Gundersen: Video inside Reactor 1 may show seismic damage — Japanese experts suggest unit was having severe problems before tsunami

Published: September 27th, 2012 at 8:28 pm ET


Regarding the new footage inside Reactor No. 1’s containment vessel, nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen of Fairewinds Energy Education writes to ENENews:

I met with Japanese experts this month in Tokyo and they presented ample evidence to suggest that Unit 1 was having severe problems related to earthquake damage even before the tsunami hit. This video might suggest seismic damage, and not an explosion. If it is earthquake damage, it calls into question the seismic computer models used throughout the nuclear industry.

Published: September 27th, 2012 at 8:28 pm ET


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9 comments to Gundersen: Video inside Reactor 1 may show seismic damage — Japanese experts suggest unit was having severe problems before tsunami

  • Sickputer

    The power of the IT Generation…truths that took 20-30 years to be pried from the authorities now shows up in less than 2 years.

    There will be new surprises…

  • Arnie, if the seismic computer model for the nuclear industry also includes 50 meters landslides such as the photograph of Tashkent? I think that I should also go there and take a trip with each of these "experts" of the software, because they have too little imagination and need for yourself to see ..


    So then Gundersen agrees that nuclear power, at its current use, is flawed?

    Didn't I hear a rumor a few months ago about his current involvement in developing a new nuclear site?

  • weeman

    First question fundamentally to be answered what caused the melt downs, earthquake or tsunami as it has vast implications to all nuclear reactors, my believe is the earthquake caused major damage and probably the seismic vibrations caused the fuel in the reactors and fuel pools to go critical? As they have to maintain a distance from one and another do they not.
    We can figure this out all the information is there recordings audio and video, seismic etc.
    If we can prove this we can shut these death machines down once and for all, get at it, we can not undo what has happened only stop it from happening again and there are a lot more qualified people on this site than I, who could fill in the jigsaw puzzle, think about it please.

  • enoughalready45 enoughalready45

    Wowza! Earthquake damage to containment structure! Yes it could happen again. Shut these nukes down before another accident happens. Humanity can't take much more of this.

  • Fury Fury

    Personally I would prefer to wait for more FACTS to come through before i worry any more than I do now, which isn't much. From wha I see the fracturing could have come from heat and cooling shock which is what the japanese engineers said way back in April of 2011. They were afraid that flooding the reactor pressure with water would cause it to crack. There is the possibility that some of the fuel melted went down to the bottom of pressure/reactor vesel, cooled and resolidified. then when water was flooding into the CONTAINMENT vessel outside of the pressure vessel but up around the bottom a foot or so that would have been more than adequate to cause thermal shock/ cooling shock to the bottom of the pressure vessel and cause the botom toshatter and break loose. Then if the fuel had welded itself to the vessel before it solidified and was kept cool it would not leak out.

  • kalidances

    Fury are you new here? EVERYONE here wants "FACTS" so help us get them; preferably before the next heavy rains or large earthquake comes. On who exactly are you relying to deliver you the facts? Do you think someone from Tepco or an IAEA scientist is going to call you? HELP find the facts please.

  • Fury Fury

    OK, What would you like me to do. Go over there and take measurements of everything. That would take many hours and many helpers. with the radiation in some places in there you would only have minutes to die . Dead people can't do much in giving out information about what they found. The way I see the situation it won't make any difference now how long it takes to find out what really happened and what caused it. So instead of speculating too much let them go slow and safe and get information accurately as they are cleaning things up and then use it the way it needs to be used for the future.