Journalist: Hospital did no treatment on dead Tepco worker, simply called police — Officers took body away for autopsy

Published: January 14th, 2012 at 11:48 am ET


Autopsy Planned (or Done) for the Worker Who Died at Fukushima I Nuke Plant?, EX-SKF, Jan, 12, 2012:

(UPDATE from Ryuichi Kino: The police took the body right after the ambulance arrived at the hospital. So the worker had been dead. He’s asking how TEPCO (who had the personnel at the hospital) considered the whole situation.) […]

According to the partial transcript of the TEPCO press conference on January 12, 2012 (independent journalist Ryuichi Kino asking TEPCO’s Matsumoto):

  • The worker was “treated” on-site for 2 hours by the TEPCO doctor, which Kino said was rather unusual in the case of cardiopulmonary arrest.
  • When the worker arrived at the hospital in an ambulance, the hospital did no treatment and simply called the police, according to Kino, and TEPCO’s Matsumoto didn’t deny it. (So the worker was dead already.)

Then the hilarity ensued as the following:

Kino: “The hospital called the police to conduct an autopsy. Did TEPCO know about it or was involved in the decision?”

Matsumoto: “TEPCO had a personnel waiting at the hospital, but no we weren’t involved in the decision to do the autopsy.”

Kino: “TEPCO personnel was at the hospital? So you knew that the police would conduct autopsy?”

Matsumoto: “Well, not directly, but from a subcontractor who was informed by the police that night.”

Kino: “So you did know the worker was dead on January 9 but kept telling us he was receiving treatment, for two days?

Read the rest here

January 9th is also the date of a rumored explosion at the plant: [intlink id=”japan-lawmaker-govt-may-be-concealing-recent-explosion-at-reactor-no-4″ type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: January 14th, 2012 at 11:48 am ET


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22 comments to Journalist: Hospital did no treatment on dead Tepco worker, simply called police — Officers took body away for autopsy

  • HoTaters HoTaters

    The worker from Daichi or Daini, I wonder? What about the guy who was stuck in the crane or the tower?

  • bfly

    Probably one of the workers laboring on 4 the last few days.

  • arclight arclight

    Kino: “So you did know the worker was dead on January 9 but kept telling us he was receiving treatment, for two days?“


  • arclight arclight

    hmmm! let me see dishonesty in the nuclear connected fields! where have i seen some of that explained recently!!

    Dr Chris Busby at the Royal Society: Scientific Dishonesty

  • Replacant Replacant

    Are there any reporters tracking the Tepco employee lists and missing persons or death certificates? It feels like there is a lot of Tepco workers dying and just disappearing, which is a monstrous act by the government and Tepco if true. Are the hospitals providing any information on workers being treated and released or dying? Is it normal in Japan for the police to take a body for autopsy? I thought the hospitals do that; very troubling.

    • Human0815

      @ Replacant,

      the Police confiscated the Body
      for a “independent Analysis”!

      (to avoid a Tepco Involvement)

      This happen when the reason for Death
      is unnatural or “suspicious”!

      This is the same Procedure in the EU,
      the US and in the UK for example!

      A huge amount of Workers passed through F’Shima,
      by my observations a lot of this People are old,
      marked by severe hard Labor on construction Sides,
      living alone in Dormitories and have no Family
      at all, only a very small part is young and “healthy”!

      Tepco is stupid to use this People
      and the Government is stupid to allow Tepco
      to recruit this Workers!

      • I heard yakuza was working as the temp labor supplier. Perhaps the police have gotten tired of TEPCO workers “disappearing,” wanted to ensure this one didn’t.

      • pure water

        I am really sorry you feel humilated by the situation. You do not need to be. Thanks for the information and love your nation! It deserves all your love, just forget about pride, it is destructive.

  • Grampybone Grampybone

    TEPCO is the government so they take it upon themselves to dispose of the bodies without proper oversight. As the corpses pile up the blood will be on their hands. They have set a policy of secrecy that will come to bite them in the ass. The autopsy should be done by private businesses that have no stake in the nuclear industry.

    • Room101 Room101

      Hi Grampybone–
      I’m a new commenter here, but I’ve been a frequent visitor here for many months. I respect your comments and your presence here very, very much. Thank you.

    • jec jec

      Cremation at Fukushima in those nighttime fires–would certainly “clean it up.” Wonder how the family of the worker feels..or is this a tsumani survivor –whose family was lost. That simple fact, tsumani survivor, might mean a person willing to die working. On the worker who died, the sub-contractor should have a physical done prior to start of work–which would show the worker was “healthy”. As in many issues during this disaster, you cant have your cake and eat it too. For example, “broken gages” from today’s news — temp rising in Reactor 2. SO if the gage is broken as TEPCO suggests..then TEPCO can’t use the gage temperature reading to verify Reactor 2 is in “cold shutdown.” If the gage is working..then the reactor is NOT in “cold shutdown” as the temp is over 100 degrees and rising…

      Now for the worker, the sub-contractor probably submitted paperwork with their employees to say the workers are healthy. Then the worker dies of Heart Attack (which is what TEPCO indicates) but if healthy and certified healthy by sub-contractor –then he died what was the cause? Was it from exposure to Fukushima 1 emissions/gases/steam/fog or ??. Remember, he probably has paperwork saying he’s fine, under the 1 yr limit for radiation exposure, etc etc. So 100% okay..then suddenlydies of heart issues, body kept hidden for two days, TEPCO says they are treating victim, then due to the media coverage are forced to send body to hospital. A failure to “coverup”–wonder what the police are doing with the body. And if the family, if he has one, even knows. NO family, body can just disappear. Simple! And that’s why the thought on Cremation…its not a stupid theory. Its a good way to remove useless bodys from public view. Gangsters have done a lot more for a lot less profit!!
      So which is it? health guy, dies from radiation, OR previous condition==sick guy who had false papers from sub-contractor (come on 60 yrs old and doing heavy manual labor in difficult…

  • Room101 Room101

    The Nuclear Industry, paired with the inherent connection to the Miitary Industry, has the power to hide all of those brave workers (living or dead) in a room and throw away the room. Death, it seems, is simply an acceptable part of the equation as they see it. They are the authors of this dreadful equation, and they will never relinquish their powers without a fight. Nothing dies easily. Not without one last desperate grasp. In a way, the nuclear industry might be more dangerous now, simply because it sees its mortality. It’s coming, but it won’t be pretty. Or easy. Or safe.

    • jec jec

      @room101 read above post on suggested ways to coverup troublesome workers who are inconsiderate enough to die on site at Fukushima. That would be the only reason for the secretive actions of TEPCO. HIDE HIDE HIDE..DENY DENY. Oh..and call people who complain, such as women. weak and full of stress which causes hair, nails to fall out, flu like symptoms and bleeding/bruising. Its the same tactic used (stess, mental issues/breakdowns) against one member of Japan’s Royal Family..which I can mention, without fear of reprisal, as don’t live in Japan currently.

      • Room101 Room101

        Hey jec:
        I read it, and I think you are definitely on to something there. That radioactive nightmarish hellhole is the PERFECT place to get rid of evidence. They are repulsive.

  • Anthony Anthony

    LEAD: Anti-nuclear meeting on energy, radiation after Fukushima
    Jan 14, 2012, 6:44 GMT

    ‘Japan has huge responsibility’ to lead the world away from nuclear energy after the Fukushima plant disaster, said Tatsuya Yoshioka, conference chairman and director of Peace Boat.
    ‘We have a strong feeling that we need to create a network beyond border to oppose nuclear power generation.’

  • doitrite doitrite

    Hello folks! I’ve been reading enenews from almost the begenning of this worst in the world problem. I fell like I know most of you some & I thank you for your much studying & links provided.. There has been many people given their lives for many causes,there isn’t much greater honor than someone giving their life for their has to be that some will die in this type of sutiation. With this secertiveness, proper honor can’t be given to these HEROS.

    • ZombiePlanet ZombiePlanet

      IDIOTS | Look more closely at the heading on this article.

      […] Journalist: Hospital did no treatment on dead Tepco worker […]

      I do not work at a hospital but I suspect that they do not administer much attention to “… treatment on dead …”

      And you respond to such.