“High concentrations” of radiation hit US and Canada — Plume was rich in Cesium-137 and “close to the surface” from Vancouver southward — See also Hawaii, Florida (MAPS)

Published: October 28th, 2011 at 2:20 pm ET


SOURCE: Xenon-133 and caesium-137 releases into the atmosphere from the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant, Stohl, A., Seibert, P., Wotawa, G., Arnold, D., Burkhart, J. F., Eckhardt, S., Tapia, C., Vargas, A., and Yasunari, T. J., October 20, 2011

Here are some excerpts concerning North America [Emphasis Added]:

  • “Already on 15 March, a first isolated 133Xe cloud reached western North America, followed by the arrival of high concentrations of both 133Xe and 137Cs on 19 March.”
  • “The main part of the radioactive plume entered western North America on 17–18 March. On 18 March at 12:00UTC, the head of the plume had already arrived over the North Atlantic, but the main part was located over the eastern Pacific Ocean and western North America, where it could be detected at monitoring sites. This part of the plume was also rich in 137Cs, as it was still close to the surface south of 50 [Most of US/Canada border is 49°]. At the same time, the plume penetrated the subtropics and arrived at Hawaii on 19 March.”
  • “A map of the simulated surface concentrations of 133Xe for 22 March shows that all of western North America was engulfed by the FD-NPP plume, as well as parts of eastern North America and eastern  Asia.”

ABSTRACT: ACPD – Xenon-133 and caesium-137 releases into the atmosphere from the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant: determination of the source term, atmospheric dispersion, and deposition

SOURCE: Discussion Paper

Note Florida, in comparison to the rest of the southeastern U.S.:

See Also: [intlink id=”mainichi-reveals-secret-japan-nuke-plant-country-latent-possession-nuclear-weapons” type=”post”]Mainichi reveals “Secret” at Japan nuke plant — Country has ‘latent’ possession of nuclear weapons[/intlink]

Published: October 28th, 2011 at 2:20 pm ET


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214 comments to “High concentrations” of radiation hit US and Canada — Plume was rich in Cesium-137 and “close to the surface” from Vancouver southward — See also Hawaii, Florida (MAPS)

  • ocifferdave

    Looks like Central America would not have been hit as hard as place farther North.

    • ocifferdave

      Okay, I need to proof read many of my posts before I hit Submit. Sorry! “hit as hard as place farther North” sentence should be burned, churned into cement blocks, and dumped into the Tokyo Bay. “hit as hard as North America” is much better on the brain. Hey, Dave, where do you live? Oh, place farther North, man..place.

      ***Fuel retrieval at Fukushima to start in 10 years

      Japan’s Atomic Energy Commission says it aims to start retrieving melted nuclear fuel rods from the Fukushima Daiichi power plant within 10 years.

      webmasters comment:


      Source: nhk.or.jp


      • Al-Chemisto

        Hi Dave!
        I think they are measuring the ETA on the fuel rods with one of their pegged meters. You think it only reads up to 10 years? Funny! /not/

      • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

        Dear Dave: I do that, too. Don’t be hard on yourself. We’re human. lol

      • AkDave AkDave

        Way north Fairbanks.

      • beamofthewave

        This just really sucks, makes it clear how bad we are hit on the west coast. I tell people about this and they think I am nuts. Now I just keep my mouth shut and keep changing my cars air filter so I dont breath that shit in all the time. I am so glad I got my kid to southern Georgia in June. Wish I could have got her out of here sooner.

  • Tye Dye Colours…yippeee

    Hey Man, whatcha smokin?

    A Cesium joint Man….gets you high Man…puts hair on your chest and extra balls too…wanna a hit?

    red red wine

  • selfsovereign

    Is Buenos Aires the largest metroplolis? Located the furthest south of the equator??

    Someone posted here rent was averaging $750.00/month or so, and a 4 person fish dinner was like 6 bucks or something.

    If you had the financial resourses, perhaps this would be a good HOME BASE to safely relocate to and still have access to modern conveniences.
    Then from this “safe” place, one could decide try to decide where to go, what to do, with the rest of your life.


    What a meaningless waste of a wonderful planet.

  • James Tekton James Tekton


    We sure found these maps to be helpful then.

    After we saw those maps for months, we found out they were being fluffed up to not show how bad it really was. It was just weeks after the real truth of how bad it was when they completely put the lid on all the dispersal and plume maps like these above.

    Talk about capitol crimes of the highest degree. This is inexcusable and a total failure of the scientific community of the entire world. There in nothing we will ever believe again from any or these preposterous impostor scientist traitors to the human species. The real scientific community that is complicit in this cover up is no greater than the evil pond scum wicked lying propagandistic lame stream media that backs up these hiders of real information with more lies and spews mis/dis-information to cover up these horrible truths. It is hard to believe that there are just a handful that seem to be telling us the truth, but still hold back the real information like these maps that we ALL really want to see so we can adjust our lifestyles to the waves of radiations coming from japan.

    The crime of the epa is the greatest sin of all.


    What a horrendous outlandish waste of human resources and money that supports this evil useless organization. The epa needs to be shut down with all the rest of these professionals that hide these maps. These dark-hearted scientists and card carrying lackeys should all be ousted from any public forum as total hacks and slimy toads kow-towing to the evil nuklear(GE) institutions and govts that hide the information that would help the worlds people and environment.

    OK, rant off.

  • My experience as an academic has been that scientists who are academics (and medical doctors) are not following this disaster on the whole.

    Those who are following rely on the same information that the general public has access to.

    Few academic scientists have any way of measuring dispersion. To measure disperson a person would need access to the government censor data.

    Academics are very conservative about what sources they accept as valid and will only trust other academic accounts so the lack of access to data has essentially suppressed academic inquiry and investigation.

    Furthermore, academics in physics and chemistry are taught to evaluate risk using (primarily) mathematical cost-benefit risk models.

    The data on risk levels were created by government and nuclear scientists decades ago and these models are flawed on many counts but most academics do not know that.

    So, my feeling is that the vast majority of academic scientists are unwittingly complicit, rather than deliberately deceptive.

    Those academics who deliberately lie when they know better have been seduced by the dark side…

    • Kevin Kevin

      Well said.

      Further to your insight.

      At the time there were a number of sites that had computer model dispersion and exposure data. Much of it was treated exactly as you suggest if not entirely ignored.

      I found this interesting at the time.

      For decades now we have been bombarded with AGW rhetoric and scientific data. Almost all of it entirely based on computer modelling which resulted in the longest, loudest and far reaching campaign in the history of the environmental movement.

      Compare that to the complete silence of the dispersion and exposure computer modelling resulting from Fukushima.

      After much consideration I have concluded that the AGW crowd is/was largely driven by the nuclear industry to justify the recent renaissance. The silence backs up my observation when the very same crowd ignores the very same data source which would deter nuclear development while continuing the computer molde based campaign for AGW supporting the development of nuclear power.

      What do you think?

      • Kevin

        I have been wondering about this issue also.

        However, there are quite a few environmentalists and social scientists who believe global weather change is occurring rapidly, but do not agree with nuclear energy as a solution.

        Greenpeace, for example, believes global warming is resulting in wild weather but advocates AGAINST nuclear power as a solution.

        Helen Caldicott takes the same position by demonstrating how expensive nuclear power is in carbon consumption and atmospheric pollution.

        However, in policy circles, the policy crowds in the democratic and republican parties favor nuclear energy as a so-called solution to global warming.

        Read Caldicott’s account http://www.amazon.com/Nuclear-Power-Answer-Helen-Caldicott/dp/B002YX0CTK/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1319833839&sr=8-2

        Many advocates for nuclear energy as a solution to global warming are either ignorant or industry shills.

        My belief is that in addition to shills driving the nuclear agenda, we have policy makers who see an imminent threat from declining carbon fuels.

        The recent fracking misadventure in the US seems to be driven by greed AND fears that oil availability is declining.

        Some policy people may see nuclear as a way of forestalling economic collapse caused by dramatically higher energy costs.

        however, they are misguided for the reasons Caldicott outlines.

        So, my overall opinion is that greed, ignorance, and fear (fear about declining carbon-based fuel availability are together the driving forces for nuclear.

        I think global weather destabilization is real… no one can tell for sure the consequences… only model possibilities…

        • Kevin Kevin

          Yes it is true that various organizations and individuals synonimous with AGW are also anti nuclear. Al Gore even claimed to be against its development as an alternative or answer to the threats he raised with AGW.

          Which is why I tended to underscore how broad and long lasting teh AGW campaign has been and worked to compare it to the utter and complete silence on computer modelling resulting from Fukushima.

          The contrast is what underscores my opinion in this regard.

          There are many well intentioned leaders, grassroots environmentalists and ENGOs that are concerned about AGW whom are also anti nuclear. However there are also many not so well intended individuals and organizations who have used environmental rhetoric and causes too forward industrial agendas that are antithetical to the environment.

          I raise this because to my thinking this issue lies at the heart of the dysfunctionalism we are experiencing in the energy industry and the overall economy resulting in the revolt we are experiencing.

          It is an issue that never quite gets addressed, industry’s capturing of the opposition and framing the debate through the innapropriate use of ENGOS as green window dressing has corrupted the public discourse and subsequent policy making leaving little other avenue for expression besides civil disobedience.

        • Kevin Kevin

          You raised a lot of great points in your response Maija (you also have a great blog and I liked your post today on OWS) and these chat boxes leave so little room for a proper response.

          I agree with your brief analysis on the thrust behind nuclear power being diverse and involving the dynamics you suggest.

          I was trying to focus on the obvious contrast that exists on computer modelling and the same communities management of the data. One set would support an argument for nuclear power and the other would not.

          One of the industries largest obstacles lies in the court of public opinion and ever since TMI nuclear development in America has been at a stand still.

          However during the time since TMI AGW has come to the fore and has been aided and abaited by the industry in an attempt to overcome the strong negative public opinion that has existed as a result TMI ( not to mention Chernobyl).

          There are large dollars in play and 50 Billion public dollars in particular, not to mention liabilities, which is why overcoming public opinion is a serious issue with this otherwise non chalant industry with little if any regard for the public. Which i am sure arises from being war based and ultra powerful.

          Your observations are completely accurate, the peak oil and fracking comments in particular, fear is a great driver of markets and public obedience. However in the instance of nulcear power, the public bears the entire burden of all externalized costs in addition to liabilities which also raises my suspicions with AGw proponents. Not that the modelling is not convincing nor that I disregard extreme climate patterns are prevalent, its just that I don’t trust the bastards and there is tons of Greenwash precedent.

          The point, which I obviously believe bares repeating, is that AGW has been used as green screen for this industry and is evidenced in the contradicting behaviour around computer modelling between AGW and Fukushima.


    • Hemisfear311 Hemisfear311

      Abraham Lincoln once said:

      “I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts.”

      • jdstone1

        Al Gore and his NWO friends have created this Global Warming Scheme to make yes you have guessed it money.

        Take a look at this and investigate further yourself


        Being from Canada there have been many days we had said where is this Global warming and that is in may june july and august.

    • truthseek truthseek

      First off – you all ARE OFF THE CHARTS! *I would be going insane without this website and forum sorting through topics and wisdom expressed here, by all contributing. Thank you very, very much

      @majia – reply seems displaced in thread. The prospect of a range of people (including academics) that could not readily gather and assimilate the needed data, in essence to arrive at any valid considerations or approach to this epic and ever unfolding global disaster is a profound problem.

      We each reason and process our surroundings differently. I first feel things (intuitively what have you) and reason through them, adding the dimensions of input and refinement by those around us… so on.

      **How do we leverage greater global reasoning of those not directly involved or displaced by the lack of coverage and marginalization by MSM on cascading events which, ALL SADLY APPEAR TO BE BEYOND.

      If I were a scientist (with greater knowledge of Nuclear) or featured greater background in field, I would be crawling out of my skin totally freaked out, even though we cannot directly see the radiation, we are witnessing a massive “end of times” event which so many are Ho HUM about as if they were watching some game show.

    • +1 Well stated majia!

      My friend a scientist and biologist had no-clue of the current situation from Fuku. Once I explained she mostly understood and as a biologist was very saddened.

      Further discussion led to talking about studies and testing. Her position was that it could take years of study and peer reviews. (that’s her training)

      My thought, which I probably did not communicate very well, was that we need academics who can make quick postulations and forgo the usual ‘time consuming’ ways of analysis that just are not applicable at this time.

      We need ‘experts’ who can think outside the box. That’s a tough one to overcome. One thing about scientists are that they follow directions very well and any deviation from protocol makes them uneasy. They fear ridicule if they are wrong.

      We need to overcome the ‘fear’ and decide to make the best decisions possible…. and quickly… like NOW!

    • DaughterProduct

      Precisely correct. Debate with them can be dangerous; they can declare a person both untrained and delusional. Easy win.

      Maybe already posted, but, um…today, Canada:


      “Patients and staff have been getting sick at the Regina General hospital’s kidney dialysis unit and no one knows why. Officials with the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region have been investigating reports of a noxious odour in the area, which was first noticed in July. The smell, described as akin to ammonia, has left staff and patients complaining of burning and itchy eyes, sore throats and a metallic taste.”

  • chaossquared

    Like ive said before, im moving south next june if not sooner. Ill let everyone know what its like. Its just not worth it to stay here anymore. 🙁

    • Buffalojam

      Considering where you are now and how much radiation you may have received, I hope that next June is not to late. Wherever you decide is best for you please consider a place with solid medical care. We all may be needing some soon. Best wishes.

    • ocifferdave

      @chaossquared I hear ya buddy! I’m glad I’m not the only one thinking it’s worth the effort to escape the invisible flames that mean to burn away my family’s health.

      • StillJill StillJill

        Good for you OD,…I believe you will remove your family from harm as long as you can! Dude,…that’s the only sane,..TRUE sane thing to do. I sure question my sanity staying on the coast! Really wonder about my desire to live.

        • Whoopie Whoopie

          Now come on SJ. We can’t get so down that we feel that way, can we? Some days are worse than others. Keep chin up!

          • Whoopie Whoopie

            See My Avatar?
            That worker is pointing to us saying:
            DONT GIVE UP!

      • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

        @ocifferdave and chaossquared,

        Where exactly are you two?

        Your discussion of moving makes me think about it more…but I can hardly imagine moving somewhere like Central America, that would be such a major relocation…

        Also, although the radiation levels are higher here (0.42 uSV per hour this evening), they are still lower than some places (I noticed Colorado always had high levels, 50’s and up)where people still live and thrive, so I’m not convinced that it’s too dangerous to live here. I see a lot of really healthy people around here, still having healthy babies and healthy children.

        If the levels continue to rise, especially after the rainy season, I may reconsider, though. I just know my family and friends would probably not go for it, and I can’t imagine leaving them behind.

        I’d almost rather die younger with the people I care about than go somewhere to save my own skin, and be alone.

        But ocifferdave, if you do go to Honduras (or wherever), I would like to stay in touch with you. It would be good to have a connection there just in case…

        • Hot Tuna Hot Tuna

          Guatemala is nice too. I like the area around Lake Atitlan and wouldn’t mind living there someday.

        • uhoh

          WCG “I’d almost rather die younger with the people I care about than go somewhere to save my own skin, and be alone”.

          My sentiments exactly. My attachments to where I live are strong. There’s no way most of the family would agree to go until things turned horrendously bad and by then it’s probably to late. My parents are starting to hit the age where they’ll need help soon. How am I supposed to desert them to save my own skin? Just can’t do that …..

          • ocifferdave

            “How am I supposed to desert them to save my own skin? Just can’t do that…”

            You are thinking like a morally sane person!

            My motivation is similar, take care of my famil.

          • arclight arclight

            “How am I supposed to “desert” them to save my own skin? Just can’t do that”

            in connection with dosdos comments below concerning low contamination where there is a drought…maybe the desert is the place to be..

            go long on bedouin tents and camels!! 🙂

            it would be a hard sell for the family though…but it might catch on !!

          • Deserts or dry areas with deep wells for water may be prime real estate in the near future.

            Seems ironic to me that we ‘banished’ Native Americans to reservations usually located in the harshest most desert-like environments. It just may be poetic justice.

            “Time evolves and it comes to a place where it renews again….” – Floyd Red Crow Westerman


            “Contaminate your bed and you will one night suffocate in your own waste….” – Chief Seattle Speech, Dec 1854

    • beamofthewave

      Where are you?

  • arclight arclight

    seems like the maps explain why english butter was less hot than the new zealand butter..this shows on the 22 march 2011 at 18.00 hrs the a large red blob heading to south america…add to the fact that the winter southerly wind is continuing to contaminate the south pacific thailand china australia and there is a southerly wind that moves down the western coast of south america, also breaking into the southern hemisphere!! i wasnt able to get any data on this weather phenomina or whay causes it, but i read it exists…any climatolegists from western south america in the house?

  • Sirius

    Probably too late for BA, too. I believe that, today, the whole map is red.

  • dosdos dosdos

    It would seem that the drought that hit central Texas this year was in fact a blessing. The cyclonic high pressure center that often dominates a dry hot summer in Texas started early this year and kept most of the plume to the north. If you want to remain in the US and don’t mind dry, triple digit heat, Texas is probably the least contaminated of all 50 states.

    • LetThemEatYellowCake LetThemEatYellowCake

      Hopefully some parts but have you checked Radnet’s beta levels for Amarillo recently? Day before yesterday average cpm was 477. 🙁

      • dosdos dosdos

        I was referring to central Texas, where the drought was most notable. The panhandle and the Oklahoma border have been getting ample rain, unlike the other three quarters of the state. If you look at Austin on RadNet, you’ll see nothing detected above background ambient radiation.

        • LetThemEatYellowCake LetThemEatYellowCake

          Oh good, and yes I do see, glad to hear it!:) I sure hope the numbers aren’t fudged..

          • dosdos dosdos

            Considering the number of high tech companies who manufacture computer chips, etc in the Austin area, who pay close attention to things like ambient radiation, if the figures had been fudged, it would have been made known publicly.

          • arclight arclight

            yep! the rain/snow/seamist will account for 90 percent of the contamination fallout, fallup, falldown oh and probaly fallin as well!! 🙂

    • beamofthewave

      Texas is contaminate with Texans who are nutty, they put in George Bush twice. Hello

      • alasanon

        actually, TX natives are very friendly on the whole–check out the major cities! Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

    • alasanon

      I was trying to tell people here this…but they chewed me out! I was recently at a national conference and couldn’t help noticing that the peppiest, healthiest-looking attendees were from Austin, TX…hmmm?…

  • vivvi

    I am in Australia, but my husband’s daughter is still in the USA (Idaho), and recently became pregnant again. She has been told the truth about the problem of fallout, but somehow I don’t think the young want to hear it. It makes me a little anxious when we know about the radioactive rain in Boise, but nobody wants to hear the truth about invisible death falling from the sky. At the very least I hope she heeds the message not to let the children play in the rainwater.

    • voltscommissar

      “became pregnant”??? On the day when the world struggles and groans under the weight of 7 billion, I just have to ask about the attitude of women. When will there be “enough” humans on this planet to satisfy the biological drive of the female of the species?

      Biology 101: if you can read and write, you have had an education, and I strongly believe that no human female with an IQ over 70 “becomes pregnant” as if by magic. We all know how to act if we want to have a baby. So why don’t women admit that they actively CHOOSE to continue this insane population explosion? Ably encouraged by all the media, all the fashion industry, all the pro-growth corporatists who ever lived. The husbands who love them usually capitulate to the female biological clock in my esperience. Some males may also have a strong desire to be a dad many times over, I don’t know, it was not my personal experience in 30 years of marriage. Since you ask, father of three.

      It is far too late in the day for people (yes, women) to use the lame excuse that they “became pregnant”. Babies happen by design, not by accident, so the next question is how do we reconcile each woman’s seemingly INSATIABLE desire to procreate with the limits of a finite planet? BTW I’m defintely NOT implying in any way that the misery of spontaneous abortions or the birth of fatally deformed babies is the way populations should be controlled. Something’s gotta give…….

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      Hugs to you and your family vivvi. Idaho too.

    • Dogleg Dogleg

      Last week my good friend told me her daughter was with child. My reply was “I hope you told her to avoid dairy, tap water and stay out of the rain. She has kind of been on the fence about radation, but keeps an open mind. I could tell by the look on her face that she had not warned her daughter, but was probably going to. I stoped back by a couple of days ago and she informed me that her daughter had lost the baby. 10 wks old. She had gone in for an ultrasound and there was no heartbeat. Somehow I felt quilty for even saying anything. So sad. Peace from Boise Idaho.

      • farawayfan farawayfan

        Thank you DL, for sharing a painful story. I hear more and more about lost babies every day in young healthy women. I can tell you before this year I heard maybe enough to fill the fingers of one hand over decades of listening. I’ve filled that hand and more since March.

  • Whoopie Whoopie


    • ocifferdave

      In body or spirit?

      • farawayfan farawayfan

        “We are spirits, in the material world.”

        Who knew that might mean spirits only sooner than anyone thought……….

    • Nuclear Axe

      I live in Sao Paulo. If you want a radiation free environment to live in, I’ll tell you: Don’t come here.

      I recently bought one geiger counter and it reads 0.40 ~ 0.60 uSv/hour.
      First, I thought the geiger counter was broken. Then, I found a research from a physicist that confirmed my own readings.
      That’s too much and we all are going to die young.

      • staycalm

        There’s some parts of Brasil with really high radiation levels before this mess, as I understand it.

        • There are some parts at Brasil with monazit sand (you can bath there), this is natural radiation a mix of thorium and lanthanoids. It can have rather high values when you measure it directly at the sand strand. Nevertheless 0.4-0.6 uSv/h in Sao Paulo is really a high value — where does this come from — don’t think its the monazit sand ?

          • Nuclear Axe

            Hi rdklein.

            Yes, I think the only explanation to this is the radioactivity coming from the soil. Sao Paulo soil is compounded by sand, quartz, asbestos, limestone, barite, bauxite, feldspar, phosphate, manganese, lead ore, peat.

            I’ll keep monitoring and hope this mess never comes to here and other places of the world as well.

  • many moons

    We are waiting for ya Whoopie!

  • lam335 lam335

    So what happened to all that stuff about only “minuscule” “trace amounts” having been detected? Can we impeach the president for this? It was his executive branch agencies that knowingly misinformed the public in the face of a serious threat to their health and well-being.

    • lam335 lam335

      On second thought, trying to impeach the president would be too politically divisive–his party would only circle the wagons around him and we would not get to the truth. A better plan would be to demand a congressional investigation into how the EPA and other relevant agencies (NRC?) handled of this matter–what they knew, when they knew it, and who made the decisions to withhold relevant information and release dis- and/or misinformation to the public regarding the plume’s allegedly not being a threat to health.

      • farawayfan farawayfan

        You’re funny, thinking any of them will investigate anything ever on this. Current system = (in the terms of my younguns) EPIC FAIL.

        There will be no impeachment, no investigation, no reprisals. Just pain, suffering and death, while people go on insisting everything is fine. People like you and me, just less mentally flexible and under- and mis- informed.

  • wfs williamfostershannon

    it rained so much in Pittsburgh this summer. Makes me sick to think about it. I keep talking to people about Fukushima and they look at me like I am crazy. I think I have lost a lot of FB “friends” just becuase of constant single issue posting. Recently I told a friend I was keeping my kids out of the rain and my friend said “poor kids”. He has kids too. I didnt respond with any negative stuff I just felt more isolated. And.. I felt sorry for him and his kids. Is this a place i can come and commiserate because I think I am losing my mind.

    • LetThemEatYellowCake LetThemEatYellowCake

      Sorry to hear that wfs and I hear ya about the rain..wow, I know it was bad. It makes me sick too. I have been “whoopiing-around” (new verb;) FB too for the past 7 months and despite everything I say and/or post, the tumbleweeds persist. I’ve had “friends” report my comments on my own page as spam so they’re taken down, and “family” call me names behind my back with several stopping speaking to me altogether; but, I DO know it has helped a few think so that’s worth it to me. Your post is helpful in letting others know they’re not alone, thanks and hang in there. Your children are blessed to have you as a parent!

    • CB CB

      I feel like F€%#*% g killing somebody.

      • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

        Dear CB: If you are actually able to do that, I recommend helping all of us get started on killing the idiot billionaires that are at fault for this situation (commercial nuclear power is a profiteering venture enriching billionaires and they know how bad they’re screwing us). I wouldn’t hold it against you.

        • CB CB

          Didn’t they shoot first, peppering my childrens lungs, water, and food. In any country, the opporttunity, capability, and intent were satisfied. The probable cause that a reasonable person would have reason to believe a violent crime has been commited against them. The right to defend myself against persons, wiyh what means I have available. I’m pissed, like a reasonable person should be. The people who have gotton us in this mess, need to do a 180. Work together, and stop the lies. Be part of the solution, and not the problem. I was just venting, enenews can remove the above comment if they like. I have no intentions to harm anyone. With the world leaders preventing the release of information, I suppose we are the leaders. Thanks enenews.com

          • beamofthewave

            They will suffer more than you can imagine, a slower death in some hole watching their food and water go down daily and all that. I pity them.

        • Pallas89juno, CB,
          It’s all spades ♠, It is what it is now and forever will be, they have shortened their existences as ours, they may have the means to evade a little longer, but if they do not know aliens that will take them to another planet, they are going down with the same horrors we will witness in the end !
          Sooner or later their money will buy nothing and they will eat what we eat and their offspring’s, they have nail down the lid on their own lives as well !
          I see the number counts grow everywhere each week, it is as we feared from the start !

          • CB CB

            It must be nice to have miles and miles of underground bunkers, and years of living arrangements paid for by us tax payers at the ready. Food stores for years to come, fresh water, and cable.

    • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

      Sorry to hear that, williamfostershsannon. But don’t worry, you are not alone. This is definitely the place for you to come, commiserate, and hopefully find help, advice, strength, etc.

      • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

        God, what’s with my typing tonight? Anyway, you know what I’m trying to say, I hope.

      • StillJill StillJill

        Yes Williamfostershannon,…..I’m needing to hear some sane rantings,…sorry to say,…but your candid feelings resonate STRONGLY here! Welcome aboard friend! 🙂

    • Au Au

      Yeah, you are not alone. Does anyone else wake up and think, “Ok, what day is it? Ok, it’s _________. Hmm, let’s see what else?….oh, yeah, Fuku : (
      Is there some way out of this? think think think. Nope. What about the kids? The kids. The kids….Their future?”
      Think think think…thinking like a computer that is trying to solve an unsolvable equation.

  • many moons

    A video by 911 truth on you tube explains why many people will never disbelieve the goverment’s official story about 911. When an truther individual presented a woman with many reasons to question the official story she replied ” I wouldn’t believe you even if you are telling the truth” There are many people who do not want to hear the truth cause it will upset their mental image of the US goverment. They don’t want to open that box and you opening it for them is distressing for them.I think FuKU is related to this same denial in the same way, it’s just too much for many to question the media, our goverment. After all, Americans are train not to question authority, this goes against many fundamental beliefs, and that’s where THEY have the advantage. This video is very interesting and goes on to point out ways that information can be presented.


    • jtb

      I agree… but my view is also thatnothing is more pathetic than someone argueing passionately in support of the party line concerning 9-11 (and Fuku)- because it just shows that they really don’t have the personal courage to research the facts for themselves. Self-rightious ignorance is truly terrifing in this context.

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      Fave Quote: “A positive attitude in support of a negative situation is very, very dangerous indeed.”

  • I am not sure how many of you guys visit my site but I have made some changes as outlined in this blog post:


    I added a new forum. Maybe some of you can help me kick start it with a few posts. Please stay over here at enenews but I just need some help breathing some life into the forum!

    Enenews is a great site and I just want to borrow some members to get some dialogue started in my part of the world. I could create 10 user accounts and talk to myself on the forum but I’m not that interesting all creative!

    Thanks to the Enenews staff for their previous comment on my blog(Shared with Crookhaven) as it is hard work.

    • I just want to borrow you which will encourage current people to engage in discussion. They are very quite 🙂

      But then again I only started the forum yesterday.

      You can actually start a topic within pre-defined categories and then slowly fade away back to enenews. I just need the kick start.

    • nuckelchen nuckelchen

      can’t find the reg-button to blow in there..

    • alasanon

      Thanks for your blog. I have shared it with family & friends in several different cities! They said “great info”! And I’ve stumbled on some other great links and resources through your sites… Thanks again!

  • nuckelchen nuckelchen

    got it now, sorry.

  • arclight arclight

    Chernobyl at Ten: Half-lives and Half Truths
    by John M. LaForge
    “In a long page one story, the Aug. 2, 1995 New York Times reported that life expectancy has plummeted in Russia, making it the first nation in history to ever experience such a public health status reversal. Male life expectancy is now the lowest in the world (below even India or Bolivia) and, at the same time, infant mortality rose 15 percent in both 1993 and 1994, and there are now epidemic rates of heart disease and cancer. Dr. David Hoel, an epidemiologist at the Medical University of S. Carolina, is studying whether Chernobyl’s radiation is a major factor in the spread in cancers and birth defects. “Everyone assumes the connection,” he said.

    The journal Nature has published a study of children born in 1994 to mothers exposed to Chernobyl’s fallout in 1986. Researchers studied 79 families 186 miles from Chernobyl and found never-before-observed “germ-line” mutations: changes in DNA of the sperm and ovum. Such mutations are passed on from generation to generation.[18]

    Nature has also reported that in Greece, 2,800 kilometers from Chernobyl, where radiation exposures were far lower than in areas close to the reactor, leukemia has been diagnosed at rates 2.6 times the norm in young people who were in the womb when the reactor exploded. The British epidemiologist Dr. Alice Stewart found long ago that only one diagnostic X-ray to the pregnant abdomen increases the risk of leukemia in the offspring by 40 percent.[19] However, the report from Greece is the first to link Chernobyl’s wreckage to increased leukemia incidence in children exposed in utero.[20] The report has moved some experts to again warn that the low levels of radiation to which people are exposed every day “could contribute to cancer.”


    • arclight arclight

      Even the stodgy New York Times has reported that “cancers are now believed to be the result of smaller [radiation] doses, and the amount of damage inflicted by a given dose is now believed to be larger.”[21]

      In a related study, two U.S. geneticists analyzing animals inside Chernobyl’s 6-mile radius found that small rodents known as voles “sustain an extraordinary amount of genetic damage.” The study found that “the mutation rate in these animals is . . . probably thousands of times greater than normal.” Two findings called “ominous” were, first, that one-third of the mutations that the scientists expected to see were not even detected — probably because they were lethal. “It could be that the animals were never born,” said Dr. Robert Becker of Texas Technical Univ. Second, “the vole mutations were cumulative, increasing with each succeeding generation.” Both researchers doubted that any species could sustain such a mutation rate indefinitely.[22]

      Acceptable Whole-Earth Poisoning
      The extent of Chernobyl’s radioactive, biological and ecological damage, and the depth its psychological and economic devastation are incalculable.

      What everyone does know about nuclear reactors is that they have a record of whole-earth poisoning, and that their potential for more of the same is considered acceptable — authorized in advance. This potential, for unlimited and uncontrollable radiation “accidents,” has been deliberately developed, promoted, protected, ignored and then denied, or forgotten.

      Sadly, denial and forgetfulness only make another Chernobyl inevitable. “


      interesting and on topic…unfortunately 🙁

      • Dogleg Dogleg

        Two nights ago I watched a PBS show about animals in the chernobyl exclusion zone. The theme of the show was about how nature has overcome the radation and is now thriving. Even wolves have returned to the area.

      • Net

        I know this question is pointless because it is too late the damage is done, BUT would it have been beneficial to have taken the potassium iodide tablets (i purchased)for my family? The Stupid news and doctors kept saying no need to take it because the side effects could do more damage than “the little” bit of fallout we would be exposed to. “No need to worry the about is just so small” (we live on the west coast,CA. I’m just curious if anyone on this website took the iodine tablets? I have been making sure my son is taking a daily vitamins that includes iodine and extra calcium, but we never used the emergency iodide tablets. Are the amounts coming from Fukishima’s meltdowns still coming as fallout in concentrations as like the original? I know we are still being bombarded, but should people be taking anything other than supplements? I heard long term use of potassium iodide is bad and can mess up one’s thyroid. Thanks

        • Net,
          I just took iodide from natural ad added foods and salt, seaweed and iodide added salt, after the thyroid is full, just maintain with regular foods that have iodide !
          Take other vitamins supplement’s to try to keep the other nasties out of bones and muscles.
          Did not wear a mask, did grab some hot particles before they were in the news here and after.

        • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

          I have been taking zeolite pretty regularly. It was expensive, but I’ve heard you can buy the straight mineral for A lot cheaper.

          Also seaweed and kombucha.

          • Net

            I am very concerned about seaweed or anything from the pacific ocean. If you have pre 3-11 seaweed that’s great. Thanks for the info.

          • Net,
            Yes I got a seaweed supply right after gov. grabbed up all the potassium iodide tablets from the market in the first week or so ! Crazy !
            Just look for package date, most people are not aware of the nukes in the air land sea, so you should still be able to find pre 3/11 seaweed out here in stores, long shelf life !
            Nasty stuff unless you have a taste for it mix it with 40 .lbs of sugar ! LOL
            Morton does not iodidize their salt any more but other brands do, look for iodidize on the lable !
            Take care of your loved ones and you !

          • westcoastgirl,
            How have you been girl ?
            Still staying busy with work, moving ? Take your time unpacking !
            Always happy to see you post, stay safe out there, we all need you !
            Take care riding your bike, it’s getting thicker/higher counts !

          • westcoastguy westcoastguy

            well westcoastgirl, it seems me and you are on the front lines. i need to get my hands on some zeolite and will within the next few weeks. but what i have been doing is drinking lots of tea. most of the tea ive been drinking is sage black tea and ceylon black tea from india or indonesia i forget.. also get well red teas. as ive said before being a full time student doesnt leave you with much money so its tough to get the things i need. it is what it is though. ive accepted my possible fate but havent and will not give up. im not afraid to die but i dont want to see anyone i care about go through any kind of pain. good luck to you and to everyone else. oh and ive read you like to ride your bike well i ride mine to the beach almost every day. i wish some of you on here lived close to me so we could connect in person

          • Buffalojam

            WCG – I’ve been taking a daily dose of Zeolite in powdered form since I purchased two containers from an outfit in New York six months ago. I paid a little over $100 for my order and I finished my first container just the other day. If my order lasts a full year it will cost me less than $10/month, a lot less expensive than I originally thought.
            Also, some folks have expressed concern about consuming seaweed and other products from the Pacific. I started purchasing kelp and seaweed from an outfit using Atlantic Ocean products until I saw what, IMO, were credible reports of radiation problems in these.

            • westcoastguy westcoastguy

              Thank you for the information buffalojam. i have found some good products and have dabbled with different ones. the thing is though i had no idea any of this was going on until just a few months ago. so the damage from the initial plumes have been done. the only thing i can do now is do things to hopefully reverse any long term affects. people in japan have to worry about short term affects, but everyone outside of japan, like in the US, have to worry about the long term affects. theres a company called “the ultimate life” and they have products with organic spirulina that is grown in india, well at least the product i have now says it was grown in india i still havent called the company yet but once i order more products i will. check them out at theultimatelife.net
              they also sell their products at whole foods which gives them a bit more credibility when it comes to unhealthy preservatives etc

      • Sickputer

        +100. Excellent research and a frontline document for any debate with NRC goons.

      • dharmasyd dharmasyd

        GRT Find, Arc… Your 1995 NYT article, way up thread. Thanks.

    • LetThemEatYellowCake LetThemEatYellowCake

      Mine was one of them.

      • LetThemEatYellowCake LetThemEatYellowCake

        Dead baby in ’93 that is. The Pacific NW of the United States had a massive increase in infant mortality around then too. (Seems to like to settle in Idaho a lot huh?). The other girls I knew exposed in ’86 have either lost their thyroid function, actually lost their thyroid, have liver cancer, heart disease, are mentally weird, skin cancer, kids with leukemia, kids with cleft palate, the list goes on and on (and I haven’t even gotten to how many “non-victims” of TMI I know. 75% of my neighbors have cancer or are dead already.) A total of 8 babies I knew dropped dead that year from “SIDS”. Your tax dollars at work.

        • LetThemEatYellowCake,
          Talking with a specialist the other day, my daughter’s baby boy, born 4+ months ago, turned blue twice after birth, documented here then, seems he also has a major roof cleft palate … fuka miracles WILL NEVER CEASE …. ….. silent cursing ! … Take me, leave everyone else alone !

          • beamofthewave

            I am so sorry, how is he doing now? Are they able to fix his cleft palate or do the surgeons have to wait until he is older, like one or two. When I was in the Peace Corps I helped identify folks with that problem and was able to help an man get his cleft lip fixed and he told me I can finally kiss my wife. His son looked so happy after dad looked normal. That was back in 1986.

            • beamofthewave,
              It is just the roof, his lips are fine and is not going to affect his looks, he has a very weal neck, hard to hold his head, he spits up about half of all he eats, could be he gets too much air and swallows it. My daughter is taking it hard, lot’s going on in her field of emotions !
              I love the Smiles Organization, who can watch and not cry with the mom’s when they see the miracle’s of their babies these doctors do !
              Thanks for asking, I am still very concerned about all the little ones in Japan, … Where is the airlift ?????

              Worldwide children’s charity organization, Operation Smile, provides …

              We help treat facial deformities such as cleft lips and palates all around the world.
              Learn how you can help today!

            • Hope you all see the video ! Put it on full screen ! Please help !

  • lam335 lam335

    “For unit 3, the first venting operation … is reported … on 11 March…. a second venting of about 20min was reported. Finally, on 13 March at 20:20 the safety relief valves were re-
    25 ported open, and MELCOR indicates pressure vessel failure around this time. Six hours later, 02:00UTC on 14 March, a very strong hydrogen explosion occurred …”
    <<<< I noticed in this section from the Appendix of this paper that they say that "pressure vessel failure" for reactor #3 occurred BEFORE the hydrogen explosion. I had been under the impression that, if the RPV was damaged (as the NRC says) that damage was caused by the hydrogen explosion that destroyed the building. So was the "failure" of the RPV another, earlier explosion that occurred inside the outer containment building, without having destroyed that building, or does the failure of #3's RPV refer to the fuel having already started to melt through the vessel?

  • CB CB

    First rain in many weeks here today. I’m thankful we’ve not had much rain. Look at the sudden increase in the graph provided. Obviously bad.
    East coaster.

    • Sickputer

      And even though we know RadNet is a lying sack of Fuku, looking at black Florida on the dispersion map we know why the gov there makes sure there is no functioning monitors for their cities in the RadNet disinformation group. Got to keep Disney parks running just like Tokyo. They will die with happy thoughts.

      Bill Gates… Enjoy your five months with your family in Florida in your 12 million dollar rented villa. Hope you brought bottled air. Radiation is a great equalizer of society as virtually nobody is immune to the death march unless they are in a sealed fortress forever.

    • StillJill StillJill

      Wow,..thanks CB. Now I know why my sister in Cleveland thinks I’m so crazy! They have gotten nearly NONE all spring or summer! I grew up near the Cuyahoga river–the one that caught on fire back in the 60’s! Wow,….too bad it’s the butthole of the world-IMO! (Lived there for 16 years!)

  • ilovemycatholicfaith@yahoo.com

    There is something you can do. Take i-o quest for the thyroid and also get some sea-quest. Available from (e-mail)–drvon@uncurable.com. Hope all goes well for you.

  • You didn’t see this !

    The xrays, OK, the cute nurse I have been hitting on, gave me a call today, says they think there is something behind my titty but is too dark to see there, I said, must have a tough titty as I told her, Both laughing, Want to do radioisotope’s image cat scan , I asked, can I come over after and see you while I am glowing ?
    She… I have had plenty of them, you won’t be glowing, .. David, drink only clear liquids 4 hour before scan, … How bout COFFEE ? … uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh, should be OK. …
    When can we go out for coffee ? Called back… coffee is fine, … 9:AM Mon. … … for scan guy’s, LOL … same place as Xray, No date boy’s yet, showed me her new ink after I showed her mine at the office the other day ! Beautiful up the whole left side, flowers and vines, So Kool !

    : )

    • arclight arclight

      peace xdr

    • StillJill StillJill

      xdrfox–that is good news,…I think,…you Casanova you! 🙂

      O.K.,…I’ll dish:

      Woke up in a small pool of blood Thursday morning. Saw my cancer specialist that same day,…he wants to do another biopsy of my liver,….place a nocturnal feeding tube in,…and send me to nuclear medicine for a test to see my common bile duck,..since I keep turning yellow and throwing up bile. (sorry). StillJill is laid low,….wishing she could ‘keep, keepin’ on’,…but it doesn’t look good.

      I am, and have always been ‘into the solution, out of the problem’. I have fought a good fight,…as a wise man once said. I have no regrets,…and this could only be hot particles! I have lost 12 pounds in 6 weeks.

      ‘We’ knew this would happen. I will try to fight still,…but my heart isn’t in it.

      • NoNukes NoNukes

        StillJill, we need you! I’m so sorry about your struggle :(. Please keep us posted, my best radiation-free thoughts are with you!

        • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

          StillJill ..you, hang in there..your friends here.. care about you very much.
          Keep posting your zingers,when you feel up to it.

      • Au Au

        StillJill-my thoughts and prayers are with you. You are part of our tribe.

        • arclight arclight

          thought and prayers still jill…

          • StillJill StillJill

            My heartfelt love to you all,….the comments sustain me! 🙂

            You’ll get zingers everyday,….if I have anything to say about it!

            Decided not to accept any more nuclear medicine,…or any other invasive crapola. My Surgeon seemed to respect my decision to ‘cut my losses’, and play the hand as it is. I truly feel that the rads,…pain, drugs,…would finish me off. And,…as TEMPTING as that may be,…(wanting to see my Ashley Noel),….I know that my ONLY chance is with the road I’ve chosen.

            I have even more peace now,…agreed to blood tests and the like,…but “just say no to rads”, comes to mind, for this ol’e gal! 🙂

            • Bobby1

              You go girl!

            • alasanon

              Good luck! Take yourself a nice vacation, far south? At least you can get by on disability payments & immigrate on that financial basis, from what I understand. (Some of us still have to sling the radioactive hash! ughhh.)

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        StillJill, I hope you are o.k.

      • StillJill, Hi doll,
        Try taking Baking soda, I going to be OK no mater what just as you honey !
        Trying to keep up with all and the rest as you, I seen your copy%paste om my email from past, directed at me, I had just got the inf that morning as for going in with the congestion and the new doctor wanted to do these test, the other retired after 70 years of medicine, I think the fall breaking his hip and using a walker to administer aid to his patients got to be too much, Hope he will recover from his surgery, but won’t be back ! A Tough Ole bird too !
        Email me when you can, fill you in on the other things and we can share as usual ! Love you babe !

      • dharmasyd dharmasyd

        Sending prayers and blessings. I follow Tibetan Buddhism. But I think it all works the same.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      xdr, hope you are o.k.

  • westcoastguy westcoastguy

    ill drink to this

  • desert_lady desert_lady

    Thank you arclight…. once again you’ve uncovered a lode vein of new information…

  • Human0815

    Afaik This can’t be from our F’Shima,
    must be something different5, check:

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Two sludge disposal facilities workers had sudden death within 2 weeks.
    Posted by Mochizuki on October 29th, 2011

    • arclight arclight

      errr?? nice find whoopie

      “Because it is too high to deal with normally,Japanese government gave up controlling it.
      Radioactive waste which is lower than 8000 Bq / Kg is treated as normal garbage.
      Chiba is one of the worst hot “prefecture”.
      It is easy to assume the sludge disposal facilities were severely contaminated.

      However,none of the related news has been reported,we didn’t even know the situation is so serious.”

    • Sickputer

      Re: Sludge workers drop dead:

      Hello Japan governments! Stop burning your trash you Fuku Heads! You have plenty of dump ground places now in central Japan… So dismantle your incinerators!! You are killing eveyone much faster… I would at least like to survive for the next Super Bowl.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Wow! Look at this new tweet:
    Look at what this Actor says. TRUTH TELLER!!

    • arclight arclight

      “German movie director Wim Wenders, visiting Iitate, Fukushima Prefecture, said nuclear power generation is the only invention that may destroy the future of human beings.”

      makes a better headline huh?

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      German movie director Wim Wenders, visiting Iitate, Fukushima Prefecture­, said nuclear power generation is the only invention that may destroy the future of human beings.
      I agree. Good God, what a brave man he is.

  • Bobby1

    From Professor Mori’s blog – spiders in Japanese forest show high levels of radioactive silver (Ag-110m):

    http://moribin.blog114.fc2.com/ (Japanese)

    “High concentration of silver concentrate insects That finding is the first discovery of this world. In addition, forests have already begun the bioaccumulation of radioactivity that it is clear that.”

  • ItsJustMetal ItsJustMetal

    There was this guy walking around our town yesterday, Lincoln Ca., and he had this gun looking aparatus with a notebook shaped box over his shoulder. It was brand new and something Ive never seen before. The gun part was 6 inches in diameter and 1 foot long and the box, he wore like a purse, was like 10 inches by 14 inches and 2 inches thick. He was just randomly walking around pointing the gun at everything. He had a saftey vest on so I know he was working for someone. I stopped and asked wut he was doing and he totaly ignored me. I tried yelling, incase he didnt hear me but he totaly walked away from me behind some buildings. Does anyone know wut it was? I know he heard me. I cudnt help but think he was montoring radiation with some new type of device. It was all brand new and he was walking around all of the higher populated areas.

  • irradiated californian

    yes, and yet everybody here in my part of cali is fine, all plants here are fine, and in 5 years we will continue to just live normal. relax people, this is bad, but we have no idea of the true outcome.

    • Bullshit, IK. Stay in your happy place pretending. Picking bones at ENE begs again Mark’s question… what are you doing here?

    • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

      Dear Irradiated: I suppose as long as it’s only Berkeley and a few other insider institutions (in on the joke, Manhattan Project, Nuclear Weapons, Nuclear Energy, current nuclear and non-nuclear anything research funded by the DOD and fossil fuel finding research funded by BP, of the Gulf of Mexico Gusher fame) doing the testing in CA, we’ll all be under the impression that everything is just going so swimmingly that we can go back to a la la land forgetfullness that is the norm in California, as in the rest of the generally quite unconscious United States, or what I call “Dumbfuckistan”. I prefer not to keep my head buried up my buttox.

  • alasanon

    Just have to announce that this plume from the Jet Stream that we’ve had for over a week or two has been noticeable. And it dropped much rain on the Mid-Atlantic East Coast this weekend…my water, foods?… According to http://www.Potrblog.com and others measuring what’s coming down the pike this month, the readings have been high. We’re getting our fair share all the way out here!…

    • alasanon

      I don’t wish anything bad on Canada, but I wish this hulk of bad air would get on up and out! (just wanted to warn people that E. coast foods may not be so comparably pristine after this weekend :/)

  • dpl dpl

    @constipated californian
    I’m so glad we have your personal guarantee that everything is gonna be just fine and normal where normal means more of the same lies and obfuscation. Now everyone can relax because what ignorance is bliss and Chernobel didn’t end the world so neither will this . We can stop caring and feeding the industry watchdog because MSM has our back. Let the nuclear renaissance run full speed ahead because these mishaps happen but its all under control and cancer is treatable if you don’t mutate before you reproduce.

  • brucecandu brucecandu

    occupy the ocean – get the corporations out of our ocean and off our planet.

    check out http://stateoftheocean.org/ every second breath comes from the ocean. If the oceans go down it’s game over for people. Even the 1% won’t survive – so spread the word. Maybe there’s a human conscience in the corporate board room – one with children and grand kids.

    • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

      Dear Bruce: Good link. Unfortunately, as the acidification of the ocean may cause real problems at some point in terms of marine cyanobacteria O2 production, the oceans produce 90% of our new O2 each year. All the world’s plant life otherwise produces only about 10% a year. Therefore, the problem may be worse or at least different than described there.

    • Jebus Jebus

      I can think of a few culprits, that are good candidates, for that occupy the ocean movement…

      • dharmasyd dharmasyd

        Hey. Don’t knock it. That’s what the dolphins did, mucho time phases ago. They came onto land, took a look around, and went back to the oceans. Only problem, the land based creatures are killing them now, there in the GOM and planet wide.

    • StillJill StillJill

      +100 Brucecandu!

      Seeing the dead and dying ‘friends’ in our precious Oceans is haunting me!

      I shared once before that my AA sponsor taught me 24.5 years ago, to learn to live as ‘comfortably’ as one can, WITH unresolved problems, is spiritual maturity.

      I’ve applied the Serenity Prayer to every ‘unacceptable thing’,…but the SUFFOCATING, bleeding out of our ‘seafriends’, our babies noses,….the deformed babies we all ‘see’ like a murky, foreboding, dark shadow deep in the ocean, rising almost to our sight,,….our consciousness, IS COMING.

      • many moons

        ” to live as comfortably as one can with unresolved problems, that’s a wonderful phrase, thank you so much for sharing that Jill.

  • midwestern midwestern

    Right, occupy the floor of the ocean, sleep with the fishes (radioactive only)…

  • irradiated californian

    i laughed. i’ll be here 5 years from now (if this site is still around) to prove if i was either wrong or if i am right. sadly, i think i’m right. the only people in actual, immediate, danger are the japanese.

    • alexa


      You are wrong unfortunately. At least 1/3 of us will not be arround 3 years from now. Even from the above prictures (this article) it is obvious the same level of radiation as in japan was in West Coast US and Canada, and similar levels throughout. If you visit Toronto any time soon, I can show you the mutations in my indoor and outdoor plants (watered with tap water).