Gundersens: We’ve stopped watching Jon Stewart as long as he accepts sponsorship of nuclear industry — It’s horrible… He was our favorite commentator (VIDEO)

Published: July 1st, 2012 at 4:09 pm ET
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Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, Fukushima Daiichi: What is the Link?
CCTV’s Margaret Harrington
June 27, 2012

At 29:20 in

Arnie Gundersen, Fairewinds Associates: Their advertising budget doubled. They’re now on the Jon Stewart show — has accepted NEI as a sponsor.

Maggie Gundersen, Fairewinds Associates: We think that’s horrible and we’ve stopped watching Jon Stewart as long as that’s going on. And he was like our favorite commentator.

Arnie Gundersen: …The ads are factually wrong… and they are making it into mainstream media.

Published: July 1st, 2012 at 4:09 pm ET
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34 comments to Gundersens: We’ve stopped watching Jon Stewart as long as he accepts sponsorship of nuclear industry — It’s horrible… He was our favorite commentator (VIDEO)

  • charlie3

    He mistook a talented clown for a principled man? Stewart is an entertainer who wants to be popular and wealthy, he wants to coninue to work in the "industry".

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    • Hurrah to the Gundersen's, calling the big dogs out. i forgot. who owns Jon Stewart? This dedicated group knows. Come on, y'all. Let's nuke the Daily Show

      [REMOVED. Chemfood, please stop posting comments with links to your website that are not related to the post. Comments have to be on-topic and relevant. I wrote you an email about this but it must not have gotten to you.]

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  • Lee Binder

    Is TDS still airing nuke ads? When please has the last such ad been aired? No speculations, please – can only someone comment who really knows that data! Thanks

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  • Yeah, we are all in it for the long haul, like it or not.

    Nuke is the stupidist, greediest thing mankind ever thought of doing….

    Proof showing lots of uranium and plutonium were aerosolized and detected ALL over the Pacific Basin.

    You know a bunch more of it just did not aerosolize and exploded in small chunks that dont float. some was in their parking lot, hence the need to steel plates just so worker could traverse from cars to buildings. But with the prevailling winds during those explosion days….most of the fuel rods and plutonium ended up in the ocean

    Proof is here, hands down. High school simple math combined with EPA data –solid proof.

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    • Stock

      I wonder whether the cockroaches in Hawaii have been impacted, as have the ones here in Phoenix (at least, in my yard)

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      • Seriously, the flies went away for almost a year, everyone around here has dogs = flies. Flies just started coming back a few months ago.

        And definitely less roaches (we have B52 flying roaches from hell), but roaches also coming back.

        I think Hawaii got off pretty light compared to western US.

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        • Thanks for the feedback

          I think we in AZ were hit hardest in late summer of 2011 and nov-dec 2011.

          I wonder whether we are going to get hit again with all the recent hellishness visible on the cams…?

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          • WindorSolarPlease

            Hi majia

            I hope we don't get hit hard again. Would be nice if no one got hit with this disaster, or any other disaster that is waiting to happen.

            ~End Nuclear Power~

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        • ocifferdave

          You know how we often ask any Enenewsers that reside in Japan to keep us informed on what's going on over there and we rarely have anyone person keep us consistently up to date? It would be nice if a "Busby-Gundersen" type in Hawaii would keep us posted on the oddities and wierd changes to the flora and fawna, the ocean creatures, and general health of individuals they know. Hawaii is halfway there to Japan compared to the West Coast.

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        • richard richard

          on the flies thing stock, we had almost zero the past summer (here in Oz, that was 6 months ago). It trully was a pitiful summer with hardly any decent beach days.

          And I did make a mental note that there were no flies (well, so few it may has well benn zero). Normally for summer you have to watch opening the door, otherwise they zap in, but that didn't happen this year. just saying.

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    • fudboy

      I dont disagree that "some" actinides are aerosolized but i will disagree with the amount. Too many times people get caught up with the metaphysics than the physics. One atom in the air isnt going to kill anyone.

      I dont think the nukeprofessional site is very authoritative for the enenews faithful. I think its more about disinformation than information to stoke the fires.

      The real issue is now that the Japanese nuclear plants are restarting, what are these folks going to do?

      Its a bitter loss for them.

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  • ML

    Very juicy statement at the end of this video: Peter Bradford, former NRC chairman is paraphrased as saying, "Trying to solve global warming with nuclear power is identical to trying to solve world hunger by feeding everyone caviar."

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  • The nuke cartel is like a brontosaurus, facing extinction, yet still plenty powerful and even more dangerous as it starts thrashing around trying to protect its own existance.

    Even as a sea-change in solar electric now make s solar available at 3 cents per kWH. do you know how much you pay, just look at your electric bill and divide the bill dollars by the kWH for the month?

    Are you over 3 cents? The answer is yes. Try the exercise.

    And then check out the facts here —Sea Change I tell ya!

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    • richard richard

      "like a brontosaurus, facing extinction, yet still plenty powerful and even more dangerous as it starts thrashing around" – great metaphor, stock.

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  • CB CB

    Im not much into burning bridges, but I must follow my folks, wherever I'm taken.

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  • I wonder how many <i>other</i> media critics have been silenced with money. And is there anybody left who hasn't been silenced.

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    • richard richard

      @Zombo – we haven't and will not be silenced. lame stream media and governments have clearly demonstrated they are not on the side of the people. so ignore them. turn to the ones who seek the truth and fairness.

      shake the, we don't need them, nor do we want them. (well, speaking for myself, actually).

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      • +100 for LSM lame stream media!!!!!

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      • Gorbachev in his memoirs has claimed (and I am paraphrasing), "It was not Perestroika that caused the collapse of the Soviet Union. It was Chernobyl."

        The undeniable reality of Chernobyl exposed the government and its media which could not tell the whole truth. The government had reached its end-game and was no longer legitimate. It had become a rotting, stinking corpse. It had lost the support of its people.

        The parallels are significant.

        "Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it."

        Western governments should take note.

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  • Troll Jousting

    Troll Jousting is the act of retorting comments on blogs that have been placed by trolls, or paid commentators who place comments to support a particular vested interest. The

    Troll Jouster places comments that show the falseness of the Troll

    Wow nice Troll Jousting dude, you really bitch slapped that Troll.

    Yeah, thanks eh brah! I couldn't believe that Pro Nuke Troll was actually saying that radiation can be beneficial to your health. I had to slap 'em back in case some innocent

    bystander saw that Troll comment and believed it.

    Well, good work dude, keep up the Troll jousting on that blog, and remember, there are NO innocent bystanders.

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  • bleep_hits_blades

    A Question: RE Hawaii water quality – does anyone have any info on the ocean water – how radioactive it is here? My son is coming to visit from the Mainland and he loves swimming, boogie boarding, body surfing etc.; I am wondering if the water is safe or not.

    Also, Michael Collins (Enviro-Reporter) has said that one should wear a good mask when flying – that the air at those elevations is contaminated and also that the planes' interiors are radioactive – seats, etc. etc. – but there is no monitoring of the situation at all by the airlines or any govt. agencies.

    Please, if any of you have any info on this, post it (links, etc.) here. My son is pretty savvy about all of this, understands the situation – but is very busy and does not have a lot of time to research it.

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    • An N95 Mask or better has been suggested for flying. These can be purchased at any major airport. They are sold at the general concession stand. Sometimes not in sight, you have to ask for them, but they have them. About $2.

      Link: The first MASK test by EnviroReporter…

      I have also read, that many are taking readings while flying over the USA and getting higher than expected readings at 24,000 and 36,000 feet up. 1200 to 1400 cpm at some points, with background readings at take off of about 20 cpm.

      My sister wore a mask from St. Louis to San Jose last year and had her mask tested by Michael Collins. It came back as normal on that day. Better safe than sorry. :)

      "In addition, many airlines do not allow pregnant flight crew members…" – wiki

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      • I made my kids wear them on their recent flight to Minnesota.

        They were afraid everyone on the plane would stare at them.

        Nobody did.

        I think those masks are a must if you are flying anywhere near the jet stream

        I bought a box of them for $20 at Lowes.

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      • lam335 lam335

        re: N95 masks

        These things are very frustrating because they are "one-size fit all," which really means one size that fits most men. For some females or children, these things are a bit too big, and air easily comes in either under the chin or at the nose.

        If anyone knows good options that fit people with smaller faces than the typical male construction worker would have, I'd be interested in hearing about it.

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  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    I wouldn't get near the Pacific ocean, let alone, eat anything from it. Ever again.

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  • Salemone Salemone

    I am heading to the south coast of Oregon for three days next week. I plan on talking to the locals (know quite a few) and generally checking things out, as well as saying hello to Bandon. I feel this might be the last time I visit this magnificent place. I will have wi-fi there so I'll stay informed. I am not worried about radioactive debris, because at this point, it's really too late for that. I'll be in touch.

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    • bleep_hits_blades

      Salemone, would really appreciate hearing about your trip to Bandon.

      I LOVE the Oregon Coast so much. My mom use to treat me and my two sons, when they were little, to occasional vacations down there (we like Yachats, found a nice little mom & pop motel there, beaches were really great, not crowded). It saddens me beyond words that our beloved West Coast has been nuked so badly – including all of Wash. state – my home state – and on over to Hell's Canyon, etc. and the beautiful Snake River – polluted for decades, even centuries.

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  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    Fukushima; Pacific Ocean Catastrophe Confirmed; via A Green Road Blog

    Fukushima Leaking Radioactive Water Plume Into Ocean; via A Green Road Blog

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