Highest Radiation Levels Yet: 1,000 millisieverts/hour found on debris outside Reactor No. 3

Published: May 21st, 2011 at 9:34 pm ET


Primary 1 Fukushima: High-dose highest ever outdoor debris Unit 3, Mainichi, May 21, 2011:

Babel Fish Translation

Tokyo Electric Power on the 21st, Fukushima 1st nuclear plant 3 with the outside of reactor building south side of the machine, per hour puts out the radiation of approximately 1000 millimeter sievert, but it announced that the furrow was found. According to Tokyo Electric Power Company, the substance of the concrete piece and paper condition stacks and being something which rises, with the furrow calls the highest dose so far with the outside.

Translation via EX-SKF

TEPCO announced on May 21 that the debris that emits 1000 millisieverts/hour radiation was found outside the reactor building of the Reactor 3 […]

Published: May 21st, 2011 at 9:34 pm ET


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  • CiaW

    1111 you wrote: I wonder if I should place in this forum some things I have written that are a call to people to put a stop to empowering the destruction of the planet and humanity. Its heavy stuff and not for the faint of heart. I am undecided. Some people don’t take time to critically read, people are very busy and distracted, some not serious, some have overshadowing personal agendas and very resistant to any change or perceived risk or threat to the “status quo”.
    Feel free to post it on the group I set up yesterday on Yahoo: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ene_news/

    • 1111

      In reply to CiaW // what does that stand for cia worker or cia wannabe ?? Forgive me – just not a very inviting moniker there. I will take this under advisement.

      • CiaW

        CiaW stands for my first name (Cia) and the 1st initial of my last name. Sorry if it’s not very inviting. :-/ I’ve been using it for a while, figured I’d stick with it …



    The effects from the Chernobyl catastrophe change over time, many ongoing and some increasing in adverse effect as, for example, Plutonium-241 (Pu-241) that decays to Americium-241 (Am-241), with a half-life of 432 years. Am-241 is water-soluble, moves through the food chain, and emits both gamma and alpha radiation. The ultimate effect upon migratory birds and sea life is not yet determined, but such contamination could result in the collapse of significant numbers of species and food sources.

    A 2008 publication of the Ministry of Ukraine of Emergencies and Affairs of Public Protection from the Consequences of Chernobyl (“Atlas of Ukraine Radioactive Contamination”) shows dire predictions for the spread of increasing amounts of Am-241 around the Chernobyl site, westward into the Pinsk Marshes that form the border between Ukraine and Belarus, and south into the Dnepr River where it flows into the Black Sea near Odessa, empties through the Bosporus to the Aegean, and ultimately reaches the Mediterranean Sea.

    The westward spread is augmented by commercial canal traffic that connects the Priyapat River to the Bug, Vistula and Oder Rivers and finally into the Baltic Sea. Thus in addition to the atmospheric spread immediately after the disaster, contamination continues to spread via water routes.

    To date, not every living system has been studied, but of those that have – animals, birds, fish, amphibians, invertebrates, insects, trees, plants, bacteria, viruses and humans – many with genetic instability across generations all sustained changes, some permanent and some fatal. Wild and domestic animals develop diseases similar to those found in humans

    It takes 10 decades for an isotope to completely decay, thus the approximately 30-year half-lives for Sr-90 and Cs-137 mean it will take nearly three centuries before they have decayed, a mere blink of the eye when compared to Plutonium-239 (Pu-239) with a half-life of 24,100 years.

  • Thank you Blackmoon–I can remember that one now-Dutchsince–Yes,….it’s all coming back to me now,…..:-)

  • MRR0sewater–Your plants sound like exactly what I have here in Cali. I described it as: Acid-rain burned,…but corrosive is another perfect definition.

    • MRR0sewater

      …very strange. I’m planning on starting a log of all these anonymous enviromental observations. There are a ton of testimonials to strange atmospheric and enviroment phenomon since this occured spread all over several of these “fallout forums”. I don’t have a PHD but I feel certain it would be worthwhile to record the literally THOUSANDS of observations that have been made since this began.

  • Cindy

    Hey All,
    What are they talking about here ?


  • Lobo

    Looking at the Fukushima webcam:

    There’s smoke coming from the right building (it’s building 4 if I’m correct), but near the bottom there seems to be an orange glow at what seems to be the origin of the smoke.. What could be burning?

  • Noah

    Saltwater Fuel (Morton Salt & H20)
    Real Good News,
    Hope for a better world

    John Kanzius invented a saltwater fuel that burns at 1500 degrees, he uses RF to activate/convert the simple saline solution.

    The fuel can heat water which can drive steam turbines more effectively than nuclear power, in effect replacing commercial nuclear energy electrical plants.

    In light of this breakthrough, it is evident that a new era of clean energy is upon us. The yoke of energy dependance has been theoretically broken.

    With the Kanzius (pronounced Kansas) device in your business or home, you could fuel a steam driven device to power your home and fuel your car for pennies. The ultimate energy independence is potentially here. The Kanzius device has been lab tested according to the video report.

    Nuclear Power plants the world over can be dismantled and the world set free from another Fukushima.

    Dream on … but if all actions were rational a new world would be possible.

    The TV new report was recorded and posted on You Tube. This maybe a repeat, as it is older news.

    I was struck this morning about it’s relevance to the 311 event.

    Obviously, a Kanzius power plant would not meltdown in an earthquake, and gradually reduce the human and animal population of the entire earth.

    There is no excuse to continue the insanity of nuclear based water heaters.


  • Major Domo

    Definitely something going on at reactor #4. Yes, dew point, cooler night time temps would explain why more steam is visible at night, but doesn’t explain why there is currently a significant, and continuous release from reactor 4 only, and it’s been constant for at least the last few hours.

    Hard to make out, but there does also appear to be a faint orange glow from the base of the building on the right side. The colour of the smoke venting out the right side of the building also seems to indicate something more than steam, although it’s hard to verify under the current lighting conditions. We’ll see what it looks after the sun rises.

  • CatsCradle

    I remember one of my friends joking about haarp…”I heard Haarp is an experimental radar that the government can activate to make people terrified and paranoid about things like Haarp”. I recall another comment an old friend made…”If your going to believe in a conspiracy believe in this one: the people WE elected into power are in over their heads. They were not prepared for this situation and cannot even grasp the severity of it because these politicians and leaders are so incredibly unqualified to be in charge of the things we put them in charge of”. Just a thought.