“This is our highest priority right now”: Los Alamos lab trying to stop nuclear contamination from spreading — 800 waste sites remain

Published: July 14th, 2011 at 9:57 am ET


Los Alamos lab prepares for flooding after fire, Associated Press, July 13, 2011:

Crews at Los Alamos National Laboratory installed barriers to divert water and removed sediment as they work to prevent any trace of nuclear and other contamination from being washed downstream by flooding triggered by a massive wildfire. …]

“This is our highest priority right now,” said Kevin Smith, manager of the National Nuclear Security Administration’s Los Alamos Site Office. “We had employees work through the weekend […]

The lab has been investigating and cleaning up Cold War-era waste sites […] about 800 remain. […]

Published: July 14th, 2011 at 9:57 am ET


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113 comments to “This is our highest priority right now”: Los Alamos lab trying to stop nuclear contamination from spreading — 800 waste sites remain

  • Darth

    Another Super Sewer site in need of remediation.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Sad horrific Pictures. Japanese children and the elderly being tested for Radiation:

    • theypoisonus

      You want to see horrific pictures??

      Google Agent Orange chilldren hit images
      Google Depleted Uranium and hit images
      Google Afghan children+depleted uranium
      Same with Iraq, Bosnia… just every little NON-war (ha) campaign that this country has been on the last few decades and get an eyeful of the HORRORs that “our” military is engaged in..

      Then, you will have an idea of the HORROR of what this will reap.

      I didn’t know about Agent Orange damage to Vietnamese and their children/ and children’s children, untill just yesterday. I know I had friends ( they ones that made it back) that had cancers , tramatic stress syndome, liver disease, etc.

      I did not know that agent orange caused the same horrid effects that depleted uranium/ radiation causes.. It shocked me that this had made it’s way under my radar. These people look just like the people of Chernobyl !! I feel SHAME for this.. as all Americans should. IMHO

      I spent all of yesterday viewing/reading about that horror.. THOSE are horrific pictures and they will never leave my mind!

      To Quote Brando: The Horror..The Horror

      • Whoopie Whoopie

        Oh I know theypoisonus….I know. I understand. 🙁

        • In 1957 President Dwight Eisenhower, who later warned of a “military-industrial complex”, commissioned a panel of scientists to study the issue of overpopulation. The scientists put forth Alternatives I, II and III, advocating both the release of deadly viruses and perpetual warfare as means to decrease world population.

          The first supposition dovetailed nicely with the pharmaceutical interests of the Rockefellers. According to Nexus magazine, the Rockefellers own one-half of the US pharmaceutical industry, which would reap billions developing medicines to “battle” the deadly viruses about to be released.
          In 1969 the Senate Church Committee discovered that…

          • Whoopie Whoopie

            Wow. So THAT’S what they are doing. Good grief. Thanks for another great history lesson dr.

          • Whoopie Whoopie

            What a mind blower! They have been doing SO much for so long!! I’m bookmarking that one. EYE Opener!!

          • Darth

            I find this very hard to believe.

          • I am a little wary of this story as there are no reputable citations and no specific historical documents have been referenced.

            Overpopulation has been considered a problem by elites since the 19th century (e.g., Malthus) and there are many documented histories of studies on population control (Tavistok school).

            However, the narrative at the link is not one I will believe without documentation.

            I do believe in conspiracies but I haven’t seen proof for this one yet….

          • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

            xdrfox and I are old enough to have experienced so many American historical events that some one under 40 would not likely know about or have ever heard of. That even goes for most of the under 50 folks too.

            xdrfox and I grew up without TV remotes, black and white TV was all there was–IF– we could get a signal.
            And the TV news was so often LIVE. There was little opportunity for spin (as much as there is now). Yet information was still controlled and manipulated in many ways.

            xdrfox and I spent ALL of our childhoods immersed in duck and cover and the “evil” communist threat and a host of other Bin Laden distractions. What was unthinkable was the idea that the real enemy was right here “at home”.

            Fukushima is just the final act in this big long movie.
            We can all see where this story plot is going and how it will end.

            For majia, search for Rockefeller-Eugenics
            They were never secretive about their idea of getting rid of a lot of the over-population.

            Do some reading on Agenda 21 of the United Nations, along with their Biodiversity ideas. They do not hide the idea that 500 million people is about all that the planet can “theoretically” support, sustainably. That theory is based on a lot of (rather erroneous) assumptions.

            My point here is that there is truck loads of information about an elite agenda and getting rid of most of us. The elite are not hiding the agenda at all. The info is there in plain site.

          • The Truth About the Rockefeller Drug Empire: The Drug Story
            “The last annual report of the Rockefeller Foundation”, reported Bealle, “itemizes the gifts it has made to colleges and public agencies in the past 44 years, and they total somewhat over half a billion dollars. These colleges, of course, teach their students all the drug lore the Rockefeller pharmaceutical houses want taught. Otherwise there would be no more gifts, just as there are no gifts to any of the 30 odd colleges in the United States that don’ t use therapies based on drugs.

            The Drug Story

            Revelations about the AMA, the House of Rockefeller and the pharmaceutical industry

            This article was published in the Truth Campaign, Chapter 13, Lifting the Veil

          • I’m an optimist; I think we can, if we realize that sustainable farming means subsistence farming, i.e. back to the land, city kids! blister those palms! support at least 2 billion. But there’s no need to “do” it through “eugenics” — these people are such creeps. Life spans were going to get shorter even without their help. Any study of population cycles of foxes and rabbits, or deer and wolves, or algae and phosphorus, should convince on that. But we are likely, at this rate, to be poisoned, along with the land and seas, before we can go the “sustainability” route.

          • In the 1920s the eugenicist position included birth control for the lower classes, sterilization of idiots, and immigration restrictions to improve the white race…

            At the end of the war Clarence Gamble, heir to the Proctor and Gamble fortune, was instrumental in establishing birth control programs in West Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, and Puerto Rico. Swedish socialist Gunnar Myrdal wrote that these programs were designed to lower the number of Negroes in the South. Puerto Rico had been the location of birth control efforts since 1925, when Jose Rolon a Communist, organized the Birth Control League. In 1932, a physician named Cornelius Rhoads at San Juan’s Presbyterian Hospital, working under a Rockefeller foundation grant, wrote a letter which was published in a San Juan newspaper….

            The pivotal figure in this movement was John D. Rockefeller 3rd, grandson of John D. Rockefeller. Rockefeller 3rd organized the Population Council in 1952 to train demographers to …

            In 1954, Hugh Moore published a pamphlet, The Population Explosion, which predicted an immediate economic crisis caused by global overpopulation. Moore worked with Planned Parenthood, but he split with them over their adoption of women’s rights as the leading strategy for population control. Moore wanted to dispense with rights and force everyone to comply with mandatory population control policies….

            The population control movement moved to influence popular opinion in the 1960s by flooding magazines for women with articles extolling the benefits of birth control and the dangers of a world population crisis….

            Lyndon Johnson linked family planning with the War on Poverty. A key event of this administration was the Social Security amendments of 1967 proposed by Congressman George Bush of Texas and …

            1974 the United Nations held a World Population Conference in Bucharest. Following this conference the Population Council endorsed abortion as …

            Black Muslims denounced family planning as a plot against blacks around the world, but the Urban League and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference endorsed federally funded family planning. One militant black group on the West Coast, called EROS, equated the birth control pill with a noose and warned of plots to depopulate black Americans…

            To defuse Catholic opposition, the Ford Foundation sponsored a series of meetings on population at the University of Notre Dame from 1963 to 1967. These meetings helped to form a pro-birth-control faction among liberal Catholics and split support away from ….

            In 1967 John D. Rockefeller 3rd organized a worldwide population control conference. He gathered signatures from thirty world leaders, including Lyndon Johnson, on a statement of population control policy for the world. The Soviet Union denounced the policy as…

          • I don’t disagree about the Rockefeller’s project for population control through birth control and social engineering.

            The entire human relations and human resource movements in mngmt. have been about social control.

            I study power and control–that is my area!

            However, it is one thing to say that elites want to control population through birth control and social engineering.

            It is another thing to say that there are deliberate efforts to sicken and kill off populations.

            I believe that populations are “let die” by failing to protect them from industrial contamination, dangerous genetic modifications of food, dangerous drugs, etc.

            To let die though is a more passive act than a deliberate act to kill off entire populations.

            Obviously there have been efforts in recent times to kill off entire populations in Asia, Africa, and even in Europe (Kosovo).

            But i find it hard to believe that GM or chemtrails (which I believe exist) are aimed at KILLING people.

            Population control usually aims at preventing unwanted births.

            What do you all think?????

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            Majia, I consider your statement quoted following to be completely unethical: “I believe that populations are “let die” by failing to protect them from industrial contamination, dangerous genetic modifications of food, dangerous drugs, etc.
            To let die though is a more passive act than a deliberate act to kill off entire populations.”
            Promoting gas chambers or industrial contamination including radiation from nuclear weapons or nuclear energy plants is using weapons of mass destruction against populations and is banned by international law. Promoting nuclear energy plants or anything else mentioned in your “let die” is the same as murder.
            Matthew 25: 35-40
            35 For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, 36 I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’
            37 “Then the righteous will answer him, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? 38 When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you? 39 When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?’
            40 “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            Speaking of murder and unethical behavior:

            Unethical human experimentation in the United States
            “There have been numerous experiments performed on human test subjects in the United States that have been considered unethical, and were often performed illegally, without the knowledge, consent, or informed consent of the test subjects.
            “Many types of experiments have been performed including the deliberate infection of people with deadly or debilitating diseases, exposure of people to biological and chemical weapons, human radiation experiments, injection of people with toxic and radioactive chemicals, surgical experiments, interrogation/torture experiments, tests involving mind-altering substances, and a wide variety of others. Many of these tests were performed on children and mentally disabled individuals. In many of the studies, a large portion of the subjects were poor racial minorities or prisoners. Often, subjects were sick or disabled people, whose doctors told them that they were receiving “medical treatment”, but instead were used as the subjects of harmful and deadly experiments.
            “Many of these experiments were funded by the United States government, especially the Central Intelligence Agency, United States military and federal or military corporations. The human research programs were usually highly secretive, and in many cases information about them was not released until many years after the studies had been performed.,,,”
            “On January 15, 1994, President Bill Clinton formed the Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments (ACHRE). This committee was created to investigate and report the use of human beings as test subjects in experiments involving the effects of ionizing radiation in federally funded research. The committee attempted to determine the causes of the experiments, and reasons why the proper oversight did not exist, and made several recommendations to help prevent future occurrences of similar events.[154]
            “As of 2007, not a single U.S. government researcher had been prosecuted for human experimentation, and many of the victims of U.S. government experiments have not received compensation, or in many cases, acknowledgment of what was done to them.[155]”

          • There have been numerous experiments performed on human test subjects in the United States that have been considered unethical, and were often performed illegally…
            Many of these experiments were funded by the United States government, especially the Central Intelligence Agency, United States military and federal or military corporations. The human research programs were usually highly secretive, and in many cases information about them was not released until many years after the studies had been performed.

            The ethical, professional, and legal implications of this in the United States medical and scientific community were quite significant, and led to many institutions and policies that attempted to ensure that future human subject research in the United States would be ethical and legal. Public outcry over the discovery of government experiments on human subjects led to numerous congressional investigations and hearings, including the Church Committee, Rockefeller Commission, and Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments, amongst others….

            Surgical experiments
            Pathogens, disease, and biological warfare agents
            Human radiation experiments
            Radioactive iodine experiments
            Uranium experiments
            Plutonium experiments
            Experiments involving other radioactive materials
            Fallout research
            Irradiation experiments
            Chemical experiments
            Psychological and torture experiments, U.S. government research
            Pharmacological research


          • Anne this is a good question you raise.

            Is letting die as unethical as killing, particularly when the group letting others die are responsible for creating the conditions of possibility for death?

            good point Anne

            Yes medical experimentation is sick and the people who have done it even experimented cruely on children.

            I just read a great book called In the Name of Science. I recommend it highly.

            What a horrible species we are.

            My thoughtful and environmentally oriented 14 year old son said perhaps it will be better for the rest of life on planet earth if we simply do collectively suicide

            I said we must hold out hope for awareness and resistance to terrible acts and individuals because there is much goodness in us as well…

          • Thanks xdrfox and fireguyjeff
            (hope you stick around)

            It does feel like a planned kill to me.

            I think the “let die” theory is quite plausible. It follows the pattern outlined by Naomi Klein in her Shock Doctrine:Disaster Capitalism book.

            Global inequality itself is being used as a weapon. I’ll paste a couple of links below but I haven’t checked these videos yet so please excuse if they’re not up to par, or off-topic:

            P. Sainath – Globalizing Inequality SPECIAL EDITION! – Feb. 25, 2005.

            Noam Chomsky – Global Hegemony: the Facts, the Images, April 20, 2011.

          • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

            What scares me is that the ones most likely to survive will be the ones who are killing everyone else off…they may be privileged, but obviously their morals are defunct.

        • BAN-GREED from our hearts

          DEpletated Uranium — It is happening RIGHT NOW — already 4000 DU missiles all over Libya since March 2011 and 2 days ago France voted for more… If you have a way, please stop your government from this DELIBERATE contamination of the earth and the people and all life, a highly threat to all life for 4.5 BILLIONS years.

          Majia, if you have any serious doubt, just search on the internet, you’ll get all the proof in less than a second. What do you think, that our armies care about the health or the environment?

          • BAN-GREED from our hearts

            They use depleted uranium at the tip of the head of the missiles because it makes the missiles more piercing (the head doesn’t flatten of even one micro when it reach a wall/resistance) and more destructive (the explosive power is greatly enhanced).
            Don’t think it’s an hoax. It is not that they want to irradiate the people. Just like Fukushima, or nay nuke plant, it is not that they wanted to irradiate the world.
            It is that they don’t care.
            Do not how we can stop them but we have to. Did you sign the various international petitions on the CRIIRAD site? They have lots of stuff in English and many language.

          • Whoopie Whoopie

            Drfox and fireguyjeff

            I’ve been Down The Rabbit Hole for the last 2+hours READING (after your link above Dr)
            You probably already know about this SITE:


            #16 is a mindblowing conclusion
            The Alien Brotherhood Arrives

            Let’s just say: MUTHER F**KERS!
            Have to get off now and get something done. 🙁

          • Whoopie Whoopie

            I came up with this by looking up Secret Agenda: The United States Government, Nazi scientists by Linda Hunt – FYI I’m reading the Rise of the 4th Reich right now. Incredible.
            (i know = too much info 🙂

          • Mark

            After WW2 many Nazi scientists were offered work in USA as USA scared soviets would gain their knowledge.

            Don’t think it was much of a secret as if you watch movie Doctor Strangelove the character Dr. Strangelove is a parody of that situation.

          • I agree that DU is being used with wanton disregard for its health effects.

            The military knowingly disregards the evidence, even when its own soldiers are impacted.

            I think the reason why is not because of a deliberate effort toward depopulation but rather because DU allows the missiles to penetrate defenses.

            The effect is terrible, horrible depopulation, but I think that the intent is not there.

            Bureaucracy has a life of its own and there are many selfish and sick reasons why the evidence about DU would be suppressed

          • Could also be because they really are that dumb.

            Evil is by definition dumb, ugly and conscience-less (no empathy).

            Also, Obama has bad (NRC) advisors, we know that for certain.

            But, I’m starting to worry “they” are actually trying to kill us. Hiding figures, sending people back into contaminated zones, funding more killing machines (reactors). If they were trying to kill us, this is exactly what “they”‘d do.

            7 billion pop. on the planet. Maybe it’s time for the big kill.

      • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

        “Agent Orange used for illegal Amazonas deforestation”
        Recently 4 to of Agent Orange have been found in the Amazonas region….
        sorry, it’s in German, I just found it.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          Amazon region
          Criminals destroy rain forests with Agent Orange

          By Cinthia Briseño and Katharina Peters
          Illegal deforestation: How the Amazon forest dies

          Illegal forest harvesters access to more drastic methods. In Brazil, inspectors have checked tons of highly toxic herbicides. It is a tried and true killer: Agent Orange – a defoliant used have, by U.S. soldiers in the Vietnam War.

          Hamburg – the forest was suddenly white. When inspectors from the Brazilian environmental agency IBAMA flew in mid-June over the Amazon rain forest and found an area that looked into the otherwise lush green trees strangely pale, she sensed what might have happened. Probably an illegal defoliation had occurred. The possible culprits: Agent Orange, the highly toxic by the U.S. military sprayed herbicides in Vietnam tons.

          In fact, the Ibama inspectors felt near the area on a bearing. No less than four tons of toxic chemical substances were hidden there, the Authority. Accordingly, it is three different chemicals. One of them – called 2,4-D – is a major component of Agent Orange.

          There is enough material to transform at least 3000 hectares of barren land in thick bushes – and cause great suffering. Birth defects, dizziness, severe vomiting: In the worst case, Agent Orange, even death. “The chemicals were stored in an inappropriate place and hidden in the middle of the jungle, they should be sprayed from airplanes,” Cícero Furtado, coordinator of the control operation for the Ibama said.

          Mysterious death

          It is not the first time that the Brazilian authorities have to deal with such drastic clearing methods. In 1984 there was a major environmental scandal, because a power company sprayed the route of high voltage transmission line with Agent Orange, to keep the lush growth of the lines. It took a long time to get the mysterious deaths of several animals and many people with the white powder at all brought together and had the accused stand trial.

          Since then it has been going on with illegal logging. Although a London research organization in July 2010 reported a significant decline in global illegal logging since 2002. Brazil is obviously a sad exception. Only a few months ago the local authorities registered a sharp increase in forest destruction: In the State of Mato Grosso, south of the Amazon, was the destruction of rain forest between August 2010 and April 2011 increased by 43 percent. The deforestation in the entire Amazon region increased by 27 percent over the same period.

          These statistics did not accept the Brazilian government in mid-May, she announced, therefore, strengthened against illegal logging to proceed. Environmental crimes should be punished reinforced her know the environment ministry. “We are expanding our activities,” said Environment Minister Izabella Teixeira at the meeting with three other ministers. “We work quickly and with concerted action to stop already running clearance and to prevent new clear-cuts.”

          Brazil has committed itself internationally to reduce the rate of deforestation. “From 24,000 square kilometers in 2004, we have the number to 6400 square kilometers in 2010 to reduce, and we will press on,” she said. For this are more than 500 inspectors from the IBAMA in Mato Grosso alone in use.

          These have been caught by its own account those responsible, who sprayed the toxic herbicide in the rain forests. He then fined the equivalent of 230,000 euros to 900,000 euros threatens. It is a first success story in the fight against illegal logging – that the high penalties will deter further crimes against the timber mafia, but it is not foreseeable.

          Using genetic weapons against the timber mafia

          After all, there’s a lot of money: 40 percent of global output of wood can be estimated by the WWF felled without permission. According to the OECD, an economic fact of damage is about 150 billion € per year. To counteract the timber mafia, not only stricter environmental laws are required. Researchers from the Hamburg Institute of Forest Genetics of the Johann Heinrich von Thünen Institute (VTI) is about pursuing a different strategy: With a quick genetic test can prove the identity of the species.

          While customs officers check the documents relating to imports and declarations about the origin of the trees – but forged documents are common and can be detected only with difficulty. Bernd Degen and his team at VTI but have developed a method with which one can accurately determine the basis of the genetic profile of the wood geographical origin.

          The researchers base this on a genetic database of different types of wood. More than 2,000 tree samples from different wood regions of Latin and South America, they have collected for this reference database – and mapped the genetic profile of the tree of the region: there within a species are genetic differences, short DNA segments of a particular sequence repeated in the genome. Based on the combination of several gene segments such scientists can determine the genetic fingerprint of a tree.

          In future the database using the labs wood samples that are sent to them by Customs, analyze, and within a short time to check on their backgrounds. Nor is the genetic origin can only be protected for a few precious wood species. But the staff of the Federal Research Institute have been working on an expansion of the genetic tree databases.

        • milk and cheese milk and cheese

          Agent Orange was used by American firms to remove ‘weed trees’ in CANADA.
          Ontario, to be exact.
          It seemed that the New York Times didn’t want certain trees in their paper.

          I am so ashamed I don’t know what to say or do.

          • milk and cheese milk and cheese

            People are still suffering the consequences…illnesses up there caused by the drug are apparently common and this story just broke this year.

          • Great.

            I lived in Ontario for about 30 years.

            Also, the tritium pumped into the Ottawa River from the Chalk River reactor, “acid rain” from the U.S. midwest.

            I came out to the West Coast to escape all the pollution, among other things.

            Maybe time to fold up the teepee and head ….um, hmmm, head where?

            (They’ve got us cornered).

      • Thank Monsanto for the Agent Orange.

  • NW Update…

    My plum treas leaves are dyeing…

    Yet the fruit isn’t anywhere near ripe…

    Two other plants are also going Into fall mode??

    Very unusual in the 20+ years I’ve payed attention to it…

    • * plants in my garden… lol

    • Any difference in rain accumulations or temperatures this year ?

    • maaa

      Your plants have committed suicide in protest of the Fukushima + Los Alamos + etc… disaster.

    • charlie3

      Strawberry plants. This is the year of the gigantic strwberry plants, this has never happened before.

      • A couple of my watermellon plants have gigantic leaves, although the rest are normal.

        I have no idea if they are simply a different variety accidently mixed into the seed container or whether something else is impacting their growth…

        • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

          majia, can’t have anything to do with radiation – look here:
          “Watermelons bring smiles”

        • majia
          Do the mellons look different than the others ?

          • I don’t know if the watermellons look different. There are only a few on the plants right now. I’ll check when I water them tonight.

            As for the NHK article linked by Bread and Butter…the watermellons may be good for the kids.

            Although I don’t know if this is true, I read somewhere that watermellon is a good radiation remediation food.

            I hope that is true!

        • BAN-GREED from our hearts

          I would tend to beleive that it is very unlikely that genetic DNA mutations will affect 2 watermelons in the same way in your garden. Radioactivity induces mutations but these are random. Say, if the berries or water melons goe weird, but plants are different, then yes, mutation caused by contamination/irradiations. Otherwise, you must suspect another cause (I am MSc in Biology)

          • majia
            I was referring to looks as to different kinds/names of watermelons as they do appear different in colors, strips/none. He may have a seedless mixed in with the normal seed brand but same name. Say, Charleston Gray/Charleston Gray seedless ! When behind the buds turn into fruit in a few weeks you will be able to tell any differences other then seedless or not, therefore the bigger leaves may hold the only difference in the outer looks of the two !

        • The below may be as any vegetable or fruit ‘IF’ they are not watered with radioactive water !!

          you said, “I read somewhere that watermellon is a good radiation remediation food.”

          The Benefits of Peaches, Strawberries, and Watermelon

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            Gigantism in plants was found after Chernobyl and Three Mile Island. Some of my dandelions and sprouted seeds are huge. I started covering my gardens immediately after Mar. 11 and was working out in the first rain out. Still the stuff is in the air and must be in the water from my faucet.

          • Heard of these things, I notice my dandelions were taller but leaves looked the same, but we have been getting more rain lately, whats in it I’m not sure, but have an idea it’s not good ! From BP oil & Corexit in the rain to radiation !

            : |

      • charlie3

        link? Just witnessing the tall, thick-stalked weird oversized plants growing in Canada this year. Cesium was mistakenly used as a fertilizer in the 50s because of its effect on certain food plants.

    • alasanon

      That’s the way it was with the Corexit/petrotoxins last year near the Gulf of Mexico/east coast.. Many plants looked whipped, burned, inedible.

      I think they want to wipe out the ultra-fertile CA and NW agricultural zones and then go for Mexico (huge agricultural producer- actually #1 in world for organic production) via Los Alamos, NM contamination?

      And then to decimate the Nebraska/Iowa/Midwest corn belt and breadbasket would be the de-population trifecta of Monsanto’s dreams!!!…..
      …You gotta wonder about the timing & probability here…

      • brydie

        there is too much happening too fast and with too much of a pattern, like the one you describe, to believe this is just random bad crap happening to the earth. the gulf was the test… would be put up with it and ignore it , call it an accident, pretend that a whole piece of the earth was not murdered before our eyes?

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    800 waste sites…800….
    The evacation lifted for Los Alamos.
    Go home and “absorb in place”.

  • There’s a pre-existing leaf-killing disease in NW, ruins plums, peaches and nectarines, sometimes treatable with sulfur — make sure it’s not that. I had to give plums a year ago.

    • Cindy

      That’s the most likely cause !!

      We don’t have enoug Fukushima radiation in the U.S. to cause those kind of troubles , that quickly yet …

      • BAN-GREED from our hearts

        Right, and induced mutation are random, so mutant plants will express various features, not all will have the same mutation. Like one will have weird leave shape, another one, weird color, or size, etc.

      • How do we know? Who’s doing soil tests? Hot particle analysis?

        • arclight arclight

          i will look into that now you mention it…suspect the funding is short or the figures are massaged..greenpeace have been doing readings..very good point!

          • arclight arclight

            has rt done anything recently…saw some good articles there
            Medvedev pushes for global nuclear safety agreements
            and qoute
            “[The use of] nuclear energy should continue, but it should live by new rules. I would like for our proposals to be considered by the world community and adopted by the IAEA,” Medvedev said during a meeting with activists from the youth forum Seliger-2011. “In this case, we will have a safer defense system to deal with such problems.”
            oh dear, i wonder if that has anything to do with it?

    • ocifferdave

      Doh….we just got a plum tree too.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    I have the largest dandelions in the world..and stunted tomatoes.
    Perhaps we need a separate thread.. sometime… for those looking for changes to the fauna and flora.

    • milk and cheese milk and cheese

      Dandelions the size of dinner plates grew in Harrisburg after Three Mile Island. The stems were full of holes. I saw pictures in the Village Voice and was physically ill. The housewife who collected the dandelions was laughed at by the scientist. Who, here, has a radish the size of a bowling ball in the garden? That also happened down there.

      • charlie3

        “…doused the rest of the island with potassium fertilizer to reduce the amount of radioactive cesium sucked up by coconut and other fruit-bearing trees. Scientific studies at Bikini and Rongelap have demonstrated that root crops prefer potassium fertilizer to the cesium in the soil, but in the potassium-poor soil will suck up cesium instead and concentrate radioactivity in coconuts that islanders use for food and drink.”

  • ItsJustMetal ItsJustMetal

    Did u know that they got rid of enough waste to fill this 20 acre pool twice? Its 134,649,350 gallons and 115 ft deep at the deep end! The largest in the world!


  • Whoopie Whoopie

    About 20 minutes ago somebody Tweeted that Fukushima was showing some BLACK SMOKE.
    Is it or NOT? I cant tell

    • I see it. Puffs of black, with the odd glowing puff.

      OK, back to Los Alamos.

      Anyone live near there. This is what I’d do:

      G E T T H E H E L L O U T

      • In the early 1900s, Women who worked with radium glowed in the dark and used to paint their nails and teeth with radium, explains Mark Neuzil, because they believed radium had no harmful side effects. However, the scientific community knew of the dangers of radium and ensured they handled it while wearing appropriate protective gear. News coverage eventually exposed to the general public that radium poisoning was deadly and Marie Curie later died of it in 1934….

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    About the same …..perhaps someone just got a good look at it.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    ummmm..I could we keep this a Los Alamos thread…..?

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Alliance for Nuclear Accountability found: “Approximately 18 million cubic feet of radioactive and chemical solid wastes onsite were disposed of since 1943. “All of the radioactive waste and most of the chemical waste have been buried on the mesas of Pajarito Plateau where LANL is located. Radioactive liquid wastes were discharged to the canyons, initially with little treatment.”

    The Las Conchas fire is now the largest in New Mexico’s history. So far, material stored in fabric tents at Los Alamos may be safe. However, that may be the least of concerns. Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) has disposed at least 17,500,000 ft3 of hazardous and radioactive wastes on-site at twenty-four different officially-designated material disposal areas (MDAs) since 1944. In addition, there is evidence that other non-designated sites have used as dump areas for waste from nuclear testing. Some of these areas have already been covered by the raging wildfire. Los Alamos Fire Chief Doug Tucker reported: “We have seen fire behavior we have never seen down here and it’s very aggressive…”
    From a July 1 story…..

    • The strange behaviour he noted was that areas which were already burnt, were burning all over again.

      I can only think of Magnesium which might burn like that (used in missiles and aircraft to make them lighter).

      But, there are probably hundreds of other isotopes there as well, all up in the air now.

      Is this a race to see who can kill the planet quickest?

      I vote we STOP these MURDERING idiots – with or without their help, probably the latter.

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    World map of all nuclear explosions 1945 – 2008: a video by Japanese artist
    see it with sound
    watch it until the end
    focus North America…

    • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

      That little movie left me sort of speechless.

    • BAN-GREED from our hearts

      Thank you for that important historical video art

      It really shows how mad and immature they are…
      and we the sheep follow, entrust our security, food, air, water to them…

      I am French, I did not focus on the US, I looked at the whole of the map because the earth is one, and madness seems quite common all over it.

      With the timing alarm, it appears so clearly that they just did it to intimidate each other –You explode one? I explode two! You’re quite? Okay, I’ll be quite.

      It reminds me the kindergarten.

      Then I looked at the next YouTube video, Tsar Bomba (a societ nuclear test in 1961, that was 3800 times more powerful than Hiroshima). When it exploded, the light energy released was so powerful that it was visible even at 1000km (621 miles) with cloudy skies. The thermal energy was so powerful that it could cause 3rd degree burns to a human standing 100 km (62 miles) away from the blast.

      What about the radioactivity? They don’t say.

      • BAN-GREED from our hearts

        Oh, there is something about the TSAR BOMBA radioactive pollution. The US Ambassador to the United Nations at the time gave a statement:

        “Mr. Khrushchev has exploded his ‘Giant Bomb’ in cynical disregard of the United Nations. By this act, the Soviet Union have added injury to insult bla bla… They have raised atmospheric pollution to new heights. bla bla They have been wholly unmoved by the dangers of radioactive fallout to the human race bla bla…”

        The United States testing that was to immediately follow was a series of not less than 69 nuclear weapon tests…

        Certainly done WITHOUT raising the atmospheric pollution, and wholly moved by and concerned for the dangers of radioactive fallout!

  • gonefission gonefission

    This basically means we havnt even cleaned up or properly disposed of any waste since this technology was first developed?
    Guess we have been waiting for Mother to come clean it for us, Mother nature that is….
    This is truly unacceptable. As our government babysits and tries to police the globe when in fact when need someone make sure we get our chores done. Pathetic

    • BAN-GREED from our hearts

      There is NO way to properly dispose these waste.

      • BAN-GREED from our hearts

        And they don’t try to “police this world”, they just want to get the oil and the uranium, and etc.

  • Radiation levels from radnet are higher than usual in Omaha this morning

    Omaha Nebraska 104 beta
    Lincoln Nebraska 73 beta
    Kearney Nebraska 40 beta
    Des Moines Iowa under review
    Mason city iowa 34 beta
    Kansas City 0 beta
    Witchita under review
    Pierre South Dakota 76
    Rapid City South Dakota 40
    St Paul Minnesota 0
    Duluth Minnesota under review
    Jefferson City Missouri under review


    • radegan

      I’m sure that will be ‘under review’ shortly.

    • Thanks for posting the beta radnet readings again. Your efforts in this particular area have been very helpful in terms of the “heads up” for when/where there are significantly elevated beta radiation readings around the USA.

      Looking at the readings and where they are in relation to the Fort Calhoun nuclear plant is interesting. Omaha (104 beta) is about 19 miles south of Ft Calhoun. Lincoln (73 beta) is about 60 miles south-west of Ft Calhoun. Pierre (76 beta) is about 290 miles north-west of Ft Calhoun.

      So, it seems that the Pierre beta reading could be due to Fukushima fallout, based on the jetstream moving through South Dakota today. However, it seems very unlikely that the other two high readings are from anything in the jetstream due to it not moving through Nebraska today (according to that forecast animation at least).

    • Indeed, what IS happening with Ft Calhoun? Here’s an article published today coming from a city with beta radiation readings that are “under review” right now:

      July 14: “Alert at nuclear plant ends as water recedes”


      A low-level alert issued last month as Missouri River floodwaters approached a southeast Nebraska nuclear power plant has been lifted as water recedes, while a similar alert remains in effect for a second plant along the river that has been shut down since April.

      The Nebraska Public Power District said the “notification of unusual event” alert put in place June 19 for the Cooper plant, about 70 miles south of Omaha, officially ended Tuesday.

      Omaha Public Power District’s Fort Calhoun nuclear power plant north of Omaha remains under an alert because floodwaters there are higher, but officials say the plant remains safe, shut down and dry inside.

      Well, it is good to hear that Cooper plant is “officially” no longer experiencing an “unusual event” (meaning the uncontrolled releases of fuel oil and whatever else due to the floodwaters getting high enough to wash some stuff down the river!).

      However, the ubiquitous statement from the usual nameless/faceless “officials” about Ft Calhoun being “safe, shut down and dry inside” does not give me the slightest confidence. Zero real news coverage of the situation at the plant for about two weeks now certainly does not help.

      • I have been conducting searches on the flood control and it seems that the river has dropped a bit near Fort Calhoun because of efforts upstream.

        The Army Corp of Engineers was publicly reprimanded for not prioritizing the nuclear plants last week.

        However, more precipitation is expected and upstream dams are under considerable pressure.

        A youtube poster claims that the new barriers being erected are insufficient because the entire plant is already flooded. I would agree based on my assessment of the pictures that were released a week or so ago.

        It seems improbable that much water could be pumped out.

        In Arnie’s recent video he and his co-speaker from the Union of Concerned Scientists noted that the generators have intake valves or something like that which are easily flooded.

        I need to go back and re-watch the video to catch this important comment.

        At any rate, one wonders how the spent fuel pools at Calhoun are holding up.

        Based on my readings of the EPA radnet data I think they are experiencing build-ups of hydrogen and are venting the pools ever few days because I see radiation spikes every 3 or so days (this is the 2nd or 3rd episode–I think 3 but would have to go back to my blog and check)

        I gotta go take my son to his friends–bye for now all!

  • uhoh

    Radiation readings for northwest Pennsylvania if anyone is interested:

    07/14/11 39 cpm
    07/13/11 33 cpm
    07/04/11 22 cpm
    07/01/11 27 cpm
    06/29/11 27 cpm
    06/20/11 31 cpm
    06/19/11 29 cpm
    06/18/11 30 cpm

    Didn’t get the geiger counter until the middle of June. I’ve been meaning to take daily readings but unexpected travel prevented it. High readings may have some correlation with rain. The middle of June was rainy. July has been much dryer. Yesterday we caught a brief scattered shower. It only lasted a half hour but readings yesterday and today are on the high end. Not sure whats up with that. There are a couple of nuclear plants within a couple hundred miles so they could impact readings also. The readings were taken with the geiger held at waist height.

  • Thebes

    They are worried about their radioactive crap washing downstream, and yet I am supposed to believe that none of the ash that fell on my home had any hot particles in it?

  • BAN-GREED from our hearts

    Well I know you all read the Huffingtonpost but today I rejoice with that one and wanted to share

    Naoto Kan, Japan Prime Minister, Seeks Nuclear Power Free Future


    It is a bit late but better than nothing and I would tend to believe that he is sincere. Because how could not he be, with 3 melted down and through, and the need to invent a new technology to put an end to a death + economical crisis to just allow oneself to merely imagine that after some decades maybe things we stop growing worse…

    So a bit too late for Japan, but these words –mere words for the time being, let’s see what comes out– may influence other leaders…

    May the end of nuke age be decided NOW, and Fuku paradoxically save this world from further nuke madness.
    “We should seek a society that does not rely on nuclear energy,” Kan said. “We should gradually and systematically reduce reliance on nuclear power and eventually aim at a society where people can live without nuclear power plants.”

    ” Naoto Kan, Japan Prime Minister, Seeks Nuclear Power Free FutureKan said he used to believe that nuclear energy could be useful as long as ample safety measures are taken, but the recent crisis forced him to change his view.

    “As I’ve experienced the March 11 accident, I came to realize the risk of nuclear energy is too intense,” Kan said. “It involves technology that cannot be controlled by our conventional concept of safety.”

  • BAN-GREED from our hearts

    Well, we wish him all the very, very best!

  • New Mexico department of health study on the cancer rate in Los Alamos

    ALBUQUERQUE — Aug 18, 2008 Thyroid cancer rates remain significantly higher among women in Los Alamos County than the rest of the state, according to newly released data …

    Colorectal Cancer and Exposure to Ionizing Radiation

    Cancer Incidence and Mortality in Los Alamos County and New Mexico 1970-1996

    Los Alamos Cancer Rate Study: Phase I TEXT
    Cancer Incidence in Los Alamos County, 1970-1990

  • Greyhawk

    Looks like the people at Los Alamos took a good look at the Japanese Nuclear Disaster Handbook and decided to do the exact opposite. At least they are doing what they can to reduce contamination. The Japanese seem to think radiation is good for all of us. Maybe the Japanese are too polite. I don’t think the Americans would be so passive when exposed to unstable isotopes.