‘Historical Weirdness’: Expert says US gov’t has failed public by not testing Pacific for radiation — A ‘very obvious’ need since Fukushima is leaking into ocean — They told me “it’s salty” and that’s not our thing (VIDEO)

Published: January 25th, 2014 at 2:58 pm ET


MIT Center for International Studies — Japan’s Continuing Nuclear Nightmare, Oct 24, 2013:

Ken Buesseler, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (at 1:30:00 in): Talking about some of the failures […] what I’ve discovered on the academic side, is that when we went to offer our service, we wanted to go and help out, we didn’t have an agency in this country that really had an interest. NOAA was given the authority to look at this disaster and see what the US response should be. Their reaction was to continue this modeling effort to try and model where these things might be at. Not to do the on-the-ground field efforts. They said we don’t do that, we don’t measure radionuclides. Then they’d point across the aisle to the Department of Energy […] the ocean, that’s not their thing, it’s salty — that’s not their problem. Here we have in our country many reactors on oceans and don’t have even an authority or body that has a mission that includes fate of those radionuclides in the ocean. I think that’s a failure that we still haven’t solved […] It’s very obvious when you hear the stories about leaking tanks on land getting into the ocean, there’s a connection there. But we failed to fill that in, our ability to understand the consequences. […] One example of something we’re still trying to plug up as a failure.

‘Your Call’ hosted by Rose Aguilar, KALW, Jan. 16, 2014:

Ken Buesseler, senior scientist in marine chemistry & geochemistry at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (At 5:30 in): Historical weirdness going on — NOAA doesn’t study radionuclides per se at all in their programs, so they were looking at some of the debris and their predictions, but not the radioactive contaminants. That typically falls to the Department of Energy, but they tend to only focus their resources and expertise on land and groundwater […] not the general spread of radionuclides in the marine environment. So, we kind of fell between the cracks […] no one was responsible.

Watch the MIT presentation hereListen to the KALW broadcast here

Published: January 25th, 2014 at 2:58 pm ET


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136 comments to ‘Historical Weirdness’: Expert says US gov’t has failed public by not testing Pacific for radiation — A ‘very obvious’ need since Fukushima is leaking into ocean — They told me “it’s salty” and that’s not our thing (VIDEO)

  • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

    So git a sub an go measure!

    • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

      Don't need to. We've had submersible autonomous vehicles for over a decade. These tiny bots can do whatever you want. And you can deploy them by the thousands. Each programmed to dive and surface to collect and transmit data. And as they dive and surface they move forward and turn to follow a course. DONE. But no. How come?

      • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

        SykeWar…you are right about the underwater capibilities.

        Hey…Last summer I had a chance to look at a underwater "glider" that a friend up the street flys for…we'll leave that out.

        It is motorless, but uses batteries for equip.

        It moves by boyancy compensation.

        Got little fins with rudders and stabilizers and airlearons and stuff…neat lookin little rig.

        So quiet…so effortless…

        I asked the guy who was showing it off, if they ever tested for radioactivity out there…you know…because of Fukushima?

        He looked at me like…I don't get where you are coming from…and shook his head…no.

        I was sorta stunned by that and rolled away.

        • dka

          Same as Japan.
          When a reactor will blow of in the West Coast, American are as ready and as interested as Japanese to make sure no one gets hurt. They don't even have measurement tools, they don't even measure anything, they try to ignore things.
          This industry really sucks!
          They are really ready to take american people for idiots and they will no raise their little finger to take care of them when things are wrong.
          It is not only Japan, US is doing the exact same thing, pushing pencil on the table instead of protecting the citizen.

          • PurpleRain PurpleRain

            That's because our country is owned and operated by corporations and business and not 'by the people for the people' anymore. Even Oppenheimer warned about that happening.

    • Crash2Parties Crash2Parties

      Better to have stationary stations, no? We have plenty of buoys that are already carrying instruments so all it would take is threading through five years of paperwork and bureaucracy…yeah, now I'm starting to see what you mean.

      • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

        Well this way you get a 3d picture, lat. long. and depth. Useful for gauging what fish may have what contamination by depth. Collect as much as you can while you can. Put people to work building bots. Make this the next Hoover dam project.

        • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

          SykeWar…that would be a good start!

          You have to have good info to make good choices…

          if there are any left for us.

          The most productive one would be the best.

          In this case the fastest one would be best…

          Oh yeah…they already used the duct tape one.

          2nd fastest then.

        • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

          What we need is an Ocean Plume Diverter System.

          Floating Gates with motors.

          Sim to what Holland used…but more of a Pacific Sized Scale.

          But where to shortcut it to?

          So as the Mutated Tomato babbles on…

          • combomelt combomelt

            "We wanted to go
            Failure we haven’t solved
            Fall between the cracks"

            Its their Haiku, taken from their words above, not mine. the pos below is my thinking

            Yakuza money
            Homeless shiny Tyvek boot
            Sip from that puddle

          • nedlifromvermont

            love the babblin', mutated tomato …

          • artika rama

            mutated tomato even if you would manage to build enormous huge gates to block ocean currents , that itself (blocking/diverting) the ocean current could be so catastrophic that it would be an ele on itself . 🙂
            PS i think your tomato is a boy 😉

      • James Tekton James Tekton

        These folks are still watching and KNOW what the deal is, but WILL NOT tell the public.





        • Seraphine Seraphine

          James Tekton, SIMPLY HAVING AN AMERICAN PARENT GRANTS YOU AMERICAN CITIZENSHIP. Because of his mother, even if Obama had been born in Kenya, IT WOULDN'T MAKE A DIFFERENCE.
          Now can we leave the politics for another site, please??
          Sorry about the caps lock abuse, guys – but you all know we need our attention & energy focused on coming up with solutions & getting the word out about Fukushima, radiation, state secrecy & so forth, not rehashing unrelated domestic political stupidity. Playing that game = feeding the wealthy, powerful trolls.

          • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

            Actually at the time of his birth a Federal Statute required that the mother be a certain age, if the child were born in a foreign nation and the father were not a US citizen. Unfortunately for Obama his mother was some months short of fulfilling that requirement. Thus if he were born in Kenya he would not be a citizen at birth. This can be looked up with some trouble in the gov archives. Sorry I can not provide the exact place–it has been several years since I read this. A rather large book could be composed of all the various laws related to citizenship. At one time if an American woman married a foreign man she immediately lost her US citizenship–but did get it back if he died or divorced her.

          • GOM GOM

            Sera. How can one know what to expect if you are not informed as to what the government reaction/inaction is regarding Fukushima? Like this:

            • GOM GOM

              Sorry, computer issues today: Cont response to Seraphina. Recent government decision: Joint EPA and California led interagency guideline to be put into affect stipulates that most floating or "beached" debris measuring under 2 millirem per hour will not be considered a radioactive source". [USEPA]" So, you were saying?

          • HoTaters HoTaters


            "A person who becomes a U.S. citizen through naturalization is not considered a natural born citizen. Consequently, naturalized U.S. citizens are not eligible to become President of the United States or Vice President of the United States, which would ordinarily be the case as established by the Presidential Succession Act. For example, though the Secretary of Commerce and the Secretary of Labor are tenth and eleventh in the presidential line of succession, Elaine Chao and Carlos Gutierrez (respectively former U.S. Secretaries of Labor and Commerce under President George W. Bush) would have been unable to succeed to the presidency because they became U.S. citizens through naturalization. The highest-ranking naturalized citizens to have been excluded from the Presidential Line of Succession were Henry Kissinger and Madeleine Albright, each of whom would have been fourth in line as Secretary of State had they been natural born citizens."

            The "proof" Obama was born in the U.S. is pretty flimsy. The only person who might have known for sure if his Hawaiian birth certificate (Director of Health for the State of Hawaii) recently died, mysteriously, after a plane crash off the island of Molokai.

            Shall we take this to the Forum?

      • Colinjames

        I read about those buoys and went to the NOAA site assuming they were testing for radiation, in addition to other things. Honestly I had a hard time figuring out what was what. Pure data. Seems it would be a fairly easy thing to use those little buoys to monitor the radiation and put the results into an easily digestible format. I believe some were testing for some kind of radiation, but like I said, which ones were doing what and where they were was a heck of a chore. Forgot all about it til now.

        • Colinjames

          Although I guess I'm not exactly sure what it takes to test seawater for radiation. It's not like waving a geiger counter I suppose? Someone have a useful link for methods of testing seawater?

    • historical weirdness…how quaint….omnicide is just a slip of the mind…maybe early onset alzheimers will be to blame…
      or god knows it's all the vodka's fault…
      or the drugs…

      these people are premeditated killers…
      for some shocking previously undiscussed data on especially the USA involvement take a quick read of the transcript i made of
      Yoichi Shimatsu's very recent radio interview on all of this…

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    " Historical weirdness"???

    "So, we kind of fell between the cracks […] no one was responsible."

    He's said this a couple of time now.
    Is this where we are supposed to be grateful to Woods Hole ..and appreciate the low-balled data?

    Historical weirdness..lolol ..who says this kind of thing?

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      Ken (bought and paid for by Paul Allan) Buesseler…..any sentence that begins with Expert and then has his name listed is lacks congruency.

      When I read the first sentence of the above headline by brain saw "Epic Fail" instead of "Expert says US gov’t has failed"

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      "Is this where we are supposed to be grateful to Woods Hole ..and appreciate the low-balled data?"

      Hello, Heart.

      No, this is where they show the world how incredibly stupid they ALL can act like. The sad thing is, these so called expert con-jobs may actually be this stupid and ignorant. They just keep barking out all the bull-biscuits, and total malarkey. NO ONE IS BUYING THE LIES ANY MORE!

      Stupid is…as stupid does!


    • jec jec

      All, since the US Government agencies are not testing for radiation or checking out the marine environment, its going to have to be funded by private efforts.

      While collections can be made, they also have to be analized. And it aint cheap! Some of those devices to test for radiation are close to 100K. Right now, bet there is a huge backlog, as lots of samples are sent in, without covering the time/energy costs to process. WHOI can only do so much without funding.
      And, I think Mr. Buesseler is pretty busy and doing all he can with the funding he has. Basically it takes funding! I personally know Ken tested materials provided to him from the Pacific, and on his own dime. And do you see anyone else in the establishment speaking out for radiation testing but Ken? So he's walking a fine line, but I respect the efforts he is making. And I hope I don't get "rocks tossed" at me for this opinion. Basically if you want to be critical, first fund or do some collection and analysis work yourself, first. Find out how difficult it is to provide scientific samples and data. Then find the funding to process said data. That's what I have been helping to do, and I hope others will as well. See this:


    regardless if there's any obligation within their charter, any of these agencies could've accepted the task. That they haven't, is clear evidence of their complicity in covering up the evidence. And the fact that we've not heard a word from the Department of Defense, confirms how wide spread is this coverup…

    • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

      Aftershock…they were too busy buying up hollow points to notice.

      • jump-ball jump-ball

        Mafia tradition required that in a conflict a 'stand-in' speak for you: think Susan Rice explaining Benghazi for Hillaryious, Woods Hole doing the heavy explaining for EPA, NOAA, et all, educational braniacs giving the first responses to each new marine disaster, and ex-Cook county community mob organizers successfuly distancing themselves from being associated with the crime of all time.

  • KidIcarus KidIcarus

    Keep going Ken, you've got a lot to atone for but you can make it right through your actions now. I believe his concern for the ocean will EVENTUALLY override his loyalty to Paul Allen's money. I hope.

  • Ontological Ontological

    Anyone that gets cancer over this farce, good luck. So this woods hole in the budget, will continue to rip off the public with a shinny new ship, that refuses to test for more than personal reasons. This spin is pure BS. Nothing weird.

  • American Phoenix57

    Once a Quackademic always a Quackademic*.

    *Quackademic is a word coined to refer to academics and other professionals who sell their opinions and advice to the highest bidder with disastrous results for humanity.

  • SadieDog

    Running the risk of redundancy… Do you think Buessler dont know about this – http://www.dhs.gov/about-domestic-nuclear-detection-office

    • humptydumpty humptydumpty

      You have to read between the lines. When they say "nuclear detection" they mean detecting terrorists trying to get their hands on nuclear material to make dirty bombs, nothing more than that. The Corporate State doesn't for a moment consider NPP accidents or waste dumping by big corps to be terrorism — that's just part of the industrial problem that needs to "go away".

  • Jebus Jebus

    This is broken.

    Somebody needs to fix it.

    We saw that it is broken.

    Somebody needs to fix it.

    We were befuddled.

    This is broken.

    Somebody needs to fix it…

  • ftlt

    Here is an interesting piece from Greenpeace via Commondreams .com that is sure to upset many on here.


    I wonder if this is representative of the Greenpeace position as a whole?

    This article deserves discussion here as it is fair to say, it is contrary to most posters position on here.

    While I'm not an ELE person on FUFU, I'm a bit taken back by this article's position on the dangers of FUFU to the US and Australia.

    Is FUFU creating a funding crisis for Greenpeace?

    I wonder what Arnie has to say about this new stance by Greenpeace?

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      They do not get it as its the bioaccumulation no one is talking about and only after 60 years in operation the entire wold is now contaminated with Nuclear Radiation Contamination. 🙁

      My nephew in Ohio is now urinating blood and it happened after the first radioactive wave called the Arctic Vortex hit the area.. 🙁

      This is going to be very bad and Green Peace sadly is way off on their assessments.. 🙁

      • zogerke zogerke

        obewan i hope your nephew is OK. hopefully just an infection that antibiotics can wipe out. hope all turns out well. (prayers.)

      • IamtheWalrus IamtheWalrus

        Obewanspeaks, out of curiosity, why do you think the Polar vortex, was a radioactive wave? Are you making that statement because of contaminated smowfall, or??

        • KidIcarus KidIcarus

          Can't speak for Obewan, but I assume his concern is one most of us share – precipitation (in all forms) brings the radiation DOWN from the sky onto the ground. Watch it yourself on rad monitoring sites and put it next to a precipitation map of the US. Mr. Baxter blogged on this once, excellent blog BTW.

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          Thanks for all the comments and I hope he is OK too, but when you are over 40 and urinating blood that is not a good sign. He was 5 days before healthcare coverage started and a bummer, but they will do the tests and find out what's up.

          Yes, if we track the initial radioactive noble gas+ releases they went north towards Alaska entering the Arctic Jet Stream. The Vortex is this Artic Jet Stream moving south into the mid west now.

          Ergo: The mid west is being radiated. 🙁

          • Sparky Sparky

            @obewan, I'm sorry to hear about your son's health concern. 'Sending to you and yours good vibes for restored, sustained good health, with no adverse financial or bureaucratic consequences.

            • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

              Thanks Sparky, but its my nephew and not my son. We should all keep a close eye on the mid west over the next couple of weeks, since this dip in the jet stream looks like its going to continue for awhile. We should warn them to stay out of the snow.. 🙁

              • califnative califnative (NY)

                obewan – sorry to hear about your nephew as well and hope all is okay. My early warning symptom is an ear ache that runs down my neck/lymph nodes.

                • califnative califnative (NY)

                  RadChick (Christina Consolo) started this US Fallout Forecast Map http://climateviewer.com/2014/01/24/fallout-forecast-map-usa-january-24-2014/

                  About the map: the fallout risk map will be a screenshot of the continental US water vapor analysis at the time of posting. Areas in red indicate a high potential for fallout, areas in pink indicate a medium risk, areas in yellow are cautionary, but low. The areas not covered by a color indicator will essentially be precipitation-free. This map should only be a guide and does not in any way guarantee that your outdoor area is ‘safe’ or ‘not safe’. It simply shows the risk potential, based on a number of weather indicators and atmospheric transport studies.


                  • califnative califnative (NY)

                    It has always been my goal to give people enough information to learn to predict these events on their own, since we will be dealing with this – forever. Once comfortable with the information, even a quick look at forecast showing water vapor movement on The Weather Channel can tell you if it’s safe for the kids to play outside today, or not. Here at Climate Viewer News we will generate a risk map every 24-72 hours based on current forecast models, that will be easy to share on twitter and other social media. Every forecast map will contain several links to previous research that has been done on this in the past. It’s a process, that is ongoing, and our learning will be as well.

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      califnative (NY), Great map! 🙂 and yes he is right in the the middle of the radioactive contamination fallout areas, that I thought the Arctic Vortex would negatively affect.

                      We should look out for more reports of symptoms from others living in the mid west over the next couple of weeks.. 🙁

                    • clamshellernh clamshellernh

                      Thank you again and good luck with your site I will be visiting

              • Sparky Sparky

                @obewan, **Nephew** [right!, sorry] 'Still sending heartfelt goodwill that all turns out well.

                On behalf of all, thank you for your cautionary alert re: the rad-packing Artic Vortex over the mid-west. Stay out of the precipitation!

      • bo bo

        This is terrible obewan…
        I hope he recovers from this soon 🙁

      • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

        Obe…so sorry to hear about your nephew…wishing him a speedy recovery.

      • yogda yogda

        I am sorry to hear this obe,
        Prayers and smoke for you and nephew.

      • SadieDog

        "“Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future..” – Yoda , sorry , brother

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        Polar vortex. Hadn't heard that one. I got the flu around that time. Now I am better, but I cough up bloody phlegm from time to time. When I blow my nose, it's bloody snot.

        I know, it's time to start taking this health stuff seriously. Time for dandelion tea, and some DCA. Been watching Dana on U tube. Add that and every natural remedy and healthy food. Already bought a half pound of turmeric. Need recipes for that. Already sprinkle it on sandwiches, throw it on eggs, whatever. Too bad you can't just go to the store and get nutritious food. Snake oil salesmen have taken over. Monsanto, etc. Why don't they just put bloody phlegm on the packages instead of fake pictures of what is supposed to be in the product? Hell, if I die, don't cry, it will be easier (and you will never know anyway) I saw some DCA on ebay. It is described as a drug for research only. Thanks, DANA, another elusive magic rabbit to chase. Oh well. I did buy some pineapple rum and some beer tonight. Sometimes that's easier.

        • GOM GOM

          Uni. When that "polar vortex" [lol] hit down here everyone got flu like symptoms and the coughing was/is still horrible. Probably choking on isotopes.

        • Remember that since it's winter, our homes are often very dry due to artificial heat. We have a wood stove for primary heat, but electric and everything else can be as bad. This will overnight dry out sinus membranes and upper bronchial passages, which is where most of the bloody snot/phlem comes from (if it's not chronic). Since dry mucus membranes don't do as good a job of expelling irritants and floating gnarlies (microbes, viruses, pollutants, etc.), the most respiratory ailments happen during the winter.

          I put an old canner pot of water on the wood stove. My Mom used to put flat pans of water on the radiators. You can keep a big pot on the stove on 'low' during the day. I keep a big bag of dried mint, camphor and mullen to crush up a handful and put in the water, breathe it deeply before going to bed and it helps with the bloody nose thing as well as congestion. Hasn't kept us all from the latest 'bug', but it does help with general winter respiratory discomforts.

          • artika rama

            joyb Good points you amade there , thanks 🙂
            May i also add a few ;
            1 In winter because of the cold we keep our doors windows shut and that decreases air ventilation and as a result concentration of airborne microbes is higher
            2 There is much less sunlight in winter . Sunlight kills a lot of the microbes in the air
            3 people are more often / longer periods indoors which brings them in closer contact with each other increasing the risk of infection
            Keeping a pot of water on stove is an excellent idea , also ventilating the room ,a few minutes , specially before going to bed will help a lot . 🙂

          • unincredulous unincredulous

            Thanks, pot steaming now. Put some warm water out for the birds, too.

    • onedman

      A few weeks ago I went to commondreams asking them to come here to learn about the real Japan and to start reporting…well…I saw that piece this morning, saved it as a pdf, I haven't deleted their bookmark but it will be a while before I go back…once you've had real food it's hard to go back for food from a jar, just sayin'…

    • Questionit

      Only a few people have started to open their eyes about this.
      Where was GreenPeace during the gulf crisis (that is still going on)? How many drilling platforms have they protested during or since in the gulf.

      The upper levels of Greenpeace has been quietly taken over in one manner or another. The people below them just fight the battles as they are requested without looking at their organization with the same critical eye.

      Just be willing to reread their article with that mind set and you will hear the same minimization the other govt controlled organizations and "experts" are saying. Everything in the GP article supports the US govt line and discredits every one on this forum who says its a problem for the ocean and the US. The fact that they were willing to so blatantly use GP to this extent is a great concern to me. This may be another sign the next wave of negative impacts are soon to show themselves.

      Look at Code Pink and Arnie Gundersen with the same critical fashion. They, GP and some others are considered sacred resulting in blindness.

      The summary from GP:
      "But to repeat: the idea that contamination from Fukushima presents a risk to the coastal waters and their ecosystems of the US or Australia is seriously over-stretched."

      Notice that GP denies any impact has already occurred. No mention of the MANY reports of impacts on sea life on the west coast. Avoidance of many many known occurrences and problems.

      • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

        Maybe Paul Allan gave Greenpeace a hug donation, or Bill Gates.

        Gates is heavily invested in Nuclear Energy.

        • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

          meant huge donation….

        • Questionit

          Those are very good video's (1 and 2).
          I do not understand sociopaths/psychopaths. Gates has had a life of everything in the material sense. Envied, known and enormous impact on every day lives due to software etc..

          But in the video you can see he is lying and selling the lie. He comes of as slime. And he is in the "golden" years now. He could do so much good but needs more power or something. He needs his ego fed so badly it will never be enough.

          In his position I would fund a rad. testing lab, qualified people to test the fish, ocean and produce. Independent air monitors and so on. He could actually change the discussion.

          I do not understand, there are people who have so little and are so hungry who still have much more integrity.

          • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

            Questionit…When I stayed in Mexico for three weeks I got to know the local people. The poverty was terrible, but the children played with sticks, laughed and smiled and seemed to be enjoying themselves. Then when I came back to San Diego, I saw the spoiled kids walking around with their iPods, gameboys etc and whining to their mothers because they wanted something new….People who already have too much want more as they have lost touch of what is beautiful in life.

            Bill Gates does appear very slimy in that video…

            No one gets that rich by being a good person….no one….

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      "…about this new stance by Greenpeace?"

      Howdy, FT,

      This is not a new stance.

      It is the same old cover up from another paid off bunch of useless clowns.

      Ever notice how many useless clowns the US govt employs? We could save the country and feed and house every single homeless person in America, if they fired and gave no benefits to all the USELESS US GOVT CLOWNS!


    • nedlifromvermont

      hey ftlt (thirty posts up) … I went to the CD site and spoke my mind and represented for enenews … thanks for the heads up.

      Greenpeace has become the Toady now. So sad … it invalidates their past successes … getting in bed with the monster will not help.

      Atomic power is an epic fail, but apparently a profitable one, for a few, short term …

      peace …

  • SadieDog

    Yes, your govt has been testing and monitoring and continues to test and monitor… Demand answers HERE –

    • Socrates

      You contact them for us and post the response.

      This will be interesting.

    • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

      Here's they're response: YOU HAVE BEEN REGISTERED AS A MALCONTENT.

      • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

        sp their sheeesh

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        I want my special MALCONTENT plates.

        Why be content with shitty service from your employees (.gov), esp. when they make more than you do?

        Why eat chemtrails, when you haven't even seen the menu?

        Why why why why be content at all? I want a better explanation for why nuclear power plant guts all over the Pacific than "It won't hurt you." Especially as the .gov tells us all to give up our liberty for security from people with "dirty bombs." Now who would those people be? Who is the terrorist, the one dirty bombing us all, or the ones the government says "might" do it?

        Plates, please.

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    The US government has failed the population many times. How about the Trail of Tears, how about anything to do with nuclear? How about spraying people with pesticides? How about the fact that every time they use uranium and depleted uranium in weapons, the fallout travels back to the US?

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      anne…so true…and we should not forget that every drone strike that kills a child or innocent civilian in the never-ending middle east war, their blood spills onto everyone in this country.

  • American Phoenix57

    “One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.”
    ― Carl Sagan, The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark

  • razzz razzz

    The US has a better shtick than Japan but of course we are pros at deflection and not taking responsibility. Not reporting Radnet readings at the most opportune time after 3/11 seems criminal with such lame excuses of why most stations went down i.e. maintenance? Same convoluted talk as the Japanese.

  • Almost all science is reductionist these days, so the big picture falls between the cracks of a lot of details, facts, and busyness. It doesn't help that its invisible and acceptance of a food chain hierarchy contradicts the idea that the solution to pollution is dilution. Bleahhh.

  • Crash2Parties Crash2Parties

    We're a capitalist nation, thinly disguised as a representative democracy. Yeah, I know I'm mixing economic systems with governance, it's intentional. Point being that at present, our government largely exists to protect the corporate citizens, not the bulk of the human ones. Now, if this radiation were to threaten an industry or two, and their lobbyists were to approach Washington we might get somewhere with an effort to add measurements to the responsibilities of some agency. Unless, of course, the nuclear power/weapons industry has bigger lobbyists.

  • Socrates

    The oceans slipped between cracks… Who could have thought that the commons needed protection? If a large corporation owned the oceans, there would have been hell to pay!

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      Socrates….brilliant observation…. 🙂

    • Angela_R

      "the ocean slipped between cracks," perhaps the idea that nobody owns it, is correct. Now, back to 'who owns the Nuclear Reactors?'
      Seems like a poster commenting at commondreams also differentiates between ownership and management.

    • Tedd Tedd

      Apparently they do own the ocean. Are you forgetting the Gulf of Mexico? The news blackout that continues today? Encouraging children to swim in and eat poison?

      Now there must be hell to pay.

      When BP and the NSA are hanging on hooks in my basement, That wont even be a down payment.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      Yeah, I can see it now: Aliens attack our planet, like in that movie, called Battleship. The ocean is salty, so the government don't give a shit. As long as they attack with nuclear radiation poisoning, the government will just sit back and tell people, "what?"

  • Jebus Jebus

    More hysterical wierdness…

    Worst-case scenario thinking and Fukushima radiation


    The "fishing industry" so wants to save itself.

    I think this guy just penned himself a PHD…

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      "A focus on credible and competent sources of information can help keep the effect of prior beliefs at bay, and open our minds to alternative points of view."

      Mainstream media, "The new alternative news." Wow, talk about doublethink

  • Jack Jack

    You can bet that the Federal Government has been monitoring and is fully aware of all aspects of the Fukushima crime against humanity since day one. The information they have gathered will not be shared with the public as it would cast nuke power in a bad light. Since our (U.S.) government/nuclear industry established the industry (and the government) in Japan and since the same corporate structure exists in both places it's probably impossible for the individual to bring about any significant change. Our "leaders" worldwide are hardly real leaders or Fukushima would be their top priority. They are merely puppets of the corporatocracy which really runs things and only a massive public outcry i.e. an entire boycott of all things General Electric, Westinghouse, Toshiba and etc. in conjunction with an overwhelming written/phoned/emailed campaign to lawmakers and pertinent agencies will get any results. If you are outraged by what's going on but do nothing more proactive than to comment in comment sections you are part of the problem. Do something proactive. Today.

    • Angela_R

      Jack – "Since our (US) Government/nuclear industry established the industry(and the government)in Japan and since the same corporate structure exists in both places;"
      that is, as I surmised.

      But is the US Government separate to the nuclear industry?

    • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

      "You can bet that the Federal Government has been monitoring and is fully aware of all aspects of the Fukushima…" You bet they are. You can't exploit something you don't fully understand.

  • AlexfromNB

    Let's face facts friends, these characters don't care. It's all about short term gain, money and power. Forget them! This is just another example why this system is failing.

    • Angela_R

      "Forget them! This is just another example why this system is failing."
      Another example, yes.

      Forget them?
      but how do people not get caught up 'in the system?'

    • GOM GOM

      Alex. Obama is building a bunker. On the lawn of the Whitehouse. Right now. Google it. They care. Just not you and me.

  • Tedd Tedd

    Does anyone here really think their not going to pull the same stunt on the west coast that they did on the Gulf?

    Don't debate it or worry about testing. Their already doing what they intend to do. NOTHING!

    I have many dear old friends in the San Fran area. I have warned many. Only one has researched this and is moving to Atlanta. Like that's going to help long term.

    By now this forum should know well what were dealing with.

  • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

    For your viewing pleasure tonight…The Twilight Zone had a classic one on radiation…and tomatoes…they mention tomatoes!

    'The Old Man In The Cave"


  • unincredulous unincredulous

    "They told me 'it’s salty' and that’s not our thing."

    I guess our big, fat, and salty crocodile tears is not their thing.

    They can put back the oil from the salty oceans.

    They can stop regulating salt water fishing.

    They can just put that salt back in the salt domes down in Louisiana.

    Just get all of our navy out of the sea. It's salty. They can just shut down FDA regulation of salt. It's salty.

    I guess the NSA can stop spying on us, now that we have eaten some salted peanuts. Not interested anymore.

    When did our government become such a worthless festering Fukstick?

    • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

      Formerly iodine was in salt. Is it still put in all salts. Unfortunately it is not of course the very best iodine– just potassium iodine. But still useful.

      "it’s salty and that’s not our thing." –was this lifted originally from a Woody Allen film?

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      ""They told me 'it’s salty' and that’s not our thing."

      I do not believe those were the exacting words..
      Sounds like a 'sailor's tale'..
      But..no matter how he puts it ..he received wordage.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    "[…] what I’ve discovered on the academic side, is that when we went to offer our service, we wanted to go and help out, we didn’t have an agency in this country that really had an interest."

    Ummm, uh, FEMA?



    Should any of this news be a surprise from a nation/government that has no plan/place to store/handle the nuclear waste that they have allowed to build up over 30+ years!

  • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

    This is really a matter for Poseidon and the Oceanids. The fact that they are almost completely ignored shows the depth of ignorance this society has fallen into. Or if you prefer Neptune. And speaking of Neptune (in this case the planet) it is currently slowly moving through the sign Pisces–the negative water sign of mystery and the occult. Neptune is a very powerful planet and inclined to delude people into believing things that are not true. Our fearful leader, BHO, is an interesting example of a man with his natal Neptune frustrating (squaring) his natal Mercury. These people have their own world and intensely dislike reality. Their minds are foggy and illogical. The Affordable Care Act is a good example of their mental life let loose on the world. In any case it would be very hard to say what the gov is up to on a given day or with respect to a given topic. My guess is that a really good high school would provide better guidance for the nation in most instances. Generally people at that age really care and have empathy and sincerity to deploy. And they are often very smart naturally before their minds have been warped by dishonest college professors. As for Poseidon and the Oceanids . . . they are reporting in on a Greek system that goes back several thousands years. Very hard to decipher. I could use some help from a Classics major or scholar.

  • eatliesndie eatliesndie

    …They're right. It's salty.

  • Nick

    Do not look for any government to give you the truth.

    The truth sucks worse than even I can imagine.

    Unincredulous….did you ever think your government was worth their salt?

    Me?. never. Now I have proof.

    Thanks nuclear.

    Thanks for the memories of a once vibrant and lush planet.

    It's all history now,

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      When I was 2 years old, I thought our government was worth their salt.
      When I was 3 years old, J.F. Kennedy was assassinated. I no longer thought like a two year old.

      When I was 12 years old, I wrote a letter to the editor of my local paper. My rant about the salt II treaty ended by quoting the Bible. It was censored when they printed it. Actually censored the Bible, they did. I quoted the part where it says if the salt loses its salt it is fit for nothing but the dung heap. The newspaper removed the words about the "dung heap." My point was that if we make more than enough nuke bombs to blow up the whole damned planet more than one time, the government is wasting our tax dollars and our time is being wasted with useless negotiating over "world peace."

      By the time I was thirteen, I figured our local bunch was cowardly idiots.

      By the time I was eighteen, I left town. I was arrested and charged with "disorderly conduct." At court, I was told that my charge was something way more serious. A year later, the judge in the case was charged with using monies taken for a private project. By the time I was nineteen, I realized that the only other place besides my hometown that I had been was a bunch of corrupt assholes.

      Joined the military by the time I was twenty five. God Bless America. Put in the best ten years of my life. Honorable discharge.

      Another ten years later, W Bush would make me want to puke.

      A few years ago, I thought our government was not…

  • Ken Buesseler calls it as he sees it. Weird. If not for want of contract renewal he might have said dereliction of duty. Poor Ken is just another employee like the rest of us.
    Still, weird is good enough for me. Weird is not the same as accolades. Right?
    Why do people think just because Obummer is black he loves us?