Smoke/steam pouring out of Reactor Units No. 2, 3, 4 (PHOTOS & VIDEOS)

Published: May 11th, 2011 at 2:30 pm ET


UPDATED HERE: Enhanced sunrise photo exposes that smoke/steam still billowing from reactor buildings No. 2, 3, 4 (PHOTOS)

From May 11, 2011 at 2:15 pm EDT:


h/t CompassNorthChicago

TBS News Live Feed:

Published: May 11th, 2011 at 2:30 pm ET


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38 comments to Smoke/steam pouring out of Reactor Units No. 2, 3, 4 (PHOTOS & VIDEOS)

  • you can find more information here at my blog as well

    a few photo timelines and lots of videos

  • M from FI

    all steamy/smoky now eh.

  • Manifest Irony

    What happened to live picture on TBS/JNN? one minute you can make out the reactors billowing steam/smoke, the next all fog. This is worse than the BP spillcam and that was a mile beneath the ocean! I know it’s night there, but Am I to believe there are no night vision or IR cameras in japan??

    • FML

      I don’t think that’s fog…

    • M from FI

      Cam is pretty crappy at night but no can do, bear with it. Oh and they are just doing small controlled releases of steam from cores, nothing to worry about.. err?

  • Blue

    Is this photoshopped? Can anyone tell?

  • M from FI

    Photoshopped? Images? Nah I was watching the cam as well when small amount of steam was rising from both reactors.

    And oh the sun is rising so maybe we can see something or steam release is getting more intense.

  • kx

    maybe all smoke, when the camera starts having strange colors we know…

  • SteveMT

    The physics problem from Hell is upon us. Any answers from any of you thinking-outside-of-the-box professionals out there are welcomed. This is a 40 year-old nuclear plant design. In theory, everyone has had 40 years to consider this possibility and to have formulated a solution.
    Lead- and boron-containing concrete seems the best right now. Anybody have any better ideas?

    • Manifest Irony

      How about creating a closed lagoon in the ocean right off shore from the plant and then offloading as much fuel as possible into it?
      No problems with cooling as the sea is a great heat sink. I mean, it can be any worse contamination-wise than letting it all meltdown on land, can it?

      • SteveMT

        That is at least a starting point, Manifest Irony. Appreciated. That use of the ocean as a heat sink is a nice idea. We could add some one way valves to allow more water into the lagoon, but none back out again. How to make it tsunami proof is the big problem.

    • Ashen

      What about new Laser/Maser Plasma technology that could literally melt sand, concrete, boron, and possibly even lead into a glass-concrete covering to seal this once and for all? We are quickly running out of time. (If there is any time left at all now.)

  • charlie

    there is no good solution. the idea of detonating a nuke beneath the site to cause it to all fall into a concave bowl in the earth, which could then be filled with water is beginning to sound less like sci-fi and more like a possiblity.

    • kx

      I will take some cojones and I personaly dont see a atomic explosion making any kind of implosion, more like the final demolition of the buildings and almost certainly no hole.

      I prefer the bury in sand, melt sand and then go dig it until you clean what is on site

  • Manifest Irony

    It will be nice to know if that was smoke and steam from the reactors or natural fog. I’ve seen marine layer fog come in before, but not that fast nor so late in the night. Realtime radiation monitoring sure would be helpful. I’m shocked that BP provided the public with more information during their disaster than TEPCO/GE has!

    • Blue

      I think it was fog, light rain and low visibility. A good cover though as the reactors continue to spew.

  • Ashen

    What about using Laser and Maser technology to melt sand, concrete, boron, and lead into a glass/concrete dome or covering and seal this once and for all? We are running out of time. This is affecting the entire world in drastic ways already – BUT MOST PEOPLE REFUSE TO ADMIT OR ACCEPT IT. The only technology I know of that can possibly reach temperatures needed would be MASER and LASER technologies. Does anyone have a better idea?

    • Deetu 3

      Ashen- I hear ya…before any type of containment can be attempted the problem of criticality excursions(and future potential)and decay heat needs to be solved-otherwise the result would simply be an explosion.

      • Ashen

        Thanks Deetu. You’re correct. Covering it now with anything would only make things worse. No one wants to see an explosion happen there! I have been brainstorming for any idea for a solution to this. I suppose we might be forced this time to accept there is no solution. I pray that’s not the case. Peace to you and everyone concerned about this catastrophe. May God give us knowledge and wisdom on what should be done.

        • Deetu 3

          Thanks Ashen,the same to you too.It may be that the only real hope at this point is -a miracle.I think it’s a given that nothing we do or say on HERE is going to affect what’s going on there-except perhaps in the mind belt.. Be well.

    • Noah

      The War was lost when it began
      Japanese High Command foreknew outcome at Pearl Harbor
      Hid truth from nation

      Similar situation here at Fukushima.

      Leadership everywhere, most glad to assist in maintaining illusion that all is well and welcome all to the new normal, life downwind from an active nuclear volcano.

      All we have now is time, time till the first Fukushima babies born around the world give rise to howls of pain and terror from parents worldwide. Just as in the deformed and dead children of Hiroshima & Nagasaki, Bikini Atoll & Chernobyl, so shall it be worldwide, the realization of what has been done to mother earth.

      • Noah

        “This is affecting the entire world in drastic ways already – BUT MOST PEOPLE REFUSE TO ADMIT OR ACCEPT IT.” – Ashen

        After the mutations begin to manifest in newborns of human and animals, will they begin to admit it then?

        • Ashen

          @Noah – I suspect when the mutations in animals and humans begin – most people will still “CHOOSE TO REFUSE” and be “OBLIVIOUS TO THE OBVIOUS” truth. The animal, plant, and human mutations will just be blamed and attributed to something else. It’s taking place right now in what I term “WEATHER MUTATIONS”. My God! The weather has become unimaginably powerful and unrelenting. With the tornado count in the Southern U.S. close to 300 in 3 days, the massive flooding of the Mississippi River, the most severe weather that has already caused two emergency shutdowns of two U.S. Nuclear Power Plants in Alabama & Mississippi. People need to WAKE UP! The time is NOW. Fukushima is not just another disaster on the “far side of the world.” It is not an earthquake, tsunami, typhoon, tornado, flood, etc. These disasters happen and while horrible – they go away. Fukushima is not going away anytime soon and it has the potential to change everyone’s life on earth.

          • Noah

            Possible Weather Effects of 311

            “The weather has become unimaginably powerful and unrelenting.” – Ashen

            Ashen, I believe it is possible that we are seeing broad widespread changes of global weather patterns due to the addition of highly charged particles from Fukushima introduced into the Northern Hemishere’ jet stream.

            These highly charged particles act as nuclei, attracting moisture, forming clouds of unusual density and electrical activity. These same transitory effects were observed, in the cloud seeding experiments of the 1950s. Experiments that continue to this day using radioactive barium and alum particulate. Effects were localized and regional at best and limited and dependent on sustained spraying.

            However, what we see in Fukushima is worldwide effect, similar to the effect of an erupting volcano, throwing dust particles into the atmosphere and that dust being carried completely round the globe by the jet-stream.

            The difference is that the particles from the Fukushima volcano are very highly charged, and influence cloud formation in profound ways due to the power of it’s electro-magnetic fields. These particles are ideal for cloud formation, but obviously toxic as hell. Their ability to stay aloft for sustained periods of time is unmatched due to its micronized size, created by fission and explosions.

            These moronic imbeciles, the contamination of the entire food chain! DNA damage to all life! Completely off the chart stupidity!

            They claim that this technology will save the planet! From carbon dioxide!

            Pass the CO2! Please! My tomato plants could use a wiff.

  • FanJapan

    When watching this live web-cam in the early Japanese morning, the sound of singing birds is just like unreal. Devastation and innocent life mixed together…

    • Deetu 3

      “Everything is supposed to be very quiet after a massacre, and it always is, except for the birds. And what do the birds say? All there is to say about a massacre, things like ‘Poo-tee-weet?’ ”

      -Slaughterhouse Five, Kurt Vonnegut.

  • Athila


    • belle

      Athila, Hopefully, you are somewhere safe in the Southern Hemisphere! Lucky you! πŸ™‚

  • Noah said: “Pass the CO2! Please! My tomato plants could use a wiff.” LMAO!!!

    Laughing to keep from crying that is! My ‘mutant tomato plants’ are flowering at week #3,…and they are only 10-12 inches tall. Their lower leaves are DYING, and some of the leaves are coming out curled, and/or fused together, stuck? WTF?

  • Not that I am going to eat them,….I’m not obviously. I think it’s the psudo-scientist in me that keeps the bloody plants anyway! “Signs of the times”.