Gundersens on TV: Went to Japan to tell people the truth about Fukushima — Cold shutdown impossible — Japanese poised to become energy innovators (50 MINUTES)

Published: March 11th, 2012 at 3:23 am ET


Title: Fukushima-Daiichi: An Accident Waiting to Happen
Source: Channel 17 via Fairewinds Associates, Inc
Date: March 1, 2012
Upload Date: March 9, 2012

CCTV Host Margaret Harrington speaks with Maggie and Arnie Gundersen of Fairewinds about Arnie’s recent trip to Japan and their report for Greenpeace about the Fukushima Daiichi disaster. The issue of regulatory capture is an issue that Japan and every energy producing country in the world is facing. As the Gundersen’s book Fukushima Daiichi: Truth and Future Prospects, published in Japan, points out, the Japanese people are poised to become energy innovators and world leaders with new technologies, if they choose to break their nuclear power dependency.

Published: March 11th, 2012 at 3:23 am ET


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84 comments to Gundersens on TV: Went to Japan to tell people the truth about Fukushima — Cold shutdown impossible — Japanese poised to become energy innovators (50 MINUTES)

  • Kevin Kevin

    I commented at length in the original post here that covered Arnies Press Conference in Japan.

    See here:

    I went into detail as to why that was the turning point for me with respect to supporting Arnie as the chief spokesperson for "truth" at Fukushima.

    I watched this intently and took notes. I wanted to see how he would follow up after getting feeback to his "Truth" tour of Japan. I see Arnie has not budged from the script. This is very disheartening and confirms for me my trepidation and loss of confidence in Arnie.

    This was a small little public access show with little if any viewership and Arnie could have made up for lost ground, but instead he just reinforced much of the misinformation he has been continously spreading. Its to weep.

    Arnie once again neglects to discuss the undeniable damage caused by the EQ. He opens the show, quote the disaster was due "In part because mechanical things and the TSUNAMI…" and he repeats Tsunami over and over. The entire focus was on the Tsunami, not one mention of EQs. EQs are a silver bullet, and Arnie completely omits any reference to them again. This is in tune with an undercurrent across the full spectrum of reporting and at events and it is a complete lie fabricated by the industry.

    Arnie even re-runs the video about unit one. The last video produced by his team posted on his site and one which I commented on in detail outlining his approach to misinform and deflect away from the reality that the EQ did the damage. This video has been up for a long time, it is misinformation and a complete bold deflection away from the fact that the EQ damaged unit 1 and radiation was released and detected PRIOR to the arrival of the tsunami. This is a huge issue and one which clearly underscores Arnie's status as controlled opposition.


    • Kevin Kevin

      You can see my complete commentary in the following threads (links immediately below) which also outlines the evidence in detail and the fact that this knowledge I am speaking of made its way to the top. Right to Jazcko on that day.

      Arnie Video about Bolts and lifting cap where his analysis skips over the EQ and he intentionally starts "After the Tsunami struck"

      Unit one Damaged by EQ and radiation was both released and detected BEFORE Tsunami, Jazcko is informed, and ENENEWS headlines that damage may have lead to explosion

      Arnie states in this show "a nuclear free future" posted today, that the pressure in the containment or drywell goes up then down without any venting having occurred, and then proceeds to explain his theory of the bolts lifting on the cap that is outlined in the video he last produced and was again aired on this show. He does not include the infromation that immediately after the EQ and BEFORE the Tsunami radiation was detected. This would suggest that the EQ may have done the damage that resulted in the release of pressure from the secondary containment. IF this is true, it is HUGE. It means that EQs can fatally damage reactors and not just the structures.

      The only comment he makes with respect to EQs is that the US has Nothing on record about EQ concerns anywhere before Fukushima in the US and this occurs only after Maggie raises the issue of Earthquakes and he then picks up the topic and deflects it to a meaningless factoid.

      Continued below.

      • Kevin Kevin

        Arnie again focuses entirely on the Mark 1 and how it is the wortest most baddest nuclear thingamejigger, He goes so far to ignore all of the recent NRC revelations and only chooses to pull out how somebody in those meetings "blurted out that the mark one is the worst containment" This again is in keeping with an attempt to contain the concern to the oldest outdated reactors and works to give us confidence in newer technology with different designs. Arnie worked on an exact same Mark 1 reactor forty years ago and he knows they are bad, which is all well and good. However the entire industry knows that if there is going to be big trouble this old clunker is the most likely culprit and Arnie has made a career out of being the go-to man to manage the damage related to these issues infavour of the industry.

        At best he uses his critique of the Big Mark 1 to discourage Big Plants in the future and works the angle to have people let go of the mindset of huge nuclear plants. Which is awfully convenient given that the industry is now pushing hard to develop small reactors. He posits that big power plants are no longer required and he makes a good argument for that due to loss of power from transmission over great distances, smart girds etc. This is the reasoning forwarded by Stuart Brand chief cheerleader for mini nukes in your neighbourhood. Arnies comments seem to be favouring that type of development. Interestingly Maggie talks about the small nukes directly, Arnie however does not and once again steers the conversation away much like he did when Maggie raised the issue of EQs and their impact. An interesting tidbit to observe but you have to watch closely to catch these nuances. This is the first time I have seen Maggie address issues at length, she has proven she has more moxy than Arnie and is willing to go a little further off the reserve than her husband.

        Continued below

        • Kevin Kevin

          My overall assessment is that Arnie is implementing a damage control campaign and working with the likes of Greenpeace as "controlled opposition" to frame the Fukushima story while fulfilingl the role whistleblowers and critics. In doing so and combined with the fact that they have the highest profile they effectively mute the voices of real opposition. They criticism they espouse focuses attention on meaningless issues with no impact while deflecting concern to minor nuances at the expense of critical, hard-hitting issues that are backed by facts and supported by evidence in the case of Fukushima.

          I have taken in everything Arnie has done and alot of the work Greenpeace has done as well. Anyone familiar with GP knows that for sometime the role of this behoth enviro Brand has indeed been captured much like the "regulatory capture' Arnie details when referring to both the NRC and the Japan regulatory bodies. And conclude that both are indeed fulfilling a crucial role, however not one pertinant ending to nuclear power but rather one that supports its continuance.

          And before the flack flies and the push back comes from all corners. I have commented about Arnie in detail. I stand solidly behind what I say here. I was a big Arnie fan early on but slowly over time and up and until the Japan conference I amassed enough detailed information, much of which I have shared here, to convince me that while Arnie is upstanding and a fine human being, he is without a doubt captured by this all encompassing industry.

          A final yet subtle point. Arnie's book "The TRUTH and the future" is only published in Japanese. Odd that? Especially given his exposure in the US and around the world. There was a big market outside of Japan interested in this material they did not tapinto and there is a reason for that.

        • lam335 lam335

          re: “This … works to give us confidence in newer technology with different designs.”

          Yeah, Kevin, the following Fairewinds report really gives me a TON of confidence in the latest nuclear technology:

          “Fukushima and Its Impact Upon the Westinghouse-Toshiba Designed AP1000 Atomic Power Plant”

          [He lists numerous very significant design flaws, starting at 4:25]

          see also:

          from the last link:
          “"The proposed AP1000 containment design is inherently less safe than current reactors," said Arnold Gundersen, former senior vice-president at Nuclear Energy Services PCC.”

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      If Arnie is for Terrapower type nuclear energy, then he will be one of the people responsible for the extinction of all life on the planet, IMHO. Doubly so since he was an engineer for the Mark I spent fuel pools.

      I thought that Maggie didn't look like a happy person in the video.

      Mr. Gundersen's estimates on the number of people who will die of cancer and other diseases as a result of the Fukushima nuclear disaster are a gross underestimate.

      If SFP #4 is really gone since March, and I see no reason to think otherwise, his dire predictions concerning that SFP have already taken place and his predictions are another case of disinformation and deception. TEPCO released pictures of the cover being built for that SFP, but we never got pictures into the pool being covered.

      Smoke and mirrors. And so much ending up in the ocean.

      The nuclear horror is being compounded around the world by current ongoing fracking, ensuring many future nuclear disasters. And there is no way to get rid of the nuclear waste. TPTB are lemmings. Certainly a retrograde from what humans could have been capable of.

      One of the myths about #3 is whether the SFP exploded first or the reactor core. The scary part of the SFP going up first is that the design of a reactor cannot ever prevent nuclear disasters. It is the volatility of the plutonium in the spent fuel pools all over the world that are as capable of exploding as the SFPs at Fukushima.

      I searched for a Japanese copy on the internet of his booklet so I could have it translated. Much scientific work is published on the internet. This booklet is not.

      We need a truthful leader if we are to ever rid the world of the specter of total nuclear annihilation. I suspect that our leaders are so drugged up that they can't think rationally.

    • lam335 lam335

      re: "Arnie once again neglects to discuss the undeniable damage caused by the EQ"

      Sorry, Kevin, but you owe the man an apology on this one:

      Listen to his Japan Press conference:

      "It is not clear that Daiichi Unit #1 survived the earthquake …"

      @ 10:20 on "ENGLISH-ONLY AUDIO: Arnie Gundersen at the Japan National Press Club"

      • Kevin Kevin

        I dont have much time as I said below in my response to JoyB and Andrew, however I wanted to address this.

        First off I owe no one an apology. I linked to the thread where I discuss the issue in detail in my post above. I very clearly heard Arnie say what you claim, I will not refute that.

        However, I challenge you to find another instance when this has occured, where Arnie has muttered one sentence that resembles this. The point is that there is irrefutable evidence that the EQ caused serious damage and this is known by all the stakeholders at every level right to the top of the food chain and it was known instantaneously. Despite this knowledge the overwhelming message communicated was entirely to the contrary. In print, on television over the airwaves and at each and every event organized to discuss Fukushima that I have witnessed. Without fail. Three different university events organized shortly after the disaster, two in Canada one in the united states also OPENED by celebrating the fact that the old clunkier survived the impact of the EQ unscathed.

        That said and with respect to Arnie specifically. As I said in my original comments, Arnie's spent his entire last video providing detailed information of an alternate theory completely devoid of the fact that we know the EQ did the damage. He has pushed this video hard at the time of the anniversary, a crucial time where his material will gain wide exposure, much wider than normal.He has a myriad of media opportunities, countless small media venues and many very large ones. Each and every time there is no mention but alot of conjecture to the contrary. The point I am making with is that Arnie has spent a huge amount of time and energy diverting attention away from this critical issue in many different mediums to the point that he produced an entire video of distraction on the topic at a pivotal time in the narrative. He has said what you quote once, in an unclear fashion that was probably lost in…

        • Kevin Kevin

          translation a the event was translated into Japanese and this one little utterance was muttered as an aside buried amongst a host of other valuable infromation. I would be surprised if the translator even caught it and communicated it. And certainly no one wrote about it in the press gallery that was present.

          But thanks for your comment and I do intend to respond to your other point, which I have already addressed elsewhere and linked to. with respect to the new technology quote of mine you chose to refute.

          For now i am tired and going to bed.

  • markww markww

    First of all Kevin no one in America knows what happened step by step in JAPAN ie FUKUSHIMA all we hear is rumors and lies by everyone involved in the disaster the NRC Japan Government and Tepco and anyone talking in Japan disappears or dies

    • Kevin Kevin

      I am not asking for perfection.

      In fact I was not asking for anything. I was instead making a vital point. Greenwashing and controlled opposition with respect to the most destructive practies on earth is at the very heart of the problem we all face. It is of utmost importance that people come to grips with this fact, thoroughly understand the practice of perception management and view the world we live in with through a highly critical lens. All of our lives depend on it and may already be too late.

      I cannot underscore the importance of what I am trying to relay here. I dont come here to chit chat or misinform or smoke out "shills" ( the do a fine enough job of that on their own) and I am not here to grab my twelve string and bust out a tune with old Poordaddy in a bid to have us all just get along.

      I talk about this stuff becuase it is important, at the centre of the controversy and the heart of what ails us. There are other here who understand this and also work to communicate it in a reasonable and collegial fashion I have great respect for them because it is those soles and their work that give us a fighting chance.

  • maaa


  • moonshellblue moonshellblue

    The tsunami was a result of the earthquake in Fukushima. As was stated in this video, a damn in South Carolina is a concern because if the damn broke it would cause a 30 foot wave (tsunami) which would affect 4 nuclear plants in it's path. I will continue to be an ardent supporter of Maggie and Arnie Gundersen. Are they perfect? Do they have all the answers? No and I don't know anyone that does, but I think they are getting the message out even though some may find fault with their analysis but to each their own opinion. I think the Gundersen's have been essential in helping the people of Japan and US citizens understand the design flaws in the Mark 1 BWR and a plethora of issues concerning nuclear reactors. I will continue to applaud their efforts and apologize for all the hurtful criticism but like I've said to each their own. JMHO

    • realself

      Well said, and timely. No time now for anything but action on the SPF4 front; I've started a petition, emailed everyone I can think of including celebs, and FB'd and twittered lots; please everyone do all you can, it's worth it.

  • Kevin,

    Thank you for the insightful comments on AG. Since he is in my home area, I may go knock on his door soon.

    What I want to know is what needs to be done at this point in time? Should a concrete and steel dome be constructed over the entire site and the air and water filtered?

    What kind of radiation monitoring should be done?

    Where should the monitors be located? What kind of monitors?

    Of course, the entire nuclear industry is a nightmare and needs to be abolished. DU is another crime against humanity.

    Who should be charged with crimes in this affair?

    Thank you,

    Steve Moyer
    ( please send your answers to me via email and/or post here )

    • Kevin Kevin

      Hello Metamind,

      Thank you for acknowledgement, as you can see such a thing takes considerable courage here.

      I have your email address Steve, and I suggest you do not share personal information on the site.

      I prefer to keep these posts on site where all can see and no one is divulging information that could lead to personal harm.

      That said I am going to bed and cannot answer your questions right now becuase they are big ones.

      Be well and I agree these crimes against humanity are unforgiveable, and I am sure that is one point we can all agree on.

      Good night

  • iso-tope iso-tope

    I respectfully disagree… I am a supporter of Arnie Gunderson. He is in no way supporting nuclear energy, and as a former executive in the industry, he has been a voice now about bad the reality of this actually is in Japan and Vermont Yankee and and others. He knows what he is talking about. And that being said, He is not perfect. Nobody is. But I can tell you he speaks the truth. He is certainly trying to show how dangerous this is for the world, and that they should be looking at alternative energy sources, rather than nuclear power. This was a forum and a place for this to be discussed.. it does not MATTER that is a public access show "small forum" , it was recorded and sent around the world on the Internet, and the world is watching…. There are lots of things he could talk about, he chooses to focus on trying to help people understand this mess, what happened, how the government and TEPCO is lying about how bad it is especially for fallout and cancer rates (he is a scientist remember) and what could be done going forward.

  • As someone who has given several years of my life working on both a volunteer and professional basis for Greenpeace, I find many of your remarks to be very offensive, insulting, and innaccurate. I am close friends with many men and women who have endured violence, arrest, slander, and even exposure to radiation just to bear witness and call attention to nuclear industry crimes against humanity and nature. I was ther with my Greenpeace brothers and sisters proudly holding a banner in protest of the dangerous and flawed decommissioning of the Yankee Rowe nuclear plant as we all were slammed by radiation. We did that to get the story and pictue in the news and MAYBE just MAYBE the people would see how much deadly wate is left for millennia after just a few decades of power generation. None of us got rich or got any cozy relationship with the rich and powerful for doing it. The Gundersens were hounded into bankruptcy, for Pete's sake. The pro-nuke attackers are bad enough without being attacked by people who are supposedly anti-nuke allies.

    • Anthony Anthony

      100% support your viewpoint.

    • Thank you, Andrew. We were among dozens of advisors to GP early on in this disaster per how to get the proper monitoring equipment and go about doing the job (for foodstuffs as well). Last I heard they're still at it, and thankfully so.

      Have a soft spot for GP ever since we were caretaking a shrimp dock "next door" to a shipyard on the St. Johns when the original Rainbow Warrior came in to be retrofitted with sails. Got to know the crew pretty well at occasional yard-based shrimp and crab boils, told them about a little issue with the by-catch… awful ugly sores on the menhaden that indicated serious pollution issues. Hub had them tested at Jacksonville University's lab ("next door" in the other direction), established the culprit – dioxin. GP staged an action of sampling water, asked us where to take them. We said the outlets from the paper mills would be a good choice, and the rest is history.

      As was the Warrior once it left dock to head south and was destroyed by the French Secret Service.

      Keep up the good work and don't let egos here get under your skin!

      • Kevin Kevin

        Hi Andrew and Joy,

        I have been away for the day an unable to get to a computer as I am moving.

        That said there were a few comments here I wanted to respond to on my portable device before this thread gets buried deep and to much time has passed.

        I am happy to debate points I have made or even the many points I did not include in my comments above that thoroughly support my assertions. I was very careful to ensure that my commentary was not barbed or insulting or baseless and worked to make them accurate, supported by evidence and without prejudice. I see the same respect has not been applied in responding.

        I am not interested in comparing credentials, I have enough to comment confidently. If you wish to debate the issues I have touched on then lets do that. But smears and character assassination are uncalled for and usually applied when the content is irrefutable. The assertions I make do not include these tactics. I did not debase Arnie nor smear him. I made solid comments backed with evidence, most of which is completely irrefutable. One poster here has managed to find two sentences in my comments for which, if you dig, you can find quotes from Arnie that were not entirely in keeping with my observations. Iam made those comments and I intend to respond. Although that may not be this evening as I am completely exhausted and am also working on an anniversary piece. I was pleased to see both NoPrev and Joyb were published on the issue and I look forward to reading those as both have made valuable contributions to the discussion.

        So while I obviously do not agree my comments were "insulting, offensive and inaccurate" nor did I do this as a result of a swollen ego, I am happy to further explore anything actually relevant to what I posted either of you may wish to discuss.

        On GP specifically I work closely with environmentalists, even cofounders of Greenpeace who whole heartedly agree with my assertions. You need only listen to Paul Watson on the…

        • Kevin Kevin

          topic. ( the word count is wonky and I keep getting cut off at the end) I have endless material to support assertions in the instance of both Mr Gunderson and Greenpeace, have been involved in an online for several years on these exact topics with key environmental figures the world over so I am happy to carry on this discussion as you see fit.


          • Kevin Kevin

            Sorry I am so exhausted I can barely keep my eyes open.

            I meant to say that I have been involved in an online discussion of these exact issues for nearly five years with key enviros, based in British Columbia ( the home of GP) and around the world.

            Now I am really going to bed.

            nite all and "happy anniversary"

  • blackbeer blackbeer

    Egos are a bit thick in here this morning………………
    Thanks for your selfless work Andrew, there are many of us who know the value of the work Green Peace does.


  • W8R W8R

    Arnie can only focus on the effects not the causes..
    That would be suicide..
    The tsunami didnt cause the generators to fail, because they didnt fail… The primary EDG started @ scram, and ran continuously throughout the following weeks.. Offsite power was available as well.. It was the Switching Station that failed.. They claimed due to the tsunami, though evidence has shown that it was undamaged by any OUTSIDE forces..
    The evidence leads to places Arnie dare not go…
    Better to run with the "official" story that the tsunami was the cause, and get on to the results…
    As to the Greenpeace comments..
    Do you know what these people do, the risks they take?
    Would you volunteer to do the same???

  • Sickputer

    I am more interested in substantive issues like the 177% increase in thyroid cancer in the USA from 2002-2012 than speculating on what mindset Arnie has concerning Who's On First? (Earthquake or Tsunami Was Main Cause for Reactor Damages Leading to Meltdown?). Everybody is entitled to their opinion. In the overall scheme of things this question is far less important than getting the word out about the damages from nuclear accidents.

    That very specific question of initial reactor vessel damages is a distant blip in the future from being answered and may never be answered. Instruments were damaged leading to a fairly blind operator situation and even onsite people made many puzzling and or inaccurate observations in the first critical days of 311.

    Today I commemorate the one year anniversary of the event that has changed millions, if not billions of human lives. I felt early on it was the unfolding of the greatest news story in the history of recorded time and I haven't changed my mind despite the main stream media disinformation campaign.

    Peace today and good will to the Japanese people…I hope you have a better day today and better ones to follow. Stand up for justice and do the right things for your family.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Japan is so close, they just need to shut down two more power plants. Next step is to outlaw this technology (world-wide), and enforce it.

  • Oh, for Pete's sake! I realize that for some of us Daiichi is the first nuclear disaster that has captured our full attention. So the never-ending list of lies, deceptions, distractions, and plain old sleight of minds seems outrageously outrageous. And unforgivable.

    But to those of us who have been focused for decades, it's just more of the same old… same old same. Really. Why, one could get a graduate degree in the subtleties of political positioning simply by researching such things as go on during nuclear disasters. Or any other kind of Big Corporate Gigacorp disaster, such as BP's Macando well in the Gulf, etc., etc., etc. all the way back long before Bhopal. There is no difference between corporate power-wielders and politicians, other than that the corporate wigs are "upper management" and the politicians they've bought are mere mid-level management.

    Arnie is a nuclear engineer. His business is to highlight bad engineering and bad practices and get nukes to fix their issues. He has also suffered a lot for speaking out publicly when things go really, really wrong. But deep down he's still a believer in the technology itself. If he were not he'd have no business/job and wouldn't just lose his home – he'd starve because he's too old to dig ditches. When ANYONE is playing in the Big Leagues (they call it "The Game" but it's really "The Circus"), some careful couching of statements is all part of the posturing. Arnie is careful, he cannot legitimately accuse or assert that TEPCO, et al. are flat-out lying about things. It's just not done in the arena and anyone who has been there for awhile would tell you the same thing. Politics.

    I think rather that put all ones' hopes and energy into someone else to do and say what needs doing and saying, we all need to be doing our own doing and saying. Take your allies where you can, but be responsible for what YOU want known or said.

    • hbjon hbjon

      Kick ass comment Joy, but it sure makes me wonder about all the stuff they keep away from us sheeple. You've said that there have been many cases of damaged fuel rod and fuel that they simply don't report to the NRC. With my limited and fragmented knowledge of a situation like that, I have trouble understanding how once the coolant has been contaminated, they can somehow filter and replace all the coolant without contaminating the river or body of water that the npp has at its disposal. It seems that damaged fuel rods is a problem that should not and cannot be allowed to happen. This is very distressing for me, as I have a npp in my back yard.

  • P.S. My opinion piece on the anniversary of the worst industrial accident the world has ever seen is here –

    • StillJill StillJill

      Dear JoyB! That was,….I'm speechless with being impressed. Sorry,…I know one is to deflect compliments these days,….but SHEESH! I am so very impressed with your 'style' my friend! 🙂

    • PoorDaddy PoorDaddy

      Jill is right. Excellent piece.
      Fukushima has made a whole new generation of Hibakusha, actually a whole country full.
      Ending was perfect……"No Nukes".

    • Anthony Anthony


    • Garsh! [/blush]. Thanks, guys.

      • StillJill StillJill

        "Garsh",….that sounded like "Thumper" in Bambi, Yes? Too cute!

        What I marvel at most about the task you took on in that piece,…especially, was your focus. I had no idea that the 'health handler's', I'll call them,…had gone so rogue. It saddened me to hear your reference to Homeopathy in a negative light,….but then I realized that some could have 'branded themselves' in a homeopathic light,…but I still hope and pray they are not. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I pray that no TRUE homeopath would ever engage in funny science,…which THIS clearly is, as your piece NAILED!

        I was also heartened to read in the into, that both you and your hubby are ex-nukies now! (I have experience with submarine-nuke men!) A convert!! How GRAND! Two converts together, speaking POWERFULLY! 🙂

        Me likes!

        • Oh, we converted early in 1978, sold our house and started a business in June of that year, bid the industry a not-too-fond goodbye. First issue of our skateboarding magazine debut'ed in February of 1979. When they needed techs after the meltdown, we thought we'd go see what there was to see. Part of that saga is one of the subjects here –

          …just so you know. I can say what I say because I'm not playing in the center ring of the political circus. I'm just working the crowd, tossing asides. Neither nukes nor anti-nukes claim us, don't expect they ever will. And that's fine with me if it allows me to play the Fool. We chose that role on purpose after they killed my brother and no one would help us get the truth out because our truth didn't match the "truth" Met-Ed, GPU and the NRC had decided tell. They couldn't – politically – take the leap of faith on technicalities they simply couldn't (or wouldn't) understand.

          The Fool (Court Jester) was "everyman" in attendance during rarified negotiations in the throne room. Had leave to say what was obvious but un-sayable by the ministers, ambassadors and emissaries, so long as it was funny (especially irony and/or sarcasm). He was (if he was any good) the most trusted advisor to the king. On the back of our first official clown business cards was this…

          "If any man among you seems wise in the ways of this world,
          let him become a fool, that he may be truly wise.
          For the wisdom of this world is foolishness to God.
          He will entrap the wise men in the web of their own cleverness."

          [I Cor. 3, 18-19]

        • By the way, I meant no ill will toward homeopathy or homeopaths, though I'm more of an herbals person. It's just that you wouldn't let a homeopath do surgery or prescribe opiates, would you? A lot of the knowledge in the realm of health physics is also present in medicine – radiology, for instance. That's the "book-learning," all about radiation, its types and means of energy emission, what that does to biological tissues, etc. But the applications are quite different. A radiologist is radiating you on purpose. An HP in a nuclear plant is trying to keep you from being irradiated. Plus, the nuclear HP has to master all the chemistry (even have nifty labs!), the monitoring systems and machinery, etc.

          Guess I could have made that clearer. I was on a rant, though… §;o)

      • lokay5 lokay5


        Is this article about you? I read the story a few years ago.

    • iso-tope iso-tope

      right on.

    • What-About-The-Kids

      Excellent article, Joy. Reading this article and the one you linked to below about your and your husband's experiences with TMI make me have even more respect than I already had for you! I really admire your ability to have gone through so much yourself, yet still stay the course and act as witness and testament to the "same ol', same ol'" in the Nuclear "Theatre of the Absurd" as you so brilliantly captured it.

      Just LOVE your way with words: "the same casket-salesman smarminess". LOL! 😀 That about sums it up. Thank you again for your brilliant and important contribution to helping shine the light on the truth.

      • Truth to Power. That can be a dangerous game, it has to be played well. Best done tongue-in-cheek when encroaching on Big Power's turf. So they can dismiss you readily as "just a clown."

        "The clown remains a mysterious figure, a medieval character in the razzle-dazzle mechanization of the age of the atom. He's a crazy-house mirror into which men and women as individuals can look to see themselves, their friends, enemies and neighbors, and beyond them the forces that influence and sometimes threaten everyone's life. Clowning can be that serious."

        [Bill Ballentine, Founding Director, Ringling Clown College]

        "It's gotta be f*cking funny. Not JUST funny, f*cking funny."

        [Bill Hamilton, Boss Clown, Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus, Circus World. And a dear friend, RIP]

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Good that people are aware of regulatory capture and ostensible heroes/leaders of 'the resistance' who in fact are, or could be, controlled opposition – 'turned.'

    The entire environmental movement has been 'captured' and 'turned' – about Greenpeace I do not know but the basic general important point is that the environmental movement, originally the critic and enemy of big business/big industry – the polluters/despoilers -, was indeed CAPTURED and many of these big non-profits (which solicit your donations) are now controlled and working for 'the other side.'

    A humorous rule-of-thumb I read long ago, forget who said it, is 'No matter how paranoid you are… you aren't paranoid enough.'

    Also – a paranoid is someone who knows a little of what is really going on…

    We should try to 'de-emotionalize' all of these issues and controversies and realize that the power elites are playing a very subtle game and we need to remain open-minded and yet also skeptical and always question our opinions, our personal 'sacred cows' and of course our 'received wisdom.'

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Good points you made, Kevin – good detailed analysis; thank you for it.

    I think we have to try to remain emotionally detached, because the gangsta elites like to get us into our emotions rather than our rational minds; and of course a major objective of the controlling elites is ALWAYS to divide and conquer the
    'loyal opposition' and get them off on rabbit trails of quibbling and arguing.

    So we need to try to remain emotionally detached, and yet open to other points of view, other analyses.

    The elites do indeed play a very subtle game. After all, they have a lot of money to throw at – well, at anything and anyone they want to control/influence – or even utterly destroy … controlling governments (and other centers of power, like the MSM, and academia) just comes in so very handy. It is expensive, but worth every penny.

    For my part, if I could ask Arnie but ONE question, that would be – at this point are you for or against nuclear power, in any way, shape or form?

    Does anyone know if he has gone on the record taking a position on that "burning question?"

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      From what I've read and listened to from Arnie, he never comes out and declares that nuclear energy is 100% wrong. He did say that there is no closed fuel cycle which is a positive statement against nuclear energy.

      Nuclear energy is anti-capitalism and pro-fascism and extremely expensive. It is the ultimate power in that no one can sabotage or dismantle a nuclear power plant without vast technical support and, even more importantly, without killing off billions of people. The ultimate weapon of criminality and mass destruction. 'Shock and awe' was to frighten the people of the US as much as any one else.

    • StillJill StillJill

      Two more exceptional posts-imo.

      On the Arnie question,….one thing really jumped out at me on this piece,…I wonder who else caught it. Maggie almost takes over Arnies thought,…but he trails off in a hurry to get his point out,…and he actually utters,…"Nukes are (something)". I heard it with my own ears,…it's somewhat near the end. If he didn't say that,…it was, "So we should end nukes"! He called 'them' "nukes",…in a very detrimental/slurrish way! I liked it,….and I felt it was a 'spontaneous admission! 🙂

      Just my recent 'gleanings' to consider.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        At about 6:50 he does say no more nuclear power plants for Japan. But earlier he had talked about these big nuclear power plants. And he doesn't really distinguish between the new energy paradigm and new technologies and small nuclear power stations. And I can't remember him cautioning about the radiation from thorium for a nuclear reactor or nickel for cold fusion.

        I think his explanation that the SFP #3 went first in the explosion is very important, because no one is ever going to spend money on making an extremely safe SFP or casks for nuclear waste that last 1,000,000 years.

        And what about the reports that SFP #4 collapsed in March? He's is still telling us that such an occurrence would be catastrophic for everyone, especially Tokyo, as if it hasn't already taken place.

        But I can't remember him ever saying that MOX shouldn't be used in nuclear energy.

        • lam335 lam335

          This document from the Fairewinds site is addressed to a more specific legal question and does not explicitly express opposition to MOX, but AG is quite clear about the danger that a proposed MOX plant would pose to the surrounding community:

          • lam335 lam335

            That should say, "that an accident at a proposed MOX plant would pose …"

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            Unfortunately, at the Japan National Press Conference in Japan, Arnie said that the MOX in reactor #3 didn't make any difference.

            • lam335 lam335

              Actually, thinking back on what he he said regarding MOX in that press conference, I think you can infer from it that he is NOT a fan of MOX fuel. You are right that he said that he didn't think the amount of MOX in the # 3 reactor made much difference because he thought it was a relatively small amount (i.e., it was not a full MOX load). BUT, as I recall, he also suggested that, IF it had been a full MOX load–with substantially more plutonium–THEN it would have been much worse because the fission reaction of plutonium is much harder to control. It's been a while since I listed to that video, but I'm pretty sure that was the gist of what he said. AND I would take this to mean that he has some serious reservations about MOX.

              Remember also that he is on record as believing that the spent fuel pool, not the reactor itself, exploded at #3. Since a pool full of spent fuel contains MUCH more plutonium than a single reactor (even with a partial mox load), the implication of his theory would be that potentially much more plutonium would have been released if the blast did indeed occur in the SFP than if it occurred in the reactor, even despite the MOX.

              So I don't think there's really evidence to conclude that he is in any way sympathetic to MOX or trying to cover up its significance. In fact, I think the evidence indicates the opposite. He clearly thinks the SFPs were/are much bigger dangers than any particular reactor's load, including #3s, BUT he has also indicated that a full MOX load in the reactors would have been EVEN HARDER to control or stabilize than a uranium core (with or without some percentage of MOX added).

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                Yes, you are right. He said that there was so much plutonium in the spent fuel pool, that 30 bundles of MOX wasn't that much more plutonium.

              • lam335 lam335

                “… the pluthermal design … looks good on paper, but the problem is that reactor control in a pluthermal plant is even more sensitive than it is in a uranium plant. So all these designs look good until they get built, and then the operating problems begin to become evident.”

                “… a pluthermal plant will release more plutonium in the event of an accident, which is much more hazardous than the strontium and cesium that was released at Fukushima …”

                “Each of the Fukushima reactors had plutonium in them because as uranium-238 is in a nuclear reactor longer and longer it becomes plutonium, so all six reactors already had plutonium in the core. There was additional plutonium in unit #3; there were thirty bundles of MOX fuel … There wasn’t enough extra plutonium in unit #3 to make the accident any different. Now, had there been a complete MOX core in unit three, nuclear reactor control is dramatically different with plutonium compared with uranium. But the accident at Unit #3 was no worse because of the thirty test bundles of MOX fuel.”
                [@ 36:10]

                And, for the record, he has talked about plutonium being found beyond the FD plant site on other videos, so it would be a mistake to take his wording here to imply that he is trying to deny that plutonium was released:

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            Iam335, thank you for correcting me and for the link.

            Do you know if Arnie is against all nuclear energy including using Thorium or small reactors promoted by Terrapower or so-called cold fusion? I wish I had a link that would define his position.

            In the press conference in Japan he said that Georgia could have a rector like the new model will all the water on top of the reactor because they don't have earthquakes.

            But what if they do extensive fracking in Georgia?

            • lam335 lam335

              I don't know, but I think that even if he does oppose nuclear in general he would probably keep that opinion to himself so that the other side could not simply dismiss him as an anti-nuke activist. If he seemed biased against nuclear in general it might undercut the credibility of his substantive criticisms (in some people's minds). If he sticks with specific criticisms of technical flaws (backed up by data) and criticisms of the NRC's lack of oversight and excessive coziness with the industry (backed up by quotes/documents), it is harder for those who disagree to just dismiss him.

              I always get the impression that he thinks the time for nuclear has passed; technology has moved on and there are better alternatives. BUT I don't think he could come out and say "no nukes at all," even if he thought it.

              There was another man who gave a lecture in California about nuclear this summer (I think it was posted on this site, but I don't remember his name). He said something to the effect that he thought it would be theoretically possible for nuclear power plants to be operated safely by some other type of intelligent creature, but he thought that this would never be possible for human beings, basically suggesting that the greed, short-sighteness, pride, and corruptibility of our species will always make genuinely safe nuclear plant operation impossible, no matter how good the technology might be in the abstract.

              Based on the things he has said, I can't help thinking that Gundersen would probably agree with that statement.

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                I understand what you are saying about Arnie and his position.

                My personal opinion is that even if there were perfect creatures in the universe, there is no way that nuclear energy and its mining and created waste can ever be completely safe for life as we know it. And I don't believe that humans can or will mutate to be able to withstand the radiation that comes with any nuclear energy.

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                  It is also true that I am commenting anonymously, and I am not an expert, so no one cares about what I think.

                • lam335 lam335

                  I agree with you on that. I don't think it's even theoretically possible that nuclear can be safe, because no theory can foresee every possible chance occurrence–or combination of occurrences–that might arise to bring everything crashing down. And even when it's is operating correctly, it still releases unhealthy stuff into the environment.

                  I also think that foisting the burden of nuclear waste on all future generations is a huge injustice, as is deciding that X number of cancers is "acceptable risk" because the odds of oneself and one's family being the ones to get it seem low–the statistics mean that SOMEBODY WILL get it, but because they know they'll probably never have to meet those victims and look them in the eye, they think it's okay.

                  I do think that human nature is especially ill-suited to even attempt to manage nuclear–we're too ignorant and proud and selfish and small to ever do so responsibly.

                • CB CB

                  I just tweeted the hell out of ENE for the last few weeks. I tsunami'd them with info. I think I reached my limit for the day. Only 2 re-tweets. But they have so many more followers than I.

                • CB CB


              • Well put. If you could instantly save the world by throwing a fit and shouting about everything that is wrong in the world, many folks here and elsewhere would have done so. We need shouters AND we need dispassionate logical persuaders like Arnie too. Also, someone seeing things differently does not mean they must be evil or in the control of a gang of conspirators. There ARE some truly evil people in the nuke biz, but there are also many people who (misguidedly) think that nuclear power is beneficial. Calling every misguided person a criminal or a killer only makes those who might otherwise listen dismiss us as mere extremists. Call a worker who goes to the plant for work and loves his/her kids a monster and they KNOW that they are NOT a monster, and gues what: They get defensive and shut their ears off completely. I am sure we ALL can relate ti being

                • Oops… we can all relate to being ignored by the powers that be. Arnie gets in the door at least.
                  P.S. Iknow that people only get pissy because they Care. THank you ALL for being here.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    …I think..there is a slight difference between the objectives of some of the more scientific minded here and those involved with the fight against the nuclear industry and public awareness.
    (though very thin)
    Because Mr.Gundersen is a nuclear engineer…there has been a constant call for him to become involved in the explanation of the ongoing conditions of Fukushima.
    ..As time passes it is evident ..that this level of investigation and truth telling…is not going to come from Mr. Gundersen…
    So… I ask again..Who is going to carry in the ball?

    • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication

      @Heart of the Rose

      I carried a small ball today. It is posted on

      I finished reading ALL the FOIA documents posted on the NRC website. Now, I need a couple of days rest.

      Looking around the world and the U.S. media, clearly they are still focused on keeping the conversation confined to Fukushima. That's too sad for words.

  • VyseLegendaire VyseLegendaire

    Kevin, while Arnie may not be perfect I think there is a degree of paranoia in your posts. You sound like the anti-Alex Jones counter-conspiracy types who is jealous or simply overwhelmed with information and is drawing all sorts of surplus conclusions. I think you should take a few days away from the site, maybe just unplug your internet for a few days.

  • bleep_hits_blades


    Personal remarks such as these really are not substantive analysis/rebuttal… please speak to the substance of Kevin's posts, rather than offering an unsolicited (and from my perspective rather insulting) 'armchair psychoanalysis' of him.

  • hbjon hbjon

    Happy Birthday Fuku Monster! Your 1 year old and before you continue to go about destroying everything that is good and wholesome in this world we here at EneNews would like you to know we will be on your ass every day until there could never be another one of you to Kill our oceans, pollute our drinking water, mutate our DNA, contaminate our milk and cheese, make seafood unedible, breed toxins for doctors to pump into our veins, create waste we need to store for 10,000 years, and make the air that we breathe cause us to die a horrible death from lung cancer. We will fight until our last wave bye. We will fight even after we know dark is right. We will not go gentle into that good night. We will rage against you. Your keepers do not fool us, though they are clever. Your keepers do not scare us, though they are rutheless. Behind your keepers fire and fury there is a little man behind the curtain turning dials and pulling levers that, in the end, will hand out a heart to the heartless, a brain to the fools, and a medal to the cowards. I don't know if the window has closed yet for the Nuclear Industry to come out of this as heroes, but they need to do the right thing, and do it fast. The optimum solution goes against the core beliefs of inhuman corporations and governments. We as a race absolutely need to embrace the STEADY-STATE universe. Not a minute can be lost. We have not past the point of no return. We have lived beyond our means for way too long. Expansion cannot be sustained. hbjon

  • openeye openeye

    In the social engineering game there are circles within circles within circles. Kevin's scepticism is healthy. (BTW Kevin helped me by reminding me of the Yazuka factor, and I have researched it–it is VITAL in the whole Fukushima picture, and I even bought Jake Adlestein's book because his courage helps me to overcome learned helplessness, which is one of the most effective MOs of mass mind control.

    But another of the goals of mass mind control is to get us to focus on these disagreements so there is little energy left.

    The question IS who will carry the ball? Are you happy with the efforts of Caldicott and Busby? I haven't been able to listen to Shimatsu's updates: my puter just balks.

    I did a search of the alternative media on this 3/11 anniversary and came up with the following: "Planetary Genocide": Fukushima One Year Later : The Poisoning of Planet Earth" by Dr.Ilya Sandra Perlingieri, Global Research 3/8

    A valiant article, but again, not by one of the most high-powered among the truth sleuths.

    Jones' main page had not reference to Fukushima today–in fact it hasn't been updated to the current date all week–on some days it was two days behind (re "Today's show").

    Kevin, if you see this I really need your take on the ulterior agenda explaining why the most impressive of the truth sleuths has avoided systematic and in-depth coverage of Fukushima. You said that except for Corbett there is an ulterior motive at work. PLEASE help me to understand this in greater detail. You said it was related to the "limited hangout" of 9/11 truthers, but the big gun sleuths I am referring to–Chossudovsky, Tarpley, Watson et al have been anything but limited in filling the vacuum of MSM, until…the most important issue concerning the future of sentient beings and planet earth. There is so much at work contriving to drive us insane–for me, this issue is one of the…

  • openeye openeye

    biggies. IF ANYONE IS IN CONVERSATION WITH KEVIN PLS REFER HIM TO MY PLEA–WHENEVER I HAVE POSTED IT I HAVE JUST MISSED HIM!!I will put it on the general nuc forum for today as well. I need to start sleeping at night!!

    On a more human note, I want to go on record saying today is the saddest anniversary in history. I dedicated my daily interior silence practice to all those who have suffered and are suffering and will suffer.

  • I think Arnie is a good guy. And that's about all I got to say about that.

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    You can buy his book on, but I can't read Japanese.