Highest Yet: 1,600 millisieverts/hr detected in Reactor No. 3 — Radiation coming from floor (VIDEO)

Published: November 20th, 2011 at 9:19 am ET


Breaking news “1.6 Sv/h from reactor 3″, Fukushima Diary by Mochizuki, November 20, 2011:

  • Nov. 20: 1.6 Sv/h at reactor 3 ,which is the highest reading of reactor 3.
  • Detected from the floor of the building

“1600 millisievert per hour at Unit No. 3” News, Tokyo Broadcasting System, Nov. 20, 2011:

Babelfish Translation

Tokyo Electric Power announced that Fukushima first nuclear plant 3 inside the reactor building of the machine, 3 in the machine the is very called every hour 1600 millimeter sievert which past becomes highest high radiation dose was measured.

Tokyo Electric Power 3 using the robot, inspects the circumstances inside the reactor building of the machine from last week, but it announced that in investigation on the 19th, per hour 1600 millimeter sievert was measured from the floor of the reactor building 1 floor.

3 in the machine, per hour 1300 millimeter sievert being measured at the same place on also the 14th, wiping off job of the water which accumulates on the floor which is seen as cause was being advanced, but furthermore it means that high numerical value was measured.

Government becomes a state where the reactor has stabilized within year, it is the policy of declaring “cool temperature stop”, but the latest way a state which grasped the circumstance inside the furnace and cannot say is continued e.g., the high radiation dose is measured.

See also: [intlink id=”huge-steam-explosions-if-nuclear-fuel-hits-water-just-a-matter-of-time-before-corium-melts-through-fukushima-station-former-secretary-of-uk-govt-committee-video” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Watch video here

Published: November 20th, 2011 at 9:19 am ET


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76 comments to Highest Yet: 1,600 millisieverts/hr detected in Reactor No. 3 — Radiation coming from floor (VIDEO)

  • Al-Chemisto

    “Tokyo Electric Power announced” ??? /we believe you/

    • Kids are showing up with burns and getting sick after coming in contact with rain water in Michigan


      • Au Au

        : ( but, thanks for posting this. I have seen two people this week with strange rashes on their faces. Their doctors think they could have fungal/bacterial infections. Out of interest, I am following their cases. I did not see the intitial state of the rashes.

        We did get high counts the day it rained and, also, we have been getting MASSIVELY chemtrailed.

      • Bobby1

        Here we go.

        Beta burns, probably strontium-90.

      • watcher watcher

        Tacoma, I am disappointed to say this, but your font enhancement does not serve me, just sayin

        • The font is enhanced due to the size of the post.

          It is a simple one line / link.

          I made it bold. So users could easily find it. VS. it getting easily lost on the page.

      • Pensacola Tiger Pensacola Tiger

        The poster reported 1230 CPM, or about 10 microSievert per hour. Not sufficient to produce radiation burns.

        As Au pointed out, it is probably fungal/bacterial infection.

      • We have seen on these comment boards here many of the symptom’s/effect’s … a farmer who lived in Lisburn, Pa. about 10 miles west of TMI. On the evening of March 30, 1979, Trimmer stepped outside on her front porch to fetch her cat when she was hit with a blast of heat and rain. Soon after, her skin became red and itchy as if badly sunburned, a condition known as erythema. About three weeks later, her hair turned white and began falling out. Not long after, she reported, her left kidney “just dried up and disappeared” — an occurrence so strange that her case was presented to a symposium of doctors at the nearby Hershey Medical Center. All of those symptoms are consistent with high-dose radiation exposure. …


      • WindorSolarPlease

        Thank you Tacomagroove for the link

        I’m not a doctor and I really hope I’m wrong, but I believe this could be from Fukushima, or it could be from our plants here, or a combination. I do believe we will see more and more people having complications due to the Fukushima disaster. We have layers after layers of this coming through the jet stream, why wouldn’t we see effects from it.

        We have never had this devastating extreme type of disaster.
        We have no idea exactly, what these plants had inside, and I don’t believe they would tell us.

        We have no idea how this radiation from Fukushima will effect people.
        Some people may react differently then others.

        All we know for sure is, this is not healthy for us or for our environment.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    ya think Tepco…? ya think?…. DUUUHHHH!

    • Future cancers from Fukushima plant may be hidden

      Even if the worst nuclear accident in 25 years leads to many people developing cancer, we may never find out.

      Looking back on those early days of radiation horror, that may sound implausible.

      But the ordinary rate of cancer is so high, and our understanding of the effects of radiation exposure so limited, that any increase in cases from the Fukushima nuclear plant disaster may be undetectable.

      Several experts inside and outside Japan told The Associated Press that cancers caused by the radiation may be too few to show up in large population studies, like the long-term survey just getting under way in Fukushima.

      That could mean thousands of cancers under the radar in a study of millions of people, or it could be virtually none. Some of the dozen experts the AP interviewed said they believe radiation doses most Japanese people have gotten fall in a “low-dose” range, where the effect on cancer remains unclear.

      The cancer risk may be absent, or just too small to detect, said Dr. Fred Mettler, a radiologist who led an international study of health effects from the 1986 Chernobyl disaster.

      That’s partly because cancer is one of the top killers of people in industrialized nations. Odds are high that if you live long enough, you will die of cancer. The average lifetime cancer risk is about 40 percent.

      In any case, the 2 million residents of Fukushima Prefecture, targeted in the new, 30-year survey, probably got too little radiation to have a noticeable effect on cancer rates, said Seiji Yasumura of the state-run Fukushima Medical University. Yasumura is helping run the project.

      “I think he’s right,” as long as authorities limit children’s future exposure to the radiation, said Richard Wakeford, a visiting epidemiology professor at the Dalton Nuclear Institute at the University of Manchester in England. Wakeford, who’s…

      • All the reports read here at enenews day’s signs of sickness are showing all ready and the high levels of isotopes in them, eyes popping and swollen necks and this is just the beginning but how much will they suppress ? There is no such thing as a accident of this size and ongoing and minimal damage to all populations !

        Still having cancers in Russia for a small and short lived accident compared to this 3 headed beast constricting around the globe !

      • Tanuki San

        Tacomagroove, I would like to know why you are posting this article? It’s like something the IAEA would have written.

        • I post all fukushima breaking articles.

          The main reason I do is because in the eyes of the observer. The author is Implying A Focus. Or making A statement.

          Then I ask…

          Thats how Ive made so many observations.

          To know what they are hiding.
          You have to know what they arent…
          And where they are implying you neednt look.

          • Tanuki San

            It’s nice to post breaking articles, but if we were to document all the misinformation being published it would be overwhelming… Of couse it’s interesting to see what some of the worst examples are. I would have appreciated your thoughts/commentary as a preface to the article.

      • ion jean ion jean

        I think we need to consider the possibility that cancer rates were low up until the 30s in industrialized nations…WhEn DOctors and mad scientists started the whole radiation as cancer therapy. Next thing you know What spilled in a lab and injured a few gets sprayed all over the place and contaminates every living thing on the planet.

        By the seventies, cancer rates are through the roof and correlating to areas hardest hit with fallout…the U.S. Now acts like strontium 90 doesn’t exist, meanwhile never fully declassifying the 1953 Project Sunshine study among others.


  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Until March 11 the city I think many people know, people now know the name of the town would not Japan, about 15,000 people about 70,000 inhabitants in the area warning residents . Problem of radioactivity remained high and I worry about children Minamisoma, just 30km from the primary site of constant stream, have been living there!!!

  • arclight arclight

    first the romans developed undfloor heating

    then the scandanavians too discovered underfloor heating

    now ……….??

    preffered the roman method 🙁

  • arclight arclight

    “Since last week ,Tepco has been measuring radiation in reactor 3 by using human worker to assist robot .
    11/14/2011,when they washed off water on the floor and it was 1.32 Sv/h.
    Now they measured even higher radiation from the floor of the building.”

    would the water be blocking the radiation damma from underneath?

    human worker to assist robot …. why??

    • Misitu

      There’s a video on ex-SKF showing a robot cleaning up, but the camera looked as if operated by human, this in an area of 620milliSv/h on the first floor of reactor 3.

      I did post it here, apologies for those who read it earlier.

      But this does tend to confirm that humans have been working in unacceptably high levels of radiation.

      How long are these people in Unit 3, supervising and filming the robots?

      A guess says, 20-30 minutes is likely, otherwise what’s the point in going in at all?

      Risk assessement: dose of 0.2Sv upwards received in that time. Serious stuff. SERIOUS.

      From wisegeek.com …

      “At about half a sievert to a sievert, the effects of radiation sickness can be felt. A portion of the red blood cells are temporarily wiped out, and sperm in the testes are deprived of their ability to fertilize an egg until they are recreated. Mild headache and loss of focus temporarily occur.

      “In radiation exposures ranging from about one sievert to two sieverts, permanent effects, or mild radiation poisoning, begin. Most people experience mild nausea, sometimes accompanied by vomiting, which lasts for about a day. A feeling of general illness persists for a week or two.

      “For levels of radiation more intense than this, bad things happen. For every additional sievert past one, the chance of death within 30 days increases by about 15%, adding to a base rate of around 10%. This means that about 25% of all people die within 30 days of exposure to two sieverts, around 40% of people die after exposure to three sieverts, and about 55% of people die after exposure to four sieverts. At six sieverts, the death rate is 90%, which increases quickly to 100%. The primary causes of death are internal bleeding or immune system failure that rapidly gives way to lethal infection. Hair is lost, people are rendered sterile, bone marrow is destroyed, and recovery can take years and may never be complete.”

      • Misitu

        – but if we are looking at 1.32Sv/hr as you mention then that’s upwards of 0.44Sv for a 20 minute exposure.

        Anyone in there for an hour has been instructed to accept a risk of almost fatal levels of radiation: let’s not forget that the numbers are only the MEASURED levels and actual levels experienced could be higher. Almost certainly ARE higher.

        Sorry for the capitals. Am trying to explain this to myself as much as to the rest of the world.



      • Fall out man!

        I’ve noticed the official figures as to kill doses of radiation just keep getting higher. Not long after the disaster occurred I posted a comment about it. At that stage when I looked it up on Wikipedia, a dose of 1 Sievert was enough to give a 50/50 death/survival rate without treatment over the course of the following month. If a person was able to survive that, their health would be destroyed and their life short and miserable. Over time since then I’ve seen the figures creep up and up. Pretty soon we be told 1 Sievert is good for you!

        According to Wikipedia soon after fukushima went up, 2 Sieverts of radiation is normally certain death within a month. 1 Sievert offers a 50/50 kill ratio.

  • arclight arclight


  • roxy

    Basically whatever tepco says double it! So could be around 3.2 sv/h,, didn’t we get readings around 10 sv/h before?? Haha

    • dosdos dosdos

      The 10 seivert/hour was measured outside in a pipe using a gamma camera. It was probably higher, as the camera only measures up to 10 sv/h. The 1.6 sv/h was measured remorely inside the reactor building 3.

      • Misitu

        We hope very much that it was measured remotely but, as we are accustomed to seeing unpalatable facts glossed over a bit, I think we should conceive that human people are in there with the instruments.

        Being a manager of a nuclear disaster site recovery operation, would you expect better measurement precision from a remote controlled robot or a carbon based human being …

    • Fall out man!

      The Russians told their people to take any figures they got for radiation values and divide by 5 before reporting them. That was the standard practice at Chernobyl. But the Japanese have taken a different approach. Some figures have been divided by up to 10,000 before reporting them! I would say take their latest figures and multiply by 10. You’ll be much closer to the true figure. When the bus driver plants his boot on the throttle when there are reporters on the bus, then you know its bad!!!!

      • Fall out man!

        Just to explain, there is another story on enenews right now covering reporters visiting the melt downs. Their bus driver booted it when the geiger counters went nuts.

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    Alright, the 1.6 Sv/h are comin from “below”. How far “below”? Though being a high level, the fuel must be quite far away in order to read “only” 1.6 Sv/hr.
    I can’t recall a what level in the reactor building the RPV and the containment are located. Can anyone help out?


    • arclight arclight

      might by only one strem/flow reaching out through cracks underground… there is geological subsidence reported in the area in 1992 or 1993 i think due to removal of groundwater for cooling… does anyone kmow if the plant used the aquifer aruond and to the north of daichi? there were spots of subsidence nearly placed around the plants.. we have seen photo evidence to support ground subsidence.

      the bottom of containment is at sea level with 10 meters of solid concrete (if it is still intact.. or the corium has gone around this 10 meter protection,, fluids flow fast even metal ones..??
      just my observations

      • arclight arclight

        does the plant use freshwater as well as seawater??

      • Misitu

        I think we will find that the 10 metres is the height of the ground floor above sea level. This is based on the plans that are in the public domain or can be found from here.

        There is water close under the plant in that whatever of the underlying “rock” is sandy, or at least porous, there will be a level of flowing underground water slightly sloping towards the beach. This water will be continuous except, perhaps, where the corium may have baked the local mudstone into some sort of mess of cracked and glass veined pottery around itself.

        What you might need for an explosion is for a wide and deep crack to form rapidly admitting a large volume of whatever type of water there is in the vicinity. I haven’t a clue what the probability of this might be.

        The history of the underground water supply at Fuxu is probably now only of interest to post-nuclear historians.

        • arclight arclight

          thanks for clarifying! 🙂 surely known subsidence issues under a nuclear plant might be of interest to post fuki researchers ?

          • arclight arclight

            as well as the positioning of the vast dumping grounds east and southeast of honshu that might have been disturbed by the tsunami and earthquake.. there are i believe three smaller areas within the larger areas i presume are for more toxic substances… that might be relevant news too i thought?

            • arclight arclight

              Cesium from Fukushima reached to 5000m deep in the sea in April.

              “Posted by Mochizuki on November 20th, 2011 • 1 Comment
              11/20/2011 ,

              Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology announced that in April,Cesium from Fukushima dropped from air to the pacific ocean and fell down deep in the sea attached to dead plankton.

              4/18~4/30 ,Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology measured cesium from particles which is made of dead plankton or sand,smaller than 1mm ,called “Marin snow”.
              It was off shore of Polustrov Kamchatka,where is 2,000km away from Fukushima and 5,000m deep in the sea around Ogasawara islands ,where is 1,000km away from Fukushima.
              From the ratio of cesium 134 and 137,they judged it was from Fukushima plants. They have not announced the amount of cesium.”


    • dosdos dosdos

      Odds are, the radiation is not coming through the floor, but exists on the floor. In all odds, it was steam coming from the reactor and condensing on the floor, then evaporating, leaving the cesium and other isotopes on the floor. Over time, the deposit grew to the current levels noted.

      • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

        Aha! Thanks you two

      • dosdos,
        I would think rather the radiation is from corium under floor traveling by way of it’s exit path through floor bubbling through the hole that has been filled with sediments the water has washed around and settled from all the fine debris turning into mud like but steam and heat are pushing upward through it caring the radiation isotopes within the steam/hydrogen !

        • theonlyjesse

          I quite agree. the fact that the source is the floor, reminded me of that tweet i mentioned below.

        • dosdos dosdos

          I am assuming that it is coming from the reactor, because that is where it was assumed/reported back when they first breeched the control room. It’s likely that the entry point hasn’t changed since then. There’s been no major explosions to alter it. As for the source of the steam, that’s open to question and speculation. I won’t deny a melt through being the source, finding its way through the reactor into the building, as it certainly could be the source.

  • theonlyjesse

    I only just woke up, however I recall a tweet a few months ago by a TEPCO worker, saying that water in the basement was infact keeping the radiation levels MUCH lower than they would be without the water, sort of like a shield or a makeshift containment. He was afraid of what would happen if and when the water was cleared out.
    Anyone else remember this?

    • theonlyjesse,
      Yes, and discused it would make the corium’s cooler with all the water over them !

      • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

        I remember the video showing yellow water in the basement halfway up the stairs.
        So that would give a sort of “fuel pool”, only uncontained and with unspecified water level.

      • Misitu

        Water would moderate [slow down] any neutrons looking for something like an atom of Uranium to beat up, meaning that their reduced speed lets them get a better look at the population of potential victims.

    • Grampybone Grampybone

      Yeah I remember that incident where the worker stated the water they used to flood the basement was important for containment. Pooling radioactive water is not a good thing either because the chances of hydrogen explosions is a large risk factor if the steam is not vented. Once TEPCO removes all the water they won’t even know what the reactor core will do in terms of chemical state changes being introduced to a large amount of decaying core. The odds do not favor the utility company fixing a reactor meltdown of this magnitude has never been tested before.

  • Bob Hardin Bob Hardin

    These Babelfish translations are terrible. So are all the other machine translators. Isn’t there someone in this forum who can translate Japanese?

  • jimbojamesiv

    Anyone know, or guess, the temperatures in there?

    Is it easily googleable?

  • sworldpeas

    Here is a picture of the underground water flow, it goes right under unit 3.


  • DNA

    There was a pretty fair report about Fukushima on the first French channel TF1 tonight.

    They filmed in candid camera inside the plant.
    There are 2000 men working there, paid 400€ per day with a 100€ bonus in case of excessive radiations. The workers can only work 1 hour and rest for another 1 hour in special shelters because they become quickly tired.

    I’ll try to catch the video on the net when it will be available.

    • theonlyjesse

      There’s also a large sum of their pay taken by the subcontractors working for TEPCO. the salary actually paid to the workers is infact much lower than announced.

  • sworldpeas

    In face of the world’s worst nuclear disaster 2000 men is insulting.

    • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

      Dear Whoopie, GTSY You know what the CIA controlled HP is about. “Effects Unknown” means no effects in doublespeak to the masses. It’s just more minimization.

      • Whoopie Whoopie

        Yes HP is Epic Failure. BUT the more VOICES the better Pallas. I’m off line so much today…wish you guys would join in.

  • Anthony Anthony

    What I keep noticing is they publish *close to cold shutdown* followed within a week by an actual worsening condition. They have done this at least twice now in the last two months. Each time the real situation reveals itself to be worse than reported.

    I think their cold shutdown announcements may be code for trouble to insiders.

    Anyone following the disaster knows cold shutdown is not physically achievable given the cores have left the building and are way out of reach never mind control.

    I think the cold shutdown announcements are to prompt a turn for the worse at the plant for perhaps emergency people???

  • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

    the 1.6 Sv/hr. is NOT the “highest yet”. I think most of the headlines in ENE are becoming coopted and are controlled by something other than an intent to get the information out. I’m growing very tired of it; but admit, as a frog in a well, I have little ability to overcome the news blackout by myself. Very irritating.

    • Grampybone Grampybone

      1.6 Sv/hr was an industry reading anyways. The previous levels seen have been at 10 Sv/hr near the ventilation tubes at reactor 2.

    • watcher watcher

      pallas: the headlines seem inconsistent to me too. Very irritating indeed. As are japanese interpretations.

    • ENENEWS Staff

      Did you read the post? The first sentence quoted from Mochizuki: “Nov. 20: 1.6 Sv/h at reactor 3 ,which is the highest reading of reactor 3.”

      1.6 Sv/h is the highest reading to date at inside reactor 3.

  • oscar419

    Yep, I think the coals are ready to BBQ…. This just keeps getting better and better. There is just no end in sight to this is there?

    • watcher watcher

      I don’t know: is the moon in Venus or Mars? One minute everything looks quite serious and the next, we should be more concerned about ….oh…….say…….mucus? I get the feeling this is just a soap opera sometimes

  • Anthony Anthony

    Future cancers from Fukushima plant may be hidden

    By MALCOLM RITTER, Associated Press – 10 hours ago

    FUKUSHIMA, Japan (AP) — Even if the worst nuclear accident in 25 years leads to many people developing cancer, we may never find out.

    Looking back on those early days of radiation horror, that may sound implausible.

    But the ordinary rate of cancer is so high, and our understanding of the effects of radiation exposure so limited, that any increase in cases from the Fukushima nuclear plant disaster may be undetectable.

    Several experts inside and outside Japan told The Associated Press that cancers caused by the radiation may be too few to show up in large population studies, like the long-term survey just getting under way in Fukushima.

    That could mean thousands of cancers under the radar in a study of millions of people, or it could be virtually none. Some of the dozen experts the AP interviewed said they believe radiation doses most Japanese people have gotten fall in a “low-dose” range, where the effect on cancer remains unclear.


  • dka

    to TACOMA

    “….But the ordinary rate of cancer is so high, and our understanding of the effects of radiation exposure so limited, that any increase in cases from the Fukushima nuclear plant disaster may be undetectable…”

    I think that you work for the nuclear industry. Cancer rates caused by Fukushima will much higher than ordinary cancer rates.
    In case of Three Miles Island and French Nuclear test in the Pacific, citizen affected by radiation contatimation won their lawuits against their governements. They were compensated for their health problems (cancer, eyes, digestion, pneumonia, kidney, etc, etc, etc…). Citizen won lawsuits against their governements because their disease rates were much higer than ordinary rates. MUCH higher, got it? Can you stop saying that cancer rates caused by Fukushima will not cause many cancer, not enough to be noticeable?
    It will, read history of nuclear incidents. You must come to this conclusion or you are a pro nuclear activist or you have not read enough. Nuclear incident fallouts and radioactive dust clouds cause some cancer rate increases by 1000% (no, not 1, 10 or 100%, but 1000%).
    And often by 500%. specially from 0km to 250km from ground zero. Further away from, behond 250km, up to 500km, (case of Kiev for example), health problems are very high (few children in Kiev, 230km from Chernobyl, are today healthy, less than 50% of them). If you think Fukushima will not lead to high rates of health problems I invite to read a lot, and not from pro-nuclear activist readings. They are completely ridiculous (some even estimate that only 50 people died from Chernobyl radiations, while the true figure is behond 1,000,000 and growing and many more are sick. Please don’t make people think that they are safe, or you are responsible for their death of they follow such advice.

    • Radio VicFromOregon

      There are no ordinary cancer rates. That is a myth. Cancer rates shot up after widespread above ground nuclear testing. That allopathic doctors believe that cancer is normal only shows their own ignorance of both disease and health processes. In fact, many people are under the impression that people lived short lives until modern medicine and our current western lifestyles, which is also a myth. Highly exploited people without access to clean food, clean water, clean air, and adequate shelter live short lives. But, then again, it is hard for doctors to grasp the concept of environmentally-based disease. 50 years ago they were marketing cigarettes on TV and bill boards and suggesting that a diet of chemicals was better for you than whole natural foods. They can be as ill informed as the next person. Cancers from Fukushima will be hidden because cancer rates in general are hidden.

    • Hogweed

      Tacomagroove was clearly posting that press report as an example of the spin.

  • dka

    to ANTHONY

    medical data from french nuclear tests point to 25% of cancers in caused by contamination in polynasian islands.

    Fukushima releases are equivalent to more than 1000 nuclear tests according to the French Nuclear Agency. Therefore Fukushima will cause more devastation and impacts of even more than 20% of all cancers will be caused ny Fukushima.
    Same data are available for both Chernobyl and Three Miles. NO mistake, data points to more than 600,000 case of cancer increase due to Fukushima.
    If you spread irresponsible data from irresponsible sources, you are a murderer if people feel safe after reading posts.

  • dosdos dosdos

    Remember that cancer used to be called consumption, and it was present, especially in industrialized nations. The big difference back then is that people usually died of accidents, disease, or bad medicine well before cancer had a chance to set in.

    There are a lot of forms of carcinogens today that weren’t present a hundred years ago, and people live much longer. So yes, it’s higher.

    But Fukushima is worse than Chernobyl, and while it wasn’t readily apparent to the UN, it was apparent to the doctors in the region of Chernobyl that cancer and birth defects were much higher.

    We are beginning the phase where the government won’t be able to deny the true results of the disaster. This is trying to make what is coming look to be false, the misdiagnosis of doctors and statisticians.

    It’s called “plausible deniability”. It’s designed to make the bill for the disaster smaller.

  • Grampybone Grampybone

    Videos like this are not telling the whole truth. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=9Eybu7vwkxY

    It’s pathetic to make a statement that radiation is not coming from the worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl. The cover-up machine is in full swing.