What happens when a top rapper and top comedian sit down to talk? Discussion of plutonium, neutrons, Fukushima (VIDEO)

Published: July 26th, 2012 at 7:42 pm ET
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Immoral Technique Interview
The Joe Rogan Experience
July 25, 2012

If cursing is a problem, this might not be a good video to watch

Music by Immortal Technique:

Published: July 26th, 2012 at 7:42 pm ET
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11 comments to What happens when a top rapper and top comedian sit down to talk? Discussion of plutonium, neutrons, Fukushima (VIDEO)

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Ooooooooooo! I love it CUSS WORDS AND ALL! YAHOOO!

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  • Gaffney

    This topic doesn't need any conspiracy theorists jumping on it.

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    • timebomb

      it seems the only one mentioning conspiracy is you

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    • bleep_hits_blades

      People don't seem to realize that this whole concept or 'meme' of the 'conspiracy theorist' and 'conspiracy theories' was invented and introduced into use and common parlance for a purpose – to be able to use it to discredit and ridicule the ruling elites' critics. Most 'conspiracy theories' are conspiracy facts, not nutty theories from demented fringe members of society.

      It really disgusts me to see how readily so many people snap at the bait. It makes me wonder if they have much in the way of a brain.

      There really are a group of wealthy corporate/banking elites who really are attempting to gain control of the wealth and sources of wealth of the planet.

      Several attempts at achieving world empire have been made, dating back to early history. Each has failed, but successively they have come closer to success. Right now, the present effort is very near to success.

      They think we-the-masses are a bunch of dim-witted dweebs and we tend to support that contemptuous view of us by so many of our behaviors – such as buying into this invented concept of the 'brainless paranoid right-wing conspiracy theorist.'

      It doesn't take long to look up some of these 'conspiracy theories' on line and see if there is anything to them, instead of taking the easy lazy way out and assuming that they are just 'nutty conspiracy theories.'

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  • razzz razzz

    "There's no fuk'in off switch dood, there's no fuk'in off switch dood, there's no fuk'in off switch dood." "Where's the fuk'in off switch, man?"…A bit better description than what TEPCO has come up with.

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  • ML

    Those lyrics: A lot of truth to them:
    "I am the eye in sky
    Looking at you. I can read your mind
    I am the maker of rules
    Dealing with fools, I can cheat you blind."

    Are we the poor monkeys, just trying not to get cheated….
    Just trying to have some clean air, some clean water and some clean food…
    Cheated out of just that. And who are the fools that would cheat themselves of just that? Didn't see it coming?????

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  • tjharleycjmp

    Rogan talks about Fukushima quite often on the podcast.

    good to have a popular voice give notice

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  • Maggie123

    Some good honest thinking, overall a good discussion, glad I caught it. Some inconsistencies in philosophies, but they're still working their views out and are on a track I think a good one.

    One strong – very strong – objection. I don't imagine either will catch my challenge but must offer it for whatever greater wisdom it may spark: I do not and never have "masculinized" my vocabulary to describe villains, and I see no way to build deep, caring unity in humanity by using feminine labels to describe villains.

    I've no problem with "impersonal" swearing. But there's not one particle, not one iota, of cool, of class, or certainly of heart or intelligence, in using the 'c' or 'b' word.

    OT, I assume. But the vid surely guides comments. I've no more to say on the matter of "word choice" of the speakers in any case.

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  • hanaloa hanaloa

    Youʻre absolutely right, Maggie…I think you are on topic…we who are striving for higher consciousness and positive change need to simply drop these words from our vocabulary…some may not think itʻs of any consequence, but these words reflect to a great degree the underlying battle of man vs nature/woman…

    There is an `ōlelo no`eau (saying, words of wisdom) in Hawai`i that speaks to the power of words:
    I ka `olelo no ke ola, i ka `olelo no ka make.
    In words there is life, in words there is death.

    Our words are like our food. They can sustain and enhance our health, or they can make us sick and even kill us.

    However, although the use of these words may detract from a particular message, I donʻt think they necessarily negate the ultimate intention or heart of the user (Iʻd hate to throw the human out with the misogynist)…rather, I think those that "get it" already must try to remember that this type of language is symptomatic of our separation from nature as are many other vices, some more subtle than others.

    We humans have much to overcome to reconnect with our natural selves and our choice of words is definitely something we have the power to change…thank you for your words.

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    • Maggie123

      Beautifully said! I tried to express appreciation for the "real essence" of both speakers, and almost talked myself into ignoring the language issue. Logged off then back on … the power of words is far too deep and important to not "call out". Thank you for the Hawaiian wisdom quote. Words have incredible power to shape thought and belief.

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