Gundersen: Terrifying cancer data for Fukushima — “Statistics are astounding especially for young girls” — “Growing concern around cancer risk” (VIDEO)

Published: March 22nd, 2014 at 11:43 am ET


Fairewinds Energy Education, Mar. 20, 2014: Cancer Risk To Young Children Near Fukushima Daiichi Underestimated — As the three year anniversary of the triple meltdown at Fukushima Daiichi just passed, our minds have been on the health of the Japanese people, in particular the children. This week’s film is a reissue of a film we released last year featuring Ian Goddard and Fairewinds’ Arnie Gundersen discussing the risk of cancer in children in and around Fukushima prefecture. The statistics are astounding especially for young girls. For every year a young girl is the in the radiation zone 1 in 100 girls is going to get cancer due to their exposure from Fukushima. As each year passes it compounds, so if a young girl is there for 10 years, 10 out of 100 will get cancer. The statistics are terrifying and the Japanese government has allowed families with young children to return to Fukushima prefecture.

Introduction: “In response to growing concern around cancer risk to children, in particular young girls, in and around the Fukushima Prefecture, we’re reissuing a film we made last year. […] 1 in every 100 young girls will develop cancer for every year they are exposed to Fukushima’s radiation”

Watch the presentation here

Published: March 22nd, 2014 at 11:43 am ET


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75 comments to Gundersen: Terrifying cancer data for Fukushima — “Statistics are astounding especially for young girls” — “Growing concern around cancer risk” (VIDEO)

  • Proton

    It may be wise to develop statistics based solely on true and accurate, reliable data.

    Can anyone, especially an independent, unbiased researcher come to any conclusion in regards to the future of cancer statistics?


      not sure how to answer your inquiry, Proton, except to point you to a WHO study that predict a major upsurge in cancer amongst the global population. This report was released a month or so ago. I used it to support some commentary I'd been making on the subject of increased cancers amongst children. Few had been aware that they've been quietly watching and discussing these issues amongst themselves. We're in for a big ride! My only consolation is-in knowing, their children will be sharing the same open pit with mine. May they all simmer for a long time, in the hell that's been brought upon us all…

      • Proton

        Hi AFTERSHOCK –
        Thanks for the post in reply there.
        1/100 seems like a very low ball stat to throw around. The lack of true, accurate, reliable data makes it hard to accept.


          agree Proton. However, from what I'm seeing in the opening summation of this report, that the combination of proximity to rad-cons and duration of exposure to same, leads to exponential increases in illness. This would seem logical.

          • irhologram

            Aftershock. "…consolation is-in knowing, their children will be sharing the same open pit with mine." Anne and many here believe TPTB are stupid and shortsighted. But when the plutonium and 98+ other isotopes plumed across the U.S., where were "they"? Obama was in South America. Cheny has a shelter under his house. As I recall many traveled that week…to bunkers? I, myself, took iodine and hightailed it to Florida, where the plume did not reach me, I'm pretty sure. It is said most of the elite have clones for organ replacement…or Chinese prisoners. "Wealth" might be how many clones you have for harvest of major organs. "They" may soon transfer consciousness into machines (their own consciousness?)and "they" think being "borg" is enhancement. "They" know the true stats for air, water, and food contamination. "They" have their own gardens and livestock. I don't believe "they" think they shot themselves in the foot, in the wilderness, with no medical hope. Personally, I think they are so devoid of natural ethics that as long as "they" can derive power and complete control, their criminal aggrandizement will increase, because "they" care nothing for earth, or future generations, or the suffering of people who live within 50 miles of a miles of a nuclear plant (which "they" usually don't.) The rest of us can shelter in place or get out of Dodge. Notice "they" are making it harder to take our money out if we leave. Isn't Uruguay the "hot"…


              agreed, irhologram. Should add though, Florida was reported as being heavily exposed to the initial plume. As to the rest of your excellent thoughts, there will be limits to how they (and theirs) can avoid what the rest will be suffering. All it takes is one hot particle…

              • irhologram

                Does anyone have a chart of the initial plume? I thought, as far as the East Coast was concerned, the concentration was heaviest in what was a fairly normal Jetstream, the Carolinas and up through New England. No?


                  try this irhologram…

                  Florida had highest single day Iodine-131 concentration of any US monitoring station after Fukushima


                  • irhologram

                    TY. Seems as if overall, a couple of places received more in total if for the span of a few days…while Melbourne spiked on one day. Knowing what we know now, or rather, what little we are able to determine from Netc about distribution patterns (which seem to vastly vary, even if the distance is 10 to 15 miles)…it would be nice to see more cities. I'd like to see the entire eastern seaboard. The length of time it would take the plume to get across the ocean and across the US seems to me to have been projected for more than 7 days. So I may have flown right through the plume, from Boston to Florida, thinking I had time.

        • There is plenty of true, accurate and reliable data, studies and medical reports.

          The information about the harm caused by even low dose radiation and hot particles has been presented by many people here, over and over again..

          Either go back through the countless threads going back to 3/11, about kids and radiation, or click on links below…

    • Cisco Cisco

      Like Cesium, Strontium, Iodine and Tritium usually discussed in the MSM and almost always never said together, cancer is the only disease discussion, currently. The GP might get nervous if they learned about all the other diseases that low-level ionizing radiation is a precursor to.

      The rest of the story is, there's much more than just cancer in our future disease profiles, add heart and pulmonary disease, diabetes, birth defects, and all the other auto-immune diseases. So, like it's not just about, say Cesium; and, it's not just about, say cancer…it's about all the other hundreds of probable diseases that go virtually unmentioned and will ravage humans..

      "Official" scientists, government officials, agencies and departments, NGO's, the industry, and all the other nuclear pimps and whores won't talk about the radioactive soup that, say Strontium,…travels with. When Cesium 137 and 134 are present, so are many of the fissoned radionuclides released from Fukushima. They travel with all the others that aerosolize and evaporate from Daiichi and the Pacific. You'll note that 2 or more of these isotopes are never stated or discussed in the same news report or interview.


      • Cisco Cisco

        There is much written about a new disease profile called "Chernobyl Heart". It affects the unborn, children and adults. Heart and pulmonary disease will be as big a killer as cancer in this 10 years. It's onset in adults will be faster and just as destructive. The children are another story. They are the most vulnerable and the most affected.

        The 2004, Academy Award winning Best Short Subject film, "Chernobyl Heart" [ – 40 minutes] is a good introduction to heart disease from low level ionizing radiation. Sad to watch, but necessary to know.

        So…It's not about just cancer and Cesium. They are just the tip of the iceberg. The underlying ever present radionuclide soup, and all the diseases, mutations, and DNA corrupters linked to low-level ionizing radiation, are the rest of the iceberg that the GP cannot see..

        • wildandfree wildandfree

          Chernobyl Heart, Very difficult to watch. We are about to be over come by this tragedy, most will not see this coming and I anticipate a new epidemic among new mothers around the world, "Fukucide" a new reality. So sad what we have done, shame on us.

  • Gasser Gasser

    Johnny Cash; If I were a Carpenter

    If I were a Nuclear scientist
And you were a lady
Would you marry me anyway

    And have my radioactive baby?

    If a tinker of Nuclear Atoms were my trade

    Would you still love me

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Followin' radioactively behind me?

    Save my love from scientific loneliness

    Save my love through sorrows
I've given you my contaminated onliness
Give me your cancer tomorrows.

    If I worked my hands in Plutonium

    Would you still hug me?

    Answer me, babe, "Yes, I would.
I would radiate you above me."

    If I were a recycler… yeah…
At a Nuclear wheel rod grindin’
Would you ware a radioactive blouse
Little girl, with your soft shoes glowin'?

    If we are Cesium contaminated

    And you are a dying lady

    Should we get married anyway
And have a deformed baby?

    Save our love in isolated loneliness
Save our love through deaths sorrows
I've given you my radioactive onliness

    Hoping we have some tomorrows.

    ~Gasser Classic~

  • OldFool

    I believe that the Chernobyl numbers are consistent with Arnie's stats and estimates.

  • Mozer

    Webcast at:

    By Neenah Payne / via / The Fukushima Solutions World Conference will take place on March 22-23 at the University of Texas at Austin. The goal is to come up with a solution to counter the unprecedented Fukushima disaster.

    The first day will feature experts in nuclear issues discussing remediation solutions for the Fukushima disaster. The focus on the second day will be health issues and providing solutions for personal health.

    Speakers include an array of experts in the fields of radiation and health who will be presented on site and via Webcast, including (click name for full info):

    Helen Caldicott
    Joe Mangano
    Mike Adams
    Dale E. Klein
    Lieutenant Steve Simmons
    Ben Fuchs
    And many others.

    To learn more and/or to register for the Webcast, please visit

    Neenah Payne writes for The Fukushima Radiation Protection site at:, designed to provide an understanding of the risks posed to Americans by the ongoing radiation crisis that began on March 11, 2011 at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan.

  • atomicistheword

    2 rem or 20 msv/yr is an abomination to young girls. One in one hundred to get cancer, even this could be conservative bearing in mind the full range of nucliods released.

    Better start running, fear the underlings.

    This is by no means a Japanese problem, by no means a long term secret. Even Australia is softening in media for the coming cancer epidemic.

    Mother earth shall take the strings of your HAARP away and the people will be given to judgement and kiddy killers will be judged by the masses. Even governments and military will walk away from you. Shaking their hands hissing at your criminality.

  • NondiPloom

    More fear-mongering from Gunderson. Don't get me wrong, Fukushima is a true catastrophe that is becoming so for the entire world, but Gunderson seems to be enjoying his new-found fame. Let's see the statistics of real cases, not projections. Projections are merely 'scientific' guesses.

    • atomicistheword

      Did you watch the presentation, my friend, it wasn't by Mr Gundersen? He only hosted it.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Nondi, what a very weird thing to say?

      Have you been here before and seen the cancer documentation on Japan? These projections are bullshit and way to low and the cancer numbers will be through the roof! Why do I say such a thing is because the cancer numbers are through the roof.. right now!

      For every 3 people that die in Japan, 1 dies directly from cancer, so out of 127,000,000 current population that means 31,750,000 Japanese Citizens will already die directly from cancer in their respective lifetimes. Do you understand these numbers? This is after the 1945 Nuclear bomb blasts!

      Do you have any idea how many bombs were blown up all over the world in the open air since 1945? Over 2053 bomb tests were conducted in just the last 70 years. We are all going to get cancer my friend and soon. The genetic damage is generational and will get worse, not better.

      87.5% of those people near and/or negatively affected downwind from Fukushima will get cancer diagnosis in their lifetimes..that is the projection by the medical community based on the above numbers supplied.

      How stupid is mankind? Very stupid indeed! 🙁

      A cancer storm heads this way..and it's all very sad. 🙁

        • Mack Mack

          And it’s not just cancers of the breast, thyroid, liver, pancreas, colon, brain, lung, testes, ovaries, skin, esophagus, blood, etc. that can be caused by manmade nuclear radiation. It’s also:

          • Heart disease
          • Strokes
          • Pneumonias
          • Increased susceptibility to viruses, bacteria, etc.
          • Diabetes
          • Circulatory problems
          • Blood disorders, i.e., neutropenia, leukemia
          • Thyroid problems
          • Skin problems
          • Stomach problems
          • Birth defects
          • Stillborn
          • Miscarriages
          • Cataracts
          • Rashes
          • Fatigue, dizziness
          • Hearing loss
          • Memory loss
          • Cognitive problems
          • Joint/Cartilage problems
          And more…

      • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

        +311 obewan! 🙁 Yes it's depressing,but we HAVE to keep on setting out the facts & TRUE statistics until the banana,etc. bullshit comparisons are no longer useful or seem credible to the public sector just now awakening to the cold,hard facts about the 311 ELE that the Banana Kings would even try to say had never even happened if they had their way!! The cancer shitium storm HAS already hit & still hitting hard with ever passing day & the CUMULATIVE nature of "shitium"(the word I "adopted" to describe any/all of the smorgasbord of radioactive isotopes collectively now to save the time otherwise spent trying to describe all of them individually anymore)! I have to cut short my online time today as Sandy's sick(er),but I'll just close by saying that I'm grateful to you and ALL of our ENE crew for setting out the truth even though thanks to G.E.,TEPCO,etc. we are also all "full of Shitium"too!! 🙁 Hopefully my wife will be up to making it to the appointment for the showing of an apartment we'd really like to get into asap(?)!! These damned seizures have been increasing in frequency/intensity again lately & ALWAYS at the WORST possible times! The extra meds I had to give her makes her sleep for hours too…(i got my fingers & toes crossed & tossed the whole salt shaker over my shoulder whilst knocking on my wooden head!)-that we are able to make it to & be accepted as tenants tonight at 8pm CDT "if" she recovers enough from today's seizures(?)!! 😐 ..TTYallL…

      • PS the socref troll was ranting at my site last night, must have the weekend off.

      • right on the money OBE! +1000000000000

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      Nondi–do you coach football by any chance?

    • We Not They Finally

      NondiPlume, I find your commentary nothing less than callous. The Japanese are notoriously secretive about doctoring stats, but even “anecdotal” accounts (and good God – why would anyone make that up??!!) are horrifying.

      You should be embarrassed and ashamed at throwing the pejorative “fear-mongering” at people.

    • m a x l i

      NondiPloom: "Fukushima is a true catastrophe"

      m a x l i: It is a catastrophe for everyone. For some it is a catastrophe because it will very quickly bring an end to pushing their insane and unnecessary technology and dry out their gushing money fountains.

      NondiPloom: "Gunderson seems to be enjoying his new-found fame."

      m a x l i: Let's assume for a moment, it is like you say. What is more important to discuss? One person enjoying, like many others, a bit of well-earned fame? Or a global experiment possibly having the potential to alter or erase all higher life forms?

      NondiPloom: "Let's see the statistics of real cases, not projections. Projections are merely 'scientific' guesses."

      m a x l i: The whole nuclear enterprise is based on 'scientific' guesses like: A serious reactor accident can happen only once in 10,000 years. A salt mine will be safe for storage of nuclear waste for 20 million years. A nuclear meltdown is impossible, can never happen, and so on…

      Because the optimistic projections of the nuclear industry are always wrong, we lose infinitely much. Should any projections about the cost for biosphere and our health be too pessimistic, we lose nothing.

      Former projections endanger our survival and are to be rejected. Latter projections are essential for survival.

    • razzz razzz

      I was wondering when the Arnie bashers would show up.

      Arnie quoted figures accepted by major entities as standards (ever changing upwards) then included what the figures ignore. Darkness hates light, doesn't it?

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    No boundaries, and no limits on who gets cancer.


    Technetium-99 (half-life 220,000 years)

    Iodine-129 (half-life 15.7 million years)

    Neptunium-237 (half-life two million years)

    Plutonium-239 (half-life 24,000 years)

      • SpeakEZ SpeakEZ

        Johnny Blade thanks for a great link! Some very scary stats on Chernobyl….

        • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

          Your welcome SpeakEZ, When comparisons are made to Fukushima described as "Chernobyl on steroids" it really puts the magnitude of what we now face & what will in fact continue to increase at every level from the food chain to our bodies into perspective & focus! 🙁 On a personal note,my wife just had a bad seizure again that came out of the blue which followed what she perceived as "allergies flaring up"??!! They never did find out the cause of the seizure disorder except to rule out epilepsy and it hasn't escaped my attention that the seizures preceded her sudden,aggressive,advanced IB Cancer in early 2012 by several months following our exposure to the 311 Plume(s) that we still see wafting through our atmosphere wreaking havoc on life forms that never were designed by the Creator to resist or even be subjected to non-natural radiation,especially internal contamination! 🙁 I bring this up now in part because I'm terribly shaken with every event I see her or ANYONE suffer needlessly from and I don't believe for a SECOND that the sudden onset of serious health problems that have become all too common SINCE 311 is just "coincidental"! The health issues & anomalies ravaging the post-311 world is too visibly apparent to write-off as some random,"natural cycle of Earth life" IMHO and my rationale is shared by MANY others even if they haven't yet made the association to THEIR problems with the ongoing,311/Fukushima-ELE that's "killing them softly"!! 🙁 …

    • 93 Long life Radiation Contaminants, A Problem For Billions Of Years; Via @AGreenRoad

  • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt


    "Let's see the statistics of real cases"

    There is not a single person here on ENE that doesn't want to know the truth on this matter…but as you might very well be aware of, the info on this subject is hard to come about. The trouble may very well be that if it comes out, a large Revolution would surly follow, much to the chagrin of those in power, thus it won't reach us in time for us to do anything about it. And thus is why we make very educated guesses on this whole fuming toxic radioactive nightmare mess.

    • There is no 'guessing'. There is just a huge coverup.

      Anyone who really wants to know, can find the information. It is all over this forum, and organized by category and subject on AGRP and other sites such as Stocks, etc..

  • Mack Mack

    As a reminder,

    The World Health Organization predicts:

    * a 70% increase in thyroid cancer risk in females exposed to Fukushima radiation as infants

    * a 6% higher risk in breast cancer in females exposed as infants

    * a 7% higher leukemia risk in males exposed as infants

    —> Presenters at the PSA Nordic conference predicted due to Fukushima:

    * up to 600,000 deaths
    * over 100,000 still-births
    * over 100,000 children with genetic deformations

  • Mack Mack

    >> "6 in 10 Fukushima children tested have diabetes — Head of Tokyo-area Medical Clinic: We are expecting diabetes in children from Fukushima radiation"

    >> "New Data on Birth Defects in Post-Meltdown Japan"

    >> Don't know if tied to radiation, but this is interesting:

    Fukushima Medical University is "very busy operating on babies" born with polydactyly "and had more than a hundred on their waiting list."

    >> Fukushima activist: "Some people sent her pictures of babies with birth defects and urged her to leave town and share the photos with the people back home."

    >> Birth deficit 9 months after Fukushima

    >> “Fukushima Radioactive Contamination Symptoms Research”

    • irhologram

      Mack. From your link: "Anzai of Ritsumeikan said that studies show no statistical increase in health risks among the second generation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki survivors.

      “Academically speaking, (Fukushima residents’) exposure levels are something that won’t likely have a significant genetic impact. (Their) exposure level is low,” said Anzai, who has been criticizing the government’s promotion of nuclear power plants since the 1960s. “But the difficulty with radiation is that it’s not only about physical health but the mental and social impact.”

      Studies show no health link to the second generation? What studies? This article is saying it's all social prejudice and that birth defects aren't in the cards? How can that be with all the pix in all the links all the ene-ers post picturing massive birth defects in arenas of exposure?

      It is an interesting point, though, that irradiated persons may become outcasts socially, an underclass, undesirables shunned for marriage.

  • Ontological Ontological

    Been there done that cancer thing. It sucks! These bastards don't care! You are on your own. No one will be happy for you, If you have no loved ones then you will die alone. They ignore things like pressure ulcers(bed sores) and will not wash you. They act like you did this travesty to yourself personally. They have no understanding of what actually caused it. Even if they do, they will never admit to it. You will live on to hear of even more of this horrible mess, and die from it all eventually anyways. Yep toldja it sucks.

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      @Ontological; "been there,done that, & STILL doing it"! 🙁 I do feel a bit better about the facility my wife's cancer is treated at although I've been her primary caregiver & made damned sure she's clean & medicated on schedule & tended to her every need while I'm able to be here for her but I've also sadly witnessed the horrors you've described happen to others who weren't privy to family or constant-care & in one very recent case involving a late,in-law who was already in home-hospice with several cancers,all of them stage4-5 even before I'd arrived to help,but already had the signs of either incompetence or neglect that I was unable to do much about aside from the same duties I'd had via "on the job" training from caring for my wife as well as most of my now deceased family members and aside from lifting/carrying him so the bedding could be changed & applying medications to the bedsores that were there before my arrival to help,I could only provide a bit of camaraderie for him and I wound up being the one who witnessed him taking his last breath or he would've died scared & alone too…I've seen much sickness & death in my life and despite my having a strong stomach & ability to remain calm & THINK logically in extreme situations(most of the time)-my soul is growing weary of all that I've had to bear witness to & I'm not sure what my "limits" are(?),but even if I'm close to the breaking point I will keep trying to "cowboy up" & keep on TCOB(?)!! :(…

      • Sparky Sparky

        Hang in there, Johnny. We understand and appreciate all you and Sandy are going through. Know that you are not alone in this blood and guts battle against EVIL. You are still a champion, on a personal level for those that depend on you (Sandy!) and others that witness your strength and courage against all odds. Hang in there. Warm regards, Sparky.

  • We Not They Finally

    Helen Caldicott (pediatrician activist) says often that children are 20 times as radiosensitive as adults and girls twice as sensitive as boys. Meaning that 1 millisievert harms a little girl as much as 40 millisieverts would harm an adult.

    They're killing everybody, with girls first.

    But where are the ACTUAL stats, not just projections?

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Nondi, are you seeing the bright light of truth yet? 🙂

    Nondi, these Nuke Puke fools are in the process of exterminating your species and the planet and your eyes are wide shut… 🙁

    Open them..please! 🙂

  • Shaker1

    May seem a bit OT, but I have a great interest in ancient history, not the sort of the battles and warlike cultural displacements, but more from an anthropolocial point of veiw that might be exhibited more by myth and to some extent the curious cosmologies that are seen. I also subscribe to the idea that there have anciently been occurances that directly affected grand populations on the order of the 'the flood' or others such as the American indigenous cultures that speak of 'ages' of the world. For instance, I found it odd that Athapascan speakers live in the north, then a big gap, to be found again in the southwest (Navajo). A Navajo friend when ask told me that the story is of a great destructive disruption, and to escape it, some went north. He related that they just never returned south…

    Anyway, anciently, the pregnant female was, to our mind, worshipped. They find figures in great abundance archaelogically which most attribute to a maternally-oriented culture. While I accept that, could it be that some instance damaged the female, and that preganacy became so important beyond the obvious?

    • wildandfree wildandfree

      Shaker1, you may be interested in the "The year-long programme at the Westcountry School of Myth and Story, on Dartmoor in the United Kingdom" at as I share similar interests.

      • Shaker1

        Thank you, wildandfree. I will look into the site.

        What I'm driving at here was the question that was suggested to me by all those little statuettes and our relative lack of knowledge of the history of this planet and species. That question was: could there have been in ages past, and relatively recently, say, the last 100,000 years, incidents that affected the ability to reproduce that necessitated the importance of the fertility of females beyond the need of food availability or disease, and of which the clue might be those statuettes? It's relativity to this post and in general nuclear contrivances is the question that we might be doing something similar to ourselves, beyond natural capriciousness and in unwitting competition with that natural unpredictablity. I ask the same question when considering GM and the hormonal chemicals we choose to spread through the environment.

        • wildandfree wildandfree

          Shaker1 that's a great question, one which my background has given me no right to comment upon. Martin Shaw, the author and researcher in the UK to which the above mentioned site is directed, may hold the ability to comment. He is very well versed and is currently in the states. Something very similar to your question was being discussed between myself and an oncologist regarding the release of new bio toxins and pathogens being released from the permafrost to which we have not been exposed to in more than 10,000 years. What transformations of these unknowns occur following mutations after being exposed to our radiation influenced toxicity now in our environment. How will our bodies react and how did we manage them in the past? How the NPP releases influence our natural cycles and the rolls we humans play regarding energy needs (introduced these past 100 or so years) and our dependence upon them as well as the environment and the economics is interesting and leaves room for thoughts towards these questions you and others are presenting. Suggest an article series at
          A fair start. Take great care.

          • Shaker1

            Thanks again, wildandfree. I have read the first part and (tongue in cheek) consume the other two. I have read such system analysis before and found it self-evident, as much as I find the 'Peter Principle' self-evident.

            And as far as my comment goes, I am hardly qualified to do much more than ask questions. I'm just one of those who is unschooled but dedicated enough to that particular interest that it and the circle of disciplines represented by related materials is by far by the greatest part of my library. As for the discussion you mentioned with the oncologist, it's exactly what I was driving at, though I would consider things like natural permutations on a planetary scale in that realm also. As much as Jay Gould somewhat backed off his 'puntuated equilibrium', I think the idea in some forms has great merit. Isn't it relatively recently that we have come to recognize the catastrophic (or what might be considered so to particular and/or general species) as a player in evolutionary (natural selection) process? It's a damned shame that we would do such a thing to ourselves beyond what we already do in the contentiousness of our ego's natures.

            While we here at enenews often hold disdain for the idea of never letting a crisis go to waste and relate that to 'Riechstag Fire' type events, I would hope that we take such to heart regarding nuclear power. Seems we're overwhelmed by the waste of just 70 years. The cure seems infinitely better than the disease.

  • Nick

    Men are mutants to propagate the female species.

  • rogerthat

    ''Let's see the statistics of real cases, not projections. Projections are merely 'scientific' guesses.''

    That's all we have, projections and 'scientific' guesses. Why is that? It is because governments will not test. Why won't they test? They won't test because they know what they will find. They will not collect accurate statistics. Why is that? Because they know what the statistics will show. They will not investigate. Why is that? Because they know what a proper investigation will find. As a result of all this anti-science, the International Atomic Energy Agency is able to conclude that radiation kills no-one.

  • irhologram

    Health and Wellness came out Wealth and Hellness in my mind while I was googling. Some days, I gotta love being dyslexic.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Me too! 🙂

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