HuffPost: Alarming that bluefin tuna near California still have Fukushima contamination — Study shows plant ‘most likely’ continues to leak

Published: February 22nd, 2013 at 5:20 pm ET


Title: Bluefin Tuna Caught Near California Still Radioactive Years After Fukushima
Source: The Huffington Post
Author: Joe Satran
Date: Feb. 21, 2013

[…] researchers have found trace levels of radiation still lingering in [bluefin tuna] flesh almost two years after the catastrophe at the nuclear plant in Fukushima, Japan. And the 50 tuna they studied were all caught off the coast of California, 6,000 miles east of Japan, where they were born.

The tuna that registered the highest levels of radioactivity were those that migrated to California in 2011, soon after the accident, but those that migrated in 2012 also demonstrated above-normal levels of radiation. Monte Burke at Forbes writes that the results of the study suggest “there is still a high level of radiation in the waters near the Fukushima plant most likely because, as marine chemist, Ken Buessler, asserts, the plant is still leaking radiation into the ocean nearly two years later.”

[…] it’s alarming that radioactivity is still popping up. […]

See also: [intlink id=”new-study-u-s-bluefin-tuna-still-contaminated-with-fukushima-radiation-cesium-found-in-100-of-small-recently-migrated-tuna-tested” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: February 22nd, 2013 at 5:20 pm ET


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27 comments to HuffPost: Alarming that bluefin tuna near California still have Fukushima contamination — Study shows plant ‘most likely’ continues to leak

  • pcjensen

    the shock of it all… alarming? watchers have known since 311 this was going to be an ongoing nightmare as it unfolded. This is not alarming, but rather terribly sad and disturbing due to the lack of effective and honest response to this critical event.

    Be prepared, it will only get worse as more tests on more species and flora are conducted/reported out, and, yes, this is a nightmare that will last well beyond the years of those alive today. Humans beware: Fukushima may kill you and your loved ones. Eat more fermented foods, do not eat sea food, eat low on the food chain, grow indoors, get really *rad* filters for your house & auto, etc. Take good care of your health, avoid days outside when the winds from Japan blow your way, radioactivleely.

    Good Luck.

    • hogy

      Will somebody here post a comment on the HUff Post article?
      No point in complaining abou the media if we don't send them the real stuff. I post where I can–not sure if Huffpost has comments or only twitter crap.

  • theonlyjesse

    alarming? ALARMING to whom? this wasn't expected?
    incompetency abounds, holy crap. REALLY?
    is there nobody in the media that understands the basics of nuclear radiation?
    just the basics. the stuff I learned in one panicked day in march of 2011.
    alarming. my god.
    end rant. have a good day ENEers

  • norbu norbu

    "Bluefin Tuna Caught Near California Still Radioactive Years After Fukushima" WHAT? After Fuku what? This is a on going disaster. Geez

  • Usefulbreather

    Doesn't Cesium-137 have a half life of 30 years and bio-accumulates in the food chain? Was there an expert out there that thought this might be improving by now. This will be with us for the remainder of our lives and will sadly be our legacy to future generations, if they can mutate to tolerate the radiation or they find some way to clean the radiation from the sea, air, and soil…otherwise we are becoming an endangered species. The Globalists in two short years have poisoned both the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Not alot of seafood options left for the consumer and what is available will likely be patented by Monsanto.

  • pcjensen

    yeah… seriously curious about the author and editor on that piece of journalism. get a grip HuffPost. That wasn't the best journalism. Ya oughta hire real muckrakers. No more fluff, we don't want to hear fluff.

  • lam335 lam335

    I'm just glad that the Huffington Post writer is reminding some of the people who don't follow Fuku (or ENE) that Fukushima is still a problem and it is still affecting us and our food here North America. We need more people who write for media outlets with broad readership to remind their readers of these facts. Every time one of these stories comes out, we can hope that at least a few more people might finally be made to understand the reality that Fukushima remains an on-going problem.

    • pcjensen

      Unfortunately, there have been a few such news pieces that do some "spin" control (intentional or not, it all ends up the same – lukewarm, not completely accurate or scientifically informative)… this is why so many people are not aware. Having watched since 311, I've read, and "skimmed", lots of reports and while it is good that these pieces are published, it is beyond time for hard hitting, scientifically accurate and potent information to be published. No more coddling. People should be afraid of the consequences.

      I feel this way because I grew up in a family with two parents that worked in media. They'd be digging deep for the truth because they were old school journalists. Here's an example of the issue: my brother reported that his "Journalism" instructor didn't know the basic tents of journalism. She was schooled in Marketing. PR firm styled "journalists" teach students the wrong rules and ignore ethical practices. I'm not saying Joe Satran is a bad journo, just that this piece of work leaves one wondering. News should not leave so many blank spaces.

  • razzz razzz

    The radioactive cesium(s) are the easiest to detect and usually get the most attention. Need some fish bone, flesh and other parts in a spectrometer for a week or more to get back the signatures from other radioactive decaying elements, newer and older i.e. strontium maybe some plutonium among a 100+ other radionuclides. I think it was Woods Hole Oceanographic that tested and found them all in samples of fish which the fallout could have only come from Fukushima.

    The meltdowns continue polluting the Pacific, not as much but have leveled off to much higher pre-quake levels according to TEPCO's own harbor readings. I think some recent fission byproducts still being produced by the core melts which will show up eventually in fish again. Japan's coastal fish and sea life are becoming 'hotter' everyday as the food chain uptakes and spreads radioactivity.

    Of course Huff didn't include radioactive foods from Japan like meats, fruits, vegetables, rice, nuts or radioactive cars and car parts which Russia found and sent some back or radioactive US Naval ships and sailors. Besides radioactive Pacific Ocean water and airborne fallout that traveled around mostly the northern half of the world. Did I miss anything else?

    Always referred to as minute levels. How many 'minutes' add up to trouble?

  • ion jean ion jean

    Well, the ongoing Fukushima hell on earth may just be creeping to the surface of a larger human consciousness (one can only hope) when revisited from time to time by larger news orgs, public radio's Marketplace most recently where they talk about how bigger vents WITHOUT filters for emergency steam venting in a blackout is the only upgrade these Nuke Spooks are willing to buck up for…

    Yet, NONE save this enenews have told the truth

    The hundreds of fission products can be tested in food, should have been tested by the US govcorp but we couldn't let Cali or any other state lose significant commerce in these trying times of the DEEPression in our Robberbanker Spook Drone World, for if all the people eat the food and get cancer…they'll still make money from their Big Pharm investments

    Just like GE figured: okay, so were no damn good at this nuclear power plant stuff…but were pretty good at radiological medical imaging, so we'll go with that

    The alphabet soups thought since they were no damn good at maintaining or effectively arranging radiation monitoring devices, they could and would try to compare plutonium and strontiums and the rest in our lungs, stomachs, eyes with bananas and airplanes

    Liars they are! Liars they be! Greedy soul-less freaks.
    Maybe people will finally come together better on this

    Notice the rhetoric now about Iran's centrifuge upgrades to show once again how our country is "so concerned" with protecting us, the Sheeple…

    • ion jean ion jean

      Uncle Sam must Control All Things Nuclear (keep your eye on the swinging watch) in order to protect us from the middle east terrorists (CIA created as a ruse for oil dominance with economic hitmen)

      Keep your wallets open and your mouths shut. Can I ask someone here…have people really become so dumb that they don't want clear factual unbiased information from authorities, or are we all too scared for our very lives to get out in the streets and protest? (I think they've just starved everybody out so bad to slave levels that no one who cares can afford to travel and maybe lose their jobs over it!)

      • gnomesang gnomesang

        ion jean, i agree with you and am not sure if it is just stupidity or rather the inability to think critically. i would bet middle schools, high schools, or even a lot of universities don't spend a lot of time teaching kids the proper way to view and process information. yes, i too wonder why a "parent" would not spend time researching something like fukushima and the effects of radiation on children. maybe the real possibility is to horrific for them to accept. i for one, would and have been somewhat obsessed with this topic since hearing about it. i've tried to get my friends with little kids to get informed with what is happening with our air quality and the ongoing situation with fukushima. all but one friend have either ignored me completely or basically see me in a tinfoil hat. if they don't investigate it, don't hear it on the news, then apparently (to them) it is not real. i can only create situations where the information is in their face. which is what i will do in an effort to save the health and lives of the children being effected. they don't deserve this. nuclear only ever existed as a means of killing people, any way you slice it. a dark dark chapter of the human race.
        finally, to any journalist playing down this situation or ignoring it… SHAME!!! your a criminal and a tool. how these people sleep at night is beyond me. boycott ge, westinghouse, and costco. (among others!)

      • 16Penny 16Penny

        Dumb, stupid or inable to think critically; I disagree. I think in large it is that they are used to being told what is important, guns healthcare, more efficient cars with less pollution and of course jobs jobs jobs. Placated is my best guess. Go to work, get by adopt the opinion of whatever party you subscribe to without verifying and critically evaluating the rhetoric, then it's Friday – party time, then it's Saturday – party time, then it's Sunday – party time. Rinse and repeat.

        I don't remember where I saw the article but it was to the effect of "we have already won!" All they have to do is shut down the internet and they will understand that they have lost. Think it was Pinksapphiret's YT channel in a report.

  • ftlt

    The Huffington Yuppie Post

  • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

    Huffington Post, thank you for joining us, you are late. Studies showed within 6 months bluefin in San Diego were contaminated, and worse, the contamination doubled every 30 days, it was not declining, it was increasing, wonder what it really is now over a year later?

    It is not like Fuku stopped leaking into the Pacific, or the Japanese stopped burning the radioactive waste that is all raining into the pacific, making one giant toxic radioactive brew for the fishes, the Whales, the seals, otters, and so many other species to swim in, but hey, again, thanks for joining us, glad to finally have you, seems like more and more of your kind are finally seeing the most important story human kind has ever had.

  • gnomesang gnomesang

    oh, the air quality is being tested in southern california, i see the DHS low flying helicopters out several times a week over vista, ca… they are just not giving the citizens the results. CRIMINALS

  • pcjensen

    Joe's Bio at HP:

    "Joe reports on food and culture as a staff writer for The Huffington Post. He was an English major at Yale and has worked at DETAILS magazine, for the Huffington Post Blog Team and at the Yale Sustainable Food Project. In college, he started Yale's biggest campus blog, The Bullblog."

    So, he isn't even a journalist. That is why his writing is fluff.

  • irhologram

    So could Joe have cut through the brainwashing? If he written the levels of radiation double every 30 days, the thought conditioned public would think it was a left wing extremist view and lump it with.conspiacy theories. I'm not even sure it could have been published in that form. When I was working as a documentary reporter at KENS TV, while investing local nursing homes, I found that catheters were being used without cleansing in between patients and that gloves were not being changed after manual removal of stool. It was thought that the information would be too disturbing for the viewer, and so wasn't used. Another example: victims often wanted to meet to report police brutality. The stories were squashed because it was too controversial. Would someone do the math for me about concentrations doubling every 30 days for 3 years… We should write up the story as WE would like it to run in the Huffington Post and submit it to both Joe and the newspaper editor's desk.

  • pcjensen

    Excellent, IRH: "We should write up the story as WE would like it to run in the Huffington Post and submit it to both Joe and the newspaper editor's desk."

    I'd also suggest it go to other pubs (all indy media). And be submitted to Project Censored.

    I get "bent" when I hear that media thinks we don't want to know certain things and would rather only read fluff… which ignores the historic use of media to shape the framework of every person's thoughts. Had we honored real muckrakers, instead of maligning them, readers may well be more like me. Wanting and craving the full and honest truth.

    Recall: the cover of Times of the frightened/horrified naked girl in Vietnam… that changed a whole nation overnight.

    'They" need to stop thinking they are protecting people from some contrived/imagined "threat."

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad


    Radioactive, Contaminated Fukushima Beef Sold To Schools, US Restaurants, And Children; via A Green Road

  • pcjensen

    ah.. check this: The First Amendment Bombs Nuclear Energy By Accident "icky sludge and saltcake generated from making weapons is nothing like fuel" from nuclear energy… "Scientific accuracy doesn’t appear necessary when reporting on nuclear issues."