Physician: The salmon migrate through radioactive plumes coming off Fukushima, then we catch them on Canada’s shores — Concerned about lack of testing — Officials “rely on Japan for test results” (VIDEO)

Published: August 24th, 2013 at 1:37 pm ET


Title: Serious problem at Fukushima
Source: CBC News
Date: Aug 23, 2013

Anne Trudel, Canada’s National Laboratory for Particle and Nuclear Physics (TRIUMF): The concentration of the radioactivity here, by the time the water gets here will be much less than the already exisiting naturally occurring radioactive species that are in water.

CBC Reporter: […] The CFIA (Canada Food Inspection Agency) hasn’t done any monitoring since last October. Some say that’s a concern for food safety.

Dr. Erica Frank, MD: There are Pacific wild salmon that migrate through the radioactive plumes that have been coming off of Fukushima. Then those fish come back to our shores and we catch them.

CBC Reporter: […] The Canada Food Inspection Agency says it now relies on Japan for test results concerning radiation.

Watch the broadcast here

Published: August 24th, 2013 at 1:37 pm ET


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98 comments to Physician: The salmon migrate through radioactive plumes coming off Fukushima, then we catch them on Canada’s shores — Concerned about lack of testing — Officials “rely on Japan for test results” (VIDEO)

  • norbu norbu

    It is simple do not eat anything from any OCEAN, ever….sad

  • 21stCentury 21stCentury

    I am a fisherman located in the PacNW of USA, and I go fishing in Canada and Alaska too..

    Yes, I am deeply concerned about the cesium & strontium in my food supply !!

    This week we see John McCain and Shinzo Abe having extensive talks in Tokyo, but not a hint, whisper, peep, or bland statement about the disaster at FDNPP1 or nukepower in general.

    I would rather see Shinzo Abe meeting with Sarah Palin..
    Sarah isn't much smarter than Ann Coulter, they're both Ayn Rand Acolytes… but, at least Sarah would be babbling more nonsense about Alaskan LNG helping Japan.

    Gov.Bill Walker in Alaska [2014] can finish the job of providing AK-LNG to Japan with minimal drama and BS.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      No, 21st Century, we won't hear about the talks in Tokyo unless we pursue the information.

      The MSM is too busy ranting on and on about Syria, and the Rim Fire near Yosemite in California.

      Granted, the situation in Syria is serious.

      It really looks like the usual media "divide and distract" circus to me. Do anything possible to keep the public's attention focused AWAY from the really, really, important things.

      Just go and start a war to divert people's attention away from important issues, if all else fails. Or threaten to do it.

      Anything John McCain does makes me nervous …. He's a pretty scarey guy, IMO. The thought of him meeting with Abe is rather disturbing. He always reminded me of a Manchurian Candidate type. And Abe reminds me of Vito Corleone, Japan style.

      Guess I'd better be careful or i might find my favorite pet's head in my bed, or I could end up in da cement shooz.

      Shhhhh. Not a hint of dissent now, people. Or else.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Wondering how many long-time Ene-Newsers aren't surprised by these recent headlines.

        Started reading here (lurking) shortly after 3/11, and got quite an education from many of the people who were originally here.

        Many had predicted water-borne plumes would contaminate the Pacific. Then we began reading about astronomically high Iodine 139 levels off the California Pacific coast (Central California), the mysterious marine mammal deaths around Alaska and parts of Canada, Ken Buessler's initial (and later) reports. It just gets worser and worser.

        People still think I'm nuts when I go into a grocery store and ask where the fish come from. Am wondering when they'll quit shaking their heads and whispering to one another when I turn my back to leave ….

        Please don't wake me, reality bites.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          Oh, I forgot to mention, the mutant eyes in the back of my head enable me to see people shaking their heads when I turn my back to leave the fish counter.

          Can't help it, I have a secret addiction to seafood.

        • ion jean ion jean

          Don't be afraid to source your food…maybe as a parent I don't think twice about drilling a produce or dairy or meat or seafood manager about origins…at first I must have sounded crazy, but I hoped repetition would bring credibility and it has…you just need to practice and the right words will start coming to you more often…need to size up a person's knowledge and personality then how you tell them and how much to tell them become more evident.

  • jec jec

    Sure TRUST JAPAN to provide REAL test data on the fish! (sarcasm). Its not the general public in Japan, its the government…most of them. From observation of the past two years..if it swims, is caught, is shipped…Russia at least seems to CHECK for radiation in imports. USA does not, thanks to Hillary…good job lady, cut down on the voting pubic…

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      Jec, I agree, it is pretty sad when Japan refused shipments of pistachios from California because they tested too high for radiation, but we are allowed to eat them. Also H. C. assured japan we would NOT test any foods they imported to the USA. It is wonder to know the folks in DC are looking after us peons. That is why they are paid the big bucks.

    • corium pudding corium pudding

      Please do not write "lady", "cut" and "pubic" in the same sentence. It makes us guys wince.

  • According to the pdf from the biogensciences website. By march 2012. Facilitation from the fukushima crisis traveled in uniform on the 40 deg. Parallel, traveling to the point of the international dateline (intersection).
    The radiation was described as 10+beq
    When the addition of 17 months (mar 2012~Aug 2013) is taken to account, along with the known data involving the mentioned study/results.

    One could infer that the mass of the radiation now rests on the united states border, mainly in the Californian vicinity. One could also infer that the stretch from fukushima Japan, to California is irradiated above 10beq at this time.

    More:Arnold gundersons recent announcement: last year eating fish via Pacific ocean. Via rad levels 10x their normal levels.

    I assume this data to be relevant, and the very reason that such a statement was made by Arnold B.C.


      Note: at the following link type fukushima into the search box to find all studies performed by this institute. Also if you add key words such as (plutonium)(strontium)(polonium)ect. You can find individual oceanic studies. On each separate elements release.


      • Mack Mack

        Thank you Emmy for the great link of research abstracts on Fukushima.

        Typing in "fukushima plutonium" brought up 47 abstracts:

        One of them discusses Fukushima fallout found in North Atlantic fish.

        Cesium-134 was found in North Atlantic fish, which they claim will add an annual amount of 0.001 μSv if you consume 10 kg of fish per year. (That's about 22 pounds of fish per year.)

        • Was hoping that others would read the pdf's

          What I can easily say is that its pretty obvious that the entire oceanic stretch from california to japan (both ocean floor sediment, as well as oceanic atmosphere), is officially laced with contamination.

          So the above articles author, has failed to do research…

          Its not that the fish are migrating through a plume of radiation… Its that the radiation surrounds them.

          The reports fail to mention bio accumulation within sub species… which was a let down. However they do show the initial depth rate of falling sediment, as well as outlining the redistribution of seasonal changes, and flow rate.

          The initial conclusion on plutonium distribution was also a let down. Stating that within a years time it stayed within a 30km boundary of the facility. (which in conclusion the team states "future testing suggested / needed".

          The real scare was the mobility of Po. (polonium). As well as strontium.

          I only hope that the canadians, will be forthright with their testing results, as well as addressing their citizens, and sister-nations, with reports, as in depth as the ones above…

        • @mack The results also mention particulate found in the black sea, and beyond.

  • bo bo

    Thanks Hillary! !!

  • Yukio_Tanukio

    I have noted a large percentage of posts here and in other forums include blaming statements directed toward politicians. Often they also promote alternative politicians who supposedly could/would "fix" the problems. That's not a wrong thing to do, of course – Provided the statements are both authentic and sincere.

    A very old and effective political scam is to use dupes and to plant shills among the commoners; paid activists who promote the leaders and agendas of the people who hired them. The only difference between a beer hall and a web forum seems to be the exact nature of thuggery used by the evil manipulators.

    Just in very general terms, I would suggest that Japan has been under pressure from the USA (among others) since before 1800 to join our jolly confederacy of free trade. In other words, to either cooperate with the corporate-banking-military complex or be destroyed. Commodore Perry accomplished the "opening" of Japan by sending a trade mission and a war ship with 72 heavy canon and anchoring in Tokyo Bay. What surprise is there that Japan's reaction was militarism?

    After Japan got too uppity and had to be put down in '45, the USA occupied the islands and "remade" their society in beautiful democratic harmony with the other banking states. Part of the oppression included nuclear-izing them, and thuggery was the mean

    If you're blaming Japan, its leaders or its People, for this catastrophe, that's simplistic, and you're looking in the wrong…

    • 21stCentury 21stCentury


      The bigshots running BigOil think the FDNPP1 disaster is FUNNY and is an opportunity to make bigger profits..
      BigOil wants to monopolize world LNG-methane commerce.

      I give Japan scientists much honor and credit for progressive research of methane-hydrates.

      BigOil is busy wasting & flaring as much natural-gas as they can to drive the price up.

      The Oil&Gas industry is built upside-down.. all crude-oil can be gasified.. and the global petrochemical industry can use GAS-feedstock much more efficiently than messy CRUDE-oil.

      The earth is out-gassing megatons of methane, but industry is too lazy to capture lost-orphan methane, they prefer to drill stable reserves where they can dominate the commerce.

      Japan should have easy access to the global abundance of nat-gas.
      …LNG shipping is OK, but we can build a subsea gasline/fiberoptic cable conduit from Alaska to Japan much easier than you think.

    • Mats

      That is not the right place for nationalism.

      BTW: Americans had never made any mistake and if, they don´t know.


    • AntonButler

      1.Japan did not get "uppity" in 45, the Japanese practiced the cold blooded, large scale, execution of men, women, children, POWs,of non-Japanese nationalities in what are now 10 or so different countries, for FIVE DECADES from 1895 to 1945.
      It is simple, Japan disobeyed Gods Law, "do not kill" etc.
      Most countries disobeyed this law.
      The Japanese transgression of this Law,
      along with that of Nazi Germany,
      are documented to be the worst in history.
      So, after this (disobedience to God) came defeat for Japan.
      2.Fukushima is the result of Japanese lack of faith.
      They believed they need nuclear power,
      but they never tried to live without it. Nobody will die if there is no nuclear power, but plenty of innocent people are dying because of it in Japan.
      A person does not need to be paid to write the truth, it should be in his upbringing……

      • Yukio_Tanukio

        Hey, AntonButler ! Sup, Dude? You seem to have missed my point just a hair.
        Like I said, if you're blaming the Japanese People or their leaders, that's simplistic. I didn't say it's "simple."

        Like, believing in God and America's righteous crusade against tyranny in WWII. It's really complex (like reading and making sense of the Bible, or studying the history and causes of WWII) but it's simplistic. You know, like believing Japan needed to be punished for disobeying "God's Law." Other "simplistic" views of history might include our going to war against Vietnam because two sampans attacked our nuclear fleet in the Gulf of Tonkin, or that we have to stand strong against the commie regime in Cuba. Do you think the USA violated God's Law by wiping out the original inhabitants around here, or did we have to do it because they were Godless Heathens – Like those Godless Commies?
        Japan's move into militarism and conquest was (I said) a result of militarization in response to the "impact of the West" – I didn't say that the rape of Nanking was justified. They killed somewhere around four hundred thousand in that operation, but the USA killed more than that in Baghdad (in the second Gulf War, I mean) and Madelaine Allbright said "we think the price is worth it," but I'm not suggesting the US Dept of State is simplistic; they're really comprehensive when they're planning stuff … Like the think tanks are. But …

        • AntonButler

          First do not call me dude.
          You can show some respect for me,
          because I wrote the truth.
          It is not a defence for a war crime to
          cite the war crime of another person, or nation state.
          This is what Japanese do,
          and so have in common with the Germans,
          for 70 years now.
          The Japanese need to learn to compare their conduct with
          THE REFERENCE. "do not kill".
          The reference is not, "do not kill more than anyone else".
          Do the Japanese understood the difference?

      • Yukio_Tanukio

        Do you really think Japan and Germany's murder toll is the worst in history? My understanding is that about 100 million people died in all of WWII, but about the same died in the combined deaths in the Bolschevik Revolution in Russia, and that was just in their own country. How can we set up a simple comparison?
        Oh … History is such a bother.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        Anton, if the defeat of Japan is Gods retribution for disobeying his law, then all the people who "follow his law" will die from Fukushima for what reason? Actually, these common interpretations of spirituality are part of THE PROBLEM. Pray to the lord to tend to nuclear reactors, he has the ultimate power

        • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

          People have the ultimate power. Will we ever see an march against nukes in the US with more than 500 participating? MOVE

          • dharmasyd dharmasyd

            B&B…We saw a million march in the mid 80s against nukes in Central Park, NY, with paralllel actions in many other cities. The problem is the learning curve of the authorities. They are so much more agile and mobile. Everytime the Populance comes up with another one of our incredibly massive and creative ideas, they figure out how to subvert the next effort instantaneously.
            OTOH, I do agree that the people have the ultimate power. Nuclear power is "God's" power, the power of the universe. By taking it into our hands, we mandated that we must evolve our moral consciousness to a higher state of "godlikeness." This is the challenge. This is the evolutionary mandate. As our weapons evolved, so must our morality. Unfortunately, few of us have gotten that message or understood it. Maybe next time, on another planet, in another galaxy!

        • dharmasyd dharmasyd

          Yes, Code, Anton, and especially Yukio: "…if the defeat of … is Gods retribution for disobeying his law…" then the USofA is in for a sh*tload of trouble. Anyone who does not understand this, needs only read Marine General Smedley Butler, "War Is a Racket," read about the "Westward Expansion" of "Manifest Destiny" which wiped out millions of indigenous peoples who inhabited this continent, or, if you need something closer to today, find out about the indiscriminate carnage and Murder by Drone, and the continuing, slaughtering westward expansion of Empire under the Trans Pacific Partnership (a benign name for contiued slaughter and dominance).

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            dharmasyd, yes, the war racket, the incredible low and hypocritical machine of man. But for the record, I didnt say destruction was gods retribution. I was saying its apparently a flawed premise, which even furthers simplistic judgement. i.e. why would the wonderful people of Japan pay the price for the few psychopathic leaders that always find their way to power? Does "god" really stoop to recognizing country borders? But…I know you know

            Everybody knows; Leonard Cohen

    • HoTaters HoTaters


      I'm in full agreement with you on your statement re: the banking cartels. Posted re: this a couple of days ago, here. Just phrased it a bit differently. My comment was in regard to why the Marshall Plan was implemented in Germany and Japan. You just stretched the reasoning farther back into Japanese history.

      Thank you.

      And as I mentioned, for those interested in understanding how this worked, read The House of Morgan. Just happens to be a great historical book I happened across about 20 years ago …. Helped disabuse me of my notions about so-called "free trade." And the purpose of the currency "floats" vis a vis the U.S. dollar. Technically a "dirty float" according to experts who will admit the truth. So much for Keynesian Economics and the notion of the "business cycle" and everything tending toward states of "equilibrium." Not to say economic equilibrium isn't a central tendency over time in every case, but the bankers and economic "experts" do a lot of tinkering with the world economy, and money supply and values.

      The U.S. has exercised undue influence over Japan (often behind the scenes) for a very long time.

      The U.S. position was likely: take our Marshall Plan or starve, after WWII. And what would you expect Japan to do, after the U.S. had bombed the **** out of them and unleashed the A-bombs?

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Have also realized mathematics can be manipulated to say and do almost anything you want them to, in the right hands.

        I once used a complicated econometrics model to prove a hypothesis about human love to be true, by plugging in certain "facts" and data into the formula as variables.

        Of course whomever reviewed the data would know it (and the conclusions) to be specious, because of the outcome asserted.

        Just sayin'

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Yes Yakio its much more complex than just one nation and I weep for the Japanese people and the future of Japan and now the rest of the species that shared with us this once beautiful planet called Earth!

    There is plenty of blame to go around for everybody/one who fell for this current Zeitgeist's warm caress..


    "CBC Reporter: […] The Canada Food Inspection Agency says it now relies on Japan for test results concerning radiation."

    The Japanese have been bold face liars about this accident since day one. People and media are acting like the domestically abused housewife that just keeps going back for more.

    I never understood why people take lies from mainstream media over and over again, and keep going back, yet, when a friend lies just once it may end a real relationship.


    • Yukio_Tanukio

      Why single out Japanese media as "bold face liars?" And, as far as "since day one" … Do you remember "Atoms for Peace, Electricity too cheap to meter, Failsafe and Foolproof, Progress is our most important product" … How about some marginally related items in media history, like "Weapons of Mass Destruction, and Mobile Biological Weapons Labs" (or was it Mobile Chemical Weapons Labs) .. And, my favorite of all: "They threw the babies out of the incubators."

      • dharmasyd dharmasyd

        Yukio, please look for my comments. I agree with you. We must stop blaming each other. We need a higher level of consciousness where we all can admit our good deeds and our faults. There is value in what you say. I'm sorry you are not being understood.

        • Yukio_Tanukio

          I don't mind being misunderstood – My focus is sorting out people who need a higher perspective from the people who intentionally "misunderstand me" or intentionally miss the point.

          Pretending not to get the point, and trying to get someone cranked-up about irrelevancies and false issues is a well known and often used ploy.

          So, I'm always sensitive to these discussions in which people seem to be talking as cross purposes.

          To be succinct about the original point: The Japanese and their culture are at least as good as any other, and possibly have more than many others to offer us. They were attacked and forced out of seclusion by the powers of the time, and it wasn't to teach them about our god; it was to force them into becoming part of the world banking-corporate-military complex. By their amazing intelligence and energy they responded by modernizing and fighting back.
          When Japan set out on a program of conquest in the late 1800s it was a result of the West's pressures on them and all of Asia.For the colonial powers to then pretend shock and moral outrage at what the Japanese military did is absolute cynical hypocrisy. We taught them what to do, and it was in the interests of the US bankers and war mongers. It's an old story, and it's still going on right under your nose – The USA has been manipulating and plundering nations since we started – Over 200 nations in the world. Name ten we haven't attacked, invaded, bombed, sanctioned, or occupied (or built…

          • Yukio_Tanukio

            … or built nuke plants in.

            • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

              You're correct, I'm afraid. Next will be Syria (more bloodshed) and the European Union (via the soon-to-start transatlantic trade thingie), which will the end to non-GMO here in Europe, amongst others. Again, people didn't learn from history (nafta) and don't see what's coming until it's too late.

              • bo bo

                I feel like they were always set out to attack Syria, but they might accelerate the day of official invasion because of too much awareness being raised about fukushima… Syria will be a huge distraction which will use up all airtime

                Btw how is raining depleted uranium on damascus as punishment for alleged chemical weapons justified.

                I don't mean to belittle the deaths from the chemical attacks, but at least the result of chemical attacks dilute faster. depleted uranium renders the land uninhabitable for thousands of years to come.

              • HoTaters HoTaters

                B&B, people in the U.S. didn't learn their lesson from formation of the European Union, either. Hence NAFTA. And so on, ad nauseum.

          • AntonButler

            You are still attempting to justify the UNJUSTIFIABLE,
            EXECUTIONS of many innocent persons by Japanese citizens.
            It would be correct for you to condemn the actions of the Japanese (state) of those times.
            The traumas of Japanese( or whatever country`s) militarism 1895-1945 actually last several generations for the victims.
            People alive today, know the Japanese decapitated their unarmed father POW. Why? Because it is the true Japanese culture and mentality and ambition.
            Executions are not accidents……

            • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

              I am not sure he is trying to justify anything as he is only bringing the disgusting traits of all human behavior to the forefront.

              We are not a species that should be killing each other and that is often a taught proposition inside all cultures based on each Zeitgeist promoted and created.

              We must all learn to accept.. That it's either the Truth or not…it can't be both!

              We all have our own impressions, perceptions and different shades of truth…

              • AntonButler

                Well Obewan, maybe.
                It is really a terrible mans history,
                a long list of atrocities.
                And the list just gets longer, every year,
                it is really mankind out of control.
                For the first time in my life(2013),
                I am thinking that God made a mistake by giving us
                a "free will".
                This free will has been ,for x1000 years,
                a free license to kill.
                History is just a billions long list of murders……..
                I think that children of the age of 12,
                could have governed man much better.
                When a child looks at a tank, the child knows it is evil. But generals look at a tank and think it is beautiful…a saviour even!!!!!Who is blind?

                • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                  Yes, this past and history is all very disturbing for all the newly enlightened souls that are searching for a new paradigm shift in thinking for the future.

                  We can not change the past but we can by working together change the future and that future is now and it starts today.

                  WE must learn from the past and that was yesterday..

            • irhologram

              May I jump in here? The Japanese felt forced to enter WWII because we were cutting off their OIL opportunities in the s. Pacific. You can easily research this. As to atrocities, you can see on Netflix MANY documentaries where GIs said they routinely executed all Japanese prisoners of war, for example. You will see pilots saying how exhilarating a rush and how much FUN (yes, they use that word over and over again in the dome tarried)…how much FUN it was to bomb and strafe. There ARE NO INNOCENTS in war. Atrocities are routine on both sides. But then, I think we all KNOW that, right?

            • Yukio_Tanukio

              OK, AntonButler: I get it now. What you said explains everything:

              "People alive today, know the Japanese decapitated their unarmed father POW. Why? Because it is the true Japanese culture and mentality and ambition.
              Executions are not accidents…… "

              I don't know if YOU know that you included a weasel-word in that ("true culture" – instead of just "culture." I know how those weasel modifiers work, though:

              If I point out that in 2012 the USA executed 43 convicted criminals, but Japan only executed 7 (Japan population 125 M; US population 320 M – So, the US wins over Japan in executions)then you can say that's not their "real" culture. Sigh. I really wonder if you used the modifier consciously.

              By the way, the victims of Japan's "real culture" in WWII, China, executed more than 2,000 people in the same period.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Yes, and how about calling human beings who are innocent civilian victims of actions of war "collateral damage." That just frosts my cake.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Soon I am afraid there will nothing safe left to eat and its only a matter of time now.

    The clock is ticking and its getting very close to midnight!

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Yes, sadly, the clock is ticking, thanks to nuclear.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    There are very few of us residing out here that can see "The Big Picture"!

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    What do you guys think about the fuku fallout that is laying on the trees that are burning around San Francisco? Won't it be sent flying high in the breeze? Shouldn't residents be told to wear masks??

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      timemachine2020, the Rim Fire (just FYI) is occurring about 250 miles east (guesstimate) of San Francisco. No doubt a lot of rads will be re-distributed. Good point, but it's San Francisco's water supply which is of concern near here, and occupying the attention of local radio & TV in Nor. California. Just a comment re: the geography.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    That would panic all the shoppers! Not going to happen but your thinking! Next!

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      Just wait, they will have an expert come out and say that radiation makes you look 10 years younger and all the desperate youth seeking slaves will run and and start licking the fallout off the leaves of the trees.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Yes, licking that might be very appropriate in thus situation! Lots of licking!

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      Furthermore, they won't have to pay the outrageous wage of $10 p.h. to the "remediation specialists" win…win

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Isn't "remediation specialists" another name for the Nuke janitors?

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      How about "The Eradicators" it give them that superhero flair that will appease the masses.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Ok lets use all the above names..but no one shows up to clean up anything.. unless humanity gets its proposed "Word Craft" resolution signed by The Powers to Be.

      Why would anyone step one foot over there to help all these Nuclear boys and girls out.. knowing it will all just happen again?

      Its time for humanity to "draw a line in the sand" for all those that have died before and all those that will die in the future from this current Nuclear Technology.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Isn't The Eradicators" another name for the Nuke janitors?

    I am still hung up that licking thing.. or that sucking thing about our thumbs. 🙂

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    No, I am pretty sure that we "all" will be cleaning this one up every time we take a deep breath of fresh radiated air, take a drink of radiated fresh water and/or eat a piece of radiated food!

    We are all now "Nuke&Puke" Janitors!

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Yes, Its good to laugh, lick, suck and yes we should rock it just like Zion and Party On!

    The future is now!

  • bo bo

    I just was put in the position to explain to friends last night why I wasn't probably ever eat sushi again in my life and they all laughed 'you only live once !!! We are all going to die soon anyways !!! Live big!!

    These people all claim they undetstand the situation just as well as I do.
    Then they say, 'you know, but the ocean is going to dilute everything ! The radiation in the fish is miniscule!'

    The propaganda has been and continues to be very successful.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      this behavior is SO predictable. A little condescending joke (how can they always come up with one?), they say the ocean is so big, or maybe even say Chernobyl is a wildlife sanctuary, then move on quickly, but the three mile stare or huddling amongst themselves lets you know you suffer being a little outcast. Happens every time

    • Canuck1

      Ask them if they would then put a bullet in a chamber of 6 and spin it, put it their head and pull the trigger..
      then say why not?

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Ask these people if they know anyone with cancer and/or that has died from any form of cancer and/or has any disease/symptoms that the medical community says the reason they have these diseases/symptoms is.. that they do not know why they have it.

    There you will find the magic work of Nuclear Radiation Contamination permeating all areas of their lives. They will all live big alright inside all the Hospitals being built everywhere to handle the new patient load predicted.

    Sushi anyone?

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      Obe, my friends 32 yo husband died 1/4/2013, previously health, got very ill couldn't eat, two months later died of lymphoma. Their daughter is 8 started being sickly, cannot gain weight. I am going to see her today and talk with her about getting out of Anaheim, ca.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Yes get her out of Anaheim!

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          Anaheim is too close to Simi Valley where Rocketdyne occurred. Not to mention in the path of astronomically high levels of Fuku rads off & on since 3/12/11. And let's not forget there are two nuke plants, lying to north and south (Diablo Canyon and SONGS). True, not w/i a 50 mile distance, but there is considerable drift, as those downwind of the Nevada Test Site, and the Idaho Flats facility have illustrated. Depends on prevailing winds, jet stream patterns, local and area weather, etc.

          97 miles from Anaheim to San Diego
          215 miles from Anaheim to San Luis Obispo
          67 miles from Anaheim to Simi Valley

          Yes, unscientific assertions, but we do know there is drift and "downwinders" are affected.

          A look at RadNet data over time for Anaheim, and what EnviroReporter has logged will help illustrate the point about airborne levels of contamination. Finding and interpreting the data is an arduous task, but it can be very worthwhile ….

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Very nice and of course I will join you and I am hopeful that all the others here gracing these pages that are searching for that new future paradigm will join in too!

      There is nothing to loose and all is possible if we believe in unison as one united collective force that we can improve all our children's futures…

      As I stated before the future starts right now and that is today!!!

  • A little talk I did on what's going on in the world today.. makes Fuku seem rather a truffle… on a toxic cake.

    Pattie L. Brassard

  • 21stCentury 21stCentury

    Are ENEWSER'S frustrated from not getting your whole neighborhood informed about the Big Picture ??

    ..maybe you should consider doing "mobmovies", the new-tech spontaneous drive-in-movies.

    ..yeah, go mobile with your wireless, computer, digital projector, and lo-power FM-radio transmitter.

    Set the whole rig up in a foodwagon step-van, and you can sell coffee, food & T-shirts.

    It's time for Environmental Nuclear Eradication Network Enterprises Worldwide Systems Inc. to take the initiative !!


      Yes it is upsetting that after telling neighbors, family & friends about how serious all this is, they just don't seem to understand or care about the BIG PICTURE!

      I feel like we ENENEWS'ers are like Noah telling people the flood is coming but we are ignored and laughed at. Fukushima seems moew everyday like it is our modern day flood, but there is no ark to safely leave in.

      • 21stCentury 21stCentury

        Well OK Noah/WWJD…

        Getting the ENENEWS message out to the streets beyond the localized computer screens in our PC's, laptops, and smartphones..
        it's a good thing for everybody to study-up on digital projectors and FM-radio lo-power broadcasting to create a drive-in movie civil-defense public-safety event wherever you can find a suitable wall or screen to project the ENENEWS message.

        Honda Motors recently splashed this website for promoting digital-video for run-down drive-in theaters nationwide..
        ..maybe ENENEWSER's can link up with Honda's initiative ??

      • weeman

        21stcentury now that's using your noggin, I like it, all off us have to be come more pro active, think I will light the CN tower up in Toronto, need a high powered projector, I wonder.
        If intrested and live in southern Ontario email me at
        Passive resistance.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Yes of course!..very good!.. and Red Pill will finance us all!

    Bobby do you have the camera?
    What camera?
    Its over on the Food Truck!
    You mean that food Truck over there!
    Yes Bobby!
    I am not going to grab no stinking camera!
    Why Bobby?
    Don't you see all those people eating each other?
    Do what your told!
    Yes sir 🙁
    Do I need to wear a badge?
    Bobby! you don't need no stinging badges!
    Thank you Sir.. right away sir!

    Hey..has anyone seen Bobby?

    Last time I saw him he was over at that food truck.. over there!


  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    oops Bobby! you don't need no "stinking" badges!

    • 21stCentury 21stCentury

      obe.. take Bobby down to BurningMan and find him a grrrlfriend wouldya??

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        I have to chuckle since my son has not missed one in years and yes he is getting ready to go right now.

        A graduate of Berkeley and he even flew to Japan last year for work and we all know now that this kid of mine glows bright green!

        Won't listen to Dad at all and sadly his name will soon be Bobby too!

  • jump-ball jump-ball

    With usually only 1" of rain/yr. in our section of Desert Cities CA, and with San Onofre npp upwind 100 miles west and now shut down for good, we are happy to 'shelter' in place, radiologically and financially, right where we are. But the 1st weather front of the year is coming over this afternoon for maybe 2 days, and our annual 1", so I tried explaining to 3 friends the reasons to stay out of the Fuku-contaminated rain: 1st responce was "That's TMI', and the next 2 responces were "we're too far away", and something like "are you feeling alright?".

    See if they are offered any of my 500 plus remaining long-dated 2017 cans of pre-3/11-6/11 tuna, salmon and crab, when the bad news gets out and the canned meat/seafood grocery isle is empty, or filled with some other toxic substitute.

    • teamplayer

      Looks like we live in the same vicinity.
      I am so happy that San Onofre will be permanently shut down.
      On the other hand, two of my children live near the coast. I try to keep them up to speed on Fukushima, but, at this point, they tune me out, for the most part. I won't give up.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    San Onfre was a spewing radiation contamination rattle trap and sadly so are all the others we have on line in the US and we need to shut them all down and we need to do this action quickly!

    Invisible, odorless and tasteless and a ghost of death that eventually over~~~time "is" coming to everyone's front doors!

  • SusanS

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