Headline: “Millions of salmon mysteriously just disappear” off West Coast — Expert: “Literally within 2 days it disappeared, it just crashed… I have never ever seen, nor can I explain” that — “One of the worst seasons ever” — “Disturbing… Serious trouble… Very dramatic”

Published: November 4th, 2015 at 8:08 pm ET


The Globe and Mail, Nov 3, 2015 (emphasis added): Millions of B.C. salmon mysteriously ‘just disappear’ in troubling year… [There were] very poor returns on the Fraser River, where only about two million sockeye returned, far short of the more than six million predicted in preseason forecasts. Even more dramatic was the collapse of the pink salmon on the Fraser, with only about five million fish showing up when more than 14 million had been forecast… [Dr. Brian Riddell, president and CEO of the Pacific Salmon Foundation] said it is possible at this point to paint a broad picture, and the indication is that some stocks are in serious trouble. One mystery, he said, is what happened to all those pink salmon that were supposed to return to the Fraser River. Dr. Riddell said test fisheries in the Georgia Strait in the summer showed a strong run of pink salmon coming in, but then… the fish just stopped arriving… “We had roughly 40 per cent of the run in and it was on track with the curve, and then literally within two days it disappeared. It just crashed. … I have never ever seen, nor can I explain, a test fishery like that. The fish are coming in and you are following the proper pattern as they have for years and years, and then they suddenly just disappear. And we have not accounted for them.” He said millions of fish that should have been coming in the second half of the run just didn’t materialize.

Vancouver Sun, Nov 3, 2015: Late sockeye numbers ‘disturbingly low,’ monitoring group says; Pre-run estimate of 1.24 million dropped to 200,000 for entire Fraser River run… “it’s much more disappointing than people were hoping to see this year,” said Greg Taylor, senior fisheries adviser for the Watershed Watch Salmon Society… “They arrive in the spawning grounds in October, and the numbers they’re seeing are disturbingly low.” Taylor noted that the Pacific Salmon Commission’s (PSC) pre-run estimate of 1.24 million late-run salmon was dropped to 200,000 for the entire Fraser River run… “It’s a very dramatic reduction.”… Taylor noted that this is the second year in a row that both the early summer and late summer components of Shuswap sockeye returned at levels well below pre-season expectations. “They join many other Thompson salmon stocks, including coho, chinook, and steelhead, that have struggled in recent years.”

Press Democrat, Sep 21, 2015: Meager salmon catch one of worst seasons for Sonoma County fishermenone of the worst king salmon seasons in memory. Some Bodega Bay-based anglers gave up rather than scramble for meager catches of underweight and undersized salmon… the season is a bust… “It’s just not worth it,” said Chris Lawson, a 40-year fishing veteran, who said he quit going out for salmon in mid-July… Lawson called it “one of the worst seasons ever.”… Anglers are wondering what happened to the 650,000 king salmon said to be in the ocean off the North Coast this year… Lawson called 2015 one of the worst in his 40 years of salmon fishing.

From Yesterday: [intlink id=”tv-massive-decline-fish-throwing-ecosystem-along-california-coast-expert-population-collapsed-theyre-gone-virtually-everywhere-whale-numbers-dropped-significantly-squid-disappearing-video” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: November 4th, 2015 at 8:08 pm ET


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367 comments to Headline: “Millions of salmon mysteriously just disappear” off West Coast — Expert: “Literally within 2 days it disappeared, it just crashed… I have never ever seen, nor can I explain” that — “One of the worst seasons ever” — “Disturbing… Serious trouble… Very dramatic”

  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog


    Cesium 137 to strontium 90 ratios in the Atlantic Ocean
    1966 through 1972’
    Vaughan T. Bowen
    Woods IIole Oceanographic Institution, Woods Hole, Massachusetts 02543
    Victor E. Noshkin
    Lawrcncc Livermore Laboratory, Livermore, California 94551)
    H. L. Volchok
    U.S. Atomic Energy Commission, Health and Safety Laboratory, New York 10014
    H. D. Livingston
    Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
    K. M. Wong
    Lawrence Livermore Laboratory

  • Cisco Cisco

    Fukushima and the Dumping of Radioactive Materials into the Ocean. Enormity and Scale of this Unspoken Global Crisis

    TEPCO Drops Bombshell About Sea Releases; 8 Billion Bq Per Day: For How Long? They Have Just Admitted They Are Killing Our Oceans


    • Cisco Cisco

      That's what TEPCO reported. Like to take a guess on the "real" numbers…maybe 100X, maybe 1000X based on their history of under reporting and fudging the numbers?

  • Insight

    I agree with Nick about the underwater methane emissions as a possible cause of fish death.
    Fukushima pollution and underwater volcanoes along the ring of fire have caused a break in the food chain link. Less for the salmon to eat. Also, perhaps sea predators like sharks and Orcas deprived of their usual food have focused on eating salmon before they swim inland.

    • Insight

      Another factor to consider is this. Advanced countries submarine sonar 235-decibel pressure waves cause unbearable pinging and metallic shrieking. At 200 Db, the vibrations can rupture your lungs, and above 210 Db, the lethal noise can bore straight through your brain until it hemorrhages that delicate tissue. If you're not deaf after this devastating sonar blast, you're dead. This could be happening to the west coast fish.

      This is the real life of marine mammals destroyed by advanced sonar, an all-out acoustic war on the world's oceans. The collateral damage of this high-intensity military sonar is shocking. But because all these dying whales or dolphins are too often out of human sight, they're also out of mind. Only when cetaceans strand on land do we witness what orca researcher, Ken Balcomb, calls, this "acoustic holocaust." Military sonar so panics cetaceans that as they try to escape the sonic violence, they rise too quickly to the surface and die of "the bends."
      With China threatening military action against Japan and the US and Russia in military alignment with China, who knows what is lurking off the shores of the west coast. Advanced cloaking of submarines is a fact the US has to deal with realized when a Russian sub surfaced in the Gulf of Mexico the US military did not pick up on radar. What a shocking surprise that was.

  • stinkyperfume stinkyperfume

    Of interest in the planetary healing.

    There's a psychic named Jay Essex online and he is dying, and has a dialogue that usually requires ongoing presence to absorb some of it or buy his books on Kindle….

    He's claiming that spaceships were coming to earth with agendas because Annunakai is mismanaging the planet and keeps this ongoing pain and suffering….there are blue spheres beings here that are not effective either…or perhaps not soon enough.

    Anyway he's been saying people will see these formerly locked out galactic starships by 2018-2020…the date has been pushed up to 2016-2017….

    The claim by all psychics, I've heard online, is that the matrix run by annunakai would not allow any outside entry without imprisoning into karma anyone that arrives into their prison planet and won't relinquish control, even though it's over for them.

    These people of his are on spiritualsymposiums.com.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Interesting as I just had dream of seeing a very large luminous spaceship just last night..during my 4 hour power sleep.

      Eyes must have been rolling wildly in rem, since I always wake up very tired.

    • Insight

      Symbolism and parables are what keep many people unable to believe the Bible has information that is important.
      Until one understands that the 6 winged seraphim in the Bible are todays 6 winged fighter jets, the truth of scripture will remain obscure and unattainable. Angels are pilots.
      People today think nothing of watching a history movie played on screen or even one that is futuristic yet balk at the possibility that the people that wrote the Bible were shown images, perhaps a laptop, showing what is going to happen in the future. How do you describe the computer screen you are looking at right now, isn’t it a VISION?
      Eden is the entire earth, the garden of Eden was earth at Peace. Man will never be able to return to the garden of Eden, Peace, because it is protected by cherubim which are duel blade attack helicopters armed with nuclear missiles. War and the threat of war will exist until extinction. The ark of God that is supported by staves on the cherubims is a nuclear missile.
      The ” ark of God, whose name is called by the name of the LORD of hosts that dwelleth between the cherubims.“
      The Lord of hosts is the Commanding Chief of the air force or nation at war and only on their command is the missile fired.
      The Bible tells of the end of the human race from the beginning.
      The word Lord does not always mean Jesus or God, the Bible speaks of a wife calling her husband Lord.

  • We Not They Finally

    what to do what to do what to do…???Radiation is bothering all of us..Horror of horrors. do we havethe ability to laugh and to cry as we all eventually depart this mortal coil that we all must answer to…

  • Leland Leland

    This is A public Notice Under California Civil Code § 52.1
    Dr Ken Busseler is not a Physicist Nuclear or otherwise he has a doctoral in Marine chemistry.
    this is a public notice
    M.I.T. University does not offer Marine Radio chemistry as A course, adding that most university's don't or have dropped it
    Status: Drop Course Approved
    This Expedited Drop Course Proposal is being done after the completion of the Courses Not Taught in 3 Years Report. It was determined by the College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences as not needed.

    M.I.T. requirements for Nuclear physicist
    Those who become nuclear physicists have a strong background in physics, mathematics, and computer science. Nuclear physicists have advanced academic degrees, and have spent years studying their field and conducting independent research.

    Dr. Ken Buesseler

    Employment History

    Chemical Oceanographer
    Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

    Marine Chemist
    Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

    Senior Scientist and Director
    Center for Marine and Environmental Radioactivity

    Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
    360 Woods Hole Road
    Woods Hole , Massachusetts 02543
    United States (508) 548-1400
    Edward A Boyle
    (617) 253-7544
    Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute Program (WHOI) Faculty

  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

    Good quote from Fisher…


    "…Editor’s Note: This story was corrected on April 8, 2014. The original version erroneously stated that Ken Buesseler of Woods Hole is not looking for radionuclides from strontium and plutonium in the ocean because they have “disappeared” from the environment. This is not true. The half-lives of certain strontium and plutonium isotopes feared to have been released by the Fukushima meltdown are such that the potentially harmful chemicals will be with us for a long, long time. Specifically, strontium-90 has a roughly 29 year half-life and plutonium-239 has a 24,100 year half life while Plutonium-240 enjoys a 6,560 year half-life. However, it is believed that these toxic pollutants have posed and continue to pose a threat to only those in the immediate Fukushima area and thus are not part of the Pacific-wide ocean testing efforts.

  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog



    "…There are fewer concerns about fish living farther away, as the levels of cesium drop low a short distance from Fukushima. "We do not have a concern about the levels of cesium and other radionuclides in fish off the West Coast of the U.S.," Buesseler says. …"

    "…"This is not to say that we should not be concerned about additional sources of radioactivity in the ocean above the natural sources, but at the levels expected even short distances from Japan, the Pacific will be safe for boating, swimming, etc.," Buesseler said."

  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog



    "…Scott Burnell, spokesman for the NRC, called it crowd sourcing and said Buesseler discussed the plans during a "friendly back and forth" meeting Friday. …"

  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog



    "…in June, 2011…

    The concentrations found were up to 85 Bq·m-3 (Becquerels per cubic metre) for strontium-90 and 265 Bq·m-3 for strontium-89. These findings point to an increase of up to two orders of magnitude—a hundredfold- in concentrations of strontium-90 in the sea, with respect to the background values for this part of the Pacific before the Fukushima accident, which were 1.2 Bq·m-3. The presence of strontium-89, with a half-life of only 50 days, was further proof of a recent release. The highest concentrations of radioactive strontium were found 130 kilometres from the coast, in the eddies that form at the meeting point between the Kuroshio and Oyashi ocean currents.

    The levels of strontium-90 were compared with those of cesium 137, collected in the same survey. This allows researchers to estimate that between March and June 2011 the nuclear accident led to a release into the sea of between 90 and 900 Tbq of Sr-90.

    Before the Fukushima Dai-ichi accident, Sr-90 was present in the oceans in concentrations of approximately 1 to 1.5 Bq·m-3. …"

  • To Admin and to everyone who's seen it. Sorry (sort of) for going off on that troll, Dotz, but when a, "man", makes it his mission in life to destroy others, I feel I am obliged to state what I know to be true.

    Dear readers; I apologise for my language. But, I do not apologise for speaking up on all of Dotz' nefarious deeds. It was he, for sure, who convinced Cullen that he was, "being threatened", though there were no threats to anyone's life. The only life threatened was the life taken at the overblown ego and pushing of a damaged individual by this ConnectingDots1, 2, 3, "person". Everybody NEEDS to know this. In particular, Canada's police force should be advised.

    • penny pt

      Anne, I appreciate your comments immensely, strong language be damned (oops! Gee, did it myself.) I also appreciate anyone who sticks his or her neck out in the name of the common good. So I'll add you to the list of people I admire.
      Btw, didn't mean to set off such a firestorm. I would never have guessed that ConcoctingDots was on this site (stupid of me…)

      • No worries, pt, and thank you.
        I just cannot believe Obvious Ditz would have the chutzpah to show up here and state the things he has about Dana. HE DID THIS. Dana did not.
        And, again; if anyone is upset by my actions, today I am *kind of* sorry. I do not mean to upset anyone. I do, however, mean to let this scummy excuse for humankind know this: I AM ON TO HIM. And I think everyone should be.

        Now, I need to go and let Dana know what is really going on…; kind of hoping Dana is reading all of this, but, can understand why he might not be up to it.

        • anonymousantinuke1

          Ann obvious is not dotz. Benjamin Fulford is. Please calm down.

        • I'm neither a man, nor a ditz or a dotz… I did nothing wrong and I got trashed and I think it's okay to say, hey, I don't think he's a complete hero. The facts are the facts and I won't be intimidated or shunned because I did nothing wrong.

          Gushing over people when they are only humans too seems out of balance. I'm no angel either, but I don't act n ways that cause harm to others. Just stating the facts.

          • penny pt

            I was stating my opinion, and I stand by it. People who get the truth out there need to be supported; it takes a massive amount of courage to make the attempt. I have been in that position before and I know how stressful it is. I dropped out after a couple of years, like a coward. So I will be vocal in my admiration of anyone who keeps at it. If that's gushing, so be it.

  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

    Woods Hole, 1971
    They used to care…


    "…Plutonium has been shown to be increased In concentration in starfish, predator
    of blue mussel, and i t may generally increase in other food chains as w e l l.
    By far, of a l l the marine invertebrates, the largest levels of plutonium are
    found in benthic organisms and those predators feeding on benthic organisms. Scallop
    mussel tissue contains less plutonium than either its body or shell. In every case, where
    both body and shell were analyzed, the average concentnatlon of Pu in the shell
    exceeded that In the body. The shell may be the major repository of plutonium in
    these organisms. M a r i n e i n v e r t e b r a t e s represent an important vector
    transferring environmental plutonium into human food chains.
    When the much higher relative biological effectiveness of alpha versus beta or
    gamma radiation is considered, plutonium isotopes now contribute more than either
    90 137
    Sror Cs to the a r t i f i c i a l radiation of marine Invertebrates."

  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog



    "…“There’s a nuclear-power side that’s very quick to be dismissive and say, ‘Don’t worry your pretty little heads, you’re not in harm’s way,’ ” Ken Buesseler, a marine-chemistry researcher at Woods Hole and the organizer of the sampling initiative, told me. “The flip side are the people screaming, you know, ‘Stay out of the Pacific, don’t swim in Monterey, I’m going to move, tell your friends, this is a catastrophe!’ ” At the levels detected in Ucluelet, Buesseler has calculated, you’d need to swim six hours a day for a thousand years to get the radiation equivalent of a dental X-ray. …"

    "…“It is tempting to just run models, but to me that isn’t enough,” Buesseler said. “Let’s get some real data.”"

  • Okay, I am disgusted that the weasel has burrowed his way into this post. I hope everyone will figure it out, for Dotz does not do ANY good for the cause. He is just another looking for a handout (just wait; he'll post his site, ultimately.) Problem with that is? Dotz does not do the work he promises. And he is jealous of Dana and Dana's honest approach, from which Dana was able to get the funds needed to actually RUN an expecition.
    Dana did everything he promised he would do. I know this to be a FACT, as I was online with Dana when some of US asked him to go back to the coast and take MORE photos, FOR US. This is an unquestionable FACT. Dotz then complained about what other work Dana did not do. But, Dana never promised to do anything other than take and post photos. So, where (Obvious)Dotz the obvious scammer gets off having a go at Dana, I do not know. Anyone who was there on the first night, when Dana and Terry came back from their first ten-day tour and streamed, LIVE, should speak up. Otherwise, we are allowing this smarmy guy to continue in his witch-hunt. This guy is despicable and, as I've stated often enough, an actual murderer. For this reason, I cannot see why anyone would behave in a friendly manner toward him.
    I mean; HONESTLY! He should be blocked from all places where good and reasonable people meet.

  • Nick

    Back in Japan…

    "TEPCO's efforts keep failing

    Without a constant flood of cooling water, Reactors 1, 2 and 3 would immediately resume meltdown and explode again, spewing more radioactivity into the surrounding countryside. Unfortunately, this means that TEPCO is constantly rendering more and more water radioactive by channeling it past the reactors. "


    "Fukushima clean-up is impossible with current technology; decontamination efforts could take 200 years."

    We don't have 200 years folks. Time for a social media sh*t storm.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Had bandwidth for this one, and yes, Dana is absolutely correct! 🙂

    Send him money..now! He is in need of our help!

    The planet is in need of our help!

    Shame on these people for attacking the truth! 🙁

    They all should be fired from whatever position they now have or hold.

    How can no life be prosecuted?

    There is either life present or there isn't. Simple really!

  • or-well


    "If people are to survive, corporate rule over the planet MUST be stopped."
    from a comment

    It is NOT Law yet. Anywhere.

  • Nick

    OT…but relevant.


    Folks, I get war….but how about waging peace some day?

    I think we would all survive.

    As it is now, I am not so sure.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Great Brain Candy!

  • Wow I step back for 4 days, and there is massive infighting everywhere. Reign it in folks, check your facts.

    • SadieDog

      More like Dana with his hand out.

    • SadieDog

      He needs 15,000 to 20,000 dollars this week, and 30 – 40 thousand over the next couple of months?! If you give this man money, then you deserve to lose it.

      • SadieDog

        I guess because I grew up 20 miles from a big gypsy village, we always knew to look out for scams. Yes, I said it. Prove me wrong.

        • SadieDog

          The gypsies were known as Irish Travelllers.

          • SadieDog

            And one more thorn that's been sticking in my paw… Anne Beck. I think the photo in the avatar of koyaanisquatsi on 10/23/2015 at 12:55 p.m. is you. Deduce what you will. I will.

            • irhologram

              Sadie. I wish you (and others over time) would stop with this divide and conquer. Koya's photo is a woman 20 years younger. You state the hair color is the same…it isn't. You state the glasses are the same. One set is rectangular, the other has an octagonal angle at the edge. The shoulder breadth is different. If these are pix of a formerly younger and older Anne Beck, that may explain the difference in face shape and hair color…but the writing styles are completely different.

              Why do you go to such lengths? I see no reason why Anne Beck, who has been here for at least a year…needs to. Be discredited by a newcomer comparison in your mind. You also went after Obvious. You have gone after me as being someone else…and many others. What's in such a strategy…to go after people who are not offering any "contrarian" agenda? What's the point, other than disruption?

              Here is what I suggest. I don't know how to do it, but others do…I think Anne, (who you also go after) has referred to an ability to trace avatar names back to their origin. Why don't you do that before you throw mud? Why not have facts rather than innuendo? It is easy to do, apparently. I challenge you to make that effort…an effort that would be appreciated if you're right.

              Otherwise, Sadie, you dog, you're just chasing cars.

              • irhologram

                Oh, and I direct the same comment to you, Anne Beck, in your going after dotz as Obvious, and the other Anne in an attitude of censorship. Censorship is stifling to a co census of what shakes out from a scientific approach to discussion of Truth.

                Please back up your accusations with avatar research and proofs of the posts you reference, otherwise you're just blowing smoke. I have defended your right not to be attacked. Please don't attack others without proof.

                It's disruptive. Don't you see disruption as unhelpful?

        • SadieDog

          My favorite Irish word… Shennanigans !!!

        • Please enlighten us Sadie; are you saying that Dana is a gypsy, who is faking arrest and legal charges, in order to make money via fraud?

  • Jebus Jebus

    The message. Only the message.

    It becomes much, much, less than that, when one focuses on the messenger…

  • so,okay, I'm not the brightest bulb but is it true the rad's don't sink but stay in the top 200 to 400 feet of the ocean? if so would this not be a cause of so many salmon missing? would they not be floating on top too? or would they sink outta view?…I know, way 2 many questions but just where are the salmon? dim bulb signing off, for now 🙂

    • It is not that simple.

      There is a surface layer that 'holds' radioactive dust falling out of the air via surface tension, so it may never get into the water.

      But once the radioactive heavy metals get into the water, then it is absorbed by the living food web in the ocean, because it is always looking for 'food', such as minerals, which radioactive heavy metals mimic. Plutonium mimics IRON, which is in short demand in the ocean, and highly sought after by all organisms. But plutonium is also the most toxic radioactive element, and a most efficient poison, with a latency period starting at 2 to 4 years, and up to 30 years.

      All life in the ocean is built to filter ocean water and get nutrients out of it, including corals, mussels, clams, seaweed, algae, sponges, etc… They act like a very efficient vacuum cleaner, clearing the water of everything with nutrient value in it, including heavy metal radioactive poisons.

      But if they 'eat' too much radioactive heavy metal poison, they die. Once dead, they sink to the bottom, where more critters living on the bottom scavenge what comes down, as part of the food web.

      If they don't die, the plutonium, cesium, strontium, and the other up to 2,000 poisons move up the food chain, concentrating all of the way, especially in nutrient deficient organisms, plants, and humans.

      98 percent of all people in America are deficient in potassium and magnesium, which is mimiced by radioactive cesium and uranium.

    • penny pt

      I would guess that many, if not most, of those 'disappeared' salmon were in fact never born in the first place. They are (or could be) ones that were expected based on previous years' counts. Don't doubt your own reasoning skills, Taffycat. The problem is that these scientists and journalists muddy the waters (so to speak) with their poor communication skills. Not to mention that they seem to lack understanding of what is going on. "They disappeared" means they had been seen, then vanished, which is clearly not the case.

    • There's a lot of info on radiation contaminated water and how it behaves when pumped away into the sea in this interview with [UK] Marine Pollution Consultant Tim Deere-Jones…. (starts 15 min. in)

      Nuclear Hotseat #225


    "Nearly all the radioactivity in the ocean is natural, and represents material that has been on Earth since it's formation". [primordial]

    "The distribution of artificial nuclides is very localized in water".


    BUT…this is the very best info on the subject. Decay rates, weapon testing sources, solubility of each isotope. Everything concerning nuclides in sea water.


  • So, yes…the salmon were getting ready to run, needed food, ate shitty food, sank to the bottom, thus no salmon run…kinda like that bird I had in my cave a while back, you know, that bright yellow one that sang really pretty, haven't seen her in a while, kinda like my shaker of salt…

    • penny pt

      Oops! I was kind of behind the curve with that last post, what? Sorry, should have read through the whole conversation before jumping in!

      • Hey pt, you're cool with your comment because it brings up the question of small fry, there are only so many and the young get hit the hardest and the fastest, so yes, they never made it back to spawn…you weren't behind the curve, you brought thinking into play, which is always welcome…thanks

  • Jebus Jebus

    Ya well I wonder WTF is out there (or not) that takes out the largest mammals on the planet.

    Rare Blue Whale Washes Up On Oregon Beach

    A 78-foot-long blue whale washed up on the shores of southern Oregon this week.

    No one is sure what killed the whale before it made landfall at Ophir Beach, although scientists have found orca and shark bites as they examined it.


    Think the Orca's and Sharks are hungry too?


    • It takes a Big thing to take out a Blue…sonar?, sonar is pushed by microwaves/wifi which damages DNA and allows cancers to form…my understand is that sea mammals don't have T-cells and that makes cancers contagious…the orca's and sharks may have tasted something that didn't taste "right" so they didn't eat it…just thinking…

  • Jebus Jebus

    Closed! Recreational Dungeness crab season postponed by state authorities

    The Fish and Wildlife Department is expected to institute a similar closure for the much larger commercial fishery by next week, which would exact a high financial toll on Bay Area fishermen and prevent consumers from enjoying Thanksgiving feasts of fresh local crab.

    "I'm kind of hoping as testing progresses we see this disappear in the next few weeks," Mastrup said after Thursday morning's emergency meeting. "But who knows? We can't say for sure."


  • Leland Leland

    someone tell ken Buffoonsler we found some radiation so he can go testing with his ship and expensive equipment.
    No. 1. For example December 2014, both radioactive iodine-131 and tellurium-132 were reported as having been detected in Takasaki city, Gunma Prefecture. Given the short half-lives of these radioactive particles, their presence could not be the result of the original meltdowns at Fukushima.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Somewhere, I think MM, posted a link ..about how Americans have no idea what we have done to /doing to Syria.
    Today, I read an article about a Muslim American being elected so some council.
    Then I supplanted, Native American, Black, Asian, etc. for Muslim American
    History repeats itself.

    • Insight

      As bad as Assad may be, we might not like what would replace him any better, and they could in fact be far worse.
      Assad is for the most part a secularist, allowing Syrians to worship other religions with little interference from the government. Assad allowed Christians in Syria. What started the "uprising" is Assad was killing those that were slaughtering people of religious beliefs different than theirs.
      The rebel factions against Assad are nothing more than Islamic religious sects that want control for themselves.
      It is unlikely that should one of them gain control they would be as tolerant of other religions and other Islamic sects as Assad has been.
      Going from Assad to some Islamic republic lead by religious fanatics would definitely not be an improvement.

      • melting mermaid melting mermaid

        I certainly don't think Afghanistan, Iraq or Libya fared better after our benign interference and democracy bombs.

        • Insight

          Those 3 nations believe that no one has the right to make or accept governmental legislation that is contrary to their religious laws.
          So the democratic ideals of personal freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of religion and equality for all ( men and women) are not accepted.
          The US did not start conflicts in those 3 nations, they were already immersed in war. Russia, Pakistan and China all want to rule Afghanistan as does ISIS and the Taliban.
          The hatred between Iraq and Iran is long standing. During the Iraq-Iran war approx. 1 million Iranians died and between 250,00 and 500,000 Iraqis died.
          Libya has experienced internal instability and political violence throughout its history.
          The United States has invested more reconstructing Iraq and Afghanistan than it did rebuilding Germany after World War II. $60.45 billion has been spent in Iraq, more than $100 billion in Afghanistan. These are reconstruction costs only; the total cost to the U.S. of the Iraq and Afghan conflicts exceeds $1.4 trillion.
          The US goal to help stabilize those governments to allow the personal freedoms that a democratic society is based upon to be implemented is a lofty yet unattainable goal.

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            "lofty yet unattainable goal" 🙂

            What happened to 9-11? Must never have happened?

            Rebuild their countries that we destroyed as our own infrastructure collapses?

            It is much worse than you are being told..always follow the money…they are taking y/ours.

            • What Is The Difference Between ISIS, ISIL, Terrorists, Military Industrial Complex, Or Huge Corporations In Iraq Or Other Countries? Which Country Is The Worst State Sponsor Of Terrorism?

              • Insight

                There are no perfect governmental systems in the world. All are victim to vice and greed. Capitalism allows anyone to excel from poverty or average income to extreme wealth, look at Bill Gates as an example. When a government takes total control of the economy, if one wants to start a business they have to have governmental approval. If the gov says no then you remain in your position. Many years ago I met an old Russian man that had never left Russia before coming to the US. He said the most astonishing thing in his life was walking into an American grocery store. He said it was like walking into paradise. In Russia,in his youth, there were very few choices and bland packaging and near empty shelves. Advertising did not exist because everything came from government farms.
                The threat of war will always exist on earth. Do you want to live in a strong country that can protect you or not? The arms race is a sickening fact of life. A discussion of who is the worst killer is absurd, take down one and another will pop up to replace them. Peace would happen only if every person on earth destroyed every weapon and agreed never to kill anyone by any means and adhered to that vow. Then if by deception a country kept some of their weapons… who would rule? The people with the capability to kill would rule and they would prove it by killing.

  • invisible ELEphant in the room

    Dana Durnford has been a regular guest on the Jeff Rense show since August 2014. I asked this question here before…

    Why doesn't he ever mention people like Ken Buesseler or Jay Cullen on the Rense show?

    I speculated that he was told not to in order to shield the Rense show from legal liability.

    So, I'd bet that Durnford knew exactly the kind of risk he was taking by calling out people like Ken Buesseler and Jay Cullen on YouTube.

    How sympathetic should we be in this situation?

    I'm not very sympathetic at all. Durnford knew the risk he was taking in slandering people like Ken Buesseler and Jay Cullen.

    The thing is, there was no reason to do it. He's got tons of great content and he's got the truth on his side.

    What was Durnford thinking slandering powerful people for no reason whatsoever? If it wasn't necessary to do it on the Rense show, it wasn't necessary to do it on YouTube.

    We have to consider that he had huge warnings about this in the past via YouTube before things got really serious but Durnford didn't take heed to the obvious warnings.

    Adding it all up, I don't feel that sorry for him. He put himself in jeopardy for no reason.

    Do we see any legal problems for Jeff Rense, Yoichi Shimatsu, Bill Deagle, Kevin Blanch, Leuren Moret, etc.

    They can tell the truth about Fukushima just like Durnford but the above people are smart enough not to go slandering people for no reason. Durnford is too much of an idealist. That's his…

  • jump-ball jump-ball

    My 200 remaining cans of 2015-16-17 dated salmon bought in 2011-12 are looking and tasting as good as ever, but when they're gone, along with my tuna stacks, my seafood eating days are over.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    “Literally within 2 days it disappeared, it just crashed…"

    Typhoon Etau dumped a bunch of rain in Japan in 2 days…

    Just a thought…30 inches of rain in the mountains of Japan, 10 inches of rain at the nuclear shit piles in Fukushima.

  • Seafood was cool… Now it is hot.. Just say no to plutonium!

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Seafoam ..pretty and cool but dangerous.
    Now also hot.

    "Sea foam, ocean foam, beach foam, or spume is a type of foam created by the agitation of seawater, particularly when it contains higher concentrations of dissolved organic matter (including proteins, lignins, and lipids)[1] derived from sources such as the offshore breakdown of algal blooms."

    Sea foam


    It looks like fun but sea foam's full of snakes and disease
    Feb 24 2015


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  • josh123 josh123

    Japan is the Toughfest people. By the way, have you seen handsome guys

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