of his questions openly and honestly, and have

    done so to this day when speaking about that auction in any forum, including this courtroom. The entire basis for the false statements charge that I was convicted of was

    the fact that I wrote my real name and address on a form that included the words “bona fide bidder.” When I sat there on the witness stand, Mr Romney asked me if I ever

    had any intention of being a bona fide bidder. I responded by asking Mr Romney to clarify what “bona fide bidder” meant in this context. Mr Romney then withdrew the

    question and moved on to the next subject. On that right there is the entire basis for the government’s repeated attacks on my integrity. Ambition should be made of

    sterner stuff, your honor.

    Mr Huber also makes grand assumptions about my level of respect for the rule of law. The government claims a long prison sentence is necessary to counteract the

    political statements I’ve made and promote a respect for the law. The only evidence provided for my lack of respect for the law is political statements that I’ve made in

    public forums. Again, the government doesn’t mention my actions in regard to the drastic restrictions that were put upon my defense in this courtroom. My political

    disagreements with the court about the proper role of a jury in the legal system are probably well known. I’ve given several public speeches and interviews about how the

    jury system was established and how it has evolved to it’s current state. Outside of this courtroom, I’ve made my views clear that I agree with the founding fathers that juries

    should be the conscience of the community and a defense against legislative tyranny. I even went so far as to organize a book study group that read about the history of

    jury nullification. Some of the participants in that book group later began passing out leaflets to the public about jury rights, as is their right. Mr Huber was apparently so

    outraged by this that he made the slanderous accusations that I tried to taint the jury. He didn’t specify the extra number of months that I should spend in prison for the

    heinous activity of holding a book group at the Unitarian Church and quoting Thomas Jefferson in public, but he says you should have “little tolerance for this behavior.”

    But here is the important point that Mr Huber would rather ignore. Despite my strong disagreements with the court about the Constitutional basis for the limits on my

    defense, while I was in this courtroom I respected the authority of the court. Whether I agreed with them or not, I abided by the restrictions that you put on me and my legal

    team. I never attempted to “taint” the jury, as Mr Huber claimed, by sharing any of the relevant facts about the auction in question that the court had decided were off limits. I

    didn’t burst out and tell the jury that I successfully raised the down payment and offered it to the BLM. I didn’t let the jury know that the auction was later reversed because it

    was illegitimate in the first place. To this day I still think I should have had the right to do so, but disagreement with the law should not be confused with disrespect for the


    My public statements about jury nullification were not the only political statements that Mr Huber thinks I should be punished for. As the government’s memorandum points

    out, I have also made public statements about the value of civil disobedience in bringing the rule of law closer to our shared sense of justice. In fact, I have openly and

    explicitly called for nonviolent civil disobedience against mountaintop removal coal mining in my home state of West Virginia. Mountaintop removal is itself an illegal

    activity, which has always been in violation of the Clean Water Act, and it is an illegal activity that kills people. A West Virginia state investigation found that Massey

    Energy had been cited with 62,923 violations of the law in the ten years preceding the disaster that killed 29 people last year. The investigation also revealed that Massey

    paid for almost none of those violations because the company provided millions of dollars worth of campaign contributions that elected most of the appeals court judges

    in the state. When I was growing up in West Virginia, my mother was one of many who pursued every legal avenue for making the coal industry follow the law. She

    commented at hearings, wrote petitions and filed lawsuits, and many have continued to do ever since, to no avail. I actually have great respect for the rule of law, because

    I see what happens when it doesn’t exist, as is the case with the fossil fuel industry. Those crimes committed by Massey Energy led not only to the deaths of their own

    workers, but to the deaths of countless local residents, such as Joshua McCormick, who died of kidney cancer at age 22 because he was unlucky enough to live

    downstream from a coal mine. When a corrupted government is no longer willing to uphold the rule of law, I advocate that citizens step up to that responsibility.

    This is really the heart of what this case is about. The rule of law is dependent upon a government that is willing to abide by the law. Disrespect for the rule of law begins

    when the government believes itself and its corporate sponsors to be above the law.

    Mr Huber claims that the seriousness of my offense was that I “obstructed lawful government proceedings.” But the auction in question was not a lawful proceeding. I know

    you’ve heard another case about some of the irregularities for which the auction was overturned. But that case did not involve the BLM’s blatant violation of Secretarial

    Order 3226, which was a law that went into effect in 2001 and required the BLM to weigh the impacts on climate change for all its major decisions, particularly resource

    development. A federal judge in Montana ruled last year that the BLM was in constant violation of this law throughout the Bush administration. In all the proceedings and

    debates about this auction, no apologist for the government or the BLM has ever even tried to claim that the BLM followed this law. In both the December 2008 auction and

    the creation of the Resource Management Plan on which this auction was based, the BLM did not even attempt to follow this law.

    And this law is not a trivial regulation about crossing t’s or dotting i’s to make some government accountant’s job easier. This law was put into effect to mitigate the impacts

    of catastrophic climate change and defend a livable future on this planet. This law was about protecting the survival of young generations. That’s kind of a big deal. It’s a

    very big deal to me. If the government is going to refuse to step up to that responsibility to defend a livable future, I believe that creates a moral imperative for me and

    other citizens. My future, and the future of everyone I care about, is being traded for short term profits. I take that very personally. Until our leaders take seriously their

    responsibility to pass on a healthy and just world to the next generation, I will continue this fight.

    The government has made the claim that there were legal alternatives to standing in the way of this auction. Particularly, I could have filed a written protest against certain

    parcels. The government does not mention, however, that two months prior to this auction, in October 2008, a Congressional report was released that looked into those

    protests. The report, by the House committee on public lands, stated that it had become common practice for the BLM to take volunteers from the oil and gas industry to

    process those permits. The oil industry was paying people specifically to volunteer for the industry that was supposed to be regulating it, and it was to those industry staff

    that I would have been appealing. Moreover, this auction was just three months after the New York Times reported on a major scandal involving Department of the Interior

    regulators who were taking bribes of sex and drugs from the oil companies that they were supposed to be regulating. In 2008, this was the condition of the rule of law, for

    which Mr Huber says I lacked respect. Just as the legal avenues which people in West Virginia have been pursuing for 30 years, the legal avenues in this case were

    constructed precisely to protect the corporations who control the government.

    The reality is not that I lack respect for the law; it’s that I have greater respect for justice. Where there is a conflict between the law and the higher moral code that we all

    share, my loyalty is to that higher moral code. I know Mr Huber disagrees with me on this. He wrote that “The rule of law is the bedrock of our civilized society, not acts of

    ‘civil disobedience’ committed in the name of the cause of the day.” That’s an especially ironic statement when he is representing the United States of America, a place

    where the rule of law was created through acts of civil disobedience. Since those bedrock acts of civil disobedience by our founding fathers, the rule of law in this country

    has continued to grow closer to our shared higher moral code through the civil disobedience that drew attention to legalized injustice. The authority of the government

    exists to the degree that the rule of law reflects the higher moral code of the citizens, and throughout American history, it has been civil disobedience that has bound them


    This philosophical difference is serious enough that Mr Huber thinks I should be imprisoned to discourage the spread of this idea. Much of the government’s

    memorandum focuses on the political statements that I’ve made in public. But it hasn’t always been this way. When Mr Huber was arguing that my defense should be

    limited, he addressed my views this way: “The public square is the proper stage for the defendant’s message, not criminal proceedings in federal court.” But now that the

    jury is gone, Mr. Huber wants to take my message from the public square and make it a central part of these federal court proceedings. I have no problem with that. I’m

    just as willing to have those views on display as I’ve ever been.

    The government’s memorandum states, “As opposed to preventing this particular defendant from committing further crimes, the sentence should be crafted ‘to afford

    adequate deterrence to criminal conduct’ by others.” Their concern is not the danger that I present, but the danger presented by my ideas and words that might lead

    others to action. Perhaps Mr Huber is right to be concerned. He represents the United States Government. His job is to protect those currently in power, and by extension,

    their corporate sponsors. After months of no action after the auction, the way I found out about my indictment was the day before it happened, Pat Shea got a call from an

    Associated Press reporter who said, “I just wanted to let you know that tomorrow Tim is going to be indicted, and this is what the charges are going to be.” That reporter

    had gotten that information two weeks earlier from an oil industry lobbyist. Our request for disclosure of what role that lobbyist played in the US Attorney’s office was

    denied, but we know that she apparently holds sway and that the government feels the need to protect the industry’s interests.

    The things that I’ve been publicly saying may indeed be threatening to that power structure. There have been several references to the speech I gave after the conviction,

    but I’ve only ever seen half of one sentence of that speech quoted. In the government’s report, they actually had to add their own words to that one sentence to make it

    sound more threatening. But the speech was about empowerment. It was about recognizing our interconnectedness rather than viewing ourselves as isolated

    individuals. The message of the speech was that when people stand together, they no longer have to be exploited by powerful corporations. Alienation is perhaps the

    most effective tool of control in America, and every reminder of our real connectedness weakens that tool.

    But the sentencing guidelines don’t mention the need to protect corporations or politicians from ideas that threaten their control. The guidelines say “protect the public.”

    The question is whether the public is helped or harmed by my actions. The easiest way to answer that question is with the direct impacts of my action. As the oil executive

    stated in his testimony, the parcels I didn’t bid on averaged $12 per acre, but the ones I did bid on averaged $125. Those are the prices paid for public property to the

    public trust. The industry admits very openly that they were getting those parcels for an order of magnitude less than what they were worth. Not only did those oil

    companies drive up the prices to $125 during the bidding, they were then given an opportunity to withdraw their bids once my actions were explained. They kept the

    parcels, presumably because they knew they were still a good deal at $125. The oil companies knew they were getting a steal from the American people, and now

    they’re crying because they had to pay a little closer to what those parcels were actually worth. The government claims I should be held accountable for the steal the oil

    companies didn’t get. The government’s report demands $600,000 worth of financial impacts for the amount which the oil industry wasn’t able to steal from the public.

    That extra revenue for the public became almost irrelevant, though, once most of those parcels were revoked by Secretary Salazar. Most of the parcels I won were later

    deemed inappropriate for drilling. In other words, the highest and best value to the public for those particular lands was not for oil and gas drilling. Had the auction gone

    off without a hitch, it would have been a loss for the public. The fact that the auction was delayed, extra attention was brought to the process, and the parcels were

    ultimately revoked was a good thing for the public.

    More generally, the question of whether civil disobedience is good for the public is a matter of perspective. Civil disobedience is inherently an attempt at change. Those

    in power, whom Mr Huber represents, are those for whom the status quo is working, so they always see civil disobedience as a bad thing. The decision you are making

    today, your honor, is what segment of the public you are meant to protect. Mr Huber clearly has cast his lot with that segment who wishes to preserve the status quo. But

    the majority of the public is exploited by the status quo far more than they are benefited by it. The young are the most obvious group who is exploited and condemned to

    an ugly future by letting the fossil fuel industry call the shots. There is an overwhelming amount of scientific research, some of which you received as part of our proffer on

    the necessity defense, that reveals the catastrophic consequences which the young will have to deal with over the coming decades.

    But just as real is the exploitation of the communities where fossil fuels are extracted. As a native of West Virginia, I have seen from a young age that the exploitation of

    fossil fuels has always gone hand in hand with the exploitation of local people. In West Virginia, we’ve been extracting coal longer than anyone else. And after 150 years

    of making other people rich, West Virginia is almost dead last among the states in per capita income, education rates and life expectancy. And it’s not an anomaly. The

    areas with the richest fossil fuel resources, whether coal in West Virginia and Kentucky, or oil in Louisiana and Mississippi, are the areas with the lowest standards of living.

    In part, this is a necessity of the industry. The only way to convince someone to blow up their backyard or poison their water is to make sure they are so desperate that

    they have no other option. But it is also the nature of the economic model. Since fossil fuels are a limited resources, whoever controls access to that resource in the

    beginning gets to set all the terms. They set the terms for their workers, for the local communities, and apparently even for the regulatory agencies. A renewable energy

    economy is a threat to that model. Since no one can control access to the sun or the wind, the wealth is more likely to flow to whoever does the work of harnessing that

    energy, and therefore to create a more distributed economic system, which leads to a more distributed political system. It threatens the profits of the handful of

    corporations for whom the current system works, but our question is which segment of the public are you tasked with protecting. I am here today because I have chosen to

    protect the people locked out of the system over the profits of the corporations running the system. I say this not because I want your mercy, but because I want you to join


    After this difference of political philosophies, the rest of the sentencing debate has been based on the financial loss from my actions. The government has suggested a

    variety of numbers loosely associated with my actions, but as of yet has yet to establish any causality between my actions and any of those figures. The most commonly

    discussed figure is perhaps the most easily debunked. This is the figure of roughly $140,000, which is the amount the BLM originally spent to hold the December 2008

    auction. By definition, this number is the amount of money the BLM spent before I ever got involved. The relevant question is what the BLM spent because of my actions,

    but apparently that question has yet to be asked. The only logic that relates the $140,000 figure to my actions is if I caused the entire auction to be null and void and the

    BLM had to start from scratch to redo the entire auction. But that of course is not the case. First is the prosecution’s on-again-off-again argument that I didn’t have any

    impact on the auction being overturned. More importantly, the BLM never did redo the auction because it was decided that many of those parcels should never have

    been auctioned in the first place. Rather than this arbitrary figure of $140,000, it would have been easy to ask the BLM how much money they spent or will spend on

    redoing the auction. But the government never asked this question, probably because they knew they wouldn’t like the answer.

    The other number suggested in the government’s memorandum is the $166,000 that was the total price of the three parcels I won which were not invalidated. Strangely, the

    government wants me to pay for these parcels, but has never offered to actually give them to me. When I offered the BLM the money a couple weeks after the auction,

    they refused to take it. Aside from that history, this figure is still not a valid financial loss from my actions. When we wrote there was no loss from my actions, we actually

    meant that rather literally. Those three parcels were not evaporated or blasted into space because of my actions, not was the oil underneath them sucked dry by my bid

    card. They’re still there, and in fact the BLM has already issued public notice of their intent to re-auction those parcels in February of 2012.

    The final figure suggested as a financial loss is the $600,000 that the oil company wasn’t able to steal from the public. That completely unsubstantiated number is

    supposedly the extra amount the BLM received because of my actions. This is when things get tricky. The government’s report takes that $600,000 positive for the BLM

    and adds it to that roughly $300,000 negative for the BLM, and comes up with a $900,000 negative. With math like that, it’s obvious that Mr Huber works for the federal


    After most of those figures were disputed in the presentence report, the government claimed in their most recent objection that I should be punished according to the

    intended financial impact that I intended to cause. The government tries to assume my intentions and then claims, “This is consistent with the testimony that Mr.

    DeChristopher provided at trial, admitting that his intention was to cause financial harm to others with whom he disagreed.” Now I didn’t get to say a whole lot at the trial, so

    it was pretty easy to look back through the transcripts. The statement claimed by the government never happened. There was nothing even close enough to make their

    statement a paraphrase or artistic license. This statement in the government’s objection is a complete fiction. Mr Huber’s inability to judge my intent is revealed in this

    case by the degree to which he underestimates my ambition. The truth is that my intention, then as now, was to expose, embarrass and hold accountable the oil industry to

    the extent that it cuts into the $100 billion in annual profits that it makes through exploitation. I actually intended for my actions to play a role in the wide variety of actions that

    steer the country toward a clean energy economy where those $100 billion in oil profits are completely eliminated. When I read Mr Huber’s new logic, I was terrified to

    consider that my slightly unrealistic intention to have a $100 billion impact will fetch me several consecutive life sentences. Luckily this reasoning is as unrealistic as it is


    A more serious look at my intentions is found in Mr Huber’s attempt to find contradictions in my statements. Mr Huber points out that in public I acted proud of my actions

    and treated it like a success, while in our sentencing memorandum we claimed that my actions led to “no loss.” On the one hand I think it was a success, and yet I claim it

    there was no loss. Success, but no loss. Mr Huber presents these ideas as mutually contradictory and obvious proof that I was either dishonest or backing down from my

    convictions. But for success to be contradictory to no loss, there has to be another assumption. One has to assume that my intent was to cause a loss. But the only loss

    that I intended to cause was the loss of secrecy by which the government gave away public property for private profit. As I actually stated in the trial, my intent was to shine

    a light on a corrupt process and get the government to take a second look at how this auction was conducted. The success of that intent is not dependent on any loss. I

    knew that if I was completely off base, and the government took that second look and decided that nothing was wrong with that auction, the cost of my action would be

    another day’s salary for the auctioneer and some minor costs of re-auctioning the parcels. But if I was right about the irregularities of the auction, I knew that allowing the

    auction to proceed would mean the permanent loss of lands better suited for other purposes and the permanent loss of a safe climate. The intent was to prevent loss, but

    again that is a matter of perspective.

    Mr Huber wants you to weigh the loss for the corporations that expected to get public property for pennies on the dollar, but I believe the important factor is the loss to the

    public which I helped prevent. Again, we come back to this philosophical difference. From any perspective, this is a case about the right of citizens to challenge the

    government. The US Attorney’s office makes clear that their interest is not only to punish me for doing so, but to discourage others from challenging the government, even

    when the government is acting inappropriately. Their memorandum states, “To be sure, a federal prison term here will deter others from entering a path of criminal

    behavior.” The certainty of this statement not only ignores the history of political prisoners, it ignores the severity of the present situation. Those who are inspired to follow

    my actions are those who understand that we are on a path toward catastrophic consequences of climate change. They know their future, and the future of their loved

    ones, is on the line. And they know were are running out of time to turn things around. The closer we get to that point where it’s too late, the less people have to lose by

    fighting back. The power of the Justice Department is based on its ability to take things away from people. The more that people feel that they have nothing to lose, the

    more that power begins to shrivel. The people who are committed to fighting for a livable future will not be discouraged or intimidated by anything that happens here

    today. And neither will I. I will continue to confront the system that threatens our future. Given the destruction of our democratic institutions that once gave citizens access to

    power, my future will likely involve civil disobedience. Nothing that happens here today will change that. I don’t mean that in any sort of disrespectful way at all, but you

    don’t have that authority. You have authority over my life, but not my principles. Those are mine alone.

    I’m not saying any of this to ask you for mercy, but to ask you to join me. If you side with Mr Huber and believe that your role is to discourage citizens from holding their

    government accountable, then you should follow his recommendations and lock me away. I certainly don’t want that. I have no desire to go to prison, and any assertion

    that I want to be even a temporary martyr is false. I want you to join me in standing up for the right and responsibility of citizens to challenge their government. I want you to

    join me in valuing this country’s rich history of nonviolent civil disobedience. If you share those values but think my tactics are mistaken, you have the power to redirect

    them. You can sentence me to a wide range of community service efforts that would point my commitment to a healthy and just world down a different path. You can have

    me work with troubled teens, as I spent most of my career doing. You can have me help disadvantaged communities or even just pull weeds for the BLM. You can steer

    that commitment if you agree with it, but you can’t kill it. This is not going away. At this point of unimaginable threats on the horizon, this is what hope looks like. In these

    times of a morally bankrupt government that has sold out its principles, this is what patriotism looks like. With countless lives on the line, this is what love looks like, and it

    will only grow. The choice you are making today is what side are you on.

    • Sickputer

      Not to be a grinch and there is no FAQ, but simply to remind posters the web admin asks posters to use 4 paragraph or less direct quotes from news sources. Nice speech, but I am scrolling on a phone and a short description and the URL is better for me and the copyright wishes of the news source. I can be lengthy also on my PC, but rarely of such John Galtian efforts as the auction protestor. 😉 Cheers, SP

    • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication

      What a beautiful declaration. Tim disrupted that auction because he knew it was dishonest. How can a government imprison someone whose actions were justified if the American people were to be honestly represented and informed of what was going on?

      So, where was Mr. Salazar when this was being prosecuted? Did he make no attempt to support and encourage Tim?

      Who is the Judge who thinks he must support the status quo and the obvious corruption of the Department of the Interior by sentencing Tim to two years in prison and fining him $10,000?

      Shame, shame on them all!

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      Tim correct ..this revolution is what love looks like…
      This is a revolution based on mercy, truth, justice and freedom… and the tremendous power of the will of the People.
      It can not be stopped…. fine day..the sense of liberty will fill the hearts of the people..and there will be change.

    • Misitu


  • StillJill StillJill

    Hey dog-days–Welcome,…..:-)

    My most informed friends added something else to the ‘need list’ I added it three weeks ago,…after doing my research. It’s MSM,…NO, not main (Lame) street media,…
    It’s methylsulfonylmethane ,…and Yup,…we go back to the barnyard supply animal store! 🙂 Tractor supply has a two pound plastic jar for $14.99. The dose is similar to the boron–I take 1/4 tsp two times a day. It is YUCKY,…so I put it in an empty gelcap.

    Then,….another friend told me of another goodie,….so back to the research. Sodium Alginate! Have found two places to buy in bulk. Still figuring this one out,…but look at the results of sodium alginate! 🙂

    • dog_days

      Thanks for the tip(s) Jill.

      We have a feed store nearby so I’ll pop over and see if they have some of this “yucky” stuff.

      ( anything methane can’t taste good. 😛 )

  • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

    I did not know that, thanks SP , sry admin.
    Too bad i can not edit my post.

    Yes its lengthy , but Not spreading it would be crime No ? 😉

    In case my post get deleted :

    • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


      Your post will remain in my heart for a long time to come.

  • alertsusa

    Something does not add up with Arnie’s hypothesis. If I am not mistaken the Fukushima facility has been repeatedly deluged during this rainy season, which, for this section of Japan typically runs until around the end of July. Then there are the typhoons.

    With all of this wind and rain action I would think most of the radioactive materials on the outside of the stack structure and piping assembly would be washed away, or at least moderated significantly.

    Just thinkin….

  • Pallas89juno

    Gundersen is increasingly coming across to me as a hack for the CIA.

    Gundersen appears to be presenting a rational explanation, which could be the factual case, of what is causing the record contamination between R1 and R2 the other day. However, the fact that he would now be saying that there is not, or implying that there is not without proper clarification, fuel rods (bits and pieces or whole) lying strewn about the complex is leading me to be extra cautious about taking everything this guy says at face value. In earlier broadcasts, which I still think are based in fact, he indicated that fuel rods that ought be in R3 SFP had all “disappeared” or appeared to have been blown out of that SFP. Otherwise, I am certain that there are other methods by which such high readings could be found outside the R1 and R2 structures. In analyzing sources for disinformation coming from quasi government approved sources, such as Mr. Gundersen, it is important to be sensitive to where minimization of the impact or import of data is occurring. Disinformation is not about not failing to present facts, it’s about reducing torque to prevent revolution, which is achieved through minimization of data, delay in producing data to the public, mis-contextualization and eventually, just pinching off information. Mr. Gundersen has been a great source of information here and there in the beginning, but he has just as often, perhaps to maintain inside status for information with industry insider peers for good reasons; but, I’m not 100% certain of that. I don’t completely reject his reports; but I’m taking them with a grain of salt to say the very least.

    • Sickputer

      He’s guessing just like us and I admit his cesium condensation buildup theory sounded interesting, but I doubted it immediately and I am not a nuclear worker. But overall he has been a positive for the antinuclear forces and I would be proud to shake his hand and tell me so.

      That doesn’t mean I always agree with him though…some of the people on this list possess research skills on the Internet that he can’t approach and information is king in this day in age. It’s not what you know…it’s what you can find out and communicate to others. The Internet has changed the intellectual dimensions of the human race.