Gundersen: Tepco was hiding “crack in the foundation” of Fukushima Unit 4 (AUDIO)

Published: October 22nd, 2012 at 6:25 am ET


Fairewinds’ Chief Engineer Arnie Gundersen has said previously that Tepco was hiding a crack at Unit 4, though it appears it was not just a crack in the side of the building, but the building’s foundation.

Excerpt from an October 21, 2012 Fairewinds podcast:

Close-up of obscured area on Unit 4

Gundersen: There’s a crack in the foundation and Tokyo Electric did a really poor job of trying to Photoshop the crack away.

They literally tried to wipe it out, but a lot of people on the internet could see right through it. […]

That’s how they tried to fix the problem — Photoshop the crack away instead of trying to fix the problem.

Full broadcast here

Published: October 22nd, 2012 at 6:25 am ET


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33 comments to Gundersen: Tepco was hiding “crack in the foundation” of Fukushima Unit 4 (AUDIO)

  • Nuclear power is a Destroyer of Countries. It has destroyed Russia, is Destroying Japan, and with the fracking within 1 mile of US nuclear plants will destroy the USA. Nuke is a World Destroyer.

    We have allowed the nuke cartel to spread their product of death across the world, they bribe our universities with "grants", they are huge projects that allow big kickbacks to be hidden in the accounting.

    The regulators (NRC types) live in the communities that are usually small remote, rural communities, where many families benefit from the Nuke plant….current benefits without having to pay the future costs. Well, those excess cancers in the nuke vicinity, is a price they will pay, but for now they have paychecks. And the NRC regulators get pretty cozy in these little communities that they live in.

    Nuke is a world killer. We have let nuke creep into our HOME PLANET.

    Now is the time to kill nuke. Nuke is stupid. Nuke is EVIL.

  • ForwardAssist ForwardAssist

    I still don't believe that it was a crack which they are trying to hide, I think they are trying to conceal corium which dribbled down into that location.

    • richard richard

      hi FA. from what I've seen, that blocked out image is the loading dock door. It's been discussed on this thread before.

      so i tend agree, something was visible thru the dock that they want to hide. Whether it's corium, I don't know, but I thought the corium would be lower and out of view from that angle.. there is the torus immediately in between the dock and the centre of the reactor.

      just my thoughts.

  • Anthony Anthony

    Why is North America allowing this to happen? This is like watching someone plan and drive their car into a wall at 60 mph.

    It is insane to allow TEPCO to blatantly lie about this situation and spf4 is a critical concern.

    • richard richard

      'It is insane to allow TEPCO to blatantly lie about this situation' – the world, post 3/11; everyday since.

      The whole friggin world is insane Anthony. The ratchets keep cranking up, the crazy, head-spinning ship-o-fools is spiralling out of control.

      Or is it just me 😉

      • Anthony Anthony

        No, there are definitely some wires loose and some loose cannons in charge richard. What I don't want to become true is the darkest of my ideas, which for me allows Fuku to MAKE SENSE, which is that Japan is deliberately poisoning North America, specifically America in retaliation. I personally think under everyone's nicey-nicey is the realness you need to know about to understand them. I continue to be troubled by the lack of Japanese people, even here, speaking out or making at least admission that they are as a country, poisoning the world with nuclear toxic wastes. At least if this was the plan in the first place, then all my suspicions make sense. Why could this be true? Because there are no end of fucked up liars running and writing the story-line we all have unwittingly been cast into.

      • krugthecaveman krugthecaveman

        This American administration that is in governorship of this beautiful country is not going to tell us or do anything for us about Fukushima Diiachi. We are on our own.

    • because USA is the home of the nuke cartel. We sold them those plants. The cartel is large and powerful, they don't care about disease…thats job creation for health care. We are getting good at fighting cancer. in 1900 it was one in 30 got cancer, now it is one in 2.

      fight the cartel

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Nuclear plants = nuclear disasters: past, present, and future. The only remedy is to outlaw them.

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    Who is going to pay? Pony up, the bill is coming…

    Fukushima Crisis Total Cost Up To $10 TRILLION Dollars; via A Green Road

    Nuclear Power; Expensive, Dirty, Dangerous And Toxic; via A Green Road

  • moonshellblue moonshellblue

    Just saw this dire video and searching for info to validate. Please watch and inform this site as this is extremely important if true.

  • Dogleg Dogleg

    This guy also states there are 30,000 spent fuel rods in #2 SFP and that it takes up to 2 weeks for weather systems to hit US. Doesn't sound like a very reliable source. I sure hope not. This should be a wake up call though, as it is probably just a matter of time before this is our reality.

    • razzz razzz

      Nice review here, amounts are in the ballpark…

      "…[Unit 2] Was running; achieved shutdown before power was lost; 548 fuel assemblies in reactor, spent fuel pool has 587. Fuel assemblies are about 4 m long, and each assembly has 60 fuel rods containing the uranium oxide fuel within zirconium alloy cladding…"

      60 fuel rods X 587 assemblies = 35,220 fuel rods in the Unit 2 fuel pool.

      Unit 1 has less fuel, Units 5&6 has more fuel. And they had more units planned for this site, that was before the accident.

      Unit 4 SFP alone has 79,860 fuel rods in it.

      When Arnie says Unit 4's SFP (albeit overloaded with hotter fuels) has more Cesium in it than all the combined output from above ground nuclear testing ever done, that is just in one pool. There are hundreds of pools around the world like it. Takes 600 years for Cesium 137 to decay away, half life 30 years.

      • omniversling

        Hi Razz, not trying to be a 'smartie', but for the sake of clarity and accuracy on enenews…I believe there are more like 90 rods per assembly. This can be verified by counting the slender holes in the top of Fuku fuel assemblies in the submersed footage shot in SFP3 and 4. Although only the damaged assemblies (missing caps and handles) can be counted, those that I saw had holes in rows 10×9. That would put the number of rods more like 52830. See:

        SFP4 immersion footage:

        I also understand that the guide to calculate isotope decay is half life times 10, but some decay produces 'daughter products' (why not 'son products' as this is an overwhelmingly male industry…read 'Son of Serial Killer).

        • razzz razzz

          Depending on the make up of the isotope, you multiply the half life by either 10 or 20 to find the 'mean' and the mean is: the entire active lifespan of a radioactive isotope (until it is harmless or inert, all the same thing).

          When I decided to look up the makeup of a BWR Mark I fuel assembly (again), it will vary between 60-65 fuel rods per assembly but definitely in that neighborhood.

          As a laymen, I type in generalities to give myself some leeway versus quoting exact amounts but rarely make a major blunder except in spelling.

  • Dogleg Dogleg

    My bad, didn't realize it was that many. Why is this guy still in Japan? Wouldn't US gov help him get out? What about his Golfer friend? She couldn't come up with the funds for a one way ticket? Did he see smoke from recent grass fire and panic, imagining the pools must be on fire, or is this really the big event? I have a plan to bug out with my children, but it is a one shot deal and timing is key to its success. I must be sure. Very sever backlash if I am too soon or too late.

  • Canuck1


    I think we are screwed if this is TRUE!

    • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


      Everyone remember–there is a Presidential debate tonight between the Republicats. Pay attention!!! Will they discuss this? Can elephants fly? You will know them by their deeds. I think we have had it. Rest assured, the upper echelon will take themselves out of harms way if possible.

  • omniversling

    Richard is right. That area is a loading bay door. Links to pics were posted in the threads around the time of the PhoTEPCOshopping…

    Full building study:

    Ignore 'joke lava' here is the door:

    U4 has at least "parallel offset". That ol' TEPKiLL Trapezoid Trick..! I've thought this too since the TEPKILL release of measurements take from the top edge of SFP to the water level, about 9 months ago. Showed that the floor/SFP was pretty level relative to the ground, but omits the other part of the picture that the whole building has shifted sideways. This is pretty clearly visible (IMHO) in these pics from the very highly recommended source

    More diagrams from recent TEPKILL PR:

    Excellent U4 archive by Nuclear News:

    As part of the 'Healthy Smile Movement' the Japanese Ministry of Tourism should do as well as the 'Leaning Tower of Piza Tourism Board"..…

    The leaning TOWER of TEPKiLL…now with new improved Trapezoid Trick..

    …see it…

  • omniversling

    (cont) see it before it's too…

  • omniversling

    I believe that this is a pic of the loading door, pre PhoTEPCOshopping. What's really interesting about this is what appears to be a large puddle at the foundation. See the reflection of the the corner edge of the building in it?

    • omniversling

      BTW, good shots of the 'tunnel' that used to stand in front of the PhoTEPCOshopped loading bay opening…

  • omniversling

    HotR, I think that pic of the concrete pump was taken when SFP4 was steaming. It was pumping water to refill it. There was also a camera mounted on the boom. Look at the last frames of this clip, looks like boiling water slurping out over the side of the pool…

    Looks like this:

    ‪Borax [Part 1] – Safety experiment on a boiling water reactor

Borax [Part 2] – Safety experiment on a boiling water reactor

    That is how quick a BWR takes to go 'super critical'? A few milliseconds? A few milliseconds 'mistake' = a few million years of acutely deadly radiation (Pu halflife 24.400 years x 10 = 2,440,00 years)….all wrong…not acceptable cost benefit ration…

    "The rest of the experiment will be observed from a greater distance"…but too bad if you're downwind, or need to eat or drink during the rest of your life..

  • Jebus Jebus

    From the sharp eyes here at enenews, tepco can't hide anything, although, from their actions, it sure seems like their smokin crack…

    • omniversling

      Jebus, do you mean they HAVE a smokin crack? The one with so much hot air comin' outa of?

      • Jebus Jebus

        That works too…
        But I meant that they are doing this tremendously horrible job of trying to cover up a picture with a photoshop job that a third grader could do better at with MS Paint and making like everything's fine.
        That's a crackhead!

  • voltscommissar

    If SFP4 fuel assemblies were intact under only a scattered sprinkling of steel and concrete debris, the debris would have been removed, and the "safe" removal to nearby ground-level pools could be more than half completed by now.

    One nuke cask manufacturer/designer here in Oz told me some months ago that it is entirely feasible to construct a thick tungsten cask, custom-made for the Fuku fuel assemblies, and use it to begin the delicate task of clearing SFP4, one assembly at a time. <b>These casks are heavy, but light enough to be moved by large mobile cranes.</b> The presence of all these factors: a bulge, a crack, AND a tilt of building four does not preclude the use of a mobile crane to remove fuel assemblies.

    The fact that TEPCO has not implemented such a plan, which must also be known to be feasible within the Japanese nuclear engineering fraternity, indicates that the fuel assemblies are too damaged and/or disrupted for them to be accessed or moved. So what is Hiroaki Koide imagining TEPCO can, in reality, do to remove these badly damaged fuel assemblies in his recent video comment?: