Radiation Scare in Ohio: High readings caused evacuation at nuclear plant near Cleveland (VIDEO)

Published: April 27th, 2011 at 7:39 am ET


High radiation at Ohio nuclear plant prompts inspection, MSNBC, April 26, 2011:

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission said Tuesday it has started a special inspection at a nuclear reactor in northeast Ohio where high radiation levels were reported in a work area.

Workers at the Perry Nuclear Power Plant immediately evacuated on April 22 when radiation levels rose while the plant was in the process of shutting down for a refueling outage.

The commission said the plant is safe and that officials do not believe workers were exposed to radiation levels “in excess of NRC limits.” […]

It did not specify the level of radiation detected. […]

US facing nuclear scare in Ohio plant?, OneIndia, April 27, 2011:

News has emerged of exceptionally high radiation levels at a nuclear reactor in northeast Ohio that has caused concern to the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The plant in question is the Perry Nuclear Power Plant that was evacuated on Apr 22 after radiation levels rose while the plant was shutting down for a refuelling outage, revealed the commission. The plant officials have confirmed that workers have not been exposed to radiation in excess of NRC limits, the commission added. […]

The Commission started inspecting the plant from Monday and refused to divulge how high the radiation levels are […]

Published: April 27th, 2011 at 7:39 am ET


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71 comments to Radiation Scare in Ohio: High readings caused evacuation at nuclear plant near Cleveland (VIDEO)

  • cossack55

    Stuxnet gone wild?

    • Discordian

      My guess would be sensors picking up rads from Fukushima and mistaking it for internal problems. Same thing happened here in Georgia last week.

      Don’t know for sure though. I’m not a scientist.

      • xdrfox

        So that would make the outside fallout heavier then inside a Nuclear Plant, That is really scary !

        • Discordian

          Can’t imagine what else it would be. It’s happened in Virginia, Georgia, and now Ohio. The Stuxnet virus is being blamed by the media, but that sounds like disinformation to me.

          After all, none of these plants had problems until after Fukushima and time for the dispersion of massive amounts of radiation. Stuxnet has been with us for half a year, though.

  • sassyiam

    Yeah lady..just like we’ve always been notified?

    I was wondering the same Cossack..yeesh

  • sassyiam

    Thought you guys may find this one interesting.. from 1988. It hasn’t been 250,000 years yet so I assume it’s still relevant:


    “The levels of plutonium we’ve found are very low, about the same as what you’d find on the ground in New York or Washington from atmospheric testing in the 1950’s… ”

    “..trace amounts of trichloroethylene and other toxic solvents buried with the plutonium waste had reached the Snake River aquifer 580 feet below the surface. The trace amounts of plutonium are suspected of being halfway toward this aquifer.”

    “Radioactive substances from waste pits holding 11 million gallons of uranium at an Energy Department plant in Fernald, Ohio, are leaking into an aquifer and have contaminated wells a half-mile south of the facility.”

    “..billions of gallons of contaminated water were poured into the ground and a steady stream of radioactive tritium is flowing into the Columbia River.”

    “contaminated the aquifer beneath the Savannah River Plant near Aiken, S.C., and are now present at levels 400 times greater than what the Government considers safe.”…”300-square-mile region could be irreversibly contaminated”

    and my favorites:

    “‘We don’t expect that to happen,’ said James E. Solecki,..” of INEL

    and “do not pose an immediate threat”…”Health specialists agreed”

    • sassyiam

      So is it from stuff like this that is considered to be the “natural background radiation”?

      • xdrfox

        Yes, in the areas that have receive radiation doses in the past will become higher background and higher related to people Ill’s down the road but most people by the time they become ill years later will not know about or ever make a link to where and how they became ill !
        So these emitters are never implicated in related illness’s that plague the waters, air and lands that are later consumed or breathed ! One needs to know that cancer and related illness’s were almost non existent be for nuclear testing and nuclear power plants !

        • sassyiam

          I love how they call it “natural”..

          And I totally agree, people should know there wasn’t cancer prior and know about these studies. Most still don’t. Difficult to do though when people on the job are more concerned with their stance in airport bathrooms than that of their constiuents’ poisoning.


          btw..I knew Mr. Rynearson from that article too..so so so heartwrenching.

          I knew there was something was wrong too when we first drove over freezeout hill into that godforsaken valley. I divorced my parents that day. I even told them so. (I was a snarky little kid.) Took me a few years, but that one look sparked the flight instinct and I set my escape plans into action. I only wish more followed me. *sigh* Still do.

  • kx

    “not immediate threat” is just super.

    • xdrfox

      This may be a detected Isotopes that may relate to cancer 10,20,30 years down the road, so it is not an immediate threat so they can say that !

      • sassyiam

        Yep. It wasn’t until 2008 that in Idaho, cancer topped heart disease for the main cause of death and had the highest mortality rate from skin cancers.



        Now, the median age for Hodgkins and testicular cancer is 28 there…

        Keep an eye out for the swift discovery of the gene responsible for passing that nasty “stoic attitude”..

        • xdrfox

          “gene responsible for passing that nasty “stoic attitude”..

          People should realize beforehand they may become ill, is that cancer is a 800 lb. Gorilla that will kick your butt if you don’t get out the ammunitions and ready for his arrival preventive care and regular checkups, and especially if something seems different !

          • splashy

            The problem is that with the health care “system” we have now (hopefully it will be better once the law kicks in) many people just can’t get health care for chronic things like cancer. The ER just doesn’t cut it.

  • xdrfox

    @ Discordian
    These levels were in a work area, that would suggest inside the plant, I don’t think this is an external problem !

    Do you have a link for the incident in Georgia last week ?

  • Jean

    Ohio has some troubled history with nuclear production. I lived in the Cincinnati area for most of my life, and was probably exposed to radiation. Here is an interesting article about the Fernald plant. This was written in 1996, but it shows the deception that was ongoing since 1951.

    “In June 1995, The Enquirer learned that researchers at Fernald secretly set up a pathology and forensic laboratory to conduct radiation experiments using the body parts of deceased employees and 11 private citizens during the 1950s and 1960s.”


  • xdrfox

    Wonder if fallout was heavy enough there for people to track it in on there clothing and shoes and normal air sample testings when changing the assembly allowed it to be detected ?

    We all know our background radiation is get higher with each passing day so what was background a month ago will show up show as elevated levels and would trip level background rules and bring cause for alarm and scrutiny !

    • Anna

      @xdrfox, what kind of GC do you have?

      • xdrfox

        I Don’t have one yet !
        Still looking in the area for one !

        But I consider others in areas readings and reports to be enough to know that harmful levels are present and taking precautions !
        Buying dry goods and pre 311 can foods, already had more then supply prior to this.
        Rather save money for food at this point then to spend on something used to scan that I consider radiated, such as milk, greens and other vegetables !

      • radegan

        Anna, you will have trouble finding one that works for under 700 bucks, one website bought 4 @ $400 each and they all failed in under 24 hours. Much more dependable way is to buy a pen dosimeter and a charger. Many sites are completely sold out of Geiger counters but still have pen dosimeters.

        • sassyiam

          Thanks for asking Anna! I was just about to too!hahha

          Ditto for the answer too guys!:) We’re acting like everything is too, but I’d still like to know..plus I think the shock value may help others.

          Which pen dosimeter do you recommend?

          • xdrfox

            Utube has videos on HOW TO make your own GC really cheap, better then one spent lots of money on and stop working, guarantee ??? WHEN will you receive replacement or refund,..Yeah Right ! 500. to 700 $$$ they are sell to someone else, pocket Money then return yours or send out another !
            Be ware a lot of shysters and State lines, and fly by nights !

        • Cindy

          I just bought the Pen Dosimeter w/ Charger the other day. From what information and articles I gathered is that both typically work the same in that you will already be in a “hot” area when the needle registers such. Another plus side to the “Pen” is that it’s a lot less noticible and can wear it in public and still check the readings with out drawing too much attention to one’s self. IMHO 😉

          • xdrfox

            Yes There may be a time soon where stores may decide to band any devises in their stores !

            More likely then Not !

          • Cindy

            Hi XDRFOX;
            Yes..I’ve been following all of this since the morning of 3/11. I’ve watched the EPA radiation counters magically become “down for maintenance” and never put back “online”. The news media went Viral for the first 12 hrs of the incident…now Nothing. Then the run on Potassium Iodine/Iodide, Kelp, Clay…etc. Fortunately I’ve “listened” to the little voice inside and stocked up on everything on the first day…So now instead of being in a state of panic or denial..I honestly know that I am doing everything humanly possible to protect myself and my family from this catastrophe and try to “live” as “normally” as possible, given the situation.

          • xdrfox

            @ Cindy
            Hi Hi U2,
            Yes I likewise, Story showed up @ http://www.floridaoilspilllaw.com/ and after week there they opened this site to continue the disaster news, so I too have been on the hill readying and educated myself and trying to help others up the hill and to prepare.

            It is just me in my home so I have much free time to do what needs to be done and ready !

          • xdrfox

            @ Cindy
            Can I ask, the price for one, not being to prying, I hope ! Or anyone else so we can get a ballpark estimate !

            I think all would like to know !

          • Cindy

            Hello again, xdrfox;
            I paid $35.00 for the “charger” and 2 Dosimeter Pens. Don’t just buy the Pen..you will need the charger/recalibrater too. You will need to adjust it/ zero it out/ re-calibrate it occasionally or when one comes in contact w/ higher than background radiation. E-Bay does have Pens..however they would be useless w/ out the charger. I got mine w/ the guarantee. Some sellers sell AS-IS. Bad idea. Hope that helps any who are interested. The meter inside the pen may never come in contact with a radioactive level that’s dangerous… but for some weird reason..I just feel better having it on my person. (Now that we’ve been hearing about our OWN aging Nuclear power plants having issues lately). Thanks to the “Powers that Be” for this website..it’s really one of the only ones I trust for the “news” and it really reinforces my belief that I’m not alone in how I feel about this whole situation. IMHO 😉

          • xdrfox

            @ Cindy
            Really good price there, I agree that if you feel better to have then not !

            Please let us know if it sounds off in a food store !

            You doing readings outside ?

          • xdrfox

            @ Cindy
            (Now that we’ve been hearing about our OWN aging Nuclear power plants having issues lately).

            How have you been hearing, in the news ?? Or in the streets ?

        • dan

          Good luck finding a dosimeter that’s sensitive enough (and inexpensive). Most of the ones I’ve seen are for nuclear explosions, and not nuclear accidents. So they won’t do you much good.


          There are some available though. It’s just hard to find them cheap anymore.

          There are instructions on the web for making your own. But I haven’t had time to try it yet.

          • Cindy

            to Dan… I saw the websites for making my own…but I just didn’t feel that I could “do it correctly” or something. But that’s great if anyone wants to try. Let us know if you’ve heard or seen one in use that was “homemade” and the “learning curve” needed to build one. Thanks!

      • Anna

        Thanks for the info everyone. The dosimeter looks good. I was reading that it only does moderate to high radiation dose. That will be good to know. I like that it is small as I really was dreading going to the farmers market with a GC and pissing people off who are trying to sell veggies.

        I was wondering if there was one that also does low radiation levels?

        I wonder if this comes charged or if it is needing to be charged just like a cell phone. If you have one can you let me know?

        This picks up Cesium 137. I would need to figure out what the measurements mean as I am used to bq kg/l.

        I am thinking there could be low level radiation that it would not pick up but would still be harmful to us. This would, I am thinking, at least tell us what is really “hot” and then we can at least avoid that.

        This is the honest truth. I carted around that book “How to Survive a Nuclear War” for years and 3 months ago I gave it to the Goodwill. Kinda wished I still had that. It is a lot of work to live in nuclear fallout…or not. Now that I see all of the fallout in the USA, over the decades, I see I lived in REALLY hot spots growing up. One was Tonapah NV. Google map that! Then google map Nevada Test Site.
        : ( Frick!

        Just got back from dr and amazingly somehow in my good heath, I am making only half the insulin a normal person has. Now I know why. So, if I want to give up on all of this survival stuff I can just kama kazi on sugar 24/7.

  • radegan

    Google ‘military grade pen dosimeter” – look for this language:

    “…hermetically sealed, immersion proof and designed to satisfy military specifications for the RADIAC METER IM-264/PD and ANSI N 13.5 and N322 requirements.”

    • sassyiam

      thanks buddy!:)

    • dan

      Be careful when buying a geiger counter or dosimeter, that you get one designed for low range radiation. The medium and high range (which includes most of the cheap, currently available ones) are pretty much useless for the radiation from Fukushima. They were designed for detecting high levels of external radiation from nuclear detonations. Not low level contamination from accidents.

    • Cindy

      FYI.. as my previous post on the “Pens”. I did come across a few articles that mentioned to stay away from the “Plastic” ones. They tend to not hold up as well as the metal ones. One of the articles said that the plastic ones were put into production during Desert Storm..but quickly became unreliable due to the conditions there. However the metal ones didn’t suffer from the climate and are still in use.
      Just wanted to put that out there for anyone when buying… 🙂

      • xdrfox

        “quickly became unreliable due to the conditions” Let me guess, they broke just prior to the releasing of DU in the country ?

        : |

        • Cindy

          Exactly xdrfox! Why didn’t I catch that! LOL!

          For the measurement and Conversion from Roentgens (the Dosimeter Pens version V-742 are in ROENTGENS with a value from 0 -200R) into Millisieverts, microsieverts, sieverts, Rems, etc…USE THIS AWESOME Conversion tool! (FYI..2000 mSv or 200 Rem = 17 Roentgens which equates to Severe Radiation Poisoning,nausea and vomiting but recovery likely)

          (So NO..you don’t need a Bomb to fall like Dan said..this will measure IMPORTANT LOW LEVEL to MEDIUM LEVEL HEALTH THREATS)

          It does EVERYTHING from Liquids to Calorific to Density to Heat..well…you get the picture! It’s fun to play around w/ it too! Brings back those days in Math class! LOL! Check it out!:


          • dan

            A medium or high range counter or dosimeter may be able to detect low range contamination (or it may not). But the meter probably wouldn’t show anything, since it’s designed to show much higher levels. If it actually detected anything, the meter probably wouldn’t move enough for you to notice anything. So conversion tables would be useless. If you see anything registering on a medium or high range meter because of Fukushima, you should have left the area a long time ago.

          • sassyiam

            good to know too..thanks

          • Cindy

            The Pen Dosimeter I have reads from 0 to 200 Roentgens. 200rem (17 roentgens) will make you sick..but not kill you.

            So it does read from LOW level to MEDIUM level radiation…If you want one to read HIGH level radiation..get one that reads from 0-500R’s.

            I didn’t want to get one that reads so high that you’d be dead before you did the conversion.
            Simple as that.

          • dan

            Cindy – 200 rem of external radiation is one thing. And I believe that’s what you’d need to worry about in the event of a nuclear detonation. But the source of that 200 rem isn’t lodged somewhere in your lungs.

            My understanding is that the danger from Fukushima isn’t from external radiation (unless you’re actually at the plant in Fukushima). It’s all the radioactive particles floating around, that could potentially be ingested. So you need to be able to detect those particles. And you need a low range detector to detect the low levels of radiation they give off. It’s not the small amount of external radiation you’re detecting that’s extremely dangerous. That low level of external radiation is just an indication that there’s contamination you need to be concerned about. It’s warning you that there are dangerous particles floating around. And if those particles are ingested, they become internal emitters. And since those are lodged somewhere right next to your cells, that low level radiation is now very damaging to the cells it’s right next. And cancers start from a small number of cells that somehow get screwed up, and don’t die off when they’re supposed to.

            One extremely tiny particle of plutonium will most likely kill you if injested. But I don’t think a mid or high range meter is sensitive enough to register the amounts of radiation it will give off. That’s my understanding anyway.

          • xdrfox

            @ Cindy
            Have you gone outside or to the produce section to take readings ?

      • Anna

        Good to know.

        • Dosimeters and Counters

          I like the pen idea… but so the pen is a dosimeter, which will give a running total of exposure? So to use it at the grocery, or over milk, would that be useful?

          • dan

            If it’s a low range dosimeter, and you want to stand there long enough, maybe. But you probably really want a very sensitive geiger counter, designed for detecting contamination.

          • Cindy

            The Pen will only read the “Highest” level it’s exposed to. It doesn’t move up or down like a geiger counter (does that make sense?). So..that is where the “charger/calibrator” comes into play.

            I agree w/Dan. If you want something to pick up contamination on food stuffs..you should probably use a low end geiger counter. Then that’s the catch 22. You’re standing in the grocery store w/ a Geiger Counter!

            I don’t think one can “wave” the Pen over the produce and get a reading..but if one were to walk outside into an area thats contaminated..then there will be a reading on the scale. Either way…you have to be NEAR the radioactive source for either the geiger counter or the pen. This totally sucks! ;(

          • dan

            The way I understand a dosimeter, is it starts out with a charge, and its meter gets zeroed at that time. Then each time it gets hit by radiation of a certain energy range, it discharges a specific amount. So when you look at the meter, it’s telling you how many times it’s been hit since the initial charge. So if you set it next to something radioactive for a certain period of time, and note how much the meter moved. Then put it in an area with only “normal” background radiation for a similar period. You can compare the 2 readings. And if the dosimeter is sensitive enough, and the time period was long enough, you should be able to detect the difference.

            What I’m not sure of, is how much radiation something like a tiny particle of plutonium would give off. And if you could tell the difference between that, and background, which isn’t perfectly constant. And the difference between background, and a tiny particle is, background won’t keep hitting the same cells in your body, over and over again. But if you breath in the tiny particle, and it gets stuck in your lungs. It will keep hitting the same small number of cells that are right next to it, over and over again, possibly damaging them to the point where they becomes cancerous.

            Another question is, what if that tiny particle is embedded in something like a piece of cheese. Will you even detect the radiation it gives off? Or will the radiation get absorbed before it reaches the meter? If that’s the case, then extremely low levels of contamination would never be detected. But they may accumulate, and be just as much trouble as one larger dose. Hopefully that doesn’t happen too often, and when it does, those particles aren’t absorbed, and eventually get expelled. But I have no idea what really happens. And it probably varies, depending on the particular isotope.

    • Anna

      Is it me or do you see a price on that somewhere?

  • sassyiam

    That’s the one I was looking at!LOL same wavelengths today..fahahah

    “Yes There may be a time soon where stores may decide to band any devises in their stores!”

    and I’ll pity the ears of those around me…;) (ok, maybe I never outgrew the snarkiness..)

    • xdrfox

      “That’s the one I was looking at!LOL same wavelengths today..fahahah”
      More likely the same search engine and the top listing !

      : D

  • xdrfox

    Well it would be interesting to see people in the produce and milk section taking measurements and reading discussing what safe levels have been raised to by The FDA that week ! Your Snarkiness may prove to be an attractive component in your survival skills !

    : |

  • Tricky Dick

    Think: Crimes Against Humanity.

  • Deetu 3

    I thought the interview with the two “townsfolk” was chilling.They both sound like automata who’s batteries are running low. “we…uh…have..uh…confidence…(because…uh…umm.. i’ve lived here all my life..(HUH???)…they….umm…would…tell us…if there was …uh…a…problem..(wouldn’t they?)… -Heartbreaking.

    Meanwhile “the operators refused to divulge what the radiation levels were.” Look up the definition of the word Conspiracy. It’s high time these bottom feeders were challenged in every way possible on their “right to secrecy” in matters that could mean life or death for millions.

    • Cindy

      I Agree! I was wondering what the HECK was WRONG with those 2 women! Batteries running down was RIGHT!

  • JC

    Now in Bulgaria…..Stuxnet or Skynet?

  • Deetu 3

    Remember back when the Gulf leak was out of control-suddenly there were oil leaks everywhere…hmmmmm

  • Rica E

    If anything we are all advancing our knowledge of the nuclear industry ten fold to before 311. I want to see where all of Tesla’s work on speeding up half lives has gone…Also sound and vibration have effects on all matter …. could we play mozart to protect ourselves….lets really get into the quantum field with this…..