Private testing finds high concentration of Plutonium in soil over 30 miles from Fukushima — “Very high radiation that is very different to what the gov’t released”

Published: May 15th, 2011 at 2:06 am ET


High concentrations of plutonium from the soil of rice field 50 km or more distant primary, Japan Business Press, May 14, 2011:

Google Translation

According to this food manufacturers, and publish the results announced at the moment but is too large to be affected and declined, from soil of rice is likely that high concentrations of plutonium were detected. […] 

MOX in the Unit 3 nuclear power plant Fukushima Daiichi had to drive, because it was a mixture of plutonium at a higher rate for fuel, and the accident at Three Mile Island and Chernobyl another half-life of plutonium-long arm and a leg and in 4000 20,000 Risk of contamination spread.

Half-life fear of contamination spread in 4000 Silent 20,000

According to newspaper and television commentator, plutonium is likely to be excluded as a foreign concern since it is populated with a human body do not want any chance.

However, air and soil plutonium scattered all over if you continue to water and the risk of being captured in concentrated form in the human body is well again. After all half-life of 4,000 years is a 20,000. Paper and wood to burn is going to run out.

Plutonium-ray α (a helium nucleus of two protons as two neutrons) to release. Α-ray is an organization deep in the human body because it prevents any piece of paper the negative effects that are not, which is said to cause lung cancer hurt intensive epidermal tissue of the alveoli are inhaled into the lungs in one.

Origin, have an accident once 引Ki起Kose, local residents, causing extensive damage throughout Japan, and continues to be burdened with the risk of contaminating the earth and a very long time.

Translation via yakiniku at Physics Forum

Additionally, a certain food manufacturing company conducted a survey by themselves. In a rice field is more than 50kms away from the Fukushima power plant, it was found that there was very high radiation that is very different to what the government released.

High density plutonium is in the rice field that was mentioned previously.

According to this food manufacturing company, they currently don’t announce these results due to the large influence* that this rice field has high concentration of plutonium.

* Note: It is not mentioned what the influence is but it implies they do not currently release the information as it may have an impact on the media/public.

h/t Anonymous Tip

Published: May 15th, 2011 at 2:06 am ET


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126 comments to Private testing finds high concentration of Plutonium in soil over 30 miles from Fukushima — “Very high radiation that is very different to what the gov’t released”

  • There are serious coverups taking place relative to this disaster. This is terrible news for Japan. Private “forecasts” are continuing on the “zardoz” server in Norway, as well. Here’s an analysis of the latest:

    Big thumbs up to “Energy News” for doing such a great job in keeping so many of us informed these many weeks now. Having started reading here in late March, I can say that folk here are some of the most intelligent company with some of the most considered comments that I have ever seen on the ‘net. Great stuff!

    • WindorSolarPlease

      I totally agree with you.

      I think there is a chance that this will get, dispersed but not diluted. I really hope that I’m wrong.

      • xdrfox

        Dilution is not the solution, it just means more people will become sick and die !

        • WindorSolarPlease

          I never said dilution is the solution. I agree, I don’t believe it’s the solution.

          I am saying that, we keep hearing that it is being dispersed.

          This does not mean that even though it is dispersed, the strength of the radiation could still be there. (it has not been diluted).

          Some people think that since it is dispersed, that the strength is not there, I think it is.

          Dispersed means to me that it’s just spread out farther.

          • Dbug

            Hopefully the links and info I left were useful to someone. Too much depth for some I’m sure, sorry for the long posts, and the typos (can’t always see the screen well).
            Thanks much to those that have shared theirs and for the forum.

            Unfortunately dispersed doesn’t mean gone, it’s on the ground or in future fish someone may eat. Not so fun to think of the lungs of the world as air filters either. 🙁

          • WindorSolarPlease

            These forecasts look like there are heavily concentrated with radiation, and spread out.

          • WindorSolarPlease

            Hi Dbug,

            I know I am still learning about this and what to do and not to do.

            Thanks for your posts and everyone’s, and especially to those running this site.

            Sometimes it is even good when people repost old information to remind us, and also for new people who come in.

          • terraohio

            It needs to be trapped.

    • radegan

      Well, now you gotta love Norway. US puts the squeeze on and demands they stop putting out public forecasts. So they don’t, they just put the new private forecasts in an already hacked folder that anyone can download. Love you, Norway!

      • radegan

        According to these latest maps, over the next three days, my area will go from single digit exposures to 400 BQ per square meter of I-131, top of the scale. If I register no change on my ancient geiger counter from today’s reading, then I’m going to be wondering if someone at NILU isn’t playing games with hackers. But it would shameful if they were frightening masses to get back at one or two guys.

        • Anna

          I’ll be watching to see what your readings are and also readings from here:

          • Anna

            I ordered an Inspector GC and will start posting CPM readings when I get it.

          • ZombiePlanet

            Look forward to GC data. Did you find an outlet that had them in stock?

          • Anna

            @Zombie Planet, No, they are not in stock. I ordered direct from the company itself. It would be great if I could calibrate it to the normal background readings that existed before the accident. If I can’t find that info then I will just have to start out at CPM as is and start charting averages from that starting point.(I will have to read the instructions.)
            I would think that we might see a lower reading than enviroreporter. We will see. It looks like the USA and Canada are getting clobbered with the really efficient jet stream carrying it above each and every door step as HAARP and scalar activity ensure that it rains it down on us. We are sitting in a swirling rain today that is not budging.

            Maybe Zardoz.nilu is a sick joke.

            It would be nice if the EPA would DO THEIR JOB. frick

        • Yes, but keep in mind the different scales of measurement. For instance, most of the Europe-based data gives bq/m^3 from direct sampling, whereas these forecasts are “total column” (so one m^2 surface area as total column is say 12-13,000 m^3 – to the top of the jetstream).

          Thus, 400 bq/m^2 over the “total column” is going to be much less per m^3 volume of air (and levels will obviously vary at different altitudes as the Rhenish forecasts USED to show before they were also stopped – there were three levels for concentration in the air, surface, 2500m and 5000m). The exact levels where measured would depend on many weather and environmental factors no doubt, but I’m no meteorologist.

          So, not sure if relying on the geiger counter will actually confirm or deny the validity of these forecasts, in other words. What we obviously need is proper monitoring to be taking place 24×7 across the entire USA and probably basically forever from now on.

          Of course, they could also just be playing some game with hackers – a sick possibility given the seriousness of this crisis, but still a possibility.

          • Anna

            I hear you. I want to compare my readings to enviroreporter and Dutchsinse. We will all be using the same GC on the same setting.

          • radegan

            Only comparing one NILU forecast to another NILU forecast for the same place. One NILU forecast shows zero and three days later predicts top of the scale. If that doesn’t mover your meter, throw it away.

        • nyc

          The Norway simulations are for “total column,” which I have read is defined as total contamination in a square meter column extending from ground level to upper atmosphere. If that is true, it is not a ground level projection (and these simulations are all projections), which is some consolation. But the potential for serious “rainout” is clearly there, again depending on the height of the rainclouds relative to the contamination (and we cannot know the height distribution of the contamination from “total column” numbers, if they are defined as above).

        • Dbug

          The site with the very detailed German monitor points had very useful tip. Rainfall sometimes spikes levels from naturally occurring radon that it brings down. The way to tell whether rain radiation reading is from radon or Japan, is to recheck samples after two hours. Radon decays and is gone in two hours, anything else lasts longer.

          If those were air concentrations you cited, that would be cubic meters. A low reading doesn’t prove them wrong, levels may peak at another altitude.

  • hawkeye

    good heavy rain tonight northern califorina
    2 days ago it rained yellow paint
    wonder what its gonna look like outside sunday

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Maybe next you’ll get sparkles, Metallic Yellow Paint.
      Not the paint job that anyone wants to have.

    • Novamind

      @ hawkeye Yellow Paint? Please Explain, Thanks.

      • radegan

        Uranium is yellow – remember ‘yellowcake’ ? When it rained in Chernobyl it was spring and many thought it was only pollen, just like in Japan now.

        • CiaW

          Here in eastern Washington we get a period of time when the pine trees give off a LOT of pollen. It’s unmistakable because nearly everything outdoors (including cars) is covered with what appears to be yellow dust. However, rain will wash it off of surfaces (like the car) — NOT deposit it onto surfaces.

          Though I’m sure you knew that. The things people will come up with to mask the truth is mind-boggling sometimes.

  • James Lighthouse

    Ditto on the support for the light that shines here at Energy News! Great commenters too and the info flows here.

    People must turn up the heat on babylon and ask, WHY AREN’T YOU PROTECTING ME?

    Is that want the EPA is for? The FDA? NRC? UN? Etc??

    Why won’t obama/sotero protect you??

    Google search over and over RADIATION COVER UP. Make them know you want to know. Call, write, email, fax, and demand the truth from these agencies you all pay your taxes to support. Demand they do their jobs and not fluff the numbers or raise the acceptable amounts that can be consumed. All radiation is bad. Period!

    Also, people should turn the heat up on NILU. Write and tell them they are criminals like our govt is for covering up the radiation levels. They are criminals for taking down the dispersion models that should be up for public service.

    Cover your gardens.

    • mark V

      Japan government officially asked other governments, to suppress any information about Fukushima radiation, exceppt their official coming from Japan. That was a week or two ago.

      Norwegian gov asked NILU to stop these forecasts. But scientists opened unofficial back door – search google for “zardoz”.

      World banksta/corp/gov mafia elites still win, but I think something BIG is brewing, not only in terms of ever increasing radation around us, but also in political systems. Viva la revolution?

      • mark V

        I forgot. The reason – Japan economy suffers because of “radiation rumors”. So the reaction of other govs is understandable – if Japan crashes, all the rest of the Ponzi schemes will fall too. It’s all about markets folks.

        • cossack55

          And who controls the markets? Federal Reserve, IMF (oops, Director currently in NY jail), ECB, Primary Dealers (TBTF).

          • mark V

            Thanks cossack, while it is nice to see one of the world mafia heads behind bars, I would rather see them all alcatraz’ed for financial crimes that led to modern slavery system

          • mark V

            Wow reading the news about the head (what irony) of the IMF removed from plane by NY police because the old prick forced 32 y/o hotel maid to “head”. He is arguably one of the most powerful persons in the world, wtf is going on, scratching head…

      • Anna

        Well, that was so dumb of him. He is the most powerful person in the world and he has to force a hotel maid to do him?

      • Heart of the Rose

        Long live the Revolution!

        • Heart of the Rose

          Folks might want to consider defending our freedom as we choke down clay with no water.
          Gives a person something to do… like FIGHT.

          • Heart of the Rose

            It beats standing around like children complaining… it’s not fair.
            Next we’ll get Brad Pitts opinion…
            Hey, Newt the Newt is running for Prez.
            that’s enough to start me up…
            let alone… mass nuclear destruction.
   the resistance.

    • Anthony

      You make great points.
      Cover your gardens.
      And try not to water them.
      Catch 22 City or what?

    • Blue

      I think it has to do with the economy and government does not want other countries to fear our goods like those in Japan. I know this is simplistic and just one very minor issue. It goes much deeper and I don’t want to get in to the complexities but basically it comes down to the mean green and mass panic. The global community and various components create a great puzzle. Anyway, how do you stop the rain from falling.

      • xdrfox

        Anyone notice the Market rigging going on of late ?

        Now we learn Japan’s crucial role in the world economy
        When the Japanese economy – one of the world’s greatest exporting machines – is brought to a shuddering halt, we all feel the impact.
        The economic cost and dislocation caused by Japan’s triple hit of earthquake, tsunami and nuclear catastrophe is casting a huge pall over global output and markets.
        Several of the world’s biggest manufacturers including such names as Sony and Toyota have been closed down. Supplies of valuable Japanese-made hightech components are drying up.
        The future of new nuclear projects from Germany to the US and potentially Britain has been questioned. The price of liquid natural gas – an alternative fuel source – has begun to soar…

        • Moco

          I trade and have seen rigged markets for a long while now.

          Survivalist, growning in numbers, are still hot for precious metals.

          The ponzi has outlived its effectivenes.

          Japan is so fucked. NOrthern crops contamination? Higher prices on rice? Maybe not in the markets which don’t seem to reflect the truth, anymore.
          THis situation is unbelievable.
          Me being a growing bunkernut and others must set back on “what do we do NOW?”

          Yep, trade the markers me do and adding no productivity to systems. But, there is no productivity system to make a living.
          Regardless of all this other humanity careless crisis, the slow depression is growing misery and suffering, around the planet.
          There is no way to spin this. This outcome is already baked in, but it ain’t no cake.

      • xdrfox

        Japan and the World Economy
        International Journal of Theory and Policy
        The increase in Japan’s share of international trade and financial transactions has had a major impact on the world economy in general and on the U.S. economy in particular. The new economic interdependence between Japan and its trading partners created a variety of problems and …

    • Anna

      Speaking of gardens, I mentioned yesterday that I was doing some research on grow lights. I am going to try these:

      I was talking to Mark, who I believe is the owner. I was interested in those black containers that are in photo gallery that are sitting on top of little carts or tables. Those are concrete mixing tubs you can buy at Home Depot for $5.98. You can put in 5-6 inch diam. x 5-6 inch deep flower pots in them and put 3-5 spinach seeds per pot for example. He has greens growing year round. Use one of those Wide Spectrum Warm LED 5 lights for green leaf veggies and that will do the trick. He says he even gets flowering and fruiting with them. You can order a red bulb also if desired. He said the field of lights/plant growing is progressing and has found that one does not need to have lone blue or red LEDs to get plants to thrive and that the wide spectrum LEDs are very effective.

      Has anyone tried these wide spectrum LEDs?

      • ZombiePlanet

        Very interesting. Have never heard of anyone using such. Looks cost effective and not going to run the Elec. bill sky high. Even in winter, fresh tomatoes. Good work Anna.

        • Anna

          That is what I saw too! That the electric bill would not be too high and that they were non toxic if dropped and multi-purpose and a lot cheaper than anything else I had seen. I’ll let you know how it goes. I am not a gardner but, I do have some green beans growing in the window sill. It would make a perfect meal for a baby chipmunk. : )

  • fuckyoushima


    as in people will die and have a right to know they are being poisoned?

    what have we become

  • FanJapan

    (my translation by hand)

    On May the 11th, at the city of Minamiashigara in Kanagawa prefecture, radiation (cesium) above the government standard has been detected in a cultivated tea field

    More, based on the results of a private investigation by a certain food maker, in a rice field more than 50km far from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, high radiation has been detected in the soil and the numbers are tremendously higher than what has been announced by the government.


    Based on this food maker, a public announcement of these results would have a too big influence, so they are holding them back. It has been said that high concentration of plutonium has been detected in the soil of this field.

    On the other hand, on May the 12th, Tepco has announced that it is possible that there is a hole in the reactor of unit 1 at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.

    If it turns out to be true, normal supply of water to cool the fuel rods must go on and there is a risk of continuous rejection in the sea of polluted water with high concentration of radioactivity.

    • Anthony

      Hardcore truth.

      But they have to stop the ocean dumps for sure. At this stage SOMEONE has to address our bigger picture and stop or decrease the mass affect wherever possible.

      If Japan thinks playing with radiation is appropriate (like telling your citizens the surrounding poisons are harmless, don’t worry etc) and if Japan insists on putting their absurd PRIDE in front of the real priority for good life for all to continue, then they should keep containers or whatever of the poisoned waters on their own land. I wish them no harm but want them to stop harming us and the northern hemisphere in general.

      You would think at some point Govt on our continent would acknowledge our own situation. I cant believe North American governments have made no statement or dialogue on whether its safe for its people to still swim in the Pacific?

      But in the meanwhile Japan has a duty to contain and not knowingly spread the contamination as it does every time they ocean dump. I am sure it will be tedious to land manage the poisons but it seems they are more okay with land poisons than we are with nearly permanent ocean contamination.

      I know there is an Economy issue but when it comes down to it, quality of life is obviously not measured in dollars compared to clean air and food right?

  • Cindy

    OMG !!!

    Thank you for the translation..

    I tried it on a free website, but it wasn’t as clear as yours …

  • kx

    arg. well if pieces of 3 are found over a km, I supose that is expected… arg.

  • mikael

    The blatant and mindboggling stupidity takes a new twist.
    Dont tel me that the TEPCO relied on transmitters and gauges, inside a plant that has exploded, what the fu… are they doing.
    This rescue mission is just revailing a incompetence and a total lack of prod.plant knowledge, and if their PLSs are infested with a Stuxnet virus and/or been fried by rad., they probably have to change all the PLSs and messureeqipments in the Fukoshima plants, in every part of the line, and there are many. They are probably in a bigger mess then they are willingly to admitt.
    Statrs to wonder if anything from them(TEPCO) is correct or are the wishfull(pipedream) thinking and have nothing to do with reality.
    The number ariwing, confirms that.
    They are jsut throwing out number.
    They are lying and lying, and its been a continous streem of statments that makes my hair stand in the back of my neck.

    This is a chriminal act, and its consecvenses is world wide, and still the lie.

  • Deep Thought


  • Noah

    Simple Cure for Cancer Discovered

    The major focus of our collective concerns since the 311 event has been the ingestion/inhalation of radioactive particles, leading to various disease states, in particular cancer.

    Solutions offered involve supplementation and chelation, as a preventative. As well as other very valuable strategies.

    But, it is likely that for some, mutagenesis will take place at some point and cancer will result, especially in the young.

    Let us deal directly with this issue.

    The problem with internal emitters is their ongoing ability, once lodged with the human body to kill and mutate living, but DNA damaged cells.

    Inhalation of radioactive particulate can lead to lung and brain cancer. This is a major concern.

    Radioactive fallout has been accumulating in the environment, and blow about clinging to dust particles that float around and may be inhaled.

    Due to the large distribution of fallout, it is likely that during the course of a lifetime of breathing at least one or more radioactive particles will be inhaled.

    The reality is that according to the Petkau effect, such low dose internal exposure places one at great risk of genetic and cellular damage, possibly leading to cancer.

    Many have been actively seeking a way to defend against this possibility.

    Fortunately and Providentially the University of Alberta has discovered such a way.

    The University of Alberta Discovery

    “DCA is an odourless, colourless, inexpensive, relatively non-toxic, small molecule. And researchers at the University of Alberta believe it may soon be used as an effective treatment for many forms of cancer.

    Dr. Evangelos Michelakis, a professor at the U of A Department of Medicine, has shown that dichloroacetate (DCA) causes regression in several cancers, including lung, breast, and brain tumors.

    Michelakis and his colleagues, including post-doctoral fellow Dr. Sebastien Bonnet, have published the results of their research in the journal Cancer Cell.” – Quote from the official UofA DCA Website.

    May I call attention to the mention of lung and brain tumors in the above quote. This information brought me no small relief, remembering what happened to Susan Hayward.

    DCA is non toxic, cheap and works against cancer cells only, unlike traditional chemotherapy it does not suppress the immune system. It can be mixed with water and simply swallowed.

    The timing of this discovery is evidence to me of the Providential hand providing for all our need, no matter how bad we screw up. I feel the love.

    Have a good weekend.

    • wondering

      Any proof of case studies, names place of the people that have been cured?

    • Anna

      There is a lot of bad stuff going on in the world but there is also a lot of great things going on too. : )

  • SNAP! Great site map for radiation plumes and weather coming off of Japan!

  • ceruleandaze

    As important as this article could be, it’s rather typical of many such articles in the Japanese press. Where are the numbers and other details like who did the testing and when? How much in mSv/hr, for instance, does “very high” or “tremendously higher” mean? This article, then, isn’t as useful as it could be without the numbers, looking to many like just a scare piece without any basis.

    If anyone finds other sources that detail this particular story more, please post here! Thanks.
    (I’m living in western Japan near Nara, and people here in Japan are very concerned, but need data, and sources we can trust. Thx)

    • Anthony

      Just curious what your GUT HUNCH is about the situation?

      • ceruleandaze

        My gut hunch is that this is likely true, but without details or numbers, it’s not exactly something I can pass around and feel confident in. Japan news has a habit of leaving out nice details like the names of companies involved (like the food company that did the measurements here), mainly to protect the company, I suspect.

      • ceruleandaze

        Yeah, we’re a ways away from Fukushima No. 1 but have to remember that among Japan’s 54 reactors is the largest cluster in the world in one small area only about 100-120 km northwest of us in Fukui Pref., on the Japan Sea side across from Korea, known as “Nuclear Ginza” (check YouTube for the British TV documentary on the area and how workers are used). It would be quite nice if there was no more shaking here for a long while, otherwise we won’t be able to outlive the stupidity of those who built the plants on or near so many earthquake faults.

    • xdrfox

      Are they giving any readings in your area ?
      Have gov./private people been doing testing ?
      Have you any numbers for contamination of drinking water and sea water near your area, soil or plants there ?

      • ceruleandaze

        Haven’t heard of any, but then we don’t get a Japanese newspaper at home, a key source of info for many people. Nothing in the English papers, either, which are all national anyway (i.e., mainly Tokyo-centric).

        I’m sure there are things being done at various universities in the area, like sending folks up north to take readings, but I haven’t heard of any results being shared here. More is going on in Osaka, and I’ve got friends more in the know than I, so should check with them again. No data here from any authorities that I’ve seen yet about drinking water, soil, etc., either. I’ll look and ask around again, but I think the general feeling is that since we’re relatively far from Fukushima, that there’s not too much to worry about. That’s my general impression.

        Up north, people are naturally pretty upset about how things are happening. People are losing everything they ever knew… livelihood, property, home, livestock, pets, relatives… it’s amazingly hard for most here not in the affected areas to imagine what it must be like going through that, and then watching the govt spend so much energy first & foremost on making sure TEPCO stays in business. Sure, the electricity needs to keep flowing for industry and everything else to function, but there doesn’t seem to be much of a crisis mentality at the upper levels of govt yet, which is really surreal.

        MEXT has their measurement site ( but I’m not really sure how reliable those readings are.

  • Northern Cali. is expecting ‘yellow snow’! 🙂
    My mutant tomatoes (10″ and blooming), will LOVE that, HUH?

    • Anthony

      What do you mean? Do you mean a real forecast of yellow snow?

      • xdrfox

        Whole new meaning to the reality of yellow snow !

        • Anthony

          Both options should not be ingested …. BUT as you know, the “new yellow snow“ is “not considered harmful to human health“…. personally I steer clear of yellow snow anyways!

  • radegan

    Dear President Stupid,

    GE owns you and you’ll do what they want about nuclear PR. But they plan to stab you in the back. Those cooperating Republicans who agree that we must hide the real scale of this accident – they will turn on you and denounce you at election time and deny they ever agreed with you. “This man hid the true scale of this accident just to help those who paid him huge sums, while your children sicken and die.” And GE? Oh, hell, they’ll just switch sides…again. The ONLY way for you to avoid this trap is full disclosure now, and demanding the monitoring be tripled immediately. Do it publicly in radio and tv addresses that cannot be later denied. Don’t just sit by and let American kids play in contaminated playgrounds, after all, what would you have been if someone hadn’t got the lead out?

  • Brand new video of famous Physicist, Michio Kaku on Alexander Higgins blog-dated 5/14/11,
    It’s from CNN believe it or not,…’Spitzer’s’ new show!

    Kaku actually calls TEPCO “Homer Simpson”,…a must see!

    • Heart of the Rose

      Kaku..the guy waiting on aliens?

      • Heart of the Rose

        Spitzer is a criminal..can’t bear to look at him.

        • Heart of the Rose

          Kaku says we are one the edge of a new civilization..we have used up the earth and is going “universal”..having used all our resources on Earth ..etc.
          He says we should be looking for other advanced types. (if ya call that advanced)
          It’s too late…
          Arnie..Kaku…sounds like some “celebrity crushing” going on.

        • Moco

          Spizer was a fighter, but a horny issue. All the elites, politcos, mayors, state critters and whatever, are fucked up, like most of us.
          Spizie actually jumped up of some white class criminals, and this is where it got him.
          I personally don’t get it, but even some of my single and married friends would hump a ant hole for some action.
          Everyone on the news are puppet liars. Spizer only has some background.
          We must enjoy watching them, bullshit us.

  • A Comment on Noah’s health post on mitigation of damage from ingested radiation and cancer risks.

    Let us remember, if we knew this, or learn, that cancer can not survive in an alkaline environment. PERIOD! If ‘we’ maintain our pH over 7.35, cancer will not take hold of us. (This is NO EASY task, BTW) All of the ‘things’ being thrown at us,…for decades now, causes our bodies to loose our alkaline reserves. MOST are walking around with a pH of 7.00-7.20, and cancer WILL take hold in that environment if one is exposed. We are all exposed! Make your body INHOSPITABLE to cancer–that will be the key–

    I pray you heed friends!!!

    Love from northern California

    • Anna

      It’s good to have pH urine testing strips to keep an eye on how one is trending.

    • radegan

      Well, besides the baking soda (Red’s) as an alkalizer, that clay everyone is taking is pretty alkaline too. Watermelon is very cleansing and alkaline and will help keep you from getting stopped up during clay therapy. Don’t forget lemons, one of your best friends.

      Clay can also be smeared along the spine and left to draw. When the wet cool clay becomes warm and sticky, remove it and dispose of it. You’d be surprised what it will draw, wear gloves.

  • Am I hearing this right? The Japanese are asking US to tell THEM what is truly happening in Japan? Am I REALLY hearing and seeing this? What the hell is wrong with this picture???

    I’m Alice in Wonderland here,…pass the poppy please! 🙁

  • No Anthony,…’they’ are only forecasting snow,…I’m the one forecasting YELLOW! 🙂

  • xdrfox

    Japan widens evacuations outside plant zone 7:46 PM
    TOKYO – JAPAN on Sunday started the first evacuations of homes outside a government exclusion zone after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami crippled one of the country’s nuclear power plants.

    Some 4,000 residents of Iidate-mura village as well as 1,100 people in Kawamata-cho town, in the quake-hit north-east, began the phased relocations to public housing, hotels and other facilities in nearby cities….

  • FINALLY-Thank God! But,…I’m thinkin’ it’s a little too little,…a little too late,…for those poor folks.
    I pray that I’m wrong!

  • AtomicZombie

    The antinuke trolls on this site really have the world up in arms.

    Yes its bad in Japan, but worse, its bad when people spread URLs like viral videos that dont do anyone any good.

    At the end of the day people, the antinukes are betraying you.

    Tell them toget out there and do some real good instead of just shouting at the rain.

    • Anthony

      Radiation and Cancer
      Published: May 14, 2011
      “Immediately after the recent Fukushima nuclear crisis, we issued a statement and petition that was a direct call to action for the global cancer community to join together in developing a cancer action plan for Japan. “

      • I hope this goes viral.

        Here’s what’s ALREADY known and being ignored.

        April 27, 2011

        Concealing the Consequences

        Chernobyl 25 Years Later

        By RALPH NADER

        The disaster at Chernobyl’s reactor on April 26, 1986 continues to expose humans, flora and fauna to radioactive lethality especially in, but not restricted to, Ukraine and Belarus. Western countries continue to reflect an under-estimation of casualties by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

        IAEA’s figures top off at 4000 fatalities since 1986 that is highly questionable given IAEA’s conflict of interest between its role of promoting nuclear power and monitoring its safety. An agreement between the IAEA and the World Health Organization (WHO) provides for WHO’s deference to IAEA’s casualty figures which has compromised WHO’s priority of advancing health in the world. The United Nations naturally adopts the IAEA figures and the West’s nuclear regulatory agencies, similarly committed to promotional functions, ditto these under-estimations.

        The position that the level of mortality and morbidity from Chernobyl over the past quarter century is much larger comes from a compendious of 5000 scientific studies, mostly in the Slavic languages edited by Alexey Yablokov, Vassily Nesterenko and Alexey Nesterenko titled Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment. Dr. Yablokov, a biologist, is a member of the prestigious Russian Academy of Sciences. The translated edition was published under the auspices of the New York Academy of Sciences.

        At a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. on March 25, 2011, attended by C-SPAN, CNN and independent media, but not the mainstream media, Dr. Yablokov summarized these studies and estimated the death toll over nearly twenty five years at about one million and mounting.

        Because of the mainstream media, including the major newspapers, blackout on the Yablokov report since its translated edition came out in 2009, I asked Dr. Yablokov this question at the news conference:

        “Dr. Yablokov, you are a distinguished scientist in your country, as reflected in your membership in the Russian Academy of Sciences, what has been the response to your report by corporate scientists, regulatory agency scientists and academic scientists in the West? Did they openly agree in whole or in part or did they disagree in whole or in part or were they just silent?”

        Academician Yablokov replied that the compilation of these many reports has been met with silence. He added that science means critical engagement with the data and implied that silence was not an appropriate response from the scientific community.

        Silence, of course, is not without its purpose. For to engage, whether to rebut, doubt or affirm, would give visibility to this compendium of scientific studies that upsets the fantasy modeling by the nuclear industry and its apologists regarding the worse case scenario damage of a level 7 or worse meltdown. It would require, for example, more epidemiological studies ranging into Western Europe, such as the current review of 330 hill farms in Wales. It would insistently invite more studies of the current health and casualty data involving the 800,000 liquidators—workers passing through since 1986 who have been exposed in and around the continuing emergency efforts at the very hot disabled Chernobyl reactor. And much more.

        Public silence has not excluded a sub silentio oral campaign to delegitimize the Yablokov compendium. A quiet grapevine of general dismissals—unavailable for public comment or rebuttal—has cooled members of the press and other potential disseminators of its contents, including the National Academy of Sciences, the science advisers to the President and any other thinking scientists who decide that there isn’t enough time or invulnerability to justify getting into a contentious interaction over the Yablokov report.

        The ability of corporate science and its regulatory apologists to inflict sanctions on dissenters is legion. There is a long history of censorship leading to self-censorship by those who otherwise might have applied Alfred North Whitehead’s characterization of science as “keeping open options for revision” to the ideology of atomic power.

        I call for an open rigorous public scientific-medical debate on the findings and casualty estimates of the Yablokov report, to determine its usefulness for necessary programs of compensation, quarantine, accelerated protective entombment of the still dangerous reactor, and expanded studies of the past and continuing ravages issuing from this catastrophe and its recycling of radioactivity through the soil, air, water and food of the exposed regions. Such a public review is what the science adviser to the President and the National Academy of Sciences should have done already and should do now. The continuing expansion of the Fukushima disaster in Japan provides additional urgency for this open scientific review.


        Kindle edition – April 19, 2011

        Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment [Kindle Edition]

        Alexey Yablokov (Author), Vassily Nesterenko (Author), Alexey Nesterenko (Author), Janette Sherman-Nevinger (Editor), Dmitry Grodzinsky (Foreword)

        This is corroborated by CHERNOBYL HEART by Adi Roche; VOICES FROM CHERNOBYL: The Oral History of a Nuclear Disaster by Svetlana Alexievich (Author), Keith Gessen (Translator); and the 1992 Right Livelihood Award winner, CHERNOBYL: Forbidden Truth.

        Please see:,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=9651d7334bd74320&biw=1327&bih=940

  • Reyk

    I fear it’s too late for all of us. Japan and US govt.s are not telling the public how widespread and how incredibly much radiation, Xenon, Cesium and other crap is being dumped in the Pacific Ocean (spreading with the currents to eventually be in every ocean on the planet), in the air/jet stream (has already reached around the world over and over again), it even worse it rains or snows it soaks our air, water/ground water, aquatic plants/mammals, fish, land, animals, insects, crops, humans, homes, buildings, cars, you get the point. I will never eat fish again from anywhere (i.e. oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico-millions and millions of creatures (fish, dolphins, whales, turtle, shrimp, lobster, etc), unfathomable amounts of plant life have died and they don’t dare mention and of this. The creatures that lived are migrating probably carrying oil inside them, disease or mutant DNA. I don’t care how much they ‘cleaned’ the beaches in the Gulf of Mexico…that seafood is contaminated, period! Same with the Pacific and the radiated water and rain being dumped in the ocean currents there…those fish migrate too if they don’t die first. Radiation has been found in water, rained on cars, in soil, in milk already all throughout the United States from coast to coast including Alaska and Hawaii. I am scared to death and there is nothing I can do. I wish I were born 30 sooner so I would already be dead and not witnessing the insanely rapid self destruction man”kind”? is doing to ourselves and to our once beautiful, glorious planet and all it’s creatures and plant life. This miracle that this planet is has been S**t on for hundreds of years by stupid, thoughtless greedy people. Humans are the largest parasite of the earth and have finally sucked all the blood out of it and is about to watch the corpse decay. Thanks a lot all you greedy corporations, politicians and short sited billionaires! Oh, they want global warming so the ice caps will melt and they can drill for oil without having to worry about all those pesky animals and icy weather.

  • Thanks Anthony for the Cancer letter! I am very passionate about that as a recent cancer survivor myself.

  • SteveMT

    If the Japanese government is purposefully allowing
    their own People to be contaminated by plutonium, a truly miserable way to die, what do you believe they are going to do for the rest of us?

  • SolarGeothermal

    I am reading that it’s not as bad in the U.S. Is this true?

  • In my very limited knowledge,….Japan has gotten more, by way of water leaks, their ocean shore, and the fallout from the detonation. We, the U.S. however, because of prevailing winds, got more continuous low-level exposure.

  • Tricky Dick

    Pee You.

  • Alberto

    I am just wondering if anyone has any idea, comment and or speculations regarding the combination of these nuclear contaminants and chemtrails on the human body? I live in Oregon and in the last couple of weeks chemtrailing has double. My thought, with my limited knowledge, this is just the perfect cocktail.

  • Alberto

    Thanks for the info Anna. It is well appreciated….

  • 1111

    Some observations / overview / summation

    … I hesitate to contribute to – or become part of this discussion. This is my first post to any “blog” anywhere. I have been searching and following the developments and comments pertaining to this disaster since 3-11. Forgive me, for the record I just have to vent on this. I wish I had pleasant offerings.

    To put into perspective the extraordinary wickedness of tiny amounts of radioactive material – one should visit and carefully read :
    Or search wiki The Goiânia accident
    The Goiânia accident was a radioactive contamination accident that occurred on September 13, 1987, at Goiânia, in the Brazilian State of Goiás. Considered one of the worst nuclear disasters in history. (10 grams – one of the worst !)

    An absolute nightmare yet only 10 grams of cesium 137. This current nightmare is MUCH BIGGER and also includes Plutonium, which is the baddest of the bad. (I know, there are other ionizing wicked ones participating here, but plutonium wins hands down for being the most deadly and longest lived part of the mix)

    Who knows the true measure of the vast quantities that have been violently ejected and dispersed. All information as such has been understated to date. Emissions from the melted down un-contained fuel continue unabated. Gaseous emission trajectories are unpredictable. Enormous quantities of radioactive water is exiting the facilities. A daily disclosure of latent revelations indicate increasingly larger poisoned areas and ever greater contamination / radiation level severity.

    At the start of this, I expected an immediate, unabated and monumental all out effort toward a fix for the cooling circulation and repair / maintaining of containment integrity, thereby averting or at least minimizing the magnitudes, scope and spread of deadly contamination. Knowing something about nuclear power, the logical expectation was that melt down would occur in short order, without – quite substantial – cooling water circulation around the reactor cores. The early reports of stability and control of the reactors were so optimistic, and most incongruous to the clearly represented rubble pile remains of the severely destructive explosions. I struggled to reconcile the reports with the visual reality.

    The early news releases conflicted with my instincts. I got the sense that perhaps I had misjudged the level of activity necessary to address the dangers. Perhaps my initial instincts were in error, for apparently, with an amazingly tiny work force and limited equipment addressing four crippled reactors, they have indeed cobbled together a way to deal with the latent heat, control the reactions, and prevent the unthinkable escalation to total fuel melt and containment breach. Early in the crisis, In a brief email exchange with a contact I have in Yokohama, I voiced my sadness and concern for the earthquake – tsunami disaster impact and human tragedy, regarding the nuclear situation his dismissive response to my concerns was “The Government will take care of it”.

    Now, over two months from 3-11-11 – true disclosure has seen the light of day. Seems those gauge readings over the past couple months were unreliable, now who would have thought that measurement inaccuracies could possibly occur in those instruments of the rubble pile? New readings indicate: oh – ah, got here four reactors melted down and breached their respective containment within 24 -36 hours of the earthquake and tsunami. (please forgive me the sarcasm in the preceding).

    Back-up systems had been entirely wiped out and the most expedient secondary measures proved in-effective or were too long delayed in implementation, melt down done deal already – too late.

    Surely the gravity of the event was known by enough responsible persons with relevant expertise that unimpeded response appropriate to the extreme peril could have been marshalled into action. I am absolutely appalled that an all out concerted international effort – focusing every imaginable, every obtainable, intellectual, human and capital resource was not immediately rallied to control, stop, mitigate – somehow “fix’ this, the greatest ongoing human peril ever faced by mankind!! AND ! perhaps unbelievably worse – even to this moment, international leadership exhibits a very puzzling aloof and unconcerned detachment to this thing like – oh well, the worst it can do is eventually kill every living thing in a matter of, maybe, a few years, except well, maybe cockroaches.

    deafening silence

    Delayed revelations of the obvious, clearly indicate that early in the crisis an agenda was in operation – thus skewing the “accuracy” of the early “data”.

    Did the early data temper the response from the international community ?? Was the early data a willful misrepresentation of the reality or innocent error? May raise very serious questions here. .. .. or is this the reality – basically …. can’t do anything ??

    How do you even clean up what has already been dispersed ? How do you keep birds, cats, dogs, lizards, butterflies and insects, people et all from tracking this stuff all over creation? How do you keep it out of the wind on dry windy days?

    Look at the horrendous efforts that had gone into the cleanup of past nuclear fiascoes.
    What, in all seriousness will fix this, this indescribable event, short of Divine intervention? Please educate me.

    The industry claim of “containment can’t fail” certainly is the touchstone of assurance for the “safe” operation of nuclear power, For if containment fails, the resulting desolation, destruction, human and biological toll is altogether unthinkable. Some one said the Titanic couldn’t sink.
    When the claim is made that something “Can’t Happen” …. Lord have Mercy, Save Us !

    There is a high probability for a much abbreviated remainder to our existence. I hope society doesn’t play this out into some barbaric madmax parallel style conclusion.

    Please no offense intended, just a few suggestions here – I hope many will take these suggestions to heart so that what days and months are ahead may be made less unpleasant:
    I you have the resources, share and be kind to those in need. Share, exercise empathy. Get a new focus. Be kind, make amends, forgive, ask for forgiveness, become altogether unselfish. Practice humility, murder pride. Reset your priorities place your own personal interests and priorities dead last on the list. Don’t be like the people that forced the deadly greedy wicked nuclear agenda upon the exploited minions. Repent, place the welfare of others above your own.

    It will be a revelation indeed when that day comes and it is then known by all that alternative means exist for the production of safe cheap energy – but small distributed energy eliminates the central control and that incredible vehicle for the concentration of wealth by the PTB, so is it any surprise such alternatives are denigrated and suppressed. That which generates the most immediate revenue for corporate and special interest – that is what gets done, regardless of actual long term cost and human environmental risk. Let the people pay.

    There have been many informative, interesting and important comments on this venue and it is well moderated. I am always saddened by the baseness, immaturity, ignorance and profanity that permeates so much of the “comment” sections in you tube and blog sites etc. Such leads to a low opinion of much of the internet community out there – I hope those examples are an exception and represent a very small minority. That commonly seen characteristic has given me pause to considering participating / contributing to any internet venue discussion. Perhaps there are simply many misguided youngsters that feel it necessary that they seize upon every unrestrained internet opportunity to prove to the world how ignorant and objectionable they can be. If you are offended by this than perhaps some deep introspection and soul searching is in order.

    How about a rule for internet decorum: All statements should pass this test: Is it True ? Is it Kind ? Is it Necessary ? Before being posted. If not all three tests are met – just be quiet until you are inspired enough and a contribution that passes all criteria can be made.

    If there is positive response and evidence of interest I may write again. But, fair warning, it may be risky to get me started.

    • Anthony

      I think you should publish this or something along these lines. I really appreciated reading your perspective. The coming days will need clear heads and reason. At least.

    • Cassie

      Dear 1111:

      I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your thoughtful and balanced post. Not only covering the technical aspects of this crisis, but the human and moral side as well.

      I too sensed from the very beginning that we were looking at a possible extinction event and facing the most severe crisis since my youth, the Cuban Missile Crisis.

      I was astounded that we were being lied to daily by the US and Japanese governments, and that the media had blacked out any reliable information. Was it incompetence, or an admission that nothing could be done to solve the problem and they did not want to panic the population?

      I can only speak for myself, but I want the truth. No matter how bad, I want to know the reality of what we are up against.

      1111 Can you please outline your best guess on best and worst case scenario given the facts as you see them?

      Lastly 1111, I am asking you to keep posting. We need people like you right now. It would be a service and blessing to humanity to have voices like yours, and the others on this site as well. A lot of wisdom here and I am so thankful for it.


  • Anthony

    Fifty years of plutonium exposure to the Manhattan Project plutonium workers: an update.
    Voelz GL, Lawrence JN, Johnson ER.

    Los Alamos National Laboratory, Occupational Medicine Group, NM 87545, USA.

    Twenty-six white male workers who did the original plutonium research and development work at Los Alamos have been examined periodically over the past 50 y to identify possible health effects from internal plutonium depositions.

    • rod

      I read it al 26 of them are dead dying or diseased. DDD
      But why worry about all this lets just sit back and watch more Royal wedding and Bin BS.
      Who has time for the big BBQ on earth.

  • xdrfox

    I do wish this will not be your only post !

  • xdrfox

    The Goiânia Radiation Incident
    A Failure of Science and Society

    I posted some lonk on Goiania early on, when I get back on the other computer, I will repost the links.

    Cesium Radiation Dispersal Disaster in Goiania, Brazil

  • xdrfox

    Goiânia´s Legacy Two Decades On
    Accident Led to Review of International Safety Standards for Radioactive Sources

  • rod

    Ok does anyone know if the food and water in calif so far is dangerous? Is chicken safer than beef? Easter day I went out side in the rain and got a pretty bad burn on my face. What is the current conditions of each reactor in japan as of today? which type of radiation travel the futhest and do some rise to higher elevations than others?

    • xdrfox

      “bad burn on my face.”
      Has it gotten better now ?

      Links have been posted concerning testings in Ca.
      Top of page in stories FOOD, MILK and others.

      Chicken and beef should be safe for a time if raised in coops and barns and feed last years grains.
      Much good advice is located on these pages throughout, if will serve your interest to read and educate yourself to what you should do and how !
      This will not be a look see 10 minute course, it will be a new way of life !

    • storming here

      UMBRELLA!! I got caught in the rain recently and one hand wasn’t covered for a second. The water actually felt burning on my skin!… I washed it off with baking soda and then Borax (20 Mule Team brand), which really neutralized the sting. How weird! My other dry, protected hand felt fine. I’m glad I’m not very iodine deficient. 🙁
      Now I walk around with an umbrella, don’t leave home without one, and keep one in the car.

  • Hilltop

    1111: well done and thanks. keep writing.

  • sandy

    Thanks for this report. It’s really awful that people are not giving our oceans that much of an importance, considering that 50% of the air we breathe comes from it. All the more our environment. Check this video out: