Video: “Purple cloud” seen by engineer after Fukushima explosion… “I took a photo” — Former Prime Minister: Smoke from reactor blast had different color than officials claim; Steel appears to have melted on top of Unit 3; Suggests possible nuclear explosion

Published: October 30th, 2014 at 11:33 pm ET


Nouvelles écritures France 24 (French public television), published Oct. 28, 2014: The family once lived in Odaka, 15 kilometers from the nuclear power plant… Yoshiharu Sue, former Hitachi engineer: “Whenever I come back to collect our belongings, there are no voices, no cars, nothing, that’s why I never stay here for long”… The 14th of March 2011, 3 days after the earthquake and tsunami… Sue: “I heard a loud noise and then saw a purple cloud in front of a house in the mountains. I took a photo of it, it was an explosion at the nuclear plant, I knew a little about the subject and realized things were getting dangerous. So we left here on the night of the 14th of March.”

Recall the article by former Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama and Diet member Tomoyuki Taira in Nature Magazine (emphasis added):

  • A question that must be answered is what caused the explosions at the site. They were initially reported as being caused by the ignition of hydrogen… this has not been settled… Knowing whether a nuclear explosion took place is essential for predicting how much radioactivity might have been released… and how far it would have spread, as well as the state of the spent-fuel rods… Two observations suggest that this is plausible.
  • First… [the government] reported finding heavy metals such as curium-242 up to 3 kilometres from the reactor site and plutonium-238 up to 45 kilometres away. These isotopes are deadly poisons… concentrations of 238Pu around the plant were much higher than usual… [Officials say it] must have come from the Fukushima reactor. If so, they suggest that broken spent-fuel rods might be scattered around the site…
  • Second, the steel frame on top of the unit-3 reactor building is twisted, apparently as a result of melting… a hydrogen explosion should not have generated enough heat to melt steel. Initially, TEPCO claimed that the explosion in unit 3 generated white smoke; on re-examination, the smoke was black, and therefore unlikely to have been caused by a pure hydrogen explosion.

Others in Japan also question the claim hydrogen caused Unit 3′s explosion. Teruyuki Nakajima, of the Atmosphere & Ocean Research Institute at the University of Tokyo and Science Council of Japan:

  • Slide 3: Hydrogen explosion of 1st reactor
  • Slide 3: Hydrogen?? explosion of 3rd reactor
  • Nakajima (at 5:30 in): “We see an explosion on 12th and 14th. This one [Reactor 1] would be a hydrogen explosion, but we don’t know about the cause of this explosion [at Reactor 3]. The government said it’s hydrogen — but there are a lot of discussions.”

Nakajima’s presentation is similar to one given by Mitsuo Uematsu, who is also with the University of Tokyo’s Atmosphere & Ocean Research Institute — Slide 4: Hydrogen explosion of reactor #3?

Watch the video about the ‘purple cloud’ here

Published: October 30th, 2014 at 11:33 pm ET


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216 comments to Video: “Purple cloud” seen by engineer after Fukushima explosion… “I took a photo” — Former Prime Minister: Smoke from reactor blast had different color than officials claim; Steel appears to have melted on top of Unit 3; Suggests possible nuclear explosion

  • Ya, pretty sure, like 99.5% sure that this was a nuclear explosion…if the explosion didn't come from WITHIN the reactor or the fuel pool, then how did so much radionuclides get into the air as shown by EPA measurements…only one way.

    A radiation cannon with a charge inside the vessel.

    proof here, comments appreciated

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  • bf9 bf9

    I've said this before and I'll say it again,

    If U3's explosion was of the nuclear variety…with MOX fuel…we're in BIG fucking trouble.

    250 years on the absolute outside for humans.

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  • rogerthat

    Radiation Exposure Linked To Aggressive Thyroid Cancers

    Oct 28
    International Team Studied Children and Teens Exposed After Chernobyl

    By Laura Kurtzman

    For the first time, researchers have found that exposure to radioactive iodine is associated with more aggressive forms of thyroid cancer, according to a careful study of nearly 12,000 people in Belarus who were exposed when they were children or adolescents to fallout from the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident.

    Researchers examined thyroid cancers diagnosed up to two decades after the Chernobyl accident and found that higher thyroid radiation doses estimated from measurements taken shortly after the accident were associated with more aggressive tumor features.

    “Our group has previously shown that exposures to radioactive iodine significantly increase the risk of thyroid cancer in a dose-dependent manner.

    ''The new study shows that radiation exposures are also associated with distinct clinical features that are more aggressive,” said the paper’s first author, Lydia Zablotska, MD, PhD, associate professor in the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at UC San Francisco (UCSF).

    The paper will be published online Tuesday, Oct. 28, in the journal Cancer…

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    • rogerthat

      … Zablotska said the findings have implications for those exposed to radioactive iodine fallout from the 2011 nuclear reactor incidents in Fukushima…

      “Those exposed as children or adolescents to the fallout are at highest risk and should probably be screened for thyroid cancer regularly, because these cancers are aggressive, and they can spread really fast,” Zablotska said.

      “Clinicians should be aware of the aggressiveness of radiation-associated tumors and closely monitor those at high risk.”

      Chernobyl studies led by Zablotska also showed for the first time that exposures to the radioactive iodine after the Chernobyl nuclear plant accident are associated with a whole spectrum of thyroid diseases, from benign to malignant.

      Benign encapsulated tumors of the thyroid gland are called follicular adenomas, and are treated in the same way as thyroid cancer—by removing the thyroid gland, then giving patients pills to replace the hormones that are lost. Lifelong hormone supplementation treatment is both costly and complicated for patients.

      Thyroid cancer is ordinarily rare among children, with less than one new case per million diagnosed each year. Among adults, about 13 new cases will be diagnosed each year for every 100,000 people, according to the Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results (SEER) Program of the National Cancer Institute (NCI). But in the Belarus cohort, the researchers diagnosed 158 thyroid cancers among 11,664 subjects …

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      • rogerthat

        … subjects during three rounds of screening. Those who had received higher radiation doses also were more likely to have solid or diffuse variants of thyroid cancer, as well as to have more aggressive tumor features, such as spread to lymphatic vessels and several simultaneous cancer lesions in the thyroid gland.

        Other authors of the study include Eldar Nadyrov, MD, Alexander Rozhko, MD, Olga Polyanskaya, MD, Vassilina Yauseyenka, MS, Irina Savasteeva, MD, and Sergey Nikonovich, MD, of the Republican Research Center for Radiation Medicine and Human Ecology in Belarus; Zhihong Gong, PhD, of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute; Robert McConnell, MD, of Columbia University; Patrick O’Kane, MD, of Thomas Jefferson University Hospital; Alina Brenner, MD, PhD, Mark P. Little, PhD, Evgenia Ostroumova, MD, Andre Bouville, PhD, Vladimir Drozdovitch, PhD, Kiyohiko Mabuchi, MD, DrPH, and Maureen Hatch, PhD, of the NCI; Viktor Minenko, PhD, of the Research Institute for Nuclear Problems in Belarus; and Yuri Demidchik, MD, and Alexander Nerovnya, MD, of the Belarusian Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education in Belarus.

        UCSF is the nation's leading university exclusively focused on health. Now celebrating the 150th anniversary of its founding as a medical college, UCSF is dedicated to transforming health worldwide through advanced biomedical research, graduate-level education in the life sciences and health professions, and excellence in patient care. It includes top-ranked …

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  • Sol Man

    Some will do what they can with vitamins, minerals, chelation and so on, but what defense do the genomes have? Not only humans, but all living creatures are in for a very rough ride.

    Who financed this technology?

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  • Nothing surprises me in this great fall of humanity era. They'll be getting their hooker slaves to deny healthcare to people next, anything to cover up their gross sins. The day when justice prevails will be three times what they delivered.

    TEPCO Azazel cannot take their sacrificial sin from them. Nothing worse than Nicolaitan fallen angels. These Nicolaitan beings believe in eating flesh for idols, drinking blood like vampires and doing no good works for salvation. Evil isn't it?

    What's it called when someone sells something they know is faulty, there is technical legal term?


    Are there any more faulty products that have not been withdrawn from the marketplace?

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  • HoTaters HoTaters

    Keep those stories coming, Admin. Keep connecting those dots.

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  • juzzie juzzie

    Some will speculate. But others know the explosion at #3 was nuclear.

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  • dunkilo

    Hello fellow Enenewsers,I have more hope than ever before ….Love each other,hug them, never pass on the chance to give freely the unlimited POWER OF LOVE.
    WE are just a moment of sunshine ,fading in the grass…think thats a song lyric ….
    The tech is out there,will the powers that be turn it loose?

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  • dosdos dosdos

    I still hold to my explanation about what happened at #3, molten MOX layers in the base of the reactor detonated, triggered by shockwave from the hydrogen explosion.

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  • PhilipUpNorth

    Unit 3 explosion was, almost for sure, a "prompt moderated criticality", according to Japanese Government Report, Nuke Engineer Arnie Gundersen, and most ENEnewsers, with a few exceptions.

    It is a good measure of TEPCO's hubris that, going on 4 years, this subject is still not settled. ;)

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  • Sickputer

    Long thread at Hot Rod's site January 2014 about the Unit 3 explosion controversy. Some great soundbites of idioacy there (plant held up so "fine"… For example batteries lasted 3 times expected life…)".

    SP: Not any mention of the "melted girders" which should seem inconsistent with a hydrogen-only explosion. Now we have purple cloud evidence of melting. Also the far distance dispersal of Unit 3 fissile fuel.

    The pro-nukes have backed theirselves into an indefensible corner with their prolonged obstinance to evidence. The modern forensics and timely evidence (as well as suppressed untimely evidence) fails to elicit any retractions from the nuclear crowd. Not unexpected considering their admiration of the industry.

    As for the water in the Unit 3 SFP, I think it was vaporized or expelled for the most part. But refilling it was just an issue of Tokyo water pump cannons and Putzmeister jets directed into the wrecked open top. The spent fuel ponds are strong structures. Unit 4 may have suffered structural damage from the weird side meltdown, but then that's another story.

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  • At the NRC blog, people….do a scary thing…activism aimed right at the beast. Be polite enough.

    @Mod, I see your post that 90% is from license fee, what is the other 10% from.

    Also, to make it very clear, Public Utility Commission set the amount of profit companies can make. Companies submit ALL of their costs as part of a rate case. These costs are added into the cost per kWH to sell power.

    The license fees are added in the cost, and thus into the cost per kWH to sell power to the consumer, the rate payer. Therefore the funds to run the NRC come from the consumers of the power.

    In other words, the consumers are "the boss" and the boss ought to do an annual review of it's employees.

    I request the NRC do a pilot program and ask for a public review of it's performance.

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  • Cdog Cdog

    We've all heard "money is the root of all evil." Or perhaps, "money is whats wrong with the world." Over the years its been difficult for me to contextualize this concept as a "truth" of "the real world", because in "my world" money is simply a means of commerce and exchange. And only rarely is their any "evil" notions attached to the little paper devils.
    These are the thoughts that run through my head when I constantly read and re-read the endless horsepucky about the nuclear reactor #3 not going nuclear. We saw the mushroom cloud, we saw the speed of the explosion. We saw the explosion dwarfing the venting tower maybe 1000 feet high! Fragments miles away and melted steel. If it walks, acts, quacks like a duck.
    Or maybe people are more stupid than evil, and we have to stop assuming they can comprehend simple visual and physics based facts.
    On a side note I do believe the one miracle of the nearly worst case scenario was that the SPF#3 is still their after the core ejection/explosion.

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    • Dick Shenary

      Cdog – "Or maybe people are more stupid than evil, and we have to stop assuming they can comprehend simple visual and physics based facts." How did that work out with 9/11 not 3/11? No matter what the film crews shoot the explanations for "what happened" can and will be altered and distorted easily by the media. Possibly Americans have become so self-centered and lazy that they no longer care about any events that occur outside of their own little spheres. If so this is a sad fact.

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    • micky thered micky thered

      money is not the root of all evil. it's the necessary oil in the cogs of life. the problem comes from people who think their particular cogs need all the oil, thus causing other parts of the machine to grind to a halt. it's greed and lack of empathy that's the problem.

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  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Cdog, you would need to study the very long history of money. The Roman Empire used it in form too.

    Money has enslaved the entire world and in that one context alone " money is the root of all evil."

    It took 8.5 trillion dollars and less than 70 years to bring us so much closer to our planet's ongoing death wish/extermination.. called Nuclear Technologies.

    That is a great deal of very evil money my friend..says he. :(

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    • Sickputer

      My fine Enenewser friends: Money is not evil or the root of all evil.

      The LOVE of MONEY is the root of all evil. :-)

      Money is a trusted commodity between naked apes. Some naked apes have no concept or need for money unless they can take it and convert it to what they really need.

      A new Cadillac in the heart of a roadless jungle is worthless to a local human unless he can open it and use it for shelter and storage.

      Money is all relative. We have people starving to death in America, but our society can't feed them. We blow up 600 million dollar satellites in a failed launch or spend 20 billion on inadequate nuclear waste dumps. That's why most people in the world are poor and politicians get wealthy. Bad priorities.

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      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        more specifically, the love of charging usery, the inability or lack of concern for the results of money making schemes, the use of money as a tool to enslave (like economic hitmen)….these are the roots of monetary evil. Love of money itself doesnt do it.

        Actually, "money making" is a misnomer. An example illustrates the point; what if water were the exchange medium for goods instead of money. No scheme of brokering water deals would add to the worlds water supply. Money making schemes (not talking about printing, which only devalues money) only shift the money from the masses to the few.

        People are terrified of the idea of barter because all their money making schemes would fail. The animal kingdom and pre-civilized man show that "money making" is not required for a full and healthy life.

        We are stuck on the idea that you can only get things by making money in exchanges with other people. This leads to scheming. But there are high value exchanges all the time that are not people based…breathing oxygen, being in the sun, companionship and help from animal friends, and not too long ago, drinking water.

        the reason that money doesnt work is because people are stupid and cant see the results of "money making" schemes. Money should be called barter coupons.

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  • weeman

    Every nuclear detonation has a signature either a EMP or Kv, they know if it was a nuclear detonation or not.
    Hell will freeze over before they admit that it was a nuclear detonation, can you imagine the public outcry if every nuclear plant was a nuclear bomb in your backyard, that would be the end of nuclear power production.
    How do you detonate a nuclear bomb, you compress the fuel till you get a criticality, the hydrogen explosions producted a shock wave that compressed the fuel in pools, you only need a bit more than two tonnes of force to cause a criticality and believe me when the hydrogen explosion blow the building to pieces you had a lot more than two tonnes of force, never mind that you had mox fuel on premises and would be easier to detonate with the plutonium incorporated into fuel?

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  • Cost per employee at the NRC
    NRC Cost per "Job Created"
    1,059,000,000.00 2015 Budget

    3881 FTE

    272,867.82 Cost per employee
    More cannon fodder here in their budget (PS NRC sent me this link, they are so helpful)

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  • Shaker1

    obewan, I happen to think in the same manner as cdog about 'money', a media of exchange, an inference of value.

    Sorry, the 'money is the root of all evil' is for simpletons, another convenient scapegoat for lack of truth about ourselves, and I know that you're not a simpleton by any means. I might suggest that what needs to be studied is the very long history of humanity, and realize that money, at that point, is an expression or an extension of one's individual character. Money is a controlling factor to those who wish control, but that same money can be an expression of benevolence. It's nature is a reflection of us (again, as are all our institutions). Our gods even require a good side and a bad side, though many cultures need to differentiate those sides as separate entities. You yourself can render money worthless by refusal of agreement to any value whatsoever.

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  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Shaker1, we can all think the way we want too and that is the beauty of free thought.

    Collectives that remove money by force from those they enslaved can do awful things with the booty (money) stolen without anyone's approval.

    It would be about one's perspective I guess..says he. :)

    Look around at our current world/environment/ecosystems and the human behaviors now controlled by money and then list out the benefits that all this massive amount of created money has brought to any of it?

    Please share the ecosystem/environment benefit list that you might would have in your mind. :)

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    • Shaker1

      Respectfully, obewan, money controls nothing. People control money. You're speaking of institutions and not making the distinction. I can't think of anything more obvious than that. Is the gold that is in the ground 'controlling'? What does a pile of cash sitting at the bottom of the ocean control?

      I find the idea curious, but quite typically anthropogenic. It's the extension of ourselves upon ideas that give them their value, not the item itself. For instance, I own a piece of property that is the key to uniting adjacent properties into one large tract. It's amazing what I've been offered for that piece, but I won't sell. What is their money worth in that regard? Now, those developers might impress their money upon governmental institutions in schemes to deny me that right to refuse, but even in that case the money is the vehicle for their mischief and lack of basic respect, not the source. The source is the individual humans.

      And, cdog, it's OT, but it's been a struggle throughout mankind's existence to justify what they see as the benevolent nature of their gods with the malevolence aspects those gods also present. God created everything, but didn't create the devil? BS. One can't create light without consequent shadows.

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      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Well, "Respectfully, obewan, money controls nothing. People control money."

        The people that control the money then obviously control it all.. :)

        Try not paying your taxes, not making your property tax payments, try not paying and paying and then paying the next money bill thrust forcibly upon you. It's all about control my friend.

        Of course if one owns nothing, then there is nothing to control, with the/or need for money.

        Truly an illusion of perceived in our own head's value.. money is..says he.

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  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    What is it? The list? The benefits?

    I know how you will actually feel once you step out of the boxes created by others for your mind and you look/peek back into those same boxes.

    When I realized just how quickly that this massive amount of money damaged everything around us under the guise of progress and realized what we were actually doing.. I had to puke!

    What is it? Enjoy!

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  • Cdog Cdog

    Good point that facts are now being changed as fast as possible to fit the illusion. Probably down the road (Internet control) watching the image of R#3 blowing up will not be possible. We will be some of the few that continue to know the truth of the day.
    8.5 trillion explains the opulent mega-yatch industry growth.

    Good point Weeman,. The Gov's know for a fact what happened. I'm still personally leaning towards a compression from rising pressure in the containment. The afterthought vents failed to work, the cover unfortunately held, until it created enough pressure for a core criticality. I believe that if part of the fuel pool had blown, it would have redistributed the force among the rest blowing it all.

    Shaker, interesting statement: "Our gods even require a good side and a bad side."

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  • Hi All,
    It's been a while since I posted here. I found myself getting more and more depressed the more informed I became…had to take a break and regroup.

    Can someone clarify for me (I'm not at all nuclear educated) what is the difference between a Hydrogen explosion and a Nuclear explosion…obviously besides them being hydrogen and nuclear.

    If a hydrogen explosion is rated as a 5 on a scale from 1-10 how much worse is a nuclear explosion?

    Thank you :)

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    • 007 does that make you a Bond girl? lol

      Don't get depressed, we can still win this thing, and nuclear is definitely getting weaker (steadily decreasing sales over the last 12 years)

      I guess I would give the nuke explosion (prompt moderated criticality) and 8 out of 10. This doesnt distribute all the poisons immediately and fully.

      Now lets say ISIS gets a real nuke bomb into a spent fuel pool at a "stranded" pool say like in Michigan where they closed the plant and just the pool remains all by its lonesome…well that would be a 10, because ALL of the radiation would be immediately aerosolized AND put into the jet stream.

      That would likely be an ELE or at least a "you don't wish to live anymore among the mutated diseased zombie like critters.

      But I dont think even ISIS is that evil or stupid. But for a spooky Halloween, there is your 10.

      stock out
      PS great video here that explains Moderated Prompt Criticality. Its the second video down.

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    • A Hydrogen explosion is just gases coming out of a sealed reactor exploding inside the building that has the reactor within it. The reactor is still sealing the solid corium inside of it and not letting it out.

      When #3 exploded, it released either and/or both the spent fuel from the SFP and the reactor contents into the air.

      The difference is like night and day.. Read the article linked to at the top of this thread with title;

      What Really Happened At Fukushima Reactor And Spent Fuel Pool #3? via @Green Road

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  • Nick


    Hydrogen explosion at "5" makes a nuclear detonation at "11" on your scale of 1-10.

    Unit #3 went KABOOM, up into the sky. If it was "only" a hydrogen explosion then the smoke would have been mostly white (see Unit #1 vids).

    Regardless, the dispersal of radioactivity from Unit #3, was extreme.

    Then there is unit #2, Unit #1, and all the stuff sizzling from unit #4.

    It boggles my mind that by spreading the myth of hydrogen versus nuclear detonation that somehow it makes the event LESS severe.

    Not by any means.

    MOX was in Unit #3. It went kablooey.

    Unit #3 is in you, and it is in me.

    Fun eh?

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  • Dick Shenary

    Rebeca007 – A hydrogen explosion is a very rapid oxidation process that produces water, heat and a shock wave. The energy comes from "burning" hydrogen in oxygen to form water. A critical nuclear explosion is a small version of the atomic bomb. Mass is converted into energy through a chain reaction. The energy produced by a nuclear explosion is many times greater than a hydrogen explosion in terms of explosive force. The reason that this issue is so hotly debated is that the nuclear industry has maintained for many years that a nuclear criticality or explosion cannot happen outside of the precise architecture of a reactor. Unit 3 video disputes this propaganda.

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    • To be precise, isn't it H3 or radioactive tritium gas that exploded, not hydrogen?

      Melting down reactors don't release any hydrogen..

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      • Dick Shenary

        Dr G. The explosive force of the event would be the same even if the hydrogen gas is H3. This is a chemical reaction as apposed to a nuclear reaction.

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      • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

        The Hydrogen is produced by the oxidation of the zircaloy cladding on the fuel rods by high-temp steam produced by the loss of coolant, PRIOR to the fuel rods melting.

        This increases the internal pressure of the reactor core and is usually vented into the larger building space to prevent the core from rupturing ie exploding.

        Sometimes they have hydrogen scrubbers inside the buildings to handle some of this.

        When the Hydrogen concentration gets to a certain ratio with the air, or oxygen, it produces an explosive mixture, that can be set off with the tinyest little spark.

        Even static electricity will ignite it. Turning on a light switch…actuating an electric operated valve…BOOM!

        When Hydrogen explodes, it produces water vapor, and thus the color of the cloud SHOULD be white, barring no other items have been burned in the process.

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        • Shaker1

          My understanding is that there is some amount of hydrogen generated as a normal process. Temperature itself can break the bonds of water. But zirconium is not the only material existing within and of the RPV that can absorb oxygen. Temperature is a great driver of chemical reactions.

          I do believe that there was a nuclear component to the event at Unit 3 just from, as mentioned above, the color of the smoke. But I also just asked the simple question: what else could have been that powerful? Never experienced one, but I have welded pressure vessels and there's a definite reason why the parameters are so stringent, as the steam explosions of boilers have literally leveled city blocks. I think that we do see some measure of hydrogen explosion at Unit 1, and it doesn't seem to have the temperature-induced damage to steel components as Unit 3. Neither steam nor hydrogen, I don't believe, could reach such temperatures without being pressurized, and would quickly lose that heat at pressure loss.

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  • comment at the NRC blog, they are beating on Pilgrim and good thing….

    Excellent, this is the type of work that lets the ratepayers who fund NRC know they are getting something for their money.

    Problems and lack of training to handle emergency shutdown of plants (sometimes happening during other coincident civil emergencies) is the most dangerous aspect of nuclear plants. Without a proper shutdown, that can lead to melt down.

    I would also ask the Mod to explain if the NRC has the power to DEMAND that nuke plants shut down and fully disconnect from the grid in the event of Carrington event (massive sunspots and subsequent CME thrown at earth). How the the NRC judge the likliehood of the CME taking down the grid, in terms of what X level at which point they would command a shutdown. How does NRC judge whether a CME is likely to be geoeffective (i.e. not just its size but its spatial vector)

    I think a multiple, or even dozens or meltdown are possible in a Carrington Event, and thus poses one of the largest risks to the US of A

    folks cmon lets get at least 3 comments over there from ENE peeps, thank you.

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    • JimLynch JimLynch

      Kinda says it all doesn't it–"we are not prepared for this.." in so many words:
      "October 31, 2014 at 3:57 pm

      The NRC, under the authority of the Atomic Energy Act, can order the shut down of any U.S. nuclear power plant for an imminent safety concern of any cause. The NRC’s guidance on protecting electrical equipment does not include Faraday cages."

      Great nailing him down to that stock!

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  • Nick

    FD-NPP, for some of us, means that our assumptions about the idiocy of fission for dreams were correct.

    The world has gone too far down the nuclear rabbit hole to resume any sense of sanity.

    The entire global financial system is one big Ponzi scheme that will collapse someday. The infusion of money into a financial system only postpones the decline.

    Tell me again why we build nuclear weapons?

    Who (besides the Japanese) are we going to use them on if their very use is M.A. D.?

    Fukushima has released 1,000s of bombs worth of radioactive toxins.

    The merchants of death have doomed us all.

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    • If they have not doomed us yet, they will soon, via either a WWIII involving nuclear weapons (20 plus close calls so far) or via a Carrington Event, where potentially all 400 nuclear plants can melt down along with 400 plus spent fuel pools.

      Time will tell what effect 600 to 1,000 pounds of plutonium released from Fuku will have on the world.. It may be that the effects are already showing up in our animal companions on the West Coast..

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  • Nick

    Japan's anemic economy is no joke.

    But it is a joke to ignore the biological anemic horrors that were unleashed by the nuclear electrical economy that the US helped the Japanese create after WW II.

    Unit #3 was a horrific accident that no human apology will ever appease.

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    • Ya my initial take in the week after Fuku was that Japan would lose 10% of their country, and 10% of their GDP for 10 years….playing out pretty much like that,

      Although the 10% of country is high, and they just resttle the "anxious" ones who are smiling enough.

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  • Cdog Cdog

    Remember, the hydrogen was created from the water in the containment, it was radioactive hydrogen. So it was really 2 radioactive hydrogen explosions, and 1 nuclear. Number four still confuses me. If it was the pool on fire, why did it not all go up, water cabinet put out a zinc level fire. I don't buy the venting nonsense that Tepco suggested. I'm thinking they were just about to refuel, and had an assembly up on a crane when the quake hit and it caught on fire causing #4 damage. But as always almost everything is conjecture as the blanket state secrets laws allow or disallow any true insight.

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  • Nick

    "It recognizes what we have known, that the real economy has been weaker than expected, weaker than forecast, and reasserts that Kuroda thinks they can do something about this."

    The benchmark Nikkei stock index .N225 spiked to a 7-year high on the BOJ bombshell and closed up 4.8 percent. The yen tumbled, with the dollar climbing to 110.91 yen, its highest since 2008, from 109.34 before the announcement.

    "It’s easy money, so financials, banks and securities, and real estate stocks stand to benefit further," said Masayuki Doshida, senior market analyst at Rakuten Securities.

    Easy money. See I told you it was all a Ponzi scheme!!!

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  • Can plutonium or uranium explode on top of or along with hydrogen/tritium and NOT produce an EMP pulse?

    Does a pure hydrogen/tritium explosion without any other fission products involved produce an EMP pulse, as some chemical explosions do?

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  • What Is Tritium? – H3 – Tritium Health Hazards Detailed – Dr. John Gofman M.D, Ph.D ; via @AGreenRoad

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  • To call these tritium explosions 'hydrogen' is another tactic that the nuclear industry uses to minimize what happened.

    After all, calling these explosions radioactive tritium gas explosions, is much scarier than just labeling them 'hydrogen'.

    Hydrogen just sounds so much better, softer, gentler and safer.

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  • All Nuclear Reactors Release Massive Quantities Of Invisible And Undetectable Tritium Radiation, Creating 'HOT' Rain Or Snow

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  • Dick Shenary

    Dr. G – Most people have no idea what tritium is, and the nuclear industry does not want to clarify H3 as being radioactive hydrogen. That would involve using the "r" word.

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  • Dick Shenary

    Tritium has a half life of approximately 12.5 years and is a beta emission emitter only. The chief danger is in tritiated water and internal exposure although I would not want to bathe or shower in highly tritiated water.

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  • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

    I don't believe Tritium is produced in the Zircoly/Steam Process.

    There is another, separate, mechanism in its production.

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    • Where are the massive quantities of tritium being detected in seawater, groundwater and the cooling water coming from then?

      Where does the tritium come from in a normally operating nuclear reactor?

      All of that massive neutron radiation release during a meltdown bombards the water, turning it radioactive, correct?

      What happens when that water and everything else inside of a melting down reactor becomes radioactive BECAUSE of the neutron radiation?

      H2 become H3

      O2 becomes O3

      Every sea water element or mineral, becomes radioactive and is then thrown out or volatized.

      Is this wrong? Missing something here?

      How can a melting down reactor release NON radioactive elements?

      That does not make sense at all, but provide some explanation.. maybe it can happen..

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  • Shaker1

    Well, good Dr., here's a change. Generally you provide links that I follow….

    Here's a short paper about tritrium:

    I liked how they specified the processes in different types of reactors.

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  • Sam Sam

    Purple Cloud Sutra

    Purple Cloud Is not Jimi Hendrik's Purple Haze

    Purple Cloud is Fukushima's Gift to the World

    A Nuclear Reactor melted down and blew up

    Purple Plutonium Mox Cloud blew sky high
    So high , the jet stream took it around the
    world many times.

    Purple Cloud becomes
    Purple wind and Purple rain.

    Death come to us
    all from the deadly realm of Purple Clouds.

    Not even the God of Death in Greece, Hades would
    unleash a plutonium cloud to kill all life.

    This Nuclear nightmare will not end in light
    but in a darkness so dark there is no way out.

    They say Unit three reactor at Fukushima blew
    sky high its nuclear core from the reactor chambers
    shattered deadly nuclear fuel fragments scattered
    in all directions 100 miles and more out.
    Black plutonium saturated mold growing on
    the lovely land Japan once was.
    Purple Cloud
    This is not grape juice soda foam blown sky high

    The Japanese water is Purple Cloud
    Endlessly washing Fukushima and draining
    into the Great Pacific Ocean. Now going on
    for three years till dooms day comes.

    Purple Cloud
    Cry for the People!
    Weep for the life of the Sea

    The Pacific Ocean has a huge dead zone expanding un endingly
    as the blown nuclear reactors leaking deadly radioactivity non
    stop for ever! ! ! ! Cry for the Pacific. It is really becoming a dead Sea!
    No wonder how come whales have been hugging the shore lines of California
    and staying in Montery Bay.

    Robinson Jeffers…

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  • Sam Sam

    continuation of Purple Cloud Sutra,

    Robinson Jeffers would cry over this tragedy.
    Big Sur now overlooks a lovely so beautiful Ocean with such
    a deadly embrace.

    Big Sur Fog is Purple Cloud comes to America.
    Buckyballs of radionucleides floating in the Fog. Henry Miller's
    Ghost up there on Partington Ridge ranting on about the Purple Cloud

    Purple Cloud on all of Us. God Damn the Sociopaths
    They are killing us all.

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  • Occupant Occupant

    Now that we all know that exploding reactors is harmless to humans and the food chain, the PTB can now destroy nuclear plants at will and detonate a few thousand nukes without a single worry.

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  • rogerthat

    Learning the tragic lesson of Fukushima: No nuclear restart at Sendai
    Blogpost by Jan Vande Putte – 31 October,

    … I was a member of the team of Greenpeace radiation experts that went to the Fukushima disaster zone 10 days after the catastrophe to investigate and expose the extent of radioactive contamination.
    This week, we returned to Fukushima prefecture to continue to document the continuing nuclear crisis…

    (Jan Vande Putte is a specialist in radiation safety who trained at the Technical University of Delft. He has participated in environmental surveys of radioactive contamination in Belgium, France, Japan, Russia, Spain and Ukraine. He is an energy campaigner with Greenpeace Belgium.)

    - this is a compelling read. It ends:

    …We also returned to the village of Iitate. We'd taken measurements back in 2011, ten days after the start of the disaster, when citizens had not yet been evacuated. It was still heavily contaminated, having suffered the full extent of the explosions at Fukushima with no shelter from any surrounding mountains that could have blocked some of the radioactive fallout.

    The first thing that struck me on returning to Iitate was the heavy traffic – only this time the cars were mostly full of decontamination workers, and the trucks were filled with radioactive waste. Hundreds of workers were labouring intensively in a vain…

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  • rogerthat

    … attempt at decontamination. At a rough guess, I would say that over 1,000 workers are engaged in trying to decontaminate this one place.

    It appears to be a political operation, one designed to give the impression that even after a nuclear disaster the problem is "manageable". Radiation levels in Iitate show no prospect of falling to what is deemed acceptable. At not less than 96% of the locations we monitored radiation levels that exceeded the government's target level.

    This is the overwhelming and unsolvable nature of a nuclear crisis. When a major nuclear disaster occurs, the damage is long-lived, pervasive, and impossible to rectify. It generates enormous amounts of waste for which there is no safe storage. It literally destroys entire communities and people's way of life.

    Fukushima's citizens are having to live with the gross injustice of having lost everything to a nuclear disaster for which they were in no way responsible. Now they are being stripped of the meagre and inadequate support they received as they are effectively forced back into radioactively contaminated areas.

    They are being offered up purely for political reasons amid the Japanese government's effort to restart nuclear reactors.

    From the perspective of public safety and human rights there is only one just and fair policy: if citizens do not want to return to contaminated communities, where they cannot work safely in the fields or forests as many once did, they should receive …

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  • rogerthat

    … adequate compensation that allows them to establish new lives for themselves elsewhere.

    But, if the Abe government gets its way, not only will more Fukushima victims be stripped of their already inadequate compensation, but more Japanese citizens will continue to live with the looming threat of a similar disaster and the same grossly unjust and inhumane fate.

    Japan has been nuclear-free for over a year, and no electricity blackouts have occurred.

    The Japanese government should turn its back on nuclear power and instead opt for an energy policy based on improving energy efficiency and expanding renewable energy.

    This would protect its citizens from a repetition of the horrors of Fukushima and set the country on track to meet its climate commitments by 2020.

    Governor Ito, and his officials in the Kagoshima prefecture where the Sendai nuclear plant is located should heed the lessons of the Fukushima catastrophe and go all-out for a clean and risk-free energy future.

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  • rogerthat

    Completion of nuclear fuel processing plant postponed for 21st time
    October 31, 2014

    … With the continued delays at the Rokkasho facility, its storage pools have filled to near capacity with spent fuel brought from nuclear power plants throughout Japan.

    Even if the electric power companies can restart their nuclear reactors, they could be forced to shut them down if the Rokkasho plant cannot accept additional nuclear fuel and their own storage pools become filled…

    - this has a picture of Rokkasho. It's mind-blowing.

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  • rogerthat

    IAEA Experts to Visit Japan to Present Results of Fukushima Seawater Analysis Comparison, Take New Samples

    … The inter-laboratory comparison and the proficiency test aim to foster greater transparency and confidence in the marine monitoring results produced, and to present those results to the public in a scientifically correct and understandable way…

    - so an organisation with zero credibility plans to give some of its big fat zero to another organisation that also has zero credibility?

    be still, my beating heart, be still

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  • rogerthat

    FRIDAY, OCTOBER 31, 2014

    Guest Post on Caribou

    Majia here: A friend who lives in Alaska comments upon the declining herds of caribou:

    Caribou in the coal mine?

    Digital winds carry word that the great herds of caribou in Alaska and Canada are shrinking. As yet, few fingers are pointing at radiation fallout. However, Fukushima's explosive plumes simulations and CTBTO data show Alaska, western and northern Canada were heavily dosed with xenon-133 and god knows what other fission products. According to recent reports, fissioning is ongoing…

    - amazing stuff. it includes this:

    …Lichens' pollution-absorbing character was one of the things that stopped Project Chariot, a 1959 scheme by Edward Teller to use nuke bombs to create 'harbors' on Alaska's northwest coast. I was acquainted with several University of Alaska scientists leading ecological research that concluded bomb fallout would poison lichen and that it would manifest in caribou and the people who ate them. They were fired and blackballed by the university president for standing by their conclusions. It's a crazy-ass story and emblematic of today's mire. Find it recounted here:

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  • Bungalow Phil Bungalow Phil

    News Korea’s cement firms brought in Japanese radioactive coal

    Written by Global Cement staff
    23 October 2014

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  • rogerthat

    Expert panel recommends safety fixes at Hanford
    Susannah Frame and Russ Walker, KING 5 News 9:48 p.m. PDT October 30

    A draft report on a series of worker safety incidents at the Hanford Site was released this morning by the Savannah River National Laboratory in South Carolina.

    KING 5 News obtained a copy of the report before its release and reported on its findings on Monday. The version reviewed by KING was highly critical of the measures in place to protect workers from inhaling toxic chemicals….

    The "current site programs…and processes cannot effectively control, mitigate, respond to, and communicate about (tank vapor emissions)," the experts conclude in the report. "The ongoing emission of (known toxic) tank vapors…is inconsistent with the provision of a safe and healthful workplace free of recognized hazards."

    Translation: WRPS is violating federal regulations that require it to provide a workplace free of known hazards that can cause serious illness or death…

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    • rogerthat

      … KING 5 is in the process of comparing the version released Thursday to the copy that was the subject of our Monday story. Stay tuned for updates.

      The Department of Energy provided the following statement:…

      Washington River Protection Solutions provided the following statement:…

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