Gundersen: They want to dump all Fukushima’s radioactive water in Pacific — Tepco: It will be diluted, then released — Professor suggests pumping it out in deep ocean (VIDEOS)

Published: December 2nd, 2013 at 5:56 pm ET


Interview with Arnie Gundersen, The Real News Network, Dec. 1, 2013: Dale Klein is now suggesting is that we’re just going to take [Fukushima’s radioactive water] and pump it into the Pacific. And I don’t think that’s a very good idea. It’s cheap and it’s fast, it’s the expedient way of doing it, but really there’s something called the London dumping convention. And back in 1972, Greenpeace was very active in preventing radiation from being dumped into the ocean and to my way of thinking, this would violate the London Dumping Convention if they did it.

Interview with Tepco adviser Dale Klein, ABC Australia, Nov. 20, 2013: “At the end of the day, when the water is discharged, it will be released in a way that it’s diluted so there’s no risk to public health and safety. But it’s an emotional issue.”

Enformable, Dec. 2, 2013: TEPCO forced to shut down contaminated water processing system at Fukushima Daiichi again

Bloomberg News: [C]onsider pumping effluent below 4,000 meters, said Stony Brook University marine biologist Nicholas Fisher in an interview. […] The International Maritime Organization has prohibited ocean dumping of radioactive material since 1996 […] “There’s certainly much more living stuff in surface waters than there is in deep waters around 4,000 meters,” said Fisher, whose lab has sent scientists on three Fukushima ocean surveys. “There are no fisheries that are based on anything deeper than around 900 meters. If organisms became contaminated down around 4,000 meters, they may not ever appear in surface waters.” […] there is a risk that contamination could spread to larger sea creatures, he said.

Watch the interview with Gundersen here

Published: December 2nd, 2013 at 5:56 pm ET


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115 comments to Gundersen: They want to dump all Fukushima’s radioactive water in Pacific — Tepco: It will be diluted, then released — Professor suggests pumping it out in deep ocean (VIDEOS)

  • bo bo

    Yes Dale… isn't it annoying when people get 'emotional' over radioactive waste being dumped into the ocean ?

  • Lion76 Lion76

    I got some emotions for em…

  • Nick

    My Pacific.

    Ya know, the one where my mom grew up in, the one where I was born/conceived. That one.

    Last time I checked, the Pacific was a huge body of water.

    You are telling me now that it's toast?

    Anyone know what a wail sounds like?

    That's me write now. (sp?)

  • Socrates

    I figured TEPCO would get around to dumping everything into the ocean. The atmosphere, oceans, lakes – who the frak cares anymore?

    Where's Eric Brokovich? Guess there is no money in it. No trial lawyers will take it on because it comes under Japanese law or a treaty that confers immunity.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Barbara Judge send her toadie out to work?

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Let's see the groundwater is flowing with ability to control it.
    How is all the water to be contained and diluted?..
    Not even filtered..diluted.
    Don't point to the tanks..
    What they store is hardly a mere percentage of the contaminated water.
    And at that… they release it..anytime they want.
    In any condition they want.

    I was wondering when he was going to rear his corporate sponsored silly head.

  • Crash2Parties Crash2Parties

    Ah, the British-Petroleum / Gulf of Mexico strategy! Hide the problem so no one will see it initially.

    Do they not realize that the radioactive contamination is already being "diluted" by an entire river of groundwater on its way to the sea? Oh, right, they just mean the tanks. 'Cause they're visible and need to be disposed of before they burst. Brilliant move, I don't think anyone will see right through it…

  • papacares papacares

    hanford will be next, then SONGS, then ………..once established they can, then they will, there will be no end – welcome to the brave new world

  • Nigwil

    <i><b>1. They want to dump all Fukushima’s radioactive water in Pacific —
    2. Tepco: It will be diluted, then released —
    3. Professor suggests pumping it out in deep ocean (VIDEOS)

    1. Where else was it going to go anyway?
    2. That's what they are doing now. So what's new?
    3. Deep ocean? Its already made its way across the Pacific, what can be 'deeper' than that? Hey Prof! FYI: There is no more 'AWAY'. We've run out!

    Simply, the disaster continues, and not a politician with any intestinal fortitude to be seen anywhere around the Pacific Rim.


  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Look, hands..the groundwater is dumping itself.

  • Speedy

    So…The top 200m have already been distroyed now put "diluted" hot water out at 4000m …WTF–Kill the bottom too..How do we stop this insanity? I see why most just throw in the towel, look the other way or just go get drunk…It's hard to understand what justifies that thaught processs..I know most life in the ocean is near the surface or on the bottom…
    Hey Dale, how about if you put that "safe" water in your pool…

  • sayonara kitty sayonara kitty

    the other day i read somewhere, that since fukushima has admitted dumping 400,000 tons of radioactive water into the pacific daily, that other "gross polluters" were, (or were most likely to), also dump their toxic wastes into the pacific as well. knowing that it would be blamed on fukushima. …. i am just crushed and heartbroken that our planet actually is a home to people that would do such a thing. not that it would surprise me, i just have a hard time accepting their the same species as us. i am really trying to cultivate that this is not happening, but eh.

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      Absolutely. "Never let a crisis go to waste." – Rahm Emmanuel

      There is now no reason to perform any safety checks on any NPP's. Just release it all, dump it wherever, no one in charge cares. Given enough time, they're all going to open to atmosphere, whether from earthquake or just plain radiation-induced rot. There will be a lot more spent fuel one-way ocean shipments.

      Just like the financial crisis. If you're high up enough, even if you're caught red-handed, nothing happens. A big fine? The FED pays it.

      Welcome to Hell.

    • We Not They Finally

      sayonara kitty, I've also had a hard time thinking that these callous reckless monsters are "the same species as us." For a long time, I rejected looking into David Icke. But now he is starting to make sense. He's very humane and pro-humanity himself. He just makes a good case for the forces behind this being "not the same species as us." It's a huge universe, on many planes. And apparently, not all species think that high-radiation is a bad place to live.

      Icke's an acquired taste, granted. But check it out.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    D U M P I N G . N O T . A N . O P T I O N

    Nuclear entities around the world, pitch in, and take the radiated water.

    And fix this problem. Quit thinking small.

    Get busy!

    • SadieDog

      Millions of gallons of highly radioactive water in new tanks that were bolted together(not welded) and have rubber seals and liners, connected by plastic pipe; some of these tanks are leaking and many weren't expected to last five years. Oh and they are on top of a hill that leads down, directly to the pacific ocean. One more thing. This is an ongoing process that must continue everyday, nonstop. Everyday, more water, more tanks, more leaks, more accumulation and less and less skilled workers to do the jobs. They don't have any other options.

  • kintaman kintaman

    I have not consumed anything from the ocean since 3.11 and I never will again. Thank you TEPCO.

    • Ontological Ontological

      Had no fish or GMO since the GULF SPILL…Doesn't leave much to eat…Corexit has trashed the Gulf, and made it a dead zone, now massive radiation is destroying the beautiful Pacific. I survived skull bone cancer from a Fuku fuel flea in my nasal cavity, and have had been through 10 months of pain from the titanium "chain" they used to hold the new bone in place in my jaws, and the femur bone missing in my leg, they used to replace the skull bone only to now have to endure what is left of my life maimed in this screwed up hell of a world.

      • SadieDog

        @ O – Damn, not much to say that. Thanks for sharing though and I hope you get some relief soon. And I'm with you on running out of things to eat. Oceans are fubar and and it rainin radioactive on everything else.

      • mairs mairs

        🙁 – – – – –

      • Au Au

        Ontological- I'm really sorry to hear of your painful ordeal. If you like, have a look at homeopathic Symphytum and Eupatorium perfoliatum.

        Article on bone healing (not just fractures):
        I, myself,like the low potencies like 6x or 6c.

        Calc phos (in the article) is a cell salt or tissue salt and can be found in a 6x potency at most health food stores. If the human body was cremated there would be 12 mineral compounds in the ash. These 12 salts are called cell salts. Calc Phos and Calc Fluor have affinity for bones.

        Disclaimer time: The above is an information resource only, and is not to be used or relied on for treatment purposes. This information is not intended to be patient education and should not be used as a substitute for professional treatment.

        Please consult your health care provider before making any healthcare decisions.

        Wishing you wellness Ontological!

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        Ontological, what a horrendous ordeal. Once touched by the elite, we are never the same again. Many are ready to say goodbye to this planet and the hell that man has made of it. Redemption is a ubiquitous theme, hoped for, even expected, but never delivered. May something good happen

      • andagi andagi

        Dear Ontological,
        So glad you're here with us. I enjoy your posts and wish you well. So sorry to hear of your hardships.

      • NoNukes NoNukes

        I'm so sorry about your suffering, Ontological. You are a powerful writer, and I hope that you continue to tell your story.

        • Ontological Ontological

          @ all who replied, thank you for your human compassion, it is wonderful to know there still is some remaining. @ NoNukes thank you for your kind words, and yes I plan to reason out with others out here any possible solutions to this nuclear nightmare that is so far beyond Fukushima on a global perspective, that the light from the flash of reactor 3 detonating, will not arrive for millions of years so to speak. You and the many bright and caring folks out here on ENE give me courage to continue teaching the truth to those seeking wisdom, so they in turn can teach others truth. I was given a second chance in life I hope to use the time wisely. I maintain the only way for "safe" removal of used nuclear materials is to burn them in the photosphere of the Sun on a close pass, so the materials become subatomic particulates, harmlessly radiated away out of the Solar System, by the solar winds.
          Here is a golden way for many good jobs, and space technology contracts. I challenge SpaceX to find ways to safely bundle, and launch spent fuel assemblies, then use your new found technology to construct safer payload vehicles to transport people into space. We can at least rid the Earth of spent materials if it is not already too late.

  • jec jec

    If there are International rules AGAINST dumping into the oceans, why does TEPCO think THEY, as a non-governmental rogue company, think THEY CAN POLLUTE THE PACIFIC? To dilute is NOT LEGAL. They need to filter, remove all nuclear products and REUSE the filtration. They can DRINK IT if it is so safe…Why aren't they reusing the contaminated, but filtered water..BECAUSE THE SYSTEM TEPCO USES DOES NOT WORK. Our governments had better get involved and prevent this, or the lost of the starfish, the salmon and the herring/sardines/sealions/seals and seabirds will look like the BEST case for our world. Sink the coastline of Japan if necessary..several miles under the oceans..

    • We Not They Finally

      I'm with you. But the international treaty is apparently just about dumping at sea from ships. If it is released from a coastline into the sea, it's not covered. How insane an exclusion is that? But that's how Areva in France gets away with polluting the English Channel ongoing, to which they are adjacent. A GREAT film available on Youtube is, "Secret Nuclear Waste: The Dark Side of Humanity."

    • Gradius

      "They need to filter, remove all nuclear products and REUSE the filtration."

      Sorry, but that is just impossible. Search and you'll see really fast.

  • yellowrain

    Dear God please tell me this guy does not have the authority to dump whats in those tanks into the ocean. Into the ocean out as rain. Into our food. Am i missing something?

  • rakingmuck

    You have to remember not the USA nor the IAEA fighting for our Pacific or our lives. I believe it has reached the point of Crimes Against Humanity and have reached out to the Hague for guidance knowing they are part of the show.

    • We Not They Finally

      Someone stop me if I'm wrong, but I believe that the U.S. may be immune from prosecution for international war crimes. Maybe I'm wrong. I thought I read that somewhere.

  • ftlt

    Was there ever any doubt this was not going to happen???

  • Socrates

    I remember that criminal syndicates were being blamed for dumping nuclear waste into the oceans. That was a plausible denial. It was the corporations who subcontracted that method. Now we see that governments and corporations can dump it right from shore. There was a big loophole in the law. Surprise!

  • dka

    Tepco can pomp straight 10,000 Tons of uranium in the ocean, or
    Tepco can pomp 10,000 Tons of uranium diluted in 1M Ton of water.
    It makes no difference.

  • HoTaters HoTaters


    is not a


  • weeman

    All the government bureaucrats and
    All the government scientists,
    Can't put the world together again.

    All the great minds in the world and the best they can come up with is put it to the deepest realms of the ocean.
    I don't even want to start thinking about the ramifications and variables involved.

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      The greatest minds in the world involved..and not matter what.. (OT)the drums of war..have to continue to beat.
      What kind of programming..what kind of denial does it continue the endless cranking of the machine…when the enemy is invisible and stands before them?

      Even today..the Pentagon..instead of standing up for the true needs of the people… is spending time pushing Chuck Hagel around for not getting his killjoy on.
      President Eisenhower was correct..the military industrial complex needs to be stopped.

      Paper Tiger At the Pentagon
      Dec 1 2013

      The world can not be left in the care of the military complex..and the corporate fiends that feed into it.

      Polluting the Pacific..not mean much to Dale Klein. does to us.
      And that's that.

  • We Not They Finally

    The whole "out of sight, out of mind" mentality is cold-blooded and lethal. But they've been playing on public ignorance for 70 years now, and the public does not even seem to protest what is right in front of their eyes. It's whistlebowers and scientists who need to be screaming. But very little of that happening.

  • Alpha1

    This guy is a fucking idiot and a piece of evil dung paid to deliver the last death blow to humanity by evil. I am over looking at this I am sick to my stomach reading this BS. There is no such thing as dilution of radioactivity CHEM 101.

    This is such BS if we let them get any further we are all going to die, I sure hope the god in the bible comes soon or we will need a book of instructions and billions to get off this left over worthless lifeless rock!!!!

  • Alpha1

    I will make it cleared then, I graduated MIT and CIS as an atomic fissions engineer years ago and worked on over 119 nuclear plants world wide. I can say the breeder material that they are leaking now is borderline ELE but if they let the fission material go into the water thinking it will dilute they are crazy. Our planet is home to over 5 million species and they all start the food chain from the oceans and rains that come, The rains in the US pick up the moisture moving through the atmosphere over the ocean the pacific to be precise.

    Atomic particulate radiological particles and gamma emitting matter does not dilute more like accumulates and the more they do to the ocean the more it accumulates. It does not start to degrade if it keeps getting more and more rather it gets worse until the source is stopped. They are about to kill humanity. Arnie I worked with and he knows better than I, he is getting paid or heat from somewhere that is causing him to lead us in the wrong direction. SO ALL I CAN SAY IS GO BACK TO HIGH SCHOOL learn about atomic matter and the death lies they are dealing.

    No dilution accumulation over years and destruction to all man and the other 5 million here with us… WE ARE ABOUT TO BE DEAD!!!!!How is that for an explanation these people are paid ass wipes and should be put into the plant to have lunch with our president and his cabinet of idiots!!!!!!

    • NoNukes NoNukes

      The corium is fissioning in the ocean. This whole narrative of dumping is a wild understatement of this on-going catastrophe. The corium is already in the groundwater, is in the ocean. Since the material most likely comes from weapons production, it is all much worse than we are being lead to believe. Radiation levels are spiking, especially since August 20, 2013.

    • Kassandra

      I wrote a book on the subject. I'm fighting the silence as best I can, but access to mainstream media appears to be the only way to raise enough concern to enforce expanded evacuations and testing.

    • andagi andagi

      Dear Alpha1,
      Privilege to have you posting here. Thank you so much. Please take good care.
      Aloha 🙂

    • flatsville


      If you are currently retired, you should condsider making yourself available to consult for enviro groups regionally who often have truoble either finding experts or affording them.

      EMail out some CVs or resumes. They could use the help.

    • lam335 lam335

      re: "… Arnie I worked with and he knows better than I, he is getting paid or heat from somewhere that is causing him to lead us in the wrong direction…."

      In what "wrong direction" do you think he is leading us? The quote from the interview clearly indicates that Gundersen OPPOSES this ocean dumping plan:

      Arnie Gundersen: "… Dale Klein is now suggesting is that we’re just going to take [Fukushima's radioactive water] and pump it into the Pacific. And I don’t think that’s a very good idea…."

      So your statement that Gundersen is leading us in the "wrong direction" would only make sense if you believe that Klein's recommendation to dump the stuff into the ocean points in the right direction.

      Either that, or you just didn't read/listen to what Gundersen said very carefully.

    • babbo dorian babbo dorian

      Thank you once again Alpha1….
      You allways have the words.
      I think they know that very well but…. are obviously paid for their comments.
      Poor human beings that do that.


    I wrote up the dying ecosystem of the Pacific and a massive 400% spike in shark attacks….and then TODAY another fatal shark attack of a kayaker.

    Insane stuff going on

  • Hot and Bothered Hot and Bothered

    Didn't they already dump the tanks once already a few months ago to "prepair for the storm" before the hurricane hit?

  • razzz razzz

    I-breathe-eat-swim-and-live-in-nuclear-waste-and-love-it-Mr. Klein is a desperate man along with the rest of the nuclear industry. They admit defeat at Daiichi. To much money needed to store radioactive waste any longer and dumping is the most inexpensive way to go because TEPCO is not going to bear the costs of storage any longer. So cool, calm and collected as he announces the grand plan. This is their solution, their answer. Next up is to outlaw ocean upwelling. Kenny will speak to the issue.

    Over at Fukus' Diary, it reads like the never ending bad news that it is: Pumping stopped due to lack of storage allowing contaminated water tables to rise as a result with workers on platforms to escape the radiation at ground level, found impossible to air cool any melts above the water lines since locations of melts are not known, Unit 2 confirmed to have melted rod debris in it, radioactive cooling water filtering system failed at connections and is shutdown again, etc.

    A large .pdf report untranslated to English yet by TEPCO has pics and drawings enough to get the idea where groundwater intrusions into the un-contained Units are and where broken pipes venting radioactivity to air are. Flooding to cover all the melts is not possible as water leaks away at various points.

    IMHO, while all this is going on the Units are slowly but surely degrading away as radiation takes its toll. A future large quake near the area (10+ years from now) will level the entire site.

  • Alpha1

    I wish was as easy as to speak out, you do not see what they are doing to educated people like myself and others. People are disappearing never to be heard from or found. I would say if there is somebody that wants to know or needs to know I would speak to an engineer no a scientist as they only want to study the affects of this event. Study till they die just to see if they can find something out we had not in the early 70's with years and years of study.

    Just the fact that they are assuming this relation with this disaster they will watch all die before they let anyone touch this. Beside at this point any one that gets close will die. I do not want to die do you??? Who wants to watch an entire race of people or fish or birds or animal or even bug die. The fact they even mention they need to study further is ludicrous and insane. The people in power are insane and they have designed this to be a big experiment, what it is is genocide and murder. There is no out now it is way to late. The amount that has leaked and that is already dispersed going on by the second is already enough dose to kill all life on the planet. 10 years and man will be done unless they are underground and planned to have this go on to decrease the earths population. This would be more humane and not seen as a direct act of aggression the easier softer way. THE DEVIL HAS BEEN LET LOSE AND NOTHING WE CAN DO CAN STOP IT NOW. we let a dictator and key stone cops in to fix the worst incident in all…

  • In fact the deep deep ocean is as hard for man to explore as deep deep space and the learned scientists know less about the deep ocean then space and many uncatalogued lifeforms live there and we know not how dependent other lifeforms are to the deep deep sea creatures so dumping radiation into the sea is bad wherever it goes. Not an emotional issue. But Japan Tepco US gov do not want Japan to go broke cleaning this mess up. The great scientific minds come up with a plan. Dump it into the ocean. Proof we are run by morons and there is no answer for nuclear waste. So shut the industry down and give them the Stupido Lifetime Achievement Award.

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      The deep deep ocean is full of life..full of life's potential.
      A little out of sight out of mind?
      That's only good for the change under the sofa cushions.
      Even suggesting dumping ..deep sea..are the words of a small minded idiot.

  • Nick

    If there is one small shred of hope and light in this debacle, it's the dawning realization by more and more folks of the drawbacks of weapons production.

    Forget electrical generation for a moment. The prime reason we have fission factories all over the planet is to extract the goodies for bombs.

    To think we have acquired a vast arsenal of bombs at an astronomical cost, the destruction of biosystems.

    That truth is about all that is positive out of Fukushima.

    The radioactive dumping into the Pacific is/will happen.

    We could have watched the children play. Instead we built our bombs.

  • Speedy

    This may be off subject but I need to know— what % of friends, family, coworkers, etc.. actually get it? You know understand what is and has been going on in Japan..In the last couple of years that I've been doing my own research on not only Fukushima, I have expressed concern to everyone I have come in contact with..The % of people that show interest and want to know more is 1% or lower..Most roll their eyes and change the subjuct..Is this what everyone else experiences? If so, how do any of you expect anything will change? Our government lies, to our faces and it's believed by 1/2 the population..Lies about Fukushima will be believed at the same %…So if you can get someone to research, chances are 1/2 will believe the lies that flow daily…I normally have a positive attitude about life in general, I've lost that feeling….Is this a symptom of radiation poisoning?

    • bo bo

      So many times, on enenews, we have said 'this is it!!! Now it is finally catching on with mainstream media!!!' And so many dire situations have come and gone… but I'm still waiting for that day, that breakthrough, just like the Berlin wall coming down. Everytime public's awareness is raised a tad, they start playing smooth jazz by Kenny B (meaning, propaganda articles from Ken Buessler, shill from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute) and everybody goes back to sleep.

      I was watching dateline special on Elizabeth Smart abduction, and that reminded me of this situation in a weird way. There were so many moments where she could have been saved months sooner.. yet the police misses it, or the parents miss it, or the store clerk miss it.

    • zogerke zogerke

      People cannot handle the sense of helplessness and utter disillusionment in trust that this situation brings forward. . People cannot focus on how bad it is…think how, as a culture, we are obsessed with avoiding death….and this is all about mortality, and the loss of our futures, our childrens futures, huge global diminishment. Plus we here in this country, with the worldwide perspective….are so tremendously wealthy, each of us, with enough food, clothing, shelter, literacy, electronics, access to full supermarkets …compared to most of the world we are so wealthy, even those of us who are poor….so we are lulled, comfortable, asleep in the lullabye of our routines and lives….. And with the nsa on all of our communications…..and communication being monitored, and pacified…we appear as the lunatic fringe for talking about this…..the entire system is setup for consumption, pacification and disempowerment…and the stories of govt retaliation for truth telling serve to get many to police themselves into silence…. My world cannot speak of this…though one of the spiritual groups i am part of did an entire service to mourn, and educate, and be fully present with the atrocity going on rig now of ecocide…..and beyond mourning and educating, what is there to do? And, if there is more to do, safety mandates not writing about it on a public forum with a tracable ip address….

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        "People cannot handle the sense of helplessness and utter disillusionment in trust that this situation brings forward. ."

        Then.. they are sheep to slaughter..nothing an be done?

        I noticed some reference to the NSA.
        Are they listening?
        Talk to them.
        Tell them to get off there glorified 'Peeping Tom' jobs..and get a life.
        It is evident NSA can hear everything..but they know nothing..

        Lunatic fringe? is used to that.
        Let them go back home..and wstch a seed grow.

        • zogerke zogerke

          I think there is an algorithm……..though i cannot define it well. …..on one side….how much risk can we sustain by not being active fighting this issue…and on the other side….much risk can we sustain by being active fighting this issue…..and, as many here try to discern, when is it time to rip up our planted family roots and run away to some where safer….i educate and take one day at a time and attempt to control my food intake and measure background……and wait as the algorithms shift and shift and shift….life and energy being limited as some of us age in place ourselves…..

  • Alpha1


    Speedy I was working with friends to do a reality show, this show had myself and three others that actually know what the reading of a Geiger is. We took lettuce off the shelf and as well spinach and others ect. My partner that was testing was approached by guards and asked to stop doing what he was doing. He replied no I have the right to know what I am buying and eating is not radiated.

    They held him and arrested him, I got away with the other man and the camera. He spent 9 months in jail for testing food publicly. So you tell me do they even want to know much less wanting us to share the true nature of the death they are feeding us.

    We feel that more than 180 Million Americans and their children are about to go through the most painful reality check as they will all be dying from cancers they can not cure. Leukemia hypothyroidism and RAIDS amongst the few. Our politicians are completely insane they have lost their minds and are committing genocide killing humanity down to the chromosomes. For what reason is this happening because they can and lie and we all still do nothing but scratch our head and asses without voice…

    They have succeeded in dividing us all and confusing us with double sided hypnotism so we are and will be as daffy as them and walk into our deaths without uproar. So much for the masses it is already to late. Time to call for the arrest and warrant for these criminals without even a trial…

  • Speedy

    Hey–Alpha1..back at ya…
    I'm afraid to ask more about where your testing issue was, I dont want to stir up unwanted attention..I have also wondered about radiation levels in fruits and vegetables. I live in a snow bound area of NY and really not sure where our fresh foods come from. If there is a lable it list made in USA or Chili, not very specific..I'm concerned about fresh fruits and veggies from California..I have been trying to feed myself with "healthy" foods, but after September I'm forced to buy foods from a warmer climate..One of my favorites has always been almonds, nuts in general..Oranges, Asparagus, Pomegranates, Kiwi are on my list of "healthy" foods..I would like to test them myself..Now you have me concerned about even attempting this..What a country we live in…Don't give up on your reality show..I, for one would watch
    with much interest..I would even assist if needed from this side of the continent. Best of luck..

    • Au Au

      My conclusion about the food, since it is contaminated, is to eat less of it. Sure, it is possible to inhale a nuke flea and eat hot particles but if we eat less then we eat less radiation.

  • Nick

    I am certain that radiation is causing massive brain disorders, people are less able to see the larger picture their focus narrowing to the Face-book post, the Yahoo chat, the Google map aps.

    Sleep itself is becoming altered as our pineal glands struggle to maintain the delicate serotonin-melatonin balance.

    Eating less, breathing less, sleeping less, crying more, weeping often, laughing hardly at all, rarely smiling.

    Doctor: Why are you depressed?

    Patient: Because I think we are all going bat-dh*t crazy.

    Doctor: Don't worry you are incompetent hands.

    Patient: You are all incompetent!

  • lam335 lam335

    If they do this, I expect we'll see more of those so-called deep sea "sea monsters" coming up closer to the surface. We're rendering their natural habitat uninhabitable. That will force them to migrate and try to adapt to other areas.

    It's amazing to me that they can just assume that pumping toxic/rad stuff into one part of the ocean eco-system is not going to have any broader impact on that system just because they think the pollution will remain deep below the surface.

  • FXofTruth

    Yes… TEPCO says screw all marine life. Billions of sea creatures that we feed on will be killed off so TEPCO can make their job of destroying the planet easier to do.

    There is something going on here that is anti-Earth, anti-mankind, and anti-Nature in the actions being taken to "correct" this escalating disaster. The "corrections" have just the reverse effects…they are destroying at a exponential rate but, misdirecting and misinforming the Public.

    To have such utter disregard for an entire ocean of life and lie about diluting the most deadly substances on Earth into the ocean, has alien influence written all over these objectives. If Mankind is not being influenced or controlled by alien influences then, Man has evolved into suicidal killer and his destiny is to destroy himself by his own hand.

    Also, Dale Klein….the best example of a sub-humanoid with only rudimentary intellect and totally incapable of compassion and reason. His ego believes he is perfect and convincing but, a fool is one who believes his own bullshit.

    • babbo dorian babbo dorian

      Do this person have sons, daughters, grandsons, spouse, friends….???
      I see his face while talking….. no love….. for nobody, for anything, not even for himself

  • mr.machine

    Send it 4000 meters deep? Life begins at the bottom of the ocean.It was the same theory that BP used when they wanted their oil to sink to the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. Then when that didn't happen the next plan was to dilute it with corexit ( isn't that a novel name ). Radiation doesnot dissipate or dilute. 400 tons of radiated water are being dumped daily at Fukushima and the world sits ansd does nothing.

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