Highly radioactive substances detected in Tokyo — Higher than what was found near Fukushima plant

Published: May 15th, 2011 at 1:11 pm ET


Highly Radioactive Substances Detected in Tokyo, Arirang (Korea’s Global TV), May 15, 2011:

[…] highly radioactive substances were detected in parts of Tokyo.

Japan’s Asahi Shimbun reports about 3,200 and nearly 2-thousand becquerels of radioactive cesium per kilogram were found in the soil of Tokyo districts of Koto and Chiyoda, respectively, from testing conducted between April 10th and the 20th.

This amount is higher than what was found in the prefectures near the Fukushima plant and experts warn that other areas may be subject to radiation contamination as clusters of clouds containing radioactive material remain in the atmosphere. […]

Published: May 15th, 2011 at 1:11 pm ET


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133 comments to Highly radioactive substances detected in Tokyo — Higher than what was found near Fukushima plant

  • SteveMT

    In the name of all that is good in the world, it is time to evacuate.

  • SteveMT

    The Japanese People need to be saved whether their government wants to or not. They deserve much better than this blatant disregard for human life.

    • I hope this goes viral

      Completely agree.


      OPINION: How to minimize consequences of the Fukushima catastrophe

      By Alexey V. Yablokov
      MOSCOW, April 15, Kyodo

      The analysis of the health impact of radioactive land contamination by the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, made by Professor Chris Busby (the European Committee of Radiation Risk) based on official Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology data, has shown that over the next 50 years it would be possible to have around 400,000 additional cancer patients within a 200-kilometer radius of the plant.

      This number can be lower and can be even higher, depending on strategies to minimize the consequences. Underestimation is more dangerous for the people and for the country than overestimation.

      Based on Chernobyl experiences, it is necessary to understand that it may be impossible to quickly get back to life before the catastrophe and to accept the post-Fukushima realities as soon as possible.

      The main directions of actions that should be taken:

      1. Enlarge the exclusion zone to at least about a 50-km radius of the plant;

      2. Distribute detailed instructions on effective ways to protect the health of individuals while avoiding the additional contamination of food. Organize regular measurements of all people by individual dose counters (for overall radionuclides) at least once a week. Distribute the radioprotectors and decontaminants (substances which provide the body protection against harmful effects of radiation) of radionuclides. There are many of such food additives;

      3. Develop recommendations for safe agriculture on the contaminated territories: reprocessing of milk, decontamination of meat, turning agriculture into production of technical cultures (e.g. biofuels etc.). Such ”radionuclide-resistant” agriculture will be costly (it may be up to 30-40 percent compared with conventional agriculture) and needs to be subsidized;

      4. It is necessary to urgently improve existing medical centers — and possibly create new ones — to deal with the immediate and long-term consequences of the irradiated peoples (including medical-genetic consultations on the basis of chromosome analysis etc.);

      5. The most effective way to help organize post-Fukushima life in the contaminated territories (from Chernobyl lessons) is to create a special powerful interagency state body (ministry or committee) to handle the problems of contaminated territories during the first most complicated years.

      I am sure that Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian radiation medicine and agriculture specialists, radiobiologists and radioecologists who have enormous experience in fighting radiation consequences will be ready to cooperate with Japan.

      (Alexey V. Yablokov is a councilor for the Russian Academy of Science and a principal author of ”Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment,” published in 2009).


      Kindle edition – April 19, 2011

      Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment [Kindle Edition]

      Alexey Yablokov (Author), Vassily Nesterenko (Author), Alexey Nesterenko (Author), Janette Sherman-Nevinger (Editor), Dmitry Grodzinsky (Foreword)

  • Cindy

    The Truth will slowly all filter out , as they test more and more new areas.

    Is this why the Chief Cabinet Secretary, was thinking of moving the Government ‘South” of Tokyo ?

    It’s a mess, I’snt it !!!

    • SteveMT

      Cindy and Mark V, TEPCO knew 16 hours after the quake!!

      “Tokyo Electric Power Company, the operator of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, says most of the fuel rods in the No.1 reactor had dropped to the bottom of the pressure vessel within 16 hours of the earthquake on March 11th.”


      These people need to be in jail immediately.

  • NewPoster

    Thank you for all you do. I come everyday for info, not only HERE but in the comments. We are looking at the worst nuclear accident ever – and it NEVER NEEDED TO HAPPEN.
    Just watched that video a poster left…the one on Chernobyl. Oh my God…I am left speechless. Thank you.

    • Cuica

      This is the biggest event to ever happen in the history of mankind and not many people know about it, in fact fewer and fewer even remember there’s a nuclear problem in Japan.

  • mikael

    Thats no suprise, again the windpattens and the problem with a find like this is,
    – how high is the radiation really, in areas around Tokyo.
    – how high is the reading in Fukoshima.
    Somthing is not right and the strongest clue is that the overall radiarion must be mutsh higher that what the numbers we have seen sofar indicated, officialy. And the area is probably also mutsh bigger, if the falloutmaps is correct at all, the ones sofar rewiled.
    Where have they realy been and messured radiation.
    What are the facts, Japan.
    And why the lies.

    Now that the diclosures is dripping to the media, its time to give us the real numbers.
    And face the consecvenses.
    Its allready escalating into something ugly, for us all.

    • Poor Daddy

      I’m guessing the reason rad levels higher in Tokyo is the BS levels Tepco has been posting from Fukushima. Many smart folks in Tokyo, harder to lie to them. Reality levels probably off the chart in Fukushima.

    • Anthony

      I`m telling you the ten million times limit ooopsie reading was NOT a mistaken report! I think there has been high radiation since this started – continuously. It is becoming verifiable they are lying to their citizens.

      • Heart of the Rose

        visual analysis of explosions and post explosion damage=toast
        high radiation release for weeks

      • dan

        This is all you ever need to know about high level corporate execs and politicians: If their lips are moving, they’re lieing.

        • norral

          ha ha so true dan we live in a lie and the lie has come to be accepted as the truth.
          what a planet.

  • FanJapan

    “from testing conducted between April 10th and the 20th.”

    It takes a bit of time to get results from the tests… Pffff!

  • Moco

    Contaminate the ground and ruin the food. Pretty simple.
    Famine, is biblical. I guess it has officially began on a world wide basis.
    Throw in a few floods and earthquakes, and we are off to the races, to the bottom.

  • SteveMT

    Are there any further question about deception and lies by TEPCO?

    Sunday, May 15, 2011 23:29 +0900 (JST)

    The firm said that within about 3 hours after the reactor automatically shut down, the cooling water had evaporated to a level at the top of the rods.

    In the next hour and a half, parts of the fuel rods are believed to have begun melting.

    The temperature of the fuel rods is believed to have reached 2,800 degrees Celsius at this stage, and the meltdown advanced rapidly.

    Almost of all the fuel rods melted and dropped to the bottom of the pressure vessel by 6:50 am on March 12th.


  • Pu239

    “”Unstable” is an understatement.”
    — Arnie Gundersen

    • ZombiePlanet

      Another inexpensive weapon in my arsenal of protective measures to aid my efforts to thrive and survive.

      Alpha Lipoic Acid

      The Human Equivalent Radio-protective Dose of Antioxidant Mixture
      … “Recent studies have shown lipoic acid could protect astronauts from space radiation (3) and protect red blood cells from gamma rays…”

      “…The fact that so many Americans are ordering lipoic acid, potassium iodide/ iodoral products indicates (at least to me) they do not believe the official reports, claiming we are in no danger. When it comes down to it, we can only be responsible for ourselves and our families.”


      • Thanks for the link – lipoic acid is one supplement that I hadn’t heard about yet, so will add it to the mix that I (and my family) are already taking.

        • ZombiePlanet

          Thank you, sir.

        • http://www.zeolite.org – also check out Bentonite.

          Now why has nobody on this thread yet mentioned the Stuxnet virus? A worthwhile line of inquiry would be why Merkel so quickly shut down some (Siemens controlled) German reactors…

          Why was the USS Ronald Reagan (irony or what?) in the Fukushima area at the time – check the timing of its first communication about radiation.

          Why was the Chikyu Maru in the area since early January, according to Japanese news and many spook sites?
          Background on the ship here: http://deepseanews.com/2009/05/chikyus-quest-to-drill-the-mantle/

          Why is money for a very few always put before peoples well-being?


          A: ‘Cos the money people are psychotic, led by a serial rapist at the IMF.

    • Heart of the Rose

      Yes..an understatement.
      There is a certain ferocity to nuclear fission.

  • There’s just NO WAY one can come out of this with the same ‘heart’, and ‘belief in the BASIC good of people’ anymore! Boy, did my Mama lie to me!

    • ZombiePlanet

      A sign that we all need to reevaluate any, and all, trust that we may have in our corp-media-government that has our “best” interest at heart.

      Time to escape from the zombie planet.

  • Ashen

    This is at least three of the four horsemen in Revelation. Red horse – War. Black horse – Famine. Pale (sickly green) horse – Death… And Hell was following with him. That leaves us with the White horse whose rider comes in false peace (bow with no arrows) wearing crowns – the Anti-Christ. This “man” will be able to perform miracles and call down fire from heaven in view of the masses thus deceiving most into believing he is the Savior. He will seem to be the answer to every problem and situation on earth. He will bring false Peace and Security to the nations of the world. “Fasten your seatbelt Dorothy – cause Kansas is going bye-bye.” -Cypher to Neo in “The Matrix”

    • ZombiePlanet


      • Conqueror Worm

        Only six more days and you’ll be gone- right? IT’S IN THE BIBLE! Maybe there’s hope for this rock yet…once the zombies fly away.

        • ZombiePlanet

          Your lack of adequate, and discerning, research is evident, and shining, in your post.

          • kx

            he is saying when all the fucking religious nuts get the fuck out to south america, the north will be a better place, even with radiation.

          • kx

            sorry for the agressive tone ehehe, just wanted to scream a bit ;(

          • whimbrel

            wait wait… are they leaving? For real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im sorry argentina, but happy too.

        • Ashen

          Hey Conq – If I’m gone or remain here you can be sure of one thing – as long as I have a single breath left in my body, I will NEVER accept the authority of the enemy. I will not give in, give up, or give out – but in all honesty you already know what you’ll do – it’s your “nature”. I’m no zombie just as you are no “conqueror”. It would serve you well to refrain from sharing your arrogant ignorance for all to see. In all truth, Conq, it’s okay to admit you’re afraid. Mockery is the top trait of someone who is very scared. Share something intelligent and or be silent. You don’t have to resort to mockery and sarcasm if you disagree with anyone’s post here – just skip right over it, Bubba. You’ll feel better if you do.

          • Conqueror Worm

            Hypochristian! It would serve most of us well if you’d refrain from sharing your clearly RELIGIOUS based (you liar!) ignorance for all to see, but I realize you won’t, that’s the pernicious nature of a cult. Cultists have been “predicting” the evil fantasy fictions of revelation since the 14th century!!! All have been Very Sure that “this end time” is “The End Time”. That you peddle that threadbare delusion here (and pathetically try to hide behind the skirts of “spirituality”) reveals YOUR fear completely; hence your projection in attempting to assign it to me or whoever. You should of course be welcoming an early exit to “join your father in heaven”, whether it’s May 21st (HA!) or a few DNA destroyed years down the road; rapture or warrior, the goal is the same isn’t it? Let go…let god, or do you have a new script…uh, scripture to “reveal”? And the very minute you edit your posts to reflect something intelligent (or true), I’ll have no reason to respond. In the meantime “Bubba” (as you said, with sarcasm and mockery)I will feel free, with my fully functioning, non-cult ridden brain, to address any and every post that hijacks this otherwise informative forum from your insanity. Count on it. Oh, and peace be to you and yours too, and I mean that in the same exact manner in which you originally posted it ;)!! You see, I have lived long enough to have met your kind many, many times. I know just what I’m up against. It’s you Ash, who are scared. Your cult-think is crumbling, so you’re doubling down on “teh crazy” because you have no other alternative- I understand. So keep posting and looking for riders in the sky. It’s doing wonders for the non-advancement of your “belief” system. There- that does feel better!!!

          • Ashen

            Hey Conq -that’s about a 10 on the “stress-O-meter”! I wasn’t my intention to upset your fragile mind. So, you think you can attack others on here whom YOU (the Worm) deem as “insane” or “unbelievable”? As I stated earlier, it’s much easier to just skip a post you disagree with. You are more ignorant than I thought if you believe you’ve “lived long enough and have met my kind” at anytime. As far as you knowing what you’re up against with me – that’s so hilarious!!! Because if you had ever met my kind or were “up against me” your ass would be up between your shoulder blades. You’re just a punk who likes to bother others from behind your computer monitor – definitely not in person. I was simply sharing a perspective, one that you obviously cannot begin to comprehend. You’re the “self appointed” blog monitor who thinks it’s funny to demean or attack other peoples posts. I’m not spreading fear and I’m not afraid. I’m certainly not afraid or intimidated by a worm like you. Needless to say- You wouldn’t call me a liar face to face. You’ll go on mocking and insulting whoever you need to, to feel you’re in charge and have “authority” – you do understand that it’s your nature? Don’t mistake meekness for weakness.

        • Ashen

          Just to clear up any confusion. I am not religious, I am spiritual. I agree that there are many, many false prophets (who are for profits)who are “nuts”. There is a big difference between being “religious” and being “spiritual”. Enough said. Eagles don’t swat at flies…

          • Jenny

            “I’m not religious, I’m spiritual”.
            I’m not honest, but your interesting.

          • Jenny

            🙂 Sorry Ash, I have a duty to say that every time someone makes aforementioned claim. I must footnote Daniel Tosh here – as this is, sadly, not my own material. Bethatasitmay, there is certainly no offense intended. Only an opportunistic effort at helpin’ a fellow a people or two have a laugh.

          • Deetu 3

            very,very well said Ashen-on all counts.

          • ZombiePlanet

            Religions are all man made, spirit seeks the truth.

          • ZombiePlanet

            And I forgot,
            Your spirit will be influenced by
            many forces during this life time.
            Many are not good.

  • Sad


    Nuclear power is way too volatile an energy source to be left to as unstable a species (and planet) as we currently are (and live upon). For example, just a few years ago, we are told, the entire world economy was on the verge of complete collapse, perhaps back to the stone age, which only a $700 Billion bailout of the banking and other corrupt industries narrowly averted. So say it did collapse, who would be maintaining all those highly radioactive spent fuel deposits etc at the world’s close to 500 nuclear reactors, and for how long? Is there any contingency plan for such an emergency? No. The industry has no plans for such worst case scenarios. Period. I mean just look, for example, at their desperate use of, what, sawdust, newspapers and diaper chemicals for crissakes to try to stop a leak of highly radioactive water at Fukushima!!!

    Nuclear power is a genie we should have never let out of the bottle.

  • Yes Ashen,…and his ‘bow’ will be “toxon” in Greek, meaning “Cheap, imitation”. It saddens me to think how many people don’t know that he, the false one, comes first! Many will hear him say ‘scripture-like’ things,…and when he offers money, food, etc,…well, you know the story there. Are we not seeing a sort of that now?

    Thanks for the warnings friend!

    • Ashen

      @Jill – you’re welcome. You are exactly correct about the word “bow” definition in Greek. Have you considered that when John was writing the Book of Revelation – (specifically the four horsemen and Hell) that he SAW them in that order. I don’t find that they will necessarily ARRIVE in that order. Also all hell on earth will have to be unleashed for the “lawless one”, the Anti-Christ to appear on the world scene to seemingly solve everything. It’s my contention that although John SAW him first, that he will APPEAR last. Thank you Jill. This is rapidly moving to the spiritual realm where everything actually takes place anyway. I feel the physical realm will soon be revealed for what it truly is – illusion. Only our spirits live on. 🙂

  • Not Telling

    Just wondering if I’m still banned from this site. Apparently not all bad news is “good news”.

  • mark V

    Please welcome new club member: CEPCO


    Circus tents must be good business nowadays.

  • Nancy

    I suggest we get all those guys from TEPCO, the US nuclear commission, Pres. Obama, and members of the US EPA together. Send them over to Fukushima and let them go in and clean it up… The workers who are there now are living out a death sentence. Why should they suffer – let the top dogs take care of it. That’s the honorable way it was done in the Middle Ages. Let’s throw in some execs from BP while we’re at it.

    • kx

      sarah palin and the bush family too!!!

    • terrarainyohio

      Here, here! (great suggestion)

      If you listen to the Alex Jones radio show today, he has some great commentary on Fukushima. As I have reported, no chemtrails here since March 11th, just cold, rainy, miserable weather.

    • Cuica

      Instead “they” are doing just that to the poor people of Japan as they sit from a very comfortable distance…..Where is Harry Karry? Isn’t he suppose to show up when the shit hits the fan?

  • Dr.Stranglelove

    The blob spreads.

  • Do you guys hear that???? I think it’s the fat lady,…and she’s singing! 🙁

  • LOVE that song Cassie,….drove all the way from Cleveland, Ohio to Chico, Cali. listening to that cd!
    Yes, “this is gonna hurt like hell’!

  • I’m wondering if you peeps see friends, family, etc,…who are complaining of feeling poorly. My health forums are A BUZZ with similar ailments as we seem to be collecting into some freaky mosiac of slow-death crap-ola. I’ve reported previously that one of my two dogs almost died twice in both March and April, and my roommates 3 dogs are all at various stages of poor health that is all new. Now, one of my roommates looks BAD! He’s been ‘sick’ for about a month,….has terrible eating habits, and truly looks like a walking dead man. I mean looking at my mutant tomato plants makes me almost cry for my three tiny Grandbabies out here in the west coast!

    • Anna

      My dad has a real bad cough. The doctor told him he was fine. (not)
      My sister got bronchitis and she never gets bronchitis. Hard to say if it sensitivity to pollen. The rest of the family seems to be feeling fine. They are on the CA coast, up in the mountains, eating ice cream and drinking raw milk and eating spinach.

    • Cassie

      Oops, put my reply in the wrong spot Jill.
      What part of the country are you noticing this?
      I live in the midwest and so far, not noticing any medical problems.

  • An evacuation of Tokyo was predicted by Russian engineer, Artem Dragunov: Japan Prediction: Nuclear Holocaust, Tokyo Evacuated

    • Cassie

      I think we are going to be seeing nuclear refugees.

    • Cassie

      Where can they move the capitol?
      Somewhere in Japan?

      What happens if the whole island needs to evacuate?
      Where will the population go?
      Will Korea or China take them?
      Does Taiwan have enough room?

      • “Where can they move the capitol?” – either Hokkaido or Okinawa. Both are very far from Fukushima.

        “What happens if the whole island needs to evacuate?” – That would be a black swan worst- case scenario and, basically, the end of Japan. If that happens, we would all see an apocalyptic financial crisis that would go evolve quickly into a worldwide, global depression for many, many years. 🙁

        “Where will the population go?” – I used to live in Tokyo and once asked a US military friend a similar question. According to him, first the United States Forces in Japan would act with Japan’s Self Defense Forces in getting every single man, woman and child possible to be moved to the most nearby major airports. Then they would all be evacuated with massive fleets of C130s to Guam, the Marshall Islands, the Northern Mariana Islands, the Samoa Islands and other US territories. Then emergency food, water, clothing, living quarters, and medical support would be provided. He said all of this was part of the SOFA agreement.

        Will Korea or China take them? – In such an epic disaster case, maybe. But I’m not sure. They would probably help in some way or another.

        Does Taiwan have enough room? – Maybe, and most likely Taiwan would offer some kind of support.

        Let’s all pray that this does not happen.

        • bcbud

          I think it has to happen, but it won’t. Costs too much.

        • Cassie

          Many thanks for this reply.
          I have been wondering how it might unfold.

          I was thinking Okinawa was out since it could be contaminated as well? So close to Japan?

          I also think if the nuclear refugees come to the US territories
          there will have to be some agreement about long term medical care. The US cannot afford to take care of them?

    • Deetu 3

      ..and a few people here-more than a month ago.

    • Godzilla

      It’s not hard to “predict” the future by claiming to have seen it some time in the past ….. mysteriously the prediction can’t be found in archives.

      But at any rate, in my opinion the forced evacuation of Tokyo would cause more death and suffering than would be caused by even a huge increase in cancers. It would have to be at the level of direct, acute radiation poisoning for evacuation to be a better option than bugging in.

  • Cassie

    What area are you from Jill?

    I live in the midwest and have not noticed health issues.
    Yet. 🙁

  • SteveMT

    Japan evacuates villages outside nuclear zone
    By Mark Willacy
    Posted 57 minutes ago
    Because of wind patterns, Litate and nearby communities have been swathed in high radiation and authorities are not willing to let people stay any longer.

  • I’m in California between Sacramento and Redding,…up in the moutains with Anne’s folks I guess! No,…I’m in the foothills at about 2,600 feet.

    • Cassie

      Sorry to hear of illness.
      They say it is going to hit the young, old or weakened immune systems first.
      Nothing here in Ohio/Ind area yet that I have noticed.

  • SteveMT

    Panic Buying is Sweeping Toyko, Some Evacuate.

    Radiation fears spark panic buying, evacuations in Tokyo
    By Terril Yue Jones | Reuters – Tue, Mar 15, 2011

    TOKYO (Reuters) – Panic swept Tokyo on Tuesday after a rise in radioactive levels around an earthquake-hit nuclear power plant north of the city, causing some to leave the capital and others to stock up on food and supplies.


    • SteveMT

      Japanese Scientist quote:

      “Radioactive material will reach Tokyo but it is not harmful to human bodies because it will be dissipated by the time it gets to Tokyo,” said Koji Yamazaki, professor at Hokkaido University graduate school of environmental science.

      “If the wind gets stronger, it means the material flies faster but it will be even more dispersed in the air.”


      I have some low land that I want you to buy in FL also.

      • Cassie

        They are still lying.
        I have read that it is the Japanese culture to sugar coat bad news.
        That it is considered a kindness not to tell people that they may face death or injury.

        But they need to overcome their cultural issues, denial, or economic motive and start coming clean with the Japanese people and the world.

      • SteveMT


    • Cassie

      I have read that many of the wealthy in Tokyo have already gone.
      Others will be following.

      Where will these nuclear refugees go?

    • SteveMT


      • Cassie

        Ok thanks.
        But I think there is going to be a new wave of evacuees after the latest news.

        • SteveMT

          I hope that my mistake is not proven to be a harbinger of the future events.
          March 15 looked too much like May 15. You are probably very correct about that. I would have left Japan a long time ago.

          • Cassie

            I think evacuation news is going to be more and more topical.

            People with money and connections have probably already taken off. And the rest either have no where to go or not enough money to re-locate. Or no long term visa.
            Plus the government has been lying so many have probably not seen the need to leave.

        • Anna

          Someone suggested that Detroit has a lot of vacant houses available but that Korea might be a better solution.

          • dan

            They’d be safer in tokyo:) Ok, maybe not, but close.

          • Cassie

            If the Japanese evacuees come to the States who is going to pay for their long term health care needs?
            We are broke and our own citizens cannot afford to see a doctor.

          • Cassie

            The problem is that neither China nor Korea are fond of the Japanese. Bad blood that goes way back.
            But yes Korea is an option.

            Or perhaps Taiwan.
            Okinawa is very small and perhaps contaminated as well?
            So it is not a viable option?

          • Cassie

            Tokyo is the largest city in the world in terms of population?
            32 million people.

            That is a whole lot of people to evacuate.

          • dan

            If they want Detroit, I’m sure they can get a good deal. Noone here wants it.

    • D Metalious

      That article is from March. The real panic in Tokyo is forthcoming.

      • Cassie

        Yes, it is going to hit the fan soon.

      • Cassie

        32 million people in Tokyo.
        Largest urban population on the world.
        What is going to happen to them?

        • Godzilla

          There’s not likely to be an official evacuation order. That would cause more suffering and death than a lot of fallout ….. and remember the wind usually blows away from Tokyo. Toward the USA. Heh.

          However individual families might choose to relocate around the world while the yen is still worth something. Probably the population will fall, but not drastically and immediately unless there is acute radiation poisoning (unlikely).

  • WEll, if ‘they’ were smart, they’d get in front of a camera somehow and pray that the rest of the World hears their plight. Hearts are very BIG in a lot of places in this World,…I HAVE to believe that, Yes?

    • Ashen

      Sadly, I believe we may see good, compassionate people turn many evacuees away due to the fear (and very real possibility) of the evacuees themselves and belongings transmitting above normal/high radiation to them, their families, their friends, etc. I hate to think of all the innocent men, women, children, and babies who may be “forsaken” because of the radiation threat – whether it’s founded or unfounded. Perhaps the truth may be that questions tell us more than answers ever do. It may appear that we all are doomed, but appearances can be deceiving. Radiation, radioactive isotopes, fission, and nuclear meltdowns are able to kill our physical body – but will never even touch our “true self” which is our immortal spirit and that’s a comforting thought.:-)

      • Heart of the Rose

        The sheeple have no leaders.
        Thoughts of the afterlife…should come after trying to hold down the real chaos that is before us.

        • Ashen

          Therein lies the problems – 1. Who is able to lead? It’s been a pretty “bang up” job so far. 2. How can anyone hold anything down when panic and absolute chaos hit the masses? I’m only saying that this is uncharted territory.

      • xdrfox

        There will be, Them, theirs and you, the stranger or the near neighbor, they will always chose them and theirs for their needs over yours !

        Have you seen the movie, The Road !

  • Jack

    We would have to make tough management decisions.
    Today we chose to preserve urban settlements over fertile farmlands in
    Louisiana, farms that were burgeoning with great crops.
    We chose to eliminate that food source to instead preserve a million
    mouths-to-feed living in their mass-consumption station, waiting like
    so many baby birdies with upturned mouth expecting to receive food.
    Yes BIG HEARTS to spare people from unnecessary, ignorant suffering.
    Management team, let’s get real…
    What is the actual, realistic, sustainable population of Japan, before
    this terminal crisis….? I’d say less than a tenth of what is now dying off.
    Is it cruel to say so? Isn’t it CRUEL to allow this endless breeding and
    depredation of resources from around the world? Kinda like us?

  • Godzilla

    Jack, I think it would be better to slightly reduce the human population by birth control, and keep our civilization. I prefer to hear happy kids brimming with laughter in civilization, rather than the wailings of periodic famines. We COULD overcome the failings, the plundering of natural resources, the incredible amount of waste …. we could have energy sources that don’t pollute or kill ….. but unfortunately we don’t seem to be heading in the direction of the Georgia Guidestones (which I am a big fan of).

  • Jack

    Hey ‘Zilla…
    You were right.
    I wish maybe I hadn’t always been so cynical, skeptical,
    full of the snotty, teasing snickering sour-belly twisted TV comedy.
    Of course, I wish it was Paradise.
    Heinlein describes generally that humans need to have that new frontier, new adventure, exploration, settlement of wild new lands.
    He sets a future-sci-fi reality where groups of Wagon-train packed
    settlers ride out through time-space-travel portals to establish
    settlements on new worlds.
    We’ve sorta shown a bad ignorant side, with all us humans over
    doing everything, breeding, destroying…
    That there Holy Bible seems to point out a lot of Good Management
    policies which have been forgotten, disregarded. I’m no example
    of Good Stewardship, but I know a little about what we are told to do.
    So, ‘Zilla…it seems the Georgy Prophecy Stones are seeing a
    fulfillment of their Stories. If some type of radiation-resistant
    Neo-Human can possibly scrape together a survival of some kind.
    Otherwise, those Stones may be Collected for the Galactic Museum
    by “Grays” or Martians or somebody surveying our lifeless Canvas
    ready to be Painted to a New Heaven and a New Earth. HalleluYah!

  • Mike B

    We can get through this. We can become healthier than we’ve been in the history of the world. We can prevent & fight back from the increased cancer rates that will hit us.

  • Seer

    I’m really disappointed with the chat on here. Rampant speculation, doomsday-obsession, disaster-consciousness, and hysteria are replacing measurements, analysis, and decisionmaking. Invariably, prior crises have been blown out of proportion by people such as yourselves. This is truly a bad situation, and hopefully stimulates a complete reevaluation of the energy procurement and generation we have become dependent on. But it has nothing to do with a 2000-year-old book of made-up fables or the false authority that you are taking on in these discussions.

  • Steven


    “Rampant speculation, doomsday-obsession, disaster-consciousness, and hysteria are replacing measurements, analysis, and decisionmaking.”

    It would seem that measurements, analysis and decision making were what got us into this mess in the first place. Many in attendance here are aware of the full depth and scope of this disaster, and have been for some time – well ahead of TEPCO, the Japanese government et al, and have had to bear that burden largely alone but for their interactions with others on this site, so should be forgiven for allowing themselves some measure of conjecture in the face of general ignorance elsewhere.

    As for your comment “a 2000-year-old book of made-up fables” I sympathise to some extent, believe me when I say that particular view is subject to change as you progress through life. In the meantime may I suggest tolerance and respect for the beliefs of others, it costs nothing and opens doors rather than closes them.


    As for

  • Just to repeat, in amidst the religion vs Spirit tangent:-

    Now why has nobody on this thread yet mentioned the Stuxnet virus? A worthwhile line of inquiry would be why Merkel so quickly shut down some (Siemens controlled) German reactors…

    Why was the USS Ronald Reagan (irony or what?) in the Fukushima area at the time – check the timing of its first communication about radiation.

    Why was the Chikyu Maru in the area since early January, according to Japanese news and many spook sites?
    Background on the ship here: http://deepseanews.com/2009/05/chikyus-quest-to-drill-the-mantle/

    Why is money for a very few always put before peoples well-being?


    A: ‘Cos the money people are psychotic, led by a serial rapist at the IMF.


    • Heart of the Rose

      They are psychotic for control and power.
      But ultimately..cowards.
      Cowards are actually very dangerous sometimes.

  • Heart of the Rose

    I posted some stuff about Stuxnet last week.
    It isn’t a virus..it’s a backdoor operating system.

  • white indian


    you calc is wrong

    17,3 mikroSvt/hour does NOT give 50 milliSvt/yera

    but 150 milliSvt/yera

    thats THREE TIMES HIGHER then your calculation,

    because 17,3mikroSvt/hour times 8760 hours(one year) gives=151548 mikroSvt=151 milliSvt/yera.

    so thats roughly THREETIMES HIGER the the 50 you menstione.

    so be carefull to calculate,

    a mistake is easuy to make,
    jan netherl;ands

  • mark V

    dbug is suspected to have some uranium or GE shares by little me