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Hidden NOAA animation shows ocean all along U.S. West Coast contaminated with Fukushima cesium by end of March 2011 (VIDEO)

Published: March 14th, 2013 at 1:07 pm ET
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Source: NOAA

File location: Index of

Download original animation here

Published: March 14th, 2013 at 1:07 pm ET
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34 comments to Hidden NOAA animation shows ocean all along U.S. West Coast contaminated with Fukushima cesium by end of March 2011 (VIDEO)

  • HH

    GREAT work Enenews.

    This solves the mystery of Enenews other story today on sick seals:

    Also, the animation shows the higher coral-colored 1.0E+04 levels of cesium hitting the west coast.

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    • Arizonan Arizonan

      Great work, enenews! I find it very telling that the animation never includes any land mass, as if the wind just stopped at the coasts; and that the animation ceases suddenly in March 2012, apparently when the burnt orange-red bulk of that Cs-137 was hitting the West Coast. Thanks for the heads up, US gov! Nice to know you are always there watching our backs. Not.

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    • Marushka Marushka

      I think this NOAA map is exactly what it is labelled. ATMOSPHERIC dispersion falling into the ocean and how the ocean is affected by it, thus the map does not go beyond the land mass border.

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  • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

    Thanks EneNews. Please be sure to download this animated gif by clicking on the Download link above…then Right click on the animation itself & choose Save As. We can Not expect this to stay up long once they see so many are clicking on it.

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  • patb2009

    the worst part is the big hot spot headed over in 2012.

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  • Time Is Short Time Is Short

    It's interesting to see how NOAA shows the radiation stopped flowing into the Pacific Ocean in early October of 2011, and how the radioactive contamination is starting to disappear towards the end of the animation timeline.

    This in direct opposition to the continual release of radioactive contamination still being released on a massive scale, even admitted to by the Japanese. And the contamination will not 'disappear', it will only bio-accumulate until the entire northern Pacific will be full red, as on the far right of the concentration scale, and then move on to purple, then black!

    And the additional air animation is interesting, too. Any of us watching can add our own country/state outlines, and see what is going on with the atmospheric dispersal of Fuku radiation.

    They know full well what's been going on since the beginning of this ELE.

    No wonder NOAA isn't monitoring the Kuroshio Current, the high speed current that is bringing the radiation to the West Coast at higher than regular ocean speeds. They'd have to pay for more animations that don't tell the truth. Gotta save a buck or two.

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  • nedlifromvermont

    Isn't the lie of "safe" nuclear power just wonderful …

    The world is so much better off, since GE popularized the use of the "peaceful atom" …

    Who likes seafood anyway??? And the coast of California is too cold to swim in …

    And some executives at GE made excessive salaries, thanks to their nuclear gambit …

    Move along, Sheeple, there is nothing here for you to see: just another coal mine collapse, or gas pipeline fire … e.g. Fukushima, just another, standard industrial accident … certainly no reason to jettison an entire, well-paying industry, which adds so to our GNP … 'cept … 'cept …

    if a reactor blows in your country, your country will be finished, economically speaking … but, Hey, What the Who? General Electric made money, your pension probably owns GE common stock (which has been stuck in a trading range for five years, now) … and because of their tidy design, you probably won't grow old enough to need a pension … and, here's the kicker, … …

    General Electric Company is not on the hook, here, for one single yen in damages!!!

    Isn't capitalistic fascism just sooooooo wonderful??? Think about it: You die, we win, we die!! A modern business plan.

    peace …

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    • 16Penny 16Penny

      Hey nedli,

      ". . . certainly no reason to jettison an entire, well-paying industry, which adds so to our GNP"

      If they were not doing Nuclear business, it would just be some other form of energy. Maybe mothballing nuclear would help pump more money into renewable projects instead.

      Wind, solar and water have been around forever because they are so great! Beyond my opinion, it is not a coincidence that they still survive. They are,excepting construction, carbon neutral and naturally occurring. I am not saying they have no impact on the environment, that is physically not possible.

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    • voltscommissar

      You die, we win, we die!!

      … it makes perfect sense, because the ONLY thing these boneheads care about is WINNING. If you win and die, you've still won, and since nobody can come after you, you are the ULTIMATE WINNER. Corporatist orgasms aplenty over that concept…

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  • HH

    Found an IAEA paper on radiation in oceans. It's an older paper, 1980's, but still interesting.

    Back then the total world inventory of Cesium-137 in the ocean was 637+/-70 PBq and 30 PBq in the sediment.

    The estimated Strontium 90 was 493 +/- PBq

    Most of the radiation is from nuclear testing fallout, HOWEVER, "an important contribution in parts of the Northern Hemisphere is additions from fuel reprocessing plants."

    There's man-made radiation in the Black Sea, the Mediterranean, Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean, the Bering Sea, Indian Ocean, Irish Sea, North Sea, Pacific Ocean, Baltic Sea, Norwegian Sea, Greenland Sea, Arctic Ocean, …basically the waters have been polluted since nuclear testing.

    An estimated 0. O6 PBq of Cesium-137 was dumped as waste in the N. Pacific Ocean.

    There's stronium-90 in CORAL, even in Indian ocean coral.

    They found Plutonium in MOSS and LICHENS in N. Greenland.

    In 1972-1974, they found more Cesium-137 in the Arctic ocean than they predicted (and think it's from the 1957 Ural mountains nuclear disaster, where C137 and S90 were released in large quantities).

    Almost all of the Cesium from Sellafield goes to the Norwegian coast.

    The northern N. Atlantic gets discharge from LaHague.

    Do a search inside the paper to see what radiation was found in your area's waters.

    Really interesting document.

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  • We Not They Finally

    So much for "how long it takes to reach us"….

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    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi We Not They Finally,

      It's here and it's staying, plus it's growing with each layer.

      It came fast on the wings of the jet stream.

      Has anyone told North Korean leader Kim Jong Un not to waste his nuke missile, were already there.
      However, that's a good way to cover up the fact Fukushima got us good, and that our officials knew.

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      • WindorSolarPlease


        We're already there, we have already been nuclear radiated.

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        • weeman

          The real question is we all know that radiation corrupts DNA and makes you sterile, hence extinction at what level does this occur, if we continue on the path we are on we will find out and that is reality.

          How to prevent will take a whole new view on reality and personnely I don't think we have the ability, no fault of our own, it's in our DNA, please prove me wrong.
          This plant has can support only x number of organisims due to its size and I like bio diversity, I value every living organism and do not believe that this plant is for humans only, now that would be sterile.
          You want the truth, to many humans, we have to live within our means, that means with nature.
          If you think we will be able to flee this plant in the near future wake up.
          And now for something completely different, does it hang to the left or right, we have to be proactive so it should hang to the left.

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  • WE ARE NOW just scratching the surface of this ugly reality. The amount of radiation could literally be a thousand times WORSE than TEPCO has stated. They are PROVEN LIARS. Unfortunately, they don't care if they get caught or not. The Japanese Lawmakers and the Power company have LIED FROM THE BEGINNING. They will lie to the end, therefore, too.

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  • PraisingJesus(Eashoa’ M’sheekha) anne

    Fukushima Threatens The Continuation of Life as We Know It
    May 11, 2012
    “Mike Adams presents a Fukushima mega-meltdown special on the Friday, May 11 edition of the Alex Jones Show. Adams talks with Arnie Gundersen, the chief engineer of energy consulting company Fairewinds Associates and a former nuclear power industry executive. Mr. Gundersen continues to warn about the cataclysmic potential of the damaged Fukushima nuclear plant and is now warning about serious problems at the San Onofre nuclear plant in San Diego.!/RealAlexJones

    "The Fukushima Diary reports today that Koichi Oyama, a member of the city council of Minamisoma in the prefecture of Fukushima, has measured unusually high levels of cesium 134 and 137 in the soil of his city.

    "Soil samples were analyzed by the Minamisoma government and found to be 122 times more contaminated than the mandatory evacuation zone in Belarus north of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

    "Cesium causes cancer of the liver, kidneys, pancreas and other organs. It is particularly dangerous when it is in the soil and ends up in food.

    "In March, it was reported that cesium was detected in plankton 600 kilometers east of the Fukushima facility, according to a Japan-U.S. joint research team."

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  • Gelt

    Anybody saying what's happening in Hawaii, with this circulating around and them in the middle of it all?

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  • Keen

    This graphic does not make sense to me. It has radiation in currents hitting the California coast after just 10 days. The quickest graphic for air borne dispersal I have seen has it hitting the US west coast after six days. Of course the airborne is dropping in to the ocean on it's way over but still after a certain distance from japan most of it would be in the upper air currents coming down only with ceartain weather conditions. Then somehow the source of contamination travels away from Fukushima and then after about a year it is over. This graphic seems about as reliable to me as a any cartoon and I do not know how anybody can take it seriously.

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  • Jebus Jebus

    Consequence Management Response Teams

    doh! err.. DOE, knew what was going on from the start.
    They were there from March 15 2011 onwards.
    Six of them were there, from day one…

    WASHINGTON, D.C. – The National Nuclear Security Administration, a semi-autonomous agency within the U.S. Department of Energy, has released photographs and video of its Consequence Management Response Teams deploying from Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas, Nevada, to assist Japanese efforts in the response to the March 11 earthquake and tsunami.

    On March 15, 33 experts from NNSA and the Department of Energy arrived in Japan and have been deployed to U.S. consulates and military installations in Japan. These teams have the skills, expertise and equipment to help assess, survey, monitor and sample areas for radiation. They include smaller groups that could be sent out to gather technical information in the area.

    The 33 team members joined another six DOE personnel already in Japan. The pictures are available here and the video is available here.

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  • Keen

    Thanks for the ctbto link HH. Of course the west coast of the US could mean Alaska. None the NOAA link above still does not seem to make much sense. It does not match well with any other dispersion patterns I have seen and I have seen plenty. Perhaps I don't understand the animation, like I wonder if it is supposed to represent air borne dispersal in to the ocean. Still it does not match well with other airborne dispersal paterns or ocean current dispersal animations I have seen. I am not saying that it did not get here I am just saying this animation looks like it has serious problems to me. The way the radiation also just suddenly drops off next to areas of high concentration is also very odd.

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    • voltscommissar

      My take on the issues you raised:

      apologies for posting that in the other thread, it would have fitted better here ;-)

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      • Keen

        This reply is a bit late but… Thanks Volts your points are well taken. I have actually made a complete turn about form my initial posting. I thought that it was meant to represent liquid deposition and dispersal which did not make sense. I had also not given adequate thought to moving air deposition on to moving water which I believe this graphic represents. It would be nice to have the parameters of the animation explained. While it is an approximation made from NOAA data I do now believe that it probably is a reasonably close representation (within the parameters they set). What it shows is disconcerting. I would like to see more data on sampling from the waters along the pacific coast. From Vancouver to Alaska looks like it hit badly.

        I have four kinds of commonly eaten seaweed I collected and dried almost a year ago from the central Oregon coast. I got it for sampling but have yet to establish the proper avenue. My old Victoreen geiger counter seems to pick up a slightly elevated level (~20 to 60 cpm above background) but it is not very easily interpretable with my instrument. Most things I test however show no discernible difference from background.

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  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    So..I wonder how Hollywood..likes being including with the 'regular/small' people..
    Hollywood..complicit suck-ups for the Obama administration.

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  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    PS.90210..take a swim..have sushi for lunch..
    It's all good..Kardashian is having West's baby..
    Don't worry your pretty/plastic heads… about it.

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  • Salemone Salemone

    Some days I feel like I'm in a B movie.
    I live in Oregon and have pretty much accepted the fact that we are totally screwed. Hell, our government couldn't even protect our Navy. There was absolutely nothing they could do to protect us two years ago. There is nothing they can do to protect us now or in the future from this monstrosity. This genie is out of the bottle and there is no way to put it back. It is a slow motion ELE.

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  • Marushka Marushka

    NOAA is ATMOSPHERIC dispersion into the sea (pacific)

    Both Busby and Yablkov predicted that the worst hit area would be the North Pacific – because of the atmospheric fallout primarily.

    [German] Model simulations on the long-term dispersal of 137Cs released into the Pacific Ocean off Fukushima

    and short video with sound explaining the parameters ~~>>

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