Gundersen: Very visible steam at Fukushima Unit 3 is from constant radioactive releases — Coming from hot rubble, not related to new explosion

Published: January 1st, 2014 at 4:21 pm ET


Fairewinds Energy Education, Jan. 1, 2014: […] the Internet has been flooded with conjecture claiming that Fukushima Daiichi Unit 3 is ready to explode. Fairewinds Energy Education has been inundated with questions about the very visible steam emanating from Fukushima Daiichi Unit 3. […] Hot water vapor has been released daily by each of the four Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plants since the accident. We believe that is one of the reasons TEPCO placed covers over Daiichi 4 and 1. […] radioactive rubble (fission products) was left in each unit […] heat from this ongoing decay of radioactive rubble is constantly releasing moisture (steam) and radioactive products into the environment. […] [Unit 3] is still producing slightly less than 1 megawatt (one million watts) of decay heat […] it is creating radioactive steam […] hot radioactive releases […] have occurring [sic] for the entire 33 months […] The difference now is that the only time we visibly notice these ongoing releases is on the cold days […]

The Ecologist reported on this unsubstantiated rumor which was then used as a source by ‘Gizmodo. The Ecologist has now changed their original report without any notice or explanation. Here’s the original ending: “The Turner Radio Network is advising people on the West Coast of North America to”prepare for the worst” in case a meltdown of the waste fuel is in fact commencing. No official warnings have been released on either side of the Pacific.”

Here’s how it ends now: “According to a Fairewinds Energy Education posting on Facebook, the reactor is currently producing about 1 MW of heat, equivalent to 1,000 1KW electric fires, so enough to produce plenty of steam. This would provide the least worrying explanation for the steam, in that as the radioactivity continues decline so will the heat production and the volume of steam produced. If this explanation is correct, there is no reason expect any catastrophic outcome. However the steam is carrying considerable amounts of radiation into the atmosphere and represents an ongoing radiation hazard.”

See also: [intlink id=”gizmodo-report-claims-fukushima-could-be-in-the-middle-of-another-meltdown-a-troubling-update-from-the-300th-most-popular-website-in-u-s” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: January 1st, 2014 at 4:21 pm ET


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242 comments to Gundersen: Very visible steam at Fukushima Unit 3 is from constant radioactive releases — Coming from hot rubble, not related to new explosion

  • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

    Per Fairewinds website:

    "How much radiation is escaping? When Unit 3 was operating, it was producing more than 2,000 megawatts of heat from the nuclear fission process (chain reaction in the reactor). Immediately after the earthquake and tsunami, it shut down and the chain reaction stopped, but Unit 3 was still producing about 160 megawatts of decay heat. Now, 30 months later, it is still producing slightly less than 1 megawatt (one million watts) of decay heat.

    What does that figure mean; is it an inconsequential amount? 1 megawatt of decay heat is a lot of heat even today, and it is creating radioactive steam, but it is not a new phenomenon. These hot radioactive releases [not physically hot, but radioactive hot – meaning they contain radioactive fission products] have occurring for the entire 33 months following the triple meltdown. The difference now is that the only time we visibly notice these ongoing releases is on the cold days with atmospheric conditions cold enough to condense hot vapor into steam."

    • GeorgeK

      Denials and dismissals from the establishment. That will not change. Watch UN noon briefings for true state of intl assistance:
      French Ambassador who is head of UN Sec Council for December REFUSES to deal with Fukushima. see @ 55:30.


      • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

        @GeorgeK…WOW this really shows how defensive the world is when it comes to Fuku….they know it is a lost cause….also Gérard Araud (France), President of the Security Council was very rude to the reporter asking about Fukushima. Thanks for sharing that video.


      • moonshellblue moonshellblue

        I have not yet researched this UN statement as I feel strongly that a Global effort is desperately needed to create new technology and solutions beyond what Japan or any one country can achieve. Only when the powers that be unite and bring the best and brightest with fresh ideas to the table will this nuclear wasteland at last be truly contained or controllable. Thanks for posting this info GeorgeK , and I hope I find something in there with just a glimmer hope concerning a united global front to combat Fuku. Although it sounds like this will not be the case. Oh well, Whoops their goes another rubber tree plant…..

    • socref

      From the ANSI standard on Decay Heat in Light Water Reactors the decay heat will be at 100 w, about a lightbulb in about 10 years.

      • Jebus Jebus

        lol, ANSI standard. I guess that just about settles it then, what with all the formula parameters known and applied.

        Do they have a constant for a reactor meltout in there?

        • socref

          Jebus, if the parameters are not known, then the conservative thing to do is to apply default parameters that the standard provides. The standard says that the decay power goes as a negative exponential in time. If a positive exponential in time is a runaway reaction (like a human population explosion in China) but the negative exponential guarantees a decaying heat output. Thats the physics.Plain and simple. Gundersen abides by standards and would verify the validity of the ANSI standard on decay heat.

          • Jebus Jebus

            The ansi standard, means standard. It is useless if the parameters are not known.

            Sure, if the reactor scrams and the configuration is known, then the decay heat can be calculated. No brainer.

            Without that configuration of the fuel knowledge, your mileage may vary…

            If I have a crane and I want to pick something up, what is the first thing I must know before I set up my crane to lift?

    • Shillbullshit007

      Gunderson is a total shill and you cant believe anything he says…he's a bought and paid for mason working for the nuclear industry who's main function is the production of nuclear weapons hence why good ole arnie is the only 'credible' nuclear scientist saying anything because you would end up in a hole in the ground like matt simmons of the BP oil catastrophe..which is also meant to kill the oceans..and us…
      Hot rubble…are you kidding me? Whatever melted into the ground it left a shed load behind..this is ongoing fission in pockets and arent the basements flooded? So that must be an aweful lot of decay heat to heat that much water to the point of steaming even if it is winter…this is depopulation and the arnie dog and pony show…that guy is going to hell…total loser…
      And if anyone chooses to believe his garbage well you have no mind to be worried about just keep watching the t.v and it will all go away…what a joke

      • mairs mairs

        Yes of course. He works for the nuclear industry. That's why he's been yelling about radioactive fallout in Tokyo for almost three years. That's why he's been yelling about doctors not being able to tell patients that their problems are from radiation, or that everyone is in danger from hot particles, or that we shouldn't eat Pacific ocean fish, or that Fukushima will be the bookend at the end of the use of nuclear power, or telling people what the black dust is actually made up of, or why everyone should listen to Helen Caldicott, or a million other things he has done to wake people up. Sure, why not?

    • Jebus Jebus

      Maybe the steam reports weren't so far off…

      Unexplained plumes of radioactive steam have been rising from Fukushima's Reactor Building 3. TEPCO has confirmed the reports, adding that they were not clear on the details of the sudden change at the reactor because of "lethal radiation levels in that building." Meanwhile some experts think that "the situation could escalate rapidly out of control".

      TEPCO has admitted that "they do not know why this steam is being generated, but matter-of-factly revealed today (December 28) the steam was first spotted on December 19 for a short period of time, then again on December 24 and again on December 25".

      The general held belief is that "pellets of radioactive fuel, ejected when the reactor exploded, went into the spent fuel pool above the reactor and have begun melting down so seriously they are boiling off the water in the spent fuel pool".

      Should this be the case "the situation could escalate rapidly out of control".

      • Jebus Jebus

        I really believe that there is an attempt to brainwash the images of the beginning events of this disaster from our minds…

        The bad news has already happened, any more events, like ongoing ocean releases, just makes it worse…

  • We Not They Finally

    The thing is, the fertile ground for a "rumor" like "brand new meltdown" to take hold, is the mountains of dis-information preceding it, for going on three years now.

    So Arnie Gundersen came forward to CLARIFY what is more probably happening.

    And that's actually O.K., folks. It's TERRRIBLE if a news organization is opportunistically jerking us around for their own profit. Yes. But on the other hand, if/when the public actually "catches on" (mass health crisis, e.g.), it might be rumor mills galore. So let's stay as grounded as possible NOW.

    • Crash2Parties Crash2Parties

      I would love to see enenews become as much a debunking site as an information disseminating one. When we have news info, links and comments, they get posted. But the flip side is to also call out anything -even comments here- when they just don't follow critical thinking or known info. So far, it looks like enenews is doing just that and as it gets linked to more and more, it will likewise be appreciated more. Just gotta be careful to gently, politely tamp down on the hysterics that entice people to want to blame, say, the physiological effects an inversion layer on Fukushima Daichi.

      • bf9 Fitz

        Agreed, incorrect information is almost worse than no information. ESPECIALLY with the modern Japanese "iron curtain". With a subject matter like a nuclear meltdown, accurate information absolutely necessary with no room for disinformation. That is exactly what brought me here to Enenews- looking for validation of information after discovering that Fukushima was in fact not under control about a half a year ago. This truly is a website/community unlike anything I've ever seen before, honest intelligible people [many with formal education in relevant field(s)]thinking critically and offering what is undoubtedly the most accurate composition of information anywhere. Keep it up everyone!

        • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

          Fitz and Crash2parties, don't overlook tha fact that if we had not had these discussions, this new concept from Arnie would not have come about. ENE is more watched than anyone here realizes. So if 70 percent of us get it right and 30 get it wrong, or even visa versa, the discussiona here seem to be producing articles all over the internet, and then funally someone steps up and sets the record a little straighter. Therefore I must say that all comments are welcome on these forums. The obviously wrong or shill or troll type comments get called out immediately in most cases. Kepp up the good work ene members and especially admin. Oh yeah, one more thing, if there are such thing a aliens and one happens to be reading this, we could use some help please 🙂

          • bf9 Fitz

            Agree 100% also TM2020. I'm not at all saying don't throw information at us, but rather it's extremely important for us to analyze everything we get in a timely manner, and decide whether it's credible and accurate. In an information dead-zone situation like we're in now any information with ensuing discussion is welcome IMO. But to say information that is actually inaccurate as fact is not doing anybody any favors. With the gravity of what we're dealing with here…any information is welcome. but accuracy in analyzation is just as important.

            • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

              Well said Fitzmeister 🙂

              • dosdos dosdos

                It gets hard to keep up a conversation, when people call you an industry shill for expressing what you know is scientifically grounded, even though you are just as anti-nuke as they are.

                There are times when I just want to walk away and forget it.

                If you want accurate discussion, the name calling needs to quit being throw about so loosely. It's hurting the site, not helping.


                  which, dosdos, you should have gathered is the whole idea behind these personal attacks. Once cognizant of this strategy of divide and conquer, those who use such tactics are forced to either support their attacks with substantive arguments, or, simply move on to the 'shallow end of the pool'…

                • socref

                  I dont think Gundersen is an antinuke. None of his interviews suggests that he is calling for an abolition of nuclear technology.

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    socref, if Gundersen is not anti nuke, its quite a shame, dont you agree? How can uncontainable, non store-able, globally lethal quantities of poison with tens of thousands of years half life, subject to human and natural threats be considered by anyone as acceptable risks? Why does the insanity escape anyone at all, what to say of professionals? Multiple nuke plants lay in exploded, melted ruin, continually emitting poison, proof of mans folly

                    • socref

                      You may be right about nuclear waste, or wrong about it depending if you look at recycling the waste to result in only short lived nuclides, or you may be right about risk, or wrong about risk, depending on the level of risk acceptance, however what you miss is that Gundersen has never come out for the total abolition of nuclear energy, just that it be safer. So on that grounds he isnt antinuclear.

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      socref, the amount of radiation that can be released from nuclear plants is widely accepted as being enough to destroy the ecosystem. Since all machines are subject to failure, and this failure is guaranteed eventually, its clear that the risk is unacceptable, unless killing the earth seems like an OK thing to do. I dont know exaclty where Arnie stands, but if he thinks, or if anyone thinks that nuclear is safe, the multiple meltdowns which have created non livable zones for centuries proves them wrong, dont you think?

                  • mairs mairs

                    My impression is that he's strongly anti-nuke, but he is an engineer and the nukes that we HAVE need to be dealt with safely. He's coming from the practical end of it.

                    • socref

                      You just contradicted yourself because a real anti-nuke doesnt believe it can be dealt with at all, safely or not. And thus on that grounds there should be no nuclear power. The practical side of it is that nuclear whether it can be dealt with safely or not is not going to go away because of Gundersen. His efforts are not in the abolition of nuclear, but in the making it safer. Thus ironically, he is actually calling for what many want – safer nuclear not no nuclear.

                    • Ourself Ourself

                      I am unsure of Gundersen. I listen to him but remain skeptical.

                      Anyway, just because you think nuclear technology could potentially be dealt with safely doesn't mean you're not anti-nuke. I believe it could potentially be, but the fact is that it hasn't been and continues not to be, and on those grounds I oppose it. Not only has it been handled incredibly irresponsibly, when something does go wrong it is covered up and innocent people (and other animals) are left to die.

                      It's not that I don't trust nuclear. Nuclear is simply physics, there is nothing to trust. It's that I don't trust the humans using it.

                    • Ourself Ourself

                      I was directing that at socref, btw.

        • Fred

          The phenomenon surrounding the misinformation is called "Agnotology":

          Excellent examples of agnotology are easy to find:
          testimony and data from Big Tobacco that smoking isn't dangerous.
          Global warming concensus-by-agenda, not science, for $$$.
          "Radiation isn't harmful if you are happy.", from Japan.

          It's all around us, just like tritium!


            excellent flag, Fred. Thanks for putting-up this link…

          • Mark Wonclunker

            Another could be "The fed can go on printing for ever; it'll be alright."

          • socref

            I like the definition you put out. So here it is, what is the real information? That is, what level of radiation is really harmful to people? This is the 64 million dollar question. No one pin points the exact level of low low radiation that is known to produce a harmful effect. We can pretty much say that the acute high doses will lead to definite "deterministic" effects, but the long term "stochastic" effects of chronic low doses are not a certainty.

            • Jebus Jebus

              Subtly obvious…

              Tunneling your vision down to the effects of chronic low dose radiation to one humans exposure limit in this way excludes the effects on the ecosystem, LIFE, that four nuclear reactors, releasing their contents, have imposed upon this Earth.
              One would think that quality of life would be an important factor now and into the future.
              Isn't that what nuclear power is all about, quality of life?
              Ignoring chromosome damage passed on from this disaster is selfish and self serving.
              Humans are not the only casuality of Fukushima.

              • socref

                Quality of life is important. At some point, radiation exposure becomes debilitating. Its all about its affect on human life. I am asking at what level does it affect human life adversely. Please dont be evasive. Thanks

                • Jebus Jebus

                  The earth has taken billions of years to decay the massive radiation from it's birth from the sun, to get to a point where carbon based life can thrive.

                  If we did not evolve the repair mechanisms for the very small amount of space radiation that gets through our atmosphere, we would not be who we are.

                  One radionuclide atom can mutate a cell. That cell may not advertise its damage. The cleanup crew (natural hormesis) may not show up. That cell starts replicating, repeat, ect…

                  So the answer to your question is, as little as one atom, one decay, one nanoparticle can adversly affect any life form.

                  Short answer. No Manmade Nuclear Radiological dose is safe, period.

                • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                  Socref … justifying nuclear because oil takes lives is a non sequitur. Slaves suffer from forced labor, so give them a lobotomy, right? The analogy is not so far fetched, as media control and radiation itself has a dumb-down effect on the population.

                  Nuclear isnt required. Oil can be replaced. Solar is the ultimate source of most energy, and if we pride ourselves at being intelligent, the species should make an all out effort to produce cheap distributed solar, save oil for lubricants and special uses, and end nuclear completely. Studies of shown this is possible, and arguments to the contrary are manipulative efforts to save big corporation profits.

                  Heres a question for you; you are a sophisticated physicist with broad knowledge and capability. Say you were marooned on a distant planet that had abundant water, plants, solar energy of course, enough tools and manpower to make just about anything, but there is no oil and no nuclear. Do you think you could survive, or would you and your pro nuke comrades just perish?

            • artika rama

              socref There is no safe level of radiation . Every bit of radiation one gets increases the risk of cancer . What we consider as background radiation is not natural . And even natural radiation is harmful .
              The only difference between man made radiation and natural radiation is the amount ,, that is natural radiation is much less than man made radiation , still damaging to our cells and our dna though .
              I agree with you about being able to discuss matter s without insulting each other and all that . It is immature and rude to be insulting people who dont share your opinion and you never know what you can learn unless you can have an open discussion , exchange of ideas from both sides.

          • mairs mairs

            Interesting. I would have put anti-global warming as the false meme, as the money is in denying it. The Koch brothers have certainly thrown many millions at combating the global warming message for instance. Follow the money, and the money by a huge margin is in continuing the uninterrupted use of fossil fuels.

            • socref

              Thats apples and oranges. People only need to look at whether or not pollution from fossil fuel saves lives or takes lives. If it takes lives, we should find a way to preserve life on a wide scale. I recently read where fossil fuel power has cost 2 million lives this year alone. Why people are not up in arms over that is a mystery to me.

              • Jebus Jebus

                I recently read where any installed nuclear power plant causes elevated leukemia cases in children living nearby.

                When a crude oil tar sands train crashes and burns, it doesn't contaminate a nation into oblivion.

                Fossil fuels are bad, nuclear power is hell on earth…

      • gottagetoffthegrid

        But what worries me is that this site will start being attacked by professional shills, and worse be hacked to death like , a public archive of FOIP filings covering us army medical research to photos of us casualties from operating theatres in Iraq c.2004.

        A major loss, as would enenews.

        Happy New Year everyone, an a big thank you to Admin you are tops!


        not sure, Crash2Parties, what you're referring to, when you speak of "…the physiological effects an inversion layer on Fukushima Daichi." Can you develop this closing statement, in more detail?

        • Crash2Parties Crash2Parties

          Sorry, I was referring to a phenomenon I've noticed recently where things as benign as an inversion layer & the resulting smog or normal shifts in bird populations in time with the seasons get blamed on Fukushima. There are very real effects happening, to be sure, but we have to think clearly about what we already know but sometimes forget when we are scared.

      • moonshellblue moonshellblue

        I've noticed that web sites tend to start their headlines with the most dire sentence or partial sentence and once you dive into the article the meaning is not alarming at all. Sensationalism at it's worse as this horrific industrial nuclear accident does not need exaggeration as it is bad enough already. It would be nice if this last debacle would put an end to such practices but such is the written word, nothing like a a catch phrase to capture the readers attention and a common practice of journalism. But when you state outright hysterical lies as a headline and have nothing to back it up that is crossing the line. I do have one question pertaining to decay heat and that is concerning fissioning or spontaneous criticality's as my understanding is once this occurs you are starting the process of decay heat from day one or 311. Can anyone tell me if this is indeed the case. Thank you

        • gottagetoffthegrid

          Decay heat is not derived from fissioning. It is from the decay of the fission daughters like Cs137 which undergoes a beta and gamma decay.

          This decay also produces heat. As the amount of daughters reduces (ie half life) so does the amount of AND the rate of heat production. Rate of heat production is measured in Watts.

          Fission OTOH is the splitting of a large atom nucleus into 2 or more other atoms. This also produceds heat. This split is accomplished by slamming a high energy neutron into an unstable atom nucleus and busting it apart into fragments. This is not controllable(boom!).

          Or by inserting a neutron into a nucleus that then destabilizes the nucleus — too many neutrons per proton. This is controllable-ish by introducing moderators ( heavy water, boron, etc)

        • Decay heat is caused by neutron bombardment.

          A fuel cell with 0 decay produces little to no heat at all.

          But after you smash a neutron or two into it, a chain reaction occurs; the "actinides" release multiple fission products (known as atomic decay chains) These chains are various dependent on fuel load. The amount of activity that has taken place within a fuel cell is the amount of decay that has been produced. The activity itself (neutrons bombarding atoms). Creates massive amounts of heat. This heat is used to generate power. Thus heat decay is based and begins once fuel becomes irradiated. (active). and heat is produced.

          So from start to end. The longer it runs… The more heat decay is produced…

          Some fuel cells will need to cool for 1-3 years. Others for 40-100 years.

          It really depends on the amount of spent nuclear fuel, vs live. As spent fuel is (decayed).

          Short answer is: Last known date of use in addition to how long used = x

          • moonshellblue moonshellblue

            Thank you for your explanations concerning decay heat and criticality's. Greatly appreciated.

          • socref


            I think what you want to say is that decay heat is a result of nuclear interaction not neutron interaction. Most of the decay heat from the fission process (200 MeV/fission) is from gamma radiation (170 MeV/fission). Hope this explaination helps.

        • GeorgeK

          The French nuclear experts themselves- from Areva- called Fukushima easily the "greatest disaster in modern history" and far outstripping Chernobyl. That is, until they were shut up by their own corrupt government. It seems there needs be MORE agitating about the ignored Fukushima catastrophe, and the sensationalism is the way some choose to do it. Not agreeing, just noting.

          • moonshellblue moonshellblue

            Yes GeorgeK pros and cons. I do understand why it is used, of course, I guess I'm still stinging from the verbal abuse I received for not joining the herd on YouTube and I agree, dare I say, with Areva "Fukushima truly is the greatest disaster in modern history" It seems some people would rather not acknowledge how dire this event truly is or they know but feel helpless and have said to me "What can be done at this juncture, it's too late, I'm just going to eat Sushi and enjoy life while I can" And these folks are scientists and doctors so I just respect their wishes and refrain from talking about Fukushima. Initially I was shocked but each of us have our own way of dealing with disasters which I am learning how to respect as difficult as it is at times.

      • name999 name999

        Crashtoparties, how could the effects of all this radiation hitting our coastline not have an effect on an inversion weather system? Feel free to ask questions of people who make a serious post. Believe me, I am living in this chlled to frozen, dry, deadened environment with fog and smog and stagnant air daily for weeks now. Grieving the amazing environment that is waning. There are many factors effecting us but the changing composition of the air and wind and rain due to radioactive streaming materials is obvious to me.

        Another thing to debunk I guess, but I am pretty convinced that TEPCO is using massive amounts of coolants and refrigerants to cool materials down, and I do think it is effecting our weather. Even the real effects and practices of geoengineering is insidious and pretty scary and effects our climate.

        • Crash2Parties Crash2Parties

          I am convinced that we are all getting dosed and have been since 3/11. And there will be many, many needless deaths as a result of TEPCO's massive dirty bomb. But people also forget that this is the time of year & weather that California often gets really nasty smog trapping inversion layers, sometimes bad enough to taste and burn your eyes and throat. That's all I'm saying. We're in a news blackout and we have to carefully thing about each bit of info we find.

          If we don't, it wouldn't surprise me if hysterical hyperbole was intentionally fed into the system to invoke the masses to just ignore the whole thing.

      • socref

        I would like people to try and debunk information without getting other people to jump down their throats. One thing I have noticed in the short time I have been here is that people are affraid to bring forth information that would counter the majority opinions. We are told to go to this and that web site or blog site, but at the end of the day, these sites are no more "expert" than those they impugn. Furthermore if anyone goes against the party line, they are usually not tolerated here. Why is that?

        • flatsville

          Some very good minds here proposed various remediation solutions back in the day. They were regularly smacked down by the "I just want to educate people" doom faction. Many of the ideas were likely implementable. At least one has largely stopped posting.

          People who scream the loudest and most frequently rarely get taken to task…no matter how broad and hare-brained their statements might be…if they mouth the proper party line in other posts.

        • flatsville

          For debunking, you have to go to fuku leaks/simply info. They are content oriented with a network of researchers.

          Good project.

  • johnnyo

    so it is an ongoing hazard but we should not expect a catastrophic outcome? ok, right.

    this "steam" has been a constant every day 24/7 since 3/11/11….just now we can see it. More tarps! More tarps for everyone!!

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      @johnnyo….after reading the Fairewinds website commentary I felt worse rather than better because it clarified that steam releases HAVE been ongoing for over 2.8 years. But heh…nothing to see here folks…just move along to the SS Titanic Gift shop and get your souvenirs.


      • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

        My thoughts exactly newsblackoutUSA! 🙁

      • Shaker1

        Personally, it's been fairly plain to me that these plants have been releasing material outside of normal operation since the day of the accident. It's simply an ongoing process. One doesn't need some visible evidence of steam to make that assumption, and there has been very little that has been accomplished to make that assumption invalid. That it doesn't steam just means there's no access to water. Natural convection can elevate material into the environment also.

      • bf9 Fitz

        Yep. The atmospheric and ocean releases have been constant since the accident, for certain. I think the reason that I personally get 'excited' (what terrible word choice in this case, lol) about steam releases is that it could mean that the water is boiling off one of the SFP's. THAT would be a major problem.

        • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

          Agreed Fitz :-0

        • socref

          If water is boiling off, and the heat load is decreasing in time, then the latent heat of vaporization is keeping the pool from completely boiling off. I think a total boiloff would assume a constant heat source however we know that the heat source is not constant but is decaying as decay heat lessens over time. This is just the simple physics that AG showed. If it was 160 MW on day 1, and 1 MW today, in 10 years it would be about 100 w or the power of a lightbulb, since the decay heat is negative exponential in time.

          • There have been several iodine131 spikes since July 2013

            There is your evidence of criticalities

            I link some of that evidence at my post. Fukushima Diary and Optimal Prediction have been monitoring municipal sewage sludge readings in Japan

            S Korean scientists identified Daiichi as the likely source of xenon detected this past summer

            • socref

              Iodine spikes are not evidence of criticality, The tell tale evidence is the spike of neutrons (2.5 per fission) which would be for this situation about 1e18 fissions. The iodine spikes you state are not power spikes but the fluctuations in the subcritical state over time.

            • socref


              Xenon is a fission product true, but it isnt a forensic for a divergent chain reaction which is a criticality accident outside a reactor. Xenon has different half lives and as the subcritical state fluctuates over time, the presence of "spikes" in xenon are not forensic evidence in themselves of a divergent chain reaction.


    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

      Can you imagine if an explosion or another meltdown was indeed taking place. Look a the hysterics and false info this one exacerbated incident has caused. Always makes me think of Jack Nicholson in that movie "You can't handle the truth" and so it goes. No wonder Governments are hesitant to reveal the facts. Of course they should release info and warn the public when necessary but this kind of behavior isn't doing us any favors or rather making it easier for the public to obtain. IMHO I bet Arnie gets called all kinds of nasty by those hanging on to their shredded words of falsification.

      • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

        "The truth" spoke about in that movie referred to the means by which people are protected. Hiding the truth of this catastrophe protects no one. Except maybe the politicians and the money changers. In this case it's a no win situation. Tell the truth and somebody gets hurt and maybe dies from that truth. Don't tell the truth and somebody gets hurt or dies from the radiation or the effects thereof. There's nothing smart to do in this situation. But when you can't do something smart, do something right. If someone dies from revealing the truth, it's a better way to die than rotting from the inside out.

      • socref

        Maybe governments are reluctant to give out information they know will be twisted like this situation showed. Then anyone can say anything about what they think is going on there and there results 50 different accounts of the same event.

        • Angela_R

          We can hypothesis, a scientist needs to prove an hypothesis before they can state a fact. Placating people with lies though is not the way to go.

          • Angela_R

            In case my previous comment is misconstrued, it was not a criticism of Gundersen's statement. There are those that possibly fail to understand and in so doing, negate all concern. Then there are others who make very definite statements of assurance, whilst knowing that there are problems.

          • socref

            There are many scientists that placate with lies as well. There are too many to cite here.

      • socref

        That movie also refers to "you need me on that wall, you want me on that wall"… So if they have radiation detectors on walls at the reactor, they can tell if they have criticality by the large neutron dose that is characteristic of a criticality accident.

    • norbu norbu

      Arnie you said "If this explanation is correct, there is no reason to expect any catastrophic outcome. However the steam is carrying considerable amounts of radiation into the atmosphere and represents an ongoing radiation hazard.” Huh, say what? There is a on going catastrophic event happening write now. I have great respect for you Mr. Gundersen, why is this statement contradicting itself? They must have you by the cajones. Did you notice all the animals that are dying? This is about as catastrophic as it gets. Of course I have to ask where might the coriums be? End Nuclear Power Now!

  • charlie3

    I thank Arnie for the clarification that TEPCO couldn't supply because of its LIMITLESS ineptitude!

    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

      I also appreciate Arnie's efforts to keep us informed. I know some think he downplays this horrific nuclear event but I for one have the utmost respect for this man and his wife, Maggie. They have been used and abused literally by the nuclear industry. I'm amazed after all they have endured that they are willing to even discuss the condition of any nuclear facility. Most people would avoid the public at all costs after getting sued, etc. Ever since TMI Arnie has been a voice of reason for me personally.

      • socref

        Yet even for all of this persecution by the industry, AG isnt against nuclear technology as a viable means of electricity production provided it is done safely. He hasnt come out against the technology.

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          every device breaks eventually. He who thinks that complex, earth destroying machines are or can be safe is lacking common sense or worse. Nuclear a viable means of producing electricity? With multiple plants in full meltdown, no way to deal with nuclear waste/contamination, its a pathetic notion

  • jec jec

    TEPCO is on LEAVE until next they could not respond(sarcasm). So that's their story and am sure TEPCO will stick to it.

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    I wonder how many hot particles, on average across the board for US citizens, that we have inhaled since 3/11/2011. Also would like to see a comparison to the more exposed regions. Arnie, if you happen to read this, please make a chart for us. Thank you.

    • socref

      We inhale hot particles all the time from many sources, even before 3/11. Most hot particles believe it or not are from uranium and thorium that is liberated when coal burns.

      • Jebus Jebus

        So, lets add to that by the continuous releases of tritium, from 450 reactors, uranium mining, nuclear reprocessing, and the occasional three core meltdown. Two wrongs make a right, right?

        So we should just build many more nuclear radiation plants, that way we can stop using the deadly coal, right socref?

        Nuclear is gonna save us right, socref?
        It's the only answer, right?

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    "North America is finished."
    – Leuren Moret –

    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

      Personally I find that to be a pretty grim assessment by Lauren Moret which I find a tad alarmist and unnecessary as most of us who have been following this since 311 and various other nuke accidents know how bad it is but to claim it is the end of North America is rather extreme IMHO What about other continents? I mean it's not like there is a big wall that keeps all the rads in North America, it's spinning around the entire globe. Plus all the other nuclear accidents which very few people are aware happened. I don't think any country is any safer or resilient from fall out Let see, to list a few there's Chernobyl, Mayak, Shellafield, etc. which has heavily contaminated other regions still dealing with the remnants of mans folly. Not to be redundant but we need a global effort to create new methods of dealing and adapting to this radioactive reality plaguing Earth.

  • gottagetoffthegrid

    For every Bq that goes into the air a million times more is getting into the sea.
    TEPCO made $6 Billion USD in net profit in the first half of 2013. The shareholders are getting theirs…

    But what does the world get…? Fantasies of ice walls.

    I could buy 6 Cutter Soil Mixers and build a 20 m deep 5 m thick cemented cutoff wall around the site in 4 to 6 months for $100M or $200M.

    TEPCO is doing nothing to contain anything.

  • hexagon

    Is anyone watching Japan on This morning there were 3 elevated locations. Now there are 6. Also Hawaii and LA area.

    Please let me know if there is a better place for this post on this site. I'm still fairly new here.

  • Questionit

    Arnie "Minimizer in Chief" Gundersen was told to issue more propaganda.

    From the article “According to a Fairewinds Energy Education posting on Facebook, the reactor is currently producing about 1 MW of heat, equivalent to 1,000 1KW electric fires, so enough to produce plenty of steam. This would provide the least worrying explanation for the steam"

    And Arnie the tarps aren't there to prevent us from seeing but to stop a little steam. Yep, it's so minor a few tarp contain things. Just a little bit of hot rubble that hasn't cooled yet.

    Arnie is issuing the disinformation, deflection and minimizing as instructed. Including the 1MW figure.

    Do you believe the coriums have cooled down to just that, do you believe they are still within the metal or concrete primary containment?

    Arnie never mentions the coriums because he is told not to, he never mentions the huge increase in groundwater contamination that is about to begin exiting into the ocean. (Didn't they stop monitoring some of the wells after this contamination was found?) Their mouthpieces will not discuss these issue because the story and lies will fall apart if they do.

    • gottagetoffthegrid

      Yer a bit hard on Arnie, me thinks. Why aren't you kickin Jaczko the Silent in the balls too?

      That being said, there is iodine 131 in Chiba sludge. Dec 18, 2013.
      Looks like 139 Bq/ kg, but my Japanese sux.

      Someone's containment has failed. Gee I wonder whose? No, ChurchLady, it's not Satan's…

      • GeorgeK

        Arnie is the controlled Opposition like Amy Goodman for the Left etc.
        He is low balling alot of stuff. Take him with a HUGE grain of salt.


          interesting 'observation', GeorgeK…

          • Shaker1

            I don't see it as appropriate as it appears. Amy Goodman is a political figure and comments on the same. While Arnie may have his politics, he comments upon what he knows for sure and opinion based upon what he knows for sure. Don't get me wrong, please. I would sincerely wish that Arnie would say more, and I believe he has much more to say, but as it's been pointed out here he has been the subject of persecution and impacts of that in the past. He requires a broad spectrum of association for his validity, from the purely scientific to those of us here who may not be so. To have to say one is wrong too much for him would take him to uselessness.

            Amy, on the other hand, doesn't deal in such hard knowledge. Her function is opinion which may have some hard knowledge at its base, and theatre. She needs little else for her credibility. If Arnie made statements in respect to Fukushima and was as wrong as Amy regarding about, say, the Libyan fiasco, his standing as what he claims to be would be zero.

            It might serve our opinions of Arnie much better if we sat down at the table with him over dinner in unrecorded conversation. We might hear something quite different and much more of what we wish to hear. With Amy, I'm sure we'd hear the same shit we always hear from her.

            I agree with gettingoffthegrid, that there are certainly other figures in this situation that are quite worse and deserving of such emnity.


              brilliant line of logic, Shaker1…

            • guevara3712

              agreed, nobody who follows arnie and believes what he says is come away with an abiding love of nuclear power.different roles for different folks.

              • socref

                His goal isnt to increase the number of antinuclear people.

              • socref

                Arnie still is a proponent of nuclear power. He just wants them to be held to a higher standard. If nuclear power were in his cross hairs, he would be fighting for total abolition of nuclear, which I really havent seen from his writings, which are pretty general at that.

            • socref

              AG commented on Fukushima 3 criticality as if it were the Borax-1 explosion. This was proven not to be the case. Even though he is thoughtful, he is only a human being, subject to mistakes as that belief showed. I dont believe he has a peer reviewed article on criticality at Fukushima.

        • guevara3712

          what i ask myself is how many nuclear plants have the alarmists helped shut down? i agree he's a lowballer compared to where i would like to see the line drawn, but everyone has to draw it terms of health effects he will be all over it, no lowballing there.he's not harmful to the cause like some of these wolf crying view seekers are, in fact i have him solidly in the helpful category. we must remain aware of divide and conquer strategies, in my opinion, no one is gonna watch what Arnie has to say and say to themselves, ''wow, we need to keep making nuclear power'' nor do they say to themselves ''wow these anti nuclear guys are kooks''.


            …+ guevara3712!

          • Questionit

            Alarmist? So those who see the danger, the death of sea life and land life that is ongoing, who talk about the corium, who point out the inconsistent lies and on and on are Alarmist? It is these Alarmist who provided the political push, pressure and momentum to stop nuclear power build out. The Alarmist just did not collect $190 to $300 and hour in fees for their work or for their writings. These Alarmist did not wait until they collected 20 years of paychecks from nuclear power to say anything against nuclear power.

            Arnie has become extremely harmful to the momentum to find the truth. Remember he recently recommended just burying the reactors and walking away for 100 yrs. And to do so without further work to find the coriums.

            Arnie was so anti alarm that at the time of the initial event he told those who listened NOT to take iodine to protect their thyroids. He has even changed his story and now says the tuna are ok (someone gave him instructions). Has he ever talked about the starfish in US waters for example, the herring, the sardines?

            If it was anyone other than Arnie, just change the name, and everyone would call him out for what he is.

            He is not pro Japan nuclear or trying to minimize the effect to Japan but he is serving some in the USA to minimize and distract from the dangers to those living in the US and to divert and ignore effects happening here now, effects others are bringing forth every day.

            • well said…and also

              Strontium 90, Cesium 137 (same stuff they use to irradiate our food in Calif), Iodine, and dozens of other ionizing-radiation elements in our air, food and water. And the govt refuses to test or monitor for ANY OF THIS, though people who buy their own detectors show massive amounts of radio nuclides in their environs. Massive amounts…

              In the near future, the question won’t be, “who do you know that has cancer?” but, “what kind of cancer do YOU have?”

              Arnie seems more and more…controlled opposition. he voices concern, but only on Tepco, the company. he's not my voice, nor many others. It's nukes. Arnie earned out from nukes. now, why would MSM have him and him only from the other side of the fence unless they knew he was in play.

              Compared to Busby, Arnie is totally PRO NUKE.

              Fukushima Research blog on articles and videos since 3-11-11

    • name999 name999

      I think we all realize we do what we can, say what we can and learn to slow it down if someone is
      getting threatening towards the message. I greatly respect what Arnie Gunderson is doing. It has been a beacon in the darkness for the most part. Due to his dilligence and courage of making this an issue, it is not solely on his shoulders as it was the first couple years of this debacle.

      However, I do agree with your analysis otherwise questionit…

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    “November 8, 2013. Rupert Wingfield Hayes reports for the BBC that the fuel rod removal from Fukushima should perhaps not be our main cause for concern. He says, "…visiting the plant, it struck me that in our obsession with reactor four we may be missing the real story at Fukushima… As our bus left reactor four and drove along the sea front, I pointed my new monitor out of the window towards reactor building three. Suddenly the needle started to spike – 1,000 counts per second, then 2,000, 3,000, finally it went off the scale. There, outside the bus, just a few dozen meters away is the real dead zone, a place where it is still far too dangerous for anyone to go. No human has been inside reactor three since the disaster. To do so would be suicide. No-one knows when it will be possible to go in. When I asked the same experts how long it would be until reactors one, two and three could be dismantled, they shook their heads. When I asked them where they thought the melted reactor cores were, they shook their heads again. Tokyo Electric Power Company was happy to show us reactor four, but please do not ask what they intend to do with reactors one, two and three."

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    Criticalities and Fires Ongoing at Fukushima?
    “October 19, 2013. Professor Majia Holmer Nadesan offers documentation to support her observation that large lights appearing on the Fukushima live camera correlate to huge increases in radioactive releases, suggesting that criticalities and fires may be ongoing, and that the large lights are Brown’s Gas burners, “probably aimed to reduce nuclear waste during large emissions.”
    Criticalities and Fires Ongoing
    “Could Spiking Fukushima Rads Be Caused by Nuclear Criticalities, Rather than Spilt Radioactive Water?
    “Over the last two days there have been new reports by TEPCO of spiking rad levels at Fukushima. TEPCO is blaming contaminated water spills and injection of chemicals around unit 2.”
    Also this from Majia’s Blog…
    “Fukushima Lights and Spiking Radiation Levels
    What is the strange light that appears periodically at the Fukushima Daiichi site?
    I’ve noticed in the past that the presence of this light correlates strongly with spiking radiation levels, as reported by Tepco.”

    has a short

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Majia's Blog
      Tuesday, December 31, 2013
      Is this IT? Have Surface Nuclear Fires Broke Out at Fukushima Daiichi?

      “The TBS cam is down again. The TEPCO cam was caught running a loop yesterday by an Enenewser. TEPCO has announced it is taking a one week vacation over the holiday (see Fukushima Dairy here).

      “Plant conditions looked bad before the TBS cam went down. Steam was seen coming from unit 3, but the volume was relatively small. However, smoke (indisputably) was seen at the plant, but it was not coming from units 1-4 (maybe unit 5 or 6? See here). Additionally, pixilation of both the TBS and TEPCO cams had worsened significantly (see here). Some strange phenomena had also been sighted (see here).

      “The Ecologist is now reporting 'Fukushima meltdown? Mystery steam rising over Reactor 3' here. The article offers 3 different explanations for the steam:

      “1. A meltdown in unit 3's spent fuel pool

      “2. Melted corium reaches groundwater

      “3. Rainwater on stray fuel elements

      “The author, Oliver Tickell, doesn't tell us what he thinks.

      “TEPCO says it doesn't know why steam is erupting because the building is too hot to approach. However, I think TEPCO lies. Modern drone surveillance and satellite technology are probably good enough to give TEPCO an idea what is happening in unit 3. So, I doubt the problem is simply rain water because TEPCO would have been happy to report that. Scratch option 3.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        “Options 1 and 2 are bad but I also think they've been ongoing since 2011. So, what I don't understand is why 'steam' at Daiichi is getting so much attention when the plant previously had FIRES visible on the webcams. For example, I saw fires June 2011, August 2011, November 2011, July 2013. I have screen shots. The ones from 2013 were sent to The Guardian newspaper but they chose not to print them. How could the screenshots be 'fact-checked' in the face of international official denial?

        “So, why the attention NOW when the emissions into the atmosphere have been intermittent since March 2011 and the ocean and fresh water contamination have been escalating unceasingly?

        “Sample PowerPoint of evidence of criticalities from the summer of 2013, which can be seen here or here

        “Are the media attention and defection by low-level scientists because the effects are now becoming undeniable? Animals are dying up and down the US Pacific coast (see here). The official stance has been no evidence of 'excess' radiation. Now the consensus is cracking as scientists and more mainstream type environmentalists are starting to raise the 'r' word (see here).. Soon the chorus for testing and transparency will grow much louder.

        “An alternative explanation is that truly ferocious nuclear FIRES have finally broken out on the surface,…

      • socref

        I would dismiss number 1, number 2, and believe a little more number 3. Lets postulate another possibility – that being that the steam is rising from the fuel pool when the laten heat of vaporization is exceeded due to the cold air temperature. Thats the most plausible explanation. Thanks

    • socref

      I am confused, what exactly is an "ongoing criticality"?

        • socref

          Ok with that Wikipedia account I just have one question – where are the 1e18 fissions and neutrons that can be detected in a power spike?

          THe Wikipedia account references LA-13638 that says the total fissions is about 1e15 fissions/Liter

          If the corium is about 1000 L then that would easily be seen by neutron instruments and a lot of people would be going to the hospital.

          So where are the mass casualties from the criticality accident. The Wikipedia page (which I helped write) doesnt mean that is what is occuring at Fukushima.

    • socref

      I dont think the professor understands the physics of criticality. If it were really a criticality, then there would be about 1e18 neutrons produced in a power spike that would cause a very bad health effect to the workers there.

  • Tiza Tiza

    I haven't had a chance to read much stuff lately, but it seems to me that those steam releases at Fuku, from what I'm understanding Gundersen said, they are still releasing radiation! No, he said that there isn't a blow-out, and rightly so, but it's still releasing crap into the air, no? I see it that way. And that's on top of and not limited to the crap that's already been released into the air and the ocean!

  • Grampybone Grampybone

    Any steam releases are not an "explosion" they are a reaction that is resulting in vaporized particle clusters. A massive explosion is not in the immediate future, however steam and reactive releases will be eternal. It would be folly to say that a catastrophic explosion could not happen because it's just a matter of cooling the material to a point of preventing steam buildup. If pressure builds, hydrogen explosions are just as likely as 3/11/11.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Reactor 3 has been 'steaming' intermittently since the original explosion..
    Smoke/emissions have been reported..this is not new.

    Arnie..from 'hot' rubble..the building materials..concrete..rebar..
    melted fuel rods…called..CORIUM??

    Speaking of hot building actually.
    From Chernobyl..

    chernobyl 2012 II: the highly radioactive graphite crane claw (deja vu)
    Dec 12 2012

    Decontamination is a joke..a sick joke.

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      The old-timers here..might remember this is the area..that was speculated .. whether or not it was a diesel generator starting up.. isn' or then..

      Nuckelchen's webcam forum.

      Note the smaller vids..below..

      I think there was also a recriticality of 5 or 6..indicated by black clouds from the left.

      2013.12.24 10:00-11:00 / ふくいちライブカメラ (Live Fukushima Nuclear

      I also wonder if the 'big wave incident' didn't allow more access to the corium below.

  • soern

    arnie always tells some known things, even this time.
    But he seems to be concerned at least.
    I think he develops to some honest direction however of course
    he denies meltdowns through containment by now.
    Don't know why.

    OT: Today i got an idea of corruption.
    There is a new word for it: Lobbyism – just a greater scale.
    JFK had to die shortly after his speach about it.

    Thats modern times

  • Radiation Spiking in Kauai

    450% increase in serious shark attacks in Hawaii since 2011

    How many dozens of pieces of information do we need, before a stalwart army of international proportion can go and properly attack Fukushima, like Chernobyl was attacked with an army of 500,000

  • Ontological Ontological

    This confusion is smoke and mirrors. We were told April 2011 the pools burned. What the hell is the truth? Good old "Gunny" cant get the lie straight.

    • mairs mairs

      Yeah, sure. He's on their side. That's why he goes on anyone's show who'll have him to say how serious this is… to help the nuclear industry.

      • socref

        He goes on shows because he tested as "folksy" and has a soft voice and thus comes across as non threatening. So his media saavy is enough to get on most talk shows that want him there. Actually in all his interviews, he has never ever come out for a complete abolition of nuclear energy. I think he wants to work for better safer nuclear but in doing so, has pretty much alienated himself to allign with the opposers of nuclear than those that want to really make it safer.

  • mairs mairs

    I remember Arnie saying in the beginning that they were always giving off emissions, it was just that under the right conditions you can see it as steam. So many times people have said that "they" were releasing radioactive steam at night, when actually it's always being released.

    • socref

      Even in operating nuclear plants, there is radioactive steam being released. Its just that the radiation being released is below some limit that regulators dont think its worth the risk. So the fundamental question becomes – Yes, radioactive steam is being released, what dose rate?

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        "Yes, radioactive steam is being released, what dose rate?"

        Three or four total meltdown/explosions indicates the dose rate is unacceptably high by any rational standard. What do you think? Are nuke plant explosions the new solution to decommission and storage that we've always hoped for?

        • socref

          I havent seen any data on the actual dose rate emitting from the plant. This is an omission of convenience to dodge the risk issue. So when you get the actual dose rate we can talk about the real radiological risks.

          • Jebus Jebus

            Did you really just say that?

            There is no safe radiological dose, period.

            Ya socref, go on in, we'll check your dose later.
            We think it's safe…

            • razzz razzz

              You guys aren't picking on my new pal socref, are you? This person is trying to be "very scientific" (use Yul Brynner's pronunciation in the movie The King and I – 1956).

              It's all very confusingly complicated. There's fission, spontaneous fission, decay, cluster decay which either one might lead to criticality or recriticality or subcritical or supercritical, of course you need fizzle material at a certain mass for certain types of chain reactions along with those hit and miss neutrons flying around at different speeds.

              Then how many different types of fizzle materials are available in melted fuel?

              Even the experts can't agree if a sustained chain reaction can occur within melted fuel, how are we suppose to know? Uncontained melted fuel makes for new unknowns when mixed with seawater but of course you already knew that.

            • socref

              We can differ with the "no safe radiation dose meme". Radiation dose is all around us in the form of background radiation. Is that a dangerous level?

            • socref

              Im not saying go in. Been there done that, got the t shirt. No thanks. Im saying what is the dose rate so we can establish risk further from the site.

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            socref, maybe this will start the ball rolling


            an area of Japan of 34,000 km2 was contaminated by more than 40 kBqm-2 of 137Cs and 131I, to which 9.4 million people were exposed

            Hiroaki Koide, Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering,
            400 to 500 times the amount of cesium-137 of the Hiroshima atomic bomb has already been dispersed into the atmosphere.
            TEPCO released estimates of the amount of Cesium leaked from Fukushima

            The new estimated calculated the level of cesium released to be 360,000 tera becquerels.

            That is 24 times higher than last August's estimate and represents a cesium leak equal to 4,023 Hiroshima bombs.

            The estimate is also more than 4 times Chernobyl which is estimated to have released 85,000 tera becquerels of cesium radiation into atmosphere.

            TEPCO's newly revised estimates of the Fukushima leak are also not all-inclusive and do not cover the entire date range from the start of the disaster.


            TEPCO engineers believed that 0.601 EXA-bequerels of Noble gasses were released on March 12, 2011



            Dr. Chris Busby, world famous physicist, said tests run at the respected Harwell Radiation Laboratory in England demonstrate the airborne radiation in Japan is 1,000 times higher than radioactive “fallout” at the peak…

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              Dr. Chris Busby, world famous physicist, said tests run at the respected Harwell Radiation Laboratory in England demonstrate the airborne radiation in Japan is 1,000 times higher than radioactive “fallout” at the peak in 1963 of H-Bomb detonations by the nuclear powers. The calculations were on radioactive Cesium 137.



              60 GBq of Cs137 & Sr90 directly go out to ocean outside of the Fukushima Daiichi port daily


              In this study, the emissions of the three fission products Cs-137, I-131 and Xe-133 are investigated. Regarding Xe-133, the total release is estimated to be of the order of 6 × 1018 Bq emitted during the explosions of units 1, 2 and 3. The total source term estimated gives a fraction of core inventory of about 8 × 1018 Bq at the time of reactors shutdown. This result suggests that at least 80 % of the core inventory has been released into the atmosphere and indicates a broad meltdown of reactor cores. Total atmospheric releases of Cs-137 and I-131 aerosols are estimated to be 1016 and 1017 Bq, respectively. By neglecting gas/particulate conversion phenomena, the total release of I-131 (gas + aerosol) could be estimated to be 4 × 1017 Bq.


            • socref

              You need an intermediate step to translate that disintegrations per min to dose rates and exposures so that risk can be assessed. There is no Bq to Sv correlation. THanks.

              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                Dose rate is of course complicated. Since plankton can accumulate radiation over 10,000 times, plankton eaters will get a lot higher dose, for example. Dolphin accumulate something like 300x (numbers vary). But epidemiology at least gives a clue as to how many animals may perish due to fukushima. It has been estimated that sixty million died from bomb testing, and the Fukushima release has recently been stated to exceed the bomb test fallout by 300 to 1000 times (Busby)…plus it is added to it. A million died from Chernobyl and many more affected. Probably millions will die from fukushima. Our offspring will not be as intelligent. But if the ecosystem is thrown too far out of balance, many species will go extinct. Fukushima may be the straw that breaks the camels back that was already ill from coal, mercury, bio-warfare and industrial poisons.

                • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                  Robert Oppenheimer concluded: data on rats in terms of humans indicates that 50-100 micrograms of plutonium [3.3-6.6 uCi Pu-239] in the skeletal system is the lethal dose. Calculations of the dangerous dose of plutonium in lung tissue leads to answers between 0.5-5.0 micrograms. But rats are more tolerant to radiation than humans. How much plutonium has been released into the ecosystem? Enough to kill everyone several times over. Four hundred earths worth of people is one figure.

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    relatively small amounts of Cs-137 in children from 10-30 Bq/kg…leads to a doubling in the number of children with electrocardiographic disorders.”

                    200 Bq/kg, in a pregnant woman can result in fetal death according to the Belarus studies.

                    The Euratom Directive of 13 May 1996 establishes general principles and safety standards on radiation protection in Europe.

                    According to the directive, the impact of nuclear activity can be considered negligible if doses of radiation do not exceed ten micro sieverts (mSv) per year.

                    CRIIRAD notes that the amount of iodine-131 capable of delivering a dose of 10 mSv varies greatly depending on the age of consumers. Children up to two years old are the most vulnerable and ingestion of 50 becquerel (Bq) is enough to deliver to the body a dose of 10 mSv, according to the institute.

                    If the foods (leafy vegetables, milk etc.) contain between one and 10 Bq per kg or more, it is possible that the reference level of 10 mSv may be exceeded within two to three weeks, the institute added.

                    Controversy after US gov’t estimate showed 40,000 microsievert thyroid dose for California infants from Fukushima

  • Is he not saying that there is NO criticality, NO fission, and nothing is out of control?

    In other words, there is no underground corium ANYWHERE, fissioning and having criticalities, totally out of control.

    In other words, the only thing going on at Fukushima is decay heat, like at a normal spent fuel pool, where the 'hot' rods are cooling off.. Because the water in the spent fuel pool is heated by the rods that are cooling off, (but under control) the pool let's off steam.

    Next step in the logic chain…

    Why didn't any of the other buildings have steam coming off of them, if this is 'normal' and ordinary decay heat from rubble and such inside spent fuel pools?

    Or did we miss something?

    Please help us understand what Arnie is saying.. Thanks.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      +100000000000. They are circling the wagons with the wagon master.

    • Ontological Ontological

      Correct. It aerosolized. Hell fire heat decay remains. The power was out for how freekin' long …hello? Lights are on, anyone home?
      I fear the seawater dump only prompted the nasty slow vertical thrust detonation/criticality the extremely dirty bomb, the R3 building next became. Rest in peace any who have died from the infestation/invasion of disinformation disease surrounding this disaster.

    • socref

      You can have fission, but not a criticality. You cant have a criticality without fission.

      Criticality is a special term – the number of neutrons in present generation/ neutrons in previous generation > 1

      The criticality parameter is called k-effective or "k-eff"

      keff is a very specific parameter to determine the state of the system. Keff < 1 means subcritical.

      k-eff > 1 for a criticality accident.

      There are fissions ongoing at Fukushima, subcritical fissions where k-eff is < 1.

      That is the physics of criticality.

    • The decay heat now is 1 Mega watt, or about 1000 hair dryers going.

      Sorry, but 1000 hair dryers would not make a cloud of steam that big. That dog don't hunt.

  • Indeed, Fukushima is ongoing. Tepco seep and leak reports July-December 2013

    So now what??? We must all do our part.

    To all visitors and the community of ENENews, the following Japan Radiation Citizen Memos are designed to be widely shared everywhere in your local and internet communities. All citizens need to know about Fukushima.

    Japan Radiation Memo to All Citizens PDF

    Japan Radiation Memo in JPEG (for social media upload)

    Vital1's Radiation Memo to Parents

    Doesn't take much. A printer. Scissors. Thumbtacks. For some,
    only a computer. And the simple motivation to share your care on every bulletin board and social media site you can find out there.

    It is also requested that everyone who can, please "like" and "share" ENENews throughout your use of social media.

    Thank you!

    P.S.Hi, Arnie. Thanks for sticking your neck out, buddy. Many of us are also doing what we can to get the rad word out.

    • socref

      Yes its ongoing. But its subcritical. Thus the ongoing fissions is a result of decay heat delayed neutron precursors that slow down and cause fission in fuel. It is not a divergent chain reaction. That is the physics.

    • Shillbullshit007

      Gunderson is a total shill and you cant believe anything he says…he's a bought and paid for mason working for the nuclear industry who's main function is the production of nuclear weapons hence why good ole arnie is the only 'credible' nuclear scientist saying anything because you would end up in a hole in the ground like matt simmons of the BP oil catastrophe..which is also meant to kill the oceans..and us…
      Hot rubble…are you kidding me? Whatever melted into the ground it left a shed load behind..this is ongoing fission in pockets and arent the basements flooded? So that must be an aweful lot of decay heat to heat that much water to the point of steaming even if it is winter…this is depopulation and the arnie dog and pony show…that guy is going to hell…total loser…
      And if anyone chooses to believe his garbage well you have no mind to be worried about just keep watching the t.v and it will all go away…

      • cooterboy

        Repeating ones self by using control V, is not a way of properly communicating new ideas. The right to voice one's opinion is one of our founding fathers greatest gifts.

        I cannot speak for others but I view this site for understanding complex issues about Fukushima. I'm trying to tie all of these loose ends together, to make sense of a man made disaster that threatens the world and all life forms.

        ENE has given a platform to all that seek the truth and some who need to blow off steam. Without this platform I believe there would be no other place to turn too. Tried EPA's RADNET, but is not functioning.
        Tried writing my elected officals and keep getting the same identical, ctl.V response, which is of no use.

        It doesn't take much heat to make steam. At 98.6 we make steam and can see it on a cold day. Others may say that all it was is hot air.


        • The pyschrometics of water and air clearly state that heating water to create water vapor (a phase change from liquid to vapor) takes a lot of energy.

          The water vapor present in our breath, freezes to create, frozen vapor, AKA ice, not steam.

          The analogy is completely incorrect.

          • socref

            The phase change only requires enough energy to overcome the latent heat of vaporization, which when the ambient air is at a low temperature also lowers. This is why you see vapor rising on a lake on a cold morning. Vapor pressure also has a say in it. Atmospheric pressure, vapor occurs less than 100 deg C. Lets not confuse vapor with boiling.

      • socref

        Why are you calling AG a shill?

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    NYT on Recriticality: Japan nuclear prof. says chain reaction at Fukushima can’t be ruled out — Disagrees with expert in America who says it’s unlikely
    Dec 14 2011

    "[…] Murray E. Jennex, an expert on nuclear containment at San Diego State University […] said he believed the government’s claim that the reactors themselves were now stable, and particularly that the resumption of the heat-producing chain reaction called fission was no longer possible. While the discovery last month of the chemical xenon, a byproduct of fission, in one of Fukushima Daiichi’s reactors briefly raised alarms that a chain reaction had restarted, Mr. Jennex said enough of the radioactive fuel had decayed since the accident in March to make that unlikely.

    Other experts disagreed. [Kazuhiko Kudo, a professor of nuclear engineering at Kyushu University] said that the restart of fission, a phenomenon known as recriticality, could not be ruled out until the reactors could be opened, allowing for an examination of the melted fuel. […]"

    Subcritical at the moment?

    • socref

      Recriticality is a specific phenomena that very few nuclear engineers study. It requires specific parameters to obtain. A reactor is a specially constructed machine where a self sustained chain reaction is engineered and deliberate. Outside a reactor, it is another thing to achieve a self sustaining critical reaction. Evidence of fission is not the same as critical chain reaction. A chain reaction in of itself is not ruled out since there are source neutrons in the fuel that the multiplication must rely. A self sustained chain reaction where keff is > 1 is not what is happening right now this instant. So yes, subcritical at the moment.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    So what do we call this?

    Oct 11 2011..


    • Shillbullshit007

      Gunderson is a total shill and you cant believe anything he says…he's a bought and paid for mason working for the nuclear industry who's main function is the production of nuclear weapons hence why good ole arnie is the only 'credible' nuclear scientist saying anything because you would end up in a hole in the ground like matt simmons of the BP oil catastrophe..which is also meant to kill the oceans..and us…
      Hot rubble…are you kidding me? Whatever melted into the ground it left a shed load behind..this is ongoing fission in pockets and arent the basements flooded? So that must be an aweful lot of decay heat to heat that much water to the point of steaming even if it is winter…this is depopulation and the arnie dog and pony show…that guy is going to hell…total loser…
      And if anyone chooses to believe his garbage well you have no mind to be worried about just keep watching the t.v and it will all go away…rotflmao

    • soern

      I'd call this;
      "cores meet another layer of groundwater on their way down to magma"

      Just to hope that cores will reach magma soon to get an end of that.
      Mt. Daiichi appreciated and welcome!

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    "That right there.. is the ranch burning down..mam."

  • Shillbullshit007

    Gunderson is a total shill and you cant believe anything he says…he's a bought and paid for mason working for the nuclear industry who's main function is the production of nuclear weapons hence why good ole arnie is the only 'credible' nuclear scientist saying anything because you would end up in a hole in the ground like matt simmons of the BP oil catastrophe..which is also meant to kill the oceans..and us…
    Hot rubble…are you kidding me? Whatever melted into the ground it left a shed load behind..this is ongoing fission in pockets and arent the basements flooded? So that must be an aweful lot of decay heat to heat that much water to the point of steaming even if it is winter…this is depopulation and the arnie dog and pony show…that guy is going to hell…total loser…
    And if anyone chooses to believe his garbage well you have no mind to be worried about just keep watching the t.v and it will all go away…lmao

  • ftlt

    Arnie, for me, continues to be a voice of reason and truth on this issue…

    Those who refuse to accept that anything less than FUFU is an E.L.E. event will not like what he has to say…

  • We have never heard Arnie go to the point of admitting a melt through and out into the open air and ground.

    There is direct video and pictures of complete meltout from the equipment pool of #4 and #3 melting outside of the building.

    Is this being pointed at by Arnie yet?

    To his credit, he has announced the explosion of #3 and release of plutonium rods and dust…

    For some reason, the above ground and underground coriums seem to be a place he cannot go.

    Or, did we miss something?

    Please point out if we missed something he said that point at the very obvious above ground melt outs of corium from building #3 and #4..

    • he is also backpeddling on the moderated prompt criticality explosions.

      They got some dirt on him and have leased him in.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      +1000000000000. Arnie also never admitted that thee was a nuclear explosion of the core. He said that it was in the SFP. Because the nuclear industry keeps wanting and plans to build more and more nuclear reactors. My senator, Mark Udall, is leading the pack to put 2,000 nuclear reactors around the US. There will be no way to keep away from a nuclear reactor in the future. Under Senator Udall's plan, every child born in the US will get leukemia.

      Arnie leaves open the door that all nuclear reactors will be fueled with MOX. MOX destroyed SONGS and will destroy any reactor it is used in. Weapons grade plutonium must not be used in nuclear power plants. Arnie's section on renewables on his website repeats the mantra of the nuclear industry. We can't convert to renewables for another 40 years. The conclusion to that is that we need another generation of killing machines built around the world.

      We can't keep building killing machines and dirty bombs. The tipping point was reached in the 1940s which the best scientists recognized, but the power hungry, greedy politicians can't fathom or understand the nuclear chain reaction and the total destruction and devastation which nuclear power and nuclear weapons have unleashed on the world.

      Shut them all down or kiss the world goodbye.

  • Radiation Readings From Inside Fukushima Daichi Plant Finally Revealed In Dec. 2013 – 192 USv/Hr; via @AGreenRoad

  • Thorium Rich Sand; Monazite – Studies Show It Increases Congenital Mutuation, Downs Syndrome, And Changes Sex Ratios; via @AGreenRoad

  • tbg

    It's hard to be an insider if you make yourself an outsider. Seems rather obvious to me. Should he go trumpeting every Facebook photo and website post about fukushima as fact? What do you want him to say, funk it, your all dead so stop trying? Should he call out the tepkuza/US/Japanese govs weapons grade shell game and never be allowed back to japan?
    The more posters try to bash him the more I doubt those posters, common shill tactic, where are your hot particle test results? Where are your Japanese soil samples? What have you taught us about this disaster? Why don't you start your own website and issue your own press releases? Oh that's right, because nobody would care.
    The man is not perfect, none are, and I do not agree with all of his stances, but he is walking a tight rope in and out of the industry, and his is a voice that carries much more weight than the combined frantic key presses of the Internet.
    Nothing he's told me has every been nearly as fucking blatently hideous as the bunch of disgusting lies we have been told by the US government, fucking cowards.
    If he's so bad…. Do better.

  • The debate is about whether the steam coming from fissures in the ground, from #3, and from the ocean are from the normal decay heat found in spent fuel pools, or from an uncontrolled source of heat, such as 1-4 corium blobs somewhere.

    To figure out the difference, the AMOUNT of steam should matter, as does the radiation level of the steam itself. TEPCO has not disclosed the amount, nor the radioactive elements inside the steam. They have made up various stories, saying it is rainwater evaporating, and a variety of other reasons, including they don’t know what causes it. Why would someone who is in a position of very easily finding out what it is, where it is coming from and how dangerous it is REFUSE to do any of the above?

    Usually, when someone is hiding something, there is something BAD going on. There is no reason to hide good news, correct? TEPCO has been lying, denying and deceiving people since day 1. Is it any surprise that people make up stuff to fill in the absolute lack of credible information? Is it any wonder that people panic when someone presents fear porn?

    The antidote to fear is information, which TEPCO is not providing. They have no interest in finding out where the coriums are, despite lots of technology available to tell them instantly where it/they are, what amount of fission is going on and where the coriums are exactly. Again the lack of information despite them bringing in corium finding equipment leaves one to assume the worst.

    • socref

      It isnt a criticality for the mere fact that if it were, there would be workers being transported to the hospital with a very large neutron exposure.

      • zogerke zogerke

        with the homeless and indigent as workers? with crime bosses charging them to sleep in a company cell? really? with information shutdowns by law and doctors censored? really?

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        How do you know that hasn't already happened? Why do you think a free press is a security risk in Japan and punishable by putting journalists in jail? How do you know if journalists have been shot or not? Why do you think the plant is abandoned and there is no activity there? With no free press you don't really know the levels of radiation or how many people have already died of radiation poisoning.

        The nuclear industry cannot exist with freedom of the press. What happened at Ft Calhoun, North Anna?

  • The FACT that TEPCO will not even admit to massive amounts of plutonium being released, a criticality explosion, or two CORIUM melt outs visible on video and pictures from #3 and #4 gives informed people GRAVE concern.

    If they can hide and deny even BASIC facts like this, what ELSE are they hiding and denying, underneath and in addition to a steaming #3?

    Our opinion, based on the AMOUNT of steam coming out, is that this is more than just rain water evaporating off of something that has only decay heat left, such as from a spent fuel pool…

    Seeing the liquid corium coming out of the side of #3, leads us to form an opinion that it is just as likely or more than likely corium somehow interacting with groundwater or rainwater.

    The fact that at one of these steaming events, TEPCO pulled all workers off the site, leads us to further have the opinion that the #3 steam is HIGHLY RADIOACTIVE, deadly dangerous, and toxic to all life.

    According to experts, corium 'burps' emissions/steam and etc, which is just what this steaming building and various ground fissuers have been doing, despite being covered up with tons of poured concrete, to try and stop this.

    Now add the rising radiation levels underground, the rising radioactive iodine levels in sewage treatment plants all the way to Tokyo. Now add the rising tritium levels up to present day.

    We are open to changing this opinion, but this opinion is based on the FACTS and EVIDENCE available today.

    • socref

      The fact is that there is no evidence for a self sustained criticality. The neutron dose is not there to substantiate the claim.

      • Jebus Jebus

        But there is ample evidence, H20, for a neutron reflector, that returns enough neutrons to cause a criticality. Self sustaining might not be the correct term. A neutron reflector is all thats needed in the many possible configurations that a corium might go through on it's way to decaying. Logic.

        socref, you are trying to equate a "normal" functioning reactor with multiple never before corium's in the ground. You don't have any more clue than anyone else.

        Apples and Oranges, with you trying to call it Cherries…

      • So rising iodine spikes in sewage both in close by towns and even hundreds of miles away in Tokyo TODAY, plus rising tritium levels give you no reason to believe there is a criticality happening ANYWHERE?

        • Please tell us where the neutron detector is stationed, and what the detector is showing as far as readings?

          That would clear all of this up in a nano second, correct?

          The LACK of neutron detectors and readings is part of what causes all of this conjecture and opinions about what is or is not happening.

          ONE neutron detector could clear all of this up.

  • Bottom line, Gunderson may be proven right, but everyone is entitled to an opinion and provide the evidence of their theory.. That is how science works. The arc of history tends to prove that truth and justice wins out in the end, long term.

    We actually hope that we are wrong and that there are no coriums underground, and that all nuclear fuel in all reactors is still inside containment. May the truth come out and prevail, no matter what it is.

    • socref

      Dr G,

      Please read this paper


      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        This is not a open sourced text. And who has written it?

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          The English translation of the French institute is:
          Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN)

          Citing a publication from an organization devoted to promoting, selling, and continuing nuclear energy worldwide, is not going to be unbiased. Why do you think the French people are so against nuclear energy? Why are their continual nuclear accidents in France? Why do the French keep dumping nulcear waste in the ocean? Why is there no place to store nuclear waste in France? If nuclear energy was so wonderful, they would keep the nuclear waste in France.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            The only possible lesson from Fukushima is to never allow nuclear technology to be researched or used ever again. How many accidents can the world sustain and still support life? How much air, land, and water much be contaminated until there is no life left on earth? Condoning atching people die of radiation poisoning is genocide and is SICK, SICK, SICK.

      • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

        socref is just here to slow us down imo..

        • Gasser Gasser

          @ also see that too…he’s a professional Shill up your ass smoke blower, I suspected that the day he came on enenews offering his "professional Nuclear advise" to us, he's a bad Actinide in Buckie Ball clothing…don’t waste you mental time with this mind spinner.

          • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

            I don't Gasser , i actually learn a lot from the discussions , insofar i come across..the insightfull debunking truthwarrior's ENENews is populated with , are good teachers.. therefor he's present is actually helpfull..for the broader public..srry socref..
            But when we hold you against the reality , then everybody can see it does not resonate what the nuclear industry are trying to distract us/the world with..tx
            Meanwhile , on some beach(es)..
            Oke Gasser , i take your advice and stop now..

  • Angela_R

    I surmise:
    Source of heat – rods or corium
    I suspect that what is happening could be gauged by the temperature of the steam. Water turns to steam at 212degs F.
    High temperature electrolysis, i.e. conversion to hydrogen and oxygen occurs @ ??

    How can they measure the heat?
    Oh, I forgot the 'dirty' water! it was radioactive wasn't it?
    How can/do they collect the steam to check the radioactivity?

    Mankind has concentrated forms of rare elements.

    Mutant elements that were not found in nature, mankind embraced.
    They produced vast quantities.
    They knew that they destroyed, then knew that they killed.

  • Another Lie By TEPCO; Not 1 Hydrogen Explosion, But 2 Separate PLUTONIUM MOX Fuel Explosions At Fukushima Building#3; via @AGreenRoad

  • isogoodhumans

    Ed Dames, who predicted many world events including the Japanese earthquake and meltdown, says Dai ichi 3 will blow up next, not 4.

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