Gundersen: We almost had 15 meltdowns after 3/11 quake — A “species threatening” event (VIDEO)

Published: June 9th, 2012 at 2:31 am ET


“Five O’Clock Shadow” with Robert Knight
WBAI Radio (Monday -Thursday, 5p-6p ET)
June 7, 2012

ARNIE GUNDERSEN of Fairewinds Associates details the latest nuclear issues of Fukushima and the domestic environment […]

At 8:00 in

So we almost had 15 meltdowns and not three. It would have been species threatening had that occurred. We really came way too close.


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Published: June 9th, 2012 at 2:31 am ET


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72 comments to Gundersen: We almost had 15 meltdowns after 3/11 quake — A “species threatening” event (VIDEO)

  • TepcoSievert TepcoSievert

    Let's see now, it's time to draw up a list of all the B.S. that the pro-nuclears try to use against us.

    – Nuclear plants are well designed and safe;
    – Fukushima was an unpredictable event of nature, but it was handled in the best possible way;
    – This was not a nuclear disaster, but a simple hydrogen detonation, causing an emergency situation where planned responses worked effectively;
    – The crisis is now over, with reactors in a safe state of cold shutdown;
    – Actually, Fukushima proves the safety of the nuclear industry, because after this emergency situation was successfully resolved, life has now returned to normal everywhere except a small perimeter around the plant, which, as a precautionary measure, is undergoing some decontamination before the population can be safely allowed to return to their homes;
    – There is no worry about the radioactive releases that may have occurred because as they get carried away by the wind or in sea water, they become diluted and weakened to levels below natural background;
    – Actually, it is good to have some exclusion zones for a while, because it allows nature to regain its health and rights in areas evacuated by humans;
    – Radiation is far less dangerous than panicking and anti-nuclear groups are causing people to become stressed and suffer psycho-somatic disorders;
    – Exposition doses reported are nothing compared to what ordinary people experience everyday through medical care, air travel and consuming bananas;
    (to be…

  • TepcoSievert TepcoSievert

    …. continued)

    – There is no medical data supporting pessimistic views about the health consequences of  incidents of this type;
    – There is no evidence of this incident having resulted in any fatalities and anti-nuclear fear-mongers should be ashamed of spreading their apocalyptic visions  instead of showing concern for the incomparably larger number of victims caused by a natural disaster;
    – Nuclear energy remains the inevitable solution to our current environmental problems and if you take it with a smile, a bit of ingested plutonium is the perfect stimulant for a more active, healthier genome;
    – The older a nuclear plant is, the more expert attention it gets, and therefore the safer it is …

    Did I forget anything?

    • Urban27

      Yes You forgot a lot. Nuclear Power does not take care of a melt down in their own plants.
      There are no insurance company that gives them insurances.
      The whole idea is based on nothing like Chernobyl Three Mile Island or Fukushima can happen. Because the poison is so much more than you understand.
      It is you who are hiding your head in the sand. Typically others like you, you want to compare to natural catastrophes instead. I am aware of both this catastrophe and all the other. This is a forum for energy news, so it is you who are not discussing the energy issues. It is you who try to focus on something else. It is you who try to avoid seeing the truth.
      And as of taking radiation as a treatment for our genome – that is pretty sarcastic to people having been radiated. What are your words actually meaning: To me you sound more desperate than the people you call antinuclearfearmonglers.

      • The Blue Light.

        I think you should read Tepcoseivert's first line and then appologise.

      • TepcoSievert TepcoSievert

        Oh dear! I forgot to mention "hormesis" as the name of the well established beneficial effects (sorry, I can't remember the exact scientific references here) of prolonged exposure to low-level radiation!

    • “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” — Joseph Goebbels.

      • Time Is Short Time Is Short

        "I'm tired of being lied to by government, by the media, and by every corporation I have anything to do with."
        – L. Neil Smith

    • hanaloa hanaloa

      Nice list…I think Iʻve heard or seen every one of these logical fallacies multiple times since 3/11/11…

      @Urban27: perhaps you missed TepcoSievertʻs opening line:
      "Let's see now, it's time to draw up a list of all the B.S. that the pro-nuclears try to use against us"
      …I donʻt think you have to worry about the pronukers using this list–it IS their list!

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Would we lie to you? Honestly now…would we??????

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi bleep_hits_blades

      The baffling part is they are also lying to their families and they put their own families at risk.

      Does pro-nukers really believe in what they say? Can't they see by now how dangerously catastrophic Nuclear Power is?

      • That's actually a very important question WSP, so let's repeat it:

        Do pro-nukers really believe in what they say?

        The surprising thing is, it's taken me over a year now to even attempt to answer it.

        I think most do believe in what they say, in the same way some people believe that human auras actually exist, can be picked up using Kirlian photography and can be used to diagnose physical human ailments.

        The sad fact is:

        "Even though equipment exists capable of measuring extremely minute energy levels, no one has ever detected an aura or the alleged energy that gives rise to an aura using scientific equipment.

        Furthermore, the best aura reader in the West was tested before a live television audience and failed miserably."

        The infamous Rod Adams seems to believe (almost militantly) in what he says based on experience as a nuclear submarine engineer.

        His problem, as far as I can see, is that he engages in what I'd call unethical verbal intercourse. I could add, one often feels thoroughly 'intercoursed' after listening to him for too long. He lies, or gets his facts wrong, e.g.:

        "No member of the public was exposed to any significant level of radiation." (Rod Adams)

        He is able to believe his own fibs. He refuses to change his position only because its *his* position. He can't even make the first step to see the…

        • …other side.

          There are also some who believe the moon is hollow and has secret bases inside it. There are some who believe there is a giant planet-ship called Nibiru hiding behind the sun.

          And, there are some who believe that low-level radiation is just dandy – a great thing to have around.

          This is why I've always maintained that believing completely sucks and knowing rocks. Anyone who tries the 'believing' number in university will not get very far.

          "I believe therefore Mr Professor the answer is m to the third power."

          "As your dear professor, and as Mr Einstein has kindly pointed out to us Pu239, the answer is in fact m times c to the second power. I therefore pronounce you unworthy to be a mathematician and joyfully assign you the mark of D minus, despite you fondly-held beliefs."

          Yes, I do *believe* that believing is lots of fun, but knowing trumps it by a mile, and more. (Correct me if I'm wrong on this folks).

          King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)
          And ye shall ***know*** the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

          • fredlvie

            just a word pu…
            you are a very sympathic guy in my eyes.but now i must write in german,because my english isnot so perfect…
            gut ausgebildet,mann mit herz und verstand…
            gibts nurmehr wenige davon.ich hoff ich täusch mich nicht.
            but all what comes from you as posting here is 100% waterproof and very,very interesting.
            and greetings from vienna/austria.


          had to jump-in here Pu239. There's evidence that auras exist. The dampening of an RF field's envelope by another is common and easily proven. Most have noticed how the 'tuning' of an antenna-based signal is effected by the movement of our body. Regardless whether it's the chemical composition of that body-mass (hydrogen, iron, etal), proximity of a mass to another demonstrates the influence of a standing electromagnetic field between both objects; which indicates that an 'invisible' field is being presented – or 'emitted' – by those bodies.

          Modern diagnostic medical imaging relies entirely on this 'phenomena' of 'auras'. Modern security systems also utilize what was once thought to be non-existent wavelengths of energy (again, interpreted as 'auras'), that are being emitted by 'living' bodies. Kirlian may well have prompted much of what we now take for granted, in the detection of 'subtle' body emissions.

          I do apologize for having gone off-topic, but I'd be remiss in not challenging your opening argument…

  • The radio interview is available here: where you'll scroll down to
    "Five OClock Shadow" /Thursday June 7 5:00pm
    I loved TepcoSievert's comments.
    Irony is powerful when it is well understood. Urban27 didn't get it but it's no big deal here since they both agree, and we all agree here about the LIES and COVER-UP of the nuclear industry, don't you think Blue Light?
    What we need to do is convince those who are still persuaded that there are no other alternatives to Nuclear power. As is we were bound to be doomed!

  • fredlvie

    gundersen should better shut his mouth!
    he was unable to recognize that fukushima 1 was an DETONATION.not a deflagration.
    look at the movie.
    look at the supersonic ring of comprimed air over the the moment of explosion.its the same when you fire a tankgun.SUPERSONIC!

    • But he's one of the rare experts from the Nuclear industry who is raising his voice. Go easy on him.

      • fredlvie

        therefore i am thankfull that we have him…
        but this (mentioned in my posting) was a harsh misunderstanding by gundersen.
        this ring of comprimed air was made by a SHOT from a tubular thing below (think the expolding rpv).he should think abot that fact…
        nevertheless,once more i apologize for my english ist not my native language.i am from vienna/austria,as my nick shows*g.

    • Try not to get too excited fredlvie, Arnie is not God and cannot be everywhere at once. He was acting on false or scarce information that the NRC had but he didn't have:

      [comment by dharmasyd]

      February 27, 2012 at 1:34 am · Reply
      NRC heard about and suspected #1 detonation before Arnie. Arnie was very careful in his discussion to lament the fact that he, and many other scientists were "working in the dark," without being provided adequate info. Michio Kaku complained of this also.

      The NRC, Pentagon, etc. should have released the information to the scientists who could have analyzed it. Instead they sat on it, "put it in their pockets."

  • At the very end of the radio recording in the post above,
    Arnie Gundersen: “ Well let me just say one last thing and thank you very much for having me.
    The Nuclear Industry would like us all to believe that nuclear power plants should run and that we can store nuclear waste for a quarter of a million years. The same people are saying that solar is impossible because we haven’t figured out a away of storing sunlight overnight. Well, if we can store nuclear waste for a quarter of a million years, we can certainly figure out a way of storing electricity overnight so we can have baseload solar as well as baseload nuclear.”

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Arnie IS a hero. He's all over the place already for so long, sharing his knowledge on every possible occasion. And that at an age where he should enjoy his retirement. He sets an example in my opinion.

      • WindorSolarPlease

        Hi BreadAndButter

        I give credit to anyone who gives us information, who is trying to find out what is happening.

        You are right B&B, Arnie is at the age where he should be enjoying his retirement, instead we are hearing from him. I thank him for all his information and efforts.

        I know I am starving for information, I'm grateful to take anything.

        Thank You Arnie

      • I'm sure Arnie would be smiling if he picks up these comments using Google Alerts.

        Arnie, we know that you're really an extraterrestrial from the planet Nibiru and are working secretly with the aliens over at Area 51, but we believe you anyway. The children of Belarus don't *believe* anything.

        They know.

      • fredlvie

        i like arnie, of the few persons who spoke TRUTH (besides the error of his deflagration-comment*smile).


        no.thats a joke.but sometimes i think so…


  • bleep_hits_blades

    Hi WindorsolarPlease —

    I think that many of these guys in positions of power are sociopaths, narcissists – have personality disorders. This is 'a kind of crazy.' So they have some kind or degree of mental illness – no conscience, manipulative, no moral code. These are the kind of people who 'get ahead' – & end up in control of the planet.

    The masses are actually quite childish – rationalize & hide from unpleasant truths – an example being the way most people just won't face the present nuclear crisis. In denial. All of us have been coming up against that.

    Human beings in general are fundamentally governed by irrational components of their psyches.

    The entire moral climate of the business & military world is amoral. All's fair in love & war – & business. Having a conscience is a handicap.

    I think the only reason the human race has not already self-destructed is because it didn't have the ability to do it.

    But now it does. How many nuclear power plants are there in the world right now? – several hundred, I believe. How many spent fuel rods, how much plutonium that will be lethal in minute quantities for the next quarter of a million years…

    So it doesn't take a rocket scientist to look at these facts & realize that we are way out on a limb. IF, even now, we could suddenly became more rational & prudent, we might stand a chance. But that is not going to happen.

    I hope I am wrong & I'd love to have someone give me some evidence that I am…

    • Well, for one, your own stance. Do you really think you'd care to voice your fears if you didn't have even the smallest part of hope inside of you? Let's be positive. All will be fair in love and peace.

      • eatliesndie eatliesndie

        The well of hope springs eternally. Though this spring is feeling a little FRACKED….

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi bleep_hits_blades

      As much as I want to give you evidence that you are wrong, I can't. So, it looks like I agree with you, but I wish I didn't.

    • I'd put a check mark with the word "Agree." on each of those paragraphs bhb.

  • mikael

    Our absolut biggest problem, regarding the coverup and the MSM is the CAGW cult, he cult that has pimped armageddons for decades.
    The same people behind the CO2 scam, thats the sole reason for the silence.

    They, the green fu.. have NUKS as their solutin to alle the problems regarding Greenhousgasses and other raving bullshitt.

    Thats why, like the BELLONA a so caled envirioment conserned geen institutte. They to pimp Nuk. Ind. and have so far, during this crysis, not ONES poen their mouths about Fukushima, in our respective countrys, they are a part of the coverup.
    They are the ones bennefitting from the lies about our global clima change, the greates scam ever pulled on us all.
    CO2 is de facto food.
    Its alwas and will always fluctuate with LIFE on our planet.

    We better start to point on the real a..h… in this issue, they are the ones that is delibiratly sacrifying an entire planet, for a lie.

    Putt the blame where it belongs and the CO2 scam must end.
    Have they ever talked about issues more important than CO2, have they.
    Issues like Flameretardants(hormondestroyers), dioxines, garbages, chemical poisoning the real threat to Icebears.
    The shitt list is a mile long.
    Can anyone of you remeber they have mentined THAT anytime.

    Never trus anyone that pimps AGW, because its not real, its a fabricated consensus, nowhere is the proof.
    Its a scam.


    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      "raving bullshitt."

    • Keep in mind mikael that CO2 will cause any planet to heat up, whether it's caused by a can of Budweiser, visiting aliens with CO2-emitting missiles or a bilious cow farting alone in a field.

      But, I hear ya, have to be careful of the wolves in sheeps clothing (and the cows, it seems…). [holding nose]

      "The Bellona Foundation is an international environmental NGO based in Norway. Founded in 1986 as a direct action protest group, Bellona has become a recognised technology and solution-oriented organization with offices in Oslo, Brussels, Washington D.C.,
      St. Petersburg and Murmansk. Altogether, some 75 engineers, ecologists, nuclear physicists, economists, lawyers, political scientists and journalists work at Bellona"

      • [or methane]

        [returning to topic]

        Just a request that we ease off Arnie in the event that he has his figures wrong and that we really almost had 16 or 25 meltdowns. He can't be everywhere at once and is acting on spurious and sometimes false info from TEPCO and the rest of the nuclear dictatorship.

        For those who are unaffected by brain-deflagration or who failed to detonate their synaptic nodes sufficiently in the 60's we *know* he speaketh the truth.

        The truth in this case is very serious and he's likely understating it.

    • bleep_hits_blades

      Actually, mikael is right about AGW. It continues to amaze me how many people here are 'true believers' in AGW.

      mikael does his position a dis-service by his eccentric presentation of it.

      B&B thanks for the good wishes re my health (& for remembering). Actually my health isn't good. I won't go into the 'gory details' except to say that I am 'preparing to meet my Maker.' At this point, I am not even joking. Just keep reminding myself that we all have to go sometime & that in a way it is my own damn fault because I just gave up & since 3/11 have not had a very strong feeling of attachment to 'life on any terms' here on The Planet of Organized Crime.

      I'm kind of a tough old bird & taking the approach that it had to happen sometime even to me, the center of (my) universe; & that at least I am pretty old (will turn 69 next month, assuming I live that long).

      What haunts me is all those Japanese children hung out to dry – just absolutely abandoned to their fates by the sociopathic narcissistic Mafiosi in charge of 'our' (sic) governments – & their partners in crime…. & the loving, concerned mothers, with their grave, worried faces, in some of those videos. That's what makes me cry. Japanese kids are so damn cute – & trusting. And they have such heart-breaking smiles.

      • bleep_hits_blades

        Also hard to forget images like that little Fukushima dog (probably too radioactive to take along) running, running after his family's car. That was really sad. And the penned cows standing deep in their own poop, left to die of thirst and hunger.

        But one good thing amidst all of this is enenews and the people here. I am very grateful to Admin. and to all of YOU!

        I still think that most people basically have good hearts and that the personality disordered types who are controlling things are actually in the minority. They are just hyper-motivated in their quest to control the planetary wealth and sources of wealth – and not restrained by any compassionate concerns for any save #1.

        BTW it looks like I will finally be a grandmother, in late August (I should live so long). Not the greatest timing in a way, of course, & hoping for the best as regards the health of the little guy…

        And keep in mind my fortune cookie fortune I got long ago – 'In some causes it is noble even to fail.' (I've been in this struggle against the forces of evil for so long now, just in terms of learning about what is really going on in the world, and trying to spread the word – and it really blew my mind, as we used to say, to get such a fortune cookie fortune.)

        • demo demo

          bhb, may you heal! blessings on you. 69 is young. maybe try a plant-based diet and meditation or prayer and exercise as able? to see that granchild grow up and shower the caring you so clearly feel. thnx for sharing. "the way thru is with a broken heart," alice walker.

          i wish catastrophic anthropogenic global warming were not a prob, but it is merely a misnomer. it should be called climate chaos since some places get too cold and others too hot, but this should go to the off topic forum.

          mikael, ene has a basic kindness policy. you won't be the 1st to be banned if you keep insulting.

    • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

      Fact; CO2 is an acid

      Fact; oceans, air, ground, all living beings are affected by acid.

      Want to know more about what is in our future, according to scientific research, not propoganda?

      Acid Test; The Global Challenge Of Ocean Acidification; via A Green Road Blog

      Acid Oceans; Why Should We Care? via A Green Road Blog

      • mikael

        You are so full of bullshitt about AGW that I am stunned, and if you are going to discus this I will follow it thue this time, but I wil start up by showing to you this:
        A timeline of Armageddonistas from almouts a century back, we have had it all:).

        Thats it for now, if you dont charf up anything WE ALL CAN read, instead of stupid and mindless insults, be my gest.


        And if there are some from Scandinavian countrys you all should see this, a video from a conference among our leading MSM and inparticulare, our biggest ones.
        I was kicked out from them all, because of AHW and the (d)rulling CarboNazis.
        And above all, do notis this Ladys and Gentlmen they ALWAYS attac us at a personal level, becuase the sience is a fraud.
        Political consensuses are NOT the truth, by the way, do I have to spell(hehehe) it to you.
        This is how our MSM works, and propbably the same story else where, and how they controll and rule the comentary feilds.

        And litle ones, I have been here, since dwan of time, regarding Internett.
        What scares me, is you lack of Basic and Math, and on topp of that, to discus anything regarding AGW, is usless, if you dont have something to show us, as "prof".


        the glows are of

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    I don't feel what Mr. Gundersen said in this more important than the info that there is a fault under Ooi and the battle to keep it closed.

    Governor of Naiigata Blasts Noda Over Ooi Restart, Accuses Him of Taking the "Peoples Living" Hostage As Researchers Warn of Active Fault Under Ooi Nuke Plant
    From EXSKF:

  • Like I said, it could be more than 15 meltdowns:

    [Anthony Gucciardi NaturalSociety June 8, 2012]

    "Eyewitnesses on the ground near the media-blacked-out elevated radiation zone near the border of Indiana and Michigan, where radiation levels hundreds of times higher than normal were quickly removed from public viewing by the EPA, are now sending in a large number of photos and videos documenting massive explosions accompanied by unmarked helicopters, A-10 Thunderbolts, and military personnel.

    These reports come after a Department of Homeland Security hazmat fleet was sent out to the location after ‘years’ of inactivity.

    Those on the ground report that the explosions are ‘loud and deep’, sounding like fireworks with a kick. The explosions are oftentimes followed up with a squadron of helicopters or other aircraft, oftentimes black and unmarked. One Michigan resident reports the following, and is then backed by dozens of organic comments which confirm the findings:"

    Read more:

  • bleep_hits_blades

    PU239 thanks for this update. What is going on, with these loud explosions, etc.? There was a post on Infowars about it – really loud explosions, and trees cracking, in or next to one local resident's yard… and as usual the govt. is in the thick of things but keeping mum.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    I think it was a test of a nuke weapon.

    • Either a 'test' of some weapon or yet more 'proof' of man's rampant stupidity.

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        The spike was so high….the increase and decrease so quick.
        Drills?..explosions..lighter munitions..?
        Black Hawks..ya…

    • So, Arnie is possibly off by one or more. Let's make it 16 meltdowns then:

      While Michigan is exploding, have a look at the BREAKING NEWS from CNN:

      Maria Sharapova overpowers Sara Errani to win French Open final.

      We're playing tennis, while the world burns.

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        Arnie sais ALMOST melted…
        Everything is under control.

      • I'll take the Michigan stuff over to the General Thread … now working for me.

        Looks to be the Cook Nuclear Plant blowing up, but we're still trying to confirm, or find a good twitter feed.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    It rather's all good with the other reactors.
    This is something thing that the Japanese government want people to believe..when Hosono himself said 15 reactors are in bad condition.
    They need the people to believe this because they want to start up Ohi.
    But Ohi is on a fault.
    And keeping it from reopening is where it seems.. the Japanese people have taken a stand against nuclear power.

  • ML

    I woke up feeling in love with Nature. That is much more centering and less ephemeral than anything man created. And certainly we are screwing with Nature and there will be repercussions.
    This video helps some with providing a glimmer of what is best in human nature:

  • rockster

    Arni is on Coast to Coast Saturday. Check your local AM station.

  • yellowrain

    What happened to extinction level event? Sounds more real then "species threatening". Is this another compromise Arnie is forced to accept? This to not get censored? Even Ene has slowed as of late. Is it really to much to ask for enough information from the powers that be to prepare to live out 5 years after the ELE. Web cams tonight dont seem to match up right now.

  • demo demo

    It's horrid, but not yet extinction level. If #4 goes, it may become an ELE.

  • blackbuddha blackbudda

    comment taken from

    "We all know Fukushima Daichi 2 REACTORS a few miles north of fukudaichi roofs blown off
    37.23278,141.012923 >4 REACTORS A few miles south of fuku daini 4 roofs blown off
    >>>continuation of above site> 37.236872,141.018029 >This is at the site south of fukudaini,,, if you google map this coordinate, the arrow is sitting on what I believe to be a FIFTH REACTOR at this site, THERE WAS A POSSIBLE 6TH REACTOR HERE.
    35.940785,140.688515 4 REACTORS blown to smithereens WAYYYYY WORSE THAN FUKUSHIMA DAICHI!!!!!
    That makes SIXTEEN REACTORS!!!!! maybe more:( "