Explosion at Reactor No. 1 reportedly caused by damage from quake: NRC

Published: February 9th, 2012 at 8:18 pm ET


Title: Hydrogen leak leading to Fukushima Unit 1 explosion caused by earthquake impact
Source: Enformable
By: Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Date: March 12, 2011

[…] It was reported at 15: 35 that the Reactor Building of 1F1 was ruptured after a rather strong earthquake with the sound of explosion and that the level of radiation at the site boundary was suddenly doubled from 500 micro Sv/hr of that after venting operation to lmSv/hr. The explosion is considered due to explosion of hydrogen leaked from the primary coolant boundary caused by the impact of the earthquake. […]

Read the full email here

Some of the few names mentioned in the email’s ‘To’ and ‘From’ fields were US NRC Chairman Gregory Jaczko and Japan AEC Chairman Shunsuke Kondo.


Today’s Fairewinds video discusses this very topic. Gundersen believes the hydrogen escaped, not from quake damage, but from the top lifting off of the containment vessel: [intlink id=”fairewinds-nuclear-expert-believes-top-lifted-off-reactor-no-1-containment-before-explosion-video” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: February 9th, 2012 at 8:18 pm ET


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23 comments to Explosion at Reactor No. 1 reportedly caused by damage from quake: NRC

  • Kevin Kevin

    Good catch admin.

    I madea comment about precisely this in the thread where Uncle Arnie releases his new video about reactor one and has us focus on the time between the Tsunami and the explosion and proceeds to discuss the cap lifting off.

    I asked then and now repeat, will Uncle Arnie provide commentary on this issue? What exactly happened between the time of the earthquake and the tsunami?

    This,I repeat, is very important information for all BWR Mark 1 reactors and needs to be fully aired.

    If they cannot handle the Earthquakes. They must be shutdown.

    • kimyo

      >Uncle Arnie
      please stop doing this. respect the man, be grateful for his exact, precise information.

      >If they cannot handle the Earthquakes
      you present this issue as if it is an open question. 40 year old plants with ruptured steam tubing. tepco getting its first billion yen bailout. cooling systems which require outside power.

      strike four: falsified earthquake ‘tests’.

      no magic radiation-resistant robots to clean it all up for us. ‘decontamination’ = power-spraying. parking 6 plants right next to each other.

      • Kevin Kevin

        When Arnie settles this issue, and presents his theory with this already existing data explained and cites the reason for his sidestepping and dismissing these facts by starting his recent analysis after the point of the Tsunami, I will consider referring to him as Mr Gunderson. At this point the Uncle Arnie Moniker is both and apt and kinda cute.

        lighten up a little eh?

        Arnie does present great stuff and I have said as much, but “exact precise information” not so much.

      • StillJill StillJill

        Yes, we’ve been calling him ‘Uncle Arnie” for some time here. I think ‘we’ have all done it. ‘We’ respect Uncle Arnie. 🙂

    • ion jean ion jean

      If they think the QUAKES won’t BREAK
      The BWRS
      And only FLOODS bring FALLOUT
      They are QUACKS and SNAKES
      And what we NEED


      This information will support Chairman Jaczko as he yet again impresses me that he might be a HERO INCOGNITO

      Arnie is the greatest and if anyone can explain it for TPTB it is HE!

      Of course the earthquake busted reactors…a 9 or even an 8 on the East Coast will turn us All into Glowing Burnt Toast!!!

      And the NRC knows this because they hide all their little paper secrets, even back into WWII, from the eyes of the descendants of the Americans who paid for this dangerous technology (remember Oppenheimer warned against building and operating these things: …”A dangerous engineering undertaking”) with the sweat of their brows and the shedding of their blood, and their only reward is to breathe and eat cancer-causing ionizing radiation and spoonfeed it to their ADHD grandchildren?

      Or I could just eat a bunch of bananas and achieve the same results, no?

      Yeah, better stay away from bananas, they could kill you someday!

      Is Potassium 40 found anywhere besides “nature”? Could it be artifically formed as an interaction with fission products?

      • dosdos dosdos

        Potassium 40 is created during the eruption of supernovas, a product of very intense fusion. There are no isotopes that have listed K-40 as a fission daughter. It is one of the few isotopes that can not be man-made.

  • gr81 gr81

    I’ll go with Arnie!

    • Kevin Kevin

      To where? On What?

      I am not disputing Arnie. But I certainly think he needs to comment on this. If simply to defend his hyothesis.

      This is crucial and should not be downplayed, obfuscated or ignored. Arnie, in my opinion should make a video on this and how it impacts his most recent views and video. It is imperative.

      • jdotg

        From Dr.Kondo’s email quoted above.

        “Unit 1: Although RCIC is available to remove heat from the core, the reactor water level has decreased gradually to the level below the top of active core possibly due to some leakage from RPV boundary (containment pressure is now almost equal to RPV pressure) and the radiation level around the unit started to rose gradually at around 4:00 AM today.”

        I believe this statement supports Arnie’s theory.

        • Kevin Kevin

          I cannot grasp the connection you are trying to make nor do I understand how this substantiates Arnies theory?

          • jdotg

            I took the statement as this:
            RCIC is available indicating atleast some level of back up system integerity, suggesting to me the quake did not damage some safety systems. Also vents remained functional although operated manually.

            Fuel was burning off and producing hydrogen due to being exposed. This would increase the pressure of RPV.

            Kondo acknowledges that hydrogen gas is leaking from the RPV.

            This all would result in a pressure increase in the containment from the hydrogen. Arnies data supports this. Then the pressure data begins to decrease. Torus in bottom regulates the pressure and forces it to be exerted vertically, when overpressured. Experiments showed that the containment cap could leak if containment is overpressured. The explosion to me also supports it. Hydrogen accumlated above the containment, had to of come from inside it, and blew away the reactor building. Visually containment withstood the blast, but not much above it. Its my understanding, they emergency vent to atmosphere not the reactor building.

  • retali8 retali8

    you would have to say the stress of the lies within the nuke industry and the pressure of not being able to overspeak and say TOO much,, is taking its toll on arnie,, remember the nuke industry is worth so much money and the profits they make from it, Arnie is dieing to tell us more about everything but he just cant,, the industrry might collapse, remmeber when he couldnt directly say the fuel left the entire building, it would create panic as it should have,,

    • Kevin Kevin


      I undestand what you are saying, however Arnie positions himself in such away that it is unavoidable. In so doing, we must pick up on what he does give and run with the ball.

      In my original post on this topic in response to Arnies most recent video I said

      “Arnie focuses on the time between the Tsunami and the explosion. He does so in order to prove that all BWR’s are at risK as the testing indicated and the accident may have confirmed. Yet he has not comment on the time between the earthquake and the tsunami, where it has been shown that serious damage occurred to the containment and radiation leaked BEFORE the tsunami impacted the plants. This too is very important and also impacts all BWR plant as proven in this tragey. A very important piece of information and one I would like to see Arnie address.”

      And I stand by it. I wrote it before Admin made this post available.

      Arnie needs to address this issue in detail. His integrity is at risk if he doesnt.

      • kimyo

        gunderson has never said anything that he can’t back up. we’d all like him to say more, but, this way at least, he’s relatively immune from criticism. (think of the terrible, shameful attacks on matt simmons reporting of the bp-macondo disaster)

        also, may i humbly suggest that we address him as ‘gunderson’ or ‘mr. gunderson’, just as we’d refer to gregory jaczko as ‘jaczko’.

        if we were hanging with him in the backyard, at a bbq, sure, we’d address him as arnie. but to do so here doesn’t convey our respect for the man.

  • retali8 retali8

    yeah ,just making people aware, they cant expect too much from him, but we must credit him for what hes done so far… aot more than anyone else has, nobody dare go near fuku, we need an end to this MSM blackout,, has everyone forgot about http://www.willamette.edu/events/fukushima/

    we need as many people there as possible ^^

    • Kevin Kevin

      These dynamics have been discussed here and fully aired. And I agree and respect Arnie. However it cannot be overlooked that Arnie is a Free American and he chooses his battles. One has to be responsible and this is a serious one.

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        Mr.Gundersen choses his battles…
        Does Heart get the same allowance?
        Do I choose to discuss corium and ongoing criticalities?

        • Kevin Kevin

          Point being?

          This is not allowance, I state that Arnie chooses his battles and therefor has to defend his position. We cant simply take Arnies word as gospel because he is of the very few with a professional background in the industry who is put forward to discuss the details of this disaster and therefor some people believe he commands a respect which supercedes critically thinking about what he presents.

          You Heart who has commented on a wide variety of issues have taken heat for your positions at times, why on earth would Arnie get off scott free in this regard? It makes no sense.

          If and when someone claims to be an authority and in this case, presents information contrary to long established facts at the hightest level, it is their responsibility to defend and address the issues that arise. ITs a battle he chose to present the info, probably in full knowledge of the opposing facts, and therefor he needs to clarify why he chose to do so.

          In all honesty he could have simply discarded this contrary info based on data he has not presented. IF so, then simply present and the problem is solved. Not doing so however opens him up to further scrutiny with respect to being an misinformation agent.

          In the end its his decision and he will likely just ignore it and carry on, however doing so jeopardizes his legitimacy.

  • charlie3

    Hi, enenews regulars. Please forgive me if this is not the ideal place to post this, and feel free to move this elswhere if you wish.
    The one year anniversary of the Fukushima disaster is approaching,and as we know, few people outside ourselves are aware that there is still an ongoing problem at Fukushima Daiichi.
    Is it possible for us to draw up in point form an outline of what the current situation is at all the reactors and spent fuel pools, as far as we know, and all the figures about how much nuclear material contained and released there, with comparisons to the Chernobyl disaster, and so on, with the aim being to summarize the serious threat that Fukushima still poses to Japan and to the Pacific, the food supply, the Northern Hemisphere’s atmosphere, and to life on the planet itself, all on one page?
    It would be helpful to have some sort of summary that could be printed out and copied and shared with others as a handout.

    • vital1 vital1

      Twelve months and MSM is still in Fukushima lock down.

      Here is a handout / flyer summary to get the message out there on how serious the Fukushima nuclear disaster is quickly, and efficiently. You don’t need to explain anything just distribute the lifesaver.pdf or create your own. Put it everywhere, libraries, notice boards, web pages, forums, Facebook, and tweet! Think outside the box.

      Most people are not even aware that the radiation has traveled outside of Japan and is affecting them and their families. We have to bypass MSM and create our own world wide media organization. We need to provide people with a very quick way to find out the truth. Otherwise it will be the same in another 12 months.


      I known their are thousands of enenews users.

      Reading the posts here as things get worse will not change anything. We need to act as a collective to create a mass awareness change in the world wide community on the dangers of nuclear. I know a lot of you have been frustrated trying to convey this message. This method will allow you to communicate the message easily and quickly.

  • vital1 vital1

    I also email it, or give to people when I go on my morning walk, plus I put a few in some local letterboxes each time.

  • Looking over the carnage, reading the aftermath !