“Horrific”: Former employee reveals CNN is paid by foreign governments to produce content disguised as news (VIDEO)

Published: September 30th, 2012 at 12:03 pm ET


Former CNN Journalist Amber Lyon Interview
The Alex Jones Show
Sept. 28, 2012

Former CNN Journalist Amber Lyon: I started getting employees at CNN, longtime employees, approaching me saying, “You should investigate this. This is very suspicious. Something’s going on here.”

And we found out that, which was really, I felt defrauded as a journalist, we found out that at the same time I was being detained and risking my life to expose the Bahrain regime, CNN International is taking money from them in exchange for producing content that it airs on CNN International. Content disguised as news.

I mean one of these programs, the reporter, Richard Quest, was reporting live from Bahrain for a week. And u on a program called iList, and that program made Bahrain seem progressive. And the crown prince was a reformer.

And as an employee at CNN, I was never told that this was going on. Also viewers are not being told that CNN is being paid by state regimes some with horrific human rights records to air content disguised as news, which they’re often not even telling the viewers that this content was paid for by government. And, Alex, on a journalistic level, this is horrific.

Full interview here

Published: September 30th, 2012 at 12:03 pm ET


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68 comments to “Horrific”: Former employee reveals CNN is paid by foreign governments to produce content disguised as news (VIDEO)

  • CBuck CBuck

    It's not only horrifying to a journalist.
    It's horrifying and devastating to the viewers who believe what is broadcast.
    I stopped watching any of the major networks years ago, I am not sure how anyone takes them seriously anymore.


      no one with any intelligence, does take MSM seriously. Our media was consolidated several decades ago to serve the interests of a small group on individuals. To forge that control, this group pandered to our interests as means of gaining their support. Eventually, all of us – throughout the world – have come to suffer the consequences of this centralization; the news blackout on Fukushima, being but one example of collusion.

      I was telling my girlfriend this morning over breakfast (which I made for her!), it is now up to each of us to ferret-out the truth for ourselves. As in any form of intelligence gathering, you have to fit bits-and-pieces of fragmented information together, to form the bigger picture. Then that mosaic must be analyzed for its validity. It is a never-ending process…

      • CBuck CBuck

        Part of the struggle now is convincing people who don't believe anything unless "it's on the news", of things that are happening in the world.
        It's a tough, uphill battle.
        And when you do bring up instances of the MSM not reporting things, or reporting falsehoods, you are labeled as paranoid or an extremist.
        I'm getting used to it. 😉


          It's a basic intelligence test, CBuck. I can judge a person's problem solving abilities by what they're using (referencing) to draw their conclusions. Yesterday at work, we had this big discussion on politics. I noticed that most everyone of my fellow associates were referencing cable news networks for their positions. They're all of average intelligence and capable of rational dialogue. Problem is in getting them to realize they've been misinformed on most everything they think they know. They're cautious in not dismissing my input as I've been more-often than not, been proven right. I'm just amazed that they're still bothering to source anything that's coming from MSM! Pretty much everyone knows how biased MSM is. I've concluded that this lack of initiative on their part is due more to conditioning then laziness. Anyway, do have a wonderful day, wherever you are!

          • CBuck CBuck

            Aftershock, I agree wholeheartedly on the "conditioned", statement. It is comfy and what they are used to, who doesn't like or want to remain comfy?
            Well it takes some guts to think outside the box, and courage to state your opinions when it is against the "norm".
            People will believe what they will, at least we who have an inkling on what the truth is, are trying to spread the word.
            Does it make us paranoid or extreme? Not one bit.
            You have a wonderful day as well! I'm in the western U.S., glorious fall day here! 🙂

            • SCE56

              "Reality has a well know liberal bias"
              Stephen Colbert 2006 WH Correspondents dinner.
              In this day and age I get my news from the Comedy Channel and comedy from the MSM of course I don't do Fox Noise since we all know they are just the Propaganda voice for the GOP. Yes CBuck it is a great day in SO Cal will be even hotter on Monday record temps coming but that Global Climate Change is just a Liberal Fact that TPTB choose to belittle and ignore.

              • CBuck CBuck

                SCE56, what is TPTB?
                And Fox is in the same boat with all the other networks as far as I'm concerned. No difference at all, it's just pushing an agenda.
                Yes and it's warm here too for this time of year…climate change is going on, I think a lot of people believe it or not, depending on what it is called.
                I personally believe the planet is going through a cycle that is unstoppable, yes we humans have helped to speed it up or make it more severe but if we were/are her or not it would be happening all the same. Bring in the Al Gore BS and I start yawning and rolling my eyes…he takes it a little to far in my opinion.


                  CBuck: TPTB = The Powers That Be. I figured this one out, when I first came across it. I love acronyms; from my days writing assembly language programs for microprocessors…

                  • CBuck CBuck

                    Thanks for clarifying Aftershock, you'll have to pardon my blondeness lol. 😉

                    • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK

                      We're all good CBuck, in solving different problems. Sometimes I have to smack myself in the head for having overlooked something obvious. My girlfriend just loves watching me do so…and she's blond too! It's what makes us such a wonderful species of thinking machines…

                • Radio VicFromOregon

                  CBuck, it's a fairly simple matter to sample and measure what greenhouse gases are in the atmosphere – done and dusted. Burned manmade hydrocarbons. They are about as natural a process of the Earth cycles as nuclear radiation. As inconvenient of a fact as this may be for most people, it's science…

                  • Radio VicFromOregon

                    Al didn't make up the science and he no more exaggerates the crisis of global climate change than folks here can be accused of exaggerating the dangers of nuclear energy imho.

    • Auntie Nuke

      Read the book "Trust Me: I'm Lying" about how blogs are gamed to influence MSM, implant lies, create buzz. A real veil lifting from the eyes on that one. Thank goodness we can trust ENENews to at least give us the truth about nuclear.

  • PavewayIII PavewayIII

    "…It's horrifying and devastating to the viewers who believe what is broadcast…"

    I have to respectfully disagree with you on this one, CBuck. The average CNN viewer would offer a mild "…meh!" if anything. But 'horrifying' or 'devastating'? Sorry – I just can't see it. CNN makes money providing news-er-tainment.

    Lyon has to be the most naive journalist around. CNN (and the rest of MSM) has pretty blatantly ignored Saudi Arabia and the other oil kingdom's contribution to global terror since day one. If poor Amber would have ended up 'investigating' Saudi Arabia instead, she would have ended up in a shallow, unmarked grave in the middle of the desert somewhere.

    And for whatever reason, CNN is always quick to defend the most egregious actions of Israel while portraying them as the eternal victims of neighboring 'terrorists'. CNN might as well be paid by Netanyahu for constantly reminding every listener of the 'threat' posed by Iran and their non-existant nuclear weapons.

    And CNN should be ashamed of their oddly one-sided reporting of the situation in Syria. The 'freedom fighters' are mostly a mix of street thugs, al Queda and foreign mercinaries – all committing crimes against Syrians as brutal as the regime they're fighting to topple. Its a proxy war between the U.S. and Israel on one side, and Iran on the other. You're never going to see the atrocities of CNN's 'Syrian Free Army'

    CNN – bought and paid for by someone else.

    • CBuck CBuck

      Paveway, you are proving my point here. 🙂
      People think the MSM is the end all in truth and reality and it isn't. And it isn't just CNN, it's all the other major networks as well, they all have their own agendas that they scurry to meet and it's pathetic.
      My point is, there are a lot of citizens out there who believe what they are told, and the results can and will be catastrophic for some.

      • PavewayIII PavewayIII

        "…and the results can and will be catastrophic for some…"

        Agreed. Unfortunately, the U.S. has a habit of exporting the 'catastrophic results' half-way around the planet to some poor guy trying to raise a couple of goats. Neither who has ever heard of CNN.

        I actually don't blame CNN. They're doing nothing different that hasn't been done over and over in the last 4000 years. It's not a charity.

        On the flip side, expecting any kind of critical thinking by the majority of the public in my lifetime is futile. Thinking is hard and makes you sad. Entertainment is fun and makes you happy!

        • CBuck CBuck

          CNN isn't the culprit, it's the whole of MSM. They all misinform according to their own beliefs. There is no truth in advertising at all with them.
          The sooner the majority see's this, the sooner things will get better.
          Yes it will be a hard road, of course people would rather be entertained than face the truth, hopefully it can and will happen.
          I don't believe anything is futile…yet.

        • arclight arclight

          "It's not a charity"
          lol- hit me funny bone there 🙂


      as usual PavewayIII, you are spot-on…

    • PavewayIII PavewayIII

      I apologize to Amber Lyon regarding my comment about her being naive about CNN's bias and censorship. She just wasn't as terminally cynical as I was about her former employer back then.

      The more I read about her, the more I like her. This is from Glen Greenwald in The Guardian:

      On 16 August, Lyon wrote three tweets about this episode. CNNi's refusal to broadcast "iRevolution", she wrote, "baffled producers". Linking to the YouTube clip of the Bahrain segment, she added that the "censorship was devastating to my crew and activists who risked lives to tell [the] story." She posted a picture of herself with Rajab and wrote:

      "A proponent of peace, @nabeelrajab risked his safety to show me how the regime oppresses the [people] of #Bahrain."

      The following day, a representative of CNN's business affairs office called Lyon's acting agent, George Arquilla of Octagon Entertainment, and threatened that her severance payments and insurance benefits would be immediately terminated if she ever again spoke publicly about this matter, or spoke negatively about CNN.

      More on CNN sucking up (for cash) to the oppressive Bahraini regime by Greenwald:


      And Amber is still taking tear-gas for the team:


    • omniversling

      Many 'reporters are simply 'paid liars', or PR/disinfo agents. Liars, or 'repeaters', not reporters.

      ‪CNN busted producing FAKE news from first Gulf War!!!‬

      Fake Tweets About Syrian President Assad's Death Cause All Too Real Spike In Crude And S&P

      "Presstitues" http://www.zerohedge.com/contributed/2012-09-30/3-time-emmy-award-winning-cnn-journalist-mainstream-media-takes-money-foreign

      Subverting Journalism: Reporters and the CIA


      • PavewayIII PavewayIII

        Awww… c'mon Omniversling. What about Anderson "Keeping them Honest" Cooper and his never-ending quest for the truth from Syria Danny here:


        Cooper could be fired for blatantly faking news, right? Oh that's right – this 'report' was actually a paid advertisment from his Quatari, Bahraini or Saudi bosses.

        Anderson is getting worse and worse in convincing the world is being overrun with crazy radical muslims that need to be exterminated with drones. I think his bosses should think about a more credible replacement.

        CNN is probably having a hard time finding journalists that are willing to work there anymore. They should do what TEPCO did: 'outsource' to the Yakuza.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Capitalist News Network

    Where "Breaking News" pays off
    You don't call CNN for nothing

  • dosdos dosdos

    I had a comment deleted on CNN a few months back, when I claimed that CNN mostly relayed the readouts from governments, not performing any real journalistic investigation. It was the only time I had any of my comments pulled there. I guess I was too close to the truth for them to cope with my words.

  • Pierpont

    Crikey, now we're relying on Alex Jones material????

    Is this the same blathering Alex Jones who has gone bonkers promoting the foul-smelling Joel Gilbert attempt to smear Obama's mother with insipid lies about her posing for porno shots?

    Oh, that's just great. Next we'll be calling on Karl Rove to explain how the Democrats' policies and the Corps of Engineers are really responsible for the Texas Brine mess.

    • vivvi

      How do you know what he is saying isn't true? Did you see it on CNN maybe? Barry Soetero is NOT who he claims to be, but you will never hear that on the whore media. His documentation is clearly false, but you will not see that on the whore media either. Your comment is a classic example of what this journalist is complaining about, people are being fed bullshit by media whores to manufacture public opinions that suit the folks with the money to pay for this propaganda. Did you really think Barry's mom was some kind of apple-pie-baking angel who got a bad rap from nasty racist ppl? Before you start, I can't stand that rMoney creep either, and he is using his loot to pay for propaganda just as much as ole Barry. The point is one we who are awake realise, that we are never gonna get the truth from mainstream media who are paid to lie to us.


        not speaking for Pierpont, viwi, but in response. His objections are (IMO) valid. It's already understood by many that AJ is part of the controlled opposition. Or did you think those in control would not have put such in the mix? And as any poly-sci-analyst will tell you, when it comes to propagating lies and deception, you must couch it within the truth. As long as you're aware of this, then you're safe stepping through AJ's yard…

        • vivvi

          I did not say that everything Alex Jones says is true. What I am saying is that you cannot just dismiss everything he says as not true. There is certainly enough information about to form the opinion that what we are told about Barry Soetero is bullshit. To dismiss Alex Jones altogether is just as silly as believing everything he says without question. However, Peirpoint's bias towards Obama is woefully evident from his remarks, and he is an example of what this journalist is complaining about, the manufacture of propaganda fed to the masses to bring about a desired opinion.


            then I'm sorry to have misunderstood you vivvi. I agree, there's a lot that AJ puts out that's worth consideration. Then there are those things that he just won't touch. It's for those reasons that many are suspicious of who he's really serving. I also can't speak to Pierpont's bias. As was demonstrated by me, we're all subject to misinterpretation. Now I must take my leave (friends just showed up) and ask that you have a wonderful day and even-better evening!

          • Pierpont

            @ vivvi: Peirpoint's bias towards Obama is woefully evident from his remarks,

            Like, WTF are you talking about? I didn't mention Obama or Barry Soetero. I was flaming that Alex Jones nematode and that stink-hole Joel Gilbert who have taken the lowest road I can think of by accusing a dead woman of posing for porn pics knowing she can't defend herself. These people are colon-scum and if you are going to defend their tactics you are too.

            I have spent hours analyzing Gilbert's photos and story and I'm will to go nose-to-nose with anyone who claims this is not a foul fraud, likely financed by the likes of Rove and Armey and Kochs. Gilbert will not reveal who is picking up the tab for his mailing 1+ million of these defamatory DVDs.

            If this is your idea of valid journalism, man, have you got a problem. It has nothing to do w/ Obama. It is about lying pricks in the blogosphere and the brain-ded idiots who promote them.

            • vivvi

              If you have such a problem with his show, why do you listen to it? You spent hours analysing photos? Why? It could not be more of a foul fraud than obummer himself. You seem to strain at a gnat and swallow a camel. Such devotion to a dead woman's honour seems odd for somebody with no particular emotional stake in the issue. I think there is some truth in the speculation that obummer's father is not the person named on the birth certificate, cos he looks nothing at all like him.
              As for you, who do you think you are to call people such names? What you said tells more about you than it could ever say about me. I shall be restrained and say no more about it, but now, I know what you are.


      agreed Pierpont. I love a good conspiracy, but not when it's coming from the controlled opposition…

  • Loveistheonlyrationalact Loveistheonlyrationalact

    MSM are corporations…..Corporations are people……"People" are political super-pac contributors…..I'm still looking for that small, inconsequential sub-group…..the human being!
    All reporting by corporate entities is slanted by political/profit influence or "legal" definition. There is very little, if any, encompassing truth released by corporations ie: MSM, Tepco, or the legally incorporated governments of the world… And we know that the legal system has nothing to do with the truth, or right and wrong.
    We can't change the past, but a great first step is to not allow any entity the right of self-investigation and self-regulation. This covers any legal, political, corporate or personal entity.
    Love To All

  • CB CB

    @Loveistheonlyrationalact me two!

  • arclight arclight


    BREAKING VIDEO- Police in Anaheim Take My “I’ve never been shot at while reporting on U.S. soil’ Virginity:

    July 25, 2012

    Police using less-lethal rounds fired on me while I was photographing an anti-police brutality protest in Anaheim, CA for my book (watch video to right). Right before the incident, I was standing on a well-lit, main drag, with my camera clearly in hand and with another journalist, Tim Pool. After instinctually yelling “shit”, I ducked for cover between two U-Haul trucks, where I remained for several minutes as projectiles whizzed by me on both sides. Although the rounds are called ‘less lethal’, riot control weapons have proven to be fatal resulting in multiple deaths overseas. Fearing an ankle strike, I emerged from my hiding space with my hands in the air yelling “press”. The firing ceased. One officer told me he was glad I was ok, “I was worried about you”, he said.
    Its incidents like this that are causing press freedom in the U.S., according to Reporters Without Borders, to drop 27 ranks in the past year, leaving the U.S. now trailing behind El Salvador.


  • arclight arclight

    have cnn reported this?


    or this?

    Officials mull seismic tests near US nuclear plant -may harm local ecology

    “People need to understand, we’re living in the world post-Fukushima, so we need to go back and review everything we think we know about the seismic threat situation around important structures like this power plant,”


    Green Party calls for a national Climate Action Plan USA!!

    "The Green Party would also shut down all coal, fossil fuels and nuclear plants by 2025, and opposes the construction of any new such plants (including garbage incineration.). Rather than exploring for new fossil fuels, it believes the 80% of the present supplies must not be converted to greenhouse gases."


    …well they should be reporting this stuff.. i mean its just lying around for any old duffer to pick up! 😉

  • arclight arclight

    Wednesday, September 26, 2012

    Bahrain activist's daughter sentenced to two months in jail for tearing up picture of king
    Sung Un Kim

    [JURIST] Zainab al-Khawaja, the daughter of Bahraini human rights activist Abdulhadi al-Khawaja [BBC profile; JURIST news archive], was sentenced Wednesday to two months in prison for tearing up a picture of the country's king, according to her lawyer. Mohammed al-Jishi condemned [AP report] the sentence as being too harsh, stating that penalties for such offenses are usually mere fines. Zainab still faces eight additional charges arising out of her anti-government protest in Al Qadam. She was detained [JURIST report] in August by Bahraini police and was subsequently charged with destruction of government property. She had been also sentenced to a month [JURIST report] in jail for attempting to organize anti-government protest in addition to her $530 fine for a separate charge of insulting a government employee. The Bahrain Center for Human Rights (BCHR) [advocacy website] alleged that Zainab was subject to verbal assault, threats and rough handling.


  • arclight arclight

    Bahrain protest youth killed by police as nation wins UN rights seat

    September 30, 2012

    Bahrain's Said Mohammed Al-Faihani has been appointed the Asian Group's representative to an advisory body to the UN Human Rights Council
    Al-Faihani's nomination as one that "represents the international community's confidence in Bahrain's progress in the human rights' field," according to CNN
    Al-Faihani, a member of the country's social development ministry, has denied reports of torture and other abuse believed used by the regime against protesters. He told Human Rights First “everyone who’s been arrested has been shown an arrest warrant and proper documentation
    The group openly opposed Al-Faihani's candidacy, writing that his "expertise is in presenting the Bahraini government in the ‘most positive light possible.'"

    The strategic Gulf nation serves as the headquarters for the US Navy's Fifth Fleet.


    food for thought
    human rights ptretenders
    us fifth fleet


    • arclight arclight

      food for thought
      human rights ptretenders
      us fifth fleet

      i think the PR companies are making a literal killing here…

    • PavewayIII PavewayIII

      The U.S. watches the most brutally repressive regimes without batting an eye – Myanmar, Sudan, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia – as long as they serve some purpose to TPTB.

      They'll all be eclipsed by the Taliban after the U.S. is done doing Israeli's work in Syria. The current regime is bad, the Taliban will be worse, thanks to the U.S. and the al Queda we're arming for CNN's 'Syrian Free Army'.

      I would bet my last dime that the average person in Damascus would just as soon not have had the U.S. stick it's nose in there and start arming 'rebel' butchers. All that did was stir up the Syrian military butchers. You're dead no matter which side you run to. On top of all that, the Taliban or some other religious nuts will kill any power vacuum leftovers and take Syria in the end.

      Syria would have come to an Arab Spring on their own terms someday and had a chance at a democracy. That wasn't fast enough for the U.S. or Israel which demanded a 'genocide speed' revolution for their own purposes. It will take decades to rebuild whatever shambles Syria becomes thanks to our hands. Shame…

      • arclight arclight

        best said here

        The U.S. and Its Allies Will Do Anything to Prevent Democracy in the Arab World

        Uploaded by MrWonkish on May 11, 2011
        Noam Chomsky: "The U.S. and Its Allies Will Do Anything to Prevent Democracy in the Arab World"

        Speaking at the 25th anniversary celebration of the national media watch group Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, world-renowned political dissident and linguist Noam Chomsky analyzes the U.S. response to the popular uprisings sweeping the Middle East and North Africa. "Across the [Middle East], an overwhelming majority of the population regards the United States as the main threat to their interests," Chomsky says. "The reason is very simple… Plainly, the U.S. and its allies are not going to want governments which are responsive to the will of t he people. If that happens, not only will the U.S. not control the region, but it will be thrown out.


        "more secure if iran has nuclear weapons.." 🙂

        • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

          Julian Assange Speech at the United Nations; via A Green Road

          • arclight arclight

            i will see you julian and raise you an a mahmoud

            Published on Sep 26, 2012 by RussiaToday
            Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's eighth address to the UN General Assembly was defined mostly by its absences: The Syrian conflict and an infamous anti-Muslim film weren't mentioned, and the US delegation wasn't present in the chamber


            note that they both only have a couple of old suits…

            wonder if there is anything in that?

            interesting last speech

            • arclight arclight

              mahmoud beats julian on stamina though… lol 🙂

              • arclight arclight

                from the comments

                "..Beautiful and Peaceful speech. A President that speaks Truth and Hope for all of Humankind. U.S. Media didn't even air this. They repeatively air that Iran wants to nuke Israel. When did he say that?.. He never did…."

                • arclight arclight

                  Don't blame me if I don't shop at Nieman Marcus: There's a reason behind Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's cheap suits. It has nothing to do with the Republican National Committee's distaste for the man. (Stephen Chernin-Pool/Getty Images)
                  His style, the bad suits, the cheap Windbreaker, the shoddy shoes, and the unstylish haircut, a style he proudly maintains well into his presidency, is a signal to the working class that he is still one of them



                  • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK

                    good stuff arclight. If they don't like what you have to say, they'll critique the fact that you might have a crooked tooth. Those at the top are nothing more than petulant trash…

                  • Maggie123

                    AFTERSHOCK: Thanks so much for this link! Funny, I think his cheap suits might subtly be part of his appeal to me too! 🙂

                    I think he's very mindful – sometimes I think he's made remarks to 'tease' the West (mischievous) perhaps not well advised. I've wanted him to turn out not to be yet another "shrewd player engaged in power-seeking for its own sake". I don't follow the politics well enough, but think he's offended traditionalist power-holders within Iran also? Will peruse for other articles also at the link.

                    • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK

                      @Maggie123: watched him the other night (Friday) on Charlie Rose. They were doing their best to trip him up on something, to no avail. As I was saying to someone this weekend, no one at the top is ever entirely clean. Just some are forever being challenged and will trade-off bits-n-pieces of their humanity to hold-on to power. I feel bad that we live in a world where those in power can't simply sit-down behind closed doors and find solutions that serve all…

  • arclight arclight

    Iranian jury finds Reuters chief guilty of 'propaganda' and 'spreading lies'

    Published: 30 September, 2012,

    A Reuters journalist has been convicted of “propaganda related offenses” by an Iranian media court. A jury found Tehran bureau chief Parisa Hafezi guilty of “spreading lies” in a video story about women training in martial arts.
    The report contained a headline saying that Iranian women were studying to become ninja “assassins.” The story claimed the country was training more than 3,000 female ninjas to kill possible foreign invaders


  • arclight arclight

    Bahraini court confirms jail terms for medics who aided protesters

    01 October, 2012

    Bahrain's top court confirmed the jail sentences of nine doctors for their role in last year’s pro-democracy protests, state news agency BNA reported. The medics will be imprisoned for up to five years.
    On Monday, Attorney General Abdul-Rahman al-Sayed said the country’s Court of Cassation rejected all of the defendants’ appeals and upheld the verdicts, BNA said.
    The nine medics were among the twenty individuals tried by a Bahraini military tribunal in September 2011. The tribunal charged the doctors with felonies for their role in the February protests, which included treating antigovernment activists wounded by security forces and reporting those injuries to foreign media. Some of the medics also participated in the protests.
    The Bahraini government accused them of crimes including occupying a hospital and inciting hatred towards the country’s ruling royal family.


  • arclight arclight

    must read!


    Dr. Jawad Al-Ali (55), director of the Oncology Center at the largest hospital in Basra, Iraq stated, at a recent ( 2003) conference in Japan:

    “Two strange phenomena have come about in Basra which I have never seen before. The first is double and triple cancers in one patient. For example, leukemia and cancer of the stomach. We had one patient with 2 cancers – one in his stomach and kidney. Months later, primary cancer was developing in his other kidney–he had three different cancer types. The second is the clustering of cancer in families. We have 58 families here with more than one person affected by cancer. Dr Yasin, a general Surgeon here has two uncles, a sister and cousin affected with cancer. Dr Mazen, another specialist, has six family members suffering from cancer. My wife has nine members of her family with cancer”.


    • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

      Depleted Uranium Effects In The Human Body; via A Green Road http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/03/depleted-uranium-effects-in-human-body.html

    • Maggie123

      Arclight: Thanks also for this link (and the one above too!) I've been using beyond-tragic Fallujah birth defects and mutations to insist that Americans pay attention to the full range of disasters visited upon the people of Iraq.

      Beyond pointing out general atrocities of war, I've included Fallujah when offering evidence of horrors of nuclear exposure.

      I'm very sad to discover the nuclear-related harm in Iraq is more widely distributed. But we need to know – the world needs to know.

      The evidence needs to be shoved into faces of those who'd rather gaze at "pop culture" distractions – blocking their view of anything but the horror of the harm!

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    Areas were DU has been used can look forward to much more of this, plus other nice leftovers from the new version of wars with high tech nuclear weapons, birth defects, cancers, 2,000 genetic diseases and all of the other neat presents that come along with opening the nuclear Pandora's Box.

    Many US soldiers were exposed to DU, and it will become the new horror for soldiers returning home and trying to raise a family, just as Agent Orange was for returning vets from Vietnam.

    The military industrial complex loves to destroy the planet while it is winning hearts and minds with things like DU, Agent Orange and exporting nuke plants, weapons, etc.

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    As Noam Chomsky said; the US has collapsed economically, but it is still keeping it's world position through the FORCE of arms, and/or FORCED military occupation, top down dictatorships.

    The US military industrial complex addiction is being fed through HUGE intravenous direct to the vein applications of $$$$ debt. Debt is rapidly increasing to a point where the US economy may very well totally collapse.

    Then we may see true 99% led freedom and democracy movements flourish, and not be repressed by US financed military dictatorships.

    Underneath all of this seeming chaos, the unified field of Oneness consciousness is growing and flourishing, for those plugged into it. At some point, it may very well spring forth and be experienced even by those who have paid no attention to it up to now.

    • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

      quote AGreenRoad "Underneath all of this seeming chaos, the unified field of Oneness consciousness is growing and flourishing, for those plugged into it. At some point, it may very well spring forth and be experienced even by those who have paid no attention to it up to now."

      This !

    • Maggie123

      AGreenRoad: Re: "Underneath all of this seeming chaos, the unified field of Oneness consciousness is growing and flourishing, for those plugged into it. At some point, it may very well spring forth and be experienced even by those who have paid no attention to it up to now." Yes, it is possible, sometimes, to 'feel' the promise. Beautifully said – thank you!

      Re: "Then we may see true 99% led freedom and democracy movements flourish, and not be repressed by US financed military dictatorships.". To my observation and study, such a development can only be temporary unless/until we more widely (by the hundreds of thousands, even millions) understand and accept the compassionate and also the fearful aspects of our nature.

      We must find our way out of need for worship of hierarchy, power, and accumulation for their own sakes. These behaviors are rooted in our nature, and can be shifted if we choose to understand and de-emphasize the urges – replacing them with equally valid urges toward self/other cooperation and blossoming. We must understand what it is within us that leads us toward "power over" structure. We must nourish, nurture, welcome, and cherish the offerings of every child born, and of all already born. And even then, we'll need to practice gentle but firm honesty at every step we take.

      Aggression is deeply incorporated in our psyches by thousands of years practice! Habits that deep take years of mindfulness to change! 🙂


    Media Have Become An "Enemy Of The American People"


  • allmymarbles

    It is a misconception that we have a free press. We follow the government's line, or that of big business – often the same thing. I lived and worked overseas for 25 years, mostly in third world countries. I have never seen honest political reporting of any of the places I knew so well. By the way, I was not a dilettante ex-pat. I learned the languages of those countries and earned my living there. My children attended local schools.

  • arclight arclight

    right! now where was i?

    oh yeah CNN bashing

    ive done more in five minutes and i have dyslexia than all them high fallutin journos.. lol!

    Azerbaijan Youth Activist Zaur Qurbanli -Detained in secret for a week! trumped up charges? Million Dollar Bribe! wow!

    “Having received $500,000 from Abdullayev, Ahmadova was demanding half a million more in order to finish the business”

    “I am not giving anything to master Ramiz. Master Ramiz is not someone who takes money, nobody has ever gave him one single manat as a bribe. I am demanding the money – me – Gular Ahmadova – if you give it, I will fix it for you, if you don’t , it is up to you. I am not a racketeer, I am not kidnapping people…”


    a sordid tale that kind of fits together and its Breaking.. suck on that reuters!! 😉

    stop hastling activists!
    saikato hantai!!

    • arclight arclight

      the highly attractive and intelligent Amber is NOT included in this statement…

      "..high fallutin journos…"


  • Well if foreign governments pay for content disguised as news I'm sure domestic governments do too…..

    There are some nice Americans here at enenews. With all due respect your government sucks. So does my Canadian government which spends too much time pandering to yours.

    I used to think it would be nice if USA had a three party system like here in Canada. But realistically you don't even have a two party system, just one party with two branches. Whether Romney or Obama get into power, US troops will remain in the middle east, nuclear power will remain the cash cow boondoggle rip off financed by joe public, US jobs will continue to be shipped overseas and poor old Auntie Lucy will continue to have her bum searched when she tries to visit her nieces for Christmas. Its a toss up which branch of the USA political party, Republican or Democrat will sink the country faster. It is sad to witness the demise of the once great US of A.


      Have to say Mark, as an American, I can't find one misplaced word in you post. Thanks for your well considered thoughts and best of luck with you and yours…