Head of Fukushima health study: 100 mSv/yr OK for pregnant moms — “Effects of radiation do not come to people that are happy… They come to people that are weak-spirited”

Published: June 11th, 2011 at 7:18 pm ET


Japan Admits 3 Nuclear Meltdowns, More Radiation Leaked into Sea; U.S. Nuclear Waste Poses Deadly Risks, Democracy Now, June 10, 2011:

[…] AILEEN MIOKO SMITH: Well, there’s incredible concern, especially among parents in Fukushima prefecture. But now spreading is concern among parents in Tokyo, which is quite a far way from Fukushima. Mainly, what’s been happening is that citizens have been monitoring. And after they find high levels, they demand that the local authorities and the government look at those contaminated areas, and then the government looks, and it is contaminated. […]

AMY GOODMAN: And a new study is being done by the prefecture, Aileen?

AILEEN MIOKO SMITH: Yes, we’re very concerned that a health study is starting at the end of this month. This is concerning the effects of the Fukushima residents, on the prefectural citizens. It’s headed by a Dr. Shunichi Yamashita, who’s at the Atomic Bomb Research Institute. He’s the radiological health safety risk management adviser for the prefecture. He’s widely shown on national TV. He speaks widely in the prefecture, always saying there’s absolutely no concern with the levels of radiation in Fukushima. He says that mothers, even mothers exposed to 100 millisieverts, pregnant mothers, will not have any effect, health effect. Remember the number 100. Compared to that, the Soviet Union required a mandatory evacuation during Chernobyl at five millisieverts. This doctor is quoted as saying, “The effects of radiation do not come to people that are happy and laughing. They come to people that are weak-spirited, that brood and fret.” This is a direct quote. And he’s heading the study. And so, the citizens in Fukushima are very concerned. […]

Published: June 11th, 2011 at 7:18 pm ET


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74 comments to Head of Fukushima health study: 100 mSv/yr OK for pregnant moms — “Effects of radiation do not come to people that are happy… They come to people that are weak-spirited”

  • ZP

    I’m sure they are all happy, now!

    • ZP

      Notice the “citizens have been monitoring.” part.


      • SteveMT

        They should be monitoring enenews.com! Perhaps they are, and they now realize these very real health risks.

        The traffic on the site is increasing, it seems.

        • jump-ball jump-ball

          A few days ago I saw a ranking site showing 40,000 views/day 2.5 months after start-up around 3-17, with a site ranking around 43,000.

          Days earlier I saw 20,000 pageviews and ranking of 53,000.

          When the Fort Calhoun NE reactor succumbs to a Missouri River 10 foot surge, and I and others provide the otherwise blacked-out details here, I want to see ENE views over 100,000 and rank ‘below’ 20,000.

          • ocifferdave

            Dr Yamashita, is that a banana in your pocket or are you just happy… to have been just bought by TEPCO.

    • SteveMT

      The smart ones are at least leaving the immediate Fukushima area, especially the ones with young kids.

    • jump-ball jump-ball

      “Effects of lying do not come to an alert, right-minded public…They come, finally, to people issuing lies from behind corporate, authoritarian and national facades”.

      And I hope the rising spirit of individuals in the U.S.-supported MENA (middle-east-north-africa) penal colonies somehow spreads to Japan and enables endangered citizens there to take independent action and overcome centuries-long traditions of paternalistic hierarchy, collectivism, face-saving and mindless obediance that no longer serve them and are endangering their very survival.

      Now, has the cocktail flag been raised yet?

    • kx kx

      After such comic remarks every1 is laughing? oh if it wasn’t so serious… that guy is 1 of the psicotic strip

    • norral

      yes of course dont be wimpy people be happy and u will be safe. somebody slap that bitch doc in the face and let him set up his office inside reactor 3 lol

  • ocifferdave

    So, Dr. Yamashita, aka Doc Shitin’ya, is implying that us DAILY READERS of enenews are more susceptible to radiation, too. Someone please in written form freak out for me here below. Thank you.

    • CaliMom

      It’s absolutely absurd that the people of Japan are being strung along like this. It’s criminal. Dear God, how can these government representatives live with themselves. How will this ‘doctor’ feel when these exposed fetuses are born with defects and/or deficits? We tell women not to drink coffee, for goodness sakes, when they’re pregnant! But, suddenly it’s okay to be exposed to radiation? Am I living in an alter-universe here???? What the heck?!

      And, by the way, how is it that anyone or anything was able to get into tower 4 to have a look at that beast? I thought it’s ready to tip over at any minute. ?

      • tony wilson

        the fact is these sheep are in an abusive relationship.
        6000 people marched in tokyo today against the nuclear industry.
        128 million and only 6000 could be arsed could be bothered to show some effort to protect babies and children.
        we are shocked by these statements,the same way we are shocked when a friend has a black eye from a boyfriend or husband.
        you tell them to call the cops leave but they shut up take the crap and stay.
        these statements are calibrated in a perfect fashion and tap into the ordered social structure of the japanese.
        i hope someone is making a list of all these people experts because medieval forms of torture will need to be inflicted on them come the day of reckoning.

        • WhatNow

          The good Dr. Yamashita should put his life where his mouth is and volunteer to spend all of his vacation time just outside the evacuation zone. For the same reasons Anne Coulter should take up residence there too. Then, they can throw outdoor parties together and show everyone just how happy and healthy they are while being exposed to the background radiation levels that they both love so much.

      • War Is Peace

        Let’s all hope there’s a special place in Hell…this is beyond the pale.

      • OneWhoRelates

        Oh as Japanese doctor we can only tell the mother that they are weak spirited and should do the honorable thing and sepiku to restore honor.

        This is just down right criminal what does happiness have to do with radiation this is BS non-scientific nonsense at it’s most criminal.

        I once believed in the Japanese spirit, now I think wwe should just drop the neutron bomb on the place w or w/o their permission.

    • Manifest Irony

      WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!1!

      In all seriousness though, 100mSv/year is ridiculous for the general public. The Soviets had a lower threshold. Again, if the Soviets did a better job, you’re definitely doing something wrong.

      • Ariana

        How the hell is their attitude going to change the effects of radiation?! I think those firemen at Chernobyl probably had a great attitude, since most of them didn’t have a clue that they were being roasted from the inside out. There were definitely effects on them! I can’t believe this crap! I mean, I know the government is corrupt and we are probably all going to suffer because of that, but how can they think we are THAT STUPID?!
        Pregnant women aren’t supposed to drink coffee, take tylenol, change a litter box, etc. I guess they think the radiation will help the fetus develop more arms and legs.

      • 1 mSv/year is the safety limit.

      • Bob Hardin Bob Hardin

        100 mSv is normally considered the lifetime limit. A special dispensation was given to nuclear workers at Fukushima to allow 250 per lifetime.

        Now they’re saying 100 mSv per year is OK if you’re preggers? I’m gobsmacked.

        Do they think they can define the problem out of existence?

    • ZP

      The Petri dish is getting crowded.

      A little Psychological conditioning helps the pill go down, or is that sugar. Be happy and glee.

      Lets see how they talk their way out of this one, with citizens having first hand knowledge.

      • Bob Hardin Bob Hardin

        Be happy and glee.

        Yes, ZP. That should be the new motto. They should put it just under the rising sun on their flag.

    • arclight arclight

      ladies an gentleman, i am currently suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and my children are feckin going absolutly round the bend because of it….they are currently glowing in the dark and they will not do as i say so im off to a closed psychiatric ward…all because i didnt listen to the advice of the education ministry….i know that i have got ptsd because after reading this blog shite i was so traumatised that my head actually exploded…a terse warning to you all!!!
      my psychiatrist has recommended watching all 6387 episodes of top gear while standing on my head…and youll pleased to know that with an injection of lithium based x factor i am in recovery… enjoy the link
      now im off to watch episode 4762 where stig trys to ram a truck up the hairy ones arse.. who says that psychiatry is horsemanure!! peace

  • Prof. Neutron

    100 mSv translates to 10 rem, and in the US, the federally mandated legal limit for workers (at national labs for example) is 5 rem. The labs themselves enforce tighter limits: 1.5 rem for example. Anyone who even starts to approach exposures like that is put on administrative control, their duties modified, etc.

    The real worry here, for folks in Fukushima, is that the contamination is far from uniform. It is easy to imagine that the exposures from one place to another vary by large factors, even orders of magnitude. I fear the entire city of Fukushima may need to be evacuated before long, regardless of the findings of this study.

    • Manifest Irony

      It would really be nice if an actual radiation survey was done. It is silliness that they are still using a simple radius around the plant regardless of actual deposition in the soil. Not that It’s a good idea to start decontamination now without the plant under control. But at least at this stage there should be contamination map of some sort to go by.

    • Bob Hardin Bob Hardin

      Jesus Christ! Are the Japanese “limits” crazy or what?

    • Godzilla

      It’s even worse that it seems if you compare it to adults who work around radiation, because the effects of that much radiation are far more dangerous to kids (orders of magnitude), and even more dangerous to the next generation in terms of mutations.

  • FML

    The Radiation Network confirms that a Geiger counter in Hawaii detected radiation from Fukushima at 3 am today with CPM reaching 3 times the normal level.


  • Don’t worry be happy B S Science !

    He is a management adviser for the Atomic Bomb Research Institute.

  • StPaulScout StPaulScout

    ““The effects of radiation do not come to people that are happy and laughing. They come to people that are weak-spirited, that brood and fret.” ”

    The person that said this is insane and should not be allowed to speak and guide people in Japan anymore.

  • milk and cheese milk and cheese

    I agree with STPaulScout. I also think he should be forbidden to practice medicine.
    It’s so much easier to blame the victim than to take responsibility….

  • I guess we have to find all the happy people in Japan and send them into those reactors without respirators or hazmat suits.

    Most would be south of Tokyo I would imagine.

    Incidentally, has anyone seen a genuinely happy person anywhere lately?

    I haven’t.

  • StillJill StillJill

    Blame the victim,…at it’s UGLIEST!
    If you get sick,…it was your own fault for being a worry wart or sourpuss. They have no souls left–I am no longer surprised!

  • Correct me if i’m wrong, but:
    Isn’t the average dose of radiation a nuclear worker is exposed to in a year, just? 5 mSv/yr
    While the average radiation dose of radiation a civilian receives, is just: 1mSv/ yr…

    So this is an 100% increase in dose rate. To not only pregnant women, but everybody.

  • PoorDaddy PoorDaddy

    Dr. Shunichi Yamashita. Remember that name. This asshole is right up there with John Wayne Gacy and Jeffery Dahmer, only worse. They were nuts and twisted. This guy is lucid and covering nuclear $ ass. He is a victim blamin piece of shit! I don’t have words to adequately describe scum like this.

  • AkDave AkDave

    I say we take Dr. Shunichi Yamashita put him in a room with 100 msv/hr and let him have at it What a Dork.. People of Japan run this guy out of town on a rail.

  • ZombiePlanet ZombiePlanet


    Has any one notified the authorities yet?

    I mean have the authorities (who have authorities in the first place) will soon come to realize that an authority will make a promise and allow authorities to authorizes specific authorities to proceed with that which is authorized.

    You are on your own, people. Get used to it.

  • StillJill StillJill

    “Just slip out the back Jack,…make a new plan Stan,…no need to be coy Roy,…JUST GET YOURSELF FREE. Just hop on the bus Gus,…you don’t need to discuss much,….just drop off the key Lee,…and get yourself FREE!”

  • Sam Sam




  • Fall out man!

    Dr “Ya-I’ma-shittin-on-ya” : “The effects of radiation do not come to people that are happy and laughing. They come to people that are weak-spirited, that brood and fret.”

    I doubt he believes his own lies, but it would be true justice if he did. It plays upon eastern religious thinking – mind power. There will be many Japanese who believe him to some extent, and he knows it. Sure keeping a positive attitude is good, and “a merry heart doeth good like a medicine” (proverbs), but in an eastern religious world view, people believe their amazing “mind powers” will change the physical world around them. Its that Hindu/New Age “maya” concept where people claim if you can just “believe” something then it will magically be that way. It effectively makes a person a little “god” who through their mind power will change the world around them.

    Dr Ya-Im-a-Shitin-on-ya and the PR team behind him have carefully tailored his message to a Japanese audience. In any western nation people would be calling for the guy to be put in jail. In Japan there will be people who take his lies seriously. It fits with their religious belief system.

    As other posters have said, his comments effectively shift the blame for the disaster off the culprits and onto the victim. By that new age logic, those who now get sick or have a still birth, just “weren’t thinking positively”. Their “negative thoughts” about wanting to avoid radioactive fallout made them get sick. By that logic, every victim of a crime bought it upon themselves!!!

    If a Japanese women has a deformed child, then the “good” Doctor ShittinOnYa would say its the mothers fault. Its just evil.

  • Misitu

    This is insane.

    Every time I look for confirmation that things are getting worse, something even worse happens. This is one of those occasions.

    I agree with all the critical comments on this board – at present 100% and counting. Nothing is too good for a clown like this.

    If he believes in hell I hope he rots there with eternal radiation sickness symptoms. If not, then may he be torn apart very slowly in full public view.

    We have been stumbling, as a race, very slowly and hesitantly, with many faulty side turnings, on the road to civilisation. Recent events might have cancelled the whole thing out. Regardless, we had got quite a long way in the right direction – and then this highly paid sociopath proves me wrong.


  • alasanon

    No memory of HIROSHIMA or NAGASAKI??!

    Those nuclear bombs were just a one-time dose…Most of those exposed generally died or were shunned for marriage, so they didn’t have much chance to reproduce or document genetic defects into the future…

    But, Chernobyl should serve as more than fair warning to all Japanese mothers!! The facts speak for themselves.

    • alasanon

      Interesting…not much genetic data on Hiroshima & Nagasaki because over half the hundreds of thousands of casualties were instantly vaporized or burned alive! :/ They need a reminder of such a massive potential death agent! :/

      Get the women and children out of harm’s way!

  • TraderGreg

    This is Dr. Greg from the Tokyo Mental Health Hospital. I apologize that today, the patient Yamashita escaped our closely guarded ward for the most retarded turds, went to the computer lab, and from there he gave interview.

    Right now Yamashita is locked up, and we reviewed our procedures, to make sure it will never happen again.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    something is going on between reactor 1 and 2..it seems to me ..to be at a distance…..

  • Rica E

    The only pertinent research would have involved the emotional temperament of a chernobyl pregnant population. Yet as we all probably know many people enjoyed a happy time at mayday celebrations which are now called the march of death or something like that. What we do know is the victims at auswitz had a much better survival rate if they kept their heads and their selfrespect and fought back.

  • glenn

    Well it’s better than telling them they’re all going to die horrible cancerous deaths while trying to raise and support their deformed children. And if happiness *doesn’t* stave off the illness, at least they’ll die laughing. Not much else you can do since it’s impossible to shift the millions of people out of the danger zone. Just something we’ll have to get used to as more reactors go belly up.

    • kx kx

      ofcourse those reactors shouldnt have been build, ever. and there is only 1 solution, shut the rest down and replace with alternative energies, the cost of land lost and human loss and ocean loss is so much greater then diference between alternative and nuclear… any advocate of nuclear energy is a ignorant fool or a moraless bastard

  • Godzilla

    DR Yamashitzo’s group was re-named in 2005. Here’s the beginning of the Wiki article, which indicates it is a govt/private research institute that’s also involved in promoting nuclear power, and also has connections to Western megacorporations:

    “The Japan Atomic Energy Agency (日本原子力研究開発機構 Nihon genshiryoku kenkyū kaihatsu kikō?, JAEA) was formed October 1, 2005 by a merger of two previous semi-governmental organizations. While it inherited the activities of both PNC and JAERI, it also inherited the nickname of JAERI, “Genken” 原研, an abbreviated word for “nuclear research”.

    On April 10, 2007, JAEA officially joined the GNEP alliance.[1] The other members in the alliance are Areva, Washington Group International and BWX. It is expected that the experience gained from the Rokkasho centrifuge enrichment plant will be a key contribution from JAEA.”


    Look a little further, and Wiki provides some information about GNEP:

    “The International Framework for Nuclear Energy Cooperation, formerly the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership’ (GNEP) began as a U.S. proposal, announced by United States Secretary of Energy Samuel Bodman on February 6, 2006, to form an international partnership to promote the use of nuclear power and close the nuclear fuel cycle in a way that reduces nuclear waste and the risk of nuclear proliferation.[1] This proposal would divide the world into “fuel supplier nations,” which supply enriched uranium fuel and take back spent fuel, and “user nations,” which operate nuclear power plants.[2]

    GNEP has since evolved into an international partnership with 25 partner countries, 28 observer and candidate partner countries, and three international organization observers.[3] The international organization observers are: the International Atomic Energy Agency, the Generation IV International Forum, and the European Commission. GNEP operates by consensus among its partners based on an agreed GNEP Statement of Principles.[4]”


  • radegan

    Gosh, the US Navy can use this fine research. Instead of running away, our aircraft carrier could’ve just used the ship’s loudspeakers to play “Put On a Happy Face”. Then the men could’ve sung along and sailed right into Fukushima harbor with no danger at all, instead of turning tail and scrubbing the ship.

    Why, if you’re happy enough, not even a thermonuclear detonation cannot affect you. This fine doctor should be ordered to the plant to teach “happy thinking” to all the workers. Think how much TEPCO can save on protective gear and medications.

  • blackmoon

    A Weaponized World!

    PLEASE VIEW THIS VIDEO, and pass the info on to your family & friends. Go to the websites listed and PUSH BACK, by signing the petitions.

    We are in A WAR FOR OUR LIVES:


  • MediaWeasel

    Mindblowing though this is, we need a source for the “direct quote” from Dr. Shunichi Yamashita. Otherwise it’s hearsay. A TV clip, a vid clip, an authored source.

  • Starheart Starheart

    If it’s all about attitude, then lets send this guy inside one of the reactors and see how long his attitude keeps him alive & healthy — or is he the antichrist?


    Massive cargo plane transports $2m remote-controlled concrete pump to stricken Japanese nuclear plant