Gundersen: “The real apocalyptic thing would be an earthquake” at Fukushima — We’ve got to move quickly on Unit 3, it’s by far the worst structurally — Unit 4 a walk in the park comparatively (AUDIO)

Published: December 20th, 2013 at 1:01 am ET


Interview with nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen, KBOO, Nov. 9, 2013:

At 10:30 in

Arnie Gundersen, Fairewinds chief engineer: There’s an enormous amount of radioactivity in a very precarious place […] the building is weakened structurally and a significant earthquake […] could topple the building in which case we could be in an apocalyptic position so you’ve got to empty the fuel pool.

At 22:45 in

Gundersen: The real apocalyptic thing would be an earthquake. Not just for Unit 4 which is structurally damaged, but Unit 3 had a detonation inside it, a severe explosion, and it’s actually structurally a lot worse than Unit 4. We’ve got to move forward quickly on Unit 3 as well — and frankly Unit 4 will be a walk in the park compared to the problems encountered on Unit 3.

Full interview available here

See also: [intlink id=”experts-fukushima-is-increasingly-critical-due-to-decay-of-buildings-reactor-blocks-are-sinking-alarming-cracks-in-foundation-it-was-built-very-poorly-japan-cannot-deal-with-problem-a” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: December 20th, 2013 at 1:01 am ET


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  • bdais92

    People mention we don't have any habitable planets close enough, we have a space station already, correct? Just build multiple super structure's similar to the space station, we could even call them space ships… and just float through space, never needing a planet, just, living on a cruise ship,vacationing , kinda….. :))

    But we don't really have to worry, Tepco's got this handled,should be cleaned up by the olympics in 2020, no problem!!

    No gov. wants anything to do with this disaster because there is no money to be made what so ever,along with all the sh*t people talk about Tepco would then be directed at them
    Plausable Deniability…….


      @bdais92: you are very close to how deep-space travel is eventually accomplished by an advanced species. A combination of (what you'd think of as) hop-scotching towards promising regions is realized by building space 'platforms', or, what many refer to common nomenclature as being 'cities'. These are superstructures that achieve dimensions that rival the largest cities (and population densities) found on this planet. Some of the older ones eventually 'evolved' into artificial 'planetoids'. These platforms (proper technical term) are composed of a combination of natural materials (free floating and 'surface minded') which are brought-in by autonomous mining craft/systems. These structures are heavily shielded, against-both stray radiation (from nearby solar systems) and rouge 'objects'. Some of the more fancy platforms having rivers that run the entire length of the structures internal diameter. Others are designed for practical purposes; jump-point-way-stations and industrial/material processing for other platforms. Sadly, most 'modern' humans have no idea what's waiting out there. Of course, you'd have to look into who's calling the shots on this planet, to discover why the global community of humans have found themselves side-tracked into counterproductive efforts at survival…

  • outsider

    These are only dreams by fiction writers.

    Unless there's a unlimited and super massive amount of energy source (like our sun), it is impossible to do any large scale space travel.

    What that people have on earth, could have absolutely none at space, at light years range.

  • jump-ball jump-ball

    I get world EQs over 5 magnitude sent to my email from USGS, and also check Honshu plus-5 quakes 3-4 times/day at EMSC to see if a big mag 6-7 shaker has sent Fuku #4's elevated pool rods out, broken, onto the open ground, to be blown worldwide to atmospheric contamination: seems to me just a matter of time – weeks, months, a year – until #4, or one of the other money-saving, ill-conceived, ill-designed 100' high GE SFPs, succumbs to quake, structural, tornado or terrorist collapse, abruptly ending the prolonged illusion of dilution and recovery:

    And please look at Ukrainian Elena's excellent Ninja bike photo tour of Chernobyl ghost towns, with her Inspector GC, to get in touch with tragic images suggestive of what Japanese-Tokyo-Fukushima cities-villages-towns will look like after the Japanese evacuation in the next year or two: