Huffington Post on NRC’s Fukushima Transcripts: Press releases in U.S. all said no danger from radioactive fallout — But transcripts tell another story

Published: February 14th, 2013 at 1:14 pm ET


Title: A Lasting Legacy of the Fukushima Rescue Mission: The Navy Life — Into the Abyss
Source: Huffington Post
Author: Roger Witherspoon
Date: Feb. 12, 2013

[…] Transcripts of meetings and conference calls hosted by Nuclear Regulatory Commission Chairman Gregory Jaczko showed steadily increasing concern as newer data contradicted previous data and measurements of radiation from the Navy differed markedly from the information coming from the Japanese government and TEPCO, the giant utility which owned the stricken reactors.

The NRC itself was flying blind. The agency had believed it was virtually impossible to have multiple meltdowns at the same site. As a result, their emergency models all involved the healthy plant using its working systems to control critical systems in the stricken plant until the problems were solved. Jaczko had publicly urged calm and for Americans in Japan to follow the guidelines of the Japanese government. NRC press releases in the United States all stated prominently that there was no danger from radioactive fallout.

But the transcripts tell another story. […]

Full report here

Published: February 14th, 2013 at 1:14 pm ET


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16 comments to Huffington Post on NRC’s Fukushima Transcripts: Press releases in U.S. all said no danger from radioactive fallout — But transcripts tell another story

  • Time Is Short Time Is Short

    In 1972 RADSAT was launched from Vandenberg, for measuring background gamma radiation over the whole earth:

    Three years ago, the Solar Dynamics Observatory was launched to observe the Sun, and the radiation it emits (among other things). There is no reason to think there isn't another satellite looking in, while the SDO looks out:

    There are thousands upon thousands of satellites in our skies, for who knows what all:

    There is no way to fully know what is being monitored, but I can't believe for one second that someone at the NRO didn't know, in real time, what was going on at Fukushima:

    We may never know, as it could possibly bring the government down if it was proved that our government let us all die from radiation knowingly, with no warning whatsoever. But all evidence indicates we have more than a few satellites for tracking radiation. The technology has been there, and has been in space, for decades.

    And new NRO launches were fast and furious after 3/11:

    Somebody's looking at something.

    • I agree Time is Short

      Government officials KNEW.

      The US gov had real-time readings of plume activity in Japan in March 2011, which they released to the Japanese Gov.

      I think some decision makers made the idiotic assumption that the risks of panic and remediation were greater (i.e., "costlier") than the risks from the radiation itself.

      Idiots. So wrong they are.

    • Jay

      So , how much advanced warning was given to the Captain of the carrier Ronald Regan ?

      Counting :

      Time 0 : – the satellite warning system lits up , the attendants take notice , a radiation hot spot was observed in Japan

      + 10 minutes = the satellite attendants double check the readings , perhaps point another satellite as well , all verified true .
      + 10 min , = the Pentagon attendant is informed , the Admiral and than the President is called
      + 10 min = quick analisys points to the presence of the Ronald Regan Armada in the vicinity of the radiation plume , decisions are mad based on wind direction and speed
      + 20 min = decisions are finalized , the Captain receives a hot wire with instructions
      + 10 minutes = the Captain has the instructions in hand . Stop watch .

      Is 60 minutes to long ?

      If the winds were blowing at 60 Km/Hr and the Carrier group was 60 Km from Fukushima than the Captain had virtually no advanced warning .
      But if the Carrier group was 100 Km away than for sure was enough time to get all under deck and protected .
      Do you know where the carrier was at the time of the reactor explosion ? Thre is a can-of-warms waiting to be opened …

      • Jay

        Go ahead and open that can of worms !

        " … The aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan, pictured, was about 100 miles ( 160 km ) offshore when its instruments detected the radiation … " …

        Only Huricane winds could have brought the radiation to the carrier in 60 minutes , but we know there was no storm that day , so it had time enough to take Proper cover …

        So , WTH happened ??? HOW did those sailors got irradiated ??

        • Jay

          …. According to the United States Department of Defense, MASINT is technically derived intelligence (excluding traditional imagery IMINT and signals intelligence SIGINT) that – when collected, processed, and analyzed by dedicated MASINT systems – results in intelligence that detects, tracks, identifies, or describes the signatures (distinctive characteristics) of fixed or dynamic target sources.

          MASINT was recognized as a formal intelligence discipline in 1986.[2] ….

      • gottagetoffthegrid

        What happened depends entirely what the instructions said.
        They may have been told to hold their position.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Fukushima cover-up: plume models and navy ships (12 February 2013)

  • ML

    And Jaczko resigned in May 2012. Probably guilt????
    Why can't we have a world where full disclosure is the rule? I know, we can't alarm the masses.
    And the NRC has had a culture of hiding information for so long and it worked for so long….maybe until now. Their models haven't jived with what actually is happening. Criminal misinforming of all of us, including leaders.

    • ML

      Apparently the Japanese mastered the lying game, just like the NRC, and it worked too well. Liars confusing eachother. Imagine that.

      • Ruffcut

        Master of lies? You just coined the NWO mantra.
        We are dispensable.
        The truth may be so outlandish that the thought of it would turn us to zombies.

        At the end of day, if the lies are getting bigger, then where does the truth lay?
        To create bullshit, still cost money which they could pocket, instead.

  • Sol Man

    There are no alternative methods of generating power that are capable of causing death on such a massive scale as nuclear.
    What are the compelling factors about this to anybody, really?

  • jec jec

    Remember the "canary in the coal mine?". When the birds died, then gas was a danger. In Japan, their "canaries" are the 44% of the little children and babies with "thyroid abnormalities"..if it progresses to cancer…they have been used as guinea pigs. Does anyone have the actual number counts of the radiation victims? Would assume its all the children there..