Hospital Official in Fukushima: “Extremely scary data” — Stroke rate spiking in people ages 35 to 64 — 3.4 times higher than before (VIDEO)

Published: May 8th, 2013 at 4:44 pm ET


Statement from the Vice President of Minamisoma City General Hospital, a neurologist, on May 8, 2013 before the disaster restoration committee at the House of Representatives, with summary translation by Fukushima Diary:

He’s collaborating to collect the data about the crisis rate of cerebral apoplexy with Tokyo University.

The provisional data says the crisis rate of cerebral apoplexy among 35 ~ 64 years old people in Minamisoma area is 3.4 times much as before. […]

He said this is an extremely scary data.

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Watch the video here

Published: May 8th, 2013 at 4:44 pm ET


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30 comments to Hospital Official in Fukushima: “Extremely scary data” — Stroke rate spiking in people ages 35 to 64 — 3.4 times higher than before (VIDEO)

  • Time Is Short Time Is Short

    Accurate or not, the people of Japan deserve our prayers. This isn't going to have a happy ending.

    • Jay

      High on cocaine business people ( Mafia/Yakuza included ) could have thinking that Japan will soon became the Pharma and Cancer diagnosis/treatment Paradise on Earth .

      So keep an eye on how such companies are Positioning themselves right now , they will be the place where professionals will disclose to boards of directors the real facts in order to show the Profit Projections …

      Capitalism : divide its members and conquer a specie .

    • We Not They Finally

      The people of the world including ourselves need to pray for all of us.This ending is not going to be nice.The three vices Greed Evil and utter ignorance.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        we will pray until the last one of us drops from stroke or cancer. I bet we will be too broken to keep it up though. Did you see the video of the distraught pink dolphin mother trying to keep its dead baby up to the air? Its a kind of prayer, a wish, full of heart. But it wont save them, and the "afterlife" for human, dolphin cockroach etc is anybodies guess

  • 16Penny 16Penny

    Brave man. He had better lock his office door and avoid hot tubs if he hopes to complete his study.

    • We Not They Finally

      Yes. They actually threatened to fire any doctors from Fukushima Medical University if they even MENTIONED radiation to patients. But it will get increasingly hard to not notice that people are dying, young, and of what.

    • We Not They Finally

      Yes. Hot tubs. Like Matt Simmons. Way too much of the likes of that.

  • hbjon hbjon

    Very sobering data. Every time the data passes through an office or department is decreases by 100 times. So, they possibly started at 3000 to 4000 times more than before the megacatastrophy, now it reaches us at 3 to 4 times more.

    • Trawling4Trolls

      We are witnessing the implosion of Japanese society, probably in its later stages.

      The professional imploding.

  • Urban27

    Wow – 340 percent up!!
    That is extremely lot.

  • jec jec

    Especially if this is "santized" data, like Chernobyl. Since hes coming out with a 3.4 for stoke, bet we start hearing about other illness/disease issues from radiation. Its a tactic, first a whisper, then a single report, then a few more..and then "confession" after everyone has gotten used to the idea. Drip Drip Drip of water does wear away stones.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Increased stroke rates for everyone, thanks to nuclear. Accelerated aging, compromised immune system, diabetes, leukemia . . all from radiation. It's what it does.

    • pcjensen

      add to your list, TB and bacterial infections….

    • We Not They Finally

      Note that back last summer, I believe in July, 2012, 60% of the CHILDREN in the area already had diabetes. Not a word ever since. But untreated diabetes can become a horror story all its own, and of course they are STAYING there in those same horrendous escalating conditions, making any illness progressively worse.

    • m a x l i

      This makes me think. That hospital official is talking about only one medical condition (stroke) and one increased rate (3.4 times higher than before). What if we had the numbers for the increased rates for all conditions that can be caused by radiation? How much would your likelihood, when living in the area, to go from healthy to ill, be increased, compared to pre-2011? Assumed you can list illnesses A, B, C,… and increased rates a,b,c,…, then you have to multiply all the numbers a,b,c,… You would be a*b*c*… more likely to get sick, then without the nuclear accident.

      Assumed, you would know about three conditions that are each 3 times more abundant now, then you would be 27 times more likely to get at least one of the conditions thanks to the nuclear accident.

  • the japanese government have known all this all along

    heres what its doing to the animals and environment! what happened to all those studies on wildlife? a bit slow arent they? peer reviewed or corporate owned?

    A terrible silent tragedy is happening in Fukushima! The lone horseman of Itate speaks out!

    “I would like to welcome anybody who is concerned to contact me. I request vets and radiation specialists to come and investigate my horses.”

    and while we are on the subject of censorship..


    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Thanks for the links, lemming….the horseman made me cry 🙁

        • Au Au

          It is so infuriating and heartbreaking.

          An excerpt:

          "He has been rejecting all personal health checks including the radiation “whole body counter”. For him it doesn’t seem to be an important issue to check his health because he has made the decision to stay, for the rest of his life, with these horses.

          And although he feels that he is getting to the end of his tether, he still cannot bring himself to kill them. They have been in his family for generations, so he feels honour bound to return to return the help the horses have provided his family. He feels he should show gratitude and give respect to these wonderful creatures for their many years of work by keeping them company until they die, no matter the personal cost.

          A week after this interview, as he had guessed, the little white pony had died (at the end of March 2013.)"

          Nuclear kills little white ponies, butterflies, babies, hopes, dreams, historical genetics, futures, life.

        • mairs mairs

          Even now there are nuclear industry people who post on general sites that it has been proven that there are no deleterious health effects from Fukushima, and that animals are flourishing there. I find it all astonishing, but the people who post these things are psychopaths, so it shouldn't be a surprise.

  • pcjensen

    not to mention those already dead from not smiling enough through this ordeal, poor hearts gave up…

  • mairs mairs

    I was just thinking. My brother-in-law developed Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) a little over a year ago. He has always been very healthy, exercising daily and eating a healthy diet, and it was a total shock. They live about three blocks from the ocean in Southern California, near where the sea lions are washing up. He was doing well but just had a bad episode this Christmas and had to go back in for chemo. I just looked up the causes and #1 on the list is "Exposure to high levels of radiation". 🙁

    • We Not They Finally

      That's terrible. We wish you well.

    • J.

      At a time like that, no one could expect a person to take the time, trouble, and expense to seek out a whole body radiation count or some other kind of radiological test. That said, the information would be of great value. The same is true of the persons cited in the article. Cerebral damage could be from radiation — highly likely — but could be due to other factors. Only testing could tell us, and without the concrete evidence, it's all "anecdotal evidence" and "speculation" to the nuclear apologists.

      • mairs mairs

        That's very true, J. Of course people get leukemia without it having to do with radiation exposure. I may mention it to him, but he's very conventional and would probably think it was ridiculous.

  • Wynd Wynd

    We must accept that it`s not reptilians or greys doing these things Behind Our Backs¡! it`s psychopathic human killers. They know the living will exhaust their lives with sympathy and compassion while they kill every living thing.
    We need some names and faces. We need addresses and bank accounts.
    Join the Chase.

    • We Not They Finally

      You want to know names? Lord Acton said it all power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely…The very powerful … the very corrupt.