Gundersen: Top NRC official fell asleep during my presentation — “His eyes were rolling back and his head was bobbling like a little bobble doll” — Process designed to freeze public out (AUDIO)

Published: January 21st, 2013 at 6:31 pm ET


Title: The Games People Play
Source: Fairewinds Energy Education
Date: Jan. 20, 2013
Description: […] Arnie Gundersen […] met with the NRC this week concerning his analysis of what went wrong and how the problems were foreseeable. In this podcast, Arnie discusses how the NRC and Southern California Edison deliberately withheld information to make his technical analysis more difficult to accomplish. […]

Transcript Excerpt at 10:15 in

Nuclear Expert Arnie Gundersen, Fairewinds Energy Education: During the hearing the first in command, the chairman, actually fell asleep during the middle of my presentation. His eyes were rolling back and his head was bobbling like a little bobble doll. Then the second in command kept saying, “I’m on the clock. I have to get this resolved really quickly. Are you done giving us information? How much more information are you going to give before I have to make my decision?”

So it was very frustrating. Basically I came away with the conclusion that the NRC basically already made up their mind, and no matter how much new information we brought to the table, we were not going to succeed.

[…] That’s the problem with the NRC and this whole process, the public is designed to be frozen out.

Full program here

Published: January 21st, 2013 at 6:31 pm ET


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117 comments to Gundersen: Top NRC official fell asleep during my presentation — “His eyes were rolling back and his head was bobbling like a little bobble doll” — Process designed to freeze public out (AUDIO)

  • "…his head was bobbling like a little bobble doll." – A. Gundersen

    Bobblehead doll: a doll having a head that makes repeated bobbing movements (First known use of Bobblehead doll – 1964)

    Now what?

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    I'm reposting this from off-topic..hoping to be heard.

    Humanity can not afford to be so intellectually inferior… as to not understand…the dangers of nuclear power.

    "The release of atom power has changed everything except our way of
    thinking…the solution to this problem lies in the heart of mankind. If only I had known, I should have become a watchmaker."
    – Albert Einstein

    "I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV
    will be fought with sticks and stones."
    – Albert Einstein (contemplating nuclear devastation)

    Alternative energy sources must be sought out we try to gain control of its use as a weapon.
    Conservation is part of the equation.
    That's right…do with more efficient with what one has.etc.

    Einstein's words…are the words of a genius..
    Humanity is deaf.

    • richard richard

      yeah, genius of the likes of hitler. 😉 I don't really like Einstein, he's a traitor to life on Earth.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        Einstein died in 1955, almost 60 years ago. Another whistle blower. He was anti-nuclear years before he died. Could you please attack people who are still pro nuclear? How about Obama? How about all the Republicans? How about the corrupt NRC? Obama appoints these corrupt officials. He appoints all his pro nuclear advisers and his pro nuclear cabinet. He oversees them. He could fire all of them and appoint anti-nuclear activists and call a permanent moratorium on all nuclear energy in the US and he could spend US taxpayer money on decommissioning all the present plants and on installing solar and wind and geothermal instead across the US. He could insist that only all electric cars are produced and that all the electricity is solar or wind generated.

        • Jebus Jebus

          Yeah! You go girl. Thats the Honest to God's truth there! 🙂

          • richard richard

            MESSAGE FROM ADMIN: Everyone please stop the OT comments. It's going to take a while to delete all this and I'm super busy this week. It takes much longer than it seems because all replies to OT comments also have to be deleted or else the replies get stuck at the bottom of the comment list. People who's comments I have to delete on a recurring basis will be put in moderation for a while. Thanks in advance.

  • Ontological Ontological

    Two things are infinite, the Universe and Human stupidity, and I am not sure of the Universe. Albert Einstien

  • Anthony Anthony

    You are right Arnie. Heres somwething I found on HuffPo as a response from a ProNuke to a citizen calling for accountability:

    Peter Burgess1 January 21, 2013 at 3:56pm

    Right back at you. All over the world nuclear power is the difference between zero GHG emissions and about 100 billion tons more/year if the standard coal was used again. The Achilies heel with "my-way-or-else" "enviromentalists" like yourself is you don't know the difference between getting *nothing* done because you're too stubborn and getting something done because one is intelligent enough to understand the difference between a worse or a lesser evil. **

  • Jebus Jebus

    The chairman fell asleep! Whch one? Arnie said he, but he also said the chairman. The chairman is Allison M. Macfarlane…
    Maybe he meant one of the commisioners. Kristine L. Svinicki?
    No thats a she. George Apostolakis? William D. Magwood? William C. Ostendorff? Which one cause I'm one of the one's who pay their "over the table wages", and I'm pissed that one of these buffoons is sleeping on the job! Wakeup you worthless, ineffective, and bought out commissioners! If I fell asleep at my work, I should expect to be thrown out on the street! You damn right your on the clock, and it's ticking away like so many radionuclides in your lungs. Get a clue NRC, your killing us with apathy! Grrrr!

  • nedlifromvermont

    AG: "the process is designed to freeze the public out …"

    Yes, Arnie! You are right!

    These horse's asses were your former business colleagues and regulators, as you designed the re-rackings in the spent fuel pools … for a dirty industry …

    How do you really feel? About being part of such a corrupt process?

    Thank you for sharing …

    … we need to hear so much more …

    … and we, here, at ENENEWS are not falling asleep … on the job …


    … sorry for shouting …

    How about: The Future of Nuclear is Unclear …

    peace! …

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Nedi, If you want whistle blowers, you need to stop attacking them. Please save your attacks for those who are still pro-nuclear, not for the one person who can call the industry to account and who has the intelligence and commitment, reputation and courage, to testify before the corrupt industry regulators and make public their mistakes.

      • Well said

        Sheesh, as an MSME I was pro-nuke until I realized how these folks were running things….completely insane. The idea of nuke power in a perfect world is fine…it could be controlled to "reasonable risk".

        The reality of nuke power with humans and the occasionally bitchy mother nature involved makes it clear that nuke does not belong on our HOME PLANET.

  • razzz razzz

    Arnie knew it was an uphill battle when he said they scheduled the hearing he didn't want in Maryland, far far away from the West Coast concerned. NRC does act like a bunch of Nazis but Congress approves the NRC Chairman so the NRC is like a puppet regime for the benefit of the nuclear power generating industry as long as the lobbyist's money keeps flowing into Congressional offices (or is it the military that pulls the strings?).

    The local news here in San Diego was doing a story on San Onofre but from the ratepayers approach (San Diego Gas & Electric has a 20% stake in San Onofre) as salaries are still paid at San Onofre all while the plant is shut down because of this design failure.

    This seems to be a better approach to the issue (rates still being paid for the failed manufacturing and design) as the backdoor reason why the ratepayers are on the hook will emerge. Or a civil lawsuit against owner/operators of the San Onofre plant.

    I sent an Arnie presentation link about San Onofre's problems to the local news station. So far nothing but crickets in the background.

  • razzz razzz

    Tonight watching my local new station in San Diego, of all things, there is a 30 second news story about the SDUSD (San Diego Unified School District) concerns about restarting San Onofre and the possible effects on students.

    So, I look at their site for a general email link to the board President or whomever. Couldn't find one, not like I was going to find an address for effecting policy but nonetheless I wrote to a Head Nurse overseeing all students, of my concerns and included a few video links by Caldicott and Arnie.

    I will see if there is any response.

    • Great idea Razzz

      I hope you get a response.


      After all, its the kids who will bear the greatest consequences (and their kids after them)

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      Razzz… Try Ace Hoffman who has been very active on SONGS and NPPs for decades. His web site is here:

      I'm sure he'll have some good contacts for you. Good luck.

    • razzz razzz

      No email responses to me from the local San Diego news station or the SDUSD (San Diego Unified School District) but the local news reports SDUSD is having a meeting tonight to draft a letter to the NRC asking for a licensing hearing where all involved are under oath and on the record concerning the new and failed steam generators as it pertains to San Diego students health with any possible fallout releases.

      Seems some in San Diego are ahead of the curve on this issue. I believe this is the same type hearing Arnie and friends wanted in the first place.

  • PattieB PattieB


    All your spouting of religion and such? All you good folks who reply?




      Pattie, the spotlight is yours. Dazzle us. So far, I haven't seen a single link to any important information, and only seen opinion expressed. Do you have a link to the insider tape that shows who was snoring? Possibly the fingerprints of the bobble head head from his glass of water? Can you provide us a link with a view into the future of Arnie? Maybe the Commission?

      Lighten up. Sometimes it is all about community, and some about letting off some frustration. I wasn't under the impression that any of us were documenting the specifications of the nuclear process, or stripping down a reactor on this thread. It, to me, was just that Gunderson isn't being taken seriously, and that's about it. Except for that great unknow…who fell the hell asleep.

      Sorry, it just invites opinion.

      I like your passion and your work, Pattie…but unwind sometime…

      • PattieB PattieB

        It's just that after my brother, who doesn't belive HALF of what I tell him… looked at all this religious arguments? He just walked away… and so now will not even LOOK here to get understanding.

        Have the site make a separated blog for the religious-type back-bites crap then.!

        • richard richard

          That's right PattieB, the religious commentary is a nuisance. It's been raised many times, way before you were on the scene.

          You didn't see the great religious wars of last year. This stuff is mild.

          There is no need for a seperate blog, there are plenty of sunday school websites out there.

          The people who keep spouting religious babble need to drop it.. then I'll shut up.

  • PattieB PattieB

    as to the info…? I was under the impression you could read.
    The picture evidence ?


    I'll stick with folks who are of open mind.


    • NoNukes NoNukes


      If you were trying to divert the investigative abilities of people on an American website, what buttons would you push?

      I think the top buttons to push would be:

      1) God (start saying their god is stupid, and watch the diversions)

      2) Country (start saying country is stupid, and watch the diversions)

      3) Self (start saying the person is stupid, and watch the diversions)

      4) Mother (I'd guess the "Your momma is so…" jokes are about to begin, lol.)

      Anyway, it is pretty transparent, they want you to leave, they don't want the info out there.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Some of the bloggers work for the Japanese government or TEPCO, some work for Bill Gates, some work for BP, etc. They are much more subtle than they used to be. They try to get your trust and pretend to be for people and the environment.

      Their personal attacks are because they don't have real arguments to offer. They try to used the brainwashing techniques of the North Koreans with the POWs. "Just give us a chance. Just listen to our arguments. Be fair. Listen to both sides…" They jab and feint to see where you might be vulnerable or where you might be diverted for the horrors of nuclear energy.

      When kez told me not to spend time looking at your photos, it is a dead giveaway that he is working for TEPCO or the Japanese gov't. How unsubtle can a person be? You know from all the thousands of hits you are getting on your website that it is extremely important and there are many people who want and need to know the truth.

      Some people just say the same thing over and over again. When they needle you, it is a dead giveaway that they are pro-nuke. In the long run they are really pitiable. They don't know what is important on this earth and will never know joy or peace.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        TYPO: from the horrors of nuclear energy and killing radiation

      • kez

        OMG … that is outrageously ridiculous Anne! First I was Richard which was bizarre enough.

        But now I have been promoted to a Japanese SPY! LOL!

        Anne I was trying to be kind to you; it's your health tho … I wished you some rest.

        But here … now let me give you an exclusive. I am neither Richard nor am I a Japanese spy.

        I am actually a US Senator with extremely powerful ties to the energy sector.

        Watch out … I am taking names and ISP addresses to my higher ups.

        (And this is possibly *THE* most outrageous tin hat theory of all posted here. Good freaking grief. It's funny tho.)

        You do need some rest I think.

        Take care.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          I never said you are Richard. Are you created a straw argument?

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          TYPO: are creating.

          I never said that you are a spy either. Telling people not to look at photos is someone who doesn't want people to know the truth, no matter what the motivation.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          And now you are threatening me.

          • kez

            Anne … sarcasm … you *cannot* possibly believe I am actually a US Senator with any power to threaten you. Can you??

            No you did not accuse me of being Richard … others did. But you just did write that "dead giveaway" I worked for Tepco or the Japanese govt. Semantics and same thing.

            I sincerely meant it when I wished you some rest.

            If you so truly believe I am a plant for the Japanese Govt or Tepco then please *feel free* to report me to admin as such.

            I won't interrupt the thread again.

            • richard richard

              Dear kez and anne. Yes kez, you didn't say anne called us, it's just that your wording could have been taken that way. Blogging certainly has it's mis comm moments. I'm not prodding you kez, just trying to help clear things up.

              In fact anne was the only writer who stated clearly kez and I are not the same, and I thanked her for that. I'm sure the months we've both being writing we see some of each character.

              I'm confident the three of us are unique and not trolls or shills or whatever.

              Must be that festive season hangover.

              • kez

                Hi Richard … this is absolutely my last on this thread which is completely OT to the subject. I apologize to the forum for dragging it out one more post.

                I thank you for speaking up finally the other night that you and I are not the same ID.

                I absolutely do heartily encourage Anne et al to submit complaints about me being hired by Tepco or the Japanese Govt as a spy or shill here to Admin. Or any others who think you and I have the same ID please do as well.

                Take care. And I really am off this bizarro land thread now. 🙂

  • blackbeer blackbeer

    EXTRA, EXTRA, read all about it; enenews shut down due to "ego-excess". One of the most important inter net based news sources closed it's doors today do to the lack of interest by it's readers to shift through the shit just to see what the latest news was. May it rest it peace………………..


    LOL, sorry, not trying to trivialize…but you had your brother reading about people sleeping, and thought that would spark his interest? Personally, I would just have clicked on the "Nuclear Issues" thread, but just me.

    I am very open minded. But I know an opinion piece when I see one.

    • blackbeer blackbeer

      What the hell's the topic of this post……………..

      Man I am totally sick of this BS………….


  • or-well

    And back On Topic –
    You are entering "The NRC Zone",
    where eyelids are heavy as stone
    and officials lack any backbone,
    where chairman heads bobble
    and rule enforcement wobbles
    and they just want to be left alone.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Fukushima a 'Wake-Up Call' Seen for Sleeping US Nuclear Regulators
    Jul 20, 2012

    Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR) Executive Director Catherine Thomasson said: "American regulators and the federal government should take heed. This report should serve as a warning that the U.S. has the same colluding system between industry, regulators and government. There are some reactors that will never have adequate evacuation plans as they are too close to human populations to be managed without severe consequences should a catastrophic accident occur. Others will remain problematic because there is the same mindset as in Japan that such accidents could not occur in our country hence there is inadequate preparation."

  • Jebus Jebus

    NRC 'Coup' Leader, Bill Magwood, Consulted For Fukushima Parent Company
    First Posted: 12/12/11

    WASHINGTON — Bill Magwood, the man at the center of an effort to overthrow the chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and his most likely successor if the move is successful, served as a consultant for Tepco, the Japanese company that owns the Fukushima nuclear power plant, according to information provided by Magwood as part of his nomination and confirmation process, which was obtained by The Huffington Post.

    On Friday, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) released a letter signed by Magwood and three other commissioners attacking the panel's chairman, Gregory Jaczko, setting off a firestorm in the energy industry. Issa and the four commissioners framed the dispute as personal and managerial, but emails released by Rep. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) show a political and ideological battle underway over post-Fukushima safety standards.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Nuclear Rubberstamp Commission
    The solution? Abolish the Nuclear Rubberstamp Commission — and shut down every nuclear power plant in the U.S. They provide just 20 percent of our electricity and this could be substituted for with electricity generated by safe, clean, renewable energy sources such as solar and wind — without the loss of lives.

    • or-well

      Not 20% – 8.26% according to Lawrence Livermore Nat'l lab, but who cares, just like japan, 20, 25, do i hear 30% oh yes i do regularly but it was less than 12% before the shutdowns, but it's the same misinfo bullshit over and over even from anti-nukers so goodnight.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        The worst thing is that use 10 times as much energy producing nuclear energy that what is produced by nuclear energy. And the energy used to produce nuclear energy is fossil fuels. Who would even want to live 100 years from now on earth? It will be totally covered by nuclear waste and radiation burning up all the ozone layers and taking away all the oxygen manufactured by plankton which will be dead. And all the plants will be dead. We are creating an eternal moonscape. How can anyone do that to their children?

  • m a x l i

    Congratulations and many thanks, Arnold Gunderson! You exposed what the required qualifications are to become a NRC-member. One needs to be good at sleeping and nodding. Maybe I should apply for a job, I'm good at both.

  • PattieB PattieB

    This is for Anne!

    Remember I told you about the fraggin jiggered-valve @ Pilgrim!??

    Well it's gone and "Popped" again and released enough to cause a scram!

    Pilgrim Station technicians are investigating what caused a leak in a safety relief valve, prompting operators to shut down the Plymouth nuclear plant early Monday morning, plant officials said. Operators investigated a "minor leak associated with a pilot valve on one of the plant’s four safety relief valves," officials from Entergy Nuclear, which owns and operates the nuclear plant, said in a statement. The plant is currently "in a safe, stable condition and there is no threat to public safety," the statement said. The plant will remain off-line until a "thorough evaluation of the shutdown is conducted and any necessary repairs are made," company officials said. Pilgrim Station was shut down less than two weeks ago because of tripped recirculation pumps, which are used to adjust power levels in the plant, according to a plant spokeswoman.

  • PattieB PattieB

    and they didn't put in an NRC report on it!

  • Jebus Jebus

    Kind of an edgy thread. I don't know, but I have came to the realization awhile back that, no amount of reporting is going to create a change in this lifetime, (most are sleeping), and nothing, short of people marching on washington, is going to stop the next radio-ill-logical event from contaminating the next no-go zone…

  • PattieB PattieB

    that's why I use FB Jebus… I friend folks I don't even know! So everything I post goes onto their pages… to get them informed!

  • PattieB PattieB

    there are many here… who, it's hard to tell if they are shills, or just contracted "Ostrich Syndrome" due to the fact I put forward are horrible to consider.

    But it's not wild theory I put out here. FACTS.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      There are many readers, thousands, who don't post anything.

      • PattieB PattieB

        I know. When I said Goodby, It's to the ones who refuse to look, or attack what I say without a shred of evidence. I'll not engage them in jousting events. The folks who fill the pages with BS-type arguments, I'll now just report and move on… as I have done today, and just keep posting as I have been.

  • PattieB PattieB

    My systems fell under attack again… why? I found an posted to my site the round disks of plutonium that go in those empty rods in the pools!

  • PattieB PattieB

    And did some real digging to get real, not drawn picture of they rods they pulled them out of to make such damned things to fit a LWR !

    they have been attempting to wipe all references from access via the web to such things and rods!

  • PattieB PattieB

    Yes… the local news stations, NJ & NY actually FILMED this procedure! It went out on news, but local only and quickly got yanked!

    Been more since that one too!

    • richard richard

      thanks Pattie. The first link is a forum that quotes the second link.

      The second link doesn't actually provide evidence of guns. It does freely use the term 'at gunpoint', but never actually backs it up.

      The third site, again, uses the term 'gunpoint', without any backup. It goes on to reference another site, that also has nothing of it's own material. Finally, it quotes another page, which has a 404 error. Not found.

      Curiously, this link also fails …

      the preceding site said there was mention of dogs, but not guns.

      so I kinda wasted my time following through all of that.

      People wonder why other people get picky about the need for quality information around here.

  • PattieB PattieB

    this whole thing started back in 2007… and now it's raping up to stuff like the flu!

  • WindorSolarPlease

    This article was interesting to me. It does confirm they already made up their mind, or they think they know everything.
    Doesn't sound like they want to hear anything new.

    Since they don't want to hear, you could draw up a simple short outline. Maybe they prefer to read? Send it so they have to sign for it, that way you know they have it in their hands.

    Publish and make a stink. The louder the noise, has to wake someone up.

    • Anthony Anthony

      When I read your posts I often see a mirror of my on thoughts and philosophies. Dare I say we have in common a idea which gravitates towards fairness, fair play and justice? Funny that,because as I get older I see that where and when it counts fairness and justice are not so much in favor. Everyone in the winners circle ditched those years ago.

      • richard richard

        Yep, just call the USA "lance Armstrong", that should explain a lot – false kings.

        • WindorSolarPlease

          Hi richard

          Are you saying the Bobble-Head is a dope, or that you think he is doping on something, maybe both?

          102 temp here, I could have easy missed what you meant.

          • richard richard

            Hi WSP. No, I was alluding to the fact the the culture of the USA is to cheat their way to the top. Rarely is there valid merit in any American holding position, they've usually lied and cheated to get there. Ive observed it a lot in business dealing with companies from the US. Denial and obfuscation is a common ploy.

            Lance Armstrong exemplifies that. So I think the USA should simply be renamed lance Armstrong, because that's their general behavior of cheating to get ahead of the rest.

            Yes,its a generalization, but I've seen and experienced it too often, I actually quit a job because i had too much contact with people from the USA where the obfuscation was insane.

            • WindorSolarPlease

              Hi richard

              I cannot deny there are "many people in the world" who cheat their way to the top, or get in because of connections, or who have been bought, for a price.

              I cannot say it is only in the US. There are good and bad people all over the world.

              I can't pick just one Country and say their name should be change to a name that would discredit that Country.

              I believe changes are needed around the world, and Arnie was trying to give input where it is needed. Unfortunately, he met a person who did not act professional or who seemed not to care. Looks like that bobble-head has decided to do what is expected of him, and he will follow orders than to listen to another professional.

              This world is in sad shape because there are many bobble-heads out there.

              • richard richard

                you are of course quite right WSP, the issue is across all humanity.

                I'm picking on the usa though because it is a 'world leader' and role models are targets for ideals. But it is laid on extra thick from that nation.

                I know my nation generally holds to giving everyone a fair go, where the usa appears to be very much the opposite – self advantage over the collective rights of everyone else.

                In other words, the usa is percieved around the whole world as cheating for it's advantage. Do the people care enough to rectify that perspective?


                  you're picking the USA to blame for the world's ills, because it's safe to do so. If the American people had any say in the matter, the traitors who populate our government would be rotting from telephone poles…

                  • richard richard

                    thanks AS. I am having a dig because they are at the forefront of contempory life on Earth, and yet they rape and pillage and lie and obfuscate across the world.

                    If no one complains about it, it will just continue unheeded… where are the people who want fairness and justice .. why is no one doing anything? Maybe because they are comfotable so they decide that the shite is worth sustaining.

                    George Bush is a traitor, where is his fate? In a five star hotel with mega security I suppose. Obama, his fate – get's a Nobel Peace prize. Sick.

                    Sorry Shock, but many of the worlds ills are generated by this 'nation' – if fact most of the worlds ills. History will not be kind, once everyone else realises how corrupt to the core it all is.

                    I know there are good people there, that's why you and others are here. The time has passed though to storm the castle, it's all too late now. Rome burned, the Soviet Union burned, who's next?

                    • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK

                      trying to throw clues your way, richard. Also advising (as has been done before) that you risk credibility on all fronts, should you insist on seeing these issues in black-n-white terms. If you need a primer, look into PNAC…

      • WindorSolarPlease

        Thank you for the nice compliments Anthony.

        The bobblehead was very rude, he should have acted in a professional manor.

        Keep trying Mr. Arnie.

  • EIA good data here, you can download very nice spreadsheets and make some charts Clearly, nuclear is dying, coal is dying, and renewables are rocking.

    Also on my blog for safe keeping, easy finding.

  • ForwardAssist ForwardAssist

    I appreciate Eisenhower's, "Military Industrial Complex" speech. But I had a great deal more respect for the man until I learned more about him.

    "Oliver Stones Untold History Of The United States S01E05"

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Of course Einstein was involved..responsible.
    It's the regret…at least implied… that matters.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    People will need to be allowed to change..We are asking people to give up their educations and livelihoods in the nuclear industry and embrace other technologies.
    We can't accuse them of hypocrisy..when and if they decide to change.

  • aigeezer aigeezer

    Gundersen's piece is titled "the games people play", presumably an implied tribute to Berne's classic eponymous work on transactional analysis. Good choice, Arnie!

    Homework assignment, easy version: Identify and reflect on other posters' habitual transactional games played out in their Enenews comment posts.

    Homework assignment, hard version: Identify and reflect on one's own habitual transactional games played out in one's own Enenews comment posts.

    Teaser example:

    … and a bit more detail if you find it useful:

    These "games" are classic, almost universal human behaviors (ain't it awful?). They are also paralyzing, and I suspect they interfere greatly with my agenda, which is the dismantling of the nuclear industry, so I try to step back from them as much as possible, as does Arnie.


  • kez

    San Onofre: Expert testimony shows how Edison’s failures led to nuclear crisis Posted Jan. 16, 2013 / Posted by: Lisa Matthes Link to: Original Press Release on Friends of the Earth Friends of the Earth tells NRC utility should have sought license review

    ROCKVILLE, Md. –Southern California Edison made critical and fundamental errors in the design of the replacement steam generators for the San Onofre nuclear reactors, according to expert testimony from Friends of the Earth at a Nuclear Regulatory Commission hearing today. The testimony, which will be presented to the NRC Petitions Review Board, is the first step in a process resulting from the NRC commissioners’ unanimous vote to require staff to weigh the past licensing issue raised in Friends of the Earth’s June 18 petition. The evidence presented clearly showed that Southern California Edison should have been required to go through a license amendment process before installing new steam generators in 2009 and 2010.

    Arnie Gundersen, an internationally renowned nuclear engineer, and consultant to Friends of the Earth, explained to the NRC’s Petition Review Board that the design changes proposed by Edison for the replacement generators created a dangerously high level of steam (known as a “high void fraction”) at the top of all four replacement steam generators. …


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      Decision Near on San Onofre Restart

      [I am having trouble copying and pasting this from mobile so paraphrasing]

      Followup by NRC announced. A list of panel members was made public Tuesday.
      Arthur Howell possible BobbleHead (photo)? Don't know for sure … check for yourselves.

      Public meeting is 2/12 … will be webcast and available via phone.

      More on public meeting and Friends of the Earth position.

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        Good finds, kez. I'd guess that the photo in the first link is not of a man sleeping, mainly because of the position of the right hand. It's certainly a tired-looking face, and of course it could be the person Arnie is talking about, perhaps shortly before or after nodding off.

        I think it's a tactical mistake to demonize "the sleeper" for sleeping. Nobody falls asleep from an act of will. I think it makes a lot of sense to highlight that it happened though – that something is grievously wrong with the processes that decide the fate of millions.

        Those processes – committee hearings and such – definitely induce torpor, perhaps accidentally and perhaps intentionally. The effect is always to dissuade "the public" from paying attention.

        Had this been a meeting in private industry, the chairperson would almost certainly have found a polite way to call a recess and get people standing up and moving around before resuming.

        Arnie's underlying themes are right on target, I think, but the specific event of a person falling asleep is just a vehicle to get the message out.

        In contrast to government/bureaucrat world… there is a private-industry practice of having meetings where: chairs are not available; plenty of coffee is available; no-one can come late or leave mid-meeting (remember the coffee); the purpose is clearly stated up front; the meeting isn't over until there is agreement on a course of action (remember the coffee).

        • kez

          Thanks AI. Yes … gotta have that coffee and I'd guess every one of of has had that nodding off experience. I think Gundersen was also expressing some frustration that he felt the NRC suits were seeminingly apathetic or callous to his presentation. Obviously the restart of San Onofre is a very important safety concern to many. Hopefully during the public hearing every stays sharp.

          Here is the list with the names of the NRC SONGS oversight committee made public yesterday; Art Howell and Dan Dorman are listed at the top. Also includes objectives and quorum requirements.

          Also reported is that the San Diego Unified School District has voted to take a stand in opposition to restart of San Onofre until SCE undergoes a "rigorous license amendment process."

          • aigeezer aigeezer

            Nice focus, kez. I wish you folks the best with San Onofre pushback from my safe perch thousands of miles away. The games of bureaucrats are the same everywhere, I think, but seeing through the games is not the same as excelling at them.

            It sounds like the upcoming meetings will be relatively confrontational – bureaucrats vs. public, so to speak, although your post hints at some "bureaucrat vs. bureaucrat" action with the School District involvement.

            I'm reminded that there is another major difference between bureaucratic skirmishes and the kind of corporate meeting I cited. In the latter, people generally have similar goals, namely helping the company prosper in order to grab some brass ring for themselves. In that context, bladder-motivated, sore-footed, caffeine-enhanced focused decision making goes a long way. The game is quite different in the world of bureaucrats, where "delay and defer" is always the preferred default tactic.

            Anyway, it is what it is, and your posts suggest that people are gradually learning how to deal with it. Tough position to be in.

            Best wishes on all fronts for Feb. 12. We shall undergo! Oops – something like that.